Edward and Bella 26 BPOV I woke up to the sound of a monitor. I looked around. I was in the hospital.

“Morning love.” Edward said. I hadn’t realized he was sitting next to me until now. I looked around again. There was my whole family here. Alice and Jasper, Rose and Emmett, Ashley and Esme and Carlisle. They all smiled at me. “Morning cous’”. Ashley said. I smiled at her. She stayed! “So, how bad am I?” I asked Edward. He grew stiff when I asked. “1 broken leg, 3 of your fingers are broken on your left hand, 4 broken ribs, a cut from on your right leg from your knee down to your ankle and cuts and bruises everywhere.” He finished. “Oh.” I replied. My injuries where worse than I thought. “You really should have let me come with you. Sometimes being stubborn isn’t such a good thing.” Edward smirked. “Well then, maybe you should take your own advice Mr. Stubborn.” Alice said. Edward growled and we all chuckled.

“Can we please have an explanation?” I said to Ashley. “Um, okay. Where do I begin?” Ashley thought. “Well, after the fire, I was severely hurt. But then…” She paused. “But then a vampire Anne changed me. All I could remember from there was the pain. It was excruciating. When I woke up she was still there. She brought me to Volterra where she and the coven explained everything to me.” She said. We all looked at her with wide eyes except for Edward. “They explained the rules and everything. Jane started to make rude remarks toward me, that’s when I learned about my power. I can do similar to what Jane can do. But, my power is fire. If I look at a person, concentrate very hard, I can put them on fire. I gave Jane the dirtiest look I could manage and then all of a sudden, she was on fire. I snapped out of it quickly and Aro looked at me with fascination. He asked me to stay with them and I said yes. Where else would I go?” She said.

“That’s when they told me about my diet. All I could pay attention to was the thirst. They didn’t say anything about vegetarianism. After a while, I grew tired of watching people plead for their life. I got tired of killing people with dreams and memories. One day, the Denali clan visited the Volturi. They told me about the vegetarian option and I decided I would do that Then Aro told me we had to come here for a problem. So, here I am.” She said. We all stared at her in wonder. “How long have you known?” I asked Edward. He looked at me shocked by me question. “Just now.” He said smiling. He kissed me and I felt once again, calm. “So, when’s the big day?” Ashley asked. I smiled. “Wait. I have one more question. So you’re stuck forever at 16?” I asked. Ashley nodded. “Okay, now answer mine! When is it?” Ashley asked eagerly. Before I could ask Seth and Jacob came in. Edward growled and everyone in the room stiffened. “How you doing Bells?” Jacob asked. I smiled.

“Fine, it’s good to see you two.” I said. Edward grinned while he and Seth shared a hug. That’s when I witnessed something amazing. Seth looked at Ashley for the first time and turned into a statue. Jacob’s eyes widened then he groaned. Seth’s eyes were wide. He looked at Ashley with awe and admiration. It was like love at first sight…wait. Love at first sight. He imprinted on her. APOV Before Bella answered something stank up the room. I didn’t mind very much. I turned my attention to the door. There, standing there was a boy. He was beautiful and drool worthy. He hugged Edward. I was automatically watching his every move. When I saw him look my way I turned around embarrassed. SPOV She was amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I loved her. She was my world. Nothing else mattered if I could have her. “Hello. I’m Seth. You are?” I asked. She looked at me and if she could blush, she would’ve.

“I’m Ashley, Bella’s cousin.” She replied. That would explain why they looked alike. “Nice to meet you.” I said. She smiled and it made me feel great. “Yeah, you too.” She said. “So, um, Ashley. The wedding’s in a week. Are you coming?” Bella asked. “Yeah sure, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She said. “Won’t you feel alone? I’m sure you’d like a date.” Bella said. She winked at me. Ashley caught on quickly. “Yeah, that would be great! But who would I go with?” She asked. “Seth, you don’t have a date. Why don’t you two go together?” Bella asked. “Well, only if it’s okay with her.” I said. Ashley nodded. “Well then, Ashley, would you be my date to the wedding?” I asked. She grinned. “Yes, yes I would.” She replied. JPOV Here we go again. First Sam, then Paul and Quil, but now Seth too? And with her? A leech?

Sam wouldn’t be happy about it. And what was Bella thinking helping them? BPOV Ashley gave me thumbs up and Seth gave me a smile. I was happy to help them. They deserve it. (3 days later.) Finally, we all got to go home. I was all healed and had a walking cast. Ashley and Seth were busy talking about cars when we were leaving the hospital when we saw Aro. “I thought I told you to stay at the house?” Edward said. He looked fierce and mad. “Well, I thought I would just come and have a little chat with you all so I could leave sooner.” He replied. It was silent in the room. I held my breath, knowing that whatever he was going to say was probably not good. *hope u liked it! I’ll get to 27 ASAP! COMMENT AND ENJOY!  peyton

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