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Dario and his fellow soldier were in Nueva Ecija for special military operation.
They were allowed, by virtue of the issuance of a night pass by their
commander, to visit Darios brother in Nueva Viscaya who had a durian tree.
Incidentally, as his fellow soldier was shooting a durian fruit, it fell on Darios
head which caused his death. Since Darios absence in Nueva Ecija and his
presence in Neuva Viscaya were permitted by his commander, there is no
reason, in principle, why Darios death should not be compensated.
(a) As a pro bono lawyer, I will charge the Bishop no consultation fee.
(b) 50 employees under the administration of the Baguio and Benguets
Bishop were refused to be reported for SSS coverage. The Bishop went into
the conclusion that such coverage will entitle his employees to the benefits
which would require the use of public funds. As a consequence of which, it
would violates the Constitution. Such conclusion is absurd as it would
discriminate laborers employed in a church. This is in consonance with the
principle that in case of doubt, the law should be tilted in favor of labor.
Therefore, it is logical to say that the Bishop should allow his employees to be
reported for SSS coverage.
Francis co is the boyfriend of Precious Lo who abandoned the latter after
latter was raped by Jaime Milares. As a consequence of the rape, Precious Lo
bore a child who allegedly looks like Jaime Milares instead of Francisco. Only
on the 19th birthday of the child, Fancis Co volunteered to raise the child
considering a long years of abandonment. Aptly, it can be inferred by analogy
that Francis Co cannot be considered as solo parent as he is not the father of
the child. Moreover, the child is also beyond the contemplation of the law as
a child since he is already of legal age.
Dr. Galit was hired by Department of health as a Dental aid for 14 years. After
which, he was employed in Luvesco company which was a private company
until it was absorbed by PNOC, a private Government Owned and Controlled
Corporation. PNOC floated a retrenchment package promising to pay two
months salary for every year of service. However, Dr. Galits application for
retrenchment was disapproved; hence he continued working for 17 years
until he retired. Thereafter, it came into his knowledge that two of his coemployees applications for retrenchment were approved by the PNOC. These
lead to his action to sue the PNOC. Indeed, Dr. Galit should be entitled to
totalization as he would not qualify in his retirement benefits if only the PNOC
approved his retrenchment application. Therefore, I would award Dr. Galit for
additional 1 month salary multiplied by his 14 years of service.
Attorney Santiago, as requested by attorney kato, obliged himself to do
proctoring. As attorney Santiago holding the examination, he stares at a
beautiful student saying salacious words. Right after the exam, attorney
Santiago asked for the female student her number with the alibi that it is
needed by Attorney Kato for further announcements. Attorney Santiago

further said that he might be the one who will check the test booklets. That
night, Attorney Santiago texted the female student, even though in the name
of attorney Kato, it shows that it was Attorney Santiago manifesting his
sexual desire. By analogy of the circumstances, there is no reason why
attorney Santiago should not be held liable for sexual harassment.