Elizabeth Eshel

PO Box 1278 Safed 13112 Israel tel: 04-692-3619

Reed College, Portland, OR., U.S.A. B.A., Chemistry, 1985.

Flow Cytometrist, Ziv Medical Center, Safed (12/2009 - present). Responsible for establishing clinical flow cytometry at the hospital including proper sample handling, documentation, reporting, and introducing new tests. Responsible for use of the flow cytometer for research uses. Researcher, Ziv Medical Center, Safed (6/2006 – 12/2009). Responsible for BioCep laboratory,
including experimental designs, documentation, and data analysis. Trained new employees in density gradient lymphocyte preparation, immunomagnetic cell separation, preparation of samples for analysis by flow cytometry.

Webmaster, various employers (10/99 – 6/2006). Design, promote, and optimize websites for commercial purposes. Custom scripting to present data feed product links in website templates. Researcher, Rebecca Sief Govt. Hospital, Safed (7/95-8/99). Improved and implemented
CellScan based assay for detection of prostate cancer. Responsible for Carbohydrate Deficient Glycoprotein Syndrome Analysis Laboratory, including implementation of protocols, reporting results, and training additional technician. Contributed to writing grant applications, articles for publication, slide presentations, safety procedures, and radioisotope inventory procedures.

Research Technologist II, Department of Genetics, University of Washington (2/90 - 11/93).
Investigated genetics of drug resistance in malaria, using cell culture, assay and molecular techniques. Maintained Lab Safety Manual, including writing S.O.P.'s as required by state law. Responsible for safety in lab. Hired and supervised student helpers.

Research Technologist II, Department of Biochemistry, University of Washington (10/87 -

8/89). Investigated α 1(I) collagen gene regulation using transfection of avian and mammalian cells, and RNA solution hybridization techniques Maintained lab inventory, preventative maintenance schedules on equipment, responsible for radiation safety, hired and supervised student helpers.

Research Technician, Department of Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University (12/85 -4/87).
Investigated adenylate cyclase in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae using permeabilized cells and different crude membrane preparations for assays. Briefly worked on project purifying ras p21 grown as a fusion protein in E. coli for use in reconstitution experiments. Edited articles for publication.

Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, Reed College (3/84 - 5/85). Analyzed thorium
content in urine samples by instrumental neutron activation analysis. Assisted rewriting of chemistry department safety manual including emergency procedures and waste material disposal. Independent research included work designing simple electronic circuits

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