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Lesson plan

Teacher: Elena Vasile

Date: May 23rd, 2012
Grade: 7th
No. of students: 19
School: Pntu Secondary School
Time of lesson: 50 minutes
Textbook: Snapshot
Title: Past simple and Past continuous tense final revision
Lesson aims/ objectives

To raise Ss awareness of the English language;

To use correctly grammar in different communicational situations;
To talk about past using Past simple tense and Past continuous tense;
To stimulate creativity;
To identify and compare linguistic aspects between English and Romanian.

Blackboard, laptop, power point presentations, worksheets, paper ball,
Skills involved: reading, speaking, listening and writing
Class management: individual work, pairwork

Activity 1 Warm-up
Aim: To create a pleasant atmosphere and to relax the Ss
To get Ss involved in the topic
1 Informal conversation, greetings
2 Check if there are students missing
3 Homework check
The teacher throws a paper ball to some Ss and asks them
the following :
What day is today?
What is the weather like today?
Whats your best friends name?
Tell me an English word starting with s / r /




2 min


3 min

Did you have a homework for today?

(the Ss had to revise the list of irregular verbs and the
regular verbs)
Playing the ball game again.
The T asks the Ss to tell the past tense forms of several


Activity 2 Lead in
Aim: to introduce the theme of the lesson
Procedure: T writes on the blackboard the sentences:
We visited our cousins last week.
She met Jack two years ago.
Then she asks the Ss to remember the use of the Simple
Use: we use the Simple Past to talk about completed
actions in the past.
T writes on the blackboard again:
We visited our cousins last week. They were waiting for
She met Jack two years ago at Sarahs party. He was
T asks the Ss : Can you identify the tense in the
The Ss recognize the Past Continuous tense.
What do we use it for?
Use: we use the Past Continuous tense to talk about actions
which were in progress at a particular moment in the past.
The actions can be:
interrupted when
happening at the same time whileor as I..

10 min


Activity 3 Practice
Aim: Consolidation
Procedure: T asks the Ss to have a look at the following
sentences and to complete them.
I was picking fresh vegetables when...................................
Elaine was still working on her project last night when..
.when a tiger escaped from its cage.
..while I was having a shower.
The power went off in my room when
when a policeman arrested a young man.
when I heard a loud voice.
Jessica was setting the table while


Activity 4 Practice
Aim: Consolidation
Procedure: T asks the Ss to look at the pictures. These
were happening yesterday at noon. The Ss have to make
sentences based on the pictures.

Activity 5 Reading comprehension

Aim: to practice reading
Procedure: The T asks the Ss to read the text below and
find the error in the sentences.
A strange experience
Last month I was on holiday in Ireland with my mum and
dad. One day, were driving through a small village. It was
time for lunch, so we stopped at a restaurant.
It was a large, old building. We looked through the
window. There were lots of people in the restaurant. They
were eating, drinking and chatting. A musician was playing
the violin. But there was something strange about the
people. They werent wearing normal, modern clothes.
They were wearing hats, jackets and dresses from another
century. We couldnt understand it. But we were hungry, so
we opened the door.
When we went into the restaurant, everything was
different. The people were wearing normal clothes. The
musician wasnt there the music was on CD. It was a
very strange experience.
What is wrong about these sentences? Can you give the
right answer?
1. Daniel was on holiday with his parents in Scotland.
2. One day they were driving through a small
mountain town.
3. They stopped at a restaurant to have dinner.
4. All the people in the restaurant were dancing.
5. There was a musician in the restaurant, too. He was
playing the piano.
6. When Daniel and his parents looked through the
window the people in the restaurant were wearing
normal clothes: jeans, shirts, suits.

15 min

The T asks the Ss to identify / underline the verbs in

the past simple and past continuous in the text.

Activity 6 Story maker

Aim: to practice listening
Procedure: T asks the Ss to pay close attention to what
they are going to hear. They have to make similar dialogues
using the Past simple and Past Continuous in other similar
situations as the one given.
Team A
Make a similar conversation using the cues below:

shop/ for clothes/ department store

2. wait to pay/ man steal my purse


15 min

3. security guard/ watch on video camera/ see

4. arrest the man/ leave the store
Team B
Make a similar conversation using the cues below:
1. walk/ in the park/my friend Julie
2. sit on a bench to have a rest/ a woman fall on the
3. a doctor/ run in the park/ see what happened
4. give the woman first aid/ an ambulance arrive/ take
the woman to the hospital

Activity 7 Giving homework and dismissing


2 min

thank you
for participating!