by Hewitt E Moore

In the midst of pondering (as I often do), a somewhat irrelevant thought hatched and became a viable question. Who are the victims of “racism?” And adding to that, what is “racism” and who is affected by it; and why? During this progression of thought, I concluded in order to establish victimization at the hands of “racism” we must establish what “racism” is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary “racism” is defined as a belief that some races are by nature superior to others. Now by definition, the thought consumes me as to how “racism” has negatively affected groups of people we typically associate with the oppressing affects of “racism.” The idea that one race has superiorities in relation to certain aspects of life is not as radical as we have been made to believe. We have all experienced some form of “racism” (by definition) in our life (and this excludes nobody). Speaking from a White perspective (being that I am White), I have suffered from “racism” as well. There was the time I was outran in a race by a black kid in school. I scored lower on a test score than an Asian in college, an attractive White women wasn't interested in me at a local hangout thanks to the multiculturalist enforced ideology via mainstream media with regard to genitalia size (or lack thereof), and I lost a job to a harder working Hispanic a few years back. These are just a few examples that quickly come to mind in association to my personal experiences with “racism.” I didn't include the fact about lack of government assistance, hiring quotas, and endured on-the-job harassment (White males can't be discriminated against unless of course they are gay) which I have experienced in past time. How has this “racism” affected me personally? It has reaffirmed the belief and existence in “racism.” I realize that due to genetic characteristics attributed to racial ethnicity through the creation of race by nature and its evolutionary state, all races experience superiorities as well as inferiorities. I know by observance “racism” exists, and contrary to popular belief hasn't oppressed me in any way. I recognize the stereotypical behavior within the races and adjust and act accordingly. I'm positive anyone who reads this is rolling his/her eyes with the thought of comparing myself (a White male) with the injustices suffered by Native Americans, African Americans, Latino Americans and every other existing race at the hands of the powers that be (White males); Just as I roll my eyes about the guilt imposed on me. I must admit, I have never had to suffer through the horrendous torment of being called names such as the profane N-word (a word so vile and destructive its full pronunciation is only spoken by its own target). I have never been on the wrong end of Klan intimidation/violence. I have never been accused of my back being wet for swimming across a river to enter into another country illegally; Like 22 million currently. Nope, just a White man who knows his side of the tracks and the consequences of crossing to the other side. So who is truly affected by “racism” and why are they affected? All races are affected by “racism.” There is no race on earth whom can claim superiority in all facets capable of the application of such a

term. Just as certain dog breeds possess superior genetic traits with regard to their breeding intent; Races are of no difference. To conclude superiority as stereotypical behavior is benign; when in fact it is such. Only outcasts defy true stereotypes. It is those oddities which ensure the term's existence. For every aberration, there is the staggering amount of logical “racism.” “Racism” does exist, and all races are racist (by definition). To concur one race has suffered more oppression than the next is matter of opinion (personal experience). In modern times, “racism” for some is racial profiling (legitimate -statistically speaking), epithets, and past oppressive conditions (excuses for failures drawing sympathetic views in turn creating a permanent crutch). Whereas others face the daily destruction of their race with non-debatable realism. The final question I have to answer is why racist behavior exists? This is an easy one. Because we are all racists suffering from “racism!” The one's proclaiming its prominence are the same one's prominently living off its claims. Unite with the comfort of likeness via comparable traits through intentional ancestral hegemony. The oddness lies in betrayal not solidarity.
"Racism is not only good, but is in fact a law of nature whose most familiar rendering is 'Birds of a feather flock together'". John 'Birdman' Bryant

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