2008 Annual Report

t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Chi mpanzees a Letter from jane
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t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
A Letter From Jane
It’s hard to believe that it was
almost 50 years ago when I arrived
on the sandy beach of Gombe
for the frst time — a young
woman with no degree, no formal
training, tasked with learning
about chimpanzee behaviour.
Today there are institutes bearing
my name in more than 20 countries
around the world, sponsoring
countless exciting programs in the
spheres of research, conservation,
education, and the humane
treatment of chimpanzees and
other animals. It is amazing!
The Jane Goodall Institute is
making a signifcant contribution
to chimpanzee conservation.
In Africa we are:
» raising awareness about the
destruction of chimpanzee habitats
and about the bushmeat trade
(the commercial hunting
of wild animals for food)
» working to improve the lives of local
people so that they become our
partners in conservation through
our TACARE (Take Care) program
» restoring forested areas
» removing wire snares
» and caring for orphan chimpanzees
in our sanctuaries
Elsewhere, we are improving the
lives of zoo chimpanzees through
our ChimpanZoo program. We
also are lobbying to prevent the
use of chimpanzees in entertain-
ment, in medical research labs,
and as pets. And through our
program for young people (Jane
Goodall’s Roots & Shoots) we
are helping to ensure that the
generations who follow us will
be better environmental stewards
than we have been.
My travel schedule, as most of
you know, is brutal. In 2008, I
was “on the road” some 300 days,
lecturing in 18 countries around
the world (including China,
Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Australia and New Zealand, as
well as the United States, Canada
and 7 European countries). I’m
often asked where I fnd the
energy to keep going. My answer:
I fnd strength from the wonder-
ful people I meet along the
way — especially our Roots &
Shoots youth. People who are
working, each in his or her own
way, to make a diference.
I met one very special person,
during a visit to Bozeman,
Montana — Greg Mortenson,
author of Tree Cups of Tea.
What an amazing man. He has
done so much for the education of
girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan
and he will not give up, no matter
how the situation deteriorates in
those countries. We discussed
introducing Roots & Shoots into
the schools that he builds.
Once in a while, I try to escape
from the cities, hotels and
airports, and spend some time
— even half a day — in nature
with animals. Te migration
of the sandhill cranes on the
Platte River in Nebraska is always
on my calendar. And, of course,
there are my two short visits to
Gombe each year. Such respites
typically recharge my spirit’s
batteries. My summer Gombe
visit, though, was a bit diferent.
As I climbed a slope, I dislodged
a huge rock, which then fell onto
me. We tumbled down together
for some way, but luckily I was
thrown aside. Five days later, in
Uganda, I found I had a dislocated
shoulder and a few cracked bones.
I also had torn several muscles
and was within millimeters of
needing surgery. Fortunately, I
could still type, as I was struggling
to fnish Hope for Animals and
Teir World. But if that rock had
fallen on my head…
Let me end by emphasizing
that your support of JGI has been
a critical factor in our success,
especially during these difcult
times. It is you who have enabled
us to rescue infant chimpanzees
from miserable deaths and care
for them in our sanctuary. It is
you who have helped us improve
the lives of children and women
living in poor rural areas. It is you
who help us to make this a better
and more sustainable world for
our children and theirs. A world
where we can live in better
harmony with the environment
and with the other amazing
animals who inhabit Planet Earth.
It is good to know how much you
care. I was moved by the hundreds
of people who contacted me, via
a special online message board,
to express their sadness at the
death of my old friend Gregoire.
Tchimpounga sanctuary will not
be the same without him.
Just remember — each one of
you makes a diference, every day.
You are making a diference for us,
and from the bottom of my heart,
I thank you.
With love,
Dear members anD
frienDs of JGi,
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
A Letter From the President
Dear frienDs,
Your steadfast support makes
our work possible. Your moral
support — your letters, participa-
tion in our social media networks
and attendance at our events —
keeps us going strong.
Tank you for all you do.
President & CEO
“Success happens one place
at a time.”
Tis observation comes from
Marie-Claude Gauthier, our
director in the Mano River
countries, where we work to raise
awareness about chimpanzees
and threats to their existence,
and help communities build
sustainable livelihoods through
eco-business development.
Marie-Claude knew her team’s
eforts were making a diference
when, one day earlier this year,
the village of Sangarédi barred
poachers from the forest, explain-
ing the hunting of endangered
species was no longer permitted.
Tis is the kind of incremental
change we see in many of the
locales where we build on Jane
Goodall’s unique legacy to protect
chimpanzees, link conservation
and development in community-
centered programs, and empower
young people to be future
environmental stewards.
Around Gombe National Park in
Tanzania, we help communities
regenerate and conserve forest as
we support them through
agriculture, community develop-
ment and health care programs.
Look inside this report to see
the number of village-managed
woodlots we’ve helped create,
how much has been distributed
in micro-credit to families who
can now aford to send children
to school, and how we’re helping
villages create land-use plans
that allow for sustainable
livelihoods but also reserve
land for conservation.
Look inside, too, to read about
a new eco-tourism site we helped
establish in Uganda, which
helps fnance protection of the
surrounding Budongo Forest as
well as environmental education.
You’ll also fnd a description of
our eforts to protect vulnerable
children and fght HIV/AIDS
stigma in Uganda and Tanzania,
using a peer-educator model.
We’re reaching at-risk populations
with life-saving information.
Tere’s so much more inside this
2008 annual report, including
updates from the Gombe Stream
Research Centre as well as stories
about improvements at our
sanctuary for orphaned chimpan-
zees, the growth of Jane Goodall’s
Roots & Shoots program, and
Dr. Goodall's travels around
the world. Take special note of
the creative ways in which our
amazing young Roots & Shoots
members are improving their
communities and beyond.
JGI’s accomplishments in 2008
have been gratifying. But serious
threats to wild chimpanzees
remain. Our work is more
important than ever — even as we
struggle in a turbulent economy.
In 2008, pursuant to our strategic
plan, we grew our programs and
development department, expect-
ing revenues to be consistent with
the previous year’s. However, with
the onset of the recession, we saw
lower-than-expected contributions.
We have taken concerted action
to ensure our fnancial profle
is as strong as possible.
We will continue to build relation-
ships with major funders, to
vigorously pursue support vital
to our projects in Africa and the
United States, and to maintain a
sharp focus so that we demonstrate
the most efcient use of available
resources for the greatest impact.
JGI is engaging new, world-class
partners every year. With this
heightened profle and the tireless
work of Dr. Goodall and JGI
staf members, we’ll be reporting
more successes — one place at
a time — in 2009.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Protecting Chimpanzees
We stand on the threshold of a future without great apes in the wild. Each species
of African great apes — chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos — is endangered, and
each could be extinct within a few generations. Protecting them is at the heart
of our work — a big task — and one that we tackle from several angles, including
the chimpanzee research Dr. Jane Goodall began 48 years ago, chimp rescue
and rehabilitation programs, and efforts to raise public awareness.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Gombe Stream Research Centre
ombe research fndings
inform many disciplines,
including animal behavior,
anthropology, behavioral ecology,
biomedical studies, conservation
biology, psychology and zoology.
Studies explore questions related
to demography, male dominance,
mating, hunting, intergroup
aggression, genetics and disease.
New techniques — from molecular
studies of genetics, viruses and
hormones to geographical
information systems and satellite
images — help us answer ques-
tions that were unanswerable
or even unimaginable when
the research began.
Chimpanzee research at Gombe
focuses on three communities:
the Kasekela community, studied
intensively since 1960; the
Mitumba community, studied
the goMBe stReaM ReseaRCh CentRe (gsRC)
in tanzania Continues the long-teRM
ChiMpanzee ReseaRCh dR. jane goodall
Began neaRlY 50 YeaRs ago, While
suppoRting ChiMpanzee ConseRVation
goals and tRaining tanzanian sCientists.
1. Young chimps at gombe and elsewhere
are highly dependent on their mothers in
their early years.
2. titan was energetic even as a youngster. here
he’s shown rolling on the ground, tossing dirt
and leaves on himself. “acting kicha” (swahili
for crazy), is how one researcher put it.
3. in this iconic shot, a young Fif hopes to fnd
a banana, which jane sometimes carried in
her pocket in her early days at gombe.
2 3 1
it’s not
always easy
From Gombe Stream
reSearch centre Director
anna moSSer:
The 14-year-old male, Titan,
often captures our attention.
Not only is he one of the most
rambunctious of the maturing
males, but he seems more
interested in the human observers
than most of the chimpanzees.
He often expresses his dominance,
and tries to get a reaction out of us
by throwing rocks. Unfortunately
for us, he has fairly good aim!
Thanks to DNA analysis, we know
that his father is Frodo (a famous
bully), and it is hard not to see
the fatherly resemblance in his
behavior. He is certainly one to
watch, not only for our personal
safety, but also for his possible
future success as an alpha male.
f i r s t - p e r s o n
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
since the mid-1990s; and the
unhabituated Kalande community,
whose population has been
monitored since 1998. Tanzanian
feld staf members follow
individual chimpanzees daily
and record individuals’ activities,
travel routes and eating habits.
Tese basic data, which are
entered into the computer
database at JGI’s Center for
Primate Studies at the University
of Minnesota, are the foundation
of all other chimpanzee research
at Gombe.
A critical concern at this time is
the ongoing confict between the
Mitumba and Kasekela communi-
ties. Te Kasekela chimpanzees
have dramatically expanded their
range, making repeated invasions
into Mitumba territory. Te two
communities have had violent
conficts, resulting in more
than one chimp death. Tis has
happened within the Mitumba
community as well. Although
these deaths are difcult for
researchers to observe and report,
Gombe is one of the only places
in the world where such
intercommunity confict can
be documented in full detail.
Research at GSRC also depends
upon the eforts of collaborating
scientists in the United States and
elsewhere. Tese scientists provide
critical expertise for designing and
implementing research projects
and publishing fndings. We have
developed key relationships
1. gaia is an intelligent, curious chimpanzee
whose frst three mothering experiences
ended badly.
2. gremlin is pictured here with the twins she
took away from her daughter, gaia.
This time, the newborns did not
survive the transfer of care for
more than a few days.
Why did Gremlin take the babies
from her daughter Gaia? It is
impossible to say for certain.
Researchers speculate that
Gremlin was seeking to protect
the infants from being snatched
by females in the group. Female
chimpanzees will sometimes steal
and cannibalize other mothers’
newborns. Or, perhaps Gremlin
perceived that Gaia was not
caring for the babies adequately.
“This is such a sad series of events
for those who care so much about
Gombe and devastating for this
chimpanzee population, which has
an uncertain future,” said GSRC
director of research Anna Mosser.
“As hard as we work to protect the
chimpanzee population and its
habitat, we cannot control the
unexpected behaviors of such
a complex species.”
There is a bright spot. Gaia is
sure to be pregnant again soon,
and we can reasonably hope
for a different outcome.
the tribulations of Gaia
this was a diffcult year
for one of gombe’s better-
known chimpanzees, gaia.
Gaia was the primary chimpanzee
featured in an October 2007
Animal Planet television program,
titled “Almost Human, with Jane
Goodall.” In the one-hour
documentary, Dr. Goodall and
Gombe videographer Bill
Wallauer track Gaia, who has
gone off on her own after losing
her second baby. Jane and Bill
are concerned about Gaia’s
emotional health, but eventually
locate her and see her reunited
with her mother and siblings.
Gaia lost her frst baby in an unusual
occurrence: Her mother Gremlin
“adopted” him as her own. Gremlin
was nursing at the time, and Gaia’s
male infant, whom Jane named
“Godot,” thrived for several months.
Eventually, however, he weakened
and died, perhaps because he missed
some of the disease-fghting benefts
of his mother’s colostrum fuid.
Gaia became pregnant again, but
when she fnally appeared among
the chimpanzees with her new
baby, it was clear the baby had
been stillborn.
The third birth was even more
disheartening. Gaia had twins,
and we could hardly believe it
when Gremlin took both from her.
C h i mp s pot L i G h t
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
In another key study, GSRC staf
members collect genetic samples
noninvasively to help further
a University of Alabama study
related to SIVcpz (the chimpanzee
variant of the simian immuno-
defciency virus).
Follow JGI on Twitter and enjoy ‘Chimp Pic of the Week’,
Gombe updates and more! twitter.com/JaneGoodallInst
other ongoing studies
at Gombe examine:
» The causes of intergroup
aggression in chimpanzees,
as a way to better understand
the evolution of primate social
systems, and as a referential
model for understanding the
origin and evolution of intergroup
violence in human beings
» Whether paternal relatives enjoy
special relationships. For example,
will fathers avoid mating with
daughters or will paternal relatives
act more often as allies?
» What role insects play in the
diet of chimpanzees and more
specifcally how this varies by
population, sex, age and individual
» Characteristics of skeletons
to understand chimpanzee life
histories. For example, how well
does tooth wear refect the age
of an individual, and how do
different types of injuries or
diseases affect the skeleton?
Gombe is a special place for this
study because we know so much
about each individual and
the skeletons have been well
preserved. This work will give
other scientists a baseline
for studying the fossils or
skeletons of primates with
unknown life histories.
1. With her groundbreaking study of chimpan-
zees, jane goodall helped bridge the divide
between humans and nonhumans.
2. her research continues today under a
dedicated feld data and scientifc team.
with leading scientists including
Dr. Beatrice Hahn (University
of Alabama), Dr. Elizabeth
Lonsdorf (Lincoln Park Zoo),
and former students of Prof.
Richard Wrangham (Harvard
University) — Dr. Martin Muller
(Boston University) and
Dr. Melissa Emery Tompson
(Harvard University).
To monitor the chimpanzee
communities’ health and model
potential disease risks, Chicago’s
Lincoln Park Zoo helps us collect
and analyze health data Te zoo
hired a full-time veterinarian
for Gombe and constructed
a laboratory that stores samples
and can be sterilized for use
as an operating room. Tis efort
involves leading scientists from
three universities — Dar es Salaam,
Alabama and Harvard, as well
as experts in wildlife health
from the Tanzania National
Parks Authority.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center
Republic of Congo
Kouilou river ProJect
JGI is working with the Congolese
government to secure three
islands on the Kouilou River,
adjacent to the Tchimpounga
Natural Reserve, as new sanctuary
sites. Tis step would take
pressure of the still overcrowded
sanctuary and provide the
chimpanzees a natural habitat in
which they could forage for food,
build nests and further develop
their social bonds—all critical
elements of success in the wild.
Why take these steps? One of our
deepest hopes is that someday we
can reintroduce at least some of
the Tchimpounga chimpanzees
into the wild. In 2008 we began
research that will allow us to
assess the feasibility of establishing
a chimpanzee reintroduction
program. A primary goal is to
identify suitable forest habitat
where the released chimps have
enough food and shelter, will not
compete with wild chimp
populations, and are protected
from hunting, logging, conversion
of land for farming, and other
human threats. To achieve this
we are conducting extensive
biological and socioeconomic
surveys of selected sites to analyze
the potential of establishing a
reintroduction program.
jgi’s tChiMpounga ChiMpanzee RehaBilitation CenteR in the RepuBliC oF Congo is hoMe to MoRe than
140 oRphaned ChiMpanzees But Was oRiginallY designed to house a FRaCtion oF that nuMBeR.
in 2008, we addressed
this challenge, constructing:
» Two new dormitories that provide
comfortable living space for 62
chimpanzees and study space
for visiting behavioral researchers
» A small quarantine dormitory
to house sick chimpanzees who
are contagious
» A new water system to provide
the chimpanzees continual access
to drinking water
» A new veterinary lab with new
chimpanzee-proof windows, doors
and an auxiliary door to keep staff
safe should an adult chimpanzee
awaken during a procedure
1. at tchimpounga, chimpanzees have the chance
to form close bonds with one another.
2. in 2008 we completed a new veterinary lab
at our sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees.
3. We hope that someday we can re-introduce
tchimpounga chimpanzees, such as these
two pictured here, back into the wild.
2 3 1
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
gregoire was a resilient, gentle
chimpanzee who had survived
more than 40 years of solitary
display in a barren cage at a zoo
and then an airlift during a civil
war. his twilight years were
peaceful and content thanks
largely to the care of doting
sanctuary staff members and
the initial intervention of jane
goodall. When dr. goodall met
him in 1990, he was emaciated,
hairless and suffering intensely
from loneliness and boredom.
she saw to it that his care
improved at the zoo and then,
when war broke out, arranged
for him to be transported by
plane to tchimpounga.
gregoire was a favorite of
caretakers and visitors alike.
his striking appearance —
balding, with only one good eye
and what author dale peterson
described as a “shipwreck
of ancient teeth” — made him
unforgettable. But not as much
as his mellow and childlike
personality, which captivated
all until the very end.
in the weeks after gregoire’s
death, messages of condolence
and sympathy made their way
to dr. goodall and jgi from all
over the globe. even at the
end, gregoire proved to be
a remarkable “ambassador”
for the cause of chimpanzees
to the human world.
farewell, old friend
gregoi re 1942–2008
Gregoire, Africa’s oldest known chimpanzee and a celebrity
throughout Congo, died peacefully at JGI’s Tchimpounga
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in December of 2008.
As was the case every night, he was alongside his long-time
companion, Clara.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Uganda Chimp Rescue
in late 2008, When jgi staFF MeMBeRs in uganda ReCeiVed WoRd that a ChiMpanzee Was Being held
FoR sale on the BlaCK MaRKet, theY WoRKed With poliCe on a suCCessFul sting opeRation.
espite the fact that it’s
illegal to kill, capture
or keep chimpanzees in
Uganda, authorities continue
to confscate chimpanzees from
criminal traders. In most cases,
poachers kill chimpanzee mothers
and capture their young to sell
as pets. Chimps are particularly
targeted by farmers who don’t
want them raiding their sugarcane
or other crops. As more and more
of Uganda’s chimpanzee habitat
is destroyed, this human-chimp
confict worsens.
Ensuring enforcement of chim-
panzee protection laws not only
eases the sufering of the captured
baby chimps — who are trauma-
tized and usually sick and
malnourished — it helps spread
awareness of wild chimpanzees’
protected status and hopefully
deters future crimes.
In this particular case, an area
man stepped forward as an infor-
mant. He knew where the chimp
was being held and had been in
touch with the sellers. JGI staf
posed as buyers and travelled to
the house, where the 18-month-old
old chimp sat in the corner of
a dark, damp room, with bits
of uneaten food thrown around.
He was quivering, and so afraid
of the men looking at him that
“his eyes were shaking,” according
to one stafer. After sighting the
chimp, the team negotiated a
price. Te amount they agreed
upon had to be confrmed by
a phone call to their “business
partner” — another JGI staf
member in a nearby car with
the police.
After their arrest, the two men,
both sugarcane farmers, were
issued a fne equal to one year’s
earnings. It’s almost certain they
had killed the chimp’s mother,
because it’s virtually impossible
to take such a young chimpanzee
from his or her mother otherwise.
We named the baby “Mac.”
Once safely in the arms of our
staf member, he clung to his
new-found friend with all his
he was quivering,
and so afraid of
the men looking
at him that his
eyes were shaking…

life is extremely hard for infants who are caught
up in the illegal pet trade, but some, like Mac
pictured here, are rescued by authorities and
placed in sanctuaries.
strength, and made the 5-hour
journey with JGI staf members
to Entebbe with no problems.
Eventually, he started a new life,
joining other orphaned chimps
at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee
Sanctuary, a 100-acre rainforest
island with state-of-the-art facilities.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
I love traveling to the villages
to discuss issues with community
leaders and explain our approach
and activities. Often, I will be out
somewhere, say, a restaurant
or at the beach, and people stop
me to tell me their views about
our awareness materials,
especially the big billboards
we place in key spots around
the country. Their remarks are
always supportive and help
us to develop new messages.
One of my favorite parts of
my job is strategizing. When
we develop a project, there
are so many issues that require
refection — community goals,
government policies, chimpanzee
protection, JGI’s strategic plan,
donor requirements, to name
a few. I enjoy putting the
puzzle together!
Success happens one place at
a time. In Sangarédi (western
Guinea), we had trained community
volunteers to raise conservation
awareness and help their villages
develop eco-business ideas. They
ven as a child, I loved
animals, and often argued
with my mother about our
need for new pets! Eventually we
had an aquarium, cats, dogs, and
a rabbit. I used to walk a lot in the
forest and observe birds and small
mammals in their natural ecosys-
tems. As I grew older, my interest
in wildlife grew.
Today I’m the executive director
for JGI in the Mano River Countries.
Our efforts currently focus on Guinea
and Sierra Leone, but we hope to
work in Liberia one day as well.
My team is small and young, but
not daunted by serious challenges,
including area poverty, illiteracy,
insuffcient infrastructure develop-
ment, and lack of conservation
law enforcement. They’re creative,
and have an incredible work ethic!
We respond to chimpanzee threats
including deforestation, the illegal
bushmeat trade, and the pet trade.
We use a variety of means — every-
thing from radio messages about
chimps to projects that help villages
develop sustainable businesses.
did their jobs well, because one
day, when poachers (men from
out of the area) showed up intent
on hunting hippos, the villagers
acted swiftly. They blocked the
road to the forest and followed
the hunters to their camp to
talk to the leaders. Finally, they
convinced the hunters to leave,
explaining that they would
no longer allow people to
kill endangered species in
their territory.
My hope comes from this kind
of incremental change. With our
activities and particularly our
radio broadcasts, the plight of
chimpanzees is becoming a topic
of discussion among government
offcials, journalists, policemen,
schoolchildren, NGOs. This doesn’t
mean everybody is willing to stop
all destructive practices, but it
does mean that people think
about chimps, talk about chimps
and will, more and more, take
action to protect chimps!
the plight of
is becoming
a topic of
around here.
from the field
1. the intrepid Marie-Claude gauthier,
in the feld.
2. in guinea and sierra leone, jgi conducts
a variety of awareness-raising efforts,
including billboards such as the one
pictured here, in both French and local
f i r s t - p e r s o n
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Put simply, JGI’s chimp conservation strategy addresses poverty. That’s what
works for people and for conservation. Because we respond to individual
communities’ needs, we work in a number of program areas, including
micro-credit, forestry, sustainable agriculture, family planning, HIv/AIDS,
water and sanitation, conservation education and ecotourism.
& Communities
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Greater Gombe Ecosystem Program
the gReateR goMBe eCosYsteM is hoMe to goMBe national paRK,
site oF dR. jane goodall’s ReVolutionaRY studY oF ChiMpanzee BehaVioR.
hough the famous Gombe
chimpanzee communities
are surviving, their habitat
(which extends beyond the
boundaries of Gombe National
Park) has been degraded and
reduced in recent decades.
Without intervention, the
long-term survival of these small,
isolated chimpanzee populations
is anything but certain.
Tese problems are worsening due
to a human population growth
rate that is Tanzania’s highest
—4.8 % (Tanzania National
Bureau of Statistics, 2002).
As the growing human population
in this region (in and around
Kigoma) increasingly relies on
forest resources to survive, a host
of problems ensues, including
the depletion of watersheds, soil
degradation and erosion that can
lead to dangerous, even fatal,
landslides during the rainy season.
Fuel wood for cooking also
becomes scarce, forcing women
to walk miles each day to reach
ever-diminishing woodlands.
Given the harsh realities local
communities face, any strategies
to restore and reduce threats
to the ecosystem must address
local residents’ long-term needs,
as well as environmental and
biodiversity concerns.
1. amena hassan saves as much as 8 hours
in a day fetching water now that taCaRe
has installed a sanitary water system
in Kasuku village.
2. anthony Kilugala, taCaRe (left), visits with
Village nursery attendant Yahya hamza in
Kasuku Village.
the leading threats
to the ecosystem are:
» expansion of human settlements
» expansion of agriculture
» the deliberate killing of
chimpanzees by humans
» lack of conservation and land-
use planning, and inadequate
implementation of existing
land-use plans
1 2
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
As of December 2008, we had
exceeded our initial goals for
preserving forest in and around
Gombe. Tere were 25,950 hectares
of forest under preservation,
signifcantly more than our target
of 16,100 hectares. We achieved
these results through:
» Developing conservation land-use
plans with 10 villages that include
forest set-asides
» Expanding and protecting forest
through development of wood-
lots — 450 lots to date regenerated
with 725 hectares of hardwood
tree species
» Training households in sustainable
agricultural practices, which
resulted in a total of 576,000
trees planted in individual and
community farms
Te GGE Program also seeks
to increase household income
from sustainable use of natural
resources. Much of our work
JGI’s Greater Gombe Ecosystem
Landscape-Scale Community-
Centered Conservation Program
(GGE) is a 5-year initiative that
integrates community-centered
conservation projects, such as
training in sustainable agriculture,
with conservation and land-use
planning. Tis planning is
facilitated by Geographic
Information Systems mapping
and analysis. JGI’s partners in
the GGE Program are Te Nature
Conservancy, Environmental
Systems Research Institute and
the Tanzania National Parks
Te GGE Program operates within
the Kigoma Rural District, which
has a total human population
of about 490,800. Te program
targets a population of about
138,885 in 24 villages stretching
along the Lake Tanganyika
shores and surrounding Gombe
National Park.
By the numbers
25,950 hectares of
forest under preservation
138,885 people in 24 villages





trees have been planted
taCaRe Water, environment and sanitation sec-
tion head julius ishabakaki discusses water and
health with young people in Kasuku village.
focuses on community savings
and loan programs, seeded with
JGI money, that provide loans
to women and men for small
businesses such as fsh processing
or produce stalls.
By the end of 2008, 17 of the
24 villages we support were
participating in projects designed
to improve household income.
To date, micro-credit programs
have made loans totalling
$74,000 (USD).
Te GGE Program also works
to improve public health through
family planning, child health
services and HIV/AIDS outreach
and training.
We’ve delivered family planning
methods to nearly 7,000 recipients,
far exceeding our goal of reaching
3,600 women.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Masito-Ugalla Ecosystem Project
other mue activities in 2008:
forest monitors
We also work to build village capacity to protect demarcated areas.
We recruited 33 forest monitors from 13 area villages and trained
them to assess human forest activities, including illegal deforestation,
as well as forest health and sustainability.
conservation awareness
In an effort to educate more of the surrounding community on the
importance of conservation and land-use planning, we conducted
7 one-day training workshops on natural resource management and
conservation during the frst half of 2008. A total of 70 teachers and
club leaders were trained during these workshops, and 8 primary
schools and 3 secondary schools have initiated Roots & Shoots
activities in their school communities.
While undertaking conservation efforts, we also strengthen communities
through infrastructure development. In the Masito-Ugalla region, we’ve
supported construction of village offces, classrooms, and homes for
teachers, doctors and nurses.
the Masito-ugalla eCosYsteM (Mue) south oF the goMBe Region is a RelatiVelY pRistine aRea —
2,223 squaRe Miles (5,759 sq KM) oF FoRests and Woodlands that aRe hoMe to MoRe than 500 Wild
ChiMpanzees, as Well as elephants, eland, haRteBeest, duiKeRs and BuFFalo.
lthough largely undeveloped,
the area is threatened by
illegal hunting, unsustain-
able agricultural practices,
uncontrolled timber harvesting,
and the use of forest biomass to
make charcoal.
JGI’s Masito-Ugalla Project seeks
to achieve long-term conservation
of wild chimpanzee populations
and other endangered species by
creating a network of community
reserves that would connect
forest patches with existing
national parks and forest reserves.
Tis efort would address a big
threat to wild chimpanzees in the
region: the fragmentation of their
forest, which reduces individual
groups’ foraging range and also
cuts of intergroup contact
(important in the long run for
genetic diversity).
In an important step toward
creating this network of reserves,
5 villages in the region —
Songambele, Sunuka, Kirando,
Lyabusende and Ilagala — worked
with JGI to create land-use plans
that designate core wilderness
areas, which are strictly protected.
Te plans also set bufer zones
where certain extractive activities
are allowed as well as agricultural
and grazing zones.
five villages in the region worked with jgi to create
land-use plans that designate core wilderness areas,
which are strictly protected.

t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
JGI Ecotourism
in ChiMp haBitat Ranges WheRe huMan aCtiVities suCh as poaChing, illegal logging and tRaditional agRiCultuRe
thReaten BiodiVeRsitY, jgi suppoRts the deVelopMent oF alteRnatiVe liVelihood aCtiVities suCh as eCotouRisM.
he landscapes in which
JGI works not only have
the advantage of chimpanzee
populations to draw tourists,
they are stunningly beautiful —
a natural for ecotourism, which
can boost rural economies while
ensuring species’ survival.
In March 2008, we ofcially
opened a new ecotourism site
in the Budongo Forest Reserve
in Uganda. Several dignitaries
attended the grand opening of the
Kaniyo Pabidi Chimp Trekking
Facility, including Henrietta Fore,
administrator of the U.S. Agency
for International Development
(USAID), U.S. Ambassador Steven
Browning, USAID Assistant
Administrator for Africa Kate
Almquist and USAID/Uganda
Mission Director Margot Ellis.
Te new tourist site includes
a visitor reception center, an
eco-lodge and cabins for tourists,
improvements to 20 kilometers
of trekking trails and renovations
to an existing environmental
education center.
Te ecotourism project was
developed in a public-private
partnership led by JGI that
included the Ugandan National
Forestry Authority, Te Walt
Disney Company and Let’s Go
Travel. It was designed to generate
revenue that the government will
use to protect the reserve, educate
local communities about
the importance of the site,
and provide assistance to area
Te project has trained park staf
in chimpanzee ecology, habituation
and data collection methods,
guiding techniques, plant ecology
and frst aid.
Based on our experience developing
a similar project at Kanyanchu-
Kibale National Park (6,000
visitors per year) and an eco-tourist
site at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee
Sanctuary in Uganda (5,000
visitors per year), we expect that
after two years Kaniyo-Pabidi
will be a highly successful
eco-tourist attraction.
the new tourist site includes a visitor reception center,
an eco-lodge and cabins for tourists.
1. Visitors relax on the porch of the Kaniyo
pabidi Chimp trekking Facility‘s eco-lodge.
2. Viewing chimpanzees in the wild is an
unforgettable experience for eco-tourists.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
in tanzania, WheRe jane goodall’s Roots & shoots pRogRaM Began and WheRe theRe aRe a plethoRa oF
Roots & shoots pRogRaMs and aCtiVities, We WoRK With paRtneRs to iMpRoVe the liVes oF oRphans and
ChildRen identiFied as “Most VulneRaBle” BY the tanzanian goVeRnMent.
ne of our projects aims to
reduce the negative efects
of HIV/AIDS, poverty,
exploitation and abuse of Most
Vulnerable Children in Kigoma
District, the area surrounding
Gombe National Park. Te project
aims to provide and improve the
children’s health care, education
(primary, secondary and vocational),
housing, psychosocial support,
as well as food and nutrition.
To date the program has extended
services to about 930 children.
Our main partner in this efort
is a local organization called Pact
Tanzania, which is a feld ofce
of Pact, an international NGO
that focuses on capacity-building.
Together we train youth to be peer
educators who work to end stigma
against those with HIV and AIDS.
Tey are provided with skills,
techniques, resources and positive
messages to teach youth and
children about stigma. Tese peer
educators then provide training
to other students in schools and
Supporting Vulnerable Children
clubs around the country, as well
as to family and friends.
Roots & Shoots in Tanzania
helped to develop two new
modules of a toolkit called
Understanding and Challenging
HIV Stigma: Toolkit for Action.
Te materials were developed by
children and youth infected and
afected by HIV and AIDS, which
makes them particularly efective
communication pieces.
Our Most Vulnerable Children
Scholarship Program also focuses
on providing a well-rounded
secondary school education to
orphans, along with co-curricular
support and attention to indi-
vidual needs. Te program aims
to provide 25 secondary school
students with the sponsorships
needed to successfully graduate
from their Ordinary levels (four
years), with additional support
provided for vocational education
and training. All school fees are
paid, including tuition, books,
school supplies, school uniforms,
examination fees, room and
board, pocket money, medical
expenses and transportation.
Tese eforts support the
Tanzanian government’s
National Plan of Action on
Most Vulnerable Children.
our project aims to provide and improve children’s
health care, education, and housing.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Uganda HIV/AIDS Peer Training
Young WoMen in uganda aRe nine tiMes MoRe liKelY than Young Men to ContRaCt hiV,
MaKing it CRitiCal
that theY haVe aCCess to inFoRMation aBout hiV/aids and to RepRoduCtiVe health seRViCes.
GI-Uganda is creating a
peer-counseling network to
address this urgent problem.
In 2008, with help from the Nike
Foundation, 100 girls aged 12-15
from 50 schools with active Roots
& Shoots clubs were trained to
provide peer counseling services
related to HIV/AIDS, other
sexually transmitted diseases
and reproductive health. We also
provided participating schools
with materials to help teachers
guide students and inform them
about these critical issues. Tese
materials included pencils, pens
and exercise books for girls
whose families could not aford
scholastic materials, as well as
hygiene supplies so girls won’t feel
the need to stay at home when
they are menstruating.
In 2009, we hope to conduct
training sessions in 250 schools
in Uganda, working with at least
four girls and one teacher in each
school. Parent training and
awareness programs will also
be included in 2009.
Said Debby Cox, former head
of JGI-Uganda, “We felt, how
could we ask these children to
care about their environment,
the animals and other people,
if we do not frst help them
understand how to care for
themselves. Girls from poor
rural communities in western
Uganda are some of the most
results from the 2008
trainings were stellar:
» The program trained about
50 women teachers and 100
girls from 47 schools. These
new “peer educators” will go
on to reach an estimated
8,000 students with info
about HIv/AIDS prevention
and reproductive health.
» About 90 girls were persuaded
to return to school in 13 locales
» The peer educators voluntarily
extended their counseling to
boys as well
» The teen peer counselors met
with and counseled an average
of 5 pupils weekly
» Forty-seven schools have been
stocked with 5,640 exercise
books, 5,640 pencils, 11,750
pens and 470 packets of
sanitary towels
» A total of 2008 pupils from
17 schools received scholastic
in 2008, 100 girls were trained to provide
peer counseling services related to hiV/aids.

vulnerable in the country.
We needed to ensure we helped
them care for themselves before
we asked them to be leaders and
care for others, including caring
for the forests and the endangered

Guttmacher Institute (2008)
Protecting the next generation in Uganda: New evidence
on adolescent sexual health and reproductive health needs’
Active, informed young people are Dr. Goodall’s — and our — hope for the future. Guided
by Jane’s vision and the conviction that every individual can make a profound difference,
young members of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program are changing the world,
through service projects on behalf of people, animals and the environment. “Dr. Jane,”
as she is known to Roots & Shoots members, reaches out to these committed young
people around the world as much as she can, amidst a whirlwind schedule that includes
public lectures to promote JGI, as well as numerous media interviews, ceremonies and
celebratory events.
Education & Outreach
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Making a Better World
Project by Project
heRe’s a looK at Roots & shoots’ aChieVeMents aRound the gloBe in 2008.
rebirth the earth camPaiGn
Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots youth
told people to “panda miti” (Swahili
for “plant trees”) and people listened!
The youth-led and initiated “ReBirth
the Earth: Trees for Tomorrow”
campaign planted more than 3,500
trees and raised more than $18,000
(USD) to build tree nurseries in
Tanzania. Nurseries provide Tanzania
Roots & Shoots groups with
seedlings and income, and serve
as a hub for sustainable forestry
and conservation education.
earthquaKe relief
On the second day after the
8.0 earthquake of May 12
in Sichuan, China, 50 NGOs,
together with more than 100
volunteers, set up an impromptu
disaster relief headquarters at
the Roots & Shoots offce in
Chengdu. Capital city of Sichuan
Province, Chengdu is just 80
kilometers from the earth-
quake’s epicenter. In the frst
weeks after the quake, the offce
received and delivered close
to $1 million (USD) worth of
medicine, food, tents, and
supplies to the affected areas.
GreeninG offices
Through an Eco-Offce Evaluation
Program, Roots & Shoots members
in Shanghai counseled offce workers
in green business practices.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
raisinG funDs
Members of Bilan Roots & Shoots
in Paris, France, hosted a street
sale to raise scholarship funds
for students in Africa.
exPlorinG heritaGe anD culture
Roots & Shoots members from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation learned
about native traditions at the Lakota Culture and Winter Science Camp
at the Cloud Horse Art Institute in Kyle, SD.
cleaninG the beach
During a beach clean-up, members of TLC Roots & Shoots in Doha, Qatar
collected several discarded fshing nets. These nets can harm wild dugongs,
a marine mammal similar to manatees.
other Projects
savinG sPecies
The Wadsworth Central Intermediate
Roots & Shoots group in central Ohio
coordinated with 70 other Roots &
Shoots members to petition the Ohio
state legislature to declare the spotted
salamander the state amphibian.
a sPecial meetinG
Members of BOLD Teens Roots &
Shoots group in Dorchester, Mass.,
met Dr. Jane at the frst-ever Boston
Teen Leadership Summit in May.
“messaGinG” on the GrounD
Members of Emory University Roots
& Shoots in Atlanta, Ga., stenciled
“No Dumping” messages on storm
drains — a creative way to protect
networKinG anD
For the third year, Roots &
Shoots at KMLA (Korean Minjok
Leadership Academy) in Kanwon,
South Korea, hosted the Korean
Youth Environment Conference.
The event gathered 160 students
from 35 high schools to discuss
environmental issues in a
roundtable discussion as well
as a Model-UN-style debate.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Regional Leadership
a Main oBjeCtiVe oF jane goodall’s Roots & shoots pRogRaM is to FosteR leadeRship
sKills in aCtiVe and CoMMitted Young people.
ne way we foster youth
leadership skills in Roots
& Shoots members is by
providing growth experiences
and leadership opportunities
within the program. Since 2006,
we have expanded from 1 to 7
Youth Leadership Councils
— 5 regional councils, a national
council, and a national college
council. Tese councils provide
highly motivated and dedicated
Roots & Shoots members through-
out the U.S. with the training,
tools and opportunities to develop
into community leaders who create
positive change in their own
backyards and around the world.
In 2008, the Youth Leader
network represented Roots
& Shoots at the Joan B. Kroc
Institute of Peace & Justice World
Link Conference in California,
the EduCare/Global Issues
Conference in Germany, the
United Nations Student Obser-
vance of the International Day
of Peace in New York City, the
Bioneers Conference in California,
and the Global Creative Leader-
ship Conference in New York
City, among others, reaching
more than 5,000 adults and
young people around the globe.
Roots & Shoots New England
Youth Leadership Council member
Khalifa S. says this about her
involvement with Roots & Shoots:
“Roots & Shoots, for me, has
been like a door that leads to a
house flled with a huge global
family. In this global family,
there are people of all ages
and backgrounds who share
a common desire to work on
behalf of people, animals and
the environment. Growing up
in Boston, I always wanted to
make a diference in the world.
However, because I was alone in
this goal, I felt it wasn’t possible.
Now that I’m part of this global
family, I feel we have the ability
to make a diference in our world.”
in this global family, there are people of all ages and
backgrounds who share a common desire to work on
behalf of people, animals and the environment.
1. jane goodall’s Roots & shoots program
seeks to give active and concerned young
people the chance to share experiences
and ideas.
2. Members of Roots & shoots have traveled
to africa to learn about environmental issues
and participate in service work.

t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is Growing
1. team-building exercises are an important part
of the Roots & shoots experience.
2. jane goodall’s Roots & shoots seeks to help
young people connect hopes and dreams
across cultures.
For examples of projects and impact, please visit
n 2008, our number of online
members increased 76% and
project reports increased 24%.
Online program reach expanded
to include 110 countries.
Our program impact also grew
in 2008: Participants volunteered
a total of 144,782 reported hours
and projects served 531,318
community members in places
as varied as Nepal, Liberia, Korea,
the Czech Republic and Tanzania.
1 2
the Roots & shoots MoVeMent Continues to gRoW, as Young people FRoM aRound the gloBe FoRM gRoups
and plan pRojeCts that CReate positiVe Change FoR people, aniMals and the enViRonMent.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit
We address different challenges,
but everyone can share a laugh,
ride a rollercoaster and save the world
in the same language.
— 2008 Jane GooDall Global Youth summit ParticiPant
in 2007, We had an idea: WhY not gatheR soMe oF the ManY talented and inspiRational Youth leadeRs FRoM
aRound the WoRld FoR a WeeK oF FRiendship Building, CultuRal shaRing and pRojeCt planning?
ith that much energy,
creativity and determi-
nation in one room,
what might result?
We suspected the frst-ever Jane
Goodall Global Youth Summit
would be spectacular, but even
we were surprised by the results.
One hundred young leaders from
6 continents and 28 countries
came together at Walt Disney
World in Florida, and the positive
energy was palpable.
Te summit was designed to give
each young person a “toolbox
for changing the world” and
individual action plans for
improving their communities
and beyond. Te participants
got to work immediately, learning
from experts in conservation,
biodiversity and confict resolution,
sharing time with Dr. Jane,
and leading workshops on topics
such as species conservation.
Tey also made movies. With
the Mobile Learning Institute,
a Pearson Foundation-Nokia
alliance, they made short digital
flms about topical issues, to be
used as part of their action plans.
Said 18-year-old David Chase of
Cape Cod, Mass., “We’re going
home with the technology to
make change happen, which
is pretty amazing.”
After the event, the young people
poured out their feelings. On a
Facebook page, Mark Hargrove
of San Diego said: “I just want
to say that you all changed my
life. I have never felt so inspired
to put my passion for wildlife
and the environment at the
absolute top of my priority list.”
Wrote Xin Chen from Shanghai,
China: “Hi, everyone, I just
wake up from a 12 hours sleeping
after a long trip. But even in
the dreams, I saw your lovely
faces. Miss you all!”
And from Dr. Jane herself:
“Tese past few days have been
so stimulating and moving.
I know I speak for everyone
involved when I say we are
leaving energized, inspired
and flled with a new hope
for the future and new ideas
for encouraging others to bring
about a more peaceful world.”

To learn more about
the summit, please visit
the frst jane goodall global Youth summit
gathered 100 young leaders from 6 continents for
a weekend of skill-building and brainstorming.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Jane News
Glamour 2008
award for Lifetime
Glamour magazine honored
Dr. Goodall at its 19th Annual
Women of the Year Awards,
along with 9 other women
who’ve excelled in science,
politics, entertainment, business,
sports and fashion. Te awards
ceremony took place November
10 at Carnegie Hall in New
York City.
Te Lifetime Achievement Award
recognized Dr. Goodall’s historic
contributions to chimpanzee
behavioral research and near-
constant humanitarian and
conservation work around
the world.
“Tis is going to go down as
one of the big nights of my life,
to be the person to present the
Lifetime Achievement Award
to Dr. Goodall,” actor Debra
Messing said to the media prior
to the ceremony. “She’s changed
the world.”
As part of her short acceptance
speech, Dr. Goodall shared her
trademark chimpanzee call with
the audience and recognized
Roots & Shoots members sitting
in the balcony.
Glamour also recognized Hillary
Clinton, Nujood Ali and Shada
Nasser, Maureen Chiquet,
Condoleezza Rice, Kara Walker,
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri
Walsh, the Nobel Women’s
Initiative, Nicole Kidman,
Tyra Banks.
CaLL to end
animaL testinG
Dr. Goodall and the Dr. Hadwen
Trust appeared before the
European Parliament in May
to call for a replacement to live
animal experiments.
“We should admit that the
infiction of sufering on beings
who are capable of feeling
is ethically problematic,” said
Dr. Goodall, “and that the
amazing human brain should
set to work to fnd new ways
of testing and experimenting
that will not involve the use of
live, sentient beings. Te scientifc
establishment should actively
encourage such research. More
funding should be made available
for it. And rewards — such as
a Nobel Prize — should be given
for it. It is a goal worthy of great
energy and scientifc ingenuity.
It is a goal toward which all
civilized nations should be moving.”
Dr. Goodall then presented the
Parliament a 150,000+ signature
petition on behalf of European
Union citizens supporting such
a strategy.
Dr. Goodall was in Asia at
the time of the YoG launch. In a
statement read in her absence, she
emphasized the impact of human
poverty on the great apes.
“People living in and around the
last forested areas are struggling
to survive,” she said. “If we can’t
help these people fnd ways of
living that do not involve continual
destruction of the forest, we shall
fail in our eforts to protect these
wonderful great apes — our closest
living relatives.”
jane Lends her CLout
to GoriLLas
In December, Dr. Goodall became
the ofcial patron of the 2009
Year of the Gorilla (YoG), a
12-month campaign aimed at
improving conservation of
humankind’s closest relatives
and their habitats by bettering
the livelihoods and incomes of
local people. His Serene Highness
Prince Albert II of Monaco
launched the YoG initiative
December 1 at the opening
of a United Nations wildlife
conference in Rome.
Te YoG campaign seeks to
improve the management of
national and cross-border primate
populations, as well as those living
in national parks, by strengthening
cooperation between range
states and providing improved
support for rangers and other
key personnel.
YoG is a joint initiative of the
United Nations Environment
Programme’s (UNEP) Convention
on Migratory Species; the UNEP-
United Nations Educational,
Scientifc and Cultural Organiza-
tion; Great Ape Survival
Partnership; and the World
Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
2008 roots & shoots
day of peaCe
Te 2008 Roots & Shoots Day
of Peace, September 21, was
one to remember. From Beijing
to Amsterdam to Buenos Aires,
Giant Peace Dove Puppets
spread their wings across the
globe. Dr. Jane and Roots &
Shoots youth spoke at the United
Nations headquarters in New
York City for the International
Day of Peace Student Observance.
Hollywood celebrities — including
Pierce and Keely Brosnan, Gwen
Stefani and Daryl Hannah —
joined festivities in Los Angeles’
Grifth Park, along with more
rep. tom udaLL,
Brosnans, Green
mountain Coffee
honored at seCond
annuaL jGi GLoBaL
Leadership awards
Te second annual Jane Goodall
Institute Global Leadership
Awards Celebration honored the
achievements of individuals and
corporations that embody the
Institute’s mission by taking
informed and compassionate
action on behalf of all living
things. Te 2008 Jane Goodall
Global Leadership Award winners
» U.S. Rep. Tom Udall (D-NM) for
Excellence in Public Policy
» Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye
Brosnan for Responsible Activism
in Media and Entertainment
» Green Mountain Coffee for
Corporate Social Responsibility
Youth Leadership Award
winners were:
» Manoj Gautam of Kathmandu,
» Emily Woodall of Banner Elk, N.C
» and Tayler McGillis of Toluca, Ill.
sustainable décor and lighting
and a “Green Carpet” made of
100 percent recycled material.
dr. GoodaLL speaks out
on puBLiC poLiCies
Dr. Goodall addressed members
of the U.S. Congress in March,
urging them to increase funding
for critical species and habitats
and to integrate funding of
species conservation and sustain-
able development. “How can we
even try to protect animals
in developing countries, such
as the famous chimpanzees
of Tanzania, when the people
are living in dire conditions?
When you are living in such
circumstances, you have no
options but to cut down the
trees and use the environment
in unsustainable ways,” said
Dr. Goodall.
“Keely and I are honored to be
in Washington, D.C., at such
an exciting time in this nation’s
history and to accept this award
from our dear friend Dr. Jane
Goodall,” said Pierce Brosnan.
Te Brosnans were awarded for
their demonstrated long-term
commitment to environmental
education and active support
of Roots & Shoots.
Dr. Goodall encouraged her
audience to “develop respect for
all living things and try to replace
impatience and intolerance with
understanding, compassion —
and above all — love.”
Te evening’s master of ceremonies,
Anderson Cooper of CNN, shares
Dr. Goodall’s strong interest in
Africa and the state of the
environment. Academy Award-
nominated actress Abigail Breslin
and her brother, actor Spencer
Breslin, were also on hand
to help present the Youth
Leadership Award.
In keeping with the Jane Goodall
Institute’s philosophy of environ-
mental responsibility, the evening
incorporated eco-sensitive,
To learn more about
Peace Day, please visit
than 2,000 participants, vendors,
exhibitors, students and Roots
& Shoots groups. In Singapore,
Roots & Shoots group Cicada
Tree Eco-Place, a nonproft
environmental education
organization, marked Peace Day
with 15 children and their parents
and teachers, drinking orchid
tea, eating vegetarian mooncakes
and making lanterns. Young
Congolese and Tanzanian people
bridged cultural divisions by fying
Giant Peace Doves together at the
Lugufu Refugee Camp in western
Financial Report & Donors
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
2008 Financial Report
n 2008, JGI’s unrestricted
revenues decreased to $13.7
million, from $16.1 million.
Other income increased by
$.5 million, partially ofsetting
the decrease in individual giving
of $3.5 million — a result of a
decrease in bequests. JGI’s total
revenue for the year, including
restricted grants, was $14.4 million.
Investment income, including
interest and dividends, decreased
from $.8 million $.4 million in
2008, due to 1) lower interest rates
2) conversion of investments into
cash to reduce losses resulting
from adverse market conditions
and 3) a reduction in investment
capital resulting from the need
to fund the operating loss.
Additional losses in “other items”
increased by $1.3 million; this
was related to the unprecedented
downturn in global fnancial
markets and unusual losses in
foreign currency exchange rates
resulting from a weak U.S. dollar.
Total expenses increased by $4.6
million with increases in Education
of $1.0 million, Communications
of $.8 million, Animal Welfare
and Conservation of $2.1 million
and Fundraising of $1.1 million
ofset by reduced spending in
Wildlife Research of $.3 million
and Management and General
of $.1 million resulting in an
unrestricted surplus of $9.6
million at year-end.
Grants from government agencies
and private foundations remained
consistent in 2008 at $5.3 million.
Te Institute’s restricted net assets
(in efect, our backlog) grew by
$.6 million, from $3.6 million in
2007 to $4.2 million at year- end.
Te Institute’s balance sheet
sufered a decrease in assets of
$4.3 million. Cash and invest-
ments decreased by $4.4 million,
grants and bequests decreased
by $.1 million and receivables
increased by $.2 million. Total
liabilities increased to $.8 million
reducing total net assets to
$14.0 million in 2008, down from
$19.0 million in the previous year.
Te Institute continued to receive
signifcant support from private
donors and foundations in 2008 in
support of all aspects of our work.
Our administrative and fundraising
costs decreased in 2008, account-
ing for 22.1 percent of our total
expense base, compared to 22.7
percent during 2007. During
2008 we made signifcant invest-
ments in stafng our Development
Department and strengthening
our capacity to manage our
fnances and to report accurately
to our donors.
Pursuant to our Strategic Plan
developed in 2007, we proceeded
in 2008 to grow our programs and
our Development Department with
the expectation that our revenues
would be consistent with those we
received in 2007. However, due to
lower than expected contributions
and bequests, as well as the onset
of the recession, which began to
afect our investment portfolio,
the anticipated level of revenues
did not materialize.
We expect revenues to remain fat
to slightly lower as a result of the
economy for the next few years,
however we plan to continue to
build our relationships with major
funders in order to maintain our
current level of activities in the
United States and Africa.
Following are the combined
fnancial statements of JGI-USA,
including JGI-Tanzania,
JGI-Republic of Congo,
JGI-Uganda, JGI-Guinea,
JGI-DRC and JGI-Illinois —
the primary organizations
managed by JGI-USA.
dr. goodall travels to africa at least twice per
year to visit our community-centered conservation
sites, Roots & shoots projects and to share her
conservation message.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
combi neD scheDule of fi nanci al Posi ti on
as of December 31, 2008
Cash and cash equivalents $1,279,435
Investments 9,053,833
Accounts receivable 2,237,247
Grants and bequests receivable 1,473,895
Advances to feld 391,637
Prepaid expenses and other assets 178,718
Merchandise inventory 94,515
Furniture and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation 726,087
Total Assets $15,435,367

Accounts payable and accrued expenses $1,424,537

net assets
Unrestricted 9,572,589
Temporarily restricted 4,220,513
Permanently restricted 217,728
Total Net Assets 14,010,830
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $15,435,367
2008 sources of oPeratinG funDs
56% Contributions $8,055,779
32 Grants 4,653,343
4 Lecture Tour and Honorariums 505,237
3 Interest and Dividends 387,950
5 Other Income 777,024
total $14,379,333
2008 uses of funDs
2% Wildlife Research 360,041
22.4 Education 4,059,310
9.2 Communication 1,657,182
44.4 Animal Welfare and Conservation 8,034,660
total Programs 14, 111, 193
19.4 Fundraising 3,517,643
2.7 Management and General 480,486
total 18,109,322
Change in net assets (3,729,989)
Other items (1,287,781)
Unrestricted net assets,
beginning of year
net assets, end of year $14,010,830
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
JGI’s Donor Family
jgi MeMBeRs and suppoRteRs plaY a CRitiCal Role in sustaining jgi’s qualitY oF pRogRaMMing in ChiMpanzee
CaRe and pRoteCtion, CoMMunitY-CenteRed ConseRVation and enViRonMental and huManitaRian Youth eduCation.
alCoa Foundation
CoMMuniCations, inC.
addison FisCheR
jgi- Canada
jgi- uK
allene and jeRoMe
lapides Foundation, inC.
Beth and geoRge
the natuRe ConseRVanCY
the phileona Foundation
pRitzKeR Foundation
the Regenstein
u.s. Fish & WildliFe
u.s. agenCY FoR
WhiRlpool CoRpoRation
$50,000 – $99,999
a KindeR WoRld
aMeRiCan expRess
sue ansChutz- RodgeRs
the Wanda BoBoWsKi Fund
dai- pRiMe/West
delta aiR lines Foundation
disneY WoRldWide
seRViCes, inC.
thoMas d. Mangelsen
the CYnthia and geoRge
MitChell Foundation
the peaRson Foundation
natalie poRtMan
pRoCteR & gaMBle
fifi’s feLLowship
$25,000 – $49,999
CheVRon oVeRseas
Congo, ltd.
helen ClaiRe
shaRon and ChRis daVis
disneY aniMal KingdoM
the FRost Foundation
hogan & haRtson llp
diane & donald R.
Kendall, jR.
linColn paRK zoo
MaRisla Foundation
MCCune ChaRitaBle Fund
oppenheiMeR BRotheRs
the panaphil Foundation
sChultz FaMilY
paRK Foundation
susan saKMaR
& KiRK hoBBs
shelBY jean
& sheldon sloan
WeingaRt Foundation
WildliFe ConseRVation
fLo’s feLLowship
$10,000 – $24,999
jaMes alBeRt
allegRo CoFFee CoMpanY
daVid altshuleR
linda aMBuRgeY
apple lane Foundation
CindY aRCheR
jaCK BaKeR
CaRoline BaRRett
taMMie BettingeR
seana BlaKe
CaRol BoBo
lindseY BolgeR
BoRdeRs, inC.
jaMes BoYKin
elisaBeth BRehMeR
KaRen BRoWn
elizaBeth BuChen
alexis CaRson
gRaYdon CaRteR
CYnthia Cassano
YVon ChouinaRd
doRothY CinqueMani
gladYs CoFRin
aRlene Cohen
doRothY CRanshaW
peteR danzig
CaMeRon diaz
leslie dileo
elaine duFFens
RiChaRd FiCKe
haRRY FosteR
WaRRen goRRell
leo s. guthMan Fund
leslie hataMiYa
lauRa heneghan
sue henRY
houston zoo
jgi — netheRlands
joBY, inC.
MR. and MRs. geoRge
julie johnson
KiM Koistinen
leo s. guthMan Fund
jaMes la Belle
jeanie laWRenCe
elizaBeth lonsdoRF
dan MCCann
gWen MCConKeY
pattY MCnaMaRa
tiMothY MCshea
MR. and MRs. saM Messin
niKe Foundation
daVid paCe
anne poWell
h. WalKeR sandeRs
patRiCia sChReteR
g. lYnn shostaCK
ChaRles speaR
ChaRitaBle tRust
Connie steensMa
& RiChaRd pRins
teRenCe stephens
sWaRtz Foundation
RiChaRd tait
thaW ChaRitaBle tRust
Randall tolpinRud
KuMaRan VijaYaKuMaR
luCY WaletzKY
the Wallis Foundation
Mollie WilliFoRd
anna Winand
jaMes Woods
daVid Young
susan Young
naoMi zahaVi
$5,000 – $9,999
sophie alWeis
aMeRiCa’s ChaRities
BanK oF aMeRiCa
gale BaRtle
lisa and zohaR Ben- doV
lois BRounell
CleVeland zoo
WilliaM ConnellY
ChRistina CueVas
MiRiaM daVidson
KRistin daVis
pattY dedoMiniC
donna deitCh
geneVieVe di san Faustino
Fiona dias
anita and niCholas
RoBeRt duggeR
enteRtainMent industRY
Kit FaRWell
leon FelMan
FiRst data Foundation
goRdon gettY
linda giBBoneY
gloBal exploReRs
BRian gRaFF
gReen Mountain CoFFee
MauReen haCKett
noRa hanKe
elizaBeth holland
RiChaRd housh
ioWa pRiMate leaRning
WalteR jaRMan
isaBel jessen
jgi — austRia
jgi — spain
jgi — sWitzeRland
WilliaM johnston
justin Keat
nanCY Kluss
linda Kuhns
diane leddeR
dan leeds
Milo long
ChRis MalaChoWsKY
MaRYlhuRst uniVeRsitY
Men’s WeaRhouse
theRese MilleR
Beth MoRgan
Muzeo Foundation
CaRol nazaR
jaMes nelson
alisa o’leaRY
MaRY lYnn and Bill oliVeR
Ronald olson
julie paCKaRd
geoRge paRtRidge
MaRtha paYne
john peteRsen
geoRge piCKeRing
MaRie RiddeR
sondRa RoBinson
BaRBaRa and daVid Rolph
daVid sheaR
Bill shogeR
Kenneth sMith
niCole snedigaR
so- huM Foundation
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
lee soRenson
elizaBeth steele
CYnthia steWaRt
donnaChie stuaRt
theo ChoColate, inC.
RoBeRt tRaut
elizaBeth Van VleCK
Ross Waddell
WilliaM WeisMan
WeideMann Foundation
BeRnaRd WhaRton
eRiC Whitson
danielle Wilson
& GLitter’s
$1,000 – $4,999
RiChaRd aBBott
john adaMs
ChaRles ade
lisa alBi
aliCe alexandeR
althea alexandeR
john aMBuRgeY
aMeRiCan expRess
MatChing giFt pRogRaM
joanne aMteR Roll
a. sCott andeRson
jon andReas
hollY aRdingeR
ann ash
dillu ashBY
john atheRton
janet Baines
BaRBaRa BallingeR
MaRgaRet BaMBeRgeR
phYllis BaRloW
pattY BaRRieR
toM BaRRon
stephen BaRtell
FRedeRiCK BeaR
the BegleY FaMilY
BaRBaRa Bell
ViCKi BenduRe
CandiCe BeRgen
MollY BeRgen
KatheRine BeRgeR
RoBeRt BeRgstein
sheRi BeRMan
linda BiCKhaM
geoRge BinneY
peRRY BiRd
dana BlaCKWell
jaMes BlaiR
Ron BoehM
ViRginia Bound
FRanCois BouRgault
MaRCie BoWden
sidneY BoWden
ada- MaRie BoWeRs
RiChaRd BoYatzis
alexandRia BoYeR
louis BRad
RiChaRd BRadleY
jenniFeR BResleR
john BReslin
CRaig BRight
KilBee BRittain
julian BRodsKY
BRodsKY Foundation
Keith BRoWn
saRa BRYdges
l. BuCKel
MauRiCio Bueno
CaRMen BuRgess
BaRClaY BuRns
edWaRd BuRR
KaRen CaMpagna
CaRe 2.CoM, inC
geRda CaRMiChael
patRiCK CaRRoll
leWis ChaRtoCK
n.R. ChiCKeRing
Val Chin
elizaBeth ClusteR
CodMan squaRe health
CenteR neighBoRhood
jason CoFRanCesCo
aRnold Cohen
sCott Cohen
jean ColeMan
WilliaM ColeMan
john CouRi
BetsY CoVille
deBBY Cox
WendY CRespo
taRa CRoss
MattheW Cupal
della Cushing
ione CutteR
aBBas daneshVaRi
daVis aiRCRaFt
pRoduCts Co., inC.
pogo daVis
dell diReCt giVing
ViVian deRRYCK
geRald dipego
aMY diCKinson
MaRK diCKson
jean denise dinan
daVid doRt
MiChael douglas
oWen dReY
niCKY duCoMMun
BRian duFtleR
CaMeRon dunCan
steWaRt dunn
ChaRles duRhaM
luCie easleY
stephen eCCles denKeRs
jan eCKBo
lYdia edison
CYnthia edWaRds
RoBeRt elia
BaRBaRa elliott
joseph elliott
ann ellis
leslie englehaRt
MaRianne enos
l. eRlenMeYeR- KiMling
Ruth eWing
paMela j. FaiR
janiCe FaRRell
CatheRine FaVeR
gail Feagles
thoMas FealY
joann FeChneR
andReW FeRRaRi
noel FeRRis
FidelitY ChaRitaBle
giFt Fund
aBigail Field
VasilY FilipoV
FRanCis FisheR
BaRBaRa FitzgeRald
dena FleMing
KRisten FletCheR
peteR Fogliano
MaRY Fontaine- CaRlson
eileen FosteR
sandRa FRanKlin
gail FRaseR
e. FRazeR
MaRK FRiedMan
stephanie FuChs
deBoRah FulBRight
jiM gagne
Connie and gaRY gaMM
saM gandY
lisa gansKY
CaRol gates
geoRge geipel
BRuCe gelVin
patRiCia getz
WilliaM gilBeRt
FRieda gillespie
ValeRie gillies
eRRol ginsBeRg
WendY gloBe tsien
ann goodMan
lYnn goodMan
google MatChing giFt
angela goRCzYCa
deVin gRahaM
patRiCia gRahaM- CollieR
gloRia gRaY
goRdon gRaY
gail gRiFFith
MaRgi & tiM gRiFFith
patti gRiMM
paMella gRoneMeYeR
diane gRoppeR
MiRiaM gRYnBeRg
BRenda gundeR
BRett guReWitz
lisa halstead
eVa hanKs
hanoVeR College
lauRen hanson
john haRKRideR
Maxine haRRis
haRVaRd uniVeRsitY
RoBeRt haWKeY
deBoRah heBBleWhite
thoMas heChl
gRant heidRiCh
laRa heiMan
MaRK heiMann
eileen heisMan
john hennessY
WilliaM hetzneCKeR
CaRolYn hoagland
niCholas hodges
paMela hoKanson
jaMes holCoMB
joseph holleR
RoBeRt holzMan
aManda hopKins
CYnthia hoWaRd
MauRa hoWe
RoBeRt ing
inteRnational zoo
geniChi itani
Kenneth jaCoBs
anna jeFFeRY
phYllis and geoRge
Faith johnson
ViRginia johnson
j. Randall jones
Kathleen jones
joYCe Fund
noRMa KaFeR
jaYne KalK
RoY Kaplan
KaRl g. estes Foundation
daniel KatzenBeRgeR
MaRY ann Keenan
jaCqueline Kehle
joY KellMan
allison Kennan
Kenneth KennedY
WilliaM KennedY
judY Kent
austin KiplingeR
angela KiRWin
julia Knox- hudson
desiRee Kohan
jeFFReY Kohen
KaRen KohlBeRg
MaRjoRie KoldingeR
Ralph KoldingeR
ReBeCCa KooMen
oRin KRaMeR
glenda KRaVetz
leonaRd KuRz
jill laplante
leanne laChMan
jeRoMe laFFeRtY
MaRY laFleR
john laMB
john landon
ConstanCe lane
daVid lang
allene lapides
laseR and sKin suRgeRY
MediCal gRoup, inC.
aMaia lasKin
WilliaM leeBuRg
sallY shaRp lehMan
gail leis
KiMBeRlY leVesque
aMY leVin
MaRY leWis
MiChelle liM
joe logan
loVing & CoMpanY
BettY White ludden
ChRista lYons
douglas MaCdonald
jo MaRgaRet MainoR
KeVin Malone
Ralph ManaKeR
MaRia Foundation
anthonY MaRlon
toni MaRshall
jaMes Mattison
paMela Mazzoline
gaRY MCColluM
julie MCConnell
eileen MCCoRMiCK
janet MCdaVid
MindY MCentiRe
RYan MCnallY
toni MCnaRon
heatheR MCaleeR
patRiCK MCdonnell
susan MCgReeVY
phYllis MeeK
Kenneth MeneaR
the janis and alan
MenKen Foundation
RiChaRd Menzel
MiCRosoFt MatChing giFts
edWaRd MilleR
paMela MilleR
MaRY MooRe
suMMeR MooRe
MaRjoRie MoRRis
gReg MoRtenson
sandRa Moss
thoMas MuChisKY
MiChael Mundt
Beth MuRphY
ConstanCe MuRRaY
lois MusoKe
Chantelle Mussell
national geogRaphiC
netWoRK FoR good
the Ronald neWBuRg
KathRYn neWell
KieRsten nieuWejaaR
jeannie noRdstRoM
linda noRdstRoM
alan noRMan
MaRY noRMan
anne o’heRRon
nanCY ogden
WilliaM oliVeR
elizaBeth oRR
senti oRRY
jiM ounsWoRth
lauRenCe paCKeR
laVonne painteR
MaRY ann paRKeR
MiChelle paRRish
paRtiCipant Foundation
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
paMela peaRson
dee ann pedeRson
nanCY & john penson
toM peRKins
aMY peRlin
ChRistine peRRY
Rodd peRRY
geoFFReY peteRs
lauRa peteRson
luCie phillips
BenjaMin pieRCe
alBeRt pipKe
sue pohanKa
joanna politis
gil poMeRanz
stephanie pope
shelleY poWsneR
jeRilYn pResCott
john pRiCe
FRanK pRiznaR
daVid quinneY
nathan RaFFeRtY
douglas Rastello
MaRK Reed
CaRl RiCKeRtsen
jaMes Riepe
MaRY RinehaRt
RiChaRd RoBB
leonaRd RoBeRts
C. RoBinson
Katie RoBinson
MaRius RoBinson
RaY RodneY
sheila RoeBuCK
RiChaRd RogeRs
daniel RoManoW
elena Ronquillo
ConstanCe RooseVelt
elaine RosenFeld
noel RoWe
julie RoY
RoYal BanK oF Canada
Colleen Rush
CatheRine RYan
sadleR Consulting
saint paul puBliC sChools
allen & MaRY anne
natalie sandleR
niMish sanghRajKa
steVen saRnoFF
saVe the RedWoods
steVen sChanKWeileR
andRea sChaRFF
MiChael sChaRFF
sChiMMelsMith, llC
geoRge sChKudoR
diana sChMidt
judith sChultz
Kenneth sCopp
helen sCott
ChRis seaVeR
jaMes seKeRaK
MiChael sellon
daniel shapiRo
shaWnee state uniVeRsitY
deVelopMent Foundation
BoB shaY
jill sheinBeRg
gilBeRt shelton
Bill shieBleR
niCholas shiKuMa
MaRY shoCKeY
siliCon ValleY CoMMunitY
john silVeR
FRanCie silVeRMan
ellin siMMons
elizaBeth siMon
paul siMonds
shelleY sKinneR
sloat higgins jensen
& assoCiates
KeVin slotten
jeanne sole
south daKota sChool oF
& teChnologY Foundation
daVid spagat
jill spitz
st. CleMent sChool
nanCY stegens
aMY stephan
steRling loRd liteRistiC,
anne steRn
delphine steVens
stiFel niCholas
sunBuRst Consulting
susan suWinsKi
sutteR health
sieRRa Region
paula sWaneR- MCCReaRY
WilliaM sWeetnaM
MiChael sWiMMeR
denise szCzuCKi
linda taBoR- BeCK
ChaRlot taYloR
CindY taYloR- lisenBY
tCF national BanK
joYCe teel
MaRVin tenBeRg
tenet healthCaRe
eMploYee giVing
holli thoMpson
tides Foundation
RuBY tilleY
iRene tRautMan
haRRY tRueheaRt
daVid tYRone
united WaY oF
neW YoRK CitY
ChaRles Van aRsdale
paul Van MunChing
BeCKY VillaFuente
donna WainWRight
john WaRnoCK
alex Weiss
jeReMY WenoKuR
KaRen West
MaRK Whalen
saRah WhitaKeR
taVoR White
Whole Foods MaRKet
MiChael WilKie
edMund WilKinson
KaRen Wilson
lisa WiRthlin
MaRgi WolFe
BRuCe WonnaCott
MiChael Wood
aliCe Woodside
Claudia WoolneR
BettY WRightson
jiM Yost
lauRie Young
Rosalie zalis
RoBeRt zieBaRth
susan ziMMeRMan
jGi memBers
$500 – $999
sCott aBeel
susan adaMs
Melissa adde
neil aFRoMsKY
aFteR sChool
all-staRs, l.a.
daVid B. allegoRen
elizaBeth allen
aMeRipRise FinanCial
aMgen Foundation
MatChing giFts pRogRaM
gWen appleYaRd
BaRBaRa aRuM
RogeR and janet atKinson
FeRnando Baeta
MohaMed BaKheit
geoRge BaRR
patRiCia BeCK
WilliaM BeeCh
neil BelstoCK
BaRBaRa BeRMan
douglas BindeR
MaRjoRie BlaChlY
helen BlaCKeBY
alexandeRa BlaiR
lauRa BlaloCK
stephen BloCK
joel BoYlan
aMY BRandon
teRRY BRennan
RoBeRta BRittinghaM
jaMes Bull
aliCe BullaRd
MaRgaRet BuMgaRneR
saRa BuRns
peggY BusheY
iRene Callahan
patRiCia Callahan
gillian CaRlsen
FRanK CaRteR
nanCY ChaMBeRlin
RoBeRta Chase
Caitlin Chazen
deBRa CheRoFsKY
eRiCa CheVeRton
Malinda ChouinaRd
KeVin ChRistensen
CitigRoup Foundation
CitY oF seattle
CleaR CReeK dental, llC
MaRY CleMesha
john CoaKleY
MaRY Coggeshall
CheRida Collins sMith
aRt ColYeR
peg ConWaY
FRanCes CooK
eRnest CopleY
CaRla CoRWin
jeanne CoRYell
Ross Cotton
adele CRaWFoRd
CReatiVe teChnologY
noRth aMeRiCa, inC.
haRRiett CRosBY
nanCY d’antonio
dallas zoologiCal
heidi dalton
shiRlee dauBe
WilliaM daVis
suzanne daY
linda dennis
lisa deoRnellas
helen desai
niMish desai
judith deVeReux
peg digiaMMaRino
joanne dieFenBaCh
KeVin dRessel
FRed dRessleR
diana dReVeR
KaY dReY
elizaBeth dRisKill
geRhaRd duBois
CaMille dull
CoRal dYason
phYllis dYe tuRneR
toni eaRnshaW
aMY edMondson
jaMes edWaRds
MaRgaRet egleR
MaRY ehRMann
staCY ellis
susie ellis
aRline epstein
elizaBeth eRiCson
FaiRField CountY
Foundation, inC.
saRa Fand
CatheRine FaRquhaR
john FaRRell
eMilY FaulKneR
BaRBaRa FeldMan
leah Felt
Bonnie FeRnandez
geRtRude FFolliott
FidelitY ChaRitaBle
giFt Fund
WaltRaud FinCh
jenniFeR FleCK KaKeRt
elizaBeth FleMing
jeFFReY FloCKen
BReanna Fogg
elizaBeth FoRBes
allen Fosse
linnY FoWleR
FoxBoRough Regional
ChaRteR sChool
MaRie FRaseR
MiChael FReedMan
MauRa FuChs
BlaiR FulleR
teRi gaBRielsen
angela gaBusi
loRi galpeRin
todd gaMBill
ute gannett
FRiends sChool
YVette geRRans
MattheW geRRaRd
eMilY giBson
goRdon s. giBson
jaMes gillilan
gloBal iMpaCt
todd goeRgen
RiChaRd gold
paula goldMan
elizaBeth goldsMith
the alFRed and
ann goldstein
Foundation, inC.
BoBBY goRMus
FRanK goss
BaRRett gReen
jiMMY gReene
linda gReene
jule gRiFFin
Kenneth gRos- louis
steVen guMins
gReta haag
MiChael haCKeR
FRedeRiCK haFFneR
BeatRiCe hahn
Colleen hahn
RoBeRt haines
lillian hall
hallMaRK CoRpoRate
saMuel hangeR
jodY hanson
daVid haRdeR
ChRistopheR haRMan
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
Claudia haRMon
CaRY haRt
anton haunstRup
aMY haVeRland
shiRleYann haVeson
RoBeRt haYes
susan heineMan
anne hendRiKs
john heRnandez
donald heRtzMaRK
heWlett paCKaRd
nanCY hoeCKeR
joRdan hoFeR
hoWaRd hoFFen
saRah hoFFMan
the Ross n. hoFFMan &
d. CRaWFoRd ChaRitaBle
giVing Fund
geRhaRt hoFFMeisteR
Bonnie hohnstein
CaRolYn holMes
iVan hoM
daniel hone
jon honsingeR
Mandana hoRMozi
MaRgaRet hough
alan housholdeR
hp CoMpanY Foundation
donita huddleston
Kathleen huMphReY
deBoRah hunteR
RiChaRd huRleY
saRah huRWitz
inteRnational pRiMate
pRoteCtion league
julie iRWin
MiChael jaFFe
linda jaMes
lisa jaWeR
steVen johnson
elizaBeth johnston
donna jones
Kenneth jones
judY judd
ann Kaplan
RoY Kaplan
jason KaY
lisa KaYseR- gRant
MaRiellen KeeFe
deBoRah KeeneR
joan KeRR
aManda KetteReR
geoRge KinKle
BRadY Knight
leslie Knuti
paMela KoCouReK
liz KohleR
ViKKi Kotil
daVid KRaMeR
adaM Kuenzel
jill KusBa
gaRY laiRMoRe
KaY lait
tRaCY laMBlin
susan lane
tiM lapage
neil lapidus
andRea lapsleY
CatheRine lathaM
ViVienne leeBosh
john leRCh
ViCtoRia leslie
MaRie j. lett
judith leVY
aRnold leWis
iRene leWis
janet leWis
daVid liCKeRMan
Rita lindeR
julianna lindseY
Connie lintz
RoBeRt litWaK
jean lootz
gina lYnCh
CRaig Madsen
MeeRa Manahan
BRian MaRgolis
shannon MaRnell
KaRen MaRRiott
jaCqueline MaRs
eMilY MaRshall
Bonnie MaRtin
eRVin MaRtin
Binell MaRtino
CheRie Mason
KathRYn MaYo- hudson
susan MCCaRthY
MCCoRMiCK inteRioRs
saRajane & sallY MCinnes
lisa MClane
elliott MedRiCh
FRanK MeisteR
ViRginia MetCalF
diane MeYeR siMon
geoRge MieRs
jeanne MilBRath
peggY MinCKleR
jenniFeR MinuK shnieR
dale MissiMeR
elisie MitChell
jan MontgoMeRY
Rise MoodY
the MoodY’s Foundation
MatChing giFts pRogRaM
ChRistine MooRe
deBoRah MoRan
joan MoRan
alan MoRgan
MoRgan stanleY
Meta MoRRison
Monte MoRton
Mo’s nose, llC
niColine MousKondis
RoBeRt MulleR
janiCe MYles
Bill naiditCh
leslie neale
RaYMond nellis
thea nelson
CaRol neustadteR
oliVia neWton-john
susan niCholas
sheila niCKlas
ViCKY nizRi
deBBie noBle
jeanne and BRuCe
ellen nusBlatt
john o’Connell
paul oneil
suzzanne ogBoin
YoKo oKazaKi
RoChelle ondell
susan oRB
oRganiC Bouquet
oliVia oRR
heatheR oRtiz
nathaniel oWings
oxFoRd analYtiCa, ltd.
elizaBeth palMeR
stephanie pappas
FRed paRhaM
KiRsten paRKeR
patRiCia patteRson
RoBin patton
MiChelle a. peaCoCK
john peReiRa
peRFoRMiCs, inC.
CYnthia pett- dante
Regina phelps
steVe phillips
patRiCia pRiCe
jean and MaRshall pRuitt
FaMilY Fund
MaRY pulaK
allison Rahs
Melinda RaMM
patRiCe RatinoFF
susan ReiChel
lois ResniCK
johnathan RiChaRdson
RMs diReCt, inC.
aRthuR RoBBins
lauRa RoBinson
hoWaRd RoFFMan
BaRBaRa Rohde
BRuCe Rohde
janiCe RuBel
BRuCe RuBin
KaRen RuppeRt
lauRie saloMon
MaRK sandeRs
tedd saundeRs
ChRisten sChaFFeR
RoBeRt sChatz
CaRol sChendel
ChRis sChoeneMan
joan sChoenFeld
MaRian sChRaVesande
jaMes sChWaB
jila seRaj
joel shaRp
deBoRah shea
lesli sheehY
loRRie sheets
VelMa shepheRd
susan sheRMan
julie siMons
patRiCia siMpson
edWin sisson
june slaughteR
ann sMith
BRian sMith
ChaRlene sMith
pat sMith
Randal snYdeR
laWRenCe soloMon
MiChael spiCeR
MaRia spinelli- geoRgatos
VinCent spoto
eileen spRing
BeRnaRd st. CRoix
susan steiF
MaRgot steinBeRg
sheila stinson
MeRedith stoddaRd
jaMes stolz
daniel stone
students going to
MaRion stRaCK
linda stRaleY
CaRole stRaughn
suR pRopeRties, llC
Weona sutton
jane sWotes
sue taRR
gRetChen tatsCh
MaRgaRetta taYloR
paMela taYloR
ChRistopheR thoMas
ChRistopheR thoMpson
ChRistY thoRns
ViRginia toRRanCe
jessiCa toVRoV
anne toWBes
ChRistopheR toWeR
MaRY tRaChsel
FRedeRiCK & shelleY tReYz
john tuRnidge
united WaY CaliFoRnia
Capital Region
united WaY oF
united WaY speCial
distRiBution aCCount
Kate VanoFF
lee C. VaRian
seesKe VeRsluYs
eRiC VetteR
andRea Vignale
K. WaKeField
lYnn WalKeR
WhitneY WallaCe
louise WasheR
CathRYn Wasson
aMY WeChsleR
Wellpoint assoCiate
giVing CaMpaign
WestlaKe WoMen’s CluB
ValeRie White
CatRina WhitleY
laRRY WhitloW
helen WidiCK
Renee Wiggins
MaRK WilliaMs
paula WinChesteR
l. Wining
stephen WolF
deBoRah WolFMan
edWin Woods
nanCY Woods
lilY Yen
daRlene and john
heidi zaWeleVsKY
jGi memBers
$250 – $499
Rosalind aBeRnathY
haRRY aBRaMs
MiChelle aCquaRt
heda adaMs
MoReen addison
MohaMMad aKhtaR
geoFFReY alCoCK
eMilY alexandeR
shaBnaM aliBhai
elizaBeth allen
julia allen
linda allison
susan allison
edWaRd alpeRn
KatheRine altenedeR
andReW altMan
RolF altoRFeR
ChaRlene anChoR
CatheRine andeRson
FaYe angeVine
shaRlene annesleY
andReW ansaldi
gaRY aRMstRong
Yeda aRsCott
aRnold ashCRaFt
pennY ashWanden
MaRK aulMan
aVon pRoduCts, inC.
eVe axelRod
janet axelRod
BettY azaR
CheRYl BaCon
paul BaileY
nanCY BaKeR
john Balint
jenniFeR Ball
lee Ballen
joan BanCRoFt
BanK oF aMeRiCa united
WaY CaMpaign
jiM & anne BanKs
ReBeCCa BaRChas
BaRBaRa BaRnes
RoBeRt BaRon
joseph BaRone
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
anna BaRRett
eileen BaRRY
gRegoRY BaRtha
doRothY BaRzizza
susan Bassion
ChRistine Bates
donald BaueR
MaRY helen BauM
lillian and anthonY BaY
FaMilY ChaRitY
ted BaYeR
MilliCent BeCK
anne BeCKeR
doRis BeCKeR
MaRsha BeCKeR
MaRgie BeCKeR- leWin
elizaBeth BeCKeR-WaRne
julie Bedell
ellen BeeK
alexandRa Beggs
susan BelanY
KelseY Belden
Claudia Benitez
tiM Bennett
RiChaRd BeRMan
ViRginia BeRtRando
joY BiedeRMann
shaRon BlaCKBuRn
doRothY BlaiR
WalteR Blinn
lauRen BloCK
dian BluM
BMW oF noRth
aMeRiCa, llC
elspeth BoBBs
MiChael BoBRYK
jeannie BoettiCheR
BaRBaRa BogaRt
edWaRd BollingeR
KeVin BoRd
Kathleen BoRdisso
CaRolYne Bosque
BeRniCe BostiC
the Boston Consulting
gRoup, inC.
eRiKa Bouguignon
CYnthia BoWen
gaRY BoWeRsox
jennY BoWMan
sean BoYeR
RoBeRt BoYle
diane BRaBant
ChaRles BRaCKett
shaWn BRagdon
CaRolYn BRahaneY
CathY BRanCazio
Rose BRaVata
suzanne BRaVendeR
KRisten BReCK
dale BReidenthal
hilda BRennand
BoRis BReVnoV
geoFFReY BRisBin
MiChael BRiselli
jane BRistoW
doRothY BRoCKhoFF
Fiona BRodeRiCK
ReBeCCa BRooKhaRt
alison BRoWn
dan BRoWn
don BRoWn
elizaBeth BRoWn
thoMas BRoWn
pRisCilla BRoWning
anne BRYant
CheRi BRYant
KRistine BuCKleY
Renee BudaK
MaRalYn BudKe
CaRYn BunshaFt
shaRon BuRKe
BRuCe BuRness
louis BuRon
daVid Bushnell
odette CadaRt- RiCaRd
gRaCe Caines
BeVeRlY CaldWell
eleanoR CaldWell
anita CaleRo
MaRgRet CalKins
CatheRine Callaghan
KellY Callen
MaRY CaloMiRis
noRa CaMeRon
RoBeRt CaMpBell
daVid Capes
CandaCe Caplin
jeFFReY CapsheW
janet CaRnall
geoRge CaRneal
sYBil CaRoF
linda CaRRoll
Clint CaRteR
susan CaRteR
dianne CaRtWRight
sue CaseY
angela Casteel
janet CeliCK
deBoRah CeRnausKas
CYnthia ChalMeRs
deBoRah ChapMan
jennie ChaRtoFF
anna Chen
Chin- hao Chen
KaRla Chianello
anne Childs
MaRK Chong
diana ChuBBiC
lauRa ChunosoFF
BettY ChuRChill
john ClaRK
jo ClessleR
RoBeRt CleVengeR
CandiCe Clough
nanCY Cohen
teResa Cohen
patRiCia ColBuRn
MiChael Cole
paul Cole
FloRa Collins
KaRen CoMMins
BRian ConWaY
KathRYn ConWaY
denise Coogan
helen CooluRis
MaRtin Copeland
daVid CoRsini
doRothY Counts
MiChael CouRlandeR
jaMes CoWaRd
Ruth Cox
paM CRane
BettY CRattY
anna CRaWFoRd
MaRCY CRede- Booth
janis CResCi
KathY CRespino
paMela CRossleY
KaRRen CRouCh
nanCY CunninghaM
philana CunninghaM
juliana CYMan
adeline j. daMonVille
eileen daniels
RoBeRta danKo
BeVeRlY dann
MaRia dao
eVe daVies
h. daVis
Beth l. “daRYl” daVis
ChaRitaBle Foundation
KaRen daVis
Mia daVis
lYnn daY
alBeRt de aRBRe
andRea de heRas
Kathleen de Metz
paMela deMooR
jill dean
lauRa deane
nanCY delaRBRe
petRa delli paoli
nanCY denton
donald W. depoto
steVe deRCole
alBeRt desiMone
jean- louis dessalles
louise deVine
BaRBaRa diFeBo
joseph diRiCo
juan-Vidal diaz
elias diCKeRMan
jaMes dingilian
MaRge dioRio
iRis diRCKs lanCe
nanCY dix
joan doBBs
judith dolan
CRistina doMinguez
paul donohue
CaRoljoan donoVan
peteR doRFMan
liz doRia
isaBel doRseY
panna doshi
ann douglas
duane doWell
KathY doYle
neil dRaKe
jaCK dRuCKeR
RiChaRd duBe
elYse duFFY
loRRaine dugan
Maud duKe
Woodson dunCan
joseph dunigan
daVid duWell
sandRa eaKin
Billie eBY
WilliaM edison
KennY eldRidge
ChRis elFoRd
ChaRles ellenBRooK
gail ellis
Connie elsBeRg
saM eMManuel
enCana CaRes (usa)
MaRCus engelMan
deanna enslin
jane eppinga
KRis eRdall
sYlVia eRhaRt
aline euleR
aMY eVans
anne h. eVans
diane eVans
dianne eVans
FRedda eVans
linda eVans
louise eWing
stephen FaBeR
BlaKe FaCente
elizaBeth FaiRCloth
doRothY FaiRWeatheR
ChRis FalK
Bonnie Fallen
patRiCia Fallon
the hunteR FaMilY
BRooKe FanCheR
MaRlene FedeR
aliCe Felix
pauline FellMan
aBBott Fenn
aeRoniCa FeRguson
anne FiCKe
staCia FinCh
susan d. FinneY
CaRol FisheR
goRdon FisK
FitzhenRY & Whiteside
MollY Flanagan
susan FleitMan
geRi FloundeRs
tonia FloYd
Rosalee FogaRtY
geoRgina FoResteR
dale FoRReY
ellen FoRWalK
alYCe FosteR
Renee FosteR
anna- MaRia Fouad
ClaiRe Fox
WilliaM FoYe
jenniFeR FRanCe
jiM FRanCis
ChRistine FRanKlin
leslie FRazieR
RoBeRt FRenCh
theResa FRiCe
KaRen FRiedel
CaRl FRiese
CaRole FRitz
MiChael FRoY
aliCia FuKunaga
BeRnaRd FulghaM
RiChaRd FulhaM
CRaig FulleR
MaRY galloW
dennis ganz
nanCY gaRRuBa
MaRgo gaRton
aneita gates
ChandRa gates
MaRgaRet gates
CaRole gathMan
ann gaYeR
gaYe geoRges
RoBeRt geRloFF
henRY geRstenBlitt
gaYe geVitz- geoRges
elizaBeth ghest
tina giannola
elsa giBson
goRdon giBson
nanCY gilBeRt
MaRYellYn gilFeatheR
MaRK gillono
eVan ginigeR
MiChael giRaRdi
MaRia giVelBeR
lisa gluCK
alexandRa godBe
CaRlYn goettsCh
joseph gold
aMY goldBeRgeR
FloRenCe goldBY
anne goldMann
ChaRles goldsMith jR.
diane gonzalez
MildRed goRdon
joYCe goRMan
MeRedith goRsuCh-
KiMBall gottsChall
gRaCe gottWald
RoBeRta gould
loRi gRaCe
KaRl gRaggeR
steVe gRahaM
Ronda gRaVes
CYnthia gRaY
louise gReen
RoBeRt gReen
ChRistie gReene
lYnne & gaRY gReene
daniel gReenleaF
stephanY gRiggeRs
jaCquline gRindRod
KathaRine gRoss
joanna gRossMan
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
MaRY ann guggenheiM
MaRCie guidRY
geRalYn gulseth
KaRen guRMan
john gustaFson
jaMes gutMan
jolie guY
BaRBaRa haines
MaRK haKoMaKi
CandaCe hall
MaRgie hall
MaRgRit hall
eRiCKa haMBuRg
lee haMilton
haRold handleR
BRuCe hansen
nellie hansen
helene haRding
RoMaYne haRdY
BettY haRtsig
RogeR haRtWell
suzY hasKins
Maddie haYes
heaRtMan insuRanCe
loRRaine heideCKeR
geoRge & eMilY hein
CheRYl heineCKe
loRa heinY
haRVeY helleR
doRothY hendeRson
MaRgaRet hendeRson
ValeRie hendeRson
doRis hendRiCKs
eRnest hendRiCKson
WilliaM hendRiCKson
elise hensleY
ViRginia heRnandez
geRdiKa hesChe- elBeRFeld
elizaBeth hiCKeY
john higgins
high plain eleMentaRY
Bill hilBRandt
alison hildReth
CYndY hill
jeFF hines
WhitneY hines
jeanne hiRsChBeRg
Kenneth hittel
CaRole hoeFs
gaRY hoFFMan
lisa hoFFMan
MattheW hoFFMan
louis holCoMB
gRaCe holden
RoBin hollenBeRg
deBoRah hollM
ViRginia holMes
john hoogenaKKeR
hanKe hoogeRWeRF
jaCK hooK
stephanie hoRChRedeR
gaRY hostetleR
BRenda hott
FRed houChens
MalColM hoWaRd
RoBeRt hoWaRd
adele hoWe
saRah hRdY
lYnn huBeR
aBigail huFF
sheila huFFMan
gRahaM hughes
jenniFeR hughes
Milton hughes
Melodie hunniCutt
leonoRa huRst
MeRlin husseY
MiMi iKle- Khalsa
gaY inFanti
janiCe iRVine
ann iVeRsen
paula iVeY henRY
R. jaCKRel
daVid jaCKson
elizaBeth an jaCKson
jaMes jaCKson
KathY jaCKson
Behnaz jalali
RaY jantz
ChaRles jaRis
john jaRMan
BRandY jenKins
doRothY jenneY
gRegoRY jennings
jennings Capital, inC.
KathRYn jensen
paMela jensen
heidi jeRzeMBeCK
FaRRoKh jhaBVala
peR johansson
shelleY john
alta johnsen
doRsett johnson
haRold johnson
leigh johnson
Mateel johnson
elizaBeth jones
Majda jones
nanCY jones
CYnthia joRgensen
linda joVanoViCh
eMilY Kahn
CindY KanzleiteR
joRdan Kaplan
RoY Kaplan
Connie Kapp
niCholas Kappa
elYssa Kates
MoniReh KazeMzadeh
hope Keating
M. Keating
BRad KeiFFeR
ed KelleR
alYxandRia Kellington
BRuCe KellY
jon KellY
paul KellY
CaRol KeRBel
john KeRn
Rod KilMeR
MeRedith KindsChi
jeannie KingsFoRd
nanCY Kinnunen
elise KiRBan
patRiCK KiseR
ViRginia KissKa
Megan Klopp
Clio KnoWles
FRed KoeRMeR
saul Kohn
patti KRoen
liza KRoese
gRegoRY Kulon
la Casa de MaRia
iMMaCulate heaRt
teRRi laChanCe
laKe aRea zoologiCal
jenniFeR laMBdin
MaRilYn laMpaRd
MaRCia lane
susie lanieR
Manhout lau
C. lauB
RoBin lauRenCe
BeVeRlY laW
suzanne laWloR
saM lazaRaKis
sYlVie le BlanCq
leslie leBeau
saRah leahY
sheila leatheRMan
aManda leaVitt
susan leBal
MiChelle lee
BettY leguM
sCott leMons
BRent leonaRd
CaRole leonaRd
Ruth leth
eRiC lethe
CathY letts
BaRBaRa leWis
gaRY leWis
steVe liBenstein
paM liBYs
peteR liMBuRg
RoBin liMp
jeRi lindeR
ClaRiCe lindneR
gennelle linVille
lion CountRY saFaRi, inC.
diana lodzinsKi
elizaBeth logan
Katie long
jana loRing
KatheRine loVe
MaRY- hoe loVe
saRah loVe
lauRa luBin
MaRilYn luCas
ann luesing
joan MaCallisteR
laWRenCe MaChtingeR
susan Maggs
BRenda Magoon
shanna MaiR
joseph MajKa
julie Malsin
WilliaM Mandel
MiChael Manning
paMela MantoVani
daVid MaRans
ValeRie MaRini
daVid MaRquez
doRtha MaRquis
anthonY MaRtignetti
hugh MaRtin
Renie MaRtin
taMMY MaRtin
lauRa MaRtinez
atsushi MatsuBaRa
jaMes MattheWs
alixe MattinglY
doRis MattKe
jean Matusz
steVe Maxson
nanCY MaYnaRd
CaRl MCgill
MaRtha MC leod
august MCCaRthY
john MCConnell
lee MCdaVid
jaCqueline MCdaVitt
haMilton MCdeRMott
nellie MCKaY
iRene MCginnis
the MCgRaW hill
shiRleY MCgReal
MaRianne MCnallen
MaRian MCpaRtland
MiChelle MeKus
MaRK MesCh
CatheRine Messina
patRiCia MeYeR
Melinda MiChael
daVid Middleton
MaRY MilleMaCi
BRigitte MilleR
lisa jenniFeR MilleR
MiKe Mills
FRanK MinaFo
BeRnie MinsK
elsie MitChell
jasna MitChell
edMund MizeRaK
MaRtin MoesKeR
RiChaRd Moon
daVid MooRe
jo MooRe
jo ann MooRe
thoMas MooRe
BaRBaRa F. MoRales
MaRtha MoRales
MaRgaRet MoReneY
paul MoRRis
ViRginia Mudd
MaRla MuelleR
MaRY Mulligan
gillian Mullins
nanCY Mullins
nanCY and MoniCa Munoz
diane MuRRaY
CindY MuRRell
paMela MYeRs
susan M. MYRiCK
noRa natoF
audReY needles
ConstanCe neel
the neW YoRK tiMes
CoMpanY Foundation
neWBuRY paRK high
FaCultY CluB
KRisti l. neWland
MaRtha neWlands
jodY neWMan
CaRolYn neWsoM
ann niCholson
anne niCol
MiChael o. niMKoFF
anna- Belle niMMo
leslie nixon
douChKa noRen
MaRY FRanCes noRMan
CaRoline nunan
eMilie nYBeRg
CheRon o’BRian
joan o’BRien
nelda o’neil
shannon o’RouRKe
KaRen o’shea
jessiCa oei
alFRed oliVi
honYa olson
on site ManageMent, inC.
naoKo ono
oRaCle CoRpoRation
MatChing giFts pRogRaM
joan ostheiMeR
Kenda ottingeR
edith oVeRlY
pauli oWens
KaRen oxRideR
BeVeRlY paCK
elizaBeth page
MiChael palandRi
janet paRente
peteR paRhaM
MiChael paRish
MiChael paRK
steVen paRK
sandRa paRshall
MaRia pataRo
CathRYn pateRson
KaRen pauleY
Ken paulin
RiChaRd paxMan
susan peaRCe
peaRson eduCation
louise peaRson
nanCY peCota
elizaBeth penField
Beth penn
linda peRRigoue
Keith peteRsen
diane peteRson
daVid petRo
paul peYseR
gail peYton
MiChele pezza
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
the pFizeR Foundation
MatChing giFt pRogRaM
goRdon philpott
RaYMond piCCiano
Chase piCKeRing
ChaRlotte pieRCe
john pieRCe
sheRRi poan
MiChael podeR
leslie poMeRantz
MalColM ponte
MitChell posK
elizaBeth postell
lisa potts
MalColM potts
geoRge poWell
MaRY jane poWell
the pRudential
MatChing giFts
CaRol pRush
KaRen pugh
helena pYCioR
sandRa RaBB
MiChele RaiMondi
edWaRd RaMpone
donna RasMussen
joeY RassoW- KantoR
john RatajKoWsKi
susan RaVensCRoFt
BRenda RaY
janet Read
ChaRlotte Reaigh
thoMas ReaVelY
judY ReCKeR
patRiCK Reddish
MiChael ReilleY
janneKe ResniCK
RoBeRt ResniK
jaMes ReYnolds
MaRtY Rhea
edWaRd RiCh
Randolph RiChaRdson
sandRa RiChenaKeR
tonia Rilea
daVid Riss
paMela RoBeRts
Ralph F. RoBeRtson
jaMie RoBRedo
daVid RoChesteR
MaRtha RoCK
aRdath Rodale
saBine RohR
ellen RolleR
KaYla RooK
sandRa RosenCRans
jean Ross
shaRon Ross
MatthheW RossMan
daniel Rous
helen RoWe- dRaKe
BetsY Rust-joCheR
angeliCa RuVaRaC
daiRne RYan
Yoa saChs
lauRen sallen
luRa salM
jaY sandRiCh
MaRilYn sato
FRanK sCaFani
saRa sChaCK
WaRRen sChaCteR
MaRVin sCheRl
WilliaM sChilling
BoB sChMidt
loRRY sChneideR
ellen sChoenFeld- BeCKs
thoMas sChoonMaKeR
sonY sChotland
gene sChRoedeR
nessie sChRoM
FaYe sChultz
diana sChuMaKeR
sChWaB Fund FoR
ChaRitaBle giVing
alan sChWaRtz
MaRla sChWaRtz
joan sChWeRdt
jane sCott
MaRgaRet sCott
taMaRa seal
iRene seaRs
ChRistina seKaeR
dixie sells
ChaRlotte sengel
Ruth seppala
Ben shaMah
CaRolYn shaW
elYnoRe sheppaRd
l. sheRRY
susan shetteRlY
lauRa shillaM
nanCY shinn
june silVa
lois siMons
julia siMpson
daReY siVeR
sunnY sjaaRda
eMilY sMith
goRdon sMith
joan sMith
MiChael sMith
niCholas sMith
patRiCia sMith
MaRgaRet sMith- BuRKe
jaCqueline sMYthe
haRold snYdeR
laRRY soll
elissa soMMeR
lauRa soRRell
south eugene high
student BodY
nanCY soulette
paula speeR
shaRon spiRopoulos
daVid steele
ChaRlie and
MeRRin stein
john steinBeRg
gaRY steinKohl
daVid steinMulleR
CathY stephenson
lee ann steVens
MaRilYn steVens
WalteR steVenson
WendY steWaRt
ChRistine stiCKleR
paMela stiles
joanna stingRaY
duna stRaChan
BaRBaRa stReeten
a. stRingeR
BaRBaRa stRuBle
Beth stuBBleField
susan studd
MaRgit suess
BoB sulliVan
l. suMMeRs
WilliaM supon
elizaBeth sWann
ReBeCCa sWiFt
alan sWotes
phYllis taBoR
KellY taKahashi
saYaKa taKei
l. tangoRRa
MaRina taRala
RoBeRt taYloR
thoMas tazza
john teMBeCK
ChRistine tennant
MiChelle thaMeR
MalliK thatipelli
allison thiBault
aMY thoMpson
jeRRY thoMpson
saRah thoMpson
CYnthia thoMpson-
the john p. thYsell
ChaRitaBle Fund
janet tideMann
deiRdRe toleR
lauRie tRaineR
haRRY tReaFtis
ViRginia tRepanieR
Connie tRitt
tiMothY tRoendle
liston tRuesdale
joCelYne tuFts
shaRon tuRBan
aMY tuRneR
peggY tuRneR
donna tWaRog
uBs — MatChing
giFt pRogRaM
FaRid ullah
united WaY, inC.
united WaY oF CentRal
neW MexiCo
united WaY oF CentRal
neW YoRK
united WaY oF the gReateR
Capital Region, inC.
united WaY oF neW YoRK
the uniVeRsitY oF aRizona
dona upson
u. s. BanCoRp
utah state eMploYees
ChaRitaBle Fund
KellY Van allen
MaRCelle Van heeRden
gloRia Van santen
Vanessa Van zeRR
ReBeCCa Vassallo
FRanK s. VieRRa
Rose VolBReCht
susan VolMeR
judY VolquaRdsen
BetsY Von FuRstenBeRg
jaRMila VRana
BRandee WagneR
sallYann WagoneR
jaMie WaineR
patRiCia WaingeR
BettY WalKeR
ChRistine W. WalteR
MaRjoRY WalteRs
lisa Wan
g. & e. Wanning
anita h WappleR
BeVeRlY WaRMington
lois WaRneR
KatheRin WaRRen
Roxanne WaRRen
paul Wason
KellY Wassell
daVid WatKins
tiMothY WatKins
nathan Watson
patRiCia WatteRs
paMela WeatheRBee
MaRiellen WeaVeR
suzanne WeBsteR
MaRY WeideMan
noelle WeidMan
Kenneth WeiKal
theoRdoRe Weill
linda WelCh
staCeY WellMan
gloRia Welsh
KaRina Wen
lYnn Westine
thoMas Wheadon
lesa Whetzel
CaRoline Whipple
CYnthia White
allan WhiteMan
elizaBeth Whitsett
KiM WideneR
WieneR/RiChteR FaMilY
KellY WilhelM
joan WilKes
elaine WilliaMs
R. WilliaMs
g. WilliaMson
shaWn WilliaMson
CRaig Wilson
nanCY Wilson
Kathleen Winnett
WendY Wisz
andRij WitiuK
iRVing WladaWsKY
MiKe WojCieChoWsKi
CYleste Wollett
BaRBaRa Wood
judith WoodManCY
jaMes WoodRuFF
BaRBaRa Woods
juanita Woods
MaRY WoodWaRd
linda WoodWoRth
janet WRight
W. W. noRton
& CoMpanY, inC.
RiChaRd YaCoWtiz
andRea Yang
MiChael Yannell
WilliaM YaVinsKY
deRon Young
don Young
MiChael YoungBlood
MaYa zaCaY
loRRaine zahnen
F. zaMBRotto
donald zanCanella
MiChael d. zatto
elizaBeth zazza
deBRa zell
sallie zeMlin- KisoR
gaRY zinn
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
jane GoodaLL’s
CirCLe of hope
The following individuals
have included the Jane
Goodall Institute in their
estate plans, ensuring that
we can continue to make a
difference for all living things
generations from now.
doRothY K. CinqueMani
RiCK & lauRen CoFFMan
MaRgaReta shaKeRdge
doRie CRanshaW
Mistique angel daVis
Ruth duCKWoRth
ChaRles duRhaM
janiCe gleason-sKoW
Bonnie lee hohnstein
geoRge & phYllis
heRB laFaiR
jaMes j. MaCaFee
& susan leFFeRts
R. leVin
Milo long
KaRen loVett
CaRol lusheaR
Connie lintz & john
Ms. ClaiRe ManBeR
CheRie Mason
toni MCnaRon
saM & sYlVia Messin
BRigitte pohle
anne poWell
MaRilYn pReusse
Keith Ross & Val hilde
diane MaRie sCott &
M. FloRenCe oliVeRio
donald & BaRBaRa seaVY
RoBeRt shaCht
BaRBaRa & daVid sheaR
Ms. MaRgRit speaR
pat Watson
leWellYn R. WinChell
Bequests and
estate Gifts
MiChael p. BuCKleY
ChRistopheR Canino
WilMa Chapin
geoRge d. CoRnell
CatheRine FaRquhaR
Ronald johnson
juliana KiCKeRt
Kenneth KeMpeR
CaRolYne MoRRis
MYRa sloanaKeR
VeRn toRongo
eVe e. VieRegge
hannah Wit
a loVing BodY
MiChael aisneR
aMeRiCan tents
tuMi eBoW ansa
aquaRiuM oF the paCiFiC
john and Val aRMstRong
autuMn hill oRChaRds
BaMBoo sK8
BenduRe CoMMuniCations
BinghaM MCCutChen llp
BMW Clean eneRgY
the Boston photogRaphY
MaRY BoWen
the BRaMBle paRK zoo
pieRCe and KeelY BRosnan
MaRY BueChneR
the hoWaRd g. BuFFett
KaRen CaRlson
CoRd CaRpenteR
ButCh CepleCha
CheVRon oVeRseas
Congo, ltd.
the Colonial theatRe
ChaRteR CoMMuniCations
ChiVas usa
stephen CoMaCK
Cs squaRed
justin d’angona
disneY VolunteaRs
jolene dodson
noRM dRoBnY
stuaRt dRoBnY
FoWleR pRinting
CYnthia Fox
the Fun CoMpanY
BY aWesoMe eVents
FRoM CRop to Cup
glee guM
gloBal Vision
google eaRth
google, inC.
susan gRadY
jonathan gRanoFF and the
gloBal seCuRitY institute
gReen Mountain CoFFee
judith gRoss
Renee guntheR
haiRajuKu salon
daRYl hannah
BettY haRRis
heal the BaY
BaRBaRa heRzog
hogan & haRtson llp
daVid s. holloWaY
hot MoM’s CluB los
iMages oF natuRe
jgi- netheRlands
joY hotChKiss
ed johnson
jaMes KnoWles
and the RogeR sMith
the laKota pRaiRie RanCh
& ResoRt
allene lapides
thoMas d. Mangelsen
eRiC MattheWs
late julY oRganiC snaCKs
geoRge MaCRiCostas
the Mission oF loVe
andY nelson
MiChael neugeBaueR
noRtheasteRn illinois
oFFiCe depot
MaRY lYnn oliVeR
oVeRWatCh geospatial
MaRY paRis
Beth penn
RandY puCKett
RustY puCKett
shannon puCKett
Red nation CeleBRation
Relan Bags
RoB RippBeRgeR
the Root/alMond
gaVin Rossdale
Run and gun pRoduCtion
CYRil Ruoso
daVid RYan
and Video laBs
santa MoniCa aquaRiuM
sChiM sChiMMel
sieRRa CluB
sKiRBall CultuRal CenteR
alexandeR MCCall sMith
ann sutheRland
FRed thoMpson
tRaCK and Running CluB
santa MoniCa
tRadeR joe’s
tRee people
unitY Foundation
uniVeRsitY southeRn
MiRiaM WesteRVelt
WilliaM WhatleY
Whole Foods MaRKet
Bill WoolaM
john and daRlene
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
who was
married to
jgi board
died in
august of
2008 after
a brave battle with cancer.
on frst meeting Beth, one
couldn’t help being struck
by her beautiful, warm smile,
which revealed a compassion-
ate and caring nature. she
was greatly admired for being
full of spirit, fearless and
passionate about improving
the lives of others. this desire
motivated her to join the peace
Corps and spend 2 years in
the former soviet republic of
Kazakhstan, where she taught
english and Financial Respon-
sibility & planning.
In Memory of Elizabeth Fair Wymbs-Macricostas
is remem-
bered as
a loyal
of animals.
it be
the squirrels in her backyard,
or adopting strays who needed
a home, Vern always found time
to help and care for animals.
in her youth, Vern showed an
interest in photography and
jewelry design, meeting new
people and hiking in the wilder-
ness. she eventually moved
out west to the Bay area
and worked for Bay area Rapid
transit in the maintenance
Vern grew quite spirited in
her later years. her connection
with animals grew even stronger,
and the animals in her life
seemed to share the bond.
in her retirement, she greatly
enjoyed watching animal planet,
tending her garden of succulents,
and spending quality time with
her two cats, noah and Max.
Vern died peacefully on october
30, 2007, after a long battle with
leukemia, and is greatly missed
by family and friends. she left
her estate to several animal
charities, one being the jane
goodall institute. Vern was very
proud of jgi’s work, and wanted
to ensure it could continue.
a tribute
In Memory of Vern Torongo
her work helped the local
people to improve their lives
by obtaining micro-credit loans
and building new livelihoods.
during her career Beth worked
in fnance and human resources
and also enjoyed the challenge
of being an entrepreneur. she
joined a handful of friends to
start up a successful company
in sacramento, California —
Raging Wire enterprises.
a strong supporter of the jane
goodall institute, Beth enjoyed
animals, the environment and
especially children, which led her
to join Roots & shoots activities
whenever she could.
throughout her life, Beth’s
wonderful sense of humor and
ability to connect easily with
people made her a pleasure
to be with. she is truly missed.
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
by Alyx Kellington
Why I’ve Included JGI in My Will
Bequest Language
General PurPose
I give, devise and bequeath to the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife
Research, Education and Conservation/USA (tax ID # 94-2474731),
a non-proft, charitable corporation organized under California law
and currently having offces at:

4245 n. Fairfax Drive, Suite 600 , arlington, Va 22203

% of the residuary of my estate, after all other specifc
provisions have been fulflled (or a specifc gift of $ ).
continGencY Gift
I give, devise and bequeath the residue of the property owned by me at my
death, real and personal, and wherever situate, to my (wife, husband, etc.)
NAME, if (he/she) survives me. If my (wife, husband, etc.) does not survive
me, I give, devise and bequeath my residuary estate to the Jane Goodall
Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation/USA
(tax ID #94-2474731), a non proft, charitable corporation organized
under California law and currently having offces at:
4245 n. Fairfax Drive, Suite 600, arlington, Va 22203
For any planned gift, please consult your own fnancial advisor.
For more information concerning your estate planning and JGI,
please contact cirwin@janegoodall.org
and detachment brought about
by a failure to understand cause
and efect. A positive goal,
education, support can change
an individual, a situation, policy,
and personal habits.
Let us educate the youth of the
world and empower them to make
constructive choices for a healthy
environment, for humans and
animals alike.
the inFluenCe oF eduCation and MentoRship is iMpoRtant
FoR eVeRY huMan Being and espeCiallY FoR Youth.
i’ve seen apathy
and detachment
brought about
by a failure
to understand
cause and effect.

alyx Kellington and friends.
have chosen the Jane Goodall
Institute as my benefciary
to assist the continuation
of Jane Goodall’s Roots &
Shoots program.
Roots & Shoots is based on
the belief that every individual
matters, every individual has a
role to play and every individual
makes a diference. Tis core idea
is at the root of Dr. Jane Goodall’s
philosophy. It is also at the root
of mine.
As a former news photographer
in Latin America, I’ve seen
the destruction and disorder
caused by violence. As a mentor
to probationary youth in the
United States, I’ve seen apathy
t h e j a n e g o o da l l i n s t i t u t e 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l R e p o R t
JGI-USA Boards and Staf
JGi-usa boarD of Directors
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall institute
Un messenger of Peace
Genevieve di San Faustino
Founding President
David Shear
David J. Miller
Vice chairman
Pogo Davis
Susan L. Sakmar
Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Katherine Berger
Helen Claire
Patty DeDominic
vivian Lowery Derryck
Addison Fischer
Fiona Dias
Eva Haller
Donald R. Kendall, Jr.
Allene Lapides
George Macricostas
Mary Lynn Oliver
Chase Pickering
Dr. James Roach
Shelby Jean Sloan
Connie Steensma
Ross Waddell
Billy Weisman
Jane GooDall’s international
aDvisorY council
Rick Barongi
Candice Bergen
Keely Shaye Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan
Joan Brown Campbell
Yvon Chouinard
Whoopi Goldberg
Jonathan Granoff
Angelina Jolie
Richard Leakey
Wangari Maathai
Thomas Mangelsen
Steven Rockefeller
John Simpson
Jeff Wald
E.O. Wilson
Paul Winter
James D. Wolfensohn
Richard Wrangham
Muhammad Yunus
JGi-usa senior manaGement
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall institute
Un messenger of Peace
Keith Brown
President and ceo, JGi-USa
executive Vice President, africa Programs
Mary Lewis
Vice President, outreach
assistant to Jane Goodall, PhD, Dbe
Mary Norman
Senior Vice President, Development
and communications
Rich Hays
George Strunden
Vice President, africa Programs
Alexandra Thornton
Vice President, Public Policy
Curiosity trumps appetite as a young gombe
chimp takes a break from feeding on fruit.
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how you can help: www.janegoodall.org/contribute
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©2010 the jane goodall i nsti tute
desi gn: Fuszi on
the Jane GooDall institute mission
Founded by renowned primatologist
and conservationist Jane Goodall,
the Jane Goodall Institute is a global
nonproft that empowers people to make
a diference for all living things. Our
work builds on Dr. Goodall’s scientifc
research and her humanitarian vision.
Specifcally, we seek to:
» improve global understanding and treatment
of great apes through research, public
education and advocacy
» contribute to the preservation of great apes
and their habitats by combining conservation
with education and promotion of sustainable
livelihoods in local communities
» create a worldwide network of young people
who have learned to care deeply for their
human community, for all animals and for the
environment, and who will take responsible
action on behalf of them
our core values
Tere are a number of core values
that inform everything we do:
» we strive to respect, nourish and protect
all living things; people, animals and the
environment are all interconnected
» we believe that knowledge leads to
understanding, and that understanding
will encourage us to take action
» we believe that every individual has
the ability to make a positive difference
» we believe that fexibility and open-
mindedness are essential to enable
us to respond to a changing world
» we require integrity and compassion
in all that we do and say
Photo creDits
CoVeR: Fernando turmo for jgi
taBle oF Contents: Fernando turmo
for jgi; jen Croft for jgi; Chase pickering
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1. david s. holloway
2. Mary paris for jgi
3. Fernando turmo for jgi
4. jgi; emily Wroblewski;
hugo van lawick
5. shadrack Kamenya for jgi;
anna Mosser for jgi
6. anna Mosser for jgi
7. Fernando turmo for jgi
8. Fernando turmo for jgi
9. jgi-uganda
10. jgi-Mano River Countries
11. nathan Martin for jgi
12. jacqueline Conciatore for jgi
13. jacqueline Conciatore for jgi
15. jen Croft for jgi
16. jen Croft for jgi
18. elin Karvonen
19. Roots & shoots-Chengdu, Chase
pickering; Roots & shoots-shanghai
20. Roots & shoots-qatar; jason schoch
for jgi; linda Martz
21. Michele Bot for jgi;
david Chase
22. deana newcomb
for jgi; david Chase
23. david Chase;
Michelle Bot for jgi
24. photo courtesy of
glamour Magazine
25. eddie arrosi
26. jgi
27. Michael neugebauer
29. Fernando turmo for jgi;
Michelle Bot for jgi
30. Rob sassor for jgi
31. jgi
32. Fernando turmo for jgi
33. Fernando turmo for jgi;
Rob sassor for jgi
34. Fernando turmo for jgi
35. Fernando turmo for jgi;
Martin Kuivenhoven
36. Fernando turmo for jgi
37. photo courtesy of george
Macricostas; photo courtesy
of gretchen e. Wettig, esq.
38. jgi
39. Rob sassor for jgi
We do not endorse handling or approaching wild chimpanzees. this report includes
images of humans holding chimpanzees, but these are orphaned chimpanzees who
rely on human care and live at a sanctuary.

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