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Attorney Greg Oberhauser offers legal representation for criminal defense including OUI, drug charges,

domestic violence as well as other crimes, and also has the experience to help with speeding tickets and
filing for bankruptcy. Keeping his legal practice small so his clients receive the attention they deserve,
Attorney Oberhauser believes that the close relationship he builds with his clients is essential to developing
the right legal solutions. With a wide range of defense experience, he is able to defend his clients cases

A Skilled OUIDUI Defense Attorney

A graduate of the Massachusetts School of Law, Attorney
Greg Oberhauser is a member of the Boston Bar
Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, the
National Association of Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the
National College for DWI Defense, and is a member and
past president of the Greater Lowell Bar Association.
He is certified in breathalyzer testing, field sobriety testing,
and is one of the few lawyers in Massachusetts who has
completed all the available courses to be a drug recognition
expert (DRE); and has completed 80 hours of forensic
training to be recognized as a DUID specialist, focusing on
the analysis of biological fluids (blood, oral fluid, urine,
hair). Attorney Oberhauser is also 1 of only 24 defense
attorneys in the nation (and the only attorney in
Massachusetts) to be recognized by the American
Chemical Society as an ACS-CHAL Forensic LawyerScientist, an attorney who uses legitimate science for
justice in the courtroom.
Attorney Greg Oberhauser is admitted to practice in all Massachusetts courts, District Court, U.S.
Bankruptcy Court, and the Federal Bar for the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Gregory Oberhauser and his law firm is experienced in defending all criminal cases, including:

Assault and Battery: These charges are serious, and those convicted could spend up to 15 years
in prison. Examples of assault and battery include threats, bar fights and stadium brawls.
Violent Crimes: Not all instances of serious bodily injury or even death are what they seem. Selfdefense is an acceptable defense against violent crime charges that an experienced attorney can
present to the prosecution and courts to show that a person took reasonable actions to protect
Domestic Violence: Spats that turn physical can lead to charges of domestic violence.
Unfortunately, even misdemeanor charges of domestic violence can prevent the perpetrator from
seeing his/her children and living in his/her home.

Sex Internet Crimes - Possession or Distribution: When internet activities involve illegal
activities, prostitution, or underage minors (even the possession of one photo that prosecutors
consider child pornography), you could be charged with a sex crime that could cause you to be
labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life.
White Collar Crimes: Recently prosecuted more aggressively by both state and federal authorities,
white collar crimes include fraud, forgery or embezzlement. Innocent men and women are often
accused of these crimes by doing their jobs, which makes have an experienced lawyer who build a
strong defense.
Fraudulent loans: Intentionally omitting or misrepresenting information on a mortgage loan
application to obtain a loan (or even a larger loan) is an example of a fraudulent loan. It may even be
that the loan officer of a mortgage company falsified information on the loan application without the
borrowers knowledge.

Successful Case Result of 3rd OUI Charge

A client was parked in a school parking lot -- with NO Trespassing signs posted at the entrances -- at 7:30
at night. As the police came up to the pickup truck and asked if there was anything wrong, they saw that the
his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and that there was a smell of alcohol coming from the truck.
He was ordered out of the truck to perform field sobriety tests (FSTs), which in the opinion of the officer he
failed, and was arrested. The findings in the police report seemed dire and the case unwinnable, so
Oberhauser Law requested the booking video. The precinct resisted, but they were finally able to obtain it
by telling the Judge that it may be exculpatory in nature, which it turned out to be. In the video, the client is
seen walking into the station looking as sober as a church mouse.
Since this case had previous OUIs over 20 years old, the Commonwealth or Government would not allow a
breakdown in the case, so there was no choice but to try the case. But that is why the client turned to
Oberhauser Law, a firm that takes on tough cases and wins. The verdict was NOT GUILTY.
*Disclaimer: Every case is different, and past success does not guarantee future results.

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