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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

245 / Thursday, December 22, 2005 / Notices 76105

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION describing what must be included in which provide vehicle manufacturers
such a document. Under OMB’s the opportunity to count compliant
National Highway Traffic Safety regulation (at 5CFR 1320.8(d), an agency vehicles manufactured in a given year
Administration must ask for public comment on the toward the phase-in percentage
[Docket Number NHTSA–2005–23389] following: requirements for one of the subsequent
(i) Whether the proposed collection of phase-in years (carry-forward), or to
Reports, Forms, and Recordkeeping information is necessary for the proper count compliant vehicles manufactured
Requirements performance of the functions of the in a given year toward the phase-in
agency, including whether the percentage requirements for the
AGENCY: National Highway Traffic information will have practical utility; previous phase-in year. This
Safety Administration (NHTSA), (ii) The accuracy of the agency’s information collection request would
Department of Transportation. estimate of the burden of the proposed provide the agency with vehicle
ACTION: Request for public comment on collection of information, including the manufacturers’ production data to verify
proposed collection of information. validity of the methodology and that the manufacturers have met the
assumptions used; production requirements of the phase-in
SUMMARY: Before a Federal agency can (iii) How to enhance the quality, as detailed in Section S7 of the
collect certain information from the utility, and clarity of the information to Standard.
public, it must receive approval from be collected; Estimated Annual Burden: 42 hours.
the Office of Management and Budget (iv) How to minimize the burden of Number of Respondents: 21 motor
(OMB). Under procedures established the collection of information on those vehicle manufacturers.
by the Paperwork Reduction Act of who are to respond, including the use Comments are invited on: Whether
1995, before seeking OMB approval, of appropriate automated, electronic, the proposed collection of information
Federal agencies must solicit public mechanical, or other technological is necessary for the proper performance
comment on proposed collections of collection techniques or other forms of of the functions of the Department,
information, including extensions and information technology, e.g. permitting including whether the information will
reinstatement of previously approved electronic submission of responses. have practical utility; the accuracy of
collections. In compliance with these the Department’s estimate of the burden
This document describes one requirements, NHTSA asks for public of the proposed information collection;
collection of information for which comments on the following proposed ways to enhance the quality, utility and
NHTSA intends to seek extension of an collections of information: clarity of the information to be
existing OMB approval. Title: Phase-in Production Reporting collected; and ways to minimize the
Comments must be received on or Requirements for Tire Pressure burden of the collection of information
before February 21, 2006. Monitoring Systems. on respondents, including the use of
ADDRESSES: Comments must refer to the OMB Control Number: 2127–0631. automated collection techniques or
docket notice numbers cited at the Type of Approval: Extension of other forms of information technology.
beginning of this notice and be existing collection of information. Issued on: December 19, 2005.
submitted to Docket Management, Room Affected Public: Approximately 21 Stephen R. Kratzke,
PL–401, 400 Seventh Street, SW., motor vehicle manufacturers.
Associate Administrator for Rulemaking.
Form Number: No standard forms will
Washington, DC 20590. Please identify [FR Doc. E5–7717 Filed 12–21–05; 8:45 am]
be used in this collection.
the proposed collection of information Abstract: The Transportation Recall BILLING CODE 4910–59–P
for which a comment is provided, by Enhancement, Accountability, and
referencing its OMB clearance Number. Documentation (TREAD) Act mandates
It is requested, but not required, that 2 in Section 13, that the National DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
copies of the comment be provided. The Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Docket Section is open on weekdays Surface Transportation Board
(NHTSA) complete ‘‘a rulemaking for a
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. regulation to require a warning system [STB Docket No. AB–297 (Sub-No. 102X)]
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: in new motor vehicles to indicate to the
Complete copies of each request for operator when a tire is significantly Columbus and Greenville Railway
collection of information may be under inflated.’’ Company—Abandonment Exemption—
obtained at no charge from Samuel NHTSA issued a final rule on April 8, in Leflore County, MS
Daniel, Jr., NHTSA 400 Seventh Street, 2005, establishing Federal Motor Columbus and Greenville Railway
SW., Room 5313 G, NVS– Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. Company (C&G) has filed a notice of
122,Washington, DC 20590. Mr. Daniel’s 138, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, exemption under 49 CFR Part 1152
telephone number is (202) 366–4921. in response to Section 13 of the TREAD Subpart F—Exempt Abandonments to
Please identify the relevant collection of ACT. FMVSS No. 138 specifies that abandon a 1.18-mile line of railroad
information by referring to its OMB compliance be phased in over a 2-year between milepost 112.67 and milepost
Control Number. period beginning on October 5, 2005 as 113.85, in the City of Greenwood (City),
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Under the follows: between October 5, 2005 and in Leflore County, MS. The line
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, August 31, 2006, 20 percent of new traverses United States Postal Service
before an agency submits a proposed vehicles produced must comply with Zip Code 38930.1
collection of information to OMB for FMVSS No. 138; 70 percent of vehicles C&G has certified that: (1) No local
approval, it must first publish a produced between September 1, 2006 traffic has moved over the line for at
document in the Federal Register and August 31, 2007 must comply with
cchase on PROD1PC60 with NOTICES

providing a 60-day comment period and the Standard; and all vehicles produced 1 C&G indicated in an earlier filing that it would

otherwise consult with members of the after August 31, 2007 must comply with seek abandonment of the above-described rail line.
See Columbus and Greenville Railway Company—
public and affected agencies concerning FMVSS No. 138. The agency decided to Acquisition and Operation Exemption—Line of City
each proposed collection of information. include both carry-forward and carry- of Greenwood, MS, STB Finance Docket No. 34666
The OMB has promulgated regulations back credit features in FMVSS No. 138, (STB served Apr. 22, 2005).

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