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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

Treasury Operations

Retail Banking

Introduction & Organization Structure

Different types retail banking products

Functions & Responsibilities

Retail Banking Definition

Processes & Instruments

Retail Banking Product Terminology

Features of Borrowings

How retail banking systems in USA operates

Investment Instruments & Process for Purchase/Sale/

Foreign Exchange Contracts, Derivatives & its Process

What are regulatory requirements in USA

Cash Management
Relationship Management
Risk Management & Information Technology

Foreign Exchange
Various terminologies used in FX markets
Importance of FX markets
How FX markets operate
Risks involved in FX markets
Risk mitigation techniques used in FX markets
Various payment and settlement systems in FX markets

Payment & Settlement System

Clearing Process
Foreign Exchange & Securities Settlements
Central Securities Depository (CSD)
NEFT, RTGS, CNS, Hybrid Systems & DNS
Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) Bank Operations
Foreign Currency Accounts
Risks in Payment systems
Cash Management
Liquidity Management

SWIFT Messaging System

Customer to customer payments
Bank to bank payments

Risks involved in retail banking

Risk Management
What is Risk
Banking Risks - Concepts
Business Risks and Control Risks
Risk Based Supervision (RBS) Approach
Introduction to Basel II Capital Accord
Basel II Accord Pillars I, II and III
Credit, Market and Operational Risks
Capital Adequacy and Concept of Economic Capital
Risks Mitigation Techniques used in Banks

Investment Banking
Role of financial markets
Entities in securities market
Participants in the markets
Custodians of securities
Brief introduction to treasury
Deal/transaction/order types
Products of investment banking
Bond Market
Transaction systems/life cycle

Corporate Banking
Funded Services

Foreign Exchange payments

Working Capital Term Loan, Term Lending

Trade Finance

Post Shipment Finance, Short Term Finance

Securities Settlement

Packing Credit/ Export Credit

Introduction to Derivatives
Forward Markets

Distributor Finance, Structured Finance
Bill Discounting
Non Funded Services

Interest rate, currency and equity swaps

Letter of Credit


Bank Guarantees

Using stock options

Collection of Documents

Credit Derivatives

Trade Finance
Procedure involved in trade financing
Imports /Exports
Pre-shipment and packing credit
Post-shipment credit facilities
Documentary Credit

Banking Processes
Clearing & Settlement Mechanism
Customer Information Form/Facility (CIF)

Fundamentals of Business Analysis with Domain

Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA)
What is business analysis
Business analysis planning and monitoring
Elicitation - gathering information
Business modeling and creating business case
Requirements management and communication
Enterprise analysis - defining the problem
Creating use cases
Solution assessment and validations
Underlying competencies and skills

Trade Finance General Flow
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