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College fundraisers

College fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise money. Whether you are
fundraising for a college society/group, for charity or just to help support yourself
through what can be a very financially challenging period, with thousands of
students around campus to appeal to, your fundraising efforts can be very
fruitful. Here is a selection of college fundraising ideas.

Fundraising discount cards

Fundraising discount cards can sell very successfully in college. With so many
students spending their money on similar things, there are many companies
competing for their custom. Prime examples of companies competing for the
orders of students are take aways. Another example is bars and clubs.

Arrange discounts by approaching local businesses. Ask for exclusive offers in

exchange for promoting their food to students. Offers may include buy one get
one free deals on pizzas before a certain date or perhaps free entry to a certain
club on certain nights.

These discounts can then be collated on to a discount card, which comes about
the size of a credit card. These cards are produced in mass for anywhere
between 1 dollar and 4 dollars and can be sold for 10 dollars, leaving a healthy
margin for profit.

Bar crawls

Students love to drink. And bars love to take money from students. Approach
bars and ask for discounts for a large number of students on a specific night,
perhaps 50-100. Maybe arrange an initial payment in return for a free drink and
entry for everyone on the bar crawl. Then sell tickets for the crawl, advertising
the free drinks and entrance to the various bars. These tickets can be sold to
members of a student group or course. Make sure to let them know the time and
bar in which the bar crawl will start!

Fun runs

If you are raising money for a charity, a great way to get people involved and to
bring in sponsorship money is through fun runs.

An example a fun run is a Santa run. Advertise around campus to get people to
sign up for a Santa run for charity, in which as many students as possible gather
in Santa suits to run for perhaps 3-5km. Ask for a pledge of a minimum
sponsorship of $10 in exchange for a free Santa suit. Get people to sign up to a
mailing list if they are interested, give them a sponsorship form (making sure
that it explains on it what the charity does), and buy (cheap, under $10) Santa
suits for everyone in advance. Then, a few days before the date of the run,
advise people to bring their sponsorship money to you, in exchange for their
Santa suit. Set a specific start time and course of the run (perhaps around

Sport tournaments

Holding a tournament is a great way to raise money for charity. Book out a
college playing field or indoor sports hall (depending on the sport) on a specific
day, and advertise the sport tournament around campus. Ask for a fee for teams
to get involved. Make sure people know who the money will be benefiting, or
perhaps offer a prize for the winners.

T Shirts and bracelets for college groups

A good way to raise money for fraternities, sororities or college groups is to sell
T-Shits or wristbands with the name or “brand” of the group on it. These can be
produced in bulk cheaply, and can be sold to members of the group. Perhaps the
T-shirts or bands can also be personalized with the name of the member on