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Nombre: _____________________ Fecha: _______________

You will have the Spring Break vacation to discover the variety of foods offered in the
countries of Spanish-speakers. You will be guided through a variety of websites. Your
answers will be based on the information found on the specific websites. As the final
activity for your web quest you will create the perfect one-day eating adventure of
Spanish/Latin American Cuisine.
I. Spanish foods of the Caribbean.
A. The first part of this web quest has to do with Spanish foods of the Caribbean.
The main islands producing this type of Cuisine are Cuba, The Dominican
Republic, and Puerto Rico. Search the following websites, to
discover the inspiration behind this cuisine.

1. What cultures influenced Latin Caribbean Food? How is this heritage

similar among these countries, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, and
Puerto Rico?

2. What were the two main tribes that influenced the cuisine of, The
Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico?

3. What main culture influenced Caribbean food after Columbus? ______

B. In the Latin Caribbean community in the US, Thanksgiving Day or “Día de

Acción de Gracias” is celebrated among the population of Dominicans, Cubans
and Puerto Ricans. Using the following website,
write the names of three separate dishes from The Dominican Republic, Cuba,
and Puerto Rico, and next to each dish served during this holiday state whether
you think its influence comes from Spain, Africa, or other?

Food #1: _______________________________ Influence: ______________________

Food #2: _______________________________ Influence: ______________________
Food #3: _______________________________ Influence: ______________________

II. Spanish foods of Mexico and Central America

A. In Mexico and Central America there is a great amount of culinary influence
from the indigenous people of those areas. Both the Aztec and Mayan have
influenced the ingredients, preparation, and products of this region’s cooking.
Search the following website, and write three products
from each of the following seven (7) Spanish-speaking countries in Central

Mexico: ____________________________________________________________
Costa Rica:
El Salvador:

A. Mexico is one of the largest countries in the Spanish-

speaking world. Their cuisine is also quite different
from other Latin American countries. Using the
following website, search
for six (6) different Mexican foods and their origins.
(Mayan, Aztec, Spanish)

Mexican Food #1_______________________ Origin

Mexican Food #2_______________________ Origin
__________________ Mexican Food #3_______________________
Origin __________________ Mexican Food
#4_______________________ Origin __________________ Mexican
Food #5_______________________ Origin __________________
Mexican Food #6_______________________ Origin

III. Spanish foods of South America

A. The foods of South America vary widely depending on the influence each
country has had from both internal and external forces. For example, Venezuela
and Colombia have different types of foods depending on the geographical areas
where people live. The cuisine from the coast and the cuisine from the interior of
the country are vastly different. Peru’s and Ecuador’s foods are influenced by
both the European Spaniards and the indigenous Inca, Kechua, and Moche people.

In the Southern regions of this continent, on the other hand, the food is influenced
by a variety of European cultures, including Italian, German, and Spanish. This
part of the South American continent is heavy in meat dishes and grilled foods.
You will research the following website, to discover the
varieties of foods in both Colombia and Venezuela. Write three types of foods from
each country and the ingredients. Please notice the many types of coffees offered in

Foods of Venezuela:
1. Name of food _______________________ Ingredients: ____________________
2. Name of food _______________________ Ingredients:
3. Name of food _______________________ Ingredients:

Foods of Colombia:
1. Name of food _______________________ Ingredients:
2. Name of food _______________________ Ingredients:
3. Name of food _______________________ Ingredients:
B. Ecuador and Peru are famous for their, “Ceviche” This is a seafood delicacy of
raw crustaceans and fish and is completely cooked in lemon juice. Using the
following website,, write
down a brief history and some of the ingredients used to make, “Ceviche”.

Brief History of Ceviche:


Ingredients used to make Ceviche:


C. Argentina and Chile are South American countries with famous ski resorts.
These vacation spots have excellent restaurants that serve “Parrilladas” (large
grilled meat BBQs). Use the following website about Bariloche, Argentina : to search for places
to eat then go into the link of the “Restaurante Rincón Patagonico”, and write five
(5) menu items you find that are served at this restaurant.

1. Menu item #1 _________________________ Main Ingredient: ______________

2. Menu item #1 _________________________ Main Ingredient: ______________
3. Menu item #1 _________________________ Main Ingredient: ______________
4. Menu item #1 _________________________ Main Ingredient: ______________
5. Menu item #1 _________________________ Main Ingredient: ______________

IV. Spanish foods of Europe

In Spain the foods vary by region. In Galicia in the Northwest there is an
abundance of seafood dishes. In the Northeast of País Vasco there are foods
influenced by French culture, and in Barcelona in the Northeast the food is
A. You will research the following website to discover the foods of Spain,, write about eight (8) foods that you find on
this website.
1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________
5. ____________________________________________________
6. ____________________________________________________
7. ____________________________________________________
8. ____________________________________________________

B. Galicia in the Northeast part of Spain is famous for its’ cuisine. Using the following
website,, write about four items on a
Galician menu.

Galician food #1 ________________________________________________________

Galician food #2 ________________________________________________________
Galician food #3 ________________________________________________________
Galician food #4 ________________________________________________________

C. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. Barcelona is known for its
Gaudi architecture and excellent variety of tapas bars/restaurants. Use the following
website,, to write a
list of tapas in which these restaurants specialize. You must pick four Bars de Tapas and
list three items in which they each specialize.

Name of Bar de Tapas # 1: _________________________________________________

Three types of tapas served there: ____________________________________________

Name of Bar de Tapas # 2: _________________________________________________

Three types of tapas served there: ____________________________________________

Name of Bar de Tapas # 3: _________________________________________________

Three types of tapas served there: ____________________________________________

Name of Bar de Tapas # 1: _________________________________________________

Three types of tapas served there: ____________________________________________

V. Create your own Menu:

The final project on your web quest will be to create the perfect one-day eating
adventure. You will have breakfast from one part of the Spanish-speaking world,
lunch from another, and dinner from a third (maybe some tapas or a snack in between
lunch and dinner) This one-day food extravaganza will take you to any part of the
Spanish-speaking world, on your sonic jet, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a matter
of minutes. Follow the model.

El Desayuno in Mexico:

Huevos Rancheros con papas fritas- Spicy Fried eggs with home fries.
Café con leche y jugo de naranja fresco- Espresso with milk and freshly squeezed
Orange Juice.

El Almuerzo in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Parrillada Argentina: Mixed meat grill including beef, pork, sausage, veal, chicken,
and morcilla-blood sausage.
Guriña- a sweet sugary drink made from the guariña plant.

Tapas in Barcelona:

Calamares- fried breaded squid, Patatas Bravas-potatoes, queso-cheese, and tortilla-

A cold coke

La Cena in Ecuador:

Sopa de Cangrejos-Crab soup

Ceviche-marinated seafood in natural lemon juice
Tres leches dessert- A light sponge cake soaked with a mixture of three kinds of milk
Materva- a sweet soda made from the maté tree.
Mi Aventura de Comer

El Desayuno:

El Almuerzo:

La Merienda:

La Cena:
martes, 30 de marzo 2010 for F block, and lunes, 29 de marzo
for A block.