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Why Suffering?

Why Suffering?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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Why Suffering?
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As a human being, you know suffering not

because Creation gave the suffering to you.
Creation just gave you the freedom to make
whatever you wish to out of yourself.
- Sadhguru

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a self-realized and
profound mystic of our times. He is an embodiment
of the sages of the past who served as beacons of
inspiration and guidance for entire civilizations; at
the same time, he is acutely aware of current
realities, making him a visionary humanitarian and
a prominent spiritual leader of the world today.
Also an author, poet, and internationally renowned
speaker, Sadhguru's wit and piercing logic provoke
and widen our perception of life.
As someone who belongs to no particular
tradition, Sadhguru's guidance and powerful
scientific methods are totally relevant to the
modern individual and institutions, allowing them
to cross their limitations into a higher possibility.
In this regard, he has been able to touch millions of

people, moving them towards realizing the ultimate

potential within.
Sadhguru's multi-faceted personality can
have a profound and enriching effect on anyone
who comes across him, and yet it can also stir them
into a state of confusion. At home in blue jeans as
much as he is in a loincloth, or walking barefoot
through the mighty Himalayas, or straddling
a BMW motorcycle on the expressway, he shatters
any preconceptions that one might have of a mystic.
In the Presence of the Master series are
discourses and answers to an intricate array of
questions, by disciples and seekers amidst the
challenges of life. Engulfed by Sadhguru's
presence, the seeker is liberated from the pain of
ignorance, firmly establishing the spiritual process

Why Suffering?' may be one of the most

pressing questions of human life; considering the
state of the world today, it appears as up to date as
ever. In this intriguing discourse, Sadhguru throws
new light on the relation between external
situations and individual suffering. His insights
show us a way not to get caught up in this trap that
seems inevitable to most of us, yet really is not.

Why Suffering?
Question: Sadhguru, if Creation is perfect,
and the Creator has done such a good job on us, why
is there so much suffering in the world? Why do we
need to depend upon somebody's compassion to
exist here?

Sadhguru: (Laughs) So why is there so much

misery if all Creation is a perfect job? It is such
a perfect job, that it gives you the opportunity to be
whichever way you wish to be. If Creation had not
given you the necessary opportunity to be what you
wish to be, then there would be no possibilities,
isn't it? Then there would be no such thing as
liberation. So why create bondage and then
liberation? Why couldn't you have just been
liberated? Then there would be no Creation. Only
because there is Creation, now there is the
possibility of going beyond that.

In animal nature and in other forms of life

that you see around you, there is not much
possibility. The possibility is to just survive,
procreate, carry on with life and die one day.
Because there is not much possibility, there is not
much misery either. You don't see other creatures
of the planet suffering like human beings. Their
suffering is purely physical. If they are physically
harmed, they're in pain. Even in pain, they do not
know the kind of suffering that a human being
As a human being, you know this suffering
not because Creation gave the suffering to you.
Creation just gave you the freedom to make
whatever you wish to out of yourself. If you're
making suffering out of yourself, or a large
population of the world has decided to make
suffering out of themselves; that is their choice.
Physical realities are sometimes comfortable,

Why Suffering?
and sometimes not comfortable. That is so. We have
been given the necessary intelligence to create the
necessary comfort for ourselves. That's not an issue
really. If we have no problems with each other,
creating comfort for all the population in the world
is not a big problem at all. But simply because we
have inner problems, this freedom which should
have been a benediction, has become a curse upon
humanity. Right now, what human beings are
suffering is not their bondage; they are suffering
their freedom. If you suffer your bondage, it's all
right, but if you suffer your freedom, that's
a tragedy.
This moment you can make anything out of
yourself. You can make joy or suffering out of
yourself. If almost 90 percent of the people choose
to make misery out of themselves, what can be
done? That's not Creation's fault. Creation just gave
you the freedom so that you could go beyond.

Once you have come as a human, you're not

trapped anymore. Other creatures are trapped in
their own instincts, beyond that they cannot think.
You have instincts for survival, but still you have
the possibility of going beyond these instincts.
If you don't choose to go beyond, that means
enough suffering has still not touched you,
because unfortunately in the world, very few
people transcend out of their intelligence. Most
people have to be thrashed by life; only then they
will transcend. Only then will they think of going
beyond, otherwise no.
In India if you tell somebody that 'I'm living
in an ashram', they will ask you, 'Why, what went
wrong? What happened to your life?' They believe
that only after something really goes wrong you
will go to the ashram. Because most people's
intelligence is such, they keep their brains in cold
storage, thinking that they will use it in the future.
So they only seek the beyond when something

Why Suffering?
really goes wrong with their life. Until then, even
if something goes wrong, they will only pray for
a better life next time.
Now, you don't have to depend upon
anybody's compassion or understanding. The
whole world can live under the umbrella of your
compassion and your understanding. I would like
to see that you stand up that way; that the world
lives under your compassion and understanding.
If you have any dignity, that's how you should
live. Isn't it so?

Question: Sadhguru, you said that suffering

is of the mind, and we have the freedom to get rid of
it. However, there are people who don't even have
food to eat. What about their suffering?

Sadhguru: People don't have food to eat, not

because there's no food in the world, but because
people who are capable have grabbed everything.

Question: There are people without food, like

the situations we have in Africa, Ethiopia, and even
in India

Sadhguru: You're telling me? (Laughs)

Unfortunately, we have left a large part of the
human population in physical pain. Pain of hunger,
disease and injury. The way we are treating half the
humanity on the planet, it looks like we are hell's
angels. If you look at the world, we are not really
human beings, because we have kept half the world
population in hell. But still, if you don't know this,
the level of suffering of people who have comfort
and well-being is much deeper than of those people
who are not eating properly. Even today, that is the
reality. So suffering is not necessarily always in
proportion to one's physical deprivation. People
who have everything, they suffer much more
deeply than people who don't have anything. And
just the fact that you have too much and somebody

Why Suffering?
is suffering from too little, that itself will cause you
immense suffering.
You may not be aware of it, it may take time
for a lot of people to realize that in some way,
whether you like it or not, every morsel of food that
you eat and every hungry stomach in the world is
connected. I'm not trying to make a situation where
you can't enjoy your dinner or breakfast. That's not
the idea, but they are connected. I think it would be
good if every day before you eat, you sit in front of
your food, take a minute's break and think of all the
people who are not eating that day, and then eat
well. You understand? Still eat well, knowing fully
well that there is something that you can do by
eating well. By not eating well, you will not do
anything, but by eating well you can do something.
Then this food will not go waste on you. Then
something will happen out of this, because if you
make this one aware of what is what, this one


which you call as human can't keep quiet, it has to

do something.
But somehow you insulate yourself, thinking
that it is not your business, that it is God's work.
Right now, the question asked is whether it is the
Creator's mistake that so many people are
suffering. By asking this, you're trying to insulate
yourself against other people's suffering because
there is something in you that is connected to
everything in the existence. If you make that active
in whichever way possible, that something in you
won't let you keep quiet. I would say if just one
percent of the population stands up, in a really
committed way, to alleviate human suffering, at
least the physical suffering in this existence could
be just wiped out, you know? The whole 100
percent need not stand up. Just one percent, if they
stand up, it can be done.


Why Suffering?
Now Isha Foundation's 'Action for Rural
Rejuvenation' is an effort in that direction, but just

see how many people are willing to really stand up

for it; very few. A lot of young people are standing
up, but still it is very, very few. Isn't it? And to what
extent am I willing to stand up and do it? That's
always questionable, because somewhere we try to
insulate ourselves with our own philosophies.
One of my basic missions is to make life bare.
I want you to see life bare, as it is; and the bare is not
ugly. The bare is very beautiful. The bare is very
tremendous. It is only because you have wrapped
life in all kinds of philosophies, in your ideas, in
your emotions, in things that you created, that you
neither see the beauty of it nor the pain of it.
If you see both, then there would be enormous
compassion in you, and yet no pain in you. There
would be joy in you even though there is so much


Right now, you either insulate yourself from

other people's pain or you insulate yourself from
the very joy of life. Both could be alive in you at the
same time - enormous compassion for all the pain in
the world, and still go through it joyfully. If you
looked at life just the way it is, not distorting it
according to your emotions, your identifications, all
these things, if you really respond to life simply the
way it is, you wouldn't even think in terms of
human suffering and other's suffering. Anything
that disturbs life, anything that hampers life, you
would see how to create a situation that it is not so.
And why does your compassion only go out
to human beings, and not to other creatures as well?
Do you think that they are lesser forms of life than
you? If so, you're too identified with your own
form, isn't it? So you think only human suffering is
suffering? Human beings are capable of suffering
just about anything. Isn't it so? You know better

Why Suffering?
than anybody. If there is some physical reason, at
least they have a good excuse. Otherwise they will
simply suffer for nothing. Haven't you seen enough
people simply suffering for anything and
everything? They suffer their failure, they suffer
their success, they suffer their poverty, they suffer
their wealth, they suffer their health and their ill
health. If you send them to heaven they will suffer
because they will miss hell. You know? They are
capable of suffering just about anything. Now
people are suffering the world. There are people
who are suffering the ashram also, aren't they? Are
you one of them? (Laughs)
People who come from outside think this is
heaven. 'Oh, looking at the mountain, I can spend
my lifetime here. If not anything else, if I don't see
other aspects of the ashram, I can spend the rest of
my life here just looking at these mountains.' That's
what a lot of people who come here say, but there


are many people who are suffering the ashram.

(Laughs) So people are capable of suffering just
about anything.
I think more people in the world are
suffering from indigestion than of hunger. Isn't it
so? Unfortunately that's the reality. Despite
technological advancement, there are a large
number of people suffering hunger in the world.
So many things have happened, and we have so
much surplus crop that we have to dump it into the
ocean. You know? Millions of tons of milk are
dumped into the ocean every year, but still there are
people who are hungry. There are still children
dying without food because somewhere, you know,
we have gotten all distorted in our heads.
The physical suffering that is happening is
mainly man-made. If you lived in nature, physical
suffering would be minimal, as your bodies would be
attuned with it. It would not be easy to make a man

Why Suffering?
who lives in nature suffer physically, because every
day he would go through everything and his body
would be such that he wouldn't suffer even an insect
bite. But today you suffer everything, and want to
leave the ashram because of mosquito bites. Our
bodies have become like that now, isn't it?
Physical suffering in not the biggest issue.
It is an issue, but what I would say is - with the
resources that we have in the world, if a few people
make up their minds, within a very short time
physical suffering, hunger, and poverty could be
taken away. But the problem is if you take away that
hunger and poverty, people will just multiply in
hordes and this six billion population will become
twelve billion in another twenty-five years. And
once again, we'll multiply physical suffering. It's an
endless process.
Somewhere, nature has its own simple
and straightforward ways. We think it's cruel,


but nature has its own very straightforward

ways of settling life. If you are caught up in that,
it is unfortunate; actually there is no fortune or
misfortune, but for an individual who is caught
up in it, it is unfortunate because he suffers.
We can do something about the physical
suffering, but people are creating suffering for
themselves everyday; suffering anger, suffering
fear, suffering hatred, suffering jealousy, suffering
insecurity. This is entirely of your making isn't it?
And that is the maximum suffering in the world.
The physical is just a small part. Even in Africa, the
physical suffering is just a small part. The real
suffering is in the mind, isn't it? And one can easily
go beyond that if one is willing to. You can make
your mind into an instrument that takes you
towards joy and ecstasy instead of suffering.
You may think, 'Oh, if there is no food in the
stomach, how to be joyful?' but if you don't know

Why Suffering?
this, although at Isha Yoga Center it is not practiced,
many yogis intentionally starve themselves for
many, many days till they become all skin and
bone and still remain blissful and joyful. So even
beyond physical suffering it is possible. Now, I am
not saying that the person in Africa who is hungry
should just sit in a cross-legged posture and
meditate. His hunger has been caused by us. We are
eating more than what we should eat. We are using
up more than what we should use up. We are
possessing more than what we should possess.
That is why a large population is hungry.
If you do not know this, about one percent of
the world's population owns over 70 percent of the
world's resources and wealth. So it is just in the
hands of one percent, if they just make up their
mind, it's over. In a few days time, it could be
settled, but still humanity is yet to become alive.
Human nature is yet to become alive. People are
just centered in their egos, not in their original


nature. If people were centered in their original

nature, there would be no such thing. You know?
It happened once; Lao Tzu went through
a bad phase in his life, where he was accused of
all kinds of terrible things. But then, he regained
his position in the society as a wise man. So his
fame spread around that he was considered among
the wisest men in the whole country. One day the
king got over-enthusiastic and said, 'You're the
wisest man in my country, so you must be the judge,
the chief judge in our country.' Lao Tzu said, 'Are
you sure? My wisdom and your interests may not
be in the same line.' 'No, no, you're the wisest man.
Why will anything go wrong? It will be great to have
you as a judge.' Lao Tzu said, 'Okay.'
The very first case was one of robbery. There
was a servant who had been working in a rich
man's house right from childhood for a pittance.
He had been bought as a bonded laborer 30 years

Why Suffering?
earlier and was barely given anything except his
food. One day, he stole all the jewels in the house
and escaped. The rich man complained to the
authorities, who caught this guy and brought him to
Lao Tzu's court for justice.
The rich man abused the servant and said,
'This fool, I brought him up right from his
childhood. He had nothing and I gave him
everything. He would have died on the street, but
I gave him everything; I brought him up, made
a man out of him and here he is stealing from me.
You must give him the death sentence.' After
hearing both sides of the story, Lao Tzu passed his
He said, 'This man, he must be allowed to
keep half the jewels that he has stolen. The other
half should go to the King's treasury, and the rich
man should be put in prison for ten years.' Now, the
whole court was shell-shocked; they thought


Lao Tzu was crazy, and immediately complained to

the King. 'Lao Tzu is out of his head. We bring
a thief to him who is caught red-handed but he
gives him half the booty, and the other half to the
King's treasury, and puts the rich man who is the
victim of the crime in prison for ten years. '
The King was aghast. He called Lao Tzu and
asked, 'What did you do? I thought you were a wise
man.' He said, 'Yes, the thing is this boy who has
grown up there is like the son of that house. He may
have been born elsewhere, but he was brought up
in that house. Every day he saw all the riches
around him - jewels and good food, this and that,
everything around him, but he was never allowed
to touch anything. As a result he must have suffered
a lot in these 30 years. He is a member of that house
but was never allowed to touch anything or have
anything, and so he did the right thing. He took the
jewels and went, because it anyway belonged

Why Suffering?
to him. He grew up in that house, but went without
telling the owner, so I'm depriving him of half the
jewels, and putting that half in the King's treasury.
As for this rich man, for committing such a crime of
having a child in the house and tempting him with
all those things everyday and not giving him
anything, we put him in prison for ten years.' If we
go by this wisdom, do you know what'll happen to
the world?
So there is something we can do instead of
just asking questions. But instead of doing what we
can do, we always talk about what we cannot do.
You cannot go and wipe out the poverty in Africa
right now, but there is something you can do for
people who are right around here. People have been
repeatedly talking about Africa. I wonder why
they have suddenly fallen in love with Africa? It's
most probably because they have seen a few
documentaries on BBC, or maybe they have been
reading the National Geographic.


Right around you, more than 50 percent of

the country's population has not eaten properly.
You can see that in their bodies. They have not even
grown to their full stature, and there is no
compassion in you for them. Somewhere in Africa,
people are dying and there's compassion. I am not
saying you should not have compassion for them.
What I'm saying is that if you have compassion for
Africa, you can sit at home, shed a few tears, and go
on eating well. But if you have compassion for
people around you, you'll have to do something.
That's the big difference.
I think let something happen around you
before we go to Africa. You can make the 'Action for
Rural Rejuvenation' such a big possibility here, that

maybe we will take it to Africa too. If we don't have

eyes to see the suffering around us, and we are
talking about Africa all the time, then it's no good,
because there is very little you can do about that

Why Suffering?
right now. There is a lot you can do about what is
here right now.
I'm not saying we cannot do anything at all in
Africa - I don't care whether somebody is African
or American or Indian - as far as I'm concerned
a human being is a human being. It's just that
when there is so much you can do right here, it's
always better to handle things around you, rather
than trying to handle things somewhere else,
because then, you'll just dissipate your energies.
You'll waste your life talking about it; not doing
anything about it. If you're really keen on doing
something about human suffering, you must attend
to yourself first, and also the people around you.
That's the best way to start. If our capabilities
increase beyond a certain point, then we can go
somewhere else.

Question: Dear Sadhguru, how can I actually

know life around me?


Sadhguru: A thought cannot know life.

An emotion cannot know life. An ego cannot know
life. Only life can know life. If you stop being
a bundle of thoughts, opinions and emotions, and
just exist here as life - just throbbing pulsating life knowing life is just natural. So what we are
referring to as enlightenment is just this - instead of
being a thought, instead of being an emotion,
instead of being an ego, you just become life,
simply life. In a way, it is the most basic thing.
Enlightenment is not the ultimate thing. Yes it is in
one way. In another way, it is the most basic thing
because first of all you're life, then everything else,
isn't it? Only because you're alive, you're capable of
thoughts. Only because you're alive, you're capable
of emotions. Only because you're alive, you're
capable of ego. So the most basic thing is life. It is
like becoming very basic, just pure life, nothing
else. All other things are there, but you're never
identified with them. Experientially, intellectually,

Why Suffering?
knowing I am not this, I am not that, doesn't
liberate a person. Something much deeper is
needed. Right now, the center of your existence is
your identities or your identifications.
All identities are taken on; they are a 'put-on'.
So the very center of your existence is something you
put on, and is not based in reality. So when you are
not in reality, the question of experiencing life as it is
doesn't arise.
Now, you said you want to know life just the
way it is, and the flowers, and the moon, and the
clouds. It is cloudy today so there is no possibility of
knowing the moon. But anyway if you just become
life, there are no clouds, there is no moon, there are
no flowers; there is simply pulsating life. Just as you
are, everything is. Flowers, clouds, mountains, moon
exist because you have become something other than
life. If you become just life, none of those things exist
- only life exists, just this pulsating mass of energy.


You can call it Creation, you can call it the

Creator, or you can call it myself, it's the same
thing. It doesn't matter what you call it, it is
just life. Some of it is manifested; most of it is
un-manifested, but still it is life. I call everything
'life', because all of it is in some kind of movement;
all of it is some kind of possibility. Every atom in the
existence is a possibility. So it is life. What you call
as life is just a possibility. What you make out of it is
all that it is, isn't it?

Question: Since I have come here, one day

I am in love, another day I am sad, one day I am
friendly, and another day I am a barking dog. These
moods happened before, but here I have realized
that these emotions are happening without any

Sadhguru: It's monsoon time, you know?

At anytime clouds will gather, it'll rain, and there
will be sunshine. All these days you thought your

Why Suffering?
emotions, your thoughts, your problems had
something to do with somebody. It's good. You're
beginning to realize it's nothing to do with anybody;
it's just your own madness. A lot of people take
a whole lifetime to realize this. They may be
seventy years of age, and they still think their
emotions and their thoughts have something to do
with somebody else. They don't understand that
the seat of their experience is within them. The seat
of your experience is within you, isn't it?
If you're beginning to realize that the
madness is yours, that nobody has anything to do
with it, then I think you should look for a solution.
The solution is that we have to just dissolve you;
there's really no other solution. I've been telling
you repeatedly that there is only one problem in the
world, and that's you. If you dissolve this one
problem, there is really no other problem in the
world. So for dissolving you, sulfuric acid won't do.


You need something more powerful than that.

That's what we have loaded this place with.
Here if you have a little sense, just a little bit,
if your door opens a little bit, even a millimeter, this
will seep into you and dissolve you. If you're tightly
shut, then it'll bother you. It will make you do
insane things, because that's the nature of the
energy. It won't let you be where you are. It just
keeps putting you on fast forward.
The very purpose of creating a space like this
is to put your life on fast forward. What most people
realize at seventy, I want you to realize when you're
eighteen. If you're already past that, at least now,
it's time you realized that the seat of your
experience is within you, and not in somebody else.
Your thoughts, your emotions, your nonsense has
nothing to do with anybody but you.


Why Suffering?
If you just understand this, you'll know that
you are the problem. At least, once you know what
the problem is, the solution becomes easy. When
you don't know what the problem is, there is no
solution for you, isn't it? When you do not know
what the problem is, where is the question of
finding a solution? You just suffer the problem.
At least now you know what the problem is, then
the solution is not too far away.


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curriculum, Isha Home School kindles the innate
urge within a child to learn and know. Focus is
given to inculcating life values and living skills
whilst maintaining the rigor of academic excellence
as per national and international standards. It does
not propagate any particular religion, philosophy or
ideology, but rather encourages the child to seek
a deeper experience and inner understanding of the
fundamentals of life.


Isha Vidhya
An initiative under Isha Education Outreach,
Isha Vidhya is a visionary project by Sadhguru that
aims to empower rural children with world class
education. The school adheres to matriculation
syllabus with English as the medium of instruction
along with exposure to computers, music, arts, yoga
and vocational training.
The project envisions setting up of 206
schools over the next 5 years in rural Tamil Nadu,
one in each taluk of the state.

Isha Business Pvt. Ltd

Isha Business Pvt. Ltd is a venture that aims
to bring a touch of Isha into the homes and
environment of the community, and ultimately
enrich people's lives. This opportunity is made
available through its numerous products and
services, from architectural designs, construction,






manufacturing, landscape design, handicrafts and

soft furnishings, to designer outfits from
Isha Raiment.
All profits from this venture are used to serve
the rural people of India, through Isha
Foundation's ARR initiative.

How to Get There

Isha Yoga Center is located 30 kms west of
Coimbatore, at the foothills of Velliangiri
Mountains, part of the Nilgiris Biosphere.
Coimbatore, a major industrial city in South India,
is well connected by air, rail and road. All major
airlines operate regular flights into Coimbatore
from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Train
services are available from all the major cities in
India. Regular bus and taxi services are also
available from Coimbatore to Isha Yoga Center.


Visitors should contact Isha Yoga Center for

availability and reservation of accommodation well
in advance of arrival to the center, as they are
generally fully booked.
Isha Yoga Center
Velliangiri Foothills, Semmedu (P.O.),
Coimbatore 641 114, INDIA.
Telephone: 091-422-2615345
Isha Foundation, Inc.
191 Anthony Dr.
McMinnville, TN - 37110, USA
Telephone: 866-424-ISHA
Isha Foundation, Lebanon
Harat El Faouka Street,
Broumana EI Matn, Lebanon.
Telephone: 00961-3915-601
For worldwide program information visit