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1st September 2006 Mr. Ben Gunneberg PEFC Council Secretary General 2eme Etage 17 Rue dês Girondins Hollerich, L-1626 Luxembourg Dear Mr. Gunneberg, PEFC UK Certification Scheme for Sustainable Forest Management (2006 Revision) I am pleased to submit our UK Certification Scheme revision, which was approved by the Board of Directors of PEFC UK Ltd on 5th July 2006. This letter is our official application for the Scheme to be re-assessed under the requirements of PEFC Council. The Scheme is based upon the UK Woodland Assurance Standard which has also been substantially revised and will be formally launched sometime in November of this year. The documents which are appended in PDF files are: PEFC UK Certification Scheme for Sustainable Forest Management (2006 Revision)
Annex Documentation: Annex 1: Annex 2: Annex 3: Annex 4: Annex 5: Annex 6: The UK Forestry Standard “The Government’s Approach to Sustainable Forestry” (April 2004) (revision) The UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) (2006) (revision) PEFC Council Annex 4 Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products: Requirements PEFC Council Guideline: GL 2/2006 PEFC Council Minimum Requirements Checklist Northern Ireland Forestry: A Strategy for Sustainability and Growth UK Indicators of Sustainable Forestry

We will submit hard copies of all the documents in the near future once the UK Woodland Assurance Standard is available in print which we expect will be in early October. Yours sincerely

William B Walker
Registered in Scotland: Number 209443

National Secretary

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