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Lloyd D.

Graham – Publication List (Aug 2018)


2018 GRAHAM Redux: A reimagining of the family’s history in which the “noble
Grahams” are of Y-haplogroup I1 rather than J1. Online at
h_the_noble_Grahams_are_of_Y-haplogroup_I1_rather_than_J1, mirror at

A reworking of the pre-publication versions of three chapters (Sections II, VIII & IX)
from House GRAHAM: From the Antonine Wall to the Temple of Hymen.

2018 An unusual Late Antique Levantine amulet? A pottery star bearing PGM-
like anthropomorphs with animals and (pseudo)script. Online at

2018 Did ancient peoples of Egypt and the Near East really imagine themselves as
facing the past, with the future behind them? Primary document at
_themselves_as_facing_the_past_with_the_future_behind_them, mirror at

2018 Object Study: A small stone ball from Amarna with scratch-marks
suggestive of human use. Primary document at
marks_suggestive_of_human_use, mirror at

2018 Object Study: An Old Kingdom votive dish with possible food residue.
Primary document at
esidue, mirror at

2017 “Then a Star Fell:” Folk-Memory of a Celestial Impact Event in the Ancient
Egyptian Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor? Primary document at
mirror at
2017 Graham origins: Arms and the man. Primary document at, mirror at

A third excerpt from House GRAHAM: From the Antonine Wall to the Temple of Hymen.
In the monograph, forthcoming by 2020, this material forms Sections I, II and XII.

2017 Personal Inversion: Damnation or Redemption? Primary document at, mirror at

2017 King’s Daughter, God’s Wife: The Princess as High Priestess in
Mesopotamia (Ur, ca. 2300-1100 BCE) and Egypt (Thebes, ca. 1550-525 BCE).
Primary document at
_Mesopotamia_Ur_ca._2300-1100_BCE_and_Egypt_Thebes_ca._1550-525_BCE_, mirror at

A 1-hour talk of the same title was presented on 31 Aug, 2017, to the University
Students for Egyptological Research (USER) group at Macquarie University, Sydney.

2017 EarthSong and Desert Art: Painted Literature from Sacred Ground,
Literature and Theology 31 (2), 164-186. []
Author’s Original Version self-archived in accordance with OUP policy at

2017 The Bear, the Harlot, the Magician and the King. Primary document at, mirror at

2016 More Grahams: Murder, magic, Masons and maidens. Primary document at, mirror at

A second excerpt from House GRAHAM: From the Antonine Wall to the Temple of
Hymen. In the monograph, this material forms the Introduction and Sections IV-VI, XI &

2016 TALISMANIA – Amulets, Talismans and the Materiality of Magic. A 74-
item hands-on exhibition on 8 Nov, 2016, held at the Department of Ancient History,
Macquarie University, Sydney. Poster at
_Macquarie_Uni._-_TALISMANIA_poster.ppt, catalogue at
2016 A Shabti of “Tjehebu the Great:” Tjainhebu (Ṯ3y-n-ḥbw) and Related Names
from Middle Kingdom to Late Period. Primary document at
Hbw_and_Related_Names_from_Middle_Kingdom_to_Late_Period, mirror at

2016 Three Saite-period shabtis of Wedjat-Hor, son of Ashsedjemes,
with some idiosyncratic features. Primary document at
Hor_son_of_Ashsedjemes_with_some_idiosyncratic_features, mirror at

2016 Perseus, Mars and the figurae magicae of PGM XXXVI. Primary document at, mirror

Interviewed in response to this paper on 23 Sep, 2016, by Emil Wahlström for the
Swedish religious studies group Religionsvetenskap, online at Transcript (in Swedish) posted to
group on 26 Sep, 2016.

2016 EarthSong and Desert Art: Painted Literature from Sacred Ground,
Literature and Theology (Oxford University Press), accepted submission.

2015 Gender and gnosis: Making Mary male, making Jesus female. Primary
document at,
mirror at

2015 The Grahams of the 16-17th century Anglo-Scottish Border and their
descendants in Rossadown, Co. Laois, Ireland. Original paper hosted by the Clan
Graham Society genealogy page ( at Mirror (with minor
corrections) at

Editorialised under the headline “Molecular biologist shares excerpts of research
paper on Graham family genealogy aided by DNA technology” in the Clan Graham
Society eNews, 1 Nov 2015, with a write-up by newsletter editor Ekena B. Parkinson.

2015 On the EarthSong Exhibition. In: Grounding the Sacred through Literature and
the Arts, a conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Australian Catholic
University, 23 – 26 Jul, Sydney. EarthSong was a public exhibition (23 Jul – 15 Aug) at
the McGlade Gallery of my collection of Aboriginal art from the Western Desert region
of Australia.

Speaker at Exhibition Opening, introduced by Ass. Prof. Michael Griffith (ACU);
also in first conference session, introduced by ABC religious broadcaster Dr. Rachel
Kohn. Abstract in Conference Booklet, p.19, online at

“On Sacred Ground,” a keynote address in the first conference session by Prof.
Vivien Johnson (author of Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists), responded to the
EarthSong exhibition and contextualised it in terms of the conference’s themes.

Exhibtion invitation online at
_EarthSong_-_Invitation; gallery handout online at with mirror at

A full paper arising from the exhibition was accepted in Mar 2016 for a special
Australian issue of Literature and Theology (Oxford University Press); see above.

2014 A comparison of the Seven Seals in Islamic esotericism and Jewish
Kabbalah. * Flagship article on the Seven Seals * Primary document at
Kabbalah, mirror at

2014 Seduced by Symbols: A Personal Perspective on Tuareg and Ethiopian
Talismanic Jewelry. Ethnic Jewels Magazine, Jewels and Adornments series &
Symbolism series, Sep 2014. Online at

2014 The Magic Symbol Repertoire of Talismanic Rings from East and West
Africa. Primary document at
ica, mirror at

2014 Seals, Angels, Trumpets and Incense: An Apocalyptic Prayer from a French
Medieval Book of Hours (ca. 1420-30). Primary document at
edieval_Book_of_Hours_ca._1420-30_, mirror at
2013 Danny and Dino: A Tale of Two Symbolists. Primary document at, mirror at

2013 Resurrecting the Maiden: From Hades to the Grid. Primary document at, mirror at

2013 Terracotta fertility figurines of prehistoric Eurasian design from modern
East Africa. Primary document at
Africa, mirror at

2013 Mother Earth, Pisces and the Two-Tailed Mermaid. Primary document at, mirror at

2013 Margin of error: A search for words lost before 1784 CE by excessive
trimming of folio 37 in the Kabbalah manuscript Moscow-Günzburg 775 (14-15th
century CE). Lloyd D. Graham (2013) ‫( גילוי מילתא בעלמא‬Giluy Milta B'alma, the online
bulletin of the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, National Library of Israel;, article gmb042, posted 7 April, 2013, by Dr. Ezra Chwat.

Online at, full article PDF at (viewer may need to
be logged in to Google Docs to access).
Primary PDF of full article mirrored at
rimming_of_folio_37_in_the_Kabbalah_manuscript_Moscow-Gunzburg_775_14-15th_century_CE_, and at

2012 In Islamic Talismans, Repeat-Letter Ciphers Representing the “Greatest
Name” Relate to an Early Prototype of the Seven Seals and may Link the Seals with
the Pleiades. Lloyd D. Graham (2011) Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers (ESOP)
29, 70-91. [ESOP 29 is the volume for 2011, printed Sept 2012].

Primary document online at
_Link_the_Seals_with_the_Pleiades, mirror at

2012 The Seven Seals of Judeo-Islamic Magic: Possible Origins of the Symbols.
Primary document at
Islamic_Magic_Possible_Origins_of_the_Symbols, mirror at
2011 Globular terracotta pseudo-vessels from the Inland Niger Delta, Mali.
Primary document at
vessels_from_the_Inland_Niger_Delta_Mali, mirror at

2011 Qur’anic Spell-ing: Disconnected Letter Series in Islamic Talismans. Primary
document at
ing_Disconnected_Letter_Series_in_Islamic_Talismans, mirror at

Print-published in Clavis – Journal of Occult Arts, Letters and Experience 2 (2013),

2011 Symbolism and significance of bronze rhomboid beads/pendants from Jenné
and the Inland Niger Delta, Mali. Primary document at
C3%A9_and_the_Inland_Niger_Delta_Mali, mirror at

2011 Three-Legged Animals in Mythology and Folklore. Primary document at, mirror at

2010 The Seven Seals of Revelation and the Seven Classical Planets. Lloyd D.
Graham (2010) The Esoteric Quarterly 6 (2), 45-58. Online at

Editorialised (p.6-7) in

2010 Imam Ali vs. Gnostic Jesus feat. Sophia Perennis. Online at

2010 Edited two compilations of personal reflections from the journals of U.S. artist
and musician Danny Malboeuf. Les Très Riches Heures, online at, and The Art of Kolaboy, at

2010 Echoes of Antiquity in the Early Irish Song of Amergin. Online at, mirror

2009 From Balthus to Beksinski: The Art of Danny Malboeuf. Online at

Republished with artwork from Danny Malboeuf on the PornSaints website, online at
2003 The Creation of Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) in Pintupi/Kukatja Dreamings.
Lloyd D. Graham (2003) Australian Aboriginal Studies 2003/1, 30-38. Abstract online: Article online:;jsessionid=B879B3BFA56F4A5EFAA897B1644C4468.inst3_3a?docId=50

2002 The Nature and Origins of the Tingari Cycle. Published on the AusAnthrop
website, online at

Republished in part in the electronic newsletter of Aboriginal Art Online, May 2002.

2002 The Lebor Gabála Érenn at a Glance: An Overview of the 11th Century Irish
Book of Invasions. Hosted at Mary Jones' Celtic Encyclopedia, online at

Part of genealogy chart republished by Séamas Ó Sionnaigh (2013) “Tuatha Dé
Danann,” online at

Section on Tuatha Dé Danann reproduced by Milagros Torrado Cespón (2011)
Fascinology in the Society and Literature of the British Isles, PhD Thesis, University
of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, p.242.

1999 The Origin of Evil and the End of the World. Mythos Journal No. 8: Millennial
Dreams - Myths of the End Time (Winter 1999).

Republished in Lamhfada: An Online Magazine of Myth and Story, Vol. III, Issue 2,
Summer 2002.

Currently online at deviantART at,
where it was twice awarded a Wordcount ‘Great Prose Exposed’ Feature (#4-5, Sep-
Oct 2007). A PDF version is hosted by Scribd,

Abridged version published in Fickle Muses - an Online Journal of Myth and Legend,
vol. 2, Jan 2008, online at

1993 From Materialism to Miracles: Connections and Contradictions. Lloyd D.
Graham (1993) MC (Modern Churchman, New Series; now Modern Believing) 34, 44-

Currently online at


2013 DIES ILLA, an ekphrasis on Dino Valls’ painting DIES IRAE. Online at
2008 Haiku series. Stylus Poetry Journal, Issue 30, biannual section “Haiku and its
related forms” edited by Janice M. Bostok. Preserved online by the National Library of
Australia, at

2008 Imovane® (Zopiclone). Monday Mail Writing Competition: An Anthology of
CSIRO Creative Writing (2008).

2007 O. CSIRO Monday Mail (Nov 2007); joint runner-up poem in the Monday Mail
Writing Competition: An Anthology of CSIRO Creative Writing (2008).

Republished on the LabLit website, online at

2007 atom. CSIRO Monday Mail (Nov 2007); winning poem in the Monday Mail
Writing Competition: An Anthology of CSIRO Creative Writing (2008).

Republished on the LabLit website, online at

2007 Talitha cumi. The Harrow: Original Works of Fantasy and Horror Vol. 10, Issue
10, poem 4; an ekphrasis on Danny Malboeuf’s painting She Is Love, I Am Dust. Online

Republished and discussed as ‘Post Modern Meets The Savior’ in Marginalia, the art-
religion blog of Rev. John W. Sewell, an Episcopal priest in Memphis, Tennessee;
commentary online at

2007 Professor Poindexter. The Verse Marauder, issue of 15 Aug, 2007.

2007 Cell-mates. CSIRO creative writing anthology, The Pen is Mightier than the
Pipette (Aug 2007). Republished in Australian Life Scientist, Sep/Oct 2007, p.6, and
featured in the Editorial (p.3). Republished on the LabLit website, online at

2007 In-flight Failure. CSIRO creative writing anthology, The Pen is Mightier than
the Pipette (Aug 2007).

Republished in The Harrow: Original Works of Fantasy and Horror Vol. 10, Issue
10, poem 5; online at

2007 Beyond Babel. CSIRO Monday Mail (Jun 2007); winning poem in the CSIRO
creative writing anthology, The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette (Aug 2007).

Republished by the Society for Literature, Sciences and the Arts (Johns Hopkins
University Press), online at,
also on
AuthorsDen at

1992 The Biochemist's Tragedy, or The Tale of LDG. Winner, Boehringer
Mannheim Protein Poem Competition, 17th Annual Lorne Conference on Protein
Structure and Function, Feb1992 (Victoria).

Posted in 2006 as The Lament of LloydG to the poetry discussion forum of the
LabLit website, online at

1984 For Janet, With Regrets. KotaPress Poetry Journal, Jul 2002. Online at

1980 Craving, Violation, and Catharsis. The Poet's Cut, Vol. 5, Issue 2: Desire, 2002. (no longer available).

Additional poems (Arcanum, Crazy about Jenny, Double Agent, Fourth Gospel, Let me
not know you, Love, Morning, Nunc dimittis, Panic Attack, Stephansdom spire, Vienna,
The End, To my daughter, Trinity Spring, Warning, Winter) are online at Authors Den,


2013 Interviewed by ArtsHub (Australia & UK) for an article which features both
MoBA paintings. Leo Ribeiro (8 Jan, 2013) “Are you a bad artist?” Online (8 Jan,
2013) at: and

2008 Aim 2 published in the hardback book The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks,
p.40-41. Frank, M. & Sacco, L.R., Ten Speed Press, Berkeley/ Toronto.

2006 Two paintings (oil on canvas) accepted in into the permanent collection of
MoBA, the Museum of Bad Art. The Artist as A Young Man, 20 x 16 inches, online at Aim 2, 24 x 18 inches, online at

1998 Irish Megalithic Images as Electronic Art: I, Newgrange Kerbstone; II,
Knowth Calendar; III, Newgrange Spirals; IV, Knowth Basin. Online at

Additional artworks are online at deviantART,

Acrylic on canvas: A New Heaven and a New Earth, Averted Vision, Blue Salvador,
Cadmium Gospel, Dominion, False Sun Over Trinity, Fixity – Heart of Gold, Ill
Dignified, Nai-Eve, Over Here, Wet Sand Refractions.
Oil on canvas: An Eye for an Eye, Groundswell, Heartborne, Io, Magic Square with
Seven Seals, Moonrise for Leila, Shrouded, The Garden of Good and Evil.

Digital and other: Crux, Hawkesbury SandTones, Nameless One, The Edge of Heaven,
The Song of Amergin, The Sword of Rosenkreutz.

Related Interests