Infinity Downline Secrets Although many claim to have the secret, there really are no secrets..

The only secret to Infinity Downline is that it flat out works.. Where else can you start an online business for $25.00 and position yourself for retirement in 10 weeks.. The Infinity Downline Secrets are in the reverse 2 up options that is build right into the business and the direct pay to members.. No need to wait for payment, the first person you refer pays you directly thru the payment processor of your choice - so you break even with your first referral.

Becoming a part of Infinity Downline is really a no brainer! Set your intentions to operate this business with Integrity. Refer 4 people that need help and help those people refer 4 people, this is a win-win situation.

The key to running a successful Infinity Downline Business is to partner with someone who is already successful. Someone who has a turnkey system that you and your team can plug into and duplicate.. Team Turbo offers resources and training to their members that is truly a plug and play. The only thing you need to do is see the comp plan below - see the power and get

started. You can even test drive the system for free. PHASE 1 [1] Your only investment is $25.00 [1.1] Hold your hat. Prejudging this would be a mistake. [1.2] I urge you to go through the entire scenario. [1.3] The end result will absolutely blow your mind. [1.4] All the math has been checked out and approved. [2] Find and enroll a minimum of four people. [2.1] You receive a $25.00 payment from #1 and #3 in this line of four. [2.2] Persons #2 and #4 will be passed up to your sponsor. [2.3] You have earned $50.00 so far and retain two people in your orbit. [2.4] You are in profit already. [2.5] Beginning with your fifth member, all of them will be directly connected with you. You will ONLY ever pass up two people, which is why the Infinity Downline gets called a Reverse 2-up compensation plan. PHASE 2 [1] The two from Phase 1 remain with you ------------- 2 x $25.00 = $ 50.00 [1.1] They pass a total of four up to you ------------- 4 x $25.00 = $100.00 [1.2] This aggregates --------------------------------- to 6 people paying $150.00 a month. Do not forget to Aggregate. The formula is Old plus Last plus New (L2) multiplied by $25.00 a month. Let's restate the formula as [O + L + L2] x 25 = $ [2] The last four produce 8 new people. --- [2 + 4 + 8] x 25 ==== produces a monthly income = $350.00 [3] The most recent 8 produce 16 more. [3.1] So, that is [6 + 8 + 16] x 25 = ------------------------ producing a monthly income = $750.00 [4] The most recent 16 produce 32 more. [4.1] So, that is [14 + 16 + 32] x 25 ============= $1,550.00

[5] The most recent 32 produce 64 more. [5.1] So, that is [30 + 32 + 64] x 25 ============= $3,150.00 [6] So, [62 + 64 + 128] x 25 ====================== $6,350.00 [7] Let's say you reach 280 x 25 ================== $7,000.00 When are you ready to stop? If you keep going, you will make even more. THIS IS AN INFINITY PROGRAM. + + + + Members are paid 100% commissions on every sale. Your very first sale covers your dues. You start with $25.00 and could be in profit very, very quickly. There is no limit how far this may go into Infinity.

70,000 members can't be wrong.. Get started Today Get the massive bonuses worth $4087 to help build your online business.