Year of R&D culminated in a TiC based metal matrix composite "Alloy-TiC® ". In Alloy-TiC® , super hard, rounded titanium carbide micrograins are uniformly dispersed throughout tool steel matrix. Although TiC is ultra-hard-harder, than tungsten carbide, Alloy-TiC® is machinable carbide by a lathe, milling & grinding machine in annealed state and then hardened by heat-treatment to 65-72 HRC. Especially the performance of AlloyTiC® as a rod mill guide roller has proven around the world and ALLOYTIC CO., LTD has supplied Alloy-TiC® guide rollers to worldwide steel industry. Recently ALLOYTIC CO., LTD has developed P/M tool steel and has supplied by very competitive price all over the world. In India, Alloytic is represented by Project Sales Corp, Visakhapatnam for its product range.

History & Milestone The company has more than 10 years history and has been actively developed its core products group not only internally but also with aggressive alliances with many universities, governmental institutes. As a result the company has acquired many important government certificates proving its advanced and new technologies accordingly. Feb.1990 Apr.1993 Oct.1993 Aug.1994 Oct.1996 Feb.1997 Mar.1997 Aug.1997 Feb.1998 Aug.1998 Nov.1998 Dec.1998 Feb.2000 May.2000 Aug.2000 Dec.2001 Aug.2002 Oct.2002 Nov.2001 Established the company under name of " MyungJun Co., Ltd. In Seoul / Korea " Appointed by Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy as " Localization of machinery components and parts developing company " Establish new factory and move to KyungKi-Province Appointed as " Promising Small & Medium Company " by Korean Government Credit Guarantee Fund " Revolutionary New Technology Award " by Korean Small & Medium Business Administration " New Technology Certificate ( NT Mark ) " by Korean Small & Medium Business Administration " Excellent Machinery Components Certificate ( EM Mark ) " by Korea Small & Medium Business Administration Change company identity and corporate under name of " ALLOYTIC Co., Limited M & A of " Seyon Industrial Co., Limited " for H.I.P. Service Certify as a " Venture " company by Korean Small & Medium Business Administration " Processing development for industrial fundamental technologies " with Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning Appointed as " Military Manpower Licensed Company " by Korean Military Manpower Admin. Appointed as " Promising Export Company " by Korea Small & Medium Business Admin. Agreement with " Suwon Science College " for Industry & Academy cooperation North America Branch Office / Vancouver , Canada Awarded Certificate of Industrial R&D Institute for ALLOYTIC Co., Ltd (The Korea Industrial Technology Association) " Excellent Machinery Components Certificate for Slitting Knives for Steel Strip(High-vanadium P/M tool steels ( EM Mark ) " by Agency for Tech. and Standards Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy of Republic Korea. Awarded Certificate 'ISO 9001:2000'(No. QAIC/KR/10583) Recognized as Venture Industry for Innovative Technology (Gyeonggi-do Korean Small and Medium Business Administration)

Alloytic Guide Rollers are marketed in this region by Project Sales Corp. To know more call us on 0891 2564393; 5566482 or email us at sales@projectsalescorp.com. To know more about Alloytic products, please visit www.alloytic.com. For technical queries, please email Mr. Won Rhee at wonrhee@hotmail.com

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