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cultural identity and its need to develop freely
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Lesson Template


V, Art and Attitude


The Master (poem)

lack of understanding of the specificities of
Aesthetic aspect of life
Cultural identity

Curricular Objectives:
The Learner,
1) To make aware of the fact that art forms of every people have a cultural heritage.
2) To sensitise the various aspects of commercialisation of art.
3) To familiarize with various devices employed in poetry.
4) To facilitate and reflect on the features of a discourse.
5) To help them attempt different discourses and engage in vocabulary and language activities.
Pre- requisites:
The learners,

1. Heard about art

2. Heard about the author
3. Heard about court painting
Learning material:
1. Slideshow
1. Course book of standard X
2. Source book of standard X
3. Oxford English dictionary


Informal interaction (rapport)

The teacher communicate informally with the learner and ask the
questions like:
1. How do you feel today?
2. Are you interested in learning English?
Form a good rapport with the students.

Learners communicate well.

Pupil attentively answers the


Entry activity:
In order to create mental readiness in the learner the teacher shows
some slides of famous paintings and asked.

Whose paintings are these?

Raja Ravi Varmas painting

Leonardo Da Vinci s painting


Picture of a horse

There teacher shows another slide about the poet.


Pupil listen carefully

Poet, Essayist and Translator

Founded Hudson Review (1947)
Published ten books of poems, two
collections of fables and two books of
Link talk
Won Aiken Taylor Award for poetry
Teacher introduces the poem and shows the title and the poet
-Frederick Morgan

Pupil listens with interest

Micro Processing of the Input (poem)

Loud reading by the Teacher
Teacher reads the poem loudly with correct stress and intonation.
Individual reading

Students listens carefully

Pupil actively participated

Teacher asks the learner to read the poem silently

Track the reading

They tracked their reading carefully

Teacher ask the learner to track their reading by marking the text (?,!,)

Sharing with pair/peer group

The teacher asks the learner to share their understanding of the findings
with their counterpart.

Sitting in groups
The teacher asks the learner to sit in groups and discuss their

Students listen carefully

understanding of the findings

Glossary reference with the help of the teacher

Teacher help the learner to refer the glossary and find out the
meaning of difficult words
Teacher shows another slide of difficult words

Students actively participated

working on it.

: to become blind because of

Students referred glossary
: to make someone learn a trade by

: very famous and much admired.
Scaffolding questions:
In order to test the understanding of students teacher asked the
: connected with an empire.
following questions by showing a slide
1. Why Han Kan was summoned to the imperial court?
2. Why did he refuse to sit at the feet of the court
3. What is the horses name?

Giving answers to the questions given

The teacher helps the learner to find answer to various questions given
in course book.

Learners answered carefully.

Appreciation of the poem:

Teacher makes the listener identify the rhyming words, picture words,
comparison, refrain and other ornaments.


To check the appreciation level of the pupil.

Group the pupils and ask them to find out the poetic devices.

Reading aloud by the learner

Teacher asks the students to read the poem aloud one by one with

They identify the rhyming words,

picture words etc correctly.

correct stress, rhythm, musicality and voice modulation

Discourse construction:
Teacher shows another slide

Write a story based on this picture?

Now the teacher asks the learners to present their products randomly. Then
she asks them to discuss it in pairs & refine it. After sharing teacher ask
each group to present their product. From among them teacher select the
best one.

Write the summary of the

Students present their products