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Air Traffic Management

Course Syllabus

ing. Rzvan Mrguan

Course Introduction
Challenges of ATM
Brief history of ATM
Case study- a flight radiography: A380 flight EGLL-OMDB
Case Study Maastricht UAC
Case study - Shanwick (NATS)
Brief review of ATC fundamental conceots (ICAO, EUR & US)
Case study The Network Manger Operations Center (NMOC) & ATC slots
The NMOC data processing systems (IFPS, ETFMS, ...)
Data processing systems in support of Airspace Management (ASM) and Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA)
Case study EUROCONTROL Advanced Flexble Use of Aispace System (AFUAS)
Airport Collbaorative Decison Making (A-CDM)
Architecture of ATC systems
Surveillance Dta Processing
Flight Data Processing
Controller Working Position and ATCO Tools

Case study Maastricht UAC

Air-Ground Datalink technologies and Controller Pilot Datalink Communications (CPDLC)
EUROCONTROL Centralised Services
SESAR overview
SESAR Concept of Operations
SESAR case studies: Fligt Object, Initial 4D, SWIM
Overview of FAA NEXTGEN and ICAO ASBUs
Practical Course Assignment

Introduction to the Javascript programming language

4D flight trajectory computation for ATM purposes
Visualisation of flight trajectories on an airspace map (web based application)

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