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The Mayan Calendar

This is a series of articles on the Mayan calendar and its related astrology, written by Pedro
Rodriguez between December 2006 and August 2008.
August 2008
The Mayan Calendar was the center of Maya life and their greatest cultural achievement.
Its ancestral knowledge guided the Mayas existence from the moment of their birth and
there was little that escaped its influence.
The ritual spiritual calendar developed in Mesoamerica used a count of 260 days. This
calendar gave each day a name, much like our days of the week. There were 20 day names,
each represented by a unique symbol. The days were numbered from 1 to 13. Since there
are 20 day names, after the count of thirteen was reached, the next day was numbered 1
again. The 260-day or sacred count calendar was in use throughout Mesoamerica for
centuries, probably before the beginning of writing.
Mayan society was guided by religion and spiritual beliefs. Different types of calendars
were developed according to the observations and the wealth of knowledge passed down
from generation to generation. They believed in and observed cosmic energies and their
influence on humans and their destiny, and catalogued these energies in the days of the

calendar, assigning each day a special energy. In this way our birth date holds great power
over our lives.
These energies, known as Nahuales were and continued to be considered deities for those
who continue to keep the Mayan traditions alive.

In this calendar it is easy to see the great knowledge that the Maya had of the cycles of the
moon. Making a simple sum of the black squares in each corner we can see that
1+7+13+7=28, which is equal to the average cycle of the moon, and also the female cycle.
This formula is repeated 13 times with the other groups of four squares, 13 being the
number of lunar cycles in a solar cycle (36528=13). In this way we can see the use of the
natural cycles within Mayan spirituality.
The names of the Nahuales differ slightly in Mayan languages, and their symbols are
practically the same. In the coming months we will look at these names as they are used by
the Kiche Maya of Guatemala.
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Significance: Guardian of the spiritual law, Tzi represents the

governors of the community or state, spiritual authorities and the correct path. It is a sign of
terrestrial and cosmic authority and the day that brings the light of truth. It also represents
the Creator, the bringer of justice, fidelity and order.
Characteristics: People born under Tzi make good priests and spiritual guides. Theyre
very balanced people kind, just, strong, delicate and agile. They tend to have everything
under control and their senses are often heightened. They are very fertile and usually have
many children.
They make excellent lovers as they are gentle and romantic, with a good ability to

communicate. They are idealists who work for the community, are responsible and good
administrators. They have an adventurous spirit.
Positive Aspects: They are noble, practitioners of social justice, just, balanced, peaceful and
Negative Aspects: They want to play by their own rules. They are prone to gossip, anger,
alcoholism. They can have little tolerance for the mistakes of others and can work to sow
discord amongst people.
Professions: Mathematicians, medics, lawyers, secretaries, spiritual advisors, investigators
and accountants.
Energy of the Day: This is the day to ask for solutions to legal obstacles and to ask for
divine intervention for any problem. Its also a day to correct errors and seek peace and
conduct ceremonies seeking liberation from poverty and vices.

Significance: Payment, offering or fine. Tooj is the fire of the spirit

Ajaw. It symbolizes the leveling effect of justice, life and hope. Tooj is the sign of payment,
the energy which comes back from all the good or bad that we have done. Its also the
energy that we must pay for the benefits we attain, and the law of action and reaction, what
the Hindus call Karma. It is considered the fire, as of the Father Sun the fire where we
make petitions, are cured of our illnesses and liberated from negative energies.
Characteristics: People born under Tooj bring energy and spiritual light to their homes.
They are strong and respectful, hard working and sometimes impulsive. They can become
extremely jealous and proud. Their temperament drives them forward, but they need
companions for all their enterprises.
Positive Aspects: They are virtuous, good farmers with a flexible character. They know how
to resolve situations instinctively and acquire their energy from the Father Sun.
Negative Aspects: They have a bad temper and can be closed-minded, and tend towards
infidelity. In the long run, they court risk and can destroy their homes. In the short term,
they are possessive, destructive and vain.
Professions: Mathematicians, spiritual guides, researchers and social scientists.
Energy of the Day: This is the day to pay homage for the benefits we have received, to pray
for the removal of obstacles and the liberation from negative energy.

Significance: Qaniil represents the creation of the universe, life,

Mother Nature and everything she produces. It symbolizes the four cardinal directions, the

four colors of corn and the four human races. Defender of fertility and pregnancy, Qaniil is
the cosmic seed planted by our Creator.
Characteristics: People born under Qaniil are very intuitive especially with love and
knowledge and influential. Responsible, with abundant families, they find frequent
opportunities to travel and generally engage in some kind of social activism. Creative and
patient, their capacity for adaptation is tremendous. They are very affectionate and loving,
and tend to be successful in whatever they pursue. Spiritual and tranquil on the inside, their
biggest challenge is to believe in themselves.
Positive Aspects: They are fertile, responsible, harmonic, intelligent and successful.
Negative Aspects: They act superior to others, are prideful yet have low self-esteem, gossip
readily and are prone to mental breakdowns.
Energy of the Day: It is a good day to begin a relationship or start a business. It is a great
day to start a business relationship.
Professions: Farmers, philosophers, mathematicians, gynecologists and artists.
Famous People Born Under Qaniil: Mother Theresa Krishnamurti
Jimi Hendrix

Significance: Keej symbolizes the four cardinal directions and elements.

It represents the four pillars that hold up the sky and earth, the forces that can change the
destiny of humanity. It is the guardian of nature, the keeper of balance between humans and
mother earth.
Characteristics: Astute and mentally agile, they are seekers of power, possessing very
analytical minds. They rise and fall often, but always get back up and try again. Art is one
of their passions, especially music and writing. They are diplomatic and capable of doing
whatever is necessary to get what they want. Obsessive in relationships and quick to fall in
love, they usually find themselves with the wrong person. Despite this, they have very
developed intuitions, which they should obey to avoid problems.
Positive Aspects: Intelligent and charismatic, they quickly adapt to changes in their lives to
turn them in their favor.
Negative Aspects: They dont defend themselves, and are vulnerable, compulsive,
manipulative and vicious. They take advantage of others, abuse their power and become
sick easily.
Energy of the Day: It is a good day to harmonize with nature and thank the four elements
(fire, earth, air and water).
Professions: Politicians, sociologists, psychologists, mathematicians and businesspersons.

Significance: Kemee represents death. We are all born and one day we
will return to our origin. Kemee is the prognosticator of goodness and evil, communicator
with entities from other dimensions and the protective energy of the dead. It is the
connection with the forces of the underworld. It represents divine revelation and the
influence of the seven deadly sins.
Characteristics: They are able to tell the future, for better or worse. They can be spiritual
guides, fortune tellers and wise men. They are delicate and intelligent, possessing spiritual
forces. A person born under Kemee will have personal magnetism and an inclination toward
leadership. Their lives are subject to frequent change and they typically lead very intense
lives. They like to move from place to place and are driven to solve mysteries.
Positive Aspects: Intelligent, strong in the face of enemies and charismatic, they quickly
adapt to changes in their lives to turn them in their favor.
Negative Aspects: Often despised by others, they are unfaithful, violent, vindictive and
Daily Energy: It is a good day to have contact with your ancestors, to defeat serious
diseases, to ask for protection on trips and to access to higher knowledge. On this day,
communication with higher beings is possible and the door to the afterlife is opened.
Professions: Philosophers, administrators of justice, spiritual healers and historians.
Famous People Born Under Kemee: George Bush Bob Dylan

Significance: Kaan represents the natural flow of things, instinct and

intuition, the internal fire that begins in the spine and extends to the rest of the body. Kaan
is symbolized by the serpent, which represents movement and evolution in all forms, and
DNA, the biological link that allows us to evolve. It is justice, truth, intelligence and peace,
the spontaneity of action, survival, power and sexual magic.
Characteristics: Those born under Kaan are strong in the face of problems, practice the
code of justice that they preach and tend to be very sincere. They are energetic, good
athletes, like to read and have a very good memory. They are lucky in love, seemingly
always with someone who loves and supports them. Not big campers, they appreciate and
sometimes cant do without the luxuries and comforts of material things.
Positive Aspects: They are healthy, independent, wise, just, sincere, artistic, physically and
mentally strong and make good spiritual advisors.
Negative Aspects: They are quick-tempered, jealous, gossips, greedy, manipulative and
Daily Energy: This is a special day to develop your inner fire and spiritual evolution, to find
something once lost or to reconcile amorous relationships. It is a time to get back into the

natural flow of things, to use your passion and move your spirit to find a higher level of
Energetic Places: The beach and mountains under starry nights.
Professions: Astronauts, scientists, doctors and athletes.

Significance: Kat represents instinct and originality, but also the tangle
of life, the things that trap us. Its a force that connects people or elements to get things
done and a filter that separates the bad from the good. The seed symbolizes the possibility
of new life. At its essence, it is a fire that consumes, the absence of physical, mental,
emotional or spiritual freedom.
Characteristics: Those born under Kat are sincere leaders and possessors of a strong inner
energy. When they learn to control their emotions, they can accomplish whatever they set
out to do. Because of this, it is very important that they find a stable base. Their biggest
problem is material things, which they have trouble managing.
Positive Characteristics: They are good students, very orderly and can be spiritual guides.
Once they acknowledge their dreams and possibilities, they tend to become very successful.
Negative Characteristics: They are often egotistical, not taking into consideration the
sentiments of others. They are nervous, insecure and sometimes closed off to new
possibilities. If they forget the importance of their spirituality, they suffer from sickness and
Daily Energy: Its a day to untangle, to untie the knots that tie us to our vices. A day to ask
for abundance and to pray a womans fertility. A day to get away from negative energy and
bad influences, to fix problems of love and soothe ones emotions.
Professions: Doctors, administrators, farmers, gynecologists and planners.
Famous People Born Under Kat: Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Boris Yeltsin

Significance: Aqabal represents light and darkness, dawn and dusk, cold
and hot: contrary energies and opposing forces.
Characteristics: Those born under Aqabal are happy, have one foot in the past and the
other in the future and have telepathic connections during their dreams. They have power
over darkness and negative forces. Strong, creative and astute, they achieve what they set
out to do. They are laid-back despite the constant changes in their lives. They value their
privacy and need their own time and space. They have such good luck that some people
believe that they are protected by an invisible force. They are are seekers of truth,
passionate lovers and possess such an intelligence that, if prepared, they can achieve the
seemingly impossible.

Positive Qualities: Strong in the presence of their enemies, they have the courage and
energy to solve problems. They are serious and loyal in relationships, but still retain a
youthful exuberance.
Negative Qualities: They arent good with money and, partially because of this, are
susceptible to robbery and assault. Despite their quest for it, they dont always tell the truth
and are prone to hiding their feelings.
Daily Energy: Its an ideal day to find new oppotunities and renovate your life, to find
clarity, to reveal mysteries and to ask for stability.
Professions: Doctors, Physical Therapists, Writers, Artists and Mathematicians.
Places of Energy: Caverns and valleys, especially at dawn and dusk.
Famous People Born Under Aqabal: Kevin Costner, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham

Significance: Iq is the wind, bringer of energy. It is life, cleanliness and

purity, change and new ideas. It symbolizes the spirit, corrents of air, thunder and lightning,
hurricanes and storms. It could be the carrier of a message or a destructive force that breaks
down barriers.
Characteristics: Those born under Iq are very spiritual, have much mental agility and
intelligence, develop great memories and are some of our best mathematicians and spiritual
healers. They are great manipulators and, although sometimes timid, they will come to the
front at any crisis. They are gifted with words and are very convincing. At times, they
confuse their thoughts and fertil imaginations. If their imagination is put to good use, it
could give them much success; their ideas combined with their strong communication skills
could make them great speakers and writers.
Positive Qualities: Persons born under Iq can adapt to any situation, are brave enough to
confront any crisis and are dreamers and innovators. They have strong, healthy bodies, and
divine and futuristic visions.
Negative Qualities: They have strong characters and are impulsive, impure, vengeful and
unfaithful. They suffer from social and economic problems and become sick often if they
do not make offerings to Ajaw (the Creator and Giver-of-Life).
Daily Energy: It is a day to ask for renewal, to ask good winds to heal our minds and purify
us. It is a good day to heal persons with psychological problems, passions, hates or
depressions. On this day we should learn to experiment with our connection with the
Professions: Philosophers, mathematicians, musicians and doctors.
Places of Energy: Mountains, canyons and valleys.
Famous People Born Under Iq: Michael Jackson, Salvador Dal, Hillary Clinton.

Imox is the essence of unity in all things. It is the beginning of a cycle, the fountain of life
in its most pure and simple manifestation. Imox represents the duality of life as well as the
unusual and eccentric. It is important on this day to search for a positive equilibrium in
order to avoid madness.
They are homebodies, owners and guardians of the house. They are spiritual and social, but
can be eccentric. They have strong and often dominating characters. When determined to
do something, they never turn back. They cause breakthroughs, both positive and negative.
They vary between states of extreme happiness and extreme depression and often feel as
though nobody can understand them.
Positive Aspects
Productive, creative and like to help out their fellow man. They are dreamers and suffer the
pain of others.
Negative Aspects
Indecisive, insecure, violent, unfaithful, temperamental, disorganized and dishonest. They
bore easily in amorous relationships.
Daily Energy
This day brings good energy to increase your internal powers and strengthen the spirit. It is
a day to ask for rain and the purification of the rivers, lakes and seas. Imox offers the
opportunity to transcend time and use it for your own needs. On this day, you should take
time for yourself. It is an opportune day to think about what you really want and how to
direct the course of your life to realize your goals and desires.
Teachers, Psychologists, Sociologists, Chiropractors, Doctors, Artists, Politicians and
Theme of the month: Craziness

Conqueror of negative energies, spiritual warrior this is the day of the great Ajaw, the
father and representation of the sun, and a day symbolizing the Life Force. The essence of
Ajpuu is the completion, the context and the understanding of a day or time.
People born under Ajpuu are good comedians and actors. Theyre friendly, brave, variable,
travelers, dancers, delicate, intelligent and sure of themselves. They can be romatics and
dreamers, visionaries or spirit guides, although they have their practical side.

Theyre also good observers and share a mission to re-orient humanity. Their egos are their
largest obstacle in their spiritual path. They have the ability to manage their social circle
and are very selective in their friendships.
Positive Aspects
Theyre spiritual defenders, good friends and companions, astute and strategic, direct and
clear. They possess the spirit of the sun and lead their family well.
Negative Aspects
They can commit mortal acts and are hunters of wild animals. They anger quickly and
harbor resentments and can evade responsibility. They dont accept others faults and can be
overly self-contained.
Daily Energy
This is a day to obtain certainty and security, to plan and achieve goals. Its a day of
renovation, a time to pray for fertility and overcome obstacles.
Administrators, writers, actors, economists, lawyers, scientists, hunters, designers,
photographers, filmmakers and communication professionals.
Energetic Places:
The beach and the jungle especially at dawn or dusk
Famous People Born Under Ajpuu: Winston Churchill Vincent Van Gogh Carlos Santana
Charly Garca

Kawoq is a community day it symbolizes the relation of the group, ancestors and future
offspring of the family. It also relates to the strength of unity, the expansive consciousness,
the development of the cosmic plan, growth and fertility. Kawoq is the revelation and
instantaneous creation, change that happens so fast it comes unnoticed.
It symbolizes rain, lightning and thunder, water and air. It also represents the collective
consciousness. Kawoq is the grouping of days and the teachings that each one brings, the
cycles of time indicated by the calendric sets. It also represents the various stages of human
People born under Kawoq are brave, intelligent and noble. They can be spiritual guides and
fortune tellers. They have a good character, are loyal friends, defenders of the people and
receive messages through dreams.
They attract abundance, never go hungry and have a grand capacity for interaction, being
comfortable in any situation or place. They live and act for their family and find it hard to
be separate from them. They often feel part of something beyond the normal consciousness
and their deepest motivations are often a secret, even to themselves.
Positive Aspects
They act with intelligence, are sure of themselves, noble and imaginative. Theyre
observers, work for the good of others, respect their families and dont tolerate injustice.

Negative aspects
They can sometimes interfere where they shouldnt, can use offensive language and can be
stubborn even when they are unsure. They suffer physically if they do not practice their
spirituality and can be susceptible to divorce and infidelity.
Daily Energy
This is the best day to work for the common good, for the family and on economic
problems. On a Kawoq day we are invited to experience and respect the mysteries of life.
Ecologists, community leaders, politicians, mathematicians, gynecologists, speakers,
writers, obstetricians, artists and inventors.
Energetic Places
Forests, especially of pine and cypress.
Famous People born under Kawoq
Che Guevara, Mario Benedetti, George Harrison, Valeria Mazza, Yoko Ono.

Tijaax is symbolized by the double-edged obsidian blade. It is associated with force, power,
suffering and revelations. It stands for the power of rigid thought and the force of the
intelligence. Its a symmetrical symbol the two sides of the coin which unite in the point
and in this way it is unknown where one ends and the other begins the positive resides in
the negative and vice versa.
It carries the power to cut through mystery and open a portal to the other dimension. Its a
day of purification and balancing of our actions.
While a liberating, rational force, Tijaax can cause controversies. It represents the Earth
Force and its expression, such as earthquakes.
People born under Tijaax are protectors of justice, healers of the incurable, brave hearted,
talented and visionary. Theyre cerebral and rational, but can also be intuitive, imaginative
dreamers. At times drastic, they offend easily and can end a lengthy relationship in a
minute. They often achieve power and fame and are well-intentioned. Although
conservative, theyre open to new ideas, especially relating to mystic themes, which they
experience often in their day to day life. Theyre natural leaders, prudent and good
Positive Aspects
Optimists in the face of difficulty, collaborators, lovers of life, they shun violence. They can
be spiritual guides as they have a natural aptitude for interpreting sacred signs and dreams.
Negative aspects
They can be irritable, proud, overly-sensitive, delicate and have a tendency to disregard
their families.
Daily Energy
A Tijaax day is a good day to pray for health, abandon grudges, break negative
relationships and work on intelligence and memory.

Doctors, surgeons, analysts, politicians, strategists and administrators of justice.
Energetic Places
Cliffs, waterfalls, caves, lightning storms.
Famous People born under Tijaax: Fidel Castro, Goldie Hawn, Gabriela Sabatini.

Noj symbolizes the movement of the Earth and the heavens, intellectual power and
wisdom. It also represents ideas and thoughts, skill and the evolution of the human mind.
Noj is the connection of the Cosmic with the Human Mind and the interaction of the
limitless bounds of the infinite and the strict rigidity of reality.
This sign activates the manifestation of the positive part of the spirit in this dimension. It
harbors the concepts of synchronicity, the Great Vibration and the collective memory.
People born under Noj are wise, intelligent and possess curing powers.
In love, Noj is one of the most noble signs faithful, in search of tranquil realations and
careful to give space to their partner. Although by nature conservative, they break easily
with tradition and have advanced ideas that they will fight for. Theyre idealists and
dreamers whose biggest problem is confronting reality.
Theyre born to make changes, transmit security, are visionaries and prophets. They dislike
the status quo, although they dont complicate matters and tend to let destiny run its course.
Positive Aspects
Theyre prudent, studious and good in the arts. Theyre noble, idealistic and romantic
their most notable characteristic is service to others and care for children and the elderly.
Theyre very connected to the earth and nature.
Negative Aspects
They can be hurtful for being overly sincere and lack subtlety in achieving their goals. They
can be proud, irritable, selfish and inflexible.
Daily Energy
A Noj day is good to feed the mind, grow the memory and ask questions of the sacred fire.
Its a time to consult your body and harmonize your relations, seek clarity, convert
experience into wisdom and connect with the earth.
Artists, medics, humanists, spiritual guides and mathematicians.
Energetic Places
Tropical and cold forests, lakes and cloud covered mountains.
Famous People Born Under Noj
Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Charles Chaplin.

Ajmaq is forgiveness and sin it represents the darkest part of night and the days first ray
of sunshine. Its also a day of introspection on which we reflect on our actions and their
consequences, whether conscious or unconscious.
Those born under this sign usually possess a high level of curiosity, giving them the
opportunity to find the path to evolution. They can be Mayan doctors, have a long life
expectancy and enjoy good health. Theyre analytical, astute, quiet and move slowly
through life but achieve their objectives. They are quick to anger, but sensitive and able to
get along with most people. Their greatest challenge is accepting the faults of others. They
have a tendency towards extremes and can become religious fanatics, but are sweet and
have long, satisfying relationships. Theyre very intelligent, enjoy working alone and can
appear antisocial.
Positive Aspects
People born under Ajmaq are problem solvers, defenders of the people and act prudently.
Theyre analytical, but often receive material and spiritual answers through prayer.
Negative Aspects
Theyre delicate, blame others for their own faults, can be undisciplined, untruthful, jealous
and irresponsible. Theyre also likely to indulge in vice, cause domestic problems and be
unfaithful to their partner.
Daily Energy
This is the best day to forgive and seek forgiveness, to avoid confrontation, cure illness and
harmonize with Mother Earth.
Politicians, mathematicians, doctors, lawyers, public relations workers.
Energetic Places
Grottos, caves, creeks and the sea.
Famous People Born Under Ajmaq
Pablo Picasso, Federico Garcia Lorca, Alexander Graham Bell.

Tzikin stands for freedom, luck and treasure, and is the sign of the messenger. The name of
this sign is derived from the words Tzi, for authority, and Kin, for the Father Sun who
watches over the Earth.
Those born under this sign are usually happy, friendly, outgoing, expressive and intuitive.
They are very lucky with money and in love, and easily achieve high standing in society.

Tzikin bearers are sophisticated, popular and eccentric; they open the doors to the upper
levels of society with ease, and form solid, lasting friendships.
Although not born to be chiefs, these people possess extraordinary mental agility and
intuition, and frequently receive revelations in their dreams. They are thus well suited to be
Chi Mam (Mayan priest and spiritual guide).
Positive Aspects
People born under Tzikin can control invisible forces, act intelligently to achieve their
ends, are visionary mystics and communicate well with others. They also make very
accurate predictions.
Negative Aspects
Irritability, lack of dependability and poor memory are weaknesses of those born under this
sign. Stubborn, envious and arrogant, these people can be also be lazy, weak and
irresponsible. Wasteful with their money, they tend to lie and exaggerate.
Daily Energy
This is the best day for love, and also for requesting abundance in life, both personally and
communally. It is a day of security for business, and within all relationships. Intuition is
strong on this day, and one should pay attention to dreams, which will reveal messages.
Poets, sculpters, painters, scientists, businesspeople, diplomats, intermediaries, counselors.
Energetic Places
Mountains, lakes, places with snow or fog, and highland forests.
Famous People Born Under Tzikin: John F. Kennedy Caetano Veloso Fito Paez

Ix is symbolized by the jaguar and more broadly celebrates feminine energy. This a
magical sign, under which many sages and prophets were born, which represents the force
of Mother Nature, as well as power, cleverness and strength. Ix is a superior level of
consciousness, religiosity and spirituality, the possession of magical powers based in
knowledge and wisdom. Ix is the prophet, the sage of time and timelessness.
Those born under Ix are strong, brave, healthy and passionate. They are excellent lovers,
always find someone to fulfill their desires, and their feminine energy helps them develop
magical powers. They are eclectic and lose focus quickly, but can successfully raise animals
and grow crops. Clever and quick with decisions, Ix sign-bearers are big dreamers. They
can skillfully seduce the public with their magnetism, charisma and receptiveness and know
how to live in the moment. Although very realistic, prudent and modest, these people have
wild imaginations.
Positive Traits
They can meditate easily and deeply, are are physically and mentally healthy. They love to
be the center of attention and can confidently confront any problem in their life. Also, those
born under Ix can fill the position of Chi-Mam (Mayan religious leader).

Negative Traits
These people can be vain and overly proud and have a need to be noticed. They are
frequently power-hungry and, when they want to, can and will hurt others. Ix bearers can
lose their way in this quest for power, and also are often resented for their lack of
Daily Energy
This day is an especially good one for confronting negative parts of your life, for
meditating, rethinking life and finding a new path. It is also powerful day for magic and for
the channeling of dark forces.
Philosophers, mathematicians, scientists and doctors.
Energetic Places
The jungle and in ceremonial centres, especially pyramids.
Famous People Born Under Ix: Richard Nixon Ruben Dario Diego Rivera

Aj represents the development of the spiritual process, as well as reconnection with the
environment and those we love. It connects us to the cosmic force. A beacon of love and
humanity, Aj symbolizes an intricate relationship within a large family, and the beauty of
learning how to grow through sharing, rather than living alone. Aj cares for the family and
its wellbeing, and acts as a connection between the ancestors and future generations.
General Characteristics:
Those born under Aj understand the human body; they are avid readers and studious
investigators. Responsible in their homes and families, and loving with their children, they
at times become obsessed with achieving perfection. They are very intelligent, trustworthy,
and capable of taking secrets to the grave.
Positive Aspects:
People born under Aj have knowledge of the sacred, possess spiritual power, and are happy,
honest and decisive. They are talented agriculturalists, respect plants and animals, and are
generous within their communities. They have success in public affairs and prosper in their
Negative Aspects:
These people have a volatile life, with moments of fierce pain and sorrow, and get sick
frequently until reaching adulthood. They also test their children frequently and intensely.
Those born under Aj are overly proud and at times gluttonous. They seek solitude, fear the
unknown, and can be limited in their views.
Daily Energy:
An Aj day is one on which to protect the home and family, spend time with loved ones and
generally feel closer to those around you. It is also a good time to connect with nature and
plant crops. Use this day to explore the limits of your knowledge and beliefs; face up to
your goals, seeking out the courage and the compassion within yourself, and focus on
seeing your life as a sacred journey.

Artists, teachers, painters and poets.
Energetic Places:
The beach and in forests.
Famous People Born Under Aj:
Sigmund Freud
Carl Jung
Mia Farrow

This Nahual, EE, means the sacred path, and indicates the means and form by which life
should take its course. E is the energy of action, and also guides and protects
businesspeople. In Mayan mythology the E Nahual is the second step of creation, which is
the creative act. Essentially it acts as a guide for the next world.
General Characteristics:
People born on this day can be ajqij (spiritual guides), directors, travelers, successful
businesspeople, and especially diplomats. They know a little bit about everything, are
experts on politics, and are well-respected, decisive, creative, risky and adventurous.
Understanding and benevolent, these natural leaders usually share their wealth in their
communities, and continually change their appearance.
These people also have a natural ability to achieve impressive spiritual knowledge, and
when inspired can help guide others on their own true path.
Positive Aspects:
Generous, friendly, happy and affectionate, they offer favors easily and immediately, lead
effortlessly, and can lead and defend their communities.
Negative Aspects:
Can be envious of others material possessions. Often manipulative and untrustworthy.
They use negative energy to get what they want, and are jealous and picky.
Preferred Professions:
Artist, dancer, Ajqij-aj (spiritual guide), physiotherapist, doctor, chiropractor, ecologist,
administrator, businessperson.
Daily Energy:
This is the best day to begin any type of business or negation, to sign contracts, or to begin
trips, long or short. It is also an excellent day for communication, especially with loved
ones that live outside the country.
Energetic Places:
Mountains, highland forests, rivers.
White and Sky Blue.
Famous People Born Under Ee:
Thomas A. Edison Ernest Hemingway Laura Esquivel

General Characteristics:
Planners, capable of a holistic and futuristic vision, excellent doctors, with the ability to
mix conventional, natural and alternative medicines, although at heart conservative.
Demanding in love and always searching for the perfect companion, these people fall out of
love easily, but when they find their soul mate they defend the relationship to the hilt. They
seek out harmony, admire nature and work well as spiritual guides. Generally, they tend to
be creative, superstitious, funny, sensitive and passionate.
Positive Aspects
Calm, problem solvers, ordered, creative, generous, dynamic and active. Their personalities
are well defined and they have a deep love for their family.
Negative Aspects
A strong, hard character. Can be proud, arrogant, insecure, greedy, stubborn and make fun
of acquaintances.
Preferred Professions:
Artist, dancer, public speaker, musician, weaver, painter, writer, singer, poet, sculptor.
Daily Energy:
This is the best day to get married, put things in order or begin projects. Its also a day of
protection for artists, and a good time to pray for harvests or resolve family problems in the
The monkey symbolizes this sign because they live the joy of life and maintain a balance
between primitivism and an evolved precaution and creativity and joy.
Those who feel the influence of Baatz can feel great energy and a sensation of positive
power en their ability to effect their own reality.
On a Baatz day, you can be creative, have artistic desires and skills, be open to play and
abvle to enjoy life to the full.
Energetic Places:
Forests, lakes and the clear night sky help to elevate your spiritual energy and clear your
Red and Orange
Famous People Born Under Baatz
Pablo Neruda Dustin Hoffman Jaques Cousteau Isabel Allende