Teachers are role model to students.

They are treated as god for every student as in
India it is sacred thing to know from the early days. Role of a teacher is very formal.
After mother, it is only the teacher who takes care and educates children. A teacher who
facilitates education for an individual may also be described a tutor or may also be said
as governess.
Teachers are also needed to be trained before they train its students. Teachers have to
be knowledgeable enough so that they can relate many unknown or unexplored
thoughts in the world and provide wide things to its students. They are to be the most
important ones who are given for early childhood care, protection and duties. And here
Early Childhood Care is an opportunity to avoid or reduce developmental problems,
thereby bringing lasting benefits to individuals and society. Early years are crucial in the
formation of intelligence, personality and social behaviour. Children are born with
physical, social and psychological capacities which allow them to communicate, learn
and develop. If these capacities are not recognized and supported, they will never be
developed. Proper care at early age can do much to create an enabling environment
that ensures protection and support for more broad-based issues such as children's
health, nutrition, psycho-social and cognitive development. Early Childhood Care
stresses the importance of child-friendly, family-focused and community-based
programs that not only serve to strengthen ongoing social service programs, but
improve the physical and mental capacity of children. It can further help to modify
inequalities rooted in poverty as well as social, religious or gender discrimination.

For carrying wide knowledge and to help learn students many things teachers itself are
needed to be trained enough and that’s why there are some courses that are being
provided and offered by many institutions where Mahatma Gandhi Institute of
Technology and Management is one of the well-known Institutions which is a Industrial
Training Institute, is registered trade mark division of AAP AUR HUM, and it is
registered to Government of NCT Delhi having its Regt. no 3274 at its head office in
Delhi. It is also an authorized organization for running not only IT Education but
vocational education like FD/NTT/NPTT/Cutting & tailoring. (Official website MGITI)*
Teacher development can be defined as a systematized, continuous and coherent
process of professional development of teachers in accordance with professional
competency standards and framework. And likewise, this Institution provides a course
known as Nursery Teacher Training Course which is an undergraduate educational
course that deals with a good pre-school curriculum and has the ability to significantly
contribute to a child’s proper growth. It plays the significant role of laying a foundation
for further learning through a series of supervised experiences. It becomes very crucial
that not only the pre school curriculum that is available but also the educators would be
a part of it understands the purpose of their profile. Generally, the duration of the course
is one year but it fluctuates place to place.
The minimum time to complete the course is differentiating from institute to institute.
The course may also be available on part time basis in some certain institutes. This

course requires certain eligibility where candidates should complete their 10+2 or its
equivalent exam with 50% marks. Further 5% relaxation is permitted to SC/ST students.
The marks of admission for this course may vary from institution to institution. In various
institutions it conducts entrance examinations plus interview and percentage of 12 th
class for the admission of students. There is a syllabus to this training course which
include as prescribed by various universities and colleges
Subjects of study1. History and Philosophy of pre-primary education.
2. Nursery Child Psychology
3. Methods and Material of Nursery education
4. Nursery school organization communication, child health and nutrition.

There are some beneficiaries of Nursery Teacher Training which includes:

The courses enable the students to go for various nursery teacher training jobs in
schools and related other educational jobs

They can go for higher degree programs in respective subjects such as
graduation and Master’s degree.

Students having passed in this course can be introduced in various social
schemes started by the government for the welfare of the children.

Therefore, there is a need to shift ‘training’ to professional preparedness of teachers.
The question about knowledge, attitude and skills an effective teacher should possess
is a subject to debate. The fact remains that the quality of education is dependent on
the preparation of high quality teachers. Teacher development needs to include training
in order to adapt to the evolution of teaching and learning processes and methodology.