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Se p tember 2015

The Xaverian Missionaries USA



he official call for the
next provincial chapter
next Spring is nearly upon us
and with this we have an extraordinary opportunity to
continue to steer our province
into the future with hope and
The Provincial Council has
been working on remote preparation for the chapter and we
wanted to share with you
some of the issues we will
need to look at in the Chapter. They
include: a look into fundraising into
the future, new statutes of the province, an evaluation of the GYM program and Dialogue Commission.

At the same time the Superior General’s letter to the province a few
months ago also suggested some important issues to study. The first is a
suggestion to consider our juridical
status as a province. Fr. Menegazzo,
in light of the concerns of the last
General Chapter, suggests we consider whether to remain a region as we
are, become a delegation, or merge
with another region. This conversation is being asked of other regions as


 4—Death anniversary of
Fr. Natalino Tomasi

 14—Death anniversary of
Fr. VAleriano Cobbe

 16—Ordination anniversary of Fr. Aneillo

 29—Birthday of Fr. Alex


 12—Death anniversary of

well as we move into the future.
What type of configuration would
be most beneficial for our work of
mission inspiration given our realities and resources. We hope to
have material prepared to aid us in
this dialogue.
Finally, he suggests we consider a
new presence in the local church
which could better promote our
charism and benefit, in particular,
vocation animation.
This upcoming Provincial Chapter
promises to be an important opportunity as the highest expression of co-responsibility we share.

Fr. Giuseppe Zanardi

 13 —Death anniversary of
Fr. Henry Frassinetti

 16—Birthday of Fr. Maloney

 21—Death anniversary of
Fr. Rocco Serra

 2—Death anniversary of
Fr. Graziano Rossato

 4—Death Anniversary of
Br. Eugene Cumerlato

 6—Birthday of Fr. Frank

 11—Death anniversary of
Fr. Gerard Furlan

 15—Birthday of Fr. Rocco

 17—Birthday of Fr. Mark

I ss ue 146

P age 2

Cosuma 2015
This past summer was time for
another COSUMA, an experience I have always been impressed with. The Constitutions
say: “It examines the state of
the congregation, monitors the
implementation of Chapter decisions, and
analyzes the
most important and
problems of
the congregation.” My
first experience was in
1999 representing the Philippine Delegation. This last gathering is my
last, at least for awhile.
Like chapters, sectorial gatherings and assemblies, COSUMA
is one piece in a larger, organic
way we discern as a congregation, across the borders of 21
countries. COSUMA helps us to
not get lost in our little corner of
the congregation and to see
ourselves as a vital part of a
worldwide effort in the mission
ad gentes of the Church.

ways we share that as a province? In my view we have far to
go. In light of this we will presenting a draft of Statutes of
the USA Region which will include some underlying principles and suggestions for our
own ongoing
formation in
this area.
The first part
of the Acts of
guidelines that
are left to us as
we plan our
unique take on
this ongoing formation. The
second part provides some
meaning and methodology.
Finally, other decisions were
made regarding initial formation, finances and sharing,
first period in the mission and
the Tre Mesi Course. CC

Tre Mesi 2016

The “Acts” of Cosuma were recently published by the General
Direction and I urge you look
carefully through it. There are
important issues we all need to
be aware of and some practical
decisions that affect us all.

The newly re-organized Tre Mesi Program will begin September 7 and finish December 4,
2016 in Tavernerio. For nonItalian speaking confreres, there
will be a course available in Parma prior to the start of the program.

The underlying question which
we need to ask with all seriousness is: Are we prepared for the
contemporary challenges of the
“first proclamation” in all the

The calendar of the entire program will be available to all confreres. We urge confreres in our
region to consider this very important invitation .

The Xaverian Missionary
Sisters of Mary and the
Miranda Jimenez Family
cordially invite you to the

Perpetual Profession of
Sister Susan Miranda
October 10, 2015 at 12:00 pm
Our Lady of Providence

228 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA

C ro ssr oads

P age 3

Bulletin of the Provincial Council

The Council looked over the
financial reports of the region. This is not merely
about numbers but a profound way to understand
more deeply the providence
of God and the important
friendship we carry with so
many that collaborate with
us in mission. All of the reports were approved.
The Employee’s Handbook
needs to be updated in a
number of areas: recent
changes in state labor laws,
consistent communication
with our employees, the
addition of the new pension
plan and better consistency
with holidays of full and
part timers.
Fr. Chudy is beginning to
prepare for our reaccreditation with Praesidium next year and will assist
the new provincial with this.
It may take place next fall.
The responsibility we bear
to be vigilant in this regard
continues. Later this fall all
confreres will go through
some ongoing formation in
this area.

ous sectors, and the updating of important referential documents, the council
felt the need to have written policies for our life and
work that reflects the contemporary situation.

Fr. Carl Chudy, SX
Office of the Provincial
12 Helene Court
Wayne, New Jersey 08046

We wish to strengthen our
collaboration with the UK
Province. Frs. Chudy and
Davitti will go in November
to take part in their COMMON GROUND program
that we share, and to discuss ways we can further
Fr. Chudy spoke of his
meeting with the General
Direction during the summer on important issues in
the province. One of these
was he possibility of opening up investments in the
region given the changing
financial situation. We
hope to hear of the GD’s
decision about this soon.
The next Provincial Council
meeting will take place in
Wayne, November 9-10.


The council continues to do
some remote preparation
for our upcoming provincial
chapter in April 2016. A
draft of new Statutes of the
Region were presented for
an initial revision. In light of
the many changes in the
region, decisions made that
affect our province in vari-


October 1-4—US Catholic Mission Congress in Houston
October 8—Common Ground
Dialogue Conference at Rutgers University
October 4—Wayne Mission
October 10—Final profession
of Sr. Susi
October 16—Franklin Mission
October 17—Holliston Mission
October 15—19 Parliament of
World Religions
October 31—Wayne Come and
November 7—Holliston Come
and See
November 9—Communications
Board Meeting
November 14—Franklin Come
and See
November 28-December 27—
Holliston Christmas Lights Display
January 17-30—SX Social Media Conference in Tavernerio.

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