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We are the
sole alternative of this system
What is essential in capitalism? Profit, money.
What is essential in socialism? The satisfaction
of needs of the people.
There's no intention as
making profit or gaining money.
That's why the poor population of third world
countries is destitute of
everything, lags behind
Those, whom have money, can study, they can
make music, do not
have to feel cold in winter, can eat organic food.
Those, who do not have
money, can neither see
a doctor or heat their houses, nor can they
make sport or healthy
But this is everyone's
right. Everyone has the
right to live a joyful and
peaceful life.
Happiness and the satisfaction of basic needs
can't be dependent from
money of a person.
For, we believe in that,
we take action to solve
the problems of the people.
We can't wait for that
until revolution, the
problems have to be
solved there and then.
Because people are confronted with them in
this very moment.
Capitalism leaves our
poor population witenglisch.indd 3

hout alternatives on every level. It shows it’s own
methods and it‘s own exploitation system as it’s the
only way forward. Because production isn't made
according to the needs of the people, but for profit, almost everything is much more expensive as
it should be and can only be affordable for those,
who have money. Therefore, people are deprived of
many innovations and developments. It deems the
population worthy of unhealthy nourishment. As
much capitalism is a system based on the POWERLESSNESS of the people, socialism is based on the
POWERFULLNESS of the people. The powerful
people are, the powerful is socialism.
As sophisticated as people are, as much as they are
equipped with scientistic knowledge and self confidence, as invincible is socialism.
One of the objectives of socialism is to step up the
standard of living and welfare for all people.
It aims the development of people at all areas, both
economically, culturally, socially and politically. It
targets to advance people’s values of quality and admiration.
Socialism is not just an issue of hunger and toughness but aims at enrichment and flourishing of the
population at all areas.

We do not simply refuse, protest and
move over.
We will take power. We will establish our own power.
And we'll build up everything from scratch.
We will improve the world, that has been turned upside down. Therefore, we can't just refuse.
The projects we're putting into practice are concrete
alternatives of socialists against capitalism.
We're going to multiply these examples and regulate
the life of the people step by step. We'll start to show
these with examples; what kind of country we'll live
in, when we come to power.
While continuing the revolutionary struggle most
effectively, we already plan our future today.
Let us examine more closely, which steps we've started to undertake:


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Architects and Engineers of the People

Architects and Engineers of the People
We will introduce the projects on which the architects and engineers are working on and on which
they're going to work in future:
Walker for Ferhat Gerçek:

Ferhat Gerçek is 26 years old. At the age
of 17 he was paralyzed by a police bullet. Our wish to make Ferhat walk again
never ended.
During our researches we found out,
that there is a walker for paralyzed patients. Thanks to this walker a person in
need of a wheelchair, could get rid of it
and walk again. The price for the walker is about 80.000-90.000 TL (around
30.000 Euro). So, this technology of the
bourgeoisie for paralyzed patients, is only produced for the
use of rich people.
For our poor population it is almost impossible to take advantage of it. Therefore we decided to create our own walker.
Through cooperation between the 'Engineers of the People'
and an expert in this field, we were able to succeed in producing a walker within 3 months.
Not just was our walker in no way inferior to the commercial
product, some of it's features were even better.
For example, a paralyzed person can get up with this walker
without the help of another person.
We presented the walker, which we had produced, to Ferhat
during a ceremony. We produced the walker for 5.000 TL
instead of 90.000TL. We named it 'Ferhat Gercek Walker'.
We aim to take a patent for it and to start with series production. We're going to produce a solution for all paralyzed
people, not just for the bourgeoisie, but also for the poor population.
Momentarily the walker costs about 5.000 TL (1800 Euro).
With a series production the price could be reduced even
more. At the moment, it is only possible to walk on straight
roads with our walker. But it is attempted to develop a version, which makes it possible to climb up stairs. If we succeed,
we'll be the first, who produce a walker, that can climb up

People's Gardens:
As on all areas, capitalism is also plundering everything
on the field of popular health. Healthy food production was almost made impossible because of capitalism’s
greed for profit. All vegetables and fruits we buy are
hormone-fed and produced from organisms that are
genetically modified
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and are containing unhealthy and cancerous substances.
The production and distribution of seeds is being prevented by laws with enforcement of the imperialists. So it crea-

tes a world, in which we can only find unhealthy nutrition.
Against that, there is no organized and widespread production, with the exception of a few singular examples
for clean agricultural production. Under the leadership
of agricultural engineers, there was initiated a work for
clean, healthy, production without chemical additives and
genetically modified organisms. At first, clean seeds were
found. These seeds were multiplied in flowerpots of houses in the neighborhood Kücükarmutlu. Later, they were
planted to the "Senay-Gülsüman People's Garden" to be
developed further. From this garden, there will be cropped healthy products. Further, the seeds which are raised
and reproduced in this garden will methodically be distributed to the gardens of our people. There are large and
small gardens in hundreds and thousands of houses of
dozens neighborhoods. If we planned and systematically
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Architects and Engineers of the People
evaluate these gardens, the outcome will be a mid-sized production, of which a part of the population
can meet its need of clean vegetables and fruits. If
we spread this step by step to all of Anatolia, we can
create a serious alternative to the unhealthy products of capitalism.

Wind Turbine:

And this energy is eternal and permanent. The developed method is a method of heat transfer. The heat will be taken with
a special drilling tool which will bring it to the surface. With
that method there could be realized a heat transfer, which was
enough to satisfy the need of radiant density for a huge building with an ewlectric energy of 1 kilowatt. So, it was possible
to heat a whole building with very low electric energy. This
method does little damage to the environment and is very economical. The 'Architects and Engineers of the People' started
to work on this method too...

Computer Games:

As in every field, there is
also a unhealthy, ecologically damaging and expensive
production of energy. But the production of electricity
can be realized both healthy, environmentally compatible
and with low costs. With a method developed by the 'Engineers of the People', every house will start to produce
a part of its own electricity. The wind turbine, which is
installed wind side of the houses, will produce this energy. The 'Engineers and Architects of the People' developed the wind turbine according to the peoples needs. The
first wind turbine was produced while paying particular
attention to operational safety. Step by step the turbines
will be installed on top of all houses. Some of the wind
turbines will be designed for a single house, some of them
for a whole street, and some of them will be in a size,
providing for a neighborhood... That way, people will be
able to produce their own electricity without paying any
money. It will be possible to produce energy without

the need of hydroelectric power stations, without
draining rivers and destroying the environment...

Production of radiant

Heating is at least as important as energy and a big trouble in our country. It is both a trouble to heat with electricity and to heat with natural gas. Both of them are very
expensive. Therefore our people are being forced to live
in cold houses. Capitalism won't reduce the price. Because it calculates the money it earns from natural gas. Therefore it doesn't rack it's brain to develop other methods.
It behaves, as if there wouldn't be another choice. Yet,
there are a lot of alternatives. One of these has proven
successful during the Soviet Union . Let us explain this
technology: 20-40 meters below the ground, there’s high
temperature energy. It is existing all over the world.Wherever you are, how cold or hot the temperature on the
surface may be, there’s a very hot energy 20-40 meters

under the earth.

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Nowadays there's almost no house without a computer.
Therefor the relationship of children with computers
starts very early. Especially computer games have become one of the most frequent games for children. This is
good on one side, harmful on the other side. It is helpful,
because our children are open for technological developments and grow up with them. It is harmful, because the
whole content of the video games is defined by capitalism. It pumps its own ideology to their brains by them.
Greed for profit, becoming an oppressor or a monster,
which destroys, the desire to earn a lot of money, terrorist
hunt etc. Without exception, video games are manipulating the minds of our children Computer games form the
minds of our children, the way big companies want them
to be formed. It is pointless to tell children not to play
computer games, while we live in a world, where computers are omnipresent. It would mean to stay behind the
era. In that situation it is possible to develop a method,
instead of giving in. Let our children play computer games, but let it be computer games, which were designed
by ourselves. It is attempted to develop a large number of
computer games, which deal with our values, the values of the people, which teach love, sharing, collectivism,
which teach to seek for rights and teach how to struggle
with the most terrorist imperialists and their collaborators, which contains resistance as using slingshot or stones against the police forces that besieged Taksim... As
these games can be two-dimensional, they can also be
advanced to three-dimensional games in due course...

Animation films, graphic novels:
We're going to evaluate the education of our children
by using all areas. The same way the system imposes its
culture to the brains by cartoons and games, we, too,
will use the tools for teaching everything good and positive, which is part of the people and for the benefit of
the people. We're going to create real child heroes with
animation films and graphic novels. For example, there
is going to be a graphic novel of Berkin, how honorable,
single-hearted a child can grow up. We'll create our own
heroes and we will make sure, that our children want to
be like them and take an example in them.

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Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Struggle and Liberation against Drug Addiction

Struggle against Drug Trafficking

Hasan Ferit Gedik, a 21 year-old supporter of the People's
Front took part in all areas of the struggle. He was well known

also for his struggle against drugs and addiction.

Hasan Ferit Gedik was murdered

In Turkey the state wants to depoliticize poor neighborhoods where revolutionaries are strong by drugs and in generally by degeneration politics. This is of course not a new
method, since the USA also used “drugs and alcohol” as a
weapon against the Black Panther Movement.
It was also attempted to oppress the struggle of ETA and
IRA by drugs.
In the Basque country and in Ireland drugs are spread by
the hands of the state and that's actually a method to suffocate the resistance.
Same as it was in Cuba, which was handled as center of
prostitution and drugs for US-soldiers in times before the
revolution. Nowadays, almost every colonialized country
is in the same situation and they also want to bring Turkey
in this situation. They also try to drag it into a swamp of
prostitution and drugs.
Today, especially in the countries of Latinameric, where
guerilla movements had been common, drug cartels and
mafia gangs are directly organized by imperialism and local
oligarchic regimes. Their aim is to destroy the dynamics of
resistance there.
The use of drugs, which is a very argumentative point within the left of Europe and worldwide, is very clear for the
People's Front. It has taken up the struggle with drugs. This
struggle is not a new one. For several years there are activities under the slogan “no to drugs, degeneration and prostitution”. Gülsuyu Gülensu is one of the poor neighborhoods
of Istanbul, where revolutionaries are powerful. For a long
period the mafia gangs which are protected and supported
by the state, are annoying the neighborhood Gülsuyu.
They pressed money from shopkeepers, threatened those,
who didn't want to give money, and they injured 9 persons
in armed attacks. Ahead of extortion they sold drugs under
control of the police. The people of the neighborhood were
extremely worried about the gangs and the drugs, as well
as about the fact, that their children and the young people
remained addicted. So they struggled against it.

englisch.indd 6

In the
of 29th
of the neighborhood held a demonstration against drugs
and gangs. In that moment long riffled weapon was directed against Hasan Ferit Gedik and shot him. He was shot
by exactly 6 bullets, 4 of them into his head.
Another member of the People's Front, Gökhan Aktas,
was shot in the head. While people held their demonstration 3 people were shot in the middle of Istanbul! They
were taken to hospital with serious wounds. While Hasan
Ferit Gedik struggled for his life, the police stole the most
important exhibit, his “bloody T-Shirt”. Even that clearly
proves, who was the murderer of Hasan Ferit Gedik. The
gangs shot 2 other persons and the police launched a raid
against members of the People's Front. Hasan Ferit lost
his life two days after he was shot.

The police even didn't show
respect to the funeral
Before being buried
at the cemetary of
Gazi, he was brought to the Cemevi
(Alevite's House)
in Kücükarmutlu.
On 1st of October 2013, before
taking the corpse from the Cemevi and bring him to
the cemetary, his family wanted to carry out a ceremony
in Gülsuyu, where Hasan Ferit was shot. But the police
didn't allow this. All entries and exists of Armutu were
closed. Then the state announced, that it won't allow any
car to go from Kücükarmutlu to Gülsuyu. The murderous
AKP government even wanted to dictate the people, how
it should held its funerals and where it shall bury it. Hasan
Ferit Gedik's family and his friends didn't accept this.

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Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Struggle and Liberation against Drug Addiction
There was no reason for them to learn from the police,
how to organize a funeral. They made a sit-in protest
in front of the Cemevi in Kücükarmutlu for 3 days and
3 nights under heavy rain. Finally, the state had to wit-


The funeral was brought to Gülsuyu
and to the cemetary of Gazi
At noon people moved from Armutlu to Gülsuyu.
Thousands of people filled the streets of Gülsuyu and
they welcomd their martyr Hasan Ferit with a banner
writing “Hasan Ferit Gedik is Immortal”.
Grandfather Mustafa Meray held a speech. In this
speech he didn't just move the people, but also clearly
challenged the state:

“My grandson was born in Armutlu. He has become a sun
in Armutlu and in Gülsuyu this sun scattered light all over
Turkey. My grandson is a very beautiful revolutionary. For
this purpose he struggled until the last moment of his life.
Now, this struggle will be shouldered by thousands, millions of Ferit's“.
The funeral was carried from Gülsuyu, where he was shot,
to Gazi. The slogans „The gangs will give account to the people“, „Hasan Ferit Gedik is Immortal“, „We are the People,
We are Right, We will Win“ surrounded the streets. These
slogans were shouted with anger and rage by thousands
of people. Ten thousands of people welcomed Hasan Ferit Gedik at the cemetary of Gazi. Hasan Ferit Gedik will
from now live in the brains, hearts and struggle of the


Militia of the Front (DHKC) ensured safety of the people
The Front was determined not to allow, that the
gangs killed another person during the funeral. To
prevent another attack by the gangs, militias of the
Front started to take security measures against mafia
and police with masks and weapons. In the press and
also social media this found great echo. The bourgeois press reported in an amazed way “How can the
state allow this”, while the population greeted the
armed forces with great enthusiasm.
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Names behind the gangs: Ağaoğlu,
Why does the police that openly protect the gangs? Why
does it terrorize the inhabitants of the neighborhood Gülsuyu.
The answer is easy: Urban transformation. As in many
poor neighborhoods, it also wants to include Gülsuyu to its
urban transformation project since 2004.
Because building enterprises like Ağaoğlu and Albayrak
want to take abstract the houses of the poor population.
Actually they want to hit two birds with one stone. They
both want to build their own residences and villas instead
and break the influence of the revolutionaries in these


The demonstrations against gangs in support of Hasan Ferit Gedik continue

After Hasan Ferit Gedik was shot by the gangs during a
march, there were organized demonstrations in many
cities of Turkey: Hatay, Eskisehir, Dersim, Balikesir,
Denizli, Samsun, Izmir, Mersin.
The traditionally meal, which is given 40 days after the
death of a person, was joined by 700 people on the 17th
of November 2013. The people expressed their wish,
that there should be demand reckoning for the killing
of Hasan Ferit Gedik.

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Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Struggle and Liberation against Drug Addiction
On the 1st of December, there was held a demonstration against degeneration in Gazi. The demonstration
started after visiting the grave of Hasan Ferit Gedik.
Over 5000 people participated in the action, all the way
they shouted “Hasan Ferit Gedik is Immortal”, “The
gangs will give account to the People”.

Also attacks of gangs are continuing at

- On the 11th of January 2014 the gangs attacked a member
of the People's Front, they gave a fire warning shot. On the
12th of January there was held a demonstration against this.
Supporters of the People's Front wanted to go to the house
of gang members, but the police had protected the house.
- On the 14th of January 2014, they again shot perfidously on
People's Front members. 2 of them were seriously wounded.
Against that attack there was organized a press statement on
the 15th January and afterwards a demonstration was held.
2 scorpions (police tanks) and 2 TOMA water canons were
burnt in the area of Gazi.
- On the 17th of January the association in Cayan was raided by police. Before there was held a demonstration. In
the evening hours masked militias of the Front answered the
police, which has concentrated at the Güzeltepe bridge with
fireworks. They confronted the water canons and 4 tanks
with molotows and fireworks. A water canon was burnt. The
action which started with 30 people later increased to 250
people with participation of the people. The Front militias
closed the streets and prevented the tanks from entering the
neighborhood. Barricades on the street were set on fire. The
police of AKP withdrew from the neighborhood due to this
- In the evening of 20th of January 2014 at 9.30 p.m. the police forces of the AKP sieged the neighbourhood Alibeyköy
with 7 tanks and a large number of special operational forces
and terrorized the people. The People's Front has extensive
posted placards against drugs in the region. People's Front
supporter Seckin Ertas was arrested under torture by police
forces with 7 tanks. The police was stopped by the people at
the Veysel Karani Mosque station, saying that they certa-

inly won't allow them to take Seckin. Finally they took
him out of the hands of police.

Thousands of people marched against
- Gazi 1st of December 2013: People's Front members
marched to Gazi neighborhood from all parts of Istanbul. 5000 people held a demonstration after visiting
the grave of Hasan Ferit Gedik.
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- Kücükarmutlu, 12th of January 2014: 1500 people who had

joined an action went to the Kücükarmutlu square, made a
fire and ended their protest with slogans and halay (traditional
- Okmeydani, 26th of January 2014: Thousands of people marched against drugs.
- Sarigazi, 17th Februaray 2014: 4000 people marched against
drug and demanded reckoning for Hasan Ferit Gedik.
- 27th July 2014: Thousands of people marched in the frame of
a campaign titled “Stand up Istanbul, we'll go to demand justice
for Hasan Ferit with 1 Million people“.
These demonstrations were organized with the protection of

armed militas of the Front.




Hasan Ferit Gedik has become a
symbol in the struggle against

The 'Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Struggle and Liberation
against Drug Addiction' was opened!
A center for struggle against drug addiction, carrying the
name of Hasan Ferit Gedik, was opened in the poor neighborhood Gazi on the 13th of July 2014. In this center doctors, psychologists are working on a “voluntarily” basis.
The psychiatric expert Ilker Kücükparlak defined the aim

29.08.2014 11:09:44


Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Struggle and Liberation against Drug Addiction

of the center of drug treatment as follows: “It is difficult to stop with substance, but the condition for
stopping and to continue the soberness is even more
difficult. After a person starts with substance, it looses many things. The most important is the loss of
self-confidence... The only way to deal with addiction is to create the chance to start the life from cero.
But this is hardly possible too. This is our aim. We're
going to make sure, that they'll believe and trust in
Another volunteer described the work method of the
treatment center as follows:
“The methods of treatment here will be very different
from those in state hospitals. Of course there will also
be medical treatment. Our doctors will do everything what they need to do in medical respect. But the
biggest school is life itself. There will be offered very
different services. For example, we'll teach the young
people, who come there as addicts, how to put up a
wall. We're going to teach them hairdressing and woodworking. Firstly, some of us will be amazed. This is
natural. Why will we give such an educative service?
It's therefore.. We don't just want to rescue our young
people from drugs and send them back to the streets. We also want our youth, which is struggling with
drugs, to have a accumulation of knowledge in order
to manage their own life. In that way, they will be able
to rescue their lives.”

Later, there will also be opened centres for
Struggle and Salvation against drugs in Kücükarmutlu and Kirac.


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People’s Law Office

People's Law Office
The foundation of the People's Law Office
The People's Law Office has never since it's foundation
in 1989 seen the profession of a lawyer as a possibility
to earn money.
The office rather was founded with the intention to
create a new understanding of the occupation of a
lawyer but also of an intellectual.
Unorganized, impartially jurists, afraid of missing the
responsibility of being an intellectual shall be replaced
with such, aware of the contradictions of society and
the working environment. They shall develop a perspective and put it into practice.
Jurists should stand side by side and be organized with
progressive forces and create an awareness.
Since the lawyers stand on the side of law and justice
and because of their historical task, they cannot be
Raids and Arrests at January 18th 2013
At January 18th 2013 a law office was raided. Due to the
legislation of Turkey, a law office cannot be raided without
the presence of a public prosecutor.
This was ignored totally. The police force opened the door
and stormed the office.
In a law office the confidentiality of client files has to be
respected. Those cannot be seized.
Otherwise every law office could be raided by public prosecutors to find
out everything about
the defense
strategies of
the lawyers.
This also was
ignored. As
if this wasn't
bad enough,
the lawyers
where arrested with means of torture.
The police of the AKP regime was terrorizing the whole
neighborhood, five more revolutionaries where arrested,
democratic establishments where raided, people got arrested and tortured.
It was all about sending a message: “shut up and fit in!”
Nine lawyers of the People's Law Office and the CHD
(Progressive Lawyers Association) have been arres-


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ted during the raids.
These arrests caused an intense public debate. Because of this,
Turkish prime minister Erdogan and other state-run offices,
state ministers and the mainstream-media where forced to
attack the lawyers with defamations.
The press continuously published lies about the jurists.
National and international establishments, lawyers associations, intellectuals and artists as well as broad parts of the
population articulated their displeasure. Everybody knew that
the raids where due to the professional practice, the tireless
struggle of the lawyers. The Erdogan-administration tried to
undermine this solidarity by lies.
The chairman of the CHD (Progressive Lawyers Association)
was at the time of the raids in Syria due to professional reasons. At the moment he learned about the raids he returned to
Istanbul at 20th of January 2013. Even though he knew about
the arrest warrant against him, he returned to Turkey voluntarily and even announced time and date of his arrival, he was
arrested immediately after his plane landed.
The indictment was finished at July 18th 2013 and 22 lawyers
are being charged. The upbeat of the legal proceedings was
from 24th-26th of December while some of the lawyers where
still imprisoned.
The lawyers where charged with participating in “terrorist
activities” by pursuing the profession of a lawyer. The People's
Law Office and the Progressive Lawyers Association where
raided only because of cases they where defending.
Which activities disturbed the government that much?
One year prior to the raids a campaign was launched that
disturbed the state a lot. For example seminars where given
about how to behave in police custody. Legal steps where taken
against policemen that tortured people to death to press charges. Human rights violations against prisoners where logged
The hotline “Police, Help” was launched against torture and
violence at the police station.
This especially maddened the police since the emergency number to call the police is known by the same name “Police, Help”.
The hotline was launched for victims of police brutality.
When the operation started, national TV and newspapers close
to the government published stories about “lawyers of critical
legal proceedings arrested”.
The arrests where criticized above all by the Turkish Association of Lawyers and all other lawyer associations and advocate
clubs and in the parliamentary opposition.
The public prosecutor had to give a statement, the prime
minister produced lies above lies against the lawyers to justify

29.08.2014 11:09:45

People’s Law Office
The lawyers where equated with their clients. The fact that
they represented in the legal proceedings against the DHKP-C, took care of the files of their clients and visited them
in jail was charged to them.
In the files of the court there is nothing to be taken serious,
no determined evidence what so ever.
The lawyers where arrested due to insinuations. The presented “proof ” contradict each other in every way.
These are the professional fields of the People's Law Office:
-help workers demand their payment if their unions have
been raided and who are beaten on the streets
-students who have been exmatriculated, who face disciplinary procedures and cannot study anymore
-persons or families killed or crippled by police brutality
-victims of violence and torture in police stations and prisons
-the Kurdish people, drowning in its own blood, Kurdish
politicians that are being silenced, Kurdish lawyers hat can't
pursue their profession
-environmental lawsuits, since the beautiful country of
Turkey is made uninhabitable by following projects: hydroelectric plants, goldmines in which cyancali is used, huge
cement factories, nuclear power plants
-victims of gentrification
-women that could have become victims of honor murders
or suffered injuries, victims of sexism and violence
-Hrant Dink, murdered six years ago, victim of ethical and
religious discrimination, whose murderers are still free
-socialists, revolutionaries, progressives
-suppression, repression, victims of criminalization due to
opposing the government

The Lawyers of the People have condemned fascism!
The start of the trial has been between 24th and 26th
of December 2013 in Silivri.
Next to many representatives of NGO's 40 delegates
For the very beginning, the CHD chairmen Selcuk
Kozagacli took the word and wrote history with his
opening speech. Many attendants of the trial compared
him to Dimitroff or Fidel Castro. from foreign countries attended the trial.The indicted where represented
by more than 500 lawyers. Inside the huge courtroom
the judges seemed surrounded.

He talked about the philosophy of case law and explained the penalties on the bases of “intimidation and
dressage”. ”You can't train us, by locking us away. Nor
can you scare off the attendants in this courtroom.
Never in history there has been a trial with this many

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lawyers attending. The judges better get used to lawyers that won't be intimidated or trained.”
He talked about examples out of ancient Greek tragedies (Antigone) and explained how the court itself was
in a tragic situation. Addressing the judges he said: ”Is
it a crime to massacre revolutionaries and bury them
in mass graves, or is it a crime to fight for their remains being removed of the mass graves and getting a
proper cemetery?”
On the 2nd day of trial (December 25th 2013) the trial
has been continued with the presence of hundreds of

The detained lawyers entered the courtroom with the
slogan “freedom to the defense” They where welcomed
by the trial watchers with standing ovations and the
slogan “We want justice”.
Selcuk Kozagli continued where he stopped. “The eyes
of Justitia are blinded, her sword is blunt and she has
lost her sack of gold. This gold is now in the hands of
some oligarchs. What do you have left to offer to the
people? What except the police, batons, teargas defends your justice?” He quoted Karl Marx: “In every

article there are two meanings. One for the House of
Lords and one for the House of Commons.” Afterward
he explained that Turkish justice is used differently
for the oligarchy and for the people. Kozagacli

29.08.2014 11:09:49

People’s Law Office
emphasized that he didn't expect any justice.
He furthermore explained why he was speaking in
front of a court that, in his eyes, has no legitimacy: “I
started my occupation as a lawyer after the massacre
in Sivas. Afterward the massacres of Gazi and those of
the prisons followed. It is one thing to not believe into
your laws and regulations and a different thing to fight
for our rights that you have to except. We are not here
because we are expecting a fair trial.
We are here so you understand the judiciary. Understand how we understand the profession of lawyers.
For this reason we are explaining ourselves here.”
After Selcuk Kozagacli finished his speech the other
accused read their defending statements.

Lawyers set free

After a law change the jurisdiction couldn't be determined and the lawyers were set free until further
notice, therefore all detained where set free in March
21st 2014

Due to his ban for leaving the country he couldn't accept
the award personally.
Also a planned video conference didn't work out.
Kozagacli was with other colleagues of his at the site of
accident in Soma/Manisa.
Firstly they where surrounded by the fascist gray wolves
at their housing and on the following day they where
arrested and tortured.
Instead of a live-connection with Selcuk the people at the
ceremony saw pictures of a detained Selcuk laying on the
ground. During the torture his arm was broken. But nothing could stop him from investigating in Soma and to
advise the population in juristic questions and to initiate
a trial.
The lawyers of HHB
once again stand
on the side of the
people against the

HHB celebrates its 25th anniversary

On 29th of June 2014 the lawyers celebrated their
25th anniversary during an open-air-concert of Grup
Yorum in Harbiye. The concert was dedicated to Fuat
Erdogan, a lawyer of the People's Law Office who was
murdered in 1994. With red scarfs they sung Ciao Bella. Many lawyers gave speeches. 6000 people attended
the concert.

The lawyers became also involved after the biggest
mining tragedy of the country in SOMA.
On May 17th the CHD chairmen Selcuk Kozagacli
was awarded the Hans-Litten-Award by his German
colleagues of the VDJ (Association of Democratic

englisch.indd 12

29.08.2014 11:09:50

The People's Front also made an important contribution to the struggle on the field of arts.

F-Type Movie
For many years Grup
Yorum is telling about
isolation imprisonment
in its albums, concerts
and songs. Because by
means of the F-type
prisons and isolation,
not only prisoners but
the whole population is
under attack, this subject was inevitable. With
Grup Yorum as designator of the project, a
feature film was produced by 10 producers, of
which each shot a 10 minutes short film connected to
the other. Both famous actors and volunteers took part
in the film. The film has been a strong attitude against
isolation and the first production dealing with that
issue. It is stimulating who a cinema work with antifascist content is being produced with the understanding
of the Art's Front. The issue isn't “simply a film”, but
understanding, culture, solidarity and collectivism of
the Art's Front. Under conditions, where the system
constantly imposes egoism by saying “It's the captain
who saves the ship” and in combination with the recent frailties on the field of arts this leads to rottenness,
the F-type film was in real terms created shoulder on
Ahead of the producers and actors, besides professional team working on technical fields like camera,
sound, set and light, as well a team of cinema and television students worked with big devotion in direction
and production. Almost all persons engaged in the
film, which had required very high sacrifices at each
stage, worked without expecting material reward. The
common aim was to show a reality, which was hidden
from the people in Turkey and worldwide, in a very
stong and effective way: Including another effective
tool of struggle against the F-type prisons and isolation

englisch.indd 13

Art's Parliament:

With a festival in Istanbul's neighborhood Gazi on the
26th and 27th October 2013 the art's parliament was
By that, the field of arts was provided with a new organisation. Musicians, movie actors, actors, photographers, dancers, painters, sculptors, cartoonists... Artists
of all branches unite under a single roof!
The Art's Parliament, which aims at developing solution methods on all fields, from own professional
problems to the agenda of the country, has published a
manifest and announced its principles and goals.
During the festival each branch of arts, performed its
activities on a separate space. Each space was given the
name of a martyr of the uprising and the martyrs were
cherished in every step of the festival.
On the first day of the festival, on 26th October,
exhibitions of paintings-sculptures, photographs and
cartoons were displayed.
On the first day, on the Ethem Sarisülük Theatre Square, the Idil Theater Atelier performed a forum theater
under the direction of Mehmet Esatoglu. The forum
theater, which started at 5 p.m., demonstrated why an
apolitical young person prevented the cut down of
trees and how he got politicised.
On the second day of the festival all perfomance
squares besides the exhibitions were prepared. Separate squares, sound systems, decorations were prepared
for the screenings, dances, music, theater, poems.
Firstly there started concerts at the Ali Ismail Korkmaz Music Square. All concerts at the music square
were followed by more than 1000 people.
The activities at the Mehmet Ayvalitas Dance Square started on Saturday, 26th October at 10 p.m. with
the performance „Tree of Resistance“ by the „Vava
Dance Group“. On Sunday, 27th October at 2.30 p.m.
the program started again with a tango perfomance
of the „Argentinian Tango Club“. The program continued at 4 p.m. with dance Flamenco (10 min.), Latino
(10 min.) and Romany (10 min.) dance genres by the
GAU (Girne American University). The activity ended
at 5 p.m. at the Mehmet Ayvalitas Dance Square with a
25 minutes lasting performance of the „Standing Man“
Erdem Gündüz. Also the dance square gained unexpected big attention.

29.08.2014 11:09:51

Abdullah Cömert Cinema Tent:
Short films were shown about the Taksim-Gezi incidents. Seats were filled and many people watched the
films standing.
Ahmet Atakan Poem Square:
The activities at the poem square started on Sunday at
3 p.m. Even the poem square, which was expected to
be the most quiet square with less participants, had a
large group of visitors and dozens of the participants
took the floor and read their own poems or poems
they had selected from poetry books of the library at
the square.
Each presentation at the Ethem Sarisülük Theater
Square was followed by around 400 people.
Medeni Yildirim Painting-Sculpture Exhibition:
The painting-sculpture exhibition was set up on a basketball court in the park.
While the painters presented their painting on this
space, they also drew their pictures on a big canvas.
Also the pictures of Free Prisoner Filiz Gencer were
displayed on this space. There was also made a special
illumination on this exhibition space and the exposition could be visited two days long, at night and day
Irfan Tuna Photograph Exhibition:
The photographs, which were hang on all along the
park, transported every detail of the uprising to every
corner of the park. Everyone, who came to the festival
area watched the photographs with great interest.
Berkin Elvan Cartoon Exhibition:
Berkin was still alive at these days, but he had been
one of the victims of fascism during the June uprising.
On the cartoon space comics were displayed as well as
selected cartoons by independet cartoonists. Also cartoons drawn and sent by prisoners were selected and
exhibited. This exhibition was also viewed with great
interest by the people.


All activities in the park ended at 6 p.m. and everyone
began to gather for the activities at the main stage. Around
15.000 people followed these activities.
In the main activity several artists gave concerts, including
Grup Yorum.
Further there was held a dance performance, a film show
and poems were read.
The “Manifest of Arts” by the Art's Parliament was publis-


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29.08.2014 11:09:51


Concert for Independence in Bakirköy:

On the 13th April the People's Front organized the 4th
Grup Yorum-“Concert for an Independent Turkey” at
Istanbul's district Bakirköy. Almost 1 million people joined the concert in Bakirköy and sang together the march songs. People danced Halay (Traditional Anatolian
dance), the martyrs of the uprisings were memorialized
and pledges were made to go on with the struggle. The
fourth Grup Yorum concert for an independent Turkey
started with the excitement of the June Uprising.
Before Grup Yorum started its concert program, dance performances almost brought the people througout
Anatolia. Dances and music from all regions were perfomed at this Independence Square in Bakirköy.
From fan groups to inhabitants of neighborhoods,
everyone has been within a circle of resistance, which
called to account for the martyrs of the uprising and
which was carrying the spirit of June throughout the
After different speeches, people held a moment of silence for the martyrs. Afterward a theater show was performed. At the end of the permormance the program
continued by opening a huge painting with the June
martyrs on the stage and Grup Yorum started its concert with the song “Zafer Türküsü” (Song of Victory).
With big applause the concert started and later on
thousands of red ballons were let flown for Berkin, who
was martyred while resisting. And Grup Yorum performed its song for Berkin. Grup Yorum who said „We
gave our promise to those like Hasan Ferit and Berkin“,
added that the people will call the murderers of the uprising martyrs to account. One of the most enthusiastic
moments of the concert was the final song Bella Ciao.

englisch.indd 15

Hundreds of thousands of people joined this march song
with clenched fists and victory signs and they left the square
in the faith that our country will be independent.

Some of important festivals:
Evvel Temmuz (early July) People's Festival in Hatay
In the name of Sebeb El Cilli (Youth of Tekebasi) on the
17th July, there was organized an Evvel Temmuz Festival in the neighborhood Tekebasi in the province of
Samandag in Hatay, in order to keep alive this tradition
and continuity. This festival activity was the first, that
was realized with the own capacity of the people of Tekebasi, without any commercial or political purpose. It
was decided to organize this activity as a reaction to the
festivals, which are organized with capitalist and commercial purpose. It is aimed at emptying the meaning of
Evvel Temmuz feast.
Evvel Temmuz: After the Anatolian calendar


29.08.2014 11:09:51

Evvel Temmuz is the 1st day of July, the 14th of July
(in Arabic Evvel Şehr). According to that calendar, this
feast starts on the last day of June, the 13th July, and
continues on 14th July. The history of Evvel Temmuz
goes back to 3.000 years B.C. And it is said that it has a
5.000 year old history. The Semitic name of the Sumerian sheperd god Dumuzi is Temmuz. And this is where
the name of the month July (Temmuz) origins. It is the
fest of harvest, wealth and fertility. After Christianityit
was changed to Easter.
10th Alternative Canan Kulaksiz Student's Festival in
19th-21st May 2014: The 10th Alternative Canan Kulaksiz Student's
Festival was held
in Izmir.
The rectorship
of the Ege University permanently tried to
hinder the festival. For example
it prohibited the placement of a sound system. Nevertheless it wasn't able to prevent, that the festival was held
in an enthusiastic way. On the second day of the festival
Grup Abdal came on the stage. They started with their
concert saying „Even if they don't let the sound system
in, we're going to sing all together our songs“.
On the third day, a panel was held regarding the mine
massacre in Soma. In this panel lawyer Evrim Deniz
Karatana from the People's Law Office, Baris Önal
from the Engineers of the People, Muharrem Cengiz
from Grup Yroum and Ahmet Kulaksiz took the floor. Reports were given on the massacre in Soma. Afterward workers, who survived the massacre in Soma
came to the festival. They spoke about the massacre and
the hard conditions they had to work in. The program
ended with a concert of Grup Yorum.
Canan Kulaksiz: She was a student at the age of 19,
when she took part in the death fast hungerstrike against F-type isolation prisons and lost her life after 137
days of resistance on 15th of April 2001.
Concert in Dersim titled “Our March for Revolution
The concert under this title has been organized for the
fourth time in Dersim. The concert titled „Our march
for Revolution continues for Bread, Justice and
Freedom“ was organized with enthusiasm. The
englisch.indd 16

preparatory work for the concert was accompanied by great hindrances, repression and arrests. But the organizers
didn't give up. As a result 10 thousand people joined the
Evvel Temmuz Festival in Mersin
On the 11th of July 2014 the Evvel Temmuz Festival, which lasted for two days, was held for the fifth time in Mersin
with great enthusiasm. Grup Yorum performed its songs
and march songs of old and new albums and held speeches in between the musical performances. Grup Yorum
who performed the song „Berkin, Wake Up“, explained
that there was also a justice of the pepole and that Berkin
won't be left without justice. 5 thousand people joined the
4th Anatolian People's Festival
which is annually
organized by the
People's Front took
place on 20th, 21st
and 22nd of June
2014 in Ankara.
The festival which
was earlier organized in Okmeydanı's Sibel Yalcin Park,
was carried to Ankara. Next year it could be relocated to
another city of Anatolia. People of several provinces of
Turkey opened their stands to present their regional productions and made it possible to view the beauty of Anatolia at one place. From raw corn of Antalya to boyoz (kind
of pate) of Izmir, from sea foam of Eskisehir to olives of
Gemlik, crafts of people from Anatolia were presented to
the people in Ankara. At the same time there was also given the oportunity to display art through cultural and arts
performances, which are attempted to keep away from the
people. There were various stands installed and presented
by the Architects and Engineers of the People as well as by
the textile workers of Kazova.
On the first day of the festival there were presented conversations, panels, poems and songs.
On the second day another stand was installed. The fan
group of Gündogdu Carsi displayed its scarfs at the stand.
While the stand of Eskisehir frenetically offered marbleization works and glass painting, they called everybody to
draw a picture of Ali Ismail Korkmaz. While people from
Antalya presented their boiled corns, on the other side people danced the Horon folk dance accompanied by tulum
(Anatolian instrument close to bag pipe)
There were different panels, among others about Soma.
29.08.2014 11:09:52

Some subjects, for example genetically modified organism products, were displayed in plays.
A Semah group (Traditional dance of Alevites) and a
dance company took the stage.
Finally, Grup Yorum gave a concert. It commemorated
the victims of Soma and Berkin Elvan with its songs
and raised spirits with Halay songs.
The third day proceeded again with panels, songs and
plays. And a tradition of hundreds of years, which has
become an indispensable pat of the Anatolian culture
was the puppet show „Hacivat and Karagöz“.

One voice once heart agianst racism

Berkin Elvan and the massacre in Soma...
The exhibition didn't just attract attention of the people, but it reviewed the massacres and showed association between those. However, visitors of the concert met
with various exhibitions regarding the June uprising,
racism and Soma prepared by volunteers. Beside several artists Grup Yorum took the stage and they not just
performed well known and famous songs but also new
songs composed for Berkin Elvan and the workers who
lost their lives in Soma.

Wall Paintings in Neighborhoods

On the 28th June 2014, the 3rd concert titled „One
voice and one heart against Rascism“ was held in Germany.
This year, beside the demand for „punishment of
racist murderers“, there was added the demand of „justice for Berkin Elvan“ in the name of all June martyrs. The concert was joined by 15,000 people and was
full of enthusiasm. Ahead of Carsi fans and solidarity
groups for Syria, groups of very different sections and

Following a common decision, the Painters and Sculptors Council, which is part of the Arts Council, has
started to draw pictures to the house walls of poor neighborhoods. Firstly, they started to paint in Kücükarmutlu, which was declared as one of the stall ranges in
the name of „urban transformation“.
Armutlu is a neighborhood, which the state permanently wants to seize and where it wants to replace
the houses with villas of rich people. But they couldn't
succceed, because the neighborhood is organized and
revolutionaries are the only existing power. In this neighborhood they began to paint houses. The pictures are
painted under respect of history, values and features of
the neighborhood and convenient to that. The houses
will be painted in three sizes.
Small sized pictures: Pictures, which can be seen at
glance, which are in the size of the wall.

opened their stands.
When the doors of the hall were opened, they were
welcomed with an exhibition, especially prepared for
englisch.indd 17

Middle sized Pictures: Paintings, which can't be viewed
at glance, which do not have meaning by looking at the
walls, but which become visible while viewing the street
from a certain perspective. The paintings turn out to a
single huge pictuure if all pieces are being put together.
Big sized Pictures: They are as big to include the
walls of all houses. If one looks to the neighbor-


29.08.2014 11:09:55

hood from the opposite side, writings or paintings can
be viewed in the size of the whole neighborhood. Their
size is as big as to include the roofs of all houses and become visible if one looks to the neighborhood from the
air (from a plane or with google earth) and they include
the whole neighborhood. This can be for example the
picture of Hasan Ferit Gedik...
As soon as the painting in Armutlu is finished or reached a certain stage, a similar work will be started in
Child Orchestras, Choirs, Sculpture and Painting
Capitalism is removing the equality of chance. Of course,
there doesn't exist a rule like 'Everyone can do everything
quite well'. But there should be given an oportunity to each
person to find out what it could do well. There doesn't exist
such an educative system in our country. While dealing with
arts is the right of everyone, it has turned into a hobby, which can only be done by those who got money.
Therefore, we have found a musical school. All classical music instruments (violin, viola, cello, fluit, oboe, clarinet, etc.)
and folk music instruments (Baglama [Eastern Mediterranean string instrument], swing, etc.) are distributed to the
children cost free and also the education is given for free.
The first orchestra was found in Okmeydani. This orchestra,
called Orchestra of the Children of Hope recently consists
of 53 children. This is in factthe „School for the children of

Hope“. The orchestra which has started to work around 6
months ago, is preparing to give its first concerts. This year

this orchestra will be multiplied. It is aimed to found orchestras in 4 other neighborhoods in autumn and to increase their
number next year to 15. Within 3-4 years it is intended to found
dozens of orchestras in all places we're organized in Istanbul, as
well as in different cities of Anatolia. From these orchestras we
want to select the best of hundreds of children to found combined orchestras, which are going to give concerts in Turkey

and abroad...


englisch.indd 18

29.08.2014 11:09:57

Berkan Abatay 589 Sports Center

Berkan Abatay 589 Sports Center

ned into competition. This comprehension has turned
the human body into a machine. The capitalist system
also uses sports to spread and develop nationalist, racist
The capitalist system turns sports into proand reactionary ideas.

fit motive

As in every area of living the capitalist system also intervenes into
sports. It turns it into
means of profit making.
This is the nature of the
capitalist system. It is a
system based on profit,
profit and even more
In the capitalist system sports is a great sector. And all
parts of this sector have been commercialized and aim
for profit.
Sports centers are fee-based. Both watching sport events
and practice sports are being charged.
There's a big industrial complex only for advertisement.
From advertisement of sport equipment and sport competitions to advertisement of sportsmen, billions of dollars are spent for advertisements. By this, desire is being
increased immeasurably .

Bet games like contention or pools have
been turned into a means of gamble with
the state's hand.
On one hand irregular nutrition culture and damaged,
obese bodies caused by capitalist products, on the other
hand fitness centers and medicine which are incited in
the name of "becoming beautiful" and to improve this

Revolutionaries and the socialist system will put
an end to this degenerate, crooked use of sports, which
is against the human nature.
In the People's Constitution, which was prepared by the
People's Front and shall be valid after the revolution in
Turkey, following chapter was written about sports:
“The Democratic People's Republic will establish facilities in the understanding that sports and relaxing is a
natural right, in order meet the needs of the people for
sports, relaxing and holidays.
For this it will make the necessary legal and administrative regulations. (...)
Sport will not anymore be a merchandise and it will be
granted, that it serves the physical and psychological
health as well as to promote the spirit of fraternal and
collective solidarity of the people. With this objective
it will become a social activity, which can be directly
joined by the people. There will be established common
sport units and mass and amateur sport will be supported. There will be created conditions for the sport for a
broad mass of people, not just a little minority. (..)
Well, what is the situation of today's Turkey?
To practice sports, it is necessary to go to certain clubs
or sports centers Indeed, those are not without fee. The
poor population do not have opportunities to make
As it is in every area of life in Turkey, also sport can “be
exercised by those who have money, but not by persons
without money”.

The capitalist system is robbing and exploiting the mas- We're going to change that with the “Berkan Abatay 589
ses in both cases and it allegedly finds "solutions" for the Sports Center”. Sport shall no longer be an exclusive activity of an elite, but free of charge for all people.
deadlock created by itself.
On the 27th of May 2014 the 'Berkan Abatay 589 sports
center' was opened in Okmeydani.
Healthy, powerful bodies can't just belong to the bourgeoisie. The poor population should also have the chance to have healthy, powerful, athletic bodies. The bourgeoisie deems skinny bodies, weakness, obesity and
The anger of the masses towards the system and the un- powerlessness proper to the people.
happiness about life within the capitalist system is being
suppressed by means of sports. In the capitalist system Poverty, the lack of regular nourishment and working
the success of sports is evaluated with medals and bro- from child age, is damaging our body.
ken records. To become the first, to defeat a competitor, We'll produce our own sport equipment in our
to get the best degree... The aim of sports is being tur- sports hall. While making sport we'll produce
Bourgeoisie doesn't only see the possibility of profit making in sports, it also wants to use it as means
to consolidate its own system. It uses sports to numb
and narcotize the masses. It is as means of masses
to ease their anger towards the system.

englisch.indd 19

29.08.2014 11:09:58

Berkan Abatay 589 Sports Center
new sport equipments and deliver a blow to the consumption culture.
We'll show that sport doesn't necessarily require expensive equipments, but that we are able to produce them
ourselves in the frame of functionalism. We're going
to bring out minds for production and creation. When
the sports hall was opened, there wasn't payed for any
sports equipment. Everything was obtained with the
voluntary support of the people. Inactive sport equipments got a new function and was offered for the service of the people.
The name of the sports hall...


englisch.indd 20

While imprisoned at Tekirdag's F-type prison, Berkan
Abatay participated in the Great Death Fast Resistance,
which continued from 2000-2007.
He was the resister, who fasted over the longest period:
589 days!
In a way Berkan Abatay has been our guide.
The meaning of putting the name of Berkan Abatay,
who also was in close relation to sports, to the signboard of our sport center, is the power of will. We're going
to make this will power and discipline an example.

29.08.2014 11:09:58


The attacks on prisoners in the F-type pri- There's no aspect for accepting such a system and the
prisoners of the People's Front either refuse the visit or
sons doesn't come to an end.
There's nothing, the families of TAYAD they break the glass panel.
wouldn't do for their imprisoned relatives
The bleeding wounds of the prison... Ill
The F-Type prisons were opened on 19th December prisoners.
2000 with a bloody massacre.
Since their opening the attacks against political prisoners never stopped.
These attacks, which continue since 14 years are now
supplemented with cameras, which were installed in
the prison yard.
They started to set up those cameras in a way, so that
they can watch the inside of the prison cells. This situation is not caused by the decision of single prison administrations, but by a central policy towards the prisons.
The cameras were firstly installed to the cell yards
of Bolu's F-Type prison. The prisoners changed the
direction of these cameras, covered them or coated
them with shoe polish to render them ineffective.

After the prisoners protested the cameras with actions
(like knocking the cell doors and shouting slogans),
they were given disciplinary punishment. It is attempted to prevent the prisoners from communicating with
each other. Further they try to controle their whole lifes while watching with cameras for 24/7. This means
the prisoners are put under psychological pressure
by creating the feeling to be watched for 24 hours.
This is the most severe kind of psychological torture.
While being completely isolated from the world outside, somebody is watching their every move...
A second form of attack are the visitor's cabins for lawyers, which are made of bell jars. The visitor's cabins will
be completely surrounded with glass. This way, they won't
just control every movement between the prisoner and the
lawyer during the conversation, but they will also listen to

them for the glass is sonolucent.
englisch.indd 21

The number of ill prisoners is 544, of which 162 are seriously ill. Since the situation of ill prisoners rapidly turns
into terminal illness, ill prisoners are constantly leaving
prisons in coffins. The prisons have almost turned into
a grave for ill prisoners.

The reason for their diseases is Isolation!
Firstly; Before the opening of the F-type prisons in
2000, the number of prisoners who died from their illnesses were not comparable with the high death rates
of today. After the opening of the F-type prisons the
number of coffins which were carried out of the prisons
rapidly increased. The only reason for this is the ISOLATION POLICY in the F-TYPE PRISONS. The isolation
conditions in the F-type quickly caused the prisoners to
collapse physically and psychologically and is the main
reason for their illnesses. After the opening of the F-types many prisoners committed suicide because of psychological depressions as a result of isolation.
Secondly; Since the isolation policy in the F-Type prisons prevents the treatment of ill prisoners, diseases quickly turn into terminal illnesses. As the isolation policy
prevents the diagnosis of illnesses, it also abolishes the
treatment. Between the years 2000-2013, 2,304 prisoners and convicts were killed in prisons, and still prisoners are still being murdered. Prisoners and convicts
who can not be treated under prison conditions, have
to be released. But they aren't and their treatment is deliberately prevented. It is as simple as this, if a prisoner
gets seriously ill inside a F-Type prison, he is condemned to die there.
AKP is also killing the prisoners. The death of prisoners
and convicts is not even mentioned in the news. All
kinds of obstacles are put in the way of a treatment of
political prisoners,until they reach the death's doorstep.
The AKP sees the revolutionary prisoners as an enemy
and is using the illness of these prisoners as means to
force them to their knees...
Since the foundation of TAYAD, there is no action its

29.08.2014 11:09:58

members did not take or wouldn't be ready to do.
On the 16th of June the TAYAD families opened a hunger strike tent for 10 days in front of the Cevahir Shopping Mall in Sisli to demand freedom for ill prisoners...
The police attacked and arrested them.
Others opened a nylon tent and resisted at their place.
In order to make the voice of the prisoners heard, the
TAYAD-families opened a stall in front of the Galatasaray grammar school on 23rd, 24th and 25th of June,
where they gathered signatures and opened a tent. Each
time when the police confiscated their tent, the opened
a new one.

Ankara march

The families, who were constantly attacked in their 10
days lasting hunger strike tent for the ill prisoners, started step by step with their Ankara march from 28th of
June 2014. They started to march for their imprisoned
relatives without complaining “I feel bad, I'm ill”.
Before starting the march to Ankara they opened a banner writing “The ill prisoners shall be released! Cabins
with glass panels and spying on prisoners with cameras
for 24 hours is torture! End Torture of Isolation within
Isolation!” Afterward they started their march. First
they went from Istanbul to Gebze by car. From there
the TAYAD members went to Kocaeli.

englisch.indd 22

On the second tday the trip continued to Yalova. After going to Orhangazi by car, they continued their
trip by foot. The mothers and fathers of TAYAD were
surrounded by the police. During the whole march
cars passing Greeted them. While having a break at
a service area and eating fruits, they collected water
on their feet with injector. They applied balsam and
continued their way. Breaks were kept short, because
they wanted to reach Gemlik early. They marched for
three hours without a stop. Persons responsible for the
food went first.

When the TAYAD-members reached the central square of Gemlik, they held speeches and explained the
reason for their march. People looked out of their windows, they applauded the elderly mothers and fathers.
After the first action they ate their meals and prepared
the actions which was going to be held in the evening.
In the evening the TAYAD families opened their banners in front of a shopping mall and in a press statement they informed about the ill prisoners and about
the Ankara march. Police always walked around and
After the families went to Bursa by car they continued
with their foot march.
The mothers and fathers of prisoners passed difficult

After visiting the youth association in Kocaeli,
they went to houses for sleeping.
29.08.2014 11:10:06

slopes, sang march songs and nobody complained.
One of the families, Fahrettin Keskin's blood pressure
dropped and he felt bad. But he wanted the march to be
continued, saying “Even if I die, I want you to continue.
I don't want that this march to stopp”.
The pain they feel with their elderly body, becomes clear
in these words. But they didn't want to end the march
and went on by pushing their own limit.
The next stop was Eskisehir. There they read a press
statement. Late at night they reached Ankara and went
to houses, where they would sleep. The next morning
at 10.00 p.m. they gathered at the famous Abdi Ipekci
In the same hours two members of TAYAD carried out
a protest in front of the Ministry of Justice. One of the
these members reported following: ”First we put on our
T-shirts. Civil and uniformed police began to move.
We throw 4 plastic bottles with red color, which should
represent the blood, of which the Ministry of Justice
doesn't get enough while killing our children. After throwing the bottles we said 'You couldn't get enough of
blood. Here you have it'.
Later the families went from Abdi Ipekci Park to the Sakarya Street to held their action. They opened banners
and marched towards the Ministry of Justice. After reading a statement the group marched to the Yüksel Street
with its banners and slogans in order to wait for the delegation which was in a meeting in the parliament. One
hour later the delegation went out with slogans. They
reported that the conversations were positive and that
they will hold a common press conference with some
MP's the coming week.

On the 17th July two members of TAYAD fueled a big
circle and made a fire close to the Taksim memorial,
while they opened a banner writing “The state spies on
the prisoners with cameras and kills the ill prisoners!
We will demand reckoning“. They called on the people
and said, that they would never leave the ill prisoners
When riot police forces and civil policemen saw the
action, they immediately intervened before the speech
could end and took the banner of the TAYAD members by force. Although the activists were arrested, they
could impart their demands to the people with broadsheets. Feridun Osmanagaoglu and Murat Can Göcmen were later dragged to the floor, handcuffed from
the back and arrested under torture. But afterward they
were released again.
On the 20th July the TAYAD families opened a banner
writing “The ill prisoners must be released”, listing the
names of ill prisoners and started their march. In the
front line mothers of TAYAD marched with white head
scarfs and red headbands. During their action in which
they explained the isolation tyranny in the prisons with
posters, they also carried Palestinian flags to show solidarity with the people of Palestine, who are confronted
with a massacre of Israeli Zionism. During the march
they frequently shouted slogans.

Boycott of TAYAD on the anniversary of the
June Uprising.

On the 28th of May the TAYAD-families opened a
stall at metro bus station in Mecidiyeköy where they
announced the boycott action planned for 30th May.
Two members of TAYAD made a fire on the The day after they gathered again at the metro bus staTaksim Square to draw attention to the ill tion and distributed boycott broadsheets wearing cloaks. While distributing the leaflets they frequently said
„AKP is a murderer. It has murdered Berkin Elvan. It
has killed hundreds of our people in Soma, and finally
it has killed Ugur. We'll be in boycott for justice tomorrow. More than thousand leaflets were distributed to the
people. Hundreds of people who took the broadsheets
expressed their anger against the AKP.
12 of 490 serious ill prisoners:
They weren't alone at any time. Nothing can destroy the
determination for struggle.
Let's strengthen their power for this struggle and for life
with our support:

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UFUK KESKIN: He suffers from Typ1 diabetes. He
receives four insulin injections per day. Further he got
ill with celiac disease. A diet is being applied. About this
diseases there are several reports from hospitals and
institutions. Ufuk Keskin was sentenced to life-long
prison at Bolu's F-Type prison.
MEHMET YAMAC: His thoracic cage is broken, his
lungs are burned and he's got difficulties to breathe.
His broken ribs wrongly healed, he's got high blood
pressure and rheumatic pain. There are reports available about his diseases. He is imprisoned since 1996 and
received a life sentence. He remains at Tekirdag's F-type
prison No. 1.
HASAN TAHSIN AKGÜN: He receives psychological treatment of advanced degree. There was diagnosed schizophrenia. From time to time he has to
remain in hospital. His crisis intensives from time to
time, his medical treatment continues for a long time.
He is unable to manage his life alone. About all those
diseases there are several hospital and forensic reports.
He's got a life sentence and is kept at Tekirdag's F-type
prison No. 1.
MUSTAFA GÖK: He suffers from Wernicke Korsakoff. He's got problems with his memory, with his
balance and loss of retention. All these problems were
noted in hospital and forensic reports. He remains at
Sincan's F-type prison No.1.

YUSUF KENAN DINCER: He suffers from Wernicke-Korsakoff. Further he received an varicocele operation
and his treatment is continuing. He suffers from all pains
of Korsakoff disease. There's a report available. He received a life sentence and is imprisoned at Kirikkale F-type
ÖZLEM TASDEMIR: She's got psychological problems
and was diagnosed with manic depression. Her treatment
has been continuing since 2008. Because her toe was amputated she's got problems with blood circulation. There
are reports available for these diseases. She is imprisoned
since 1998 and was sentenced to life-long prison. She's
kept at Gebze's Women Prison.
SELMANI ÖZCAN: He suffers from Wernicke-Korsakoff. He lives all symptoms and ailments of this disease. Further he's got problems because of injury of a bullet
at his feet. He's imprisoned since 1992 and was punished
with aggravated life sentence. He's kept at Sincan's F-type
ALI TEKE: He suffers from Wernicke-Korsakoff. He
suffers from every symptome of this disease. He was convicted with a life sentence. There are reports available for
his disease. He's imprisoned since 1992 and kept at Kandira's F-type prison.

SÜLEYMAN ACAR: He suffers from traumatic epilepsy. He's got platinum in his head and also suffers
from hypertension. There are reports available.
HÜSEYİN ÖZARSLAN: He suffers from chronic
Hepatitis B..
He also suffers from high blood pressure and pain in
the joints. There are medical reports available. He was
convicted to life sentence and is in prison for over 20
years. He remains at Sincan's F-Type prison No. 1.
FİKRET KARA: He suffers from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrom, has got problems with blood presure and
also suffers from sleep apnea. There are medical reports
availabe for all those diseases. He remains aat Izmir's
Kiriklar F-type prison No.1.
TALAT SANLI: He suffers from Wernicke-Korsakoff. He's got a report for 52% disability. He received
a life sentence and is imprisoned at Kirikkale F-type
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29.08.2014 11:10:06

Revolutionary youth

The revolutionary youth
The youth is in boycott
T h e y
to create
a apolitical
in front
of their computers,
with their smartphones, not being aware of what happens in the world surrounding them.
This system doesn't need and doesn't want a “political”
It wants to channel the energy and dynamic of young
people into the system of exploitation.
In Turkey this didn't work out. Young persons remained faithful to the 44-year long tradition of Dev-Genc
(revolutionary youth) and gained public attention mainly by boycotts and occupations.


Gazi district of Istanbul.
This spread like a wildfire into all parts of Turkey.
There have been boycotts and occupations at renowned
universities like the ODTÜ (Technical University of the
Middle East) in Ankara, the University of September
9th in Izmir, ITÜ (Technical University of Istanbul) and
many high schools throughout the country like the economical high school in Istanbul, high schools in Sarigazi, in Dersim (Kurdish territory), many high schools in
Hatay (town at the border to Syria).

After the death of Berkin the lessons were

The boycott that was started by Dev-Genc students
found many supporters. Many schools, lawyers in
courtrooms and retailers in the districts followed their

of the high school students of Dev-Genc On May 22nd 2014 the students of the high school of
Okmeydani boycotted their lessons.
for Berkin Elvan

They demanded justice for Berkin Elvan.
The police reacted by shooting with live ammunition.
They cynically shot at the students.
They protested the killing of a student in their age and
the police tried to kill them for it.
Mistakenly Ugur Kurt, who was at the Cem-Evi due to
a death in his family, was shot in the head and died on
Due to this tragic inscident the Okmeydani boycott is
the most famous one. But boycotts took place all over

The death of 15-year old Berkin Elvan put in motion all
students and above all those of high schools. To protest
Berkin's death they boycotted their lessons.
The Dev-Genc students started their struggle for justice
with a boycott at Abay Konanbay High School in the
englisch.indd 25

Since the military coup on September 12th 1980 nothing like this has happened in Turkey.
For the first time, students and young people have boycotted their lessons together for a political cause.

Boycott for the anniversary of the June-Resistance


29.08.2014 11:10:06

Revolutionary youth

1st-of-May-District: On the evening of May 30th there
has been a demonstration with the motto “From Berkin
to Soma we stand for justice in boycott” a transparent
was opened in front of the Emek bakery to stop the
There was a call for actions for the anniversary of the

Afterward all students gathered and demonstrated through the district.
Also at the cram school of Sarigazi the students hung transparents out of the school windows and boycotted class.

Aktions for the anniversary of YÖK

To protest the foundation of YÖK (Higher Education
Commitee) on November 6th 1981 students of Dev-Genc
occupied the Faculty of History and Geography in Ankara.

For the anniversary of the Gezi-resistance the people
demanded justice for those fallen during the June-resistance and the Soma mining massacre with the motto
“neither work nor class, the resistance is growing”.
The retailers of Armutlu closed their stores and put up
signs that read “We are in boycott for justice”
Merchants followed the call of People's Front to "halt
live" and declared the 30th of May as anniversary of the
June-resistance and shut down their stores. At 9 p.m.
many housholds started an action by switching their
lights on and off and making noise with pots and pans.
Also in Gülsuyu the retailers followed the 30th of May
boycott call of People's Front with the motto "neither
work nor class, the resistance is growing".
For 15 minutes all roads were blocked and a demonstration started.
In the evening there has been a torch march which was
attacked by water cannons and armored vehicles close
to the E-5 highway

What is YÖK?

On September 12th 1980 there was a military coup in Turkey.
The commitee was formed to keep controle over the youth.
It controles every activity and all the contents of all university students.
Professors have to stick to the framework dictated by YÖK
or they face disciplinary penalties.
Also students who act against YÖK face disciplinary penalties or even exmatriculation.

In Sarigazi retailers boycotted between 1 p.m. and 5
p.m.using the motto “Justice for Berkin, justice for the
fallen of the June-resistance and Soma”.
The students of Dev-Genc boycotted class at 12.30. This
boycott was ended by a big exertion of police forces.
The students responded to the attacks by throwing stones at the police vehicles.
They locked the schooldoors and ensured that nobody
stood inside.

YÖK is a product of the fascist constitution and makes an
independent, scientific teaching impossible.
It rather supports the politicians of the incumbent government.
Right now Erdogan aims to raise a “religious youth”.
At every single university places of worship were established. Obviously not for christians, jews or alevis. They are
places of worship for the official religion of Sunni Islam.
YÖK provides space for religion but suffocates all activities of progressive and revolutionary students.
This is why every year on November 6th revolutionary and
progressive students plan actions against YÖK. This year
Dev-Genc squatted a university.

Students of the Demo-and Mehmetcik High School
and the Economical High School of Sarigazi boycotted
their classes.
The school management was forced to announce "vacation".
The Dev-Genc students hung up transparents explaining the boycott and danced Halay (a traditional Ana26
tolian dance).

Ten persons of Dev-Genc squatted the deanery of the Faculty of History and Geography in Ankara. They protested
the fascist repression against the students by YÖK and the
deanery. The occupation lasted from 1p.m. to 4p.m. The
occupation couldn't last any longer because special forces
of the police and firefighters stormed the building and arrested all ten students.
Seven of them were taken into custody. They were freed

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29.08.2014 11:10:06

Revolutionary youth

after one month due to a powerfull campaign of DevGenc.
Students in Okmeydani showed their solidarity with
the students in Ankara by raising transparents.
There have been more actions against YÖK in Ankara,
Istanbul, Izmir and Tekirdag.

Freedom to 2776 Pupils and Students

At the moment 2776 students and pupils are imprisoned because they demanded “free education”.
There have been and still are campaigns for their freedom.

Dev-Genc marches to Ankara

With the demand "Justice for Berkin and freedom to
all detained pupils and students" activists of Dev-Genc
started a march from Istanbul to Ankara at June 4th
They marched from one town to another and explained
to everyone that there are 2776 students imprisoned in
Turkey and are deprived of the time they need for their
Also they explained that Dev-Genc is not going to remain silent until the murderers of Berkin Elvan have
got their just punishment.
The spirit and euphoria and the determination of the
young people was vividly noticable in every city they


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Revolutionary Workers Movement

Revolutionary Workers Movement
- In March 2013 the Municipal Workers of Sisli
started with resistance in a tent in front of the municipality, both against the mayor of Sisli Mustafa Sarigül and the collaborating leaders of the Genel-Is Trade
Union Headquarters. Savas Dogan and workers of the
3rd Branch of Genel-Is, who joined the action, ended
their resistance with a victory.
The municipality and the union leaders, whom manipulated the general assembly and instead of selecting
Savas Dogan, who won the elections, decided for a person of their interest, had to make a retreat.
Due to the support of the workers, the person, which
was assigned by the bosses as well as his group had to
resign, and a decission for a new general assembly was
- Resistance at Doluca Viticultural and Vine

Production factory in Cerkezköy:

The worker of Doluca, Yilmaz Sahin was dismissed because he complained about low pay rises for workers
and protested. He was systematically confronted with
politics of intimitation by the management of Doluca.
On the 13th of February 2013 his employment was terminated. Thereon Yilmaz Sahin set up a tent in front
of the factory and started with resistance. During the
whole resistance, his employers and the police tried to
intimidate him. On the 36th day of his resistance his
demands were accepted and he gained victory.

veral timees to talk to the Somuncu family (their bosses)... They didnt succeed.

On 28th June 2013 the Kazova workers occupied their factory.
They opened a banner saying “We won't leave the fa-

ctory until we get our rights from the textile bosses
Ümit and Mustafa Umut Somuncu, whom have robbed our bread, our work and our efforts“. It was legitime to resist and to demand one's rights with all means,

- Resistance of Esin Ulusan at Sarıgazi's District Hospital:

On 18th July he started with resistance, because he had
to work overtime for several years, he was constantly
faced with physical and verbal violence and because his
compensation and he was stripped of his rights
He turned his action to a tent resistance on 1st August.
In the end the resistance showed its power and the bosses accepted Esin Ulusan's demands on 6th August.

-Kazova Resistance:

On 31st January 2013 the textile workers of Kazova
were dismissed. They didn't receive their wages for 4
months, as well as their premiums, overtime payments
and their severance payments. Every week they marched from Bomonti to the Sisli Square. They carried out
actions in front of the residences of their bosses.
On 29th April they set up a tent in front of the
factory in Sisli Bomonti. They attempted for seenglisch.indd 28

as soon as robbery, corruption and degeneration is part
of a system. Our belongings could only be protected
with a tit for tat struggle. The Kazova workers, who
wanted to carry out an action on a holiday in front of
the house of the prime minister, were taken hostage by
the police of AKP. The Kazova workers said „We don't
need parasitic bosses“ and after they repaired their machines they started to produce. This has been the very
first example of it in the history of the worker's class
in Turkey. Under the guidance of the Revolutionary
Worker's Movement, the Kazova workers both started
producing and directing.
On 26th/27th October they confiscated the machines,
carrying them to another place. They went in a new
29.08.2014 11:10:07


Revolutionary Workers Movement
phase, producing with these machines without a boss
on their top. The resisting workers of Kazova have achieved victory.


-3rd October 2013, Beltas Resistane:

Workers of BELTAS, which is a subcontract company of
the municipality of Besiktas, started for the second time
with resistance to protect their union rights. Although
the mayor Ismail Ünal declared, that he will accept the
decision of the court, he appealed to the union's right
of competence. Therefore the workers started to resist
The BELTAS workers demanded to withdraw the trials,
which were opened by the municipality in Ankara and
Istanbul. The BELTAS workers occupied the District
Building of CHP in Besiktas and continued their legitime struggle. They went on hungerstrike... Finally, the
demands of the resisting BELTAS workers were accepted. They achieved their union rights and their right to

The municipality of Sariyer has dismissed two workers
(which are members of the DIH) on 12th of May 2014,
because they complained about the poor working conditions.
Both then opened then tent before the city council on 20th May 2014. The mayor tried to split
the workers with bribery and threats. When all
brought nothing, he had to give up on 21st May
2014. Both workers were given back their jobs.

- Millions of dollar factory came to heel:
The Senapa Stampa resistance ended with
a victory.

21st July 2014: The worker Salih Savas was dismissed

-Hungerstrike at the head office of Genel-Is
Union in Ankara:
Istanbul's head of district, Veysel Demir and Mehmet
Karagöz were dismissed by disregarding the union
statute, and they started with a hungerstrike. On 11th
December both of them achieved their rights and they
were sent back to district head. By that another emplacement had been achhieved against the unionism of
bosses under guidance of the Revolutionary Worker's

- The BEDAŞ Workers celebrated the victory of their
6th January 2014: After 5 workers of BEDAS who are
members of the Enerji-Sen union were dismissed, they
achieved a victory through the resistance of the workers
and returned to their job.

from Senapa Stampa factory, because he insisted in a
firm contract and his social rights.
Then Salih Savas built a tent in front of the factory, where he remained for 156 days. He brought to heel the factory with full legitimacy and determination and finally
achieved all his rights.
The factory management tried to intimidate him since
- Those who resist achieve victory, whom do the first day of resistance.

not resist will degenerate.

On March 16, 2014, a solidarity event was conducted
with the Kazova-workers.
The theater "Simurg" performed a piece about the “Roboski-massacre”. The Idil Folk Theater stayed together
with the workers at the foyer while performing a piece
about the Kazova workers. Another piece was about the
June uprising and Berkin Elvan. Then the concert part
began. In addition to artists such as Ilkay Akkaya and
Hasan Yesilyurt, Grup Yorum played at the end.

englisch.indd 29

Some said „Alone you can reach nothing“, „You can not
prevail against such gigantic factory“, „You're on a deserted post, except you no one provide any resistance."
But Salih Savas trusted in his rightness and told everyone that he was going to win. He has shown the whole
working class, what a single worker is able to achieve
with legitimacy and rightness.

29.08.2014 11:10:07

Berkin Elvan

We want
for Berkin
Berkin Elvan was a 14-year old teenager, who lived
in Istanbul's neighborhood Okmeydani.
Okmeydani is a neighborhood, in which revolutionaries and especially the People's Front are strongly
tied to the population.
As well 'Idil Cultural Center', belonging to the popular left band Grup Yorum, and the Youth Federation
are located in this neighborhood.
The children, who grow up in Okmeydani are familiar with fascism, water canons and gas bombs. They
know too, that there isn't any choice but to resist the
brutal state policy.
Berkin Elvan was one of the young people among
the People's Front, he was a “child of hope”, as young
people and children in that neighborhood are called.
The “children of hope” are all beautiful, but Berkin
was one of the most active, courageous and brave
of them. He was known and loved by everyone in
Okmeydani, both by elderly people, children and
Okmeydani was the place, where the police mostly
attacked and used gas bombs during the June uprising in 2013. That's why Berkin Elvan, just like all
inhabitants of the neighborhood tried to defend Okmeydani against the armed police forces and their
water canons with marbles and slingshots. He was
struggling in the front lines of the barricades
englisch.indd 30

and without any fear.
When dawn was breaking on 16th June 2013 in Okmeydani, almost nobody could sleep. The whole neighborhood was surrounded by the smell of gas bombs, and even
houses were filled with the smoke. The Elvan family was
about to have breakfast, and someone should get bread.
Because Berkin knew that the confrontations were going
on, he said to his mother, who wanted to go for bread
“you're not quick enough to run away, I'll get the bread”,
and he just
bolted outside. But Berkin never returned to his home, he
couldn't bring bread to his family. It was the last time for
him to leave his home.
Because the streets to the bakery were filled with water
canons and police forces.
They aimed at Berkin. He could jump and save his life
once, he could jump and recover himself twice, but then
police purposely targeted him and a teargas grenade hit
his head.
He removed the gas shell from his head and said, “Don't
tell anything to my mother and father, they shall not be
sad”. But then, he collapsed and was brought to the hospital.
There, Berkin's struggle began, which lasted for 269 days.
On the 11th March 2014, he became immortal as the 6th
martyr of the June uprising.
While Berkin Elvan was sleeping, the members of the
People's Front stirred up the whole world. The sleep of
Berkin Elvan awoke the people and questioned their
29.08.2014 11:10:07

Berkin Elvan

Some of the outshining actions
Actions carried out for Berkin Elvan:
- Every day, members of the People's Front kept guard
in front of the hospital, where Berkin Elvan was in a
- The family, lawyers and friends of Berkin Elvan held
countless press statements during the period, he was in
a coma.
- In numerous cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara, Adana, Tarsus, Dersim, Samsun, Edirne,
Kars, Kirklareli, Maras, Canakkale, Erzincan) actions
were carried out for 269 days. Demonstrations and
protests were organized, banners were hung up.
-The demand “We want justice for Berkin Elvan” never

- On 9th September 2013 people wanted to make a
“chain for justice” for Berkin Elvan.
From there, they wanted to go in front of the courthouse. But the police didn't even tolerate such a simple action. They attacked and arrested several people.
- On 16th November people carried out an action
following an appeal of the Taksim Solidarity and demanded justice for Berkin in front of the Courthouse
in Istanbul.
-The day, when Berkin Elvan was in a coma for 153
days already, the police attacked the protest group even
before a press statement could be read. Gas bombs,
plastic ammunition and compressed water was used
against people, injuring many of them. One of the protestors got his leg broken.

The answers to the demand for justice were arrests and
injuries... Members of the People's Front decided to
-At the same time the young people in the age of Berkin Elvan carried out actions at grammar schools. They march in front of the AKP building at Sutluce to dechung up banners from the school windows, wrote mes- lare “We pursue the murderers”. Without waiting for
sages to the blackboard and made a symbolic “sleeping this action, the police started to suffocate the streets of
Okmeydani with gas bombs and attacked with plastic
action” for Berkin.
ammunition. The barricades were expanded until the
branch roads. The supporters of the People's Front
-Every Sunday an action was held in front of the Taklighted a fire. They resisted with stones, slingshots and
sim memorial.
marbles to plastic munition and gas bombs.
Hasan Ferit Gedik, who later lost his life as a result of
-Every Friday a demonstration was organized from
6 bullets fired by a drug gang, added a new form of acTakim to the Galatasaray grammar school.
tion. He said “Let's fly wish lanterns for Berkin Elvan”.
His life didn't last long enough to implement this idea,
but in many places in Turkey and in Europe “wish
lanterns” were flown.
In January, on the birthday of Berkin Elan, grammar
school students wrote to the blackboard “Happy Birthday Berkin”.

-In Adana, every Monday at 5.00 p.m. a press statement was held at Inonu Park, saying “We want justice”.
For 269 days, the press, almost on a daily base, published news about Berkin Elvan.

The scholars and teachers at Isparta' Süleyman Demirel
Science Grammar School made a video with the title
“Hey, Berkin, get up“
Don't play with our patience! Reveal the policemen,
who shot Berkin!
The state is protecting the murderer of Berkin. Persistently it doesn't reveal the police officer, who shot
Berkin Elvan, doesn't make efforts at all, not even
concerning the evaluation of security cameras. The family lawyers of Berkin found by own efforts witnesses

englisch.indd 31

29.08.2014 11:10:07

Berkin Elvan
and made investigations. They had to do the job, that
wasn't done by the prosecutor. But not just the lawyers
were curious for the murderer of Berkin. Therefore,
several actions were carried out in many cities of Turkey with the demand „Do not play with our patience!
Reveal the murderer of Berkin“.

Millions of people shouted the slogan „Murderer
There was a flood of people behind the funeral. The
people came to say goodbye to its child. It was reported, that around 3 million people were joining, when
the funeral reached the cemetery.

In February and March 2014, 32 actions were carried
out to demand „Justice for Berkin“.
90 persons were arrested. Almost none of these 90
persons remained without broken arms or legs, or not
wounded on head or eyes!

Not just in Turkey, but in many countries around
the world, people were mourning. From Australia to
Japan, from USA to Europe, there was almost nobody,
who didn't hear about Berkin Elvan and who didn't
accept him as own brother or child. Because „One is
silent, while children are sleeping, not if they die“.

One is silent, while children are sleeping,
not if they die!

Berkin lost his struggle for life on 11th March 2014,
after lying 269 days in a coma.
resistance against death was in fact a call for resistance. It was a big resistance to wake up the people while
sleeping... And it was exactly, as Berkin wished... With
every day he melted away, he stirred the people...
He opened blind eyes, made deaf ears listen and numb
tongues speak...
Until today, his funeral was the most crowded funeral.
3 million people had been in Istanbul. 3 million people
considered Berkin as their own child. 3 million people
were angry with the state that killed Berkin.
englisch.indd 32

Fascist Tayyip Erdoğan

During the funeral of Berkin Elvan, his mourning and
furious mother said „Not Allah has taken the life of
my son, but Tayyip Erdogan“.
Tayyip Erdogan booed the mourning mother during a
speech in front of a big crowd of people. On the other
hand, it was himself who said, that he personally gave
the order to kill Berkin and the other martyrs of the
June uprising:
"They say 'Who gave the order to the police'. I gave it.
Our police has written a story of bravery“.
After this statement received massive protest, he de-

29.08.2014 11:10:07

Berkin Elvan
fended his police forces by saying:
"How could the police separate, how old a person was,
who wore a head scarf and hurled iron marbles with a
slingshot“... This is how he started the debate on „Who
are these persons with red masks“.
There's a separate part about this issue in the brochure.

The fascist police continues to target
grammar school students
After the death of Berkin, the grammar school students carried out several actions and they continued to
do so, demanding the punishment of his murderers.
The demand for justice will not end until justice for
Berkin is being obtained.
The revolutionary grammar school students boycotted
their lessons on the 26th May 2014 with the slogan
“We demand justice for Berkin”. The police fired live
ammunition against these young people, who carried
out this passive action and who were in the age of Berkin. Ugur Kurt, who was incidental in place, was shot
by police bullets to his brain and died at the scene. The
police actually wanted to kill the young people, just as
they killed Berkin.

I've got the instructions from Berkin

After Ugur Kurt, also
Ayhan Yilmaz lost his
life during confrontations between activists
and the police. Same
as Ugur Kurt, he had
nothing to do with the
protests. The police
applies open terror. It
doesn't differentiate
between adults, children, old and young
persons, but kills anybody with live ammunition and gas bombs. During the
June uprising 8 people, including Berkin were killed.
12 people lost their sight, because police threw gas
bombs at close range. One person's splenetic had to be
removed. 20 persons received traumatic brain injuries.
7.832 people were injured, some 60 of them severely.
4.900 people were arrested and subjected to any kind
of degrading treatment and torture in police custody.
Only in the last period more than 100 of our people in
cities like Ankara Izmir and Istanbul were imprisoned
for participation in actions. 150 thousand gas bombs
were used against the people. People were attacked
with 3 thousand tons of water mixed up with chemi-

englisch.indd 33

While the AKP government protects the murderers, it
continues its tyranny towards the people with might
and main. The police officers are protected from highest rank, from Erdogan personally. And they are even
praised with words like “my police forces have written
an epic”. The prosecutors do not open trials, the courts
do not advance and even eliminate evidence. As if making fun of those who demand justice, Erdogan answered “5 people were killed, what's the matter. Why don't
you look at Egypt”. With such a prime minister, in such
a country you can't find justice. This state has been
degenerated with all its institutions. The police forces
took their instructions from “Erdogan”. The fighter of
DHKC, Muharrem Karatas and Serdar Polat announced, that they had taken their instructions from “Berkin Elvan”. They launched an attack with rockets to a
building of the Police Headquarters in Ankara on 20th
September 2013, because this was the police center
from where 250.000 policemen were dispatched and
administrated, and also orders for all massacres and
shootings were coming from there. The action didn't
aim at casualty, but at “warning”. Two hours after the
raid, Muharrem Karatas and Serdar Polat were surrounded by 5.000 policemen, by helicopters and dogs.
The militants went in a confrontation against 5.000
policemen and special units. They were injured, when
the police arrested them. But they killed Muharrem
Karatas purposedly and a shift was started in front of
the hospital to prevent the police from executing Serdar Polat, who subsequently was sent to prison.

- Grammar school students and university
students carried out an action after Berkin's death:
With his death, Berkin politicized young people of his age
and teenagers.
Turkey hasn't witnessed such widespread school actions
after the fascist junta of 1980.

- Students of Izmir/Karatas grammar school held a sitin protest for Berkin.
After a moment of silence for Berkin, they didn't enter the
- Yüksekova: Dozens of students, who gathered in front
of the Yüksekova Grammar school, marched over Cengiz
Topel street until the Old Prison crossroads.
- Hozat: The students of the vocational high school didn't
enter their lessons for two days. The lessons were boycotted
with hundred percent participation.


29.08.2014 11:10:08

Berkin Elvan

- Istanbul: On 16th March a human chain was made in front of
the Ahmet Sani Gezici grammar school.

- The scholars of primary school in Istanbul/Aslangazi carried out actions.

- Amed: The students of Fatih grammar school organized an acti- The grammar school students in the neighborhood Gazi marcon on the 15th March. They hang up posters inside the school.
hed to the police station. they ended their action after reacting by
shouting "Murderers".
- Amed: In the grammar schools of Bismil actions were carried
- The children of the Harbiye primary school in Istanbul/
- Antakya: Students of several grammar schools organized boy- Elmadağ shouted the slogan “Berkin Elvan is Immortal" for
cotts and demonstrations.

- Istanbul: Students of the Kurtulus grammar school carried out - The students of Beşiktaş' Anadolu Lisesi grammar school
held a sit-in protest with bread in their hands.
a sit-in protest for Berkin Elvan.
- Istanbul: The students of Asim Ulker grammar school attached the photograph of Berkin to their collars.

- The students of Istanbul' Bahçelievler Anadolu grammar
school held a sit-in protest.

- The students of Ankara's Ege Anadolu grammar school
made a boycot for Berkin Elvan.

- The students of Izmir's Mustafa Kemal Anadolu
grammar school decided to go to school with black clothes. They didn't enter their lesson in the morning and carried
out an action for Berkin.

- The students of Istanbul's Esenkent Halil Akkanat
grammar school, organized a march for Berkin.


englisch.indd 34

29.08.2014 11:10:08

Berkin Elvan
- The students of Adana's Hacı Ahmet Atıl grammar
school made a boycott.
- The students of Ankara's Nermin Mehmet Çekiç
Anadolu grammar school carried out a demonstration
until Kızılay.
- The scholars of Sarigazi's Küçük Ülkü Primar
School organized a march.
- Ankara: Students in Gölbasi marched all together to
- Dersim: There were demonstrations for Berkin in several
grammar schools.
- The students of Izmir's Bornova Mustafa Kemal
grammar school organized a march to commemorate

- Yeditepe University: Students carried out an action, saying
"We don't enter the lessons, our pain is deep. We'll remain
here, until the perpetrators of Berkin and all children are
being charged.
- The students of Bursa's Uludag University organized a sitin protest and a boycott in front of the Faculty of Arts and
- At the Okan University students carried out an action for
Berkin Elvan.
- A boycott was organized for Berkin Elvan in front of the
refectory of the Macka Campus of the ITU Conservatory.
- A commemoration was held at the Communication Faculty at
Erzurum's Atatürk University.
- A commemoration was held at the Cukurova University.

- The students of Ankara's Tuzlucayir grammar
school boycotted their lessons.

- The students of the Bilkent University announced, that they
had changed the name of the lecture hall fb309 into Berkin Elvan
lecture hall.

- The students of Ankara's Kirami Refia Alemdaroğlu
grammar school carried out an action. The administration tried to prevent their actions.

- Lessons were boycotted at the Istanbul University. The students
carried out a demonstration for Berkin.

- Izmir Tevfik Fikret grammar school: A boycott
was organized for Berkin Elvan. The students continued the
whole day with their boycotts and sit-in protests.
- The students of Ankara's Incirli grammar school
held a sit-in protest in the courtyard of the school on the
day, Berkin Elvan lost his life. They built a human chain for
Berkin Elvan, which was joined by 40 persons.
- The students of Ankara's Öğretmen Necla Kizilbag
Anadolu grammar school and the Çankaya Anadolu
grammar school united on the day, Berkin Elvan died
and marched from Seyranbaglari to Guven Park. During
a school match in the gym of their schools on 11th March
2014, they shouted slogans for Berkin.
- Dersim: Grammar school students, who gathered in the
Mogultay Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Street opened a banner,
writing "Berkin Elvan is Immortal“ and marched to the
Seyit Riza Park.


- Students of the Science Faculty of the Ege University boycotted their lessons, saying 'No lesson without Berkin'.
- Students of the Akdeniz University (Antalya) held a 2 days
lasting sit-in protests for Berkin Elvan in the Yakut market.
- Students carried out an action in front of the Faculty of
Law of the Baskent University.

englisch.indd 35

- The students of the Yildiz Technical University organized a
- The students of Gaziantep's Hasan Kalyoncu University carried
out an action.
- A commemoration was held at Mardin's Artuklu University.
- A commemoration was held at the Medical Faculty of Edirne'sTrakya University.
- Around 300 students at Usak's University held a commemoration.

- A group of students at Sivas' Cumhuriyet University
carried out a demonstration for Berkin Elvan.
- Students of the vocational high school for Applied Technology and Management at Mersin's Silifke University
carried out a sit-in protest in front of the Ataturk memorial.
- The students of the Eregli Teachers college BEU carried
out an action.
- At Sirnak's University a 'standing man' action was carried
out. The action, which started with a single person, multiplied with the students who left their lessons, while applauding.

Apart from these, Berkin Elvan was commemorated
with actions in almost all counties of Turkey.


29.08.2014 11:10:08


The People revolted
for Bread, Justice
and Freedom!
The people told the AKP „Enough is Enough!“...
The anger, which step by step accrued over years at
least erupted and spread into the streets. Any kind of
demand of all parts of the people, any struggle for the
gaining of rights was brutally suffocated in gas bombs.
Foremost the revolutionaries, everybody who was in
opposition to the AKP was sent to prison by plots.
At dead of night democratic institutions were raided
and the real terror was spread.
They wanted to kill ill prisoners in the jails by preventing their release.
They sold the mountains of the country, its lowlands,
its coasts, its river, brooks, its mines, shortly, they sold
the country part by part to imperialism. They destroyed the nature while saying, “We're going to build
hydroelectric power plants“. In the name of urenglisch.indd 36

ban transformation they put an eye to the houses of the
poor population and wanted to relocate them outside
the city. They mocked with the life style, with the beliefs
and the language of the people. They insulted everyone,
who didn't live like them.
The demolishing of the Gezi Park in Taksim and the
plan to construct a mall, was the last straw. The audience was electrified. It was the distributor of the fire, that
distended to all parts of the country.
Those, who heard that Gezi Park shall be demolished,
pitched their tents in the park and started to keep guard.
Thousands of people came together and started to wait
in the park day and night.
The first intervention to the park happened on 30th
May. The excavators began with the demolition.
But hundreds of people flooded the park and stopped

29.08.2014 11:10:08

Ten thousands of people who went to Taksim clashed
with the police, neglecting the gas bombs and pressurized water of the police. From time to time they retreated, sometimes they fastened and pursued the police
from the side roads to the Taksim Square. To prevent
the people from entering Taksim, the police closed all
streets leading to Taksim.
When AKP banned Taksim on the 1st of May, the People's Front said: “Taksim is the 1st of May Square.

The blood of our martyrs is in Taksim. We won't
allow them to invade it.“ For a month it resisted aga-

inst the gas bombs, sticks and pressurized water of the
police to conquer the Taksim Square... As a result of
sustained 35 hours clashes the 1st of May Square Taksim was entered on 1st of June. Even though it was one
month later, there were hundred thousands of people
at the 1st of May Square. The actions weren't limited to
Istanbul. According statements of the Ministry of Interior 2,5 millions of people in 79 provinces joined actions. This wasn't an ordinary action or protest. It was a
people's uprising.
The people, who were oppressed with fascist methods
and depoliticized by the media over years had overcome their wall of fear.
From 31th May 2013, the Taksim Square and the Gezi
Park was in the hands of the activists for 20 days. The
police could only enter the square after it attacked several times. Every Saturday hundreds of thousands of
people came to the square.
All differences and contradictions were left aside. The
people united against a common enemy against a common target.
At the front line of the people there were revolutionaries. Most of those who clashed with police, who caused
them to go back and tried to repel them, were revolutionaries. As in all other branches the members of the
People's Front took place in the first lines of these struggles.
They resisted with the people and with other structures,
led the masses, made them rush anew when they regressed and sometimes calmed them down when panic
was about to break out.

Everybody, including the Left has lost the hope in the
people. They said “This people is incorrigible”.
englisch.indd 37

The People's Front did never think like that. It said
“Wether we like it or not, we're going to make revolution with this people. We aren't in the position to bring
people from the space”. Parallel to its confidence in the
people it has started a campaign even before the begin
of the people's uprising under the slogan “We're going
to organize millions”.
The millions of people who flocked to the streets all
over the country, didn't just protest for the trees. Taksim is of historical importance. The slogan “Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance” isn't shouted
for avail.

Divide, Dismantle and Conquer
During the June uprising, house raids were made in
various cities. Erdogan also tried to collapse the resistance from “inside”. Therefore it targeted the “Taksim
Solidarity”, a platform, consisting of around 130 organizations.
The Taksim Solidarity is not an organization, which
takes common decisions, or in which every component adheres to that decision. It is unclear, who is a
component of this platform and who is not. TMMOB
(Turkish Engineers' and Architects' Association) represented itself as secretary of the platform.
They tried to break the influence of revolutionaries
towards the people.
Therefore they said “The barricades shall be removed”.
They called for “emptying the square”. And without informing anybody in advance, without seeking approval from anybody, they talked to prime minister Tayyip
Erdogan. The dialogue with the prime minister was
During a meeting which lasted for about 4,5 hours,
EMEP, TKP, EHP, ÖDP and several other organizations wanted to empty the Gezi Park. They said, there
should remain a single symbolical tent in Taksim. But
the people decided to stay and to resist, they didn't listen to them.
From the first days of July they started to create the
propaganda, that the storekeepers were against the activists. From the middle of July, the Taksim Solidarity
started to use these sorts of excuses more frequently in
order not to take actions in Taksim. When people and
crowded groups of the forum started to stay away from
the meetings, the influence of the representatives of
institutions began to increase.
From the 1st of June they took for the first time the decision, not to go to Taksim and not to hold an action
on Saturday, 20th July.

29.08.2014 11:10:08

On Sunday, 21st July they marched along with storekeepers from Taksim, not towards Taksim, but turning
their back to Taksim.
As it did every Saturday, the People's Front along with
the people clashed with the police in the Istiklal Street
on Saturday, 20th of July. Even though the components
of the Taksim Solidarity didn't come, the police attacks
and the resistance of the masses at the Taksim Square
and in the Istiklal Street lasted until 1.00 a.m.
It was again the people, who went for the Istiklal Street
and for Taksim.

Uprising and Youth:

All over the world and in Turkey they tried to create an
apolitical youth, which doesn't ask any questions and
which doesn't care about others. But they didn't succeed. Yes, within the uprising there was a quite high rate
of young people, convenient to the spirit of the youth.
Young people like 14 year old Berkin Elvan, 17 year old
Mustafa Ali Tombul or 19 year old Ali Ismail Korkmaz
stood in the front lines of the uprising. They became
the honor of the uprising. The bourgeoisie continued to
disdain the “young people” as “children” and as always
it tried to present them as a group of “deceived children”. But they were neither “children”, nor were they
“deceived”. They were our gentle-hearted youth, whom
at the age of 14, 17 and 19 challenged AKP fascism and
The bourgeoisie distorts, it seems as it supports the
youth and tries to decontextualize while saying “don't
take common decisions, don't go further, this is like an
They try to prevent the youth from organizing and becoming revolutionaries.
„Stop learning more, see, you have revolted, you pitched a tent, you had fun... finally go home...“

Marginal groups, terror organisations
Whenever the columnists and petty bourgeois intellectuals wrote something positive about the resistance in
the Gezi Park in the bourgeois media, they wrote that
the resistance was “impartial”, that it was carried out
by a completely “unorganized youth” who weren't part
of any other action before, that they were “innocent
young people”, and that they carried out “peaceful” actions “far from violence”.
And they often emphasized the legitimacy of the resistance and that this strong support originated from
these features, and that they should put a dividing rule
between marginal and illegal groups.
englisch.indd 38

the only way to become a power against fascism.
2- Every opinion and ideology which defends disorganization serves the system.
3- Why does the bourgeoisie not want, that the people
get organized? Because if they do, bourgeoisie couldn't
exploit and oppress them, at will. It would become a
power against itself.
4- In the uprisings all over the country, including the
Gezi Park, the people resisted against the terror of the
fascist state with stones, sticks and barricades, such as
the revolutionaries did for decades.
5- With millions the resistance line of the revolutionaries achieved legitimacy. Today, as hunger, poverty and
unemployment is on the rise, as tyranny brought the
people to the point of resistance, it is still the disorganization of the people, which keeps up the system. Ahead
of fascist terror, the system rules by disorganizing the
6- Our duty is to organize the people.
is our most concrete task for the future.
The balance sheet of the people's uprising which started on 31st May 2013 and lasted for about 1 month:
- More than 3,5 millions of people in 79
provinces joined actions.
- 11 people were killed!
- 12 people lost their sight,
- 1 person's spleen was removed!
- 20 persons suffered concussion!
- 8.163 persons were wounded!
- 4.329 persons were treated in hospitals.
- 4.900 persons were arrested!
- Over 200 people were imprisoned!
- 97 trials were opened against 5.653 persons.
- Thousands of people were tortured!
- 150 thousand gas bombs were shot at the
- 3 thousand tons of water mixed with chemicals were splattered.

1- Disorganization is not a merit. To organize is
29.08.2014 11:10:09


Demands of the People's Front

The demands of the People's Front are the demands of millions of people, who revolted.
1- For Bread, Justice and Freedom;
We want a People’s Constitution, for an independent and democratic country, where the nations and people can live in freedom, where work, justice and honor are considered as highest values, and which is ruled
by the people.
2- A gas bomb is a chemical weapon! It has to be banned!
3- The ill prisoners must be released!
4- Taksim belongs to the people! All squares, which were banned for the people, have to be opened!
5- The loot and plunder in the name of „urban transformation“ has to be stopped!
6- The insult of the people, the attack to its beliefs and values has to be ended!
7- All responsible, from the prime minster, who gave the order to attack to the Minster of
Interior, to the governor and the chiefs of police, must be judged!
8- The murderous police forces should be dismissed and judged!
9- All arrested persons should be released, the prisoners should be set free!
10- Not a single prosecution should be done towards those who resisted!


englisch.indd 39

29.08.2014 11:10:09

The red foulards

At the anniversary of the June resistance the People's
Front has called for boycott in left neighborhoods, in
order to demand justice “from Berkin to Soma”.

Scenes of fascism in Turkey

Anyone compared the pictures of 1st May or the
anniversary of the June resistance with the military
coup of 12th September 1980, or even considered
the situation of today worse.
Only in Istanbul
- 50 amored vehicles, 25,000 police forces
were on duty
- all streets that led to the Taksim Square,
were hermetically sealed.
- the service of ferries, metros, metrobusses and busses was stopped.
- several poor neighborhoods as Okmeydani,
Cayan, Gazi, Armutlu, Sarigazi, 1st of May
and Gülsuyu were encircled.
-the whole country was declared as depressed area.
-154 persons were detained.
Since the June uprising in 2013 there are permanently 2 different lines. One eye for an eye, ready to
pay a price. This was, where the People's Front built
the spear head. On the other side a protesting, pas-

sive action line.
For example there were sit-ins. But it was clear, that
it couldn't be possible at the anniversary of the Gezi
resistance to break the encirclement by a short sitin protest. A coalition called “Taksim Solidarity” sit
in front of police barricades to protest them. And
after a short time they went away. Nothing to say about sit-ins. This is a very effective instrument, if applied correctly.
But an effective and persistent resistance can't be
avoided. And it has to be done until the end.
But this can't be reached, if someone makes a short
protest and then leaves without a result.
If a sit-in should take place, it should be correctly,
namely long-ranging. If necessary, it could even last
for days.
Since the uprising the AKP government tries to
channel the masses into the system. But we are determined to keep the uprising alive. One could even
say, that the People's Front is the most important
motive force.
It is also the struggle of the People's Front, which
leads the anger of the people to the government and
brings hundred thousands or even millions of people to the streets. Therefore the government wants
to create confusion.

englisch.indd 40

With headings like „What's going on in Okmeydani“ or „Who are these persons with red masks“, the
government wants to denounce the People's Front.
The people's uprising began in Gezi, but it didn't

29.08.2014 11:10:10

The red foulards

lear, that
the Gezi
short sitarity” sit
em. And
ay. Notctive ins-

can't be
es a short

even last

end there. In the poor neighborhoods it is still continuing. At the anniversary it became very obviously, who keeps alive the uprising.
And it is true, in Okmeydanı, Çayan, Gazi, Sarıgazi
and Gülsuyu things were different.
There, the uprising continues without interruption.
Within the past year we saw, that nothing comes
from alone. The uprising was sustained by the revolutionaries. At the anniversary it was the aim of the
People's Front to bring the uprising a step forward,
together with the people.
The understanding was not to „go to Taksim and
get one's gas“, but to break the encirclement.
On 30th May boycotts with hundred percent participation were held in the organized neighborhoods
of Istanbul. In Armutlu almost all merchants closed
their shops. In Sarigazi demonstrations were held.
At a grammar school, the students carried out a
boycott. In Gülsuyu and Okmeydani all merchants
joined the protest.
In the evening of 30th May there was a demonstration, in which first of all those with „red masks“
were marching. The E-5 motorway was blocked and
from there people marched to the Cayan neighborhood.
In neighborhoods, where revolutionaries were present, the quality of the uprising had a very different
The pictures of people who pummeled the water cannons, is still in mind. This gave courage for
more. In this sense the traffic was blocked in different parts of Istanbul.

Between Cayan and Okmeydani 4 tru-

tries to
e are deould even

nt, which
ment and
ns of pent wants

kmeydaasks“, the
's Front.
it didn't

englisch.indd 41

cks were stopped and the motorway
was blocked with them for 4 hours.

At the Asian part of the Bosporus bridge the People's Front marched to Taksim with banners. This
was very effective.
In Armutlu the streets were blocked with two trucks. The inhabitants and merchants participated in
the street battles. 4 persons were injured.
In every place the People's Front was, it struggled
side by side with the people. Around thirty doctors
and nurses came to Armutlu to treat the injured.
The People's Front didn't carry out actions, which
were isolated from the people and were only carried
out by a handfull of persons. And this was actually, what the government feared. Further, people all
over the country had put into practise, what they
learned from the revolutionaries.
At the anniversary of the June resistance the streets were blocked, barricades were built, there were
street battles. The people, who wanted to go to Taksim, were prevented by the police with tear gas and
water cannons. There were injured. But Okmeydani
was the biggest talking point for the government
and the media. They spoke about the „red masked persons“. Because it was much easier to scatter
unorganized masses.
If 10-15 resisting neighborhoods are percental
spread to whole Istanbul or Tureky, they may seem
like disappearing small actions. Boycotts in

29.08.2014 11:10:12

The red foulards
a fewwhy then, these
actions in a few neighborhoods had occupied the headlines
for days? Why are there made special programs about them? It is
because the strength
of the „red masked
persons“ isn't due to their numerousness. This was
never claimed. And it won't ever be the case, that the
numerically dominance of the police or army will be
surpassed. The state has got water cannons, gas bombs,
plastic munition. It even could carry out air bombings.
The sate will always be superior as regards its weapons.
But yet it is frightened. If the people once wake up, they
will find means and ways to overcome all weapons. If
the red masked persons block the streets with trucks,
the water cannons can't move anymore.

lated through the media.
But it is obvious why these masks are carried: because of fascism. With these masks we don't hide our face
from the people, finally we are the people. The masks
are only a measure towards fascism.

They carry masks, red foulards against gas bombs, mix
up Talcid with milk. And the effect of the gas is gone.
So, the people's uprising first of all continues with the
In many places of Anatolia people carry out militant
actions. Despite of all repressions the People's Front attracts more supporters. Its actions come across within
the population.
In places, where the People's Front doesn't have a single
supporter, its forms of action are applied.
Streets are being blocked, occupations are carried out,
demonstrations are organized, etc.
This is the indicator, on which one can quantify,if the
politics carried out, is right.
Therein lies the strength.

Defamation campaign against the People's Front and the red masked persons
After the murder of Ugur Kurt, the thief and murderer
Erdogan said „If these actions weren't made, our two
citizens would still be alive.“ This also included a clear threat: „If you support them, I'll kill you“. And the
demand was: „Distance yourself from the red
masked persons“...
With the instruction of Tayyip Erdogan the media joined the anti-propaganda against the People's Front.
From all TV-channels suddenly it roared: „Who are
these red masked people“? Experts were invited
and there were made special programs.
„Why do you carry masks?“, “What is hidden behind
these masks?“ and “Why do you hide your face from
the people?“. These and similar headlines circu42
englisch.indd 42

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