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Question Everything

Incredible Comparisons that make you think, outside the box.

These things I put before you have to do with the interpretation
of the revelation, being the revealed thunders. You must question
everything, to find the answers to all things. Phn
God gave the Law, He also gave Grace to cover the sins the Law
He sent His Son to die for Sins, making the Son sin itself, then
raised Him from the dead, because they were not His sins, yet
because of His great act of Love in taking your sins, then they
were not your sins either. A cancellation of sorts, as they both,
Law and Grace cancelled each other out.
When David numbers His people, it says it was the Anger of the
Lord, in Chronicles the same story says Satan caused it.
God commands us to not kill, yet He admits He kills.
In the Garden we find a Serpent on a Tree, Moses holds a Serpent
on a Tree, Jesus becomes a Serpent on a Tree.
God lifts up one and puts down another, good kings or evil kings.
God sends evil and good to cities.
We are told throughout the Bible to not fear, perfect Love has no
fear, yet we are commanded to fear the Lord.
Satan walks among the Stones of Fire. We find the Law coming
from a Stone of Fire.
The Bible tells us that Satan is the accuser of the brethren, yet
Jesus said Moses is the one that accuses us.
God is referred to as a Fire, Satan is referred to as a Fire.
God is referred to as a Lion, Satan is referred to as a Lion.
The Coming of the Lord is referred to as Lightning, Satans cast
from heaven is referred to as Lightning.

A perfect God demands from Heaven a very extreme law of much

Blood and sacrifice without almost any mercy, yet we suppose
this same God comes and does away with the Law, after all of the
wrath and demands and simply forgives and wipes all
transgressions away.
We are told Genesis was the beginning of creation as we know it,
yet it says Jesus was the beginning of Creation.
Adam is called the Son of God, yet Jesus is the only Son of God,
yet we are told there are many Sons of God.
We see from Genesis time is reckoned during the night, from
evening till morning. Yet we find time truly has never existed, as
the Angel said Time is no more.
If Genesis is truth as we suppose it is the Word of God, then why
did Jesus say, ALL that came BEFORE Him was thieves and liars?
And that Grace and Truth came by Him, so what was that before
If God is Light, as we are told He is. Then how come from the
beginning we find nothing but darkness?
We are told to be spiritual minded and not be natural or carnally
minded. Yet Paul tells us it was the Natural that came first, then
came the spiritual.
Again God is Light, but yet on Mount Sinai we find Darkness and
death and though God is Life, if anything touched that mountain it
would die.
Interesting that we have a Tree in the Garden, that if we eat of it,
we will die, thus we are commanded to not touch it or eat it, we
will die. Moses makes an ark, if anyone touches it, they will die.
Yet someone had to make it, thus touching it, to a completion.
Then Moses Mt Sinai, if anyone touches it, they will die. Then after
Jesus resurrected from the dead, he said for reasons unknown,
Touch Me Not.

The Book of Job, some of the deepest things ever written.

Astounding mysteries inside it.
Considered to be the oldest book of the Bible, putting it before
even Genesis. Yet Job even seen the Coming of the Lord.
How does Light veil itself in darkness, when light dispels
God is good, so why does many OT writings describe Him as a
Great Terrible Dragon with Fire billowing from His Nostrils etc.
For Darkness to be, Light has to withdraw, if Light withdraws, it
has to have a place to withdraw from and withdraw too. And the
Word became Flesh.
We have many it seems Gods, as we have a God the Father, the
Son, the Holy Ghost, we have Sons of God and Daughters of God,
we have the Bride of God we have the Man Child of God, yet we
are told we have but One God. There is no other God beside me, I
am God alone.
Heaven is Gods Throne, yet we find God has no beginning or end
and nothing can contain Him, not even Heaven. Yet we find Jesus
sitting in and on the Throne of God, as God, and says you can sit
in that same throne with Him.
If Jesus was in heaven, even while standing on this Earth, then as
He said, He came from heaven, and would return back to heaven,
yet He asked His Father to restore to Him His Once Heavenly
Place, Yet He was still in Heaven as He said, then when He went to
Hell as we read He did for sins, Did He leave Heaven and was cast
into Hell? Did He fall from heaven, into hell?
Is it not strange that we have some very interesting stories that
have the same story line told in a varying of ways in the Bible? We
have supposedly Satan being cast out of Heaven. Then we have a
Lucifer being cast out of Heaven. Then we have a Jesus coming
from heaven going into Hell. We have Adam being cast out of a
Garden, We have Nebuchadnezzar a King whom is changed to a
beast and is cast out of His Kingdom, to return back to it as a man
later. We have a spirit before God willing to come from heaven to

the earth and be a lying spirit to false prophets, to deceive them,

and God wills this.
We know from scripture, God cannot lie, yet we find Him by His
own account saying, He Himself sends strong delusions, He
causes people to be deceived and misled so that they will be
damned. He sends Lies.
We are told emphatically by the Word concerning Election and
Predestination and that it is God that chooses us and elects us to
salvation and eternal life. Yet we are told we have a sovereignty
and to work out our own salvation. As WE, not someone else, but
WE think, so we are. We decide our own destiny, and it is
according to OUR FAITH.
We are told God is Pure and Holy and Good and certainly no evil
thing exist in Him as He is a Mind, yet the same God tells us in
Genesis, They have become as One of US, to Know Good and
Evil. And that NOW NOTHING will be HIDDEN (Good or Evil),
from them anymore.
Of course this easy and simple question, yet it bears an incredible
thought and answer to deal with. If the Tree of Knowledge was
deadly and dangerous to begin with, so deadly enough it would
and could send people to eternal damnation, then WHY EVER
would a just and loving God create such a Tree and put it in the
Garden to begin with and then arouse the first couples curiosity
by saying to them, do not go near that Tree or even touch it. Then
allows a Serpent, full of craftiness and guile and deceit, to deceive
them, to be at that Tree, knowing it would convince them to eat of
it. Why all of this to begin with, God knowing this would happen.
Yet Him already having a plan of redemption for it before it even
began, by slaying the Lamb in His Foreknowledge.
Have you ever wondered that how Jesus was the Greatest of us
all, yet became the worse of us all? Or How Him being the
Greatest Light, became our Greatest Darkness? How Paul, became
so much as to become literally Christ Himself, yet claimed He was
the chiefest of Sinners?

Light and Dark have always been together as One. In the

Beginning we find Light coming forth from Darkness.
We find the Light of the Law, coming forth from the darkness of
Sinai. Jesus comes and there comes Satan before Him as the
Darkness in Judas. Paul became the Great Light of Revelation yet
said A Messenger of Satan was there to buffet Him. Paul also said,
God sent Him to call us forth from darkness unto Light and God
called Him from the Darkness unto His Marvelous Light.
Remember God said, They have become as One of Us, to know
Good and Evil, Light and Darkness.
The Law written by Gods own Hand, was just and good and holy,
so why could it not bring righteousness, when we are told
salvation is actually known to us as the Righteousness of The
Law? Plus we are told, It becomes us to fulfill all righteousness,
and that was speaking of the righteousness of the Law.
We are told to avoid the very appearance of evil, yet we find
much in the Word that appears to be evil, and we eat from it all of
the time. Perception is Key. Good and Evil are certainly in the eye
of the beholder. This itself is a terrible and great and mighty thing
that can be applied to what appears as good and what appears as
God having His way in both the Good and the Evil tell us much
about this. How that in the Mind of Man and His Impartial childlike
state of Mind, HE sees Good and Evil, because of His LACK of
Maturity in the Mind, thus He is yet Under the Law, and it is By
The Law, that He contrast In His own Mind What is Good and what
is Evil. YET in the Mind of God who is not under any Law, There is
No Good or Evil, there is But His Perfect Will! God is Just and Holy
and perfect and YOU are the One up under the Law defining Gods
actions saying this was good and this was evil. You are Satan
accusing or else excusing God. Who are YOU or WHO are WE to
ask such about God, when as Paul told us, He is the Potter and we
the Clay, How dare we ever ask WHY hast thou made me such?
All of these things are greatly connected together and though
they seem to ask many questions they also answer themselves as
well. There is no question asked that has no reveal answer
already, for all things have already been made know, all

mysteries have a revelation. For every unknown mysterious evil,

there is a known revelated Good and vice versa. Once we are not
under the Law anymore, we see nothing but Love and God and
Will. Then we say what we will, we do what we will, all is well and
perfect before God, there is no accuser anymore. We must pull
down the pillars of our minds and as Samson crash them down.
We are but One, Our Will is but One. We certainly reap what we
sow. God did, Jesus did, we do also.
The Interpretation of the Great Revelation of Jesus Christ. Being
the Revealed Thunders. Amen.
PHN 929
Thank You!