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Relationship with Parents

© Sarajit Poddar

1. The relationship with ones mother shall depend on the placement of the fourth lord from lagna
lord as well as from the Moon (as Moon is the significator for the mother). Similarly the
relationship with one’s father shall depend on the placement of the 9th lord from the Lagna lord as
well as from the Sun (since Sun is the significator for the father). If they are placed in kendra, trine
to each other, then there is amicable relationships. This is true if they are placed in 3/11 from each
other. If they are placed at other positions, then there would be inimical relationship with the

2. The Arudha Lagna (AL) shows the image of the native in this world and the planets placed in good
positions from the Arudha Lagna, tend to support the native in this life, in different aspects of the
native’s existence, such as financial and material support. Planets placed in the 7 th or 12th from the
AL oppose the AL or act as secret enemies respectively. Thus the relationship of the parents with
respect to the support to the native in this world can be seen from the placement of the significator
of mother (i.e., Moon) and father (i.e., Sun) from the AL. If the Moon or Sun is in the 7 th or 12th from
Arudha Lagna, there is friction/losses due to ones mother or father and hence, relationship will not
be smooth. Since, Upapada Lagna shows one’s spouse, if the Moon or Sun is so placed from
Upapada, the friction/losses are due to mother -in-law or father-in-law.

3. The Arudha pada of the fourth house is called Matr Arudha (A4) and its placement in quadrants/
trines from Arudha lagna indicates the blessings of properties, home, mother etc. Similarly the
arudha of the ninth house is called the pitr arudha (A9) and its placement in the Kendra to the AL
indicate blessings of elders, father, guru, good fortune etc.

4. If the Matr arudha is in the 3rd/11th house from Arudha Lagna there is a friendly relationship with
the mother. Similarly Pitr arudha (A9) in the 3rd/ 11th from the Arudha Lagna (AL) shows amicable
relationships with the father. If the matr arudha or pitr arudha is in the 6 th house form AL enmity
with mother/ father results.

5. If the matr or pitr arudhas are placed in the 8 th house from AL, the mother/ father belongs to a poor
family and if the 12th house, losses are indicated. Similar things can be said, if the planets placed in
the arudhas are debilitated/ badly placed or if no planets are placed therein, the lord of the arudhas
are badly placed.

6. If the chara matr karak (MK) is placed in a dusthana from the matr arudha, mother may have poor
health. Similar condition to father is indicated if the chara pitr karka (PiK) is placed in the dusthana
from the Arudha Lagna.

7. If there is influence of Venus on the A4, which also shows the influences at home, the maternal
relations would strongly influence the native, while if influenced by Jupiter, then the influence of
the paternal relations would be very strong in the person’s life.

8. Along with it, the Jyotish classics say that if Sun and Saturn are placed in opposition in any house,
the person would have friction with the father. This is because, mythology teaches us that Saturn is
the Son of the Sun, but due to some incidences, never had amicable relationship with the father.
Whichever houses this happens, those houses suffer due to this opposition.

Calculation of Arudha:
1. The arudha lagna is calculated by counting from the lord of the Lagna, as many houses, as the
Lagna lord has gained from the Lagna. There is one rider to the condition, which is, if the Arudha
falls in the Lagna or the 7th from it, then count 10 houses from that sign. This is because, arudha
shows the maya and it cannot be same with the satya, which is shown by the Lagna or the seventh

2. The matr (A4) and pitr (A9) arudhas can be arrived at by substituting the Lagna with fourth and
ninth house.