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Flood is a natural phenomenon which is the water from all the water sources on the earth

overflaw on resident living places. Flood is a dangerous disaster for human living.
Sometimes, flood caused by the human activites. Flood happens in all part of the world.
How is the process of flood?
Flooding may result from the volume of water within a body of water such as a river,
lake, or ocean. Raining in high intensity and continually along day is the major case of
flooding cause. Regions that have two seasons (near the equator) tend to have raining
longer than regions which have four seasons (about six months).
Besides, soil density also influences the incident of flood. Water from the rain cant be
absorbed perfectly by the soil. While this happens, the depth of water above the surface
will higher and higher. Then it drowns the surrounding area: office, houses, school, rice
field, etc. Flood like this often occur in urban areas.
Year to year, human always make development that cover the soil without green places in
any urban areas. Human only want to get much adventages from that without think about
how the effect from their do. Factory also has contribution in making flood. Factory and
human littering the river that obstruct water circulation.
So, what we can do ? We must cooperate with govermant in Increasing the green areas,
make laws of illegal logging and changing people's behavior to not make the river as a
giant trash. Participation of all elements of society must be organized and coordinated in
order to run effectively. A community organization should be formed to take early action
and organize public participation in flood mitigation.P

How does Flood occur?

Flood is usually an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land and the inflow
of tide onto land. Floods are the most frequent and costly natural hazards, causing almost
90 percent of all the damage related to natural disasters. Floods usually cause large-scale
loss of human life and wide spread damage to properties. This damage is known as flood
Floods occur when the ground cant hold any more rain. There is too much rain to be
absorbed by the earth and the water stays on top of the earth and runs off to the rivers and
seas. This is normally happens during the very heavy rain seasons. After severe
thunderstorms, monsoons, hurricanes and typhoons, the water fills up the rivers and then
the rivers overflow their banks and the water comes onto the land and a flood devastates
the land. Sometimes there is a blockage in the run off and again the water overflows and
goes on the land and makes a flood.
Floods are the most frequent type of disaster worldwide. Thus, it is often difficult or
impossible to obtain insurance policies which cover destruction of property due to
flooding, since floods are a relatively predictable risk.