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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

235 / Thursday, December 8, 2005 / Notices 73019

the statement to the Contact Person listed on DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND Copies of the complete ICRs are
this notice. The statement should include the SECURITY available through this docket on the
name, address, telephone number and when Internet at, and also
applicable, the business or professional Coast Guard from Commandant (CG–611), U.S. Coast
affiliation of the interested person. Guard Headquarters, Room 6106 (Attn:
In the interest of security, NIH has [USCG–2005–23167]
Mr. Arthur Requina), 2100 Second
instituted stringent procedures for entrance
Collection of Information Under Street, SW., Washington, DC 20593–
into the building by non-government
employees. Persons without a government Review by Office of Management and 0001. The telephone number is 202–
I.D. will need to show a photo I.D. and sign- Budget: OMB Control Numbers 1625– 267–2326.
in at the security desk upon entering the 0097, 1625–0103, and 1625–0104 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr.
building. Arthur Requina, Office of Information
Information is also available on the AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. Management, telephone 202–267–2326,
Institute’s/Center’s home page: http:// ACTION: Request for comments. or fax 202–267–4814, for questions on, where an these documents; or telephone Ms.
agenda and any additional information for SUMMARY: In compliance with the
Renee V. Wright, Program Manager,
the meeting will be posted when available. Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the Docket Operations, 202–493–0402, for
(Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance U.S. Coast Guard intends to seek the questions on the docket.
Program Nos. 93.879, Medical Library approval of OMB for the renewal of
Assistance, National Institutes of Health, three Information Collection Requests
HHS) (ICRs). The ICRs are: (1) 1625–0097, Public Participation and Request for
Plan Approval and Records for Marine Comments
Dated: November 30, 2005.
Engineering Systems—46 CFR We encourage you to respond to this
Anna Snouffer, Subchapter F; (2) 1625–0103,
Acting Director, Office of Federal Advisory request for comments by submitting
Mandatory Ship Reporting System for comments and related materials. We
Committee Policy. the Northeast and Southeast Coasts of
[FR Doc. 05–23798 Filed 12–7–05; 8:45 am] will post all comments received,
the United States; and (3) 1625–0104, without change, to;
BILLING CODE 4140–01–M Barges Carrying Bulk Hazardous they will include any personal
Materials. Before submitting the ICRs to information you have provided. We
OMB, the Coast Guard is inviting have an agreement with DOT to use the
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND comments on them as described below.
HUMAN SERVICES Docket Management Facility. Please see
DATES: Comments must reach the Coast the paragraph on DOT’s ‘‘Privacy Act
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Guard on or before February 6, 2006. Policy’’ below.
Services Administration ADDRESSES: To make sure that your Submitting comments: If you submit a
comments and related material do not comment, please include your name and
Suspension of a Laboratory Which No enter the docket [USCG–2005–23167] address, identify the docket number
Longer Meets Minimum Standards To more than once, please submit them by [USCG–2005–23167], indicate the
Engage in Urine Drug Testing for only one of the following means: specific section of the document to
Federal Agencies (1) By mail to the Docket Management which each comment applies, and give
Facility, U.S. Department of the reason for each comment. You may
AGENCY: Substance Abuse and Mental Transportation (DOT), Room PL–401, submit your comments and material by
Health Services Administration, HHS. 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, electronic means, mail, fax, or delivery
DC 20590–0001. to the Docket Management Facility at
ACTION: Notice.
(2) By delivery to room PL–401 on the the address under ADDRESSES; but
Plaza level of the Nassif Building, 400 please submit them by only one means.
SUMMARY: The Department of Health and
Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC, If you submit them by mail or delivery,
Human Services routinely publishes a between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday submit them in an unbound format, no
list of laboratories in the Federal through Friday, except Federal holidays. larger than 81⁄2 by 11 inches, suitable for
Register that are currently certified to The telephone number is 202–366– copying and electronic filing. If you
meet standards of Subpart C of the 9329. submit them by mail and would like to
Mandatory Guidelines for Federal (3) By fax to the Docket Management know that they reached the Facility,
Workplace Drug Testing Programs (69 Facility at 202–493–2251. please enclose a stamped, self-addressed
FR 19644) dated April 13, 2004. This (4) Electronically through the Web postcard or envelope. We will consider
notice informs the public that effective Site for the Docket Management System all comments and material received
November 15, 2005, the following at during the comment period. We may
laboratory’s certification is suspended: The Docket Management Facility change the documents supporting this
Sciteck Clinical Laboratories, Inc., 317 maintains the public docket for this collection of information or even the
Rutledge Rd., Fletcher, NC 28732. notice. Comments and material received underlying requirements in view of
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: from the public, as well as documents them.
Donna M. Bush, PhD, Division of mentioned in this notice as being Viewing comments and documents:
Workplace Programs, CSAP, One Choke available in the docket, will become part To view comments, as well as
Cherry Road, Room 2–1033, Rockville, of this docket and will be available for documents mentioned in this notice as
Maryland 20857, 240–276–2600 (voice), inspection or copying at room PL–401 being available in the docket, go to
240–276–2610 (fax) on the Plaza level of the Nassif Building, at any time and
400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, conduct a simple search using the
Anna Marsh, DC, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday docket number. You may also visit the
Director, Office Program Services, SAMHSA. through Friday, except Federal holidays. Docket Management Facility in room
[FR Doc. 05–23825 Filed 12–7–05; 8:45 am] You may also find this docket on the PL–401 on the Plaza level of the Nassif
BILLING CODE 4160–20–P Internet at Building, 400 Seventh Street, SW.,

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