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PROSEC: Your Honor, the prosecution would like to call Ms. CASSANDRA
SORIANO to the stand.
Q: Good Afternoon, Ms. Witness please state your full name, age and
personal circumstances.
CASSANDRA: I am Cassandra Manzano Soriano, 28 years old, Filipino, single,
and currently residing at No. 20 Venus Street Fairview Village, Quezon City
Q: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
so help you God?
PROSEC: Your Honor, the prosecution would like to offer the testimony of Ms.
Soriano for the purpose of proving the circumstances of the crime of Serious
Physical Injuries through reckless imprudence. Thank you, your honor.
Ms. Soriano, In the morning of 10 November 2014 where were you?
CASSANDRA: I was on my way to Baclaran (to have my early Christmas
PROSEC: Do you remember executing a sworn affidavit-complaint?
PROSEC: Your honor, here is the documentary evidence marked as Exhibit A.
Ms. Soriano, is that your signature appearing above the name signed as
affiant? Did you voluntary made this complaint?
CASSANDRA: yes, I voluntarily made it
PROSEC: Ms. Soriano, let us go into the details of what happened that fateful
morning. Do you recall what were you doing at that time?
CASSANDRA: As I have said earlier, I was on my way to Baclaran. I was
supposed to have my early Christmas shopping, buy gifts for my nieces and
nephews. For some time, I stood on the island at the intersection of Andrews
Avenue and Domestic Road, Pasay City waiting for the traffic light to change

so I could cross to the other side of Andrews Avenue where I intended to take
a ride for Baclaran. When the traffic light turned red and the vehicles along
Andrews Avenue had stopped, I stepped off the island. Just as I started to
cross the street, I saw a car coming from my right which was moving at a
fast speed. Then I remember a woman looking at me, I think she was saying
sorry. Im sorry, Im really not sure what she was saying because I couldnt
hear things quite clearly, (maybe because of the impact of the collision)
PROSEC: Ms. Soriano, do you recognize the accused? Kindly point him/her
out from the gallery. Why and how do you recognize her?
CASSANDRA: Yes. The one sitting there. When I was already conscious, an
officer visited me in the hospital and showed me her picture and told me that
she was the owner of the car that hit me. Also, I recognized her because, as I
have said before, I saw her after the car hit me, although her image was not
very clear.
PROSEC: Based on the complaint, you were hit by a vehicle? Do you
remember what type it was?
CASSANDRA: It was a red Honda civic.
PROSEC: Are you working Ms. Soriano? What is your occupation?
CASSANDRA: Yes, I am employed as a National Key Accounts Executive of
Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines.
PROSEC: What does your work entails? Does it require you to be physically
present at the office? Or any motor skills necessary?
CASSANDRA: Basically, I am responsible for achieving our sales volume
targets, execution and implementation of business building programs. Its
more of a field work, actually. I am in charge of building rapport and goodwill
with our clients, so I regularly visit their outlets.
PROSEC: How much do you make Ms. Soriano?
CASSANDRA: roughly 28,000 pesos
PROSEC: After the accident, were you able to go immediately back to work?

PROSEC: If not, how long before you were able to go back?

CASSANDRA: as of now I am still not able to go back to work. My doctor
advised me not to, because she said that it still not safe for me to drive
because of my injuries.
PROSEC: Were you the bread winner in the family? Do you support anyone
other than yourself?
CASSANDRA: yes, I consider myself as the bread winner of my family. I am
the one supporting my parents and my youngest sister.
PROSEC: When you were hospitalized? How much did you spend for the
expenses? How were you able to pay?
CASSANDRA: Currently, I have paid 53,000 pesos. I used my savings.
PROSEC: Did the accused offer any assistance while you were at the
PROSEC: Was there any arrangements made between you and the accused
Ms Soriano?
PROSEC: How long were you in the hospital Ms Soriano?
CASSANDRA: for about 3 months now
PROSEC: Upon discharge, was there any other medical attention you were
required to seek Ms. Soriano prior to the execution of this action?
CASSANDRA: Yes, I have undergone a surgery on my right hip