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Time Limit: 15 minutes

Number of Items: 40
A. Synonyms
Directions: In the following items, each sentence has an underlined main word. Below each item are five
choices. Choose the word or phrase that has the same or nearly the same meaning as the underlined one. Then, on
your answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer.
1. Elijah delivered a bombastic speech that did not even address our problems.
a. unadorned
b. pretentious
c. simple
d. plain
2. On some days I am overcome by lassitude at the thought of so many more years of schooling.
a. vitality
b. fatigue
c. animation
d. animated
3. Because so many of its patients were having financial troubles, the health clinic charged only nominal fees.
a. insignificant
b. actual
c. great
d. fixed
4. An experienced actor can perform with what seems like limitless sangfroid, even when he forgets a line.
a. hysteria
b. indolence
c. poise
d. anxiety
5. My grasp of trigonometry was tenuous until I attended the extra-help sessions.
a. valid
b. liquid
c. solid
d. vague
6. Though hurt by his vitriolic language, I had to admit that some of his points were valid.
a. honeyed
b. sugary
d. salty
d. bitter
7. The spy used charm and flattery in order to wheedle the information from the diplomat.
a. intimidate
b. support
c. obtain
d. steal
8. Ghosts are often depicted in literature as wearing gossamer clothing that makes them seem all the more
a. airy
b. thick
c. solid
d. liquid
9. Some flight attendants dread a querulous airline passenger more than they do a rough weather.
a. serene
b. placid
c. irritable
d. understandable
10. He was forced to repudiate a statement he had made before hed had all the information.
a. Affirm
b. yield
c. disavow
d. dignify
11. No one could say that he was lazy, for he was careful, sedulous copier of other peoples work.
a. tireless
b. lackadaisical
c. indolent
d. indulgent
12. They will blazon the results of the election across the internet and every television set in the land.
a. Bury
b. dig
c. conceal
d. broadcast
13. The ring must have slid off my finger as I was trying to extricate the fish from the net.
a. entangle
b. include
c. involve
d. disentangle
14. She chose to ignore my advice, not because she wanted to flout my beliefs, but because she had strong
opinions of her own.
a. revere
b. praise
c. stare
d. scorn
15. Repais bad mood was transient, and by the time hed finished his breakfast, he was smiling.
a. permanent
b. evanescent
c. immortal
d. alien
B. Antonyms
Directions: In the following items, each sentence has an underlined main word. Below each item are five
choices. Choose the word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined one. Then, on your
answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer.
1. We loaded the truck with the chairs and the coffee table, but the grand piano was too unwieldy.
a. cumbersome
b. large
c. clumsy
d. manageable

2. While critics called the movie vapid, I thought the performers were very compelling.
a. lively
b. lifeless
c. simple
d. insipid
3. Years from now I will look at this picture and wonder what sort of bizarre costume I was wearing.
a. typical
b. fantastic
c. outlandish
d. unusual
4. After Father castigate my unruly siblings, they settled down to study quietly.
a. chastice
b. praise
c. rebuke
d. testimony
5. His request for a large loan for an indefinite length of time was met with a brusque refusal.
a. ungracious
b. gracious
c. curt
d. tactless
6. A town so peaceful, quiet, and law-abiding was bound to be horrified by so heinous a crime.
a. evil
b. excellent
c. odious
d. abominable
7. Scientists labored to discover a set of immutable laws of universe.
a. inconstant
b. fixed
c. invariable
d. abominable
8. The movie heroine blushed when she noticed the surreptitious glances of her admirer.
a. covert
b. furtive
c. overt
d. secret
9. In search of vicarious excitement, we watched movies of action and adventure.
a. surrogate
b. imagined
c. secondhand
d. firsthand
10. Weak from hunger and cadaverous in appearance, the rescued captives were carried from the plane.
a. corpselike
b. robust
c. cruel
d. wasted
11. We feel that the positions of our representative show a crass indifference to our problems.
a. refined
b. crude
c. vulgar
d. obtuse
12. They had hoped to disconcert him with an unexpected question, but he was well prepared.
a. upset
b. rattle
d. relax
13. In how many stories, I wonder, does an ambitious villain become the victim of grandiose plans?
a. highfalutin
b. bombastic
c. perturb
d. modest
14. Feel free to ignore the inconsequential details, provided that you know exactly which ones they are.
a. petty
b. essential
c. trivial
d. negligible
15. Aleah Hidaya became as stalwart on the basketball court as she was quick at mathematical puzzles.
a. sturdy
b. valiant
c. weak
C. Word Bank
Directions: In the following items, each sentence has an underlined main word. Below each item are five
choices. Choose the word or phrase that is the best meaning of the underlined one. Then, on your answer sheet,
blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer.
1. After she was not awarded the best actress trophy, Nor-ainah eschewed all the other award-giving bodies.
a. contended
b. avoided
c. snarled
d. threatened
2. Hammims idea is abstruse, as if wandering from the main topic; thats why, it is difficult to understand.
a. absurd
c. mysterious
d. unchanging
3. The primitive peoples, especially the North American Indians, believed in totems such as animals, plants,
or objects being ancestrally related to their tribe.
a. ancestors changed into gods
c. ghosts of ancestors
b. reincarnated bodies of ancestors
d. representation of ancestors
4. The men fought with more pertinacity than wolves. There is no manifestation of a possible retreat.
a. visualization
b. solidity
c. determination d. durability
5. The notorious pugnacity of that senator extends beyond her neighbourhood. In congress, she attacks
anybody who doubts or questions her resolutions.
a. combativeness
b. cruelty
c. savageness
d. resoluteness
6. The conceptual framework is a sine qua non that provides a direction to a research study.
a. conjecture
b. supplement
c. necessity
d. assumption

7. Because there is no higher court that can call them to task for their lackadaisical attitude on so urgent an
issue, our officials can still sleep nights while the whole country suffers.
a. demonic
b. laughable
c. dull
d. listless
8. The profligate lawyer spent money as if there were no tomorrow.
a. famous
b. erudite
c. ridiculous
d. wasteful
9. The contenders for the essay contest on the 1986 Revolution demonstrated keen intelligence on the
ramifications and effects of that bloodless revolution on the Filipino consciousness and her struggle for
a. causes
b. outgrowths
c. generalizations
d. assumptions
10. His mandate to stay on as cabinet secretary is based on his innovative, ambitious approach to banking and
a. authority
b. charge
c. command
d. consensus
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Number of Items: 40
A. Paired Approach
Directions: Each item below consists of a pair of words which relate to each other in a certain way. Below
each item are five other pairs of words. Choose the pair of words which relate to each other most nearly in the same
way as the words in the given pair. Then, on your answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of
your chosen answer.

a. salt : pepper
b. tire : bicycle
a. arm : leg
b. stage : curtain
a. wolf : pack
b. elephant : jungle
a. scale : weight b. length : width
a. type : breed
b. dog : puppy
a. inch : yardstick b. walk : skip
a. walk : run
b. tired : sleep
a. mantis : rodent b. poodle : feline
a. neat : considerate
b. progressive : regressive
a. ophthalmologist : cataract
b. infant : paediatrician
a. education : edification
b. equality : order

c. base : ball

d. sandals : shoes

c. recline : chair

d. key : piano

c. beagle : clan

d. herd : peacock

c. inch : foot

d. mileage : speed

c. mark : spot

d. romaine : lettuce

c. tire : automobile

d. oar : canoe

c. examine : scrutinize d. ballet : dancer

c. kangaroo : marsupial d. zebra : horse
c. rapid : plodding
d. exhausted : tired
c. dermatologist : fracture
d. rash : orthopaedist
c. miniscule: gargantuan
d. subjugation : labor


a. capricious : predictable
b. impecunious : impoverished
a. aesthetics : beauty
b. Fetish : obsession
14. GOAT : KID
a. bear : cub
b. chicken : hen
15. KEY : LOCK
a. litter : trash
b. pestle : pound
a. house : kitchen b. chimney : roof
a. Robert Frost : Medea
b. Pygmaleon : Galatea
a. adept : skilled
b. adroit : uncoordinated
a. deer : deers
b. bacterium: bacteriums
a. live : taped
b. momentous : important

c. inept : competent
d. vacant : brilliant
c. linguist : language
d. scientist : sense
c. dog: Dalmatian

d. tiger : tigress

c. table : desk

d. sword : scabbard

c. pig : sty

d. eagle : barn

c. Chaucer : Antigone
d. William Shakespeare : Romeo and Juliet
c. garrulous : talkative
d : hubris : pride
c. basis : bases
d: eighty : eightys
c. nefarious : wicked
d. salubrious : healthful

B. Single-Word Approach
Directions: Each item below consists of three words which are followed by five other words. Choose the
word which is related to the third word, in the same way as the second word is related to the first. Then, on your
answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer.

1. dilettante: dabble :: _______:blaspheme

a. heretic
b. teetotaler
2. _______:drug; nightmare: dream
a. skirt
b. guitar
3. subterfuge: deceive:: ______:conceal
a. pedant
b. allegory
4. quixotic : pragmatic :: murky : ______
a. rapid
b. cloudy
5. Italy : Latin :: Greece : ______
a. Grecian
b. French
6. Pyramid : Egypt :: Taj Mahal : ______
a. China
b. Japan
7. figurine : small figure :: heroine : ______
a. small hero
b. female hero
8. nose : nasal :: abdomen : ______
a. abnormal
b. abdominal
9. entourage : attendants :: cortege : ______
a. procession for a saint

c. imbibe

d. dowager

c. hallucinogen


c. cloak

d. smoke

c. clear

d. friendly

c. Greek


c. India

d. Malaysia

c. small drug

d. female drug

c. abominate

d. adenoma

c. funeral procession

b. procession in court
10. masticate : chew :: eradicate: ______
a. collect
b. count
11. mazurka : Polish :: fandango : ______
a. Russian
b. Spanish
12. smear : libel :: heed : ______
a. represent
b. doubt
13. nymph : ______ :: seraphim : angel
a. maiden
b. sinner
14. poetry : rhyme :: philosophy : ______
a. imagery
b. music
15. jibe : praise :: ______ : enlighten
a. jib
b. delude
16. marshal : prisoner :: principal : ______
a. teacher
b. president
17. fecund : infertile :: ______ : fleet
a. rapid
b. slow
18. piercing : ______ :: hushed : whisper
a. diamond
b. watch
19. segregate : unify :: repair : ______
a. approach
b. push
20. congeal : solidify :: ______ : char
a. conceal
b. singe

d. floral procession
c. complete

d. throw

c. German

d. Polish

c. consider

d. need

c. candle

d. priest

c. bi-law

d. theory

c. worship

d. wed

c. doctrine

d. student

c. fertilizer

d. damp

c. siren

d. ears

c. damage

d. outwit

c. evaporate

d. charge

Number of Items: 35
Directions: Choose the underlined word or phrase labelled a, b, c, or d which are NOT acceptable in formal
written English. Choose e is there is no error. Then, on your answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the
letter of your chosen answer.
1. The director noted that the workshops have been Very helpful to the acting skills and talents of
the performers. No error.
2. Annie, angered by the customers reaction, told the latter, You may or may not buy it, Maam.
No error.
3. Some historians contests the origin of the Filipino flag. No error.
4. Attempts is made to locate and restore the last original Filipino flag. No error.

5. Both Ashraf and Farhan enjoys reading. No error.

6. No one dares to question how invaluable books are. No error.
7. One hundred fifty pesos are the average selling price of one textbook. No error.
8. One of the machines in the printing press werent functioning properly. No error.
9. Either the teachers or the librarian take care of the books. No error.
10. The number of readers continually rise each year. No error.
11. The editor-in-chief, together with the writers, confers about the contents of their newspaper.
No error.
12. A quarter of the government tax collections goes to infrastructure projects. No error.
13. The beneficiaries of the study grant given by the government will be them. No error.
14. Studies suggests that exposure to too much violence on television makes one equally violent.
No error.
15. Every weekdays, Hattinah and Yassera goes to school together. No error.
16. Nick Joaquin, one of the exceptional Filipino writers, is also known for Quijano de Manila.
No error.
17. Some people believes that one could see his future mate by looking into a mirror on May Day eve.
No error.
18. Between the numerous prose writers, I think Nick Joaquin is the best. No error.
19. Literature seem elusive to people who profess indifference to it. No error.
20. It appeals both to the readers intellect and passion. No error.
21. Robert Frost, an American poet, defines literature as performance in words. No error.
22. Just like Edgar Allan Poe, it is believed that Nick Joaquin starts getting ideas after he has drank
alcoholic beverages. No error.
23. Knowledge should always be put to good use. No error.
24. One of the viruses has infect Sorayas brand new laptop computer. No error.

25. Internet access allow us to communicate with other people anywhere in the world. No error.
26. All of the pens are spent yesterday. No error.
27. Soon after Donovan left to walk to work, he realized that he would forget his umbrella.
No error.
28. Here are one of the three keys you will need to unlock the office door tomorrow. No error.
29. Each of the employees have had a half-hour evaluation meeting with his or her supervisor. No error.
30. Someone from the garage phoned to say that the car had been fixed and asking if we would pick it
up by 5:00 PM. No error.
31. The staff at the university library deserve recognition for helping to locate the many sources
needed for the successful completion of my doctoral dissertation. No error.
32. Watching the film, I begun to ask myself why I cared about these characters when I felt such an
intense unease. No error.
33. Homesteaders on the Great Plains had to build homes, find water in a semiarid land, and to learn
to understand the blessings of the environment. No error.
34. In 1963, Betty Friedans expos of domesticity, The Feminine Mystique, became an immediate
best-seller and creating a national sensation. No error.
35. Every year, a few committed citizens exceeds our expectations and work tirelessly to improve our
community programs in significant ways. No error.
Time Limit: 5 min
Number of Items: 5
Directions: Each sentence below, when put in the correct order, would make a well-organized paragraph.
Decide what should be the correct order of the sentences, then answer the questions that follow. Then, on your
answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer.

The first procedure is that the bill passes through three readings on separate days.
Otherwise, the bill will go back to the House from where it orginated, and it will be deliberated
upon again.
If the President approves the bill, then it shall be deemed a law.


A bill, before becoming a law, undergoes several procedures.

On the third reading, the votes of the lawmakers shall be recorded and if the bill is approved, it
goes to the President for approval or veto.

1. What should be the first sentence?

a. A
b. B
c. C
2. What should be the fourth sentence?
a. A
b. B
c. C

d. D

e. E

d. D

e. E

If the following sentence is added as sentence F:

It should be noted, however, that the President must communicate his veto within thirty days from
receipt of the bill, otherwise, the bill is considered to have been approved by him.
3. What would the new order of the sentences be?
a. B-C-D-E-A-F
d. A-B-C-D-E-F
b. D-B-A-F-C-E
e. C-B-D-A-E-F
c. D-A-E-C-B-F

Learning to listen is one way of keeping friends.

Although listening can really be very tiring on the listener, it may, on the other hand, be comforting
to the speaker.
So learn how to listen, and gain more friends.
We also show that we care about what goes on in their lives,
By listening, we show our friends that they are important to us.

4. What should be the third sentence?

a. A
b. B
c. C
5. What should be the fourth sentence?
a. A
b. B
c. C

d. D

e. E

d. D

e. E

Time Limit: 10
Number of Items: 40
Directions: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word or phrase that will correctly complete each
sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer.
1. Water _________ at a temperature of 100C.
a. is to boil
b. is boiling
c. boils
d. is boiled
2. In some countries _________ very hot all the time.
a. there is
b. is
c. it is
d. is it
3. In cold countries people wear thick clothes _________ warm.
a. keeping b. for keeping c. to keep
d. for to keep
4. In England people are always talking about _________.
a. an weather
b. a weather
c. the weather d. weather
5. In some places _________ almost every day.
a. it rains
b. there rains c. it raining
d. rained
6. In deserts there isnt _________ grass.
a. the
b. some
c. no
d. any

7. Places near the Equator have _________ weather even in the cold season.
a. warmest
b. a warm
c. the warm
d. warm
8. In England _________ time of year is usually from December to February.
a. colding
b. coldest
c. the coldest d. colder
9. _________ people dont know what its like in other countries.
a. The most
b. Most of
c. Most
d. A most
10. Very _________ people can travel abroad.
a. less
b. little
c. few
d. decrease
11. Mohammed Ali _________ his first world title fight in 1960.
a. has won
b. won
c. is winning d. was won
12. After he _________ an Olympic gold medal he became a professional boxer.
a. am winning
b. had won
c. have won
d. was winning
13. His religious beliefs _________ change his name when he became champion.
a. have made him b. made him to c. made him
d. made
14. If he _________ lost his first fight with Sonny Liston, no one would have been surprised.
a. has
b. would have c. had
d. would has
15. He has travelled a lot _________ as a boxer and as a world-famous personality.
a. nor
b. both
c. and
d. or
16. He is very well known _________ the world.
a. all in
b. all over
c. in all
d. all to
17. Many people _________ he was the greatest boxer of all time.
a. is believing
b. believe
c. are believing d. was believed
18. To be the best _________the world is not easy.
a. to
b. from
c. in
d. of
19. Like any top sportsman Ali _________ train very hard.
a. have to
b. had to
c. must
d. should
20. Even though he has now lost his title, people _________ always remember him as a champion.
a. would
b. will
c. did
d. has
21. The governor, with his supporters, _____ our town once a month.
a. is visited
b. are visited c. visits
d. visit
22. _____ either of your classmates come in yet?
a. Having
b. Has
c. Have
d. Has have
23. Two-thirds of the population _____ poor.
a. Has
b. have
c. is
d. are
24. A majority of the members _____ promised to attend the training.
a. Is
b. are
c. has
d. have
25. Neither I nor he _____ the teachers favorite.
a. Am
b. are
c. is
d. being
26. Tax-free shopping _____ provided at the airport.
a. Has
b. have
c. is
d. are
27. The use of firecrackers _____ dangerous for all.
a. Is
b. are
c. are being
d. have been
28. The Sorianos _____ going to have a vacation in Bohol.
a. Is
b. are
c. have
d. has
29. A bunch of bananas _____ eaten by the monkey.
a. Is
b. are
c. have
d. has
30. Many a student _____ from school because of peer pressure.
a. are drop
b. is drop
c. drop
d. drops
31. For ___ is the present?
a. who
b. whose
c. what
d. whom
32. Each of my cousins claims ___ prize.

a. his
b. her
c. their
d. theirs
33. The bird flapped ___ wings and then flew away.
a. his
b. it
c. its
d. her
34. Young graduates like ___ need some guidance.
a. she
b. he
c. him
d. us
35. You are much quicker at adding figures than ___.
a. us
b. we
c. him
d. her
36. Our good neighbors, Pauline and ___, invited us to dinner.
a. she
b. her
c. me
d. hers
37. ___ in the world would believe your story?
a. Whomever
b. Whichever c.Whoever
d. Whatever
38. We invited Michael ___ everyone knows is so popular.
a. which
b. who
c. whom
d. whose
39. Someone left ___ pen on the table.
a. his
b. her
c. their
d. its
40. All of the equipment was in ___ proper place.
a. his
b. their
c. its
d. it

Time Limit: 15
Number of Items: 15
Directions: Read each selection then answer the questions after each. Then, on your answer sheet, blacken the circle
that corresponds to the letter of your chosen answer based on the given selections.


When Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile in 1821, autopsy reports pointed at stomach cancer as the
possible cause of his death. However, when a study in 1961 found high levels of arsenic in Napoleons hair, some
historians wondered if the former emperor had been poisoned. Some speculated that enemies who feared Napoleon
had poisoned him; others blamed the arsenic in the paints that were used for coloring the wallpaper in his home.
But many scientists reject these possibilities. A 2002 French analysis called the poisoning theory unlikely, and a
2005 study added support to the cancer theory by recording the decreasing waist sizes of Napoleons final pairs of
trousers, suggesting that he lost a lot of weight in his final days due to stomach cancer.
In 2008, Italian researchers asked museums for samples of Napoleons hair cut at different times - during his childhood in Corsica, during an earlier exile in Elba, and after his death. Under laboratory conditions,
the team measured the concentrations of arsenic in the samples. They found the levels were much higher than
todays standards, but the amounts did not change throughout Napoleons life. The arsenic levels were also similar
to those found in the hair samples from his wife and child, which means everyone was more or less exposed to the
poison in those days.
When it comes to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts death, researchers do not have much to go on.
After his death in December 5, 1791, no autopsy was performed and the poor musician was buried in an unmarked
grave in Vienna.
In 2009, a group of researchers attempted to determine the most probable cause of Mozarts death
by looking at how everyone else in Vienna died. They analyzed the causes of death for 5,011 adults who died in
November, December, and January of the same year as Mozart. They found out that the majority of these people

had died of streptococcal infection. Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that the cause of the death
of the famous composer must have been an untreated streptococcal infection.
1. What finding increases the possibility that Napoleon died of stomach cancer?
a. There were high concentrations of arsenic in his hair samples.
b. The waist sizes of his trousers became smaller and smaller towards the end of his life.
c. The hair samples of his wife and child exhibited relatively high levels of arsenic.
d. The walls of his house were covered with wall paper that contained arsenic
2. All of the following are true about arsenic EXCEPT:
a. It was found naturally in the environment in the nineteenth century.
b. People used it to kill their enemies.
c. It is a substance that can be traced by examining body hair.
d. It is a major cause of stomach cancer.
3. We can UNDERSTAND from the text that ______________.
a. streptococcal infection can be fatal if it is not treated properly
b. it was normal to bury people in unmarked graves in the 18th century in Vienna
c. streptococcal infection is more dangerous in adults than in children
d. Mozart refused to be treated for his illness because he was poor
4. The word they in paragraph II refers to ______________.
a. arsenic concentrations
b. hair samples
c. Italian researchers
d. laboratory conditions
5. The word attempted in paragraph IV is closest in meaning to ________.
a. joined
b. arrived
c. concluded
d. tried
The coconut is an unusual food for many reasons. It is technically a seed, produced by the coconut palm
tree, and as such is one of the largest edible seeds produced by any plant. Its unusual contents
also make it unique in the seed worldthe interior consists of both meat and water. The meat is the white pith
with which we are all familiar, as it is used extensively for cooking and flavorings; the coconut
water is a white liquid that is very sweet and thirst-quenching.
Portuguese explorers gave the nut its name in the 15th century, referring to it as coco, meaning ghost in
their language. The three dimples and the hairy texture reminded them of a ghosts face, and the tree has retained
that name ever since.
The coconut has many varied uses. It is used to make margarine, as well as various cooking oils, and these
cooking oils are used by fast-food restaurants around the world to make such diet staples
as French fries. The coconut fluid is a favorite drink in hot climates, providing a cool and refreshing beverage right
off the tree. This water is also used by manufacturers of various sports drinks because
of its isotonic electrolyte properties. Even the shell itself has many uses, including cattle food and fertilizer.
Yet the coconut is also useful in many ways that have nothing to do with food. Coconut oil is used for
cosmetics, medicines, and can even be used in place of diesel fuel. Dried coconut shells are used
in many countries as a tool, such as a buffer for shining wood floors. The shells are also used for shirt buttons, and
are commonly found on Hawaiian clothing. They are even used for musical instruments and bird houses!

And all these are only some of the uses found for the coconut fruit. The coconut palm tree, which produces
the nut, also produces countless useful items. Its no wonder that the coconut palm has been
called the tree of life.
6 The coconut earned the nick name ghost because
a. of its pale color. b. it resembles a face. c. it is round.

d. of its smell.

7. What is the main focus of this passage?

a. the history of coconuts
b. coconut trees have many uses
c. how cooking oil is made
d. Portuguese discoveries
8. The passage implies that
a. coconut palms are a valuable plant.
b. coconut oil is the best way to cook.
c. Portuguese explorers loved coconuts.
d. coconut palms are good shade trees.
9. The coconut palm is sometimes called the tree of life because
a. the Portuguese thought it cured disease.
b. nearly every part of the tree is useful to mankind.
c. it grows near the Equator.
d. of its green color.
Book clubs are a great way to meet new friends or keep in touch with old ones, while keeping up on your
reading and participating in lively and intellectually stimulating discussions. If youre interested
in starting a book club, you should consider the following options and recommendations.
The first thing youll need are members. Before recruiting, think carefully about how many people you
want to participate and also what the clubs focus will be. For example, some book clubs focus exclusively on
fiction, others read nonfiction. Some are even more specific, focusing only on a particular genre such as mysteries,
science fiction, or romance. Others have a more flexible and open focus. All
of these possibilities can make for a great club, but it is important to decide on a focus at the outset so the guidelines
will be clear to the group and prospective member.
After setting the basic parameters, recruitment can begin. Notify friends and family, advertise in the local
newspaper, and hang flyers on bulletin boards in local stores, colleges, libraries, and bookstores.
When enough people express interest, schedule a kick-off meeting during which decisions will be made
about specific guidelines that will ensure the club runs smoothly. This meeting will need to establish where the
group will meet (rotating homes or a public venue such as a library or coffee shop); how often the group will meet,
and on what day of the week and at what time; how long the meetings will be; how books will be chosen and by
whom; who will lead the group (if anyone); and whether refreshments will be served and if so, who will supply
them. By the end of this meeting, these guidelines should be set and a book selection and date for the first official
meeting should be finalized.
Planning and running a book club is not without challenges, but when a book club is run effectively, the
experience can be extremely rewarding for everyone involved.

10. Which of the following organizational patterns is the main one

used in the passage?
a. chronological
b. hierarchical c. comparison-contrast

d. cause and effect

11. According to the passage, when starting a book club, the first thing
a person should do is
a. hang flyers in local establishments.
b. put an ad in a local newspaper.
c. decide on the focus and size of the club.
d. decide when and where the group will meet.
12. Which of the following would NOT be covered during the book
clubs kick-off meeting?
a. deciding on whether refreshments will be served
b. discussing and/or appointing a leader
c. choosing the clubs first selection
d. identifying what kinds of books or genre will be the clubs focus
13. A good title for this passage would be
a. Book Clubs: A Great Way to Make New Friends.
b. Starting a Successful Book Club: A Guide.
c. Five Easy Steps to Starting a Successful Book Club.
d. Reading in Groups: Sharing Knowledge, Nurturing Friendships.
14. Which of the following is NOT something that successful book clubs should do?
a. focus exclusively on one genre
b. have guidelines about where and when to meet
c. have a focus
d. decide how to choose and who will choose book selections
15. Which of the following inferences can be drawn from the passage?
a. Smaller groups are better for a variety of reasons.
b. The social aspect of book clubs is more important than the intellectual.
c. Starting your own book club is better than joining an existing one.
d. When starting and running a book club, a casual approach is risky.