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A Hathor Message

The Hathor Planetary Meditation: An Update

There were over 500 people gathered in the Peter Jay Sharpe Theatre at
Symphony Space in New York to be the nexus point for the global meditation
on Sept. 5th.

The Hathors have said that the meditation, which was joined by tens of
thousands of people around the world, was successful, and we should see an
increase of global awareness and action regarding our ecosystem within the
next 9 12 months. Upon questioning them further, they said that this shift
would come from grassroots organizations, the voices of children and
international cooperation unimaginable at this point in time.

I thought some of you might like to know my personal experience around the
meditation. For days before the event I was resistant because I intuitively
sensed how intense the planetary energetic was going to be and how it was
going to affect me.

During the meditation I was clairvoyantly catapulted into space and saw
Earth being bathed in celestial light and healing energies by a cornucopia of
benevolent beings from multiple dimensions. It was a mind-boggling
experience to sense the depth and magnitude of celestial help that was being
extended to our planet.

This energetic was so strong I was profoundly altered for many hours. In point
of fact, I experienced a rapid activation of my Biophotonic network, meaning
that the cells of my body were emitting light at an accelerated rate. This was
a psychic impression, mind you, and not something I was able to verify
through any type of scientific measurement. But the impression of increased
light persisted, and I experienced my energy body as a field of pure diamond
lights for over twenty-four hours. Note: If you are new to the science of
Biophotonics you can find a list of resources on the topic by going to the
Articles section of the website ( and click on
Biophotonics- Class Handout:

While I was still receiving sensory input from my environment and body, it
was periodically eclipsed by strong sensations of intense white light, and this
phenomenon continued well into the night and into dreamtime.

While my experience of this light-filled body was blissful and ecstatic, my

personal reaction afterwards was not. What I mean by this is that when I
enter high vibratory fields of energy during Intensives and workshops, there
is often a temporary reaction from my egoic self, meaning my contracted
level of self. And it often takes some time for me to come back to a state of
personal balance, meaning my normal (and I do mean quote, unquote)
state of being.

Other psychonauts (explorers of consciousness) have also mentioned to me

that they have experienced similar phenomena in their own explorations.

In the case of the Sept 5th Hathor Global Meditation, it took me about 72
hours to come back to my usual sense of self, although I must say that there
is now a higher energetic in my being as a result of joining all of you in this
global meditation and for this I am truly appreciative.

I am sharing this personal anecdote simply to indicate the potency and power
of the energetic we all created together. And I am sharing this in case some
of you had a similar post meditation reaction similar to mine.

I wish to thank you from the deepest place in my heart for taking the time
and energy to participate.

Blessings to you and your loved ones,