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Human Rights Quarterly


Volumes 1 - 18
Listed by Reviewers Last Name

Abdullahi An-Na'im, Human Rights and Governance in Africa (Ronald Cohen, Goran
Hyden and Winston P. Nagan eds., 1993) 17 HRQ 574 (1995)
ACLU, International Civil Liberties Report 16 HRQ 432 (1994)
Alston, Philip,
Human Rights and the United Nations: A Great Adventure, by John P.Humphrey 6 HRQ
224 (1984)
Human Rights: Australia in an International Context, by Peter Bailey 12 HRQ 433 (1990)
Barnum, David G., The Nazi-Skokie Conflict, by David Hamlin 3 HRQ 150 (1981)
Bedau, Hugo,
The Abolition of the Death Penalty in International Law, by William A. Schabas 16 HRQ
578 (1994)
On Human Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1993, Stephen Shute and Susan
Hurely, eds. 16 HRQ 000 (1994)3.
Agosin, Marjorie, Chileans in Exile: Private Struggles, Public Lives, by Diana Kay 10
HRQ 433 (1988)
The Realm of Rights, by Judith Jarvis Thomson 14 HRQ 540 (1992)
Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice, by Jack Donnelly 14 HRQ 142 (1992)
Berry, Mary F., Trial and Error: The Detroit School Segregation Case, by Eleanor P.
Wolfe 4 HRQ 531 (1982)
Black, Jan Knippers, Human Rights and American Foreign Policy, by Donald P.
Kommers and Gilburt D. Loescher 2 HRQ 82 (1980)
Blackwell, J. Kenneth, The U.N. Commission on Human Rights, by Howard Tolley, Jr.
14 HRQ 485 (1992)
Boyle, Kevin, The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law, by Nigel Rodley 11
HRQ 335 (1989)

Boyle, Kevin and Tom Hadden, Northern Ireland: The Choice 16 HRQ 591 (1994)
Burton, June K., De L'Idee d'Universalite Comme Fondatrice duConcept des Droits de
l'Homme d'apres lavie etl'Oeuvre de Rene Cassin, by Marc Agi 5 HRQ 539 (1983)
Carro, Jorge,
Against All Hope: The Prison Memoirs of ArmandoValladares, translated by Andrew
Huxley 14 HRQ 591 (1992)
The Politics of Psychiatry in Revolutionary Cuba, by Charles J. Brown and Armando M.
Lago 15 HRQ 779 (1993)
Carter, Marshall,
Enhancing Global Human Rights, by Jorge I. Dominguez, Nigel S. Rodley, Bryce Wood,
and Richard Falk 2 HRQ 81 (1981)
Human Rights in a One-Party State, by the InternationalCommission of Jurists 1 HRQ 99
The New Politics of Human Rights, by James Avery Joyce 1 HRQ 103 (1979)
The Rights of Man Today, by Louis Henkin 2 HRQ 92 (1980)
Cavalieri, Grace, The Middle Hour, by Kim Chi Ha 3 HRQ 140 (1981)
Chaskes, Eric, The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, by Israel Gutman, editor-in-chief 13
HRQ 143 (1991)
Christenson, Gordon A., The Grand Strategy of the United States in Latin America, by
Tom J. Farer11 HRQ 160 (1989)
Clark, Roger S., Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton 14 HRQ 653 (1992)
Claude, Richard P, The International Commission of Jurists, Global Advocates for
Human Rights, by Howard B. Tolley, Jr. 16 HRQ 576 (1994)
Claude, Richard Pierre, Human Rights and World Politics and International
Dimensions of Human Rights, by David P. Forsythe 5 HRQ 534 (1983)
Cohen, Roberta,
Evil Days: Thirty Years of War and Famine inEthiopia, by Alex de Waal 14 HRQ 660

Human Rights in Africa: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

Francis M. Deng, eds.15 HRQ 459 (1993)
Coonan, Terence S., Moral Opposition to Authoritarian Rule in Chile, 1973-90, by
Pamela Lowden 18 HRQ 000 (1996)
Coonan, Terence, Christianity and Economics in the Post Cold War Era: The Oxford
Declaration and Beyond (Herbert Schlossberg, Vinay Samuel, and Ronald J. Sider eds.)
and Writings for a Libertion Psychology, by Ignacio Martin-Baro 17 HRQ 403 (1995)
Deng, Francis M., Protecting the Dispossessed: A Challenge for the International
Community 16 HRQ 592 (1994)

Donnelly, Jack,
Human Rights: Essays on Justification and Applications, by Alan Gewirth 5 HRQ 376
Injustice, Inequality and Ethics: A Philosophical Introduction to Moral Problems, by
Robin Barrow 5 HRQ 220 (1983)
Law, Morality, and the Relations of States, by Terry Nardin 6 HRQ 381 (1984)
A Matter of Principle, by Ronald Dworkin 8 HRQ 341 (1986)
Drinan, Robert F., S.J., Information Freedom and Censorship, World Report 1991, by
Article 19 14 HRQ 573 (1992)
Ely Yamin, Alicia, El Sistema Interamericano: Un Manuel Para El Defensor de los
Derechos Humanosen Mexico 16 HRQ 593
Falgiano, C. Lisa and Kerstin LeMaire, A Review of Human RightsWatch
Publications 1991 14 HRQ 623 (1992)
Ferris, Elizabeth G., Beyond Borders: Refugees, Migrants and Human Rights in the
Post-Cold War Era 16 HRQ 228 (1994)
Fitzgerald, Ross, Victims of Politics: The State of Human Rights, by Kurt Glaser and
Stefan T. Possony 2 HRQ 83 (1980)
Fitzpatrick, Joan, Human Rights in Crisis: The International System for Protecting
Rights During States of Emergency 16 HRQ 591 (1994)

Fitzpatrick, Joan M. (see also Joan Hartman (former name), International Human
Rights, by Frank Newman and David Weissbrodt 13 HRQ 144 (1991)
Fitzpatrick, Nana, The Loves of Austyna 16 HRQ 592 (1994)
Forsythe, David P.,
Human Rights in the World Community: Issuesand Action, by Richard Pierre Claude and
Burns H. Weston, eds.12 HRQ 338 (1990)
Human Rights, the United States, and World Community, by Vernon Van Dyke14 HRQ
502 (1992)
International Cooperation for Social Justice, by A. Glenn Mower, Jr. 8 HRQ 540 (1986)
Frank, Lawrence P., Human Rights and the South African Legal Order, by John Dugard
2 HRQ 95 (1980)
Fraser, Paul W. and David Weissbrodt, Report of the Chilean National Commission on
Truth and Reconciliation, by the National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation
(Rettig Commission) 14 HRQ 601 (1992)
Fraser, Arvonne S., International Human Rights, by Frank Newman and David
Weissbrodt 14 HRQ 510 (1992)
Freeman, Michael, Genocide: Conceptual and Historical Dimensions, George J.
Andreopoulos, ed. 18 HRQ 240 (1996)
Friedman, Julian R.,
Human Rights and World Public Order, by Myres McDougal, Harold D. Lasswell, and
Lung-Chu Chen 4 HRQ 137 (1982)
The International Law of Human Rights, by Paul Sieghart 6 HRQ 133 (1984)
Fryer, Eugene D.,
International Committee of the Red Cross, by Georges Willemin and Roger Heacock 7
HRQ 566 (1985)
Rethinking Development: Modernization, Dependency and Postmodern Politics, by
David E. Apter 11 HRQ 167 (1989)
Studies and Essays on International Humanitarian Law and Red Cross Principles in
Honor of Jean Pictet, by Christophe Swinarski 8 HRQ 126 (1986)

Voluntary Hostages of the SS, by Drago Arsenijevic 7 HRQ 566 (1985)

Garcia, Cristina, Dreaming in Cuban: A Novel 16 HRQ 592 (1994)
Garcia-Amador, F.V., International Law of State Responsibility for Injuries to Aliens,
by Richard B. Lillich 6 HRQ 235 (1984)
Georgescu, Vlad, On Soviet Dissent, by Roy Medvedev 3 HRQ
149 (1981)
Gibney, Mark,
The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley and Malcolm X 14 HRQ 657 (1992)
The Law of Refugee Status, by James C. Hathaway 14 HRQ 145 (1992)
The New Asylum Seekers: Refugee Law in the 1980s, by David A. Martin, ed. 11 HRQ
476 (1989)
Gilbert, Geoff, Beyond Charity: InternationalCooperation and the Global Refugee Crisis,
by Gil Loescher 16 HRQ 000 (1994)
Glad, John, Religion in the Soviet Union, by Albert Boiter 3 HRQ 156 (1981)
Gomez, James, To Catch a Tartar: A Dissident in Lee Kuan Yew's Prison, by Francis T.
Seow 18 HRQ 507 (1996)
Green, James Frederick, Human Rights: Thirty Years After the Universal Human
Declaration, by B.G. Ramcharan, ed. 3 HRQ 147 (1981)
Griesgraber, Jo Marie, American Dream, American Nightmare, by Sandy Vogelgesang
3 HRQ 129 (1981)
Grisham, John, The Chamber 16 HRQ 000 (1994)
Gross, Bertram, Employment and Human Rights: The International Dimension, by
Richard Lewis Siegel, and Jobs for All: A Plan for the Revitalization of America, by
Sheila D. Collins, Helen Lachs Ginsburg, and Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, in
conjunction with Ward Morehouse, Leonard Rodberg, Sumner Rosen, and June Zaccone
16 HRQ 000 (1994)
Gunderson, Gil,
Human Dignity: The Internationalization of Human Rights, by Abdul Aziz Said, ed. 2
HRQ 97 (1980)

Human Rights and World Order, by Alice H. Henkin, ed.2 HRQ 97 (1980)
Hadden, Tom and Kevin Boyle, Northern Ireland: The Choice 16 HRQ 591 (1994)
Hannan, Tony, The Human Rights Reader, by Walter Laqueur and Barry Rubin, eds. 4
HRQ 522 (1982)
Hartman, Joan F., States of Emergency: Their Impact on Human Rights, by
International Commission of Jurists 6 HRQ 125 (1984)
Hazelton, William A., Northern Ireland: The Choice, by Kevin Boyle and Tom Hadden
18 HRQ 242 (1996)
Hicks, Peggy L., Human Rights in the People's Republic of Albania, by Minnesota
Lawyers International Human Rights Committee12 HRQ 434 (1990)
Higgens, Rosalyn, Problems and Process: International Law and How We Use It 16
HRQ 000 (1994)
Hope Lewis, Human Rights of Women: National and International Perspectives,
(Rebecca J. Cook, ed.); Reconceiving Reality: Women and International Law, (Dorinda
G. Dallmeyer, ed.) 17 HRQ 576 (1995)
Horne, Gerald, Power and Prejudice: The Politics and Diplomacy of Racial
Discrimination, by Paul Gordon Lauren 11 HRQ 331 (1989)
Howard, Rhoda E., Political Repression in 19th Century Europe, by Robert Justin
Goldstein 8 HRQ 549 (1986)
Human Rights Quarterly Staff,
Antislavery Reporter, Vol. 13, by The Antislavery Society for the Protection of Human
Rights 10 HRQ 566 (1988)
Crossing Borders: The Right to Leave a Country and The Right to Return, Dutch Human
Rights and Foreign Policy Advisory Committee 10 HRQ 138 (1988)
The Diplomacy of Human Rights, by David D. Newsom, ed. 9 HRQ 118 (1987)
Directory of Persecuted Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals, by American
Association for the Advancement of Science, Science and Human Rights Program 16
HRQ 228 (1994)
Draft Charter on Human and People's Rights in the Arab World, by International Institute
of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences 10 HRQ 560 (1988)

European Convention on Human Rights: Collected Texts 10 HRQ 562 (1988)

Human Rights and Europe, by Ralph Beddord 16 HRQ 591 (1994)
Human Rights and Foreign Policy: The Role of Government in 1985 and 1986, by the
American Association for the International Commission of Jurists 10 HRQ 567 (1988)
Human Rights from Rhetoric to Reality, by Tom Campbell, et al. eds. 9 HRQ 120 (1987)
Human Rights in Ecuador, by Americas Watch 11 HRQ 336 (1989)
Human Rights Reports, by Berth Verstappen 10 HRQ 561 (1988)
Iraq-Occupied Kuwait: The Health Care Situation, by Physicians for Human Rights
(Denmark and USA) 13 HRQ 431 (1991)
Labor Rights in El Salvador, by Americas Watch 11 HRQ 338 (1989)
Laws, Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, by Jacob Sundberg, ed. 9
HRQ 113 (1987)
Liberia: Recent Developments and United States Foreign Policy, 99th Congress 9 HRQ
116 (1987)
Maximizing Deniability: The Justice System and HumanRights in Guatemala, by the
International Human Rights Law Group 12 HRQ 180 (1990)
Micronesia: The Problems of Palau, by the Minority Rights Group 10 HRQ 565 (1988)
Ministry of the Dispossessed, by Pat Hoffman11 HRQ 171-172 The Open Secret: Torture
and the Medical Profession in Chile, by the American Academy for the Advancement of
Science Committee on Scientific Freedom Responsibility 10 HRQ 562 (1988)
Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Haiti, Organization of American States 13
HRQ 150 (1991)
Red Carnations: A Report on the March 1989 Soviet Elections, by International Human
Rights Law Group 12 HRQ 182 (1990)
Report on the Chilean Electoral Process, by Robert Denersrein, Karen Penn, Carlos
Vasquez, and Edward Weidenfeld 10 HRQ 567 (1988)
Seminar on: Independence of Judges and Lawyers, by the Nepal Law Society 10 HRQ
563 (1988)

Tunisia: Human Rights Crisis of 1987, by the Minnesota Lawyers International Human
Rights Committee10 HRQ 564 (1988)
The War Against Children: South Africa's Youngest Victims, by The Lawyers
Committee for Human Rights 9 HRQ 119 (1987)
Women in the Front Line: Human Rights Violations AgainstWomen, by Amnesty
International 13 HRQ 432 (1991)
The Year of the Lie: Censorship and Disinformation in the People's Republic of China
1989, by Article 19 12 HRQ 179 (1990)
Zimbabwe: Wages of War, by The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights 9 HRQ 115
International Human Rights law Group, U.S. Ratification of the International Convention
on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 16 HRQ 000 (1994)
Janis, Mark W., The Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of the Rights of Man
and Citizen and the Bill of Rights 14 HRQ 478 (1992)
Jubinsky, Grace, Human Rights and the Global Mission of the Church, by Arthur S.
Dyke 9 HRQ 443 (1987)
Juviler, Peter, Perestroika: An Inquiry into Its Historical,Ideological and Intellectual
Roots 14 HRQ 282 (1992)
Kaminski, Bartlomiej, Prologue to Gdansk, by Polish Helsinki Watch Committee 4
HRQ 527 (1982)
Kent, Edward, The Demands of Justice, by James P. Sterba 3 HRQ 149 (1981)
Kohl, Marvin, Rights, by David Lyons 2 HRQ 99 (1980)
Kramer, Daniel C., World Minorities, 2 vols., by Georgina Ashworth, ed. 2 HRQ 87
Kuper, Adam, The Chosen Primate: Human Nature and Cultural Diversity 16 HRQ 000
Lasok, Dominic, European Protection of Human Rights, by Laurids Mikaelsen 4 HRQ
531 (1982)
Lauerman, Nora J., Discrimination and the Law in Canada, by Walter S. Tarnopolsky 5
HRQ 223 (1983)

LeMaire, Kerstin and C. Lisa Falgiano, A Review of Human Rights Watch

Publications 1991 14 HRQ 623 (1992)
Lockwood, Bert B., Jr.,
International Human Rights Instruments, by Richard B. Lillich 5 HRQ 545 (1983)
Witnesses from the Grave, by Christopher Joyce and Eric Stover 13 HRQ 291 (1991)
Lowery, Daniel, Human Rights Treaties and the Senate: A History of Opposition, by
Natalie Hevener Kaufman; The United States and the Genocide Convention, by
Lawrence J. LeBlanc 15 HRQ 197 (1993)
MacLean, Douglas, Human Rights, by Eugene Kamenka and Alice Erh-Soon Tay, eds. 2
HRQ 89 (1980)
Marenin, Otwin,
The Concept of Law in English Speaking Africa, by Chijioke Ogwurike 3 HRQ 133
Human Rights: Cultural and Ideological Perspectives, by Adamantia Pollis and Peter
Schwab, eds. 2 HRQ 92 (1980)
Marler, Karen Foeller, The Abuse of Power: Civil Liberties in the United Kingdom, by
Patricia Hewitt 5 HRQ 379 (1983)
Martin, J. Paul,
Creeds, Society and Human Rights: A Study in Three Cultures, by Max L. Stackhouse 7
HRQ 240 (1985)
Human Rights and the World's Religions, by Leroy Rouner, ed.11 HRQ 333 (1989)
Masemola, Thabo Nkosinathi,
The Healing Imagination of Olive Schreiner: Beyond South African Colonialism, by
Joyce Avrech Berkman 12 HRQ 336 (1990)
Sophiatown: Coming of Age in South Africa, by Don Mattera 11 HRQ 478 (1989)
Matz, Clair W., Jr., The Murder of Chile: Eyewitness Accounts of the Coup, the Terror,
and the Resistance Today, and the Church and Politics in Chile: Challenges to Modern
Catholicism, by Samuel Chavkin 5 HRQ 214 (1983)
Mayer, Ann Elizabeth, Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspectives: A Quest for
Consensus, by Abdullahi An-Na'im 14 HRQ 527 (1992)

Mayer, Ann Elizebeth, Human Rights and Reform: Changing the Face of North African
Politics, by Susan Waltz 18 HRQ 000 (1996)
Melson, Robert, The Politics of Genocide: The Holocaust in Hungary, by Randolph L.
Braham 4 HRQ 144 (1982)
Monshipouri, Mahmood,
Ethics, American Foreign Policy, and the Third World, by David Louis Cingranelli 16
HRQ 224 (1994)
Minorities at Risk: A Global View of Ethnopolitical Conflicts, by Ted Robert Gurr 16
HRQ 580 (1994)

Monshipouri, Mahmood, Democracy in the Third World, by Robert Pinkney 18 HRQ

694 (1996)
Moran, M. Noel, Scraps of Life: Chilean Arpilleras, by Marjorie Agosin 10 HRQ 434
Moreno, Jose A., The Dominican Crisis: The 1965 Constitutionalist Revolt and
American Intervention, by Piero Gleijeses 5 HRQ 217 (1983)
Morsink, Johannes, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Commentary,
Asbjrn Eide, Gudmundur Alfredsson, Goran Melander, Lars Adam Rehof, and Allan
Rosas eds., with collaboration of Theresa Swinehart) 17 HRQ 398 (1995)
Morsink, Johannes, The Concept of Human Rights, by Jack Donnelly 9 HRQ 438
Mllerson, Rein, International Law, Rights, and Politics: Developments in Eastern
Europe and the CIS 16 HRQ 591 (1994)
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, An Assessment of the October 11,
1992 Election in Cameroon 16 HRQ 230 (1994)
Nowak, Manfred, Inter-State Accountability for Violations of Human Rights, by Menno
T. Kamminga 16 HRQ 584 (1994)
Organization of American States, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Fourth
Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Guatemala 16 HRQ 229 (1994)

Papademetriou, Demetrios G., World Labour Rights and Their Protection, by James
Avery Joyce 3 HRQ 152 (1981)
Parmentier, Stephan, The International Fight Against Torture, La Lutte Internationale
Contre La Torture, by Antonio Cassese 14 HRQ 568 (1992)
Peltier, Linda J., The Right to Food, by P. Alston and K. Tomasevski 9 HRQ 104 (1987)
Perkins, Steven C., Human Rights: A Topical Bibliography, by Center for the Study of
Human Rights 6 HRQ 132 (1984)
Phillips, Warren R., UNESCO Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies 4 HRQ 534
Poe, Steven C., Human Rights and Statistics: Getting the Record Straight, by Thomas B.
Jabine and Richard P. Claude 14 HRQ 535 (1992)
Pollis, Adamantia,
Human Rights and State Sovereignty, by Richard Falk 4 HRQ 540 (1982)
The Philosophy of Human Rights, by Alan S. Rosenbaum, ed. 3 HRQ 150 (1981)
Pritchard, Sarah M., Women Under Communism, by Barbara Wolfe Jancar 4 HRQ 302
Pritchard, Kathleen, Human Rights: A Decent Respect for Public Opinion? 13 HRQ
123 (1991)
Provost, Ren, Kba Mbaye,
Les Droits de l'Homme en Afrique and Fatsah Ouguergouz, La Charte Africaine des
Droits de l'homme et des Peuples - une Approche Juridique des Droits de l'homme Entre
Tradition et Modernit 17 HRQ 807 (1995)
Randall, Kenneth C., World Justice?, by Mark Gibney, ed. 14 HRQ 278 (1992)
Renteln, Alison Dundes, The International Dimensions of Human Rights, by Karel
Vasak and Philip Alston 14 HRQ 513 (1992)
Roett, Riordan, Human Rights and United States Policy Toward Latin America, by Lars
Schoultz 4 HRQ 536 (1982)
Rogers, John M., Enforcing International Law Through U.S. Legislation, by Elisabeth
Zoller 9 HRQ 436 (1987)

Rosswurm, Richard H., The Constitution, the Courts, and Human Rights: An Inquiry
into the Legitimacy of Constitutional Policymaking by the Judiciary, by Michael J. Perry
6 HRQ 239 (1984)
Samson, Klaus,
La Diplomatie De Detente: La CSCE, D'Helinski AVienne (1973-1989), by Ghebali,
Victor-Ives, with an introduction by Benoit d'Aboville, a forward by Helene Carrere
d'Encausse, and a preface by Jean Klein 13 HRQ 428 (1991)
Report of the Commission of Inquiry appointed under article 26 of the Constitution of the
International Labour Organisation to examine the observance of the Discrimination
(Employment and Occupation) Convention, 1958 (No. 111), the Federal Republic of
Germany, by the International Labour Office 14 HRQ 544 (1992)
Schirmer, Jennifer, International Human Rights: Universalism Versus Relativism, by
Alison Dundes Renteln 13 HRQ 147 (1991)
Schneider, Howard,
Alexander Meiklejohn: Teacher of Freedom, by Cynthia Stokes Brown, ed. 4 HRQ 305
Cry of the People, by Penny Lernoux 3 HRQ 131 (1981)
Schneider, Mark L., The Breaking of Bodies and Minds, by Eric Stover and Elena O.
Nightengale, M.D., eds. 8 HRQ 544 (1986)
Schoultz, Lars, Freedom in the World: Political and Civil Liberties, by Raymond D.
Gasti l2 HRQ 94 (1990)
Schwartz, Adina, Birth Control and Controlling Birth: Women Centered Perspectives,
by Helen B. Holmes, Betty B. Hoskins, and Michael Gross, eds. 4 HRQ 140 (1982)
Segal, Aaron, Human Rights, by David Owen 2 HRQ 93 (1980)
Servicio Paz y Justicia-Uruguay, Uruguay Nunca Ms: Human Rights Violations,
1972-1985 16 HRQ 230 (1994)
Shah, Mahendra, Development Aid and Human Rights, by Katarina Tomasevski 14
HRQ 284 (1992)
Shalom, Stephen R., The Washington Connection and Third World Facism, vol. 1 of the
Political Economy of Human Rights, by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman 2 HRQ
84 (1980)

Shank, S. Adele, United States of America: The Death Penalty, by Amnesty

International10 HRQ 559 (1988)
Shelton, Dinah, International Human Rights: Problems of Law and Policy, by Richard B.
Lillich and Frank C. Newman 2 HRQ 86 (1980)
Sigler, Jay A., Political Crime in Europe, by Barton L. Ingraham 3 HRQ 153
Siwakoti, Gopal, Human Rights and Third World Development, edited by George W.
Shepherd, Jr. And Ved P. Nanda 14 HRQ 664 (1992)
Sklar, Morton,
Eighth Semiannual Report by the President on the Helsinki Final Act 3 HRQ 124 (1981)
Fulfilling Our Promises: The United States and the Helsinki Final Act 3 HRQ 124 (1981)
Stinson, Karen, No Place to be a Child: Growing up in a War Zone, by James Garbarino,
Kathleen Kostelny and Nancy Dubrow 16 HRQ 586 (1994)
Stover, Eric, Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number, by Jacobo Timerman 4
HRQ 299 (1982)
Swistak, Piotr, Death in the Forest: The Story of the KatynForest Massacre, by Janusz
K. Zawodny 11 HRQ 476 (1989)
Tercheck, Ronald J., Ten Years on in Northern Ireland, by Kevin Boyle, Tom Hadden,
and Paddy Hillyard 4 HRQ 525 (1982)
Thompson, Kenneth W.,
Freedom in the World: Political Rights and Civil Liberties, 1981, by Raymond D. Gastil,
ed. And principal author 4 HRQ 538 (1982)
Human Rights and Foreign Policy, by Charles Franke l1 HRQ 103 (1989)
Tolley, Howard,
Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy: Congress Reconsidered, by David P. Forsythe 11
HRQ 170 (1989)
Human Rights, Ethnicity, and Discrimination, by Vernon Van Dyke 7 HRQ 446 (1985)
Tomain, Joseph P., Hope and Suffering, by Desmond Tutu 8 HRQ 547 (1986)

Tomasevski, Katarina, Development Aid and Human Rights Revisited 16 HRQ 229
Turack, Daniel C.,
Aboriginal Rights in International Law, by Gordon Bennett 2 HRQ 94 (1980)
Human Rights in Third World Perspective, by Thomas M. Franck 5 HRQ 374 (1983)

Urquhart, Brian, Ralph Bunche: An American Life 16 HRQ 592 (1994)

Van Boven, Theo, Interstate Accountability for Violations of Human Rights, by Menno
T. Kamminga 14 HRQ 561 (1992)
Van Dyke, Vernon, The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial
Discrimination, by Natan Lerner 3 HRQ 154 (1981)
Van Aggelen, Johannes,
Closed Borders: The Contemporary Assaulton Free dom of Movement, by Alan Dowty
10 HRQ 304 (1988)
The Right to Leave and Return in International Law and Practice, by Hurst Hannum 10
HRQ 304 (1988)
Vickers, Jeanne, Women and War 16 HRQ 228 (1994)
Wagner, Debora, Carol Weiss King: Human Rights Lawyer, 1895-1952, by Ann Fagan
Ginger 18 HRQ 669 (1996)
Walsh, Brian, Human Rights in the West Bank and Gaza: Legacy and Politics, by Ilan
Peleg 18 HRQ 000 (1996)
Weiss, Peter, A Miracle, A Universe: Settling Accounts withTorturers, by Lawrence
Welcher 14 HRQ 577 (1992)
Weissbrodt, David,
Human Rights Missions: A Study of the Fact Finding Practice of Non Governmental
Organizations, by Hans Thoolen and Berth Werstappen 10 HRQ 134 (1988)

Paul W. Fraser, Report of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation,
by the National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation (Rettig Commission) 14 HRQ
601 (1992)
Welaratna, Usha, Beyond the Killing Fields: Voices of Nine Cambodian Survivors in
America 16 HRQ 231 (1994)
Welch, Claude E., Jr., Fatsah Ouguergouz, La Charte Africaine des Droits de L'homme
et Entre Tradition et Modernit 17 HRQ 209 (1995)
Wellman, Carl, Basic Rights, by Henry Shue 3 HRQ 144 (1981)
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Yonah Alexander and Robert A. Friedlander, eds. 4 HRQ 139 (1982)
Weston, Burns H., Guide to International Human Rights Practice, by Hurst Hannum 7
HRQ 447 (1985)
Wetzel, Janice Wood, The World of Women: In Pursuit of Human Rights 16 HRQ 231
Whitty, Noel, The Mind, The Body, and Reproductive Health Information, The Right to
Know: Human Rights and Access to Reproductive Health Information, Sandra Coliver
ed. 18 HRQ 224 (1996)
Will, James E., Claims in Conflict, by David Hollenbach,
S.J. 3 HRQ 127 (1981)
Willard, Andrew, Cultural Relativity, A Unified Theory of Knowledge, by K.N. Nayak
7 HRQ 567 (1985)
Wiseberg, Laurie S., Behind the Disappearances: Argentina's Dirty War Against Human
Rights and the United Nations, by Iain Guest 14 HRQ 585-590 (1992)
Woodbridge, Frederick, Jr., International Law and Fact Finding in the Field of Human
Rights, by B.G. Ramcharan, ed. 5 HRQ 541 (1983)