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at NEVER NEVER LAND from Peter Pan Lyric by Betty Comden and Adolph Green Music by Jule Styne Arranged by Michael Dansicker i Moderately Ddim =D AB AT Dir —GMaj7_ Gm a place where dreams are_born, 5 Flo? D Bm? Gin?8S Gm pee cm 869) oS = time is ne-ver planned, snot on any chart, you must find it with your heart, _ < ° pre 7 EA Am? AT Ddim DAR AT DIRE GMAT Gmo Nev-er Nev - er Land, I might be miles be yond — the moon, or © 1984 enon) BETTY COMDEN, ADOLI GREEN and ULE STYNE Alt Rights Corey EDWIN MORI & COMPANY. Dison sf MPL Mas Publishing ns *All Rights Reserved prt ee ria) 1b on? — then Gans Gm stand, Just have an 0 = pen mind, and right there where you ce A069) tei GA AT D Gm? ¢7 Nev-er Nev > er sud - den = ly you'll find cho C7 PMaj7 Dm —= ere a e pre-cious far than Gat 2 a ee Oy you have found DIE Em? Ebdin? ET 23 s) Ens AT Daim DATE DIE GMa Gm6 gts == SS — = 3S eo T oO — a Tor - en never grow old So come with me where dreams are bom, and pe : 4 5 a ee #e- s r f oe . rao | Pe lee | : = =. a ae == a5 ss Flo? D Bn? Gli'5_ Gm Dre cyl oe = —— = E=3 eS Ses Hime is ne - ver planned, —_Sust_ think of love-Iy things, and your eat will fy on wings, for ate = a SS oS = 8 ==5 | a ae io we tie Seg _ = | Biya y = = = pS * 2 a P : ¥