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Importing Google Intraday and EOD

NSE Datafeed into Metatrader 4

August 6, 2011 by Rajandran 47 Comments

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Had seen this interesting topic in both the traderji and mudraa forum and the credit goes
to the creator Mr.RAMDAS DUMBRE(Mumbai).
As everyone knows that most of the MT4 platform is available in demo account at free
of cost. So importing the google intraday datafeed into metatrader could be boon for
market learners & small investors and for those who cant spend on hefty money on paid
softwares and datafeeds to analyse the stock markets. This article explains how to
import Google Intraday and EOD NSE datafeed into metatrader.
Step 1: Metatrader 4 Installation
1)Download MT4 platform from any broker. To download XTB Trader (MT4 platform)
visit here
2)Install fresh copy of MT4

3)After installation complete MT4 will start and ask you for login or ask for account
Cancel all, we dont need to create any account with any broker, we dont require to
login to any broker server. Close MT4 and go to step 2.
Step 2 : Copy Files
1)Download MT4 Stock Chart V10.Zip
2)Extract or Unzip the MT4 Stock Chart V10 files to local drive.
3)Now Distribute those files to the respective metatrader 4 folders as shown below
1)C:program filesexpertsindicatorsNSE Stock Chart V10.mq4
2)C:program files(Metarader 4)expertslibrarieReadWebCSV.mq4
3)C:program files(Metarader 4)expertslibrarieReadWebCSV.ex4
4)C:program files(Metarader 4)expertsincludeReadWebCSV.mqh
5)C:program files(Metarader 4)expertsfilessymbols.txt
6)C:program files(Metarader 4)historyNSEsymbols.raw

7)C:program files(Metarader 4)historyNSEsymgroups.raw

8)C:program files(Metarader 4)templatesdefault.tpl
9)C:program files(Metarader 4)expertsscriptsScript Create Symbol List V10.mq4
Step 3 : Login Setup
1)Start MT4, it will ask you to login, put 1234 in login and 1234 in Password field.
2)Put NSE in server field.
3)Click save account information and click Login button.
4)Login window will go and server connection status at right bottom corner of MT4 will
be not connected.

Step 4 : How to enable all symbols

1)Now Go to View -> Market Watch or Ctrl+M
2)You will see Market watch window with symbols name, right click on any symbol and
select Show All. This will show all symbol in market watch.
4)Go to MT4 tools > options -> expert adviser, in this select allow DLL import. This

is required for MT4 to access ReadWebCSV.mq4

Step 5 Opening new chart.

1)Right click on any symbol name and select Chart Window
2)One Blank chart will get Open. Click on Monthly Time frame MN
3)Now go View -> Navigator or Ctrl+N
4)Then go to Custom Indicator and select indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 Apply this
indicator on Chart.
5)Now right click on the chart select->template->save template and save this template
as default.tpl
Why we saved this template as default ?

Reason is. Whenever we open new chart , new chart will open with this template and
chart timeframe will be Monthly Time frame which is MN and with indicator NSE Stock
Chart V10
And indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 fetch data from google finance and creates 1min,
5min 15min, 30min, H1, D1 chart.
Now click on 5min timeframe button and you will see 5min chart, like this you can click
D1 button and you will see daily chart.
Button W1 timeframe on toolbar is used to clear all timeframe charts.
If you want to clear all timeframe chart data click button W1 and this will delete data of
this stock symbol
In short. MN creates charts of M1 to D1 Timeframe and W1 delete M1 to D1 Timeframe
chart data.
Note. When you click W1 still you will able to see M5 M15 chart since data is already
loaded in MT4 RAM and it will get clear when you restart MT4.
Now you can open any chart by right click on symbol name.
After 1 to 3 sec blank chart will open, and then you can study M1 to D1 chart by clicking
M1 to D1 Timeframe buttons.
Note: M1 15day data featch from google takes 2 to 3 sec thats why when new chart
open, it takes some time to open. If you select only D1 and M15 timeframe which you
can do in indicator propertythen chart will open fast. Only M1 takes little longer time.
Creating your own symbol list
For creating your own symbol list we will use script Script Create Symbol List
This script is located under Scripts on the Navigation bar
How to create your own symbol list.

Create one file name symbols.txt which content you script name. e.g below
And save this text file symbols.txt in folder C:program files(Metarader 4)expertsfiles
Then open any chart and apply script Script Create Symbol List V10 on chart and
then restart MT4.
And follow step 4 to show all symbol.
Regarding default.tpl file for smooth operations
This is important file , when you open new chart it is open with this default template.By
default chart with time frame MN will get open , you will not see any chart on MN
And indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 is already attached to chart. then when you click
timeframe button M5 or M15 you will see those charts.
default.tpl template with some moving average attached with the download file.
When you want your own template with your indicator, you have to create your own
template and save it with some name, and you can just apply that template on chart
when all timeframe chart get created.
When you want to create your own default template you have to create it on 5min chart
or any other timeframe except MN and W1 timeframe.

Here is procedure to setup template

Step 1: Open 5min chart apply all indicator which chart settings as per your
Step2: Apply indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 on chart.
Step 3: save this template as default.tpl
Step4: go to folder templates and open file default.tpl with Notepad.
Step5: on 3rd line put period=43200 this 43200 is timeframe MN.
Step6: save this file and you are ready to open chart with your own default template.
Settings for 1min Datafeed
1min data featch is disabled, since it takes longer time to featch 1min data. you can see
indicator property M1 it is set as false. if you want to see 1min chart just open template
file default.tpl with notepad go to bottom there you will something like belowmake
M1=1 and save defauilt template file.Then it will show you 1min chart. pl click W1 button
to delete old data, then restart MT4.
How to this usefull tool Realtime
1)Download NSE Stock Chart V10 RealTime.mq4
2)Extract the file into C:program filesexpertsindicatorsNSE Stock Chart V10

For using realtime, you have to login to some demo accout, then open any chart which
is moving, Nifty chart will be good.
Open Nifty 5Min chart, put indicator NSE Stock Chart V10 RealTime
In indicator property under stock name put e.g ACC .
then go to MT4 File -> Open Offline > ACC 5Min chart, and you will see it changes
realtime on every tick of Nifty.
In realtime on every tick of Nifty chart data is pull from google finance and chart is
created. on ACC 5Min offline chart you can out any indicator and it will work.
if you want ACC 15Min chart, Then just change Nifty chart to M15 and open ACC M15
Offline chart.
MT with Indian markets is available in GLS Metatrader platform
Download and install GLS Metatrader from below link
Open our metatrader then enter below given ip in server column
Enter Server Name as :
Now open demo with your proper details filled in and enjoy your analysis with world
powerful GLS metatrader platform


Free nse mcx real time data in metatrader

From : Vimal Raj at 07:43 PM - Nov 02, 2011 ( 4 years ago )
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From: vimal raj at 09:27 PM - Nov 02, 2011

Just simple as 1 2 3.....

Install any Metatrader platform my guess is almost all Indian traders here are already used
Metatrader 4 platform at least once before in their trial and test learning curve.
Once installed then go to File > Login which will show the screen as shown in image
Then remove the server field name in it already then replace with IP address provided on
1st post and click ok.
Now go to Account and open new account , fill the details then select the new server that
you added and click next you are done.
Now right click on quotes in connected Metatrader terminal and click show all.
thanks : fxgood

From: vimal raj at 08:49 PM - Feb 04, 2014( 2 years ago )

Meta users can use our solution for their analysis in Indian markets
Open our metatrader then enter below given ip in server column
Enter Server Name as :

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From : Dhiraj Savla at 07:20 PM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

sorry but i cant find other then usd


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From : Mustafa at 05:45 PM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Working Fine
Great Sir

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From : Raja Kumar at 11:35 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Thanks Vimal Sir.

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From : Saurabh K at 11:08 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

its working.
Thanks, Vimal Jee,
Thanks, Prakash Chotu Jee.
Regards all

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From : Hari Om at 10:44 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Thank You Vimal Ji

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From : Prakash Chotu at 10:41 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Saurabh K click on market watch and click show all

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From : Saurabh K at 09:44 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Vimal Sir,
How to bring MCX scripts like crude, natural gas, silver


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From : Prakash Chotu at 09:26 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Supper sir working........................

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From : Vimal Raj at 09:17 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Saurabh K
Its europe based data server... We cannot Modify time settings..

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From : Saurabh K at 09:11 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Vimal Jee,
Ys it generates ,,,,,, but how to bring MCX scripts in Indian Currency and indian time.

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From : Vimal Raj at 08:51 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Rajan Singh
Click open an Account , then it will genrate auto id and password..


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From : Rajan Singh at 08:43 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

From: vimal raj at 08:49 PM - Feb 04, 2014( 2 years ago )

Meta users can use our solution for their analysis in Indian markets
Open our metatrader then enter below given ip in server column
Enter Server Name as :


vimal sir pls tell login id & password

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From : Umesh Dani at 08:26 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )

Many Many Thanks Vimalbhai. Book marked & Liked Thread.
Till Date I am not trading in MCX trading in NSE FO only , but wants to trade in MCX
I am using Amibroker software. Please guide me for EOD data Downloder, as well as Live data
feeder for amibroker
Umesh Dani

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From : L Srinivas at 04:42 AM - Feb 05, 2014 ( 2 years ago )


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From : Arumuga Perumal at 05:39 PM - Jul 04, 2012 ( 3 years ago )


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From : Niladri Jana at 07:39 PM - Nov 29, 2011 ( 4 years ago )

Update: ON Free MCX NSE NSEFUT quotes on MT4
Subject: Misuse
Dear Demo Users,
We still see very high number of fake and junk registration from Indian clients and many don't
care our email and follow our instructions so we made a plan to crub this and we will notify
accordingly soon and thank you all whom have provided their information and shown interest in
our services. We post more details in our website soon.
BFD Manager ( This is the actual platform through for IP shown above )

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From : Bibhuti Mishra at 09:27 AM - Nov 26, 2011 ( 4 years ago )

Friend Its a request that this IP is a paid

one.So we should not dissuss in this open
thread.Besause if the service provider knows
the things then it may stop or changed by the
service provider.Better We may send the
message to In box for the information.
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From : Ranganath Kodanda at 09:16 PM - Nov 25, 2011 ( 4 years ago )

I will try 2marro


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From : Niladri Jana at 07:58 PM - Nov 25, 2011 ( 4 years ago )

No , the symbols are back on my new MT4 platform with same the old one it is
not showing still.