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5th anniversaRy issue | 2008

Vagina Warriors 2008:
Ken Marquis
The Side You Didn’t Know


The Unforeseen
of Wartime Rape
Eve Ensler, V-day Founder,
meets cast and crew of FWN’s
“The Vagina Monologues”
M e s s a g e f r o m t h e P U B L I SHER

This year marks the fifth to raise awareness and save lives, raped by U.S. Marines in Subic
anniversary of the V-Day San one woman at a time. Bay, as she finally got her day in
Francisco production of “The In the ensuing years the court. In five years, we joined
Th e “ V” Team Vagina Monologues” and Filipina Women’s Network and the hundreds of women as we
“Usaping Puki.” For five years brave women and men involved in collected petitions to support the
. . . . ♥ . . . . now, fearless Filipina women have its V-Day productions and its passage of HR 121, unanimously
roared, “Tama na! Stop the ongoing Save-A-Filipina campaign passed by the U.S. Congress
DeVoted Publisher violence against Filipina women have ensured that the clamor of calling for Japan to make a formal
M a r i ly M o n d e j a r and girls!” our convictions to end violence is apology to the comfort women
What started as a grassroots manifest and inescapable. survivors.
Delightful P.R. & Marketing Chair campaign in the San Francisco-Bay In five years, we witnessed the While encouraging, these
S U NNY D Y K W EL Area Filipino community has now capture of Claire Joyce signposts are only a small fraction
grown to include our Filipina Tempongko’s ex-boyfriend, who of what our community must
DiVine Editor sisters in New York and New beat and brutally killed her in front continue to do to achieve a world
M e l i ss a j o su e Jersey. This year our east coast of their two young children. He without violence. As the law
Marily Mondejar members mark their third V-Day was extradited from Mexico and stands today, a man who kills his
Angel Art Director President, Filipina Women’s Network production, rallying local Filipino his trial is scheduled for August wife will receive a lesser sentence
communities to join a nationwide 15. In five years, we sat in the than a person who commits
Al S. Perez
effort to mobilize our kababayans courtroom with “Nicole,” who was » continued on p 42
. . . . ♥ . . . .
M e s s a g e FRO M THE P U B L I C RE L AT I O N S & M AR K ET I N G C HA I R
Heart Contributors
You may have come to these Monologues,” and the premiere The production does not seem
G lo r i a R a m o s performances for a number of of her new play, “A Memory, A like a lot of work because the
Blesilda I R C armona different reasons. Perhaps you monologue, A Rant and a Prayer.” play is really enjoyable, especially
K e e s a Oc a mp o the camaraderie that develops
Lo r n a D i e t z have a friend or relative who is This year, we want to honor our
V a n e ss a K e n y o n performing, or maybe you were V-Day FWN beneficiaries: the and is sustained year after year.
L a r r y Ta n ta y brought as a date. It could be that Katrina Warriors, Women of New The difficult part is hearing
A ly s o n M e gu r you are a Filipino and want to Orleans and the Gulf South, and the personal stories of victims,
J o d i e O ly mp i a support your culture, or it could Filipina Comfort Women. I want some of whom don’t survive. I
R e b e cc a D e l g a d o R o t t m a n
Rodel Rodis be that you share our passion to to thank Eve Ensler, our sponsors became painfully aware of this
N o e ly n G e r m o n o break the cycle of violence against and supporters, and our amazing by attending the sentencing of
R o s i e J o su e Filipina women and girls. cast and crew who allow us to William Corpuz, found guilty of
Cherie Querol Moreno In staging these performances, continue our efforts until the second-degree murder in the Sunny Dykwel
Christina Baal violence stops. The women and beating death of his Filipina wife.
O W EN D ONNAHOO the Filipina Women’s Network’s
ALAN C A S TRO goal is to support the 10th families of the gulf south are still This case showed me how much without fearing retribution. We
B REN D A HART S HORN anniversary of V-Day, a global in dire need of resources and the work still needs to be done to also have to continue working
movement to stop violence Comfort Women of the Philippines educate the men and women to change legislation to ensure
against women and girls through are still awaiting a formal apology of our community that domestic tougher sentencing laws. Our
. . . . ♥ . . . . performances of Eve Ensler’s Obie from the Japanese government to abuse is about power and control work doesn’t end with the curtain
award-winning play, “The Vagina take responsibility. and that they can seek help call. It only begins.
FWN Board

Marily Monde jar
M e s s a g e f r o m T h e V - D i a r i e s e di t o r
Genevieve Jopanda
elena mangahas
Sunny Dykwel Melissa Josue the Bay Area and New York and minds of our readers.
V-Resources Guide to arrang- It is our hope that the con-
maya escudero I am excited to serve as ing a press conference with the tent and tonight’s performance
nini alvero this year’s editor of the annual V-Day founder Eve Ensler, herself. will transform the way you think
bambi lorica FWN “V-Diaries” anti-violence The V-Diaries contributors about the word “Vagina” as well
magazine and resource guide. each bring their stories, knowl- as encourage you to help unify
GRACE BALDISSERI edge and passion to every page and strengthen existing anti-
We have a passionate, dedi-
Al perez cated, 100% volunteer editorial, and each of these articles was violence efforts. The longest jour-
PR and advertising team that thoughtfully chosen with the ney of Man and Woman is the
has worked around the clock to hope of informing, sharing, chal- trek from the head to the heart;
coordinate everything from fact lenging, enriching, awakening, from duality to non-duality; from
checking every phone number in healing and inspiring the hearts violence to peace.

FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
sa n f ra n cis c o M e s s a g e S f r o m t h e di r e c t o r s

manager. The new crop of cast
and volunteers also include, for
the first time, a few good men
The primary inspiration for this
are struggling to not only
rebuilding their lives, but also
their homes and communities.

performing for A Memory, A year’s productions of “The We do these productions for
Monologue, A Rant and Prayer
bringing abuzz the male role in
Vagina Monologues” and
“MMRP” is to bring to your
all these women. New this
year, with the addition of male
Ta b l e o f Co n te n ts
breaking the cycle of violence attention the all too prevalent cast members to MMRP, their v-day spotlight 2008
in our communities. A second issue of violence against performances will make us all
harvest comes in April when Filipina women and girls. Also, think differently about how About V-Day 16
the global campaign to end it is a proven fact that women men and boys are impacted by V to the 10th 16
violence against women and are at an increased the issue even when the About Eve Ensler 16
Spring has sprung! This year,
girls celebrates its 10th year vulnerability during times of violence is not by their hand. Eve Ensler joins FWN in San Francisco 16
we at FWN welcome the new Playbill: The Vagina Monologues, Usaping
with a bountiful gathering of natural disasters and in the The cast and crew’s efforts
breed of directors - Christina Puki and A Memory, A Monologue,
artists and believers at the wake of Hurricane Katrina, over the last few months to
Baal, Esperanza Catubig, A Rant and A Prayer (MMRP) 25
New Orleans Superdome. We there are domestic violence bring these unique and
Genevieve Jopanda, May Vagina Warriors 2008 28
know that more seeds will be victims in New Orleans who theatrical experiences to the
Nazareno and Theresa SF + NY Cast and Crew Bios 30
sown during a good theater stage have been remarkable. I SF + NY Cast and Crew Photos 30
Tantay-Wilson, all previous
season! am truly inspired by the talent SF Conocimiento 37
cast members in the San
Francisco and New York and dedication shown by the NY Conocimiento 38
productions. Our youngest yet, entire team. To the audience,
thank YOU for supporting us. O N T H E CO V E R
Kai Delen Briones, blooms into
Now please sit back and enjoy Nida Recabo 22
a producer after being the
perennial tech and stage the show. Salamat!
Transcending Emotional Abuse 7
Domestic Violence in the Filipino
American Community 13
GENEVIEVE JOPANDA member of the cast since 2005, I hope that you find the
How Domestic Violence Can Spread HIV 13
the founding editor of “V-Diaries” useful in fighting Stalking: Build a Prosecutable Case 13
Filipina Women’s Network and “V-Diaries,” and serving on the violence against our own, and Spotlight on the Filipina Women of
its production of “The Vagina directorial team for the past two also recognize it as a byproduct New Orleans 17
Monologues” has truly years. This production and of Filipino Women’s Network’s Remembering the Comfort Women 20
transformed me as a person. It organization has contributed to hard work and determination to NYC Support for Pinay DV Survivors 42
has pushed me even more into my personal growth and spread awareness and make an Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships 43
feeding my passion for the allowed me to gain many impact in our community. Bakit? (Why?) 43
friendships and strong networks. Can I Feel Me Now? 44
Filipino community as an active
V-court watch
Clair Joyce Tempongco: Still Awaiting Justice
ESPERANZA CATUBIG now inspiration fills the space
MAY NAZARENO Eight Years Later 14
where this dedicated cast and Teris Casco: New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to
Sometimes after reading the crew work. Thank you for What you will see and hear Killing his Filipina Wife 14
papers or watching the news, I opening your hearts and minds Marisa Corpuz: Judge Reduces Conviction
tonight are not simply stories
to what we have to offer. It of Man Found Guilty of 1st Degree Murder 15
find myself in a dark place and about betrayal or violence, but
the only way to pull myself out takes courage to do what you rather the undying courage of V - J O U R N ALS
of it besides praying, is doing are about to witness. And it has real people who dared to fight
theatre. The theatre is a sacred been a joyful creative process. for their dignity. I ask you to Have You Ever Experienced or Witnessed
place where we can transform May this be good medicine Violence? 9
listen closely tonight because
for you, too. Continue to live, do what each performer will My V–Journal 11
painful stories into good if you allow them, each of Breaking the Silence of Abuse 15
medicine. It’s not easy laugh, love. these remarkable women and do tonight: take a stand. I’d
Why I Joined FWN’s V-Day Anti-Domestic
confronting our personal men are not only delivering a like to extend my deep thanks Violence Campaign 19
experiences, some of which may mere monologue, but they are to every member of the cast. Remembering Jennifer Larsen and
be laden with fear and pain. Yet, sharing something about In watching you work, you Flor Concepcion 19
it is important not to stay there, themselves. They are sharing have allowed yourselves to I Am Speaking Out Against
but to channel self-destructive with you something that they explore a level of vulnerability Violence Because… 45
feelings into something creative personally understand about and compassion that only
and healing. Every Sunday for domestic violence, about the comes from an intuitive V - R E SO U R C E S
the past several weeks, our understanding of what it San Francisco Bay Area 6
loss of innocence, and the
means to love, to fight, and to New York + New Jersey Areas 8
courage has grown, love for yearning for reconciliation and Community Partners 5
ourselves has deepened, and peace. I hope their words ring forgive.
FWN Giving Guide 46
true to you and inspire you to
© 2008 The V-Diaries is a publication
FILIPINA WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE of the Filipina Women’s Network.
N ew Yo r k
TANTAY-WILSON I pray for our continued
GENERAL IN NEW YORK endurance towards shattering In the darkest days after I
Consul General Cecilia B. Rebong the cycle of violence. To a experienced my own trauma, I
society that supports grasped at anything that would
GENERAL IN SAN FRANCISCO oppression by breeding a belief make sense of what had just
Consul Marciano A. Paynor, Jr. that all power yields happened to me. I read, sought victimized; I talk about how I
entitlement, where the out others, went to a rape crisis survived. I have committed my
PHILIPPINE TRADE COMMISSIONER center for counseling, breathed life to working with others who
Nini Alvero privileged only look a certain
way, I pose a challenge. Find deeply. Somewhere along the have survived violence at the
way I learned to refer to myself hands of a partner, a friend, a
PHILIPPINE CENTER MANAGEMENT the voice that has been
Crisel Diaz (San Francisco) and others like me as survivors family member, a broken
smothered, and suppress the
Gavino Abaya (New York) not victims. This change in immigration system, a war, or a
For those who have ever felt finger used to hush. Recognize
Wilma Bautista (San Francisco) semantics taught me a powerful storm. I hear inspiring words
Zeny Avila (New York) powerless… your connection to these and life-changing lesson: the daily from people who have
For those whose utmost stories, then act. very act of taking a breath after passed through the darkness and
HERBST THEATER vulnerability was stripped experiencing an act of violence is survived. The performances you
Jennifer Norris, John Bott, raw…
& Lauren McQuade (City Box Office) an act of great courage, of are about to see honor those
For those who have lost survival. Since then, I don’t talk courageous acts of survival.
Filipino-American Human completely, then lost again… about the moments I was
Services, Inc. (FAHSI)
Johanna Martinez
Antonio Ramirez
I am deeply honored to be a
part of the V-Day FWN New Tonight, I honor these
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE York as we join the whole world courageous men and women
Kathy Moore in celebrating the V-Day Event spirit” prevail until the violence who have the confidence to
of the Decade in New Orleans against Filipina women stops. step out of the darkness and
CONNECT Tinig Mamamayan share their stories, for a chance
Krittika Ghosh this month. This is one
experience we will cherish, as Foundation highly commends that other victims may feel
Bincy Jacob (My Sister’s Place NY) Marily Mondejar for her are properties of and under the
this is a celebration of Filipina empowered to stand up on control of men is often
APICHA (ASIAN / PACIFIC ISLANDER sexuality and womanhood. continued crusade in promoting their own some day.
women’s rights, condemning apparent in magazines and
COALITION ON HIV / AIDS) It is my hope that through To the men who also play an
Lawrence Tantay domestic violence and for movies. The choices made to
these monologues, we will be important and vital role: please
supporting meaningful activities walk away from violence or
CARNELIAN ROOM able to convey our vision for a respect and honor the women
such as this. continue the chain of abuse
Marie Enriquez better world. Let us continue to in your life. Women live in
stand up and fight for our I am grateful to Christina have consequences for our
Ruby San Juan constant fear of rape or battery
Phil Ip, Manager women and fear not to raise our Baal, Theresa Tantay Wilson and characters. Let us value each
FWN for believing in me and and with good reason: a other. Thank you for your full
voices and shout together, woman in the U.S. is battered
Domestic Violence Consortium & “TAMA NA!” Let our collective helping me achieve a dream - support. Your presence is an
Partners Ending Domestic Abuse the dream of being able to once every eighteen seconds honor and a privilege.
Beverly Upton talents and the “bayanihan
perform someday in New York. (FBI). The attitude that women
California Partnership
to End Domestic Violence direct “Usapang Puki” has been
Marivic Mabanag
ELTON LUGAY great honor and pleasure in
a passionate ride. My
Camille Hayes co-directing “Usaping Puki” two-to-four hours drive from
As V-Day turns 10 this year, I for this year’s FWN production Connecticut has always been
RAMAR FOODS am so proud to be part of the of The Vagina Monologues in filled with giddy anticipation.
Susan Quesada celebration! I salute the New York. You might ask, what There is this unmistakable
Evangeline Quesada I am doing in an all-women romantic rhythm in the Tagalog
Filipina Women’s Network for
PINOY CUISINE making this happen in our event? The truth is that men utterance- Puki, babae…. Yet,
Claire Matthews community. The fight on play a crucial role in this cause; the best part for me and one
Wayne Matthews violence against women is far violence against women is not NINA NGUYEN LAGAC that I hold dearest to my heart
just a female issue. So as I give is the seeking of one’s truest
from over but the good news
V-DAY We commit ourselves primarily niche in understanding what
Eve Ensler is, there’s you and me working out my humble share in this
to the belief that we can make encompasses intimate partner
Cecile Lipworth together to help end it. I take worldwide effort, I also hope violence and violence against
the violence stop. Having Eve
Heather Moseley to become an inspiration to Ensler’s piece as an instrument women and girls. As a
Molly Kawachi others. It wouldn’t hurt to be Vietnamese Caviteña, I’ve
Susan Swan further fortifies this
strong to stand up for women, commitment. And working with always known that I am a
Tony Montenieri
and urge everyone to show an outstanding ensemble hardcore activist. Now I am
their support for ending makes the experience truly proudly a full-fledged Vagina
violence against women. life-changing and unforgettable. Warrior and that I will be, until
Being in the plays and helping the violence stops.
FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Our Community Part ners ABC7
Vic Lee

san francisco
Henni Espinoza
Ging Reyes
Ted Fang
D OM ES T I C Angela Pang
Ferlie Andolong
San Francisco’s
recognizes the & Tricia Garcia
for its work to end domestic violence. PHILIPPINE NEWS
Partnerships between public and Margarita Argente
San Francisco’s Krystina Orozo
J ustice & C ourage private agencies are critical to
creating community-based solutions
Oversight Committee to end violence against women.
Gretheline Ramos-Bolandrina
Benny Evangelista
Michelle Louie

Asian Pacific Islander Institue on Domestic Violence HEARTFELT THANKS!
Barry Picazo, Patio Filipino
Paule Tenchavez
I F Institute for Charles D. Johnson
Image Chuck Sloane
I M Management City & County of San Francisco
Daniel and Melba Catubig
Dan Dykwel
Dennis and Tove Ann Purificacion
The Consulate General
Outstanding Consulate General Ernesto and Helen Catubig
Gani Ricarte Jr.
Women in the of the Philippines of the Philippines Genevieve Dwyer, Genevieve’s Corporation
Nation’s in San Francisco in New York Genevieve Herreria
Service Gerry Phillips
P h i l i pp i n e s M arciano A. P aynor J r . C e c i l i a B. R e b o n g Heather and David
Jason Chan
Jason Emmanuel Ricarte
John Gani Ricarte
Jordan Patrick Ricarte

n e w y o r k FAHSI connect Nieves Cortez, Corté Riva Vineyards
Leslie Katindoy-Magalong
Lissa Sobrepena
Ludovic Jolivet
Maria Ruiz

V - d ay s p on s or s Mario Alvarado
Mark Javier
Owen Donnahoo, Owen Photographie
Perla De Jesus, Perla’s Studio
NoVo Foundation | The Rockefeller Foundation | W Hotels New Orleans | TWBA/Chiat/Day | Rene Acosta, Zebulon Restaurant & Bar
Richard Gervais
Vosges Haut Chocolat | Glamour | Oprah & Friends Radio (XM) | O Magazine | Dramatists Play Service Robert Aboyme
Robert Uy, APILO Staff Attorney
Ron Santiano
Sonia T. Delen, Banc of America Leasing

D oN oR S & S P oN S oR S Sunny Dykwel
Susie Quesada, Ramar Foods Intl.
Tina Diloy
FILIPINAS AGAINST VIOLENCE DONORS: Hugh Thader | Rose Garcia | Hugh Thatcher | Brenna Randolph • V-DAY FILIPINA Tim Luym, Poleng Lounge
2008 SPONSORS: AsianWeek | Manila Bulletin | Philippine News | Philippine Center San Francisco | Ramar Foods • Ed Bernardo, Zebulon
TICKET SPONSORS: Sonia Delen & Christopher Fitzsimmons | Atty. David McMullen | Ed Ortiz | Richard Llave Franco Torres, Carmen’s
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v -resources
24-Hour Emergency Shelter Saint John’s Shelter for food, clothing & shelter for
4700 International Blvd. Women & Children women and children, Referral services, daily updates
Oakland, CA 94601 4410 Power Inn Road counseling, legal advocacy of shelter availability in
510. 534. 6030 Sacramento, CA 95826 East Bay
510. 534. 9140 – Fax 916.453.1482 Community Overcoming
Women and children; Relationship Abuse (CORA) National Domestic Violence
30-90 Days Emergency shelter up to P.O. Box 5090 Hotline
60 days San Mateo, CA 94402 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)
AASRA-Federation of 24-hour Hotlines: 1.800.787.3224 (TTY)
Indo-American Stand Against Domestic 800.300.1080 24-hour access through all 50
Fremont Violence 650. 312. 8515 states, English & Spanish, with
Alameda County 800. 313. 2772 1410 Danzig Plaza Legal Information Line:
Superior Court interpreter services in 140
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CHILD ABUSE Berkeley Clerk’s Office South Asian Languages; 888. 215. 5555
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Child Abuse Training & Berkeley, CA 94704 (Priority to South Asian); their services to use public immigrants
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(CATTA) Center emergency housing, Adelante Familia for for safety reasons); English & 333 Valencia St., Suite 450
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4 5
Me Home (WEAVE ) 24-hour Crisis Lines:
child abuse Alameda County 1.877.384.3578 or
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No-fee court affiliated confidential location San Jose, CA 95112 food, clothing and counseling
FamilyPaths (Formerly assistance with custody, child Safe Alternatives to Violent 24-hour hotline:
Parental Stress Service) support, etc. Environments (SAVE) La Casa de Las Madres 408.279.2962
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ghi jkl
District Attorney’s Office Office: 408.501.7550
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Emergency respite childcare,
510. 268. 7276
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6 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
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Pacific Center
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Berkeley, CA 94705
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anonymous, HIV and Aids
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appointment; Family, civil,
and immigration law
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Bay Women Against Rape
510. 430. 1298
Serves rape and incest
victims; Intake: M-F 10-3;
10 free then sliding scale;
Short-term counseling,
referrals, accompaniment to
hospital, court advocacy P

Perla King’s
I Experienced
By Noelyn Germono
erla King was living in the
Philippines when she was
petitioned by her then-
husband and immigrated
to San Mateo, California
in 1989. Perla was immediately
Before coming to the United States,
Perla had worked for the Philippine
government in several capacities. One
position was deputy commissioner of
the Commission and Audit. Among
her accolades are a bachelor of arts
and bachelor of science in education,
as well as a master’s degree in public
Project Eden domestic violence, Asian Eden Information and dismayed by her new living situation. administration, from prestigious
Hayward Languages; Free and sliding Referrals Happiness and love were short-lived Philippine universities. Perla did not
Office: 510.247.8200 scale fees Alameda for the nuptials. Perla’s ex-husband allow herself to be disillusioned by the
510. 537. 2552 drastic changes in her situation. She
Counseling services for
Asian and Pacific Islander M-F 10-4; Counseling, legal, began to abuse her psychologically
(API) Legal Outreach sexual assault, CalWorks and emotionally. He treated her like a sought to transform her challenges into
Sexual Minority Alliance 1188 Franklin St., #202 servant and forced her to endure the success. She became the operations
San Francisco, CA 94109 The Sage Project Inc. degradation of having his mistress live manager for New Mexico Highlands

of Alameda County
(SMAAC) Youth Center 415. 567. 6255 Standing Against Global in their home. University.
Alameda County 415. 567. 6248 – Fax Exploitation One month after their wedding, Though she had some family
Serves Asian Communities; 1385 Mission Street, Ste 300 dispersed throughout the United States,
Office: 510.548.8283
San Francisco, CA 94103 Perla discovered she was pregnant with
Support groups for Family, civil, and her first child. Her husband insisted she Perla still found herself facing her
LGBTQQ youth immigration law; temporary 415. 905. 5050 have an abortion, but at the time, she problems without much of a support
restraining order, Gay system. She didn’t want to impose on
SF LGBT Center Domestic Violence Project; Recovery from sexual was already in her late thirties. Perla
San Francisco County Free and sliding scale fees exploitation & substance had so long yearned to be a mother, her relatives. She did, however, find a
415. 865. 5555 abuse and knew that her chances for another soulmate and confidant in V-Warriors
Legal referrals, Temporary Asian Women’s Home pregnancy would be slim. When nominee Sonia Delen. “I had witnessed
2400 Moorpark Avenue, Women Against Rape
Restraining Order assistance
3543 18th Street she came to the United States, Perla the abuse, the challenges that she
Suite 300 brought with her an adopted nephew. endured, and her rising above it all
San Jose, CA 95128 San Francisco, CA 94110
415. 861. 2024 With the impending arrival of another and becoming a valiant mother and
LEGAL REFERRALS: 408. 975. 2739
now, a nurse,” Sonia said. In 1992,
TEMPORARY Temporary restraining order child, she knew she had to extract
24-hour Crisis Hotline: herself and her children from that Perla remarried. She and her husband
RESTRAINING assistance; Counseling;
415. 647. RAPE Dennis moved to New Mexico where
ORDER ASSISTANCE Serves all countries; 24-hour abusive situation.
crisis line, shelter; Works Counseling, support groups, The turning point was when her they raised her two boys.
with translators to serve legal advocacy ex-husband and his mistress had sex Perla believes that education is

Legal Aid of Napa County various Asian-speaking San Francisoco General in front of Perla. He then asked Perla the key to empowerment. “When
1227 Coombs St., clients Hospital (SFGH) to join them in other lewd sexual acts. you’re educated, your mind is open
Napa, CA 94559 to rehabilitation. You can become
707. 255. 4933 Catholic Charities Trauma Recovery Center – “Right there, I felt the world crumble
707. 255. 2312 – Fax Immigration Project Rape Treatment Center upon me and I totally lost my respect financially stable and independent.”
Oakland 2727 Mariposa St, Ste 100 for him. I felt so degraded and hurt that Even with multiple degrees under her
Seniors only; Only services Crisis Line: 415. 437. 3000
senior clients in abusive 510. 768. 3102 I was being thrown into the lion’s den,” belt, Perla continued her pursuit for
Visa petitions, citizenship, M-F: 8 am – 5 pm education and personal enrichment. In
situations; For domestic 24-hour medical forensic she said. “I was empty, demoralized
violence retraining orders in Vawa Cases (Victims of and insulted… I made my choice; my December, Perla completed a registered
domestic violence cases) examination (SFGH
Napa area, refer to Napa Emergency Room), free priority was raising my children.” She nursing program. She is currently
Emergency Women’s Services Domestic Violence services, Spanish / English) filed for divorce soon after the incident. working as a graduate nurse at
Napa Emergency Women’s Restraining Order Clinic There was a world of difference Presbyterian General’s Surgical Unit in
Richmond W.O.M.A.N., Inc. between this devastating reality and New Mexico. She has a strong interest
Services Women Organized to Make
1001 Second St., 137th St., Room 185, her former life. In the Philippines, in the field of psychiatric nursing
Richmond, CA Abuse Nonexistent, Inc.
Napa, CA 94559 A Lifeline for Battered Perla was affiliated with several student where she can work with survivors of
707. 255. 6397 510. 374. 3364 activist groups who advocated for domestic violence, exploitation, and
Restraining Order clinic held Women
707. 252. 3687 333 Valencia St, Ste 251 social reform. It is ironic that once an drug abuse.

707. 252. 3069 – Fax in Richmond Courthouse
Mon & Fri 8-5 pm San Francisco, CA 94103 impassioned advocate for justice, she Her spirituality has also played
Contact legal advocate an integral role in her life. She saw
Gabby Caro for help with
24-hour Crisis Hotline: found herself being a victim of abuse
restraining orders
Law Center for Families 877. 384. 3578 or and oppression. Her first marriage nursing as her calling when her son was
510 16th St., Suite 300 415. 864. 4722 illuminated the other side of the hospitalized and near-death six years
The Cooperative Oakland, CA 94612 Support Groups, living spectrum. She had come from ago. Amidst her own worry, she found
Restraining Order Clinic 510. 451. 9261 Counseling herself consoling other mothers in the
510. 763. 2169 – Fax Programs, a comfortable life and a high-ranking
San Francisco professional position, to struggling intensive care unit. “My faith sustains
415.864.1790 For families ineligible for Latina
assistance from other Services, in a new place where she had a much me during the doldrums, and the
Bilingual Service; Restraining
Order Assistance free of programs, but too poor to Community lower socioeconomic status. “In the strenuous physical challenges of being
charge; Paperwork served to hire a private attorney. Education Philippines, I had maids, but here in a nurse.” She says, “It is fulfilling and
batterer at reduced fee America, I became the maid.” uplifting to do something beautiful for
Perla said it was easy for her to strangers, to be able to touch their lives,
leave her abusive marriage because not just physically, but to pray with
of her educational background. them and touch their souls.”


v -resources

Women’s Survival Space
718. 439. 1000
N e w yo r k + N e
Harlem Office
212. 577. 7777
Washington Heights &
Inwood Center
212. 577. 7777
Jamaica Center
800. 621. HOPE
212. 577. 7777
Legal Services

Free advice and services
for victims of domestic
Sanctuary for Families
Center for Battered
Women’s Legal Services
212. 349. 6009
Cabrini Immigrant

21 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 674-1937
Association of the
Bar of the City of
New York Fund
Immigrant Women and
Sex Crimes Bureau)
718. 590. 2115 (Crime
Victims Assistance Unit)
New York County
One Hogan Place
New York, NY 10013
212. 335. 9000 (Main)
212. 335. 4300
(Family Violence &
Child Abuse Bureau)
212. 335. 9040 (Witness
Aid Services Unit)
718. 579. 4000
Coney Island Hospital
2601 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11235
718. 616. 3000
Kings County Hospital
451 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
718. 245. 3131
Staten Island Asian American Legal Children Project 212. 864. 7884
New Hope Staten Island Center Woodhull Medical &
Defense and Education 212. 382. 4711 (North Manhattan Mental Health Center
800. 621. HOPE 800. 621. HOPE Fund Domestic Violence
HOTLINES Family Project 212.966.5932 Project) Brooklyn, NY 11206 Prenatal Care Assistance Queens County
718. 443. 3928 Advocacy and Program 718. 963. 8000
NYC 24-Hour Hotline: 125-01 Queens Boulevard,
Project Oasis Safe Homes Counseling Main Street Legal Services, 800. 522. 5006 Kew Gardens, NY 11415 Cumberland D&TC

4 5
1. 800. 621. HOPE (4673) Battered Women’s Rights For women and infants
TDD: 800. 810. 7444 800. 621. HOPE 718. 286. 6000 (Main) 100 N. Portland Ave.
City-Wide Clinic, CUNY Law School 718. 286. 6550 (Domestic Brooklyn, NY 11205
Women’s Safe Start II Arab-American Family 800. 621. HOPE Child Abuse and
Hearing Impaired Maltreatment Hotline Violence Bureau) 718. 260. 7500
24-Hour Hotline: 718. 453. 2280 Support Center 718. 286. 6818 (Crime
718. 643. 8000 Victim Services West Side (New York State Central East NY D&TC
TDD: 1. 800. 810-7444 Manhattan Legal Project Registry) Victims Advocate Program)
718. 286. 6562 2094 Pitkin Ave.
NYC Gay and Lesbian Henry Street Shelter Barrier Free Living, Inc. 800. 621. HOPE 800. 342. 3720 Brooklyn, NY 11207
212. 577. 7777 (Physically disabled) (Elder Abuse Project)
Anti-Violence Project inMotion Child Abuse Prevention 718. 240. 0400
212. 714. 1141 212. 533. 4358 Richmond County
Sanctuary For Families, Inc. 212. 533-4632 (Formerly Network for Information and Parent Manhattan
212. 349. 6009 Women’s Services) Helpline (24 hours) 130 Stuyvesant Place
Barrier-Free Living Staten Island, NY 10301 Bellevue Hospital Center
(Disabled Clients) Cabrini Immigrant 212. 695. 3800 800. 342. 7472 462 First Ave.
Urban Women’s Retreat Services Legal assistance for 718. 876. 6300 (Main)
212. 533.4358 1. 800. 621. HOPE Hunger Hotline 718. 556. 7124 (Sex New York, NY 10016
212.791.4590 battered women seeking 212. 562. 1000
Crime Victims Hotline divorces (Food emergency) Crimes / Special Victims
Violence Intervention Gay & Lesbian 866. 888. 8777 Bureau)
212. 577. 7777 Program Harlem Hospital Center
Anti-Violence Project Brooklyn
212. 360. 5090 Women’s Healthline 506 Lenox Ave.
Rape & Sexual Assault 212. 714. 1141 Brooklyn Legal Services, New York, NY 10037
Hotline Corporation B 9 am to 5 pm, Mon.–Fri. PUBLIC HOSPITALS
New York Asian Women’s New York Association for 800. 825. 5448 212. 939. 1000
212. 227. 3000 Center 718. 237. 5500
New Americans

ghi jkl
888. 888. 7702 Toll-free AIDS Hotline Public hospitals are run Metropolitan Hospital
New York State Child Abuse 212. 425. 5051 by the NYC Health and 1901 First Ave.
Hotline BENEFITS FOR 9 am to 9 pm, Mon. – Fri.
Queens Steps to End Family 800. 825. 5448 Hospitals Corporation. New York, NY 10029
800. 342. 3720 Transition Center IMMIGRANTS Each hospital has a 212. 423. 6262
Violence (teens / women
New York State Domestic Kosher facilities defendants) General Health Line Domestic Violence
Gouverneur D&TC
Violence Hotline 718. 520. 8045 Anyone, regardless of 9 am to 6 pm, Mon. – Fri. Coordinator.
212. 410. 4200 immigration status, is 227 Madison St.
800.942.6906 (English) 800. 825. 5448
Allen Women’s Resource Bronx eligible for the following D&TC = Diagnostic and New York, NY 10002
800.942.6908 (Spanish) Center HealthStat Treatment Center 212. 238. 7000
Hostos Women and benefits
NYPD Sex Crimes 212. 577. 7777 Immigrants Rights Center Free or low-cost health
Emergency: 911 Bronx Renaissance D&TC
Report Hotline insurance
Project Oasis Safe Homes 718. 518. 4312 888. 692. 6116 Jacobi Medical Center 215 West 125 St.
212. 267. RAPE 1. 800. 621. HOPE City services 1400 Pelham Parkway S. New York, NY 10027
Bronx Independent Living (Non-emergency): 311
New York State Crime Services (disabled) Education for children Bronx, NY 10461 212. 932. 6500
Women Helping Women All children regardless of 718. 918. 5000
Victims Board 718. 291. 2555 718. 515. 2800 NYC Domestic Violence Queens
800. 247. 8035 Hotline immigration status can
St. Rita’s Center (refugees) attend school through Lincoln Hospital & Mental Elmhurst Hospital Ctr.
Staten Island (Including domestic Health Center 79-01 Broadway
Project Oasis Safe Homes 718. 365. 4390 violence shelters, legal grade 12
234 East 149th Street Elmhurst, NY 11373

7 8
1. 800. 621. HOPE Brooklyn assistance, benefits) Bronx, NY 10451 718. 334. 4000
Park Slope Safe Homes 800. 621. 4673 Department for the Aging 718. 579. 5000
Bronx Queens Hospital Center
Aegis Battered Women’s Counseling Project New York State Coalition For the elderly
718. 499. 2151 212-442-1000 North Central Bronx 82-70 164th St.
Program Safe Horizon Against Domestic Violence Hospital Jamaica, NY 11432
800. 621. HOPE Community Offices (Outside NYC)
Queens 3424 Kossuth Avenue 718. 883. 3000
Pragati, Inc. 800. 942. 6906 Bronx, NY 10467
Project Oasis Safe Homes Bronx 800. 818. 0656 TTY 718. 519. 5000
800. 621. HOPE (Women of Indian origin) DISTRICT ATTORNEYS
Kingsbridge Center 718. 456. 4712
212. 577. 7777 Cabrini Immigrant Morrisania D&TC
New Day Shelter 1225 Gerard Avenue
718. 617. 8762 Queens Women’s Network Services Bronx County
Claremont Center 212. 577. 7777 139 Henry Street 198 East 161st Street Bronx, NY 10452
Brooklyn 800. 621. HOPE 1. 800. 621. HOPE New York, NY 10002 Bronx, NY 10451 718. 960. 2777
Park Slope Safe Homes Brooklyn (212) 791-4590 718. 590. 2000 (Main) S.R. Belvis D&TC
Project Bedford-Stuyvesant cis-ccnr@cabrini- 718. 590. 2323 545 East 142nd Street
718. 499. 2151 212. 577. 7777 (Domestic Violence and Bronx, NY 10454

8 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
ew jersey

Child Support
Crime Victim
Manavi for South
Asian Women
Office of Victim –
Witness Advocacy
Cape May
South Jersey Legal

Women’s Referral
Guidance Center
Legal Services of
NW Jersey
Northwest Regional
Women’s Center
Office of Victim-
Witness Advocacy
Women’s Crisis
Have you ever
experienced or
witnessed violence?
I have witnessed much violence,
especially in the movies. I grew up
watching Filipino action movies starring
Lito Lapid and Eddie Garcia and while
“raped. “ Traumatized,
I kept it to myself for nearly
10 years.

609-896-8855 Office of Victim-
Witness Advocacy
I was growing up, I found myself
afraid of Filipino men unless they
I have seen a woman
Atlantic 856-453-0486 Mercer County were immediate family members. I know touched by her
County South Jersey
Legal Services
Central Jersey
Legal Services
relative inappropriately.
Office of Victim-
Witness Advocacy 856-451-0003 609-695-6249 I was 17 going on 18 when I lost my She did not fight back,
609-909-7850 Women’s Center Office of Victim- virginity to rape. I was broken. And and I was too young (and

800-322-8092 Witness Advocacy
South Jersey Legal
Services Essex County
609-989-6274 even at the lowest point of my life, I was too scared) to do anything.
609-348-4200 Essex-Newark
Womenspace shunned by my mother who told me it
800-572-7233 I experienced sexual assault from
Violence Intervention Legal Services was my fault and that I was a shame
Program 973-824-3000 Middlesex to the family. a boy from my past, an event that
800-286-4184 Family Violence County had taken my virginity. I
Program Central Jersey experienced another assault from
Bergen County
Alternatives to DV 973-484-4446 Legal Services I have seen my very own older a different boy while I was
201-336-7575 Office of Victim-
Witness Advocacy
Office of Victim-
brother physically abuse his intoxicated. For about two years, I
Northeast New Jersey
Legal Services 973-621-4707 Witness Advocacy wife when I was in grade lived in shame and engaged in risky
201-487-2166 The Rachel Coalition
Rutgers University
school. I was young at that sexual behavior to somehow make
Office of Victim-
The Safe House Victim Services time so I did not do anything, me feel better about what happened
Witness Advocacy
973-759-2154 732-932-1181 but it lives in my memory. to me. But eventually, through
201-646-2057 gradual sexual assault education,
Shelter Our Sisters Gloucester
201-944-9600 County
A friend of mine was beaten by I realized it wasn’t my fault.
Burlington Office of Victim- Ocean-Monmouth her husband and called me

County Witness Advocacy Legal Services instead of calling 911. It took a I didn ’ t realize that I was being
856-384-5500 732-866-0020 abused . T he hateful words
Office of Victim-
People Against lot of encouragement for her to
Witness Advocacy Office of Victim- hurled at me at the time , I
Spousal Abuse Witness Advocacy decide whether she wanted the
609-265-5048 thought , was my fault , that
Providence House 856-881-3335 732-431-7160 authorities involved and feared
South Jersey maybe I deserved it when he
609-871-7551 Women’s Center the consequences being an
Legal Services called me “ stupid ” or it was a
South Jersey Legal
732-264-7273 immigrant with conditional visa.
Services Turning Lives Around result of my incompetence
I saw her swollen face and I
609-261-1088 Hudson County 888-843-9262 whenever he told me “W hat ’ s
Women’s Referral knew this couldn’t be love.
Christ Hospital wrong with you ?!” I believed him
Central Mental Health Morris County She eventually called the police
when he said no one else would
800-322-8092 201-795-8373 Battered Women’s and as a friend, I gave her my
Services love me the way that he did . S o
Camden County Northeast Legal support, held her hand, and
973-267-4763 it was difficult to break away
Coalition Against Services
Care Program listed to her fears all the
201-792-6363 from the grip of insecurity to
Rape & Abuse 973-971-4715 way until she decided that it
Office of Victim- be confident enough to be alone .
Witness Advocacy Legal Services of was best to stay. It was
Family Counseling S pending time with friends and

Service 201-795-6400 Northwest Jersey heartbreaking for me as a friend
973-285-6911 family who nourished and
856-964-7378 Women Rising and as a professional to see
Hotline (YWCA) Office of Victim- inspired me helped me distance
Office of Victim- Witness Services her that way, but it was her
201-333-5700 myself from the relationship and
Witness Advocacy
Women’s Referral 973-285-6200 decision and all I could do was
856-225-8431 find the strength to close the
Central to let her know that I was
South Jersey Legal Ocean County door and never answer another
Services 800-322-8092 there for her no matter what.
Ocean-Monmouth phone call from him . I t was hard
800-496-4570 Legal Services being single . I didn ’ t think very
Women’s Center/ 732-341-2727 I was a victim of rape and
SOLACE highly of myself so it took some
Office of Victim- sexual abuse just before I counseling to really help me
856-227-1234 Witness Advocacy
graduated grade school. I find a stronger sense of self .
learned in Jr. high through I’ ll never let someone “ love ”
Providence House sex education that I had been me that way again .

Filipino American Human
Services, Inc. (FAHSI)
FAHSI is a community-based, non-
profit organization established in 1993
dedicated to serving the most vulnerable
segments of the Filipino community of
New York – particularly youth, women,
recent immigrants, and the elderly. FAHSI’s vision is an empowered
Filipino American community with a strong sense of identity and
commitment to citizenship participation. In support of this vision,
our mission is to improve social conditions and enhance the
self-reliance of vulnerable segments of the community by:
• Strengthening the capacity of Filipino Americans to be
significant contributors to civil society.
• Developing the potential of Filipino American youth as
community leaders and organizers; Raising the awareness
of the Filipino American community and the general public
concerning Filipino American history and the struggle and
contributions of Filipino Americans.

718-883-1295 | 185-14 Hillside Ave., Jamaica, NY 11432 |

10 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
My V – Journal
Sunday, Februar y 2, 2008
By Rebecca Delgado Rottman

I attended a formal audition to “The Vagina
Monologues” today. Before we started the cold
readings, the director, Ken, gave us a lot of ideas on
how to better perform. He suggested that we read
each word and learn its meaning, then read each
sentence to understand what the text is conveying,
put it all together in our own words and experience,
and then translate it. Through this method, it was
easier to feel the emotions and the passion of the
person who wrote the monologue that I was
When the audition began, Ken asked for a V-Diary , 20 08
volunteer to start but no one got up, forcing Ken M ar ch 10
to call on random individuals. This was my first By Ro si e Jo su e
audition and I have never done this type of work ate d ste ps on to the stage
I wa lke d up the rubber-co
before, so I was not about to volunteer to be the ed to calm my rac ing
of the aud ito riu m as I tri
first! I sat and listened to others perform. I was ame a dar k blu r aga ins t
hea rtb eat. The aud ien ce bec
impressed; they were all very good. And that made n a sho rt thr illin g sile nce
the bri llia nt floo dlig hts . The it
me all the more anxious. I didn’t think I could read of a rol ler coa ste r jus t as
cap tured me like the clic ks
like the other performers could. But then Ken called ilar ati ng dro p.
nea rs the pea k of an exh ing the aud itio n, my goa l
wa s to
my name; I was second to the last. I got up from firs t tim e I per for me d the mo nol ogu e “Ce lia” dur le, wit h jus t
The ura l as pos sib
rac ter, ens ure I wa s bel iev abl e, and loo k as nat
my seat and walked to the stage feeling nervous, ana lyze the cha the atre act res I fel t
exp res sio n for eac h wo rd. As an exp erienc ed
but I told myself to “just have fun.” When I read my the rig ht pac ing and her exp erienc e
wo rds on the scr ipt and rec rea tin g a cha rac ter and
monologue, the audience laughed (it was a funny confide nt in tak ing the
piece) and I hoped they laughed because of my thr oug h my ow n bod y.
inn ing .
But tha t wa s jus t the beg ona lly dra ine d Ros ie at the
delivery, too. They seemed to have enjoyed my loved, ove r wo rke d, em oti
It too k a stress ed, under an rec itin g my line s in my
hea d
reading. It was meant to be read with a partner I rea lly sig ned up for. I beg
reh earsal , to rea lize wh at ter ways to add col or to the tex t,
but I had read it alone. tur n on sta ge and I wa s try ing to find bet
bef ore my
I learned a lot tonight about critiquing the on me .
wh en sudden ly it daw ned . It’s not fict ion tha t
monologue pieces, examining how each piece are not jus t ink on a pag e to the ma tic ally interp ret
The se wo rds dire ctl y
are the wo rds tha t came
touches your heart, and understanding cultural lly pie ced tog eth er. The se
a ski lled poe t so ma ste rfu y are , in my cas e, the act ual pai n
differences as well as women’s universal challenges. an bei ngs in tru e life exp erienc es. The igh t
fro m rea l hum s herself in an les s fre
I am becoming more aware of women’s challenges ing of a wo ma n so des per ate for fre edo m she find by her
and suf fer esc ape the hor rif yin g abu
aba ndo n her son, jus t to
and our role in the universe. con tai ner af ter hav ing to
I am passionate about life; hus ban d in Gua tem ala . eve nin g news but, wit h lite
ral ly
in the wo rld thr oug h the
I enjoy learning and trying We hea r abo ut the cha os nne l to Ameri ca’s Nex t Top
ton , you can tur n it off. You can flip the cha .
different things because we’ve the clic k of a but sse d of thi s yea Osc ars
up a ma gaz ine to gaw k at the bes t and wo rst dre ’re
only have one life to live and Mo del or pic k tas te of the gla ze dis gui ses
wh at you
like icin g on a don ut, the
I believe we must live it to We gla ze ove r our wo rld ter tru th of rea lity . The rea lity tha t
ual ly put tin g in you r bod y. No one wa nts the bit ane ,
the fullest with no regrets.
act end ure the mo st inh um
and I, wh o fro m day to day
the re are peo ple like you tun e it out and tur n it off
I have a feeling that this the res t of the wo rld can
uni magin abl e thi ngs . An d and I rea lize d my pow er in
experience, “The Vagina the day we had reh earsal
I wo ke up one mo rni ng on in thi s pro duc tio n wa s not to be an
Monologues,” will be one vey ing thi s mo nol ogu e. I dis covere d tha t my role her tell her
con e I did “Ce lia,” I let
of those memorable s but to be mo re like a me sse nge r. So the las t tim
act res
experiences in my life. sto ry. No t me .
New Pa n A s i a n C ui s i ne
8 3 Nato ma S treet, S F
4 15. 975. 5705
www.zeb u l o n sf. c o m

12 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Domestic Violence in the Beyond the Bruises:
Filipino American Community How Domestic Violence Can
General Problems: • Many Filipina domestic violence victims/ Contribute to the Spread of HIV
survivors suffer from depression or post
Lack of Access to Attorneys traumatic stress disorder and cannot afford B y LA R RY TA NTAY or her to legally stay in this country, which
could be his or her only hope for survival.

• There are few organizations that provide counseling.
direct legal services to Filipino domestic e cried profusely, worried how he would Survivors of domestic violence also have a
Lack of Culturally Competent Advocates, higher risk of being infected by their partners. In a
violence victims. tell his partner that he was HIV-positive.
Counselors, and Attorneys study conducted in Tanzania, the rates of a woman
Lack of attorneys at direct legal services He was scared of being beaten, possibly
• There are few people who work in the killed. His partner had made threats reporting that she had experienced a violent event
organizations who practice domestic domestic violence field who have a grasp of within the previous year were higher for women
violence and immigration law before that if he had ever become HIV-positive he
the cultural norms of the Filipino population. would kill him. He was also concerned that his who tested HIV-positive rather than for women
• There are currently no legal services • Many cultural values such as “hiya” (shame) partner may have been infected, so, at APICHA, we who tested HIV-negative, according to the
organizations or law firms that provide free and “pakikisama” prevent Filipina women devised a plan together, and he stayed at his American Journal of Public Health. Many women
comprehensive legal assistance with regards from getting help because they are afraid of sister’s apartment while the health department globally report being coerced or forced to have sex
to divorce. Most agencies will only assist in a “tsismis” (gossip) or of bringing shame to contacted his partner anonymously. by their partners or husbands. Cuts and wounds
limited scope or have to charge onerous fees. their families. That is only one instance of how HIV infection can also cause blood to be exchanged between
Lack of knowledge regarding the interplay can complicate a domestic violence situation. partners, facilitating the spread of HIV easily.
• Additionally, widespread misconceptions and According to Dan K. Kaye from Makerere University Many of my clients, especially women, felt it
of immigration and domestic violence misinterpretations about the Catholic Church Medical School in Uganda, several studies show was hard to ask their partners if they have been
• Few immigration attorneys and family law and its doctrine regarding domestic violence tested because they feared retaliation, rejection,
that “HIV infection or disclosure of a positive HIV
attorneys have sufficient knowledge to deal also prevent Filipinas from getting help. or being accused of cheating or not trusting their
sero-status may be the trigger for violence, or may
with Filipinas in domestic violence situations Lack of Police Cooperation partners. Some may also be forced or coerced by
worsen coexisting violence.” Because of the
because they lack knowledge regarding: U their partners to not use protection during
• Police in the S.F. Bay Area often fail to enforce stigma, legal issues, and cost of medication, living
Visas, T Visas, VAWA and Removal of intercourse with partners of unknown HIV status.
restraining orders or criminal protective orders, with HIV can be a tremendous hindrance in getting
Conditions. A number of my HIV testing clients reported not
and they lack the sufficient training to deal support if someone is being abused. Some people
Lack of sufficient advocates and with victims of domestic violence. living with HIV have been threatened by their using protection because their partners insisted that
counselors for low-income Filipinos partners that they would “out” them to their jobs, they did not want to use them. My clients relented,
• Fear of the police or fear of what the police families, and communities as being HIV-positive, fearing they would lose their partners. This need
• Most non-profit shelters and domestic may do to their spouse also prevents Filipinas
violence advocacy groups in San Francisco do possibly leading them to be disowned. Others may speaks to the devaluing of their worth that people
from contacting the police. not have health insurance and may not be able to in domestic violence situations may feel for
not have speakers of Tagalog or other Filipino
dialects. Lack of knowledge of options afford medication on their own without their themselves. They may not see their needs as being
partners’ insurance. Also, at our agency, where we a priority. Even when confronted about whether or
Lack of sufficient low-cost access to • Few Filipina survivors know of their legal
see many Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants, not they feel respected, many clients will still
counseling rights.
the threat of deportation can be much more choose to stay with their partner because they love
• Many Filipina clients are turned away by daunting. HIV is listed in US Immigration Law as a them. In those situations, I ask them, “Do you feel
shelters and by counseling non-profits due to Provided by Robert Uy, Immigration Attorney, disease that would prohibit someone from they are loving you by not using a condom?”
a lack of language access. Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach obtaining a Green Card, making it difficult for him A much broader system of support, including
their families or communities, should be in place to
offer survivors of domestic violence the strength
Stalking: Checklist for Building a Prosecutable Case they need to feel that they have the power to
make decisions for themselves. And for survivors
who are living with HIV, greater social change must

f you believe that you are being stalked, here is a [ ] Maintain regular contact with detectives (including observation) they have had with the take place to allow them to feel safe in admitting
checklist to help you build a prosecutable case assigned to your case stalker their status, including upheavals within legislation
against your stalker. and the lowering of costs for HIV medications.
[ ] Obtain assistance from a victim advocate [ ] If possible rent a surveillance camera to capture If you are worried that you have been exposed
Most state statutes define stalking as a course of
the stalker on video to HIV in a violent situation, the chances of HIV
conduct that places a person in fear for their safety. [ ] Report every incident, especially violations of
However, the term “stalking” is more commonly used restraining orders [ ] Consider obtaining a restraining order to bolster infection may be greatly decreased by using
to describe specific kinds of behavior directed at a the strength of the legal case Post-Exposure Prophylaxis within 72 hours of the
[ ] Keep all evidence event, a regimen of anti-retroviral medication
particular person, such as harassing or threatening
another person. [ ] Save all forms of Internet communications. lasting between three to four weeks. Most
The National Center for Victims of Crime: Stalking emergency rooms should be able to help you and
[ ] Report e-mail harassment to your Internet you can contact you local department of health for
Building a Prosecutable Case Checklist Resource Center
provider more information. Also, get tested for HIV as soon
[ ] Keep a detailed log [ ] Save phone messages on removable answering after the period of time when HIV cannot be
machine cassettes. detected if you are infected, about three to four
[ ] Obtain a copy of your state’s stalking law
[ ] Keep a file all police reports
[ ] Make sure each police department (for multiple
jurisdictions) has copies of each other’s reports
[ ] Use call trace immediately after you’ve received
a harassing telephone call and notify police that
you have traced the call
1 in 12
women will be stalked
weeks. The earlier you know your HIV status, the
better prepared you can be in treating the disease.

Larry Tantay can be reached at
and make sure each new police report makes [ ] Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family in their lifetime. and (646) 744-0994
reference to prior reports to write down any communication or contact APICHA is located at 400 Broadway,
New York, NY 10013 |

COURT WATCH three years probation and to and her 10-year-old son. The New Jersey Man
participate in a batterer police found her dead in her
treatment program for a May living room. Pleads Guilty
The Murder of
Claire Joyce Tempongko:
1999 incident during which Tempongko had repeatedly to Killing His
Ramirez had savagely beaten sought help from San
Filipina Wife
Still Awaiting Tempongko. In November 1999, Francisco’s criminal justice
Ramirez was arrested again on system, but the system had
Justice Eight a charge of domestic abuse failed her. Her murder revealed by elena mangahas

Years Later and ordered to serve six fatal flaws in San Francisco’s
n March 4, 2008, Eddy
months in county jail for criminal justice system, one of
violating the terms of his which was how ineffectively Casco of Jersey City, New
by Marily Mondejar Jersey, pled guilty to
probation. the criminal justice

But the violence did not department’s police, district aggravated manslaughter
t least three women are for the January 20, 2007,
killed by their intimate stop, even after he was attorney’s office, probation Teris Casco
released from prison. In department, and the courts killing of his wife, Teris Casco.
partner every day in the Casco faces up to 18 years in
United States, according September 2000, Tempongko were communicating with each Eddy was arrested on
repeatedly called police other. Records on Ramirez did prison.
to Community Eddy Casco savagely beat aggravated assault charges. A
Overcoming Relationship Abuse begging for help. According to not mention any of the relative told police that Eddy
reports, on September 1, police incidents of violence and Teris after they returned home
(CORA), a private non-profit from celebrating her 33rd had assaulted Teris in the past,
agency in San Mateo serving found Tempongko crying probation violations since but the police had never been
uncontrollably with blood 1999. birthday the evening of January
survivors of domestic violence. 19, 2007. Eddy admitted to notified.
Claire Joyce Tempongko, a San spilling from her mouth. Tempongko’s murder has The tragedy of Teris’ death is
However, no charges were filed rallied advocates, the repeatedly hitting her and
Francisco resident and Filipina stomping on her. Teris suffered that individuals who knew
American, became a victim of and authorities at the district community, as well as local about the domestic violence in
attorney’s office stated they government officials and broken ribs in 20 places, a
domestic violence when she broken nose, and brain the Casco home never picked
was killed by her ex-boyfriend never got the case. On prompted efforts to improve up a phone and called police.
September 7, Tempongko called the criminal justice system to hemorrhaging as a result of the
on October 22, 2000. She was beating by her husband. Casco Teris did not have to die, and
28 years old. police again and reported that ensure that victims of domestic her death is an example of how
Ramirez was making “terrorist violence get the help they waited several hours before
Tempongko was a single calling 911 for help and did so silence can kill.
mom raising two young threats” and she feared he request and need. One of the Immediately following Teris
would hurt her. Although police vital improvements that still only when one of the couple’s
children in the Richmond two young sons saw his Casco’s murder, the Filipina
district of San Francisco. She had booked Ramirez on has to be implemented is a Women’s Network (FWN) and
suspicion of being drunk and computer system that will bloodied mother in bed and
loved to dance and be with asked what was wrong. several members of the Filipino
friends. But more than providing false information, allow police, the district community organized a
anything, she loved her children prosecutors dropped the case attorney’s office, the probation discussion on domestic
and worked hard in retail and because of lack of evidence. On department, and the courts to violence. Individuals and
office jobs so that she could September 22, Ramirez was share information with each organizations in the Filipino
provide them with a home and sentenced to one month in jail other in cases involving community came together to
a good education. for a probation violation, but intimate partner violence. address how to break the
Tari Ramirez, Tempongko’s the judge before whom Ramirez fled to Mexico after silence and the cycle of shame
partner, was very charming and Ramirez appeared was Tempongko’s murder and to confront the high incidence
well-liked. According to people unaware of the two incidents eluded capture for nearly six of domestic violence in Filipino
who knew him, Ramirez had a at Claire Joyce’s home earlier years. But on June 15, 2006, homes.
great smile and impressed in the month. with the help of the FBI, Eddy Casco is to appear
customers at San Francisco On Sunday, October 22, Ramirez was arrested in again on May 6, 2008, in
restaurants where he served as 2000, Tempongko was having Cancun where he had been Hudson County Superior Court
a bus boy. dinner with a friend when living under an alias. In April for sentencing. Prosecutors will
Tempongko and Ramirez Ramirez called her on her cell 2007, Ramirez was extradited ask that the court sentence
began dating in November phone. He begged her for to the United States. During a Casco to 18 years in prison, the
1998, and shortly thereafter, another chance to get back preliminary hearing in the San maximum possible sentence
Ramirez moved in with together, but Tempongko Francisco Superior Court in under the plea deal. FWN urges
Tempongko and her young refused. When Tempongko November 2007, a judge you to show your support for
children. Although Tempongko returned with her two children determined that there was ending violence against women
to her apartment in the sufficient evidence to try By the time help arrived, it
and Ramirez appeared happy, was too late. and girls in the Filipino
the alleged abuse and violence Richmond District, Ramirez was Ramirez for Tempongko’s community by being present at
waiting after having broken murder. Trial is scheduled to When firefighters arrived at
started almost immediately. the Casco home, they the hearing to continue the
By the summer of 1999, into her apartment. He attacked begin on August 15, 2008, dialogue on domestic violence
Tempongko with a knife in nearly eight years after her immediately called police
Ramirez was ordered to serve because of Teris’ condition. and save lives.
front of her daughter, age 5, death.

14 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Breaking the
SF Superior Court Judge Reduces Conviction of Man Silence of Abuse
Jury Found Guilty of Murder of His Filipina Wife by Vanessa Kenyon
Visit to find out
by SUNNY DYKWEL how youIcanrecall
help. memories of a
young girl who was lost in

n May 12, 2007, a San a world of betrayal. She
Francisco Superior Court
was far from unaware, yet
jury found William Corpuz
guilty of first degree she ouldn’t tell. She lived in between the
murder for the September thoughts in her mind and the hidden truths.
24, 2004 killing of his wife, She was hurting inside but she wore the mask
Marisa Corpuz. After the guilty very well.
verdict was handed down, This young girl is me.
San Francisco District Attorney I had been touched and nothing could remove
Kamala Harris called the Above: Deputy Dist. the shame I felt toward myself. He was
conviction “a great victory.” Atty. Scot Clark with supposed to protect me but he did not. He
Harris stated, “Domestic members of FWN at took advantage of me. I could not move. I felt
violence will go with the William Corpuz
sentencing. powerless and fearful. But I did not cry…at
consequences in this city.”
However, on March 14, Left: Clark with least not outwardly. I went away and didn’t
2008, San Francisco Superior Marily Mondejar come back for years. I was trying to protect
Court Judge Jerome Benson and Sunny Dykwel. myself from being hurt. It wasn’t my fault.
overruled the jury and reduced It should not have happened, but it did.
the conviction to second- then ate breakfast and watched come forward. “Corpuz was Now, I cannot separate the experience from
degree murder. As a result, television together before convicted by a jury . . . and who I am. It is present and somehow
rather than being sentenced William pulled out one of the (the judge overturns that,” resurfaces through the pain of others,
to 25 years to life in prison knives and attacked Marisa. Mondejar said. “That’s not through the innocence in children and in those
under a first-degree murder Although William planned right.” who hurt. Somewhere I numbed myself. The
conviction, Corpuz was and waited for the opportunity The disappointing outcome
to kill Marisa, the judge details at this point aren’t important, but the
sentenced to 15 years to life, of the Corpuz sentencing
determined that the killing hearing has motivated FWN healing is. Knowing that I live in a culture that
the maximum sentence under
a second-degree murder was premeditated but that advocates to seek legislative sometimes does not want to talk about pain,
conviction, plus one year for there was insufficient evidence changes to California’s Penal or acknowledge that a life is less than perfect,
using a knife during the killing. of deliberation, an element Code to add domestic violence is not easy. It is a source of blame, shame,
Corpuz must serve a minimum required for a first-degree as a special circumstance that guilt and anger for not having the ability to
of 16 years in prison before murder conviction. The judge would make a murder in a control something.
being eligible for parole. Judge further stated that because of domestic violence situation Can you imagine how it is to be so afraid of
Benson has recommended that limitations in California law, first-degree. “This act of judgment? I believed that it was projected even
Corpuz not be paroled. domestic violence is not violence shows the horrific though others were not judging me. I believed
On the morning of considered a special nature of domestic abuse. We the blame, the shame, the guilt. At times, I
September 24, 2004, William circumstance that would want to send a message that look in the mirror trying to convince myself
elevate a murder in a domestic abuse of any kind will not be
Corpuz savagely attacked that my life hasn’t been affected by that
Marisa Corpuz with a knife, violence situation to first- tolerated and that victims can
degree. experience. This, of course, is a lie. With
slashing her throat. Marisa also seek justice without fear of
More than a dozen coming forward,” said FWN wonder, I stare in the mirror. Cry. Wipe my
sustained deep cuts that went
advocates from the Filipina board member, Genevieve face. And pretend to hide the fact that this
to the bones of her fingers as
she fought to protect herself. Women’s Network (FWN) Jopanda. Rape and robbery happened. In moments like these, I realize and
William turned himself in to attended the Corpuz are two examples of special acknowledge that if nobody listened and if
police and confessed to killing sentencing hearing, along with circumstances for first-degree nobody knew, this doesn’t mean that something
Marisa. He said he had been advocates from the San murder. But FWN’s efforts to was not broken.
thinking of killing her for Francisco Domestic Violence change legislation to add As a child, I held it in and kept it silent.
several hours before he did so. Consortium. The judge’s domestic violence as a special Recognizing now the strength I had as a child,
He first prepared a gun and decision to overturn the jury’s circumstance for first-degree I found comfort in school, in creativity, in
ammunition and set it in a first-degree murder conviction murder will not end in writing, and in changing that over which I had
hallway while Marisa cooked and reduce it to second-degree California. FWN will seek to control. My story represents, honors and gives
breakfast in the kitchen. He murder disappointed and effectuate these changes in a voice to those who are too afraid to speak,
then went into the kitchen and angered the advocates. FWN states across the nation. The too afraid to cleanse and set themselves free.
pulled out three knives from a president Marily Mondejar said community is invited to support As I came of age, I began to share my story
drawer, having decided that he that a stiffer sentence would FWN in these efforts.
deter batterers and motivate and now work to heal myself and to empower
would use a knife to kill his
victims of domestic violence to others. This is for those whose voices grow
wife instead of a gun. The two
weak, whose “lips are seared,” and who have
yet to realize the strength that every girl and
ABOUT V-DAY Eve Ensler

-Day is a global movement Eve Ensler is a playwright, performer
to end violence against and activist. She is the award-winning
women and girls that raises author of The Vagina Monologues,
funds and awareness which has been translated into 45
through benefit productions languages and performed in over 119
of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler’s countries. Eve’s other plays include
award winning play “The Vagina Necessary Targets, Conviction,
Monologues.” In 2007, more than 3000 Lemonade, The Depot, Floating Rhoda
V-Day events took place in the U.S. and and the Glue Man, and Extraordinary
around the world. To date, the V-Day Measures. Her play, The Good Body,
movement has raised over $45 million which debuted at ACT in San Francisco
and educated millions about the issue followed by a run on Broadway and a
of violence against women and the national tour, was recently premiered in
efforts to end it. The V-Day movement is a three-person version at Pittsburgh’s
growing at a rapid pace throughout the City Theatre. Ms. Ensler’s newest play,
world, in 112 countries from Europe to The Treatment, premiered in September
Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, and all 2006 at the Culture Project in New York
of North America. V-Day, a non-profit City. In October 2006, Ms. Ensler
corporation, distributes funds to released her first book, “Insecure At
grassroots, national and international Last: Losing It in A Security Obsessed
organizations and programs that work World,” published by Random House.
to stop violence against women and Eve is the founder/artistic director of
girls. The ‘V’ in V-Day stands for Victory, V-Day, a global movement to end Top: Eve Ensler stands in solidarity with FWN’s cast and crew. Above: At the press conference,
Valentine and Vagina. violence against women and girls, which FWN announced plans to launch a campaign to change current legislation regarding the sentencing
of crimes related to domestic violence.
has raised over 49 million dollars in
9 years. She is the recipient of many
V-Day Mission awards including the Guggenheim
Statement Fellowship Award in Playwriting, and EVe Ensler MEETS
has received numerous Honorary FWN’S CAST AND CREW
V-Day is: degrees.
• An organized response against By Sunny Dykwel and Alyson Megur scribe the systematic oppression of women
violence toward women. – “feminicide.” And she encouraged men
On March 26, 2008, the Filipina to join the campaign. “Men have to own it
• A vision: We see a world where V to the 10TH Women’s Network (FWN) and Eve Ensler, as their issue. We need it as a call not just
women live safely and freely. playwright of “The Vagina Monologues” a change in legislation. More men need to
Join us on April 12, 2008 at New and founder of V-Day, held a press confer- come forward and stand-up and be strong
• A demand: Rape, incest, battery, Orleans Superdome to celebrate ten ence at the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco. and say this issue is my issue.”
genital mutilation and sexual slavery years of ending violence against women The Paris Ballroom was packed with Marivic Mabanag, executive director of
must end now. and girls and will launch the next ten to members of the media, several domestic the California Partnership to End Domestic
• A spirit: We believe women should heal and empower women worldwide. violence agencies, more than two dozen Violence called it a public safety issue
spend their lives creating and thriving Ellen DeGeneres, cast members wearing their barongs, and and that legislation would not solve the
rather than surviving or recovering Eve, Jane Fonda, representatives from the offices of Cali- problem alone. “It requires a coordinated
from terrible atrocities. Salma Hayek, fornia State Senator Leland Yee and State community response with advocates,
Joss Stone, Assemblyman John Coto. legislators and law enforcement working
• A catalyst: By raising money and Spurred by Superior Court Judge together to ensure strong enforcement of
consciousness, it will unify and Marisa Tomei
and Kerry Jerome Benson’s decision to reduce the existing laws.”
strengthen existing anti-violence sentence of a man convicted of murdering Beverly Upton, executive director of
efforts. Triggering far-reaching Washington have his wife, FWN called for a closer examina- Domestic Violence Consortium, agreed.
awareness, it will lay the groundwork already signed tion of the laws around domestic violence “[We have to encourage] judges to look
for new educational, protective, and on! crimes. at how they can interpret the law to do
legislative endeavors throughout the This evening “In the eyes of the law, a man who more justice for women and communities
world. will open minds kills his wife is not viewed the same as a in domestic violence and sexual assault,”
and hearts and raise much needed person who commits murder during a rape she said.
• A process: We will work as long as it attention and funds for groups working or robbery,” said FWN president Marily Vanessa Kenyon, domestic violence
takes. We will not stop until the to end violence against women and girls Mondejar. “Why should a domestic vio- survivor and cast member credited FWN
violence stops. in New Orleans, and around the world. lence case be treated as less important? for helping her get closer to finding her
• A day. We proclaim Valentine’s Day as FWN has organized a group who will We need to start a conversation with our true self. “Today, I am freeing my potential.
V-Day, to celebrate women and end be going to New Orleans the weekend legislators and our community.” I am freeing myself of pains that have
of April 12, 2008. Find out more about “I know how big this pattern of abuse flooded my life….I am a survivor and a
the violence. is,” said Eve Ensler as she talked about part of a strong network of passionate,
V to the 10th in New Orleans at
• A fierce, wild, unstoppable movement her travels. Ensler brought back a word educated, and globally minded women, that feminists in the 1960’s used to de- seeking systemic changes.”
and community.

16 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Spotlight on the Filipina Women of New Orleans:
Rhonda Richoux
By Melissa Josue coast as the “worst eight days of

[her] life.”
The Saturday before Many cell phone towers
Hurricane Katrina and telephones lines had been
made landfall, Rhonda destroyed which not only made it
Richoux and her boy- difficult for relief agencies to coor-
friend Eddie were con- dinate with each other, but it was
sidering riding out the storm in her impossible to reach loved ones. She
mother’s brick house, rather than lived on peanut butter and tuna and Above: Rhonda is in full
the mobile home that they shared was so dehydrated, she said, she protective gear
in Chalmette, a town in St. Bernard couldn’t sweat anymore. “The thing Left: Rhonda Richoux (right)
Parrish, east of New Orleans. But I’ll never forget is all I had was a and her cousin, Charlene
by Sunday, the storm had elevated little transistor radio. People started Ferniz, stand in front of
to a category 5, so they secured reporting from Jefferson and New Rhonda’s FEMA trailer
everything in their home and yard Orleans,” said Rhonda, “but no one
and Rhonda went over to her was reporting from St. Bernard. My
mother’s house to pack old photos sister and I looked at each other. reunion, that St. Bernard had also her Filipino American
in plastic Ziploc bags. By the time ‘Were they all dead?’” been the home of her ancestors and ancestry to where her work has
they were ready to leave Chalmette, When Eddie and Rhonda the first Filipino communities in the caught the attention of the Fili-
it was 2:30 in the afternoon and returned to Chalmette, “it looked United States. pino American National Historical
the only highway out of St. Bernard like a nuclear bomb had hit. There One of the first settle- Society and university professors
was jammed with other evacuees. was not a fly buzzing, a bird sing- ments of Filipinos in the United around the country. She recently
It took them six hours to drive 50 ing, not an animal to be seen, it States was Saint Malo, a small began a project to restore the old
miles to her sister’s vacation home was like everything was dead.” fishing village on the shore of Lake Filipino tombstones in St. Vincent
in Picayune, Mississippi. Eight There were steps with no houses Borgne in St. Bernard Parrish. It ex- de Paul Cemetery in the Lower
people, Rhonda, her step dad, boy- behind them, fishing nets in all isted from the mid-18th century to Ninth Ward. And she continues to
friend and in-laws, packed into her the trees “like decorations,” boats the early 20th century before it was assist her community through help-
sister’s house for the night, which on the road, and houses in the destroyed by a hurricane in 1915. ing other families gut and rebuild
was above sea level and on a small water. “When I first saw it, I cried Manila Village, on Barataria Bay, their homes, encouraging others to
hill. They woke the next morning and cried.” By the time they got directly south of New Orleans by donate to local relief efforts or to
to a scene that they couldn’t have back to the trailer, the walls and the Gulf of Mexico, was considered volunteer, and reaching out to visi-
imagined as they and the rest of furniture were covered in black to be the largest and most popular tors, educators, elected officials and
the country watched the worst-case mold. Her mother’s house was still Filipino settlement. Houses were the media to bring attention to the
scenario unfold on television. standing, but everything inside was built on stilts along the 50-acre work that still needs to be done.
Rhonda Richoux, a Filipina destroyed. “It looked like someone marshland and so were platforms She and her partner are
American who grew up with her had put oil and water in it, shook it for the shrimp-drying industry, still waiting for the Road Home
extended family in the Faubourg up and set it back down.” But she but the community was destroyed grant that would help them get out
Marigny neighborhood, just east of had no doubt in her mind this will by Hurricane Betsy in 1965. New of their cramped FEMA trailer and
the French Quarter, now lives in a always be home to her, she said. “I Orleans also had a thriving Filipino buy a more comfortable mobile
FEMA trailer in St. Bernard Parrish felt I had to come back. I felt this American community, with social home, but she is most concerned
and remembers the week after overwhelming need to come back.” clubs such as Caballeros de Dimes- about the families still living in
Hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf Rhonda grew up in New alang, where they had yearly Mardi FEMA trailers with young children.
Orleans on Rampart and Touro Gras balls, and The Filipino Ameri- “One thing that really upsets me
Help Rebuild New Orleans and Streets before her parents moved can Goodwill Society, which Rhonda is that the children are so affected
South Louisiana their family to St. Bernard when remembers as “the kind of club by it,” she said. She knows some
she turned 16. Her mom was con- where if someone was hospitalized parents who don’t let their children
The organizations below are in need of volun-
teers, especially skilled labor. cerned that their neighborhood had or needed to be buried, there was a play outside because some houses
“started getting bad with drugs.” community fund.” are still not gutted and pose a seri-
Share your knowledge and talents and help

build homes for the families of Hurricane As she got older, more of her family ous safety risk to curious children.
Katrina and Rita survivors. migrated to St. Bernard and they oday, Rhonda is an At school, she sees elementary
“decided that this would be our elementary school school kids during naptime have
New Orleans Habitat for Humanity community.” Rhonda would later classroom aid in St. frequent nightmares of drowning or
find, as she was researching her ge- Bernard and continues some get so upset during
The St. Bernard Project to extensively research Continued on page 43 nealogy in preparation for a family

Defined by the City of San Francisco
as historical landmark

Offers business suites in the heart of
Downtown San Francisco – just a block away
from Union Square and accessible to hotels,
restaurants, shopping centers, public parking
and transportation such as BART and MUNI

Equipped with state-of-the-art T1 line
internet connectivity available for lease

24/7 security service backed by
surveillance cameras

Offers Exhibition Hall, Meeting
Rooms & Social Hall for lease

Average of 500 visitors daily

The Philippine Center, Your Partner In Business
The Philippine Center
445-447 Sutter Street, Suite 518
San Francisco, CA 94108
Telephone No.: (415) 982-6153
Fax No.: (415) 982-1232
20 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Jennifer Larsen and Flor Contemplacion:

An Attorney Reflects on Synchronicities
and Importance of Knowing Your Rights W hy I jo in e d F W N ’s DIARIES
p ro d u c ti o n of
u e s, ”
“ T h e Va g in a M o n o lo“gM M R P ”
b y R o d el R o d is rest had been issued by the Walnut Creek
Police Department.

J “ U sa p in g P u k i” a n d
ennifer Drake Larsen was living in After arriving in the Philippines, James
the Cavite province of the Philip- lived with Jennifer and their son in Cavite
pines with her American husband, until he succeeded in convincing her to
James Larsen and their 3-year-old return back to their Walnut Creek home,
son, when they read the news promising that he would never hit her Women should be
about the execution in Singapore of Fili- again. Jennifer made plans to return I understand intimat
empowered, their vo ely
pino domestic worker, Flor Contemplacion. back to California but, at the last minute, heard, their aches anices the effects of violen
pain mustered. I be d
Jennifer could not have imagined how decided to leave their son in Cavite with against women, not
Contemplacion’s death would affect her. relatives, just in case. in the wisdom of wo lieve just through my ow
From them resoundsmen. th periences, but also
Contemplacion, the 42-year-old mother James brought Jennifer to the airport ex
of four children, was executed by the and said he had some business matters to true meaning of a bl the worough those of many
Singaporean government for alleg- take care of in Manila, but he would join life. Without them, haissful ma men in my family, and
edly murdering another Filipina worker, her at home shortly. When Jennifer’s plane the world is dead. lf ny women and youn
girls who I know an g
Delia Maga. Just before she was hanged, took off, James went straight to the US d lov
however, two witnesses came forward to Embassy to inform the FBI that a fugitive Someone needs to sp e.
The community needs eak
inform the Singaporean authorities that would be stopping over in Honolulu on up for those who ar
e to
Contemplacion was innocent and that a Philippine Airlines flight bound for San
to know what is hidde
n vulnerable to do it fo o
it was Maga’s employer who strangled Francisco. When Jennifer landed in Hono- behind closed doors an themselves. No one
d up for my mother. No
Maga in rage after finding his four-year- lulu, two FBI agents were waiting to arrest raise awareness about one
old epileptic son accidentally drowned in her for felony child abduction. She was these issues. I wanted spoke up for me…
until I
the bath tub because Maga had left him handcuffed and brought to the Honolulu to saw The Vagina Mon
be a part of deliverin olo
If I can be that supp gues.
alone, unaware of his condition. city jail. g ortive
that awareness. voice for someone els
The Singapore police questioned In the aftermath of Flor Contempla- e,
Contemplacion because her name was cion’s execution, there was widespread I can be one more ste
I am very close to my p
mentioned in Maga’s diary. While in criticism of the Philippine government of mom and toward helping to cre
police custody, according to one witness, President Fidel Ramos for failing to do
I am very excited to pe
rform a future free of fear e
with her on stage for and
Contemplacion was tortured into confess- more to help overseas Filipinos. Respond- MMRP. shame.
Our monologue togeth
ing that she murdered Maga even though ing to the popular outrage, President er is
a mirror of our own rea Violence comes in many for
she had neither the motive, nor the means Ramos directed Philippine consuls all am an aspiring film wr . I
and opportunity to do so. The Singaporean over the world to check the jails of their we often talk on the ph
iter and It is suffocating, manipulativmse .
authorities refused to allow new evidence jurisdictions to find Philippine citizens in about my film ideas. We e and debilitating to the sp
to interfere with their neatly wrapped case need of government assistance. care about our comm
I have endured verbal abusiriet.
and proceeded with her execution. Following the directive of her govern-
When Contemplacion’s coffin arrived ment, the Philippine Consul General in
and want to be a part
of the in an intimate relationship
campaign to end violen for a number of years before
in Manila, thousands of Filipinos waited Hawaii visited the Honolulu prison and ce.
at the airport to honor her as the symbol learned of Jennifer’s plight. She had been walking away. I’d like to
of injustice, hardships and sacrifices of in jail for a few weeks awaiting extradition A little education those who suffer in silenceheanlp
overseas Filipino workers. to California with bail set at $500,000. goes a long way make them aware that there isd
Jennifer Larsen had been an alleged She had been brought before a magistrate an alternative, that you wo
victim of domestic violence in the US in prison garb, with chains on both her in preventing be alone when you walk awn’tay
when she decided to leave her husband
and their home in Walnut Creek, California
ankles and wrists.
The Philippine Consul in Hawaii
violence in our .
Violence agains
to return to the Philippines with their contacted her counterpart in San Francisco daily life. is a part of my t women
son. After arriving in Manila, however, who then asked me to represent Jennifer personal and fa
she called her husband. “You can join us after she had been extradited to Walnut history. I have mily
here if you want,” she told him, “because Creek. In an April 1995 interview with the struggled with
personally sinc it
I know you can’t hurt me here,” and she San Francisco Chronicle, which 17 years old, e I was
gave him the phone number where he reported on the case, Jennifer that has been a legacy
could reach her. Her husband accepted her defiantly declared, “They could
2 m i n utes, experienced by
women in my fa many
invitation and joined them. What Jennifer tell me that I could spend the rest
Every t h e U . S. before me. I bemily
did not know was that James had filed
a criminal complaint for child abduction
of my life in jail, but I don’t care,
I am not n e i n
someo y assaulted.
that breaking lieve
silence that stthe
from shame is ems
is sexuall
against her and that a warrant for her ar- » continued on p 40
in breaking th key
of violence. e cycle
Inside a Time and Space of War:

Remembering the Comfort Women

and the Repercussions of Wartime Rape
By Keesa Ocampo

“Our stories only exist inside our heads.
Inside our ravaged bodies. Inside a time
and space of war.”

recent addition to the Vagina
Monologues, “Say It” becomes a
resounding piece that urges its au-
dience to remember the Comfort
Women of World War II. They are the
200,000 young girls who were forced
into sexual servitude by the Japanese
imperial army. Through the monologue,
they are given a voice that speaks
about the mass wartime rape and the
violence committed against them, a
part of unwritten history whose verac-
ity has been questioned, doubted and and Indonesia. Girls, some as young Resolution 121, authored by Speaker also intended as a great debasement,
repeatedly covered up. as twelve, were forced to serve several Nancy Pelosi and Representatives Mike to “pollute” a person’s progeny by
The monologue speaks of the inhu- soldiers a day, often gang-raped and Honda and Tom Lantos, calling on Ja- intentionally producing mix-bred off-
manity done against them – “Braids held at gunpoint. Those who resisted pan to apologize for forcing thousands spring. This “ethnic pollution” was an
cut off, names changed, no time for were beaten and physically tortured. of women into sexual servitude to its overt tactic of Serbian soldiers against
panties… 50 soldiers a day… Do it For those who weren’t murdered and soldiers before and after World War II. Muslim women in Yugoslavia.
young before we started bleeding… didn’t resort to suicide, life became Sadly, the blood and tears were met “The Vagina Monologues” goes
So many women I couldn’t walk.” It nothing but a painful and waking by a safe statement from the Japanese back to a crime committed almost
speaks of the rampage and brutality nightmare. government that tried to assuage their 70 years ago and gives voice to the
through sterilization, physical battery For its victims, wartime rape has pain but by no means admitted to the brave survivors. “Comfort Women” is
and forced abortions. It tells us of the a number of effects, physical and crime. What must be understood is a euphemism because they actually
gonorrhea, stillbirths and breakdowns. psychological. Stigma and shame that HR 121 was more than a piece of are wartime rape victims, casualties of
These girls whose lives were often leads to abandonment, espe- paper. It was supposed to be a catalyst war. The sanitizing parlance diffuses
broken and forever scarred have only cially for those who carried “enemy for healing and a strong message the pernicious crime and attempts to
asked for a proper apology from the babies.” Post-traumatic stress disorder against war crimes and human right mitigate the Japanese government’s
Japanese government. They are now has often led to mood, eating and violations since World War II. responsibility for the transgression.
women in their 80s and 90s who have sexual disorders and chronic substance Today, in many places all over
lived the nightmare and are telling the abuse. Studies say that victims find the world, hundreds of thousands
story, wanting nothing more than an difficulty experiencing emotion, living of women continue to fall victim to A Goal, A Dream and A Promise
admission of guilt and an act of contri- in constant fear with a difficulty of this weapon of war. Psychologists Friends of Lolas (Evelina Galang) and
remembering events. Many of them identify rape as the most intrusive LILA Pilipina (Rechie Extremadura) work
tion. The monologue plays a linguistic together to build:
overture for Japan to “Say it. Please. also develop cervical cancer, coital of war-related traumatic events. The
We are sorry, Comfort Women… Say injury, chemical destruction of vaginal sexual violation of women abrades a
it… Say me. See me. Say it. Sorry.” tissue due to chemical sanitation, HIV, community fibre like no other weapon • An institute for research, collecting the
During World War II, the Japanese venereal disease and fistulae from the or ammunition can. The pain and testimonies, histories and artifacts of Filipina
government authorized the institu- insertion of objects, such as pipes and violence turns into an indelible stamp “comfort women.”
tion of “comfort stations,” brothels gun barrels, into the vagina. on families because in many countries, • A community center where lolas can orga-
run by the regime for use by Japanese These women are the bravest the female is regarded as the gate- nize campaigns, give interviews to students
soldiers. According to Professor Sarah exemplars of survivorship. In addi- keeper and repository of the commu- and researchers, hold their socials, and create
tion to rape, war brought to many of nity’s culture and spirituality. To violate their art
Soh, of San Francisco State University, • Lola’s House will ensure that scholars, writ-
these comfort stations were designed them displacement, death of family them is to dishonor a society, to mock
members, loss of home and physical its values and traditions and humiliate ers and activists can always find a gold mine
to reduce the random sexual violence of stories, and then to write and prevent the
by Japanese soldiers against the injuries. The few of them who endured it at its core. stories of war and rape from recurring. It will
enemy populace. But as the supply have struggled to tell their stories, Many say that rape is not just a by- be a permanent, living memorial of the lolas’
of prostitutes for the comfort stations which history seems to have repeat- product of war but is deliberately uti- contributions to the empowerment of all
ran dry, they needed to resort to an edly failed to document. They fight lized as a military tactic. In East Timor, women.
out-of-the-box tactic to obtain more against this dereliction of moral and rape was meant to torture people for
women. Most of these girls were taken intellectual duty. supporting independence from Indo- All donations for Lola’s House can be sent to:
The battle was partially won on July nesia. Systematic rape is used as a 28B Mapagbigay St.,
from Japanese-occupied China, the Piñahan, Quezon City,
Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, 30, 2007, with the passing in the U.S. weapon of war in ethnic cleansing by
House of Representatives of House the Hutus and the Tutsis. In war, rape is Metro Manila, Philippines, 1100

20 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g

The Voice of Asian America
in print and on-line.

f e at u r i n g t h e a s i a n w e e k b lo g g e r s :

Emil Amok Through Our Lens The Yin-Yang
By Emil Guillermo Eric Byler & Annabel Park With Lisa Lee

coming soon:
Crossing Borders

By Gloria Ramos
with Lorna Dietz

The clouds were furious and brought
an inky blanket over Sacramento,
California. With rain pelting me
horizontally like thousands of liquid
arrows, the last place I wanted to be was
at Max’s Restaurant to meet a friend.“I’ll
buy you dinner,” she said.“Besides, I’m
with Nida Recabo from Florida and I
want you to meet her.”
I couldn’t resist. I had heard about
Nida from other friends as well.“You’ll
just love her!” they said, but they didn’t
say why. My curiosity got the better of me
and I braved the storm, armed with an
umbrella the size of Texas. Little did I
know that I was not only meeting Nida,
but I was in for a journey that would
cause me a few epiphanies.
For about seven years, I was assigned to his travels with American-made candies them, providing comfort and emotional
THE STORY the Neuroscience floor where cases ran for the family. Nida’s fondest memory of support at the recent loss of a dear family
Nida Recabo’s life, nowadays, in the gamut of brain tumors, brain- her childhood was the “siestas” (after- member or a beloved spouse.”
perpetually-sunny Miami, Florida, seems damaged and stroke patients, including lunch naps). She recalls,“My siblings and At this time, Nida Recabo discovered
to be idyllically filled with the blessings trauma-related cases. I got together and slept in the same room the serenity and energizing “high” of
of “getting back a hundred-fold” after a On a daily basis, I see life happen in where we shared all our ‘kuwentos’ weekend spiritual retreats with the
few decades of “paying it forward.” Nida front of me. I see pains and heartaches of (stories).” company of Catholic nuns. She called
has “given back” through the career paths family members dealing with ‘end of life’ After attending Espiritu Santo them Kiss and Run Weekends, a term
she has chosen, a road less travelled by issues. Part of my job is to help them get Parochial School with her four sisters and which also applies to her present-day
many men and women. With an elderly through or walk with them through the two brothers, Nida spent her high school visits with friends in Las Vegas and San
father beautifully co-existing with her process of accepting the inevitable. Yes, I years at the College of the Holy Spirit Francisco. Nida was 25 years old when
and the cats in her home, Nida balances have been the focus of a family’s until her junior year. Her sister’s petition she thought about the possibility of a
her life as a social worker-care manager displaced anger which can range from for the family to join her in the US had religious life. She made a life-changing
at Baptist Hospital, a weekend social ‘Who do you think you are?’ to ‘You are been approved. After saying good-bye to decision when she was 33 years old.
worker’s position at Miami Children’s not even from here.’ My weekends at Manila in 1971, Nida finished her studies Nida recollects,“Religious life was a
Hospital, her family caregiver’s duties, Miami Children’s have not been any at Curtis High School in Staten Island, beautiful experience because it brought
and her personal life the only way she easier, either. I am alone during my shift New York a year later. out the best and worst in me.”Conducting
knows how: with characteristic and there have been very few weekends Homesickness, acculturation, and and coordinating spiritual retreats and
endurance, unconditional love, and when I did not have a death, a trauma, or assimilation were hurdles Nida Recabo youth encounter programs were
compassion. A Bachelor of Arts degree in an abuse case. I love both jobs because had to go through as a teen-age interspersed with groundskeeper duties.
Psychology from American University one balances the other. I am very good at immigrant. While Psychology classes She was, however, taken aback by the
and a Masters degree in Social Work what I do and with how I deal with my helped Nida understand herself and realities of the religious community life
from Miami-based Barry University patients and families.” other people, she also worked at the when the nuns’ expectations differed
equipped her with the necessary clinical Nothing ever seems to faze Nida. She George Washington University Library. from hers. After seven years, Nida
skills.“I am waiting to take my exam to had chosen her fields of study because, During her duties as ‘shelver exemplare’ Recabo left the religious life,
become a Licensed Clinical Social according to her, “I wanted to talk to leading to Library Specialist upon remembering this period as “one of the
Worker,” Nida adds. people — help people. I feel I have the graduation, Nida found camaraderie and most painful experiences and loneliest
Nida describes her demanding knack for understanding where they are friendship among her co-employees, a times of my life.”
responsibilities: “Hospital social work is a in their lives.” huge group of Filipino students. Nida’s spiritual strength was lovingly
very rewarding job but very cathartic as Nida Recabo was born and raised in It was a successful career in the transferred to her career in social work
well. Advocating for our patients’ needs is Manila, Philippines, the second to the insurance industry that paved the way which included internships with the
at the foremost of our job. However, the youngest child in a family of seven for finding her life’s vocation. Nida’s visits Dade County Youth and Family
complexity of cases can either break one’s children. She reminisces about her father, to elderly clients, when she serviced their Development Program and the
spirits or only strengthen one’s resolve to a civil engineer who was an overseas old debit policies, emotionally touched University of Miami Mailman Center for
be ever stronger in both mind and spirit. Filipino professional, coming home from her. She said,“I would spend hours with Child Development.“We provided

22 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
individual and group counseling sessions We need more in-services about Women in abusive relationships are Looking forward to FWN’s Future Search
to children of parents embroiled in domestic violence. In tandem with this, scared to move on and go forward with Summit’s reunion in 2012, Nida is
domestic violence issues,”Nida explained. we should offer self-improvement classes their lives. There are cultural issues that optimistic about the future of Filipina
From hospice care to a homeless on developing skills and talents. We can make them stay, such as the way they women. She concludes,“We need to have
program, the indomitable Nida Recabo never have enough self-esteem were raised in their families. For instance, more women who can change the world.
also worked with mentally-ill patients. workshops.” being submissive. They think it’s not their I believe that we’ll see more Filipinas in
When Nida was diagnosed with breast When asked about the common place to speak up and stand up for their key positions if we continue the
cancer in 1999, her life’s purpose seemed pitfalls women fall into that keep them in needs,” Nida reveals. mentoring that we have been doing.
to acquire more meaning. During and violent relationships, Nida’s experience as Nida Recabo’s role as a National
after six-plus years of treatment, Nida a therapist provide some insights.“They Steering Committee member for the THE LESSON
kept going — and going. Community feel stuck, so afraid of their own shadows. 2007 FWN Summit in Washington DC At the end of our first meeting at
service activities included appointments They don’t believe they have any place to gravitated her toward “women of Max’s, I did not foresee that Nida’s life
and volunteer work at the first woman’s go or anyone to turn to. Many of them substance, women who are ‘evolved, ’ who experiences would serve as a mirror for
house for Habitat for Humanity, the indulge in self pity or lack thereof. have overcome adversity and thrived.” my own journey to enlightenment, that
is, seeing things
as they are in
my world. In
the process
of getting to
know Nida, I
uncovered the
many layers of
wonder of my
“reason for
being.” Nida
gives us an
gift: self-
This intuitive
realization is
enough to make
us joyous.

Advisory Board of Jackson Memorial
Hospital Rape Treatment Center, the
Miami Dade County Asian American
Advisory Board, and the Governing
Board of NANAY, Inc. As a breast cancer
survivor, Nida also participates as a
member of the dragon boat paddling
team of the Save Our Sisters (SOS) group.
Nida Recabo’s involvement with
members of the Filipina Women’s
Network is a natural outcome of her
championship of women’s issues. She
shares the necessary steps for women to
become more self-aware and empowered,
thus avoiding abusive relationships: Left: Nida (6th from left), with Ligaya Avenida,
“Knowledge is power. We need Elena Mangahas, Marily Mondejar, Sonia Delen,
education. Women need to learn about Mitos Santisteban and Ging Reyes at the PIA
fundraiser last year in San Francisco.
inter-relational processes. We need to
develop programs that teach women how Top: Nida (back row on the right) with close friends
to be aware, and how to distinguish Malou Alhambra Nelson, Sonia Delen and Mitchie
abusive and non-abusive relationships.

F our benefit shows to end vio l ence against F i l ipina women and gir l s


Until The The Vagina MMRP: Usaping Puki

Design: Al Perez, Creative i Studio | photography:, remy
Violence Stops Monologues A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer
FRI, April 4 | 7:00 pm
Tagalog version of “The Vagina Monologues”
Sat, April 5 | 2:00 pm
A powerful film about V-Day Mon, March 31 | 7:00 pm Herbst Theatre
Herbst Theatre Academy of Art University
FRI, MARCH 28 | 7:00 pm 401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco
401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco Morgan Auditorium
Bank of America Building
SAT, April 5 | 7:00 pm 491 Post Street, San Francisco
A.P. Giannini Auditorium
555 California Street (@ Montgomery) Academy of Art University
San Francisco Morgan Auditorium
491 Post Street, San Francisco

Sponsorships and Advertising in the FRI, APRIL 18 | 7:00 pm SAT, April 19 | 7:00 pm Sat, April 19 | 2:30 pm
V-Diaries (anti-violence resource guide): Philippine Center New York Philippine Center New York Philippine Center New York 556 Fifth Ave., New York 556 Fifth Ave., New York 556 Fifth Ave., New York

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Marily Mondejar DIRECTED BY: Elena Mangahas, Ken Marquis & Genevieve Jopanda (SF); Christina Baal & Theresa Tantay-Wilson (NY) ASSISTANT DIREC-
Tors: Esperanza Catubig & May Nazareno PRODUCER: Kai Delen-Briones SET DESIGN: Barry Picazo ART DIRECTOR: Al Perez
BENEFICIARIES: Filipinas Against Violence, V-Day Spotlight 2008: Katrina Warriors – Women of New Orleans & the Gulf South, Comfort Women Survivors in the Philippines

TIckets: $ 5 – $ 1 0 0 Herbst Theatre: | (415) 392-4400
Morgan Auditorium: FILIPINA
Philippine Center New York: WOMEN’S
for more information: 415. 278. 9410 | Email: |
sa n fra n cisc o

PA R T ON E Because he liked to Intro – The Little Coochi Intro – The Woman Who
FOREPLAY look at it (“bob”) Snorcher That Could Loved to Make Vaginas Happy
Sunny Dykwel Genevieve Dwyer Candi Bashiri
Tagalog song
Charmaine Clamor not-so-happy fact The Little Coochi The Woman Who Loved to
THE VAGINA Vanessa Kenyon Snorcher That Could Make Vaginas Happy
MONOLOGUES WELCOME Jodie Olympia, Franceska Gamez, Esperanza Catubig and “The
7:00pm Marily Mondejar intro - crooked braid
Fenina Gamez, Kristina Guido, Moaners:” Genevieve Jopanda,
Sonia Delen Rachael Domingo and Rissa Duque Rachael Domingo, Rosie Josue,
Esperanza Catubig, Rosie Josue, crooked braid Vanessa Kenyon, Alyson Megur,
Intro – Say It
Blesilda Carmona, Helen Marte, Sunny Dykwel, Blesilda Carmona, Kristina Guido, Jodie Olympia,
(For the Comfort Women)
Jodie Olympia, Kristina Guido, Lissa Sobrepeña, Helen Marte, Angela Delgado and Rissa Duque
The Vagina Monologues is a cel- M. Evelina Galang
Rissa Duque, Angela Delgado, Nimfa Y. Gamez and Hydra
ebration of female sexuality in all its Mendoza
Intro – I was there
complexity and mystery. Based on in- Vanessa Kenyon and Sunny Dykwel Say It
in the room
(For the Comfort Women)
terviews with over 200 women about Intro – Hair extro - crooked braid Annadel Almendras
Helen Marte Bautista, Nimfa Y.
their memories and experiences of Lissa Sobrepeña (update on the claire joyce
Gamez and Fenina Gamez I was there in the room
sexuality, The Vagina Monologues gives tempongko and marisa
Thelma Boac with daughter,
voice to women’s deepest fantasies and Hair corpuz cases) FILM CLIP ON COMFORT WOMEN
Hydra Mendoza Hydra Mendoza with daughter,
fears, guaranteeing that no one who Genevieve Jopanda Sonia Delen with son, Charina
Extro – Say It
reads it will ever look at a woman’s Intro – The Flood Cabanayan with daughter and
my angry vagina (Update on hr 121)
body, or think of sex, in quite the same Vanessa Kenyon Sunny Dykwel with son
way again. “At first women were reluc- Rachael Domingo and Rosie Josue Rep. Mike Honda (invited) and
tant to talk,” Ensler writes. “They were a The Flood M. Evelina Galang ugoy ng duyan
little shy. But once they got going, you Charina Cabanayan I N T E R M I S S I ON Charmaine Clamor
Outrageous Vagina Fact:
couldn’t stop them.” The Vagina Mono- The Vagina Workshop intro - my vagina was The Vibrator
Spotlight 2008:
logues has now been translated into Thelma Boac, Rebecca Delgado my village Melissa Josue Katrina Warriors
over 24 different languages. Rottman and Candi Bashiri Rissa Duque My Short Skirt Elena Mangahas, Genevieve
Vagina Happy Fact my vagina was my village Alyson Megur and Jopanda, May Nazareno,
Alyson Megur Rebecca Degado Rottman and Annadel Almendras Esperanza Catubig and
Alyson Megur Nida Recabo
intro - Because he liked Intro – Reclaiming Cunt
to look at it ili - ili (lullaby) Rissa Duque SPEAK OUT
Marily Mondejar

sa n f r a ncisc o
> Casting for ALL shows Sonia Delen Charmaine Clamor Reclaiming Cunt
are subject to change Charmaine Clamor CURTAIN CALL

Ang Aking Baha ili - ili (Lullaby) Pagbawi sa SALITANG Puki

Rae Almajose Amor Ilao McGuinness Gloria Ramos
Kiki Workshop extro – claire joyce Intro – Ang Babaeng All in the Family
usaping puki
Nimfa Y. Gamez, Marianne
Almajose and Lissa Sobrepeña
tempongko and marisa
corpuz update
Mahilig Magpaligaya
ng mga Puke ....... u. . . . . . .
Sonia Delen Jodie Olympia We’ve added new
2:00pm Katotohanang Puki:
Intro – Ang Aking faces in our cast/crew!
Tinggil Ang Babaeng Mahilig
Candi Bashiri Munting Kalachuchi Magpaligaya ng mga Puke
PA R T ON E Sisters:
Blesilda Carmona Miriam Pantig Bonus and “The Rosie & Melissa Josue
FOREPLAY Intro – Pagkat Gusto Niya
Ang Aking Munting
Moaners:” Blesilda Carmona,
Itong Titigan Marily Mondejar &
dalagang pilipina Kalachuchi
Rachael Domingo, Candi Bashiri,
Sonia Delen Genevieve Dwyer
Tracy Lynn Sarmiento Fenina Gamez, Keisha Navarro Jo-Ann Agacoili, Genevieve
Pagkat Gusto Niya Itong and Jodie Olympia Dwyer, Gloria Ramos, Aida Marianne & Rae
MALIGAYANG BATI Titigan Carmona, Jodie Olympia and Almajose
Marily Mondejar Blesilda Carmona Intro – Sabihin Ninyo Genevieve Jopanda Mothers and
(PARA SA COMFORT WOMEN) Daughters / Sons:
Introduksyon Isang Hindi Nakatutu- Intro – Naroon Ako sa
Sonia Delen Sunny Dykwel &
Blesilda Carmona, Rachael wang Katotohanang Puki Loob ng Silid
Devon (son)
Domingo, Jodie Olympia, Nimfa Y. Gamez SABIHIN NINYO (PARA SA Rae Almajose
Candi Bashiri, Fenina Gamez, MGA COMFORT WOMEN) Rebecca Delgado-Rottman &
Ang Aking Puking Galit Naroon Ako sa Loob Angela (daughter)
Nimfa Y. Gamez, Sonia Delen, Aida Carmona and Fenina Gamez
Jodie Olympia and ng Silid
Miriam Pantig Bonus, Genevieve FILM CLIP ON COMFORT Nimfa Y. Gamez, Sonia Delen and Aida Carmona &
Miriam Pantig Bonus Blesilda (daughter)
Dwyer and Gloria Ramos WOMEN Gloria Ramos
Intro – Ang Kwentong I N T E R M I S S I ON Nimfa Y. Gamez &
ang katotohanang puki: ugoy ng duyan Fenina & Franceska (daughters)
Buhok PA R T T WO vibrator Tracy Lynn Sarmiento
Jo-Ann Agcaoili Lissa Sobrepeña AUNT AND NIECE:
Introduksyon sa Bosnia: SPOTLIGHT 2008: Sonia Delen &
Ang Kwento ng Buhok Ang Aking Pwerta Ang Aking Maiksing Katrina Survivors Kai Delen-Briones (niece)
Miriam Pantig Bonus Gloria Ramos Palda Elena Mangahas Father and Son:
Jo-Ann Agcaoili and Deo Tantay & Larry (son)
Intro – Ang Aking Baha Ang Aking Pwerta, SPEAK OUT
Genevieve Dwyer
Aida Carmona Ang Aking Nayon Marily Mondejar Partners:
Nimfa Gamez and Intro – Pagbawi sa Ken Marquis & Al Perez
Marianne Almajose Salitang Puki CURTAIN CALL
Rachael Domingo

sa n fra n cisc o

04/04 – 04/05 PA R T ON E
Jodie Olympia (4/4)
Melissa Josue (4/5)
Greg Macabenta

a memo ry, a m onol ogu e , Amor Ilao McGuinness and fur is back
a ra n t a nd a prayer Tracy Lynn Sarmiento Conversations Rebecca Delgado Rottman
7: 00 pm | san francisco
with my son and Genevieve Jopanda
WELCOME Sunny Dykwel in dialogue
Marily Mondejar with her son, Devon spotlight 2008:
Katrina warriors
first kiss The perfect marriage Elena Mangahas, Genevieve
A M e m o r y , A M o n o l o g u e , A R a n t a n d a P r aye r Angles Delgado (4/4) Esperanza Catubig Jopanda, May Nazareno and
Rissa Duque (4/5) Rodel Rodis Esperanza Catubig
A groundbreaking collection of monologues by world-renowned authors The closet Darfur Monologue SPEAK OUT
and playwrights, edited by Eve Ensler and Mollie Doyle and commissioned Rodel Rodis Alyson Megur Marily Mondejar
by V-Day for the first V-Day: UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS festival, which
took place June 2006 in New York City. Celia CURTAIN CALL
Carlo Seletaria Rosie Josue
These writings are inspired, funny, angry, heartfelt, tragic, and beautiful. My two selves In Memory of imette
Together they create a true and profound portrait of how violence against Lissa Sobrepeña Annadel Almendras
women affects every one of us. A MEMORY, A MONOLOGUE, A RANT, AND Nimfa Y. Gamez
A PRAYER is a call to the world to demand an end to violence against the destruction Artist
Dear Ama Hydra Mendoza and
women. Charina Cabanayan and Dave Rodriguez
Angela Delgado
Contributing writers include: Edward Albee; Tariq Ali; Hanan Hands in protest
al-Shaykh; Erin Cressida Wilson; Kimberlé Crenshaw; Michael Cunningham; my house is Helen Marte Bautista (4/4)
Ariel Dorfman; Edwidge Danticat; Michael Eric Dyson; Eve Ensler; Jane wallpapered with lies Vanessa Kenyon (4/5)
Fonda; Carol Gilligan; Suheir Hammad; Carol Kaplan; Michael Klein; Rosie Josue, Fenina Gamez
Deborah Copaken Kagan; Nicholas Kristof; Mark Matousek; Susan Miller; and Jodie Olympia True
Rachael Domingo (4/4)
Susan Minot; Robin Morgan; Kathy Najimy; Lynn Nottage; Anna Deavere Glen Corteza and Nikko
Smith; Alice Walker; Jody Williams; Howard Zinn Delozada (4/5)

sa n f ra n cis c o

04/19 PA R T ON E
The perfect marriage
Elton Lugay and Larry Tantay
To stop the violence
against women
Theresa Myra Cantado,
a memory, a monologue, Darfur Monologue
a rant and a prayer WELCOME Jenny Tjiong, Kristine Delgado,
Theresa Tantay Wilson
7:00 pM | NEW YORK Marily Mondejar Amor Ilao McGuinness and
In Memory of imette Grace Baldisseri
1600 Elmwood Avenue
Christina Baal
Larry Tantay fur is back
Connect: A Web of Words Charmaine Clamor and
First Kiss M. Evelina Galang
Full Cast
Mia Fernandez
the next fantastic leap SPEAK OUT
My two selves Marily Mondejar
Jenny Tjiong, Deo Tantay, Tessa
Ernabel Demillo
Myra Cantado, Grace Baldisseri, CURTAIN CALL
my house is Melvyn P. Lopez and Amor Ilao
wallpapered with lies McGuinness
Alice K. Dugan, Mary Grace
the destruction Artist
Torres and April Tiamzon
Garrett Rafols
Nina Lagac
Melvyn P. Lopez, Deo Tantay,
Mary Grace Torres, Elton Lugay
and Kristine Delgado
All male cast members

26 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g

Intro – Hair Crooked Braid The Little Coochi Intro – The Woman Who
Tessa Myra Cantado, Vanessa Snorcher That Could Loved to Make Vaginas
Hair Ramalho, Alice K. Dugan, Alice K. Dugan, Jenny Tjiong, Happy
Charmaine Clamor Grace Baldiserri, April Tiamzon, April Tiamzon, Kristine Delgado,
THE VAGINA Nina Lagac Tessa Myra Cantado and intro - The Woman Who
MONOLOGUES dalagaNG Pilipina Vanessa Ramalho Loved to Make Vaginas
(song interlude) Extro – Crooked Braid Happy
7:00 PM
Amor Ilao McGuiness (Update on Teris Casco Case) Intro – Say It Christina Baal and “The
(For the Comfort Women) Moaners:” Alice K. Dugan,
Intro – The Flood My Angry Vagina Kristine Delgado Theresa Tantay Wilson, Kristine
Guest performer,
PA R T ON E Christina Baal (understudy) Say It Delgado, April Tiamzon, Jenny
The Flood Tjiong, Mia Fernandez, Nina
FOREPLAY Amore Ilao McGuinness (For the Comfort Women)
I N T E R M I S S I ON M. Evelina Galang and Lagac, Tessa Myra Cantado and
WELCOME The Vagina Workshop PA R T T WO Grace Baldisseri Ernabel Demillo
Marily Mondejar Ernabel Demillo, Alice K. Dugan
and Mia Fernandez Musical interlude Extro – Say It intro - I Was There in
Introduction Charmaine Clamor (update on HR 121) The Room
Full cast Vagina Happy Fact M. Evelina Galang
I Was There in
Intro – My Vagina
intro – Because He Liked outrageous vagina fact: The Room
Was My Village
to Look at It Tessa Myra Cantado vibrator Jenny Tjiong, Amor Ilao
Grace Baldisseri McGuinness and Grace Baldisseri
Because He Liked to My Vagina Was My Village
spotlight 2008:
Look at it (“bob”) Ernabel Demillo and my short skirt
Johanna Martinez, Katrina Warriors
Theresa Tantay-Wilson Kristine Delgado and
Theresa Tantay Wilson All Directors
Mia Fernandez
(understudy) Intro – The Little Coochi
Snorcher That Could Intro – Reclaiming Cunt
not-so-happy fact Marily Mondejar
Intro – Crooked Braid Reclaiming Cunt CURTAIN CALL
Theresa Tantay Wilson

Intro – Ang Kwentong I N T E R M I S S I ON Intro – Ang Babaeng

04/19 Buhok
Ernabel Demillo

Ang Kwento ng Buhok

intro - Ang Aking Pwerta,
Ang Aking Nayon
Mahilig Magpaligaya
ng mga Puke
Johanna Martinez
USAPING PUKI Nina Lagac Ernabel Demillo Ang Babaeng Mahilig
2:30 PM
Magpaligaya ng mga Puke
Intro – Ang Aking Baha Ang Aking Pwerta, Nina Lagac and “The Moaners:”
Mary Grace Torres Ang Aking Nayon Allice K. Dugan, Theresa Tantay
PA R T ON E Mary Grace Torres Wilson, Kristine Delgado,
FOREPLAY Ang Aking Baha April Tiamzon, Lorli Villanueva, > Casting for ALL shows
Athena Lopez Ang Aking Munting Nina Lagac, Tessa Myra Cantado,
MALIGAYANG BATI Ernabel Demillo are subject to change
Marily Mondejar Kiki Workshop Lorli Villanueva
Amor McGuinness Intro – Naroon Ako
Introduksyon Intro – Sabihin Ninyo sa Loob ng Silid
Johanna Martinez, Alice K. Dugan, KP: Tinggil (PARA SA COMFORT WOMEN) Mia Fernandez W RI T E RS & TAG ALO G
April Tiamzon, Amor Ilao Ernabel Demillo T RAN S LAT I O N V- T E AM
McGuinness, Lorli Villanueva, SABIHIN NINYO (PARA SA Naroon Ako sa
Mary Grace Torres, Mia Intro – Pagkat Gusto Niya MGA COMFORT WOMEN) Loob ng Silid Bernardo Bernardo
Fernandez and Athena Lopez Itong Titigan Athena Lopez, Amor McGuinness Amor Ilao McGuinness, Athena Bettina Santos Yap
April Tiamzon Lopez and Mary Grace Torres Byumi Gonzales
ang katitihanang puki: Charmaine Mesina
Pagkat Gusto Niya Itong vibrator SPOTLIGHT 2008: Edna Murray
Titigan Mia Fernandez KATRINA WARRIORS Elena Mangahas
Grace Baldisseri All directors Elson Mondalbo
Ang Aking Maiksing Jei Africa
Palda Joy San Andreas
Isang Hindi Nakatutu- SPEAKOUT
April Tiamzon Kathleen Ben
wang Katotohanang Puki Marily Mondejar Leah Laxamana
Amor Ilao McGuinness Rita Asilo
Intro – Pagbawi sa
CURTAIN CALL Sarah Jane Ilumin
Extro – Updates on Teresa Opaon Thompson
v-cases) Tessie Zaragoza
Pagbawi sa SALITANG Puki
Charmaine Clamor

“Vagina Warriors: The New Revolution” celebrates new activists and
leaders who are working to end violence against women in the Filipino
community. Vagina Warriors are the women and men who have often
experienced violence personally or witnessed it within their communities
and dedicated themselves toward ending such violence through effective,
grassroots means. The Filipina Women’s Network is proud to honor eight
women and men who personify courage and conviction. They have faced
and overcome adversity in their lives and are now actively involved in or
heading efforts to end violence against women and girls.

heart writers: Alyson Megur, Noelyn realize that “the everyday mocking that can
Germono, Vanessa Kenyon, Lorna Deitz, ruin a spirit,” is lessened as a “sister helps to
and Cherie M. Querol Moreno pick you up.”
“Sometimes there are things that happen
Mona Pasquil to people” and it is knowing where you
come from, knowing “how much has been
Mona Pasquil is vice president of MSHC sacrificed” that brings you along.
Partners, where she mentors local
government office holders who aspire to do Sonia Delen
more for their communities. She serves as a Tracking down Sonia Delen isn’t an easy
board member for My Sister’s House, the first feat. If she’s not traveling for her job as a
and only non-profit organization to senior vice president at Banc of America
specifically identify and address the unique Leasing, and she’s not at a board meeting of
needs of women and children impacted by a non-profit, she’s likely home caring for her
domestic violence in the Central Valley’s three sons, husband and extended family
highly diverse Asian and Pacific Islander who all live in the same home. Year after
community. year, she also devotes the considerable
Mona’s work for the California Senate, amount of time required to be a part of “The
the California treasurer, the Democratic Vagina Monologues,” having been in the
National Committee, and on President cast each year since the original 2004
Clinton’s White House staff has provided her production and contributing to the
with the opportunity to affect social policy productions with behind the scenes support.
and influence the political agenda on city, United States, and served on the steering After graduating from UCLA, Annalisa
When Sonia joined the cast of “The committee of the Filipina Summit in 2007. spent a year in the Philippines as a Fulbright
state and national levels. The ability to help Vagina Monologues” she wanted her young
push the envelope for others to be heard as Even after nearly 20 years of marriage, Scholar studying the organization GABRIELA
nieces to be involved. When a local radio Sonia’s eyes still get teary when she talks (General Assembly Binding women for
well as giving a voice to the community is reporter asked Sonia why she would allow
the fuel behind her efforts: “This has always about her husband Chris Fitzsimmons, whom Reform, Integrity, Equality, Leadership, and
minors in the show, she said that they can she credits for teaching her true honesty. She Action), Philippines’ grassroots efforts to
been my passion, to address issues that face now know, at their young age, that no one
the community.” knows that relationships can help bring out create women’s empowerment in domestic
can touch them inappropriately and these the best in a woman, not pain and suffering. violence settings and the effects of
Mona explained that her work with My are lessons that can never be taught too
Sister’s House is really about creating a safe Sonia dedicates her life to making sure not militarization, labor, colonization and
early. Today, her niece Kai serves as a one friend nor a Filipina has to live in an imperialism on women and children. Her
environment, “to really make it a safer producer of FWN’s V-Day benefit
place” for the community at large. She states abusive home again. Ph.D. dissertation at UCLA examined the rise
productions. of Filipino adolescent suicide and its possible
that it is the cultural context that makes the
struggle within the culture sometimes
The strength Sonia has today is a
culmination of many tests and triumphs.
Annalisa Enrile connections to domestic violence, rape, and
difficult to break. It’s asking the question: abuse.
When she first arrived in the United States as Dr. Annalisa Enrile’s defining moment In 2007, Annalisa was one of three
“Why won’t people talk about domestic a 26-year-old, she was pregnant and single. came at 19, when her friends held a mirror
violence?” and coming to the realization that women detained by the Philippine
Her son David was born blind, hearing up to her bruised face and said, “This is what government for nine days. Although the
it is “difficult to talk about and difficult to impaired, and developmentally disabled. you look like. Is this what you want?”
expose. More people should understand that country is not supposed to have a blacklist,
Adamant that she would not go on welfare With the support of her family, Annalisa Annalisa and the other two women were
this is out there. It’s not something that in her new home country, Sonia found a job walked away from an abusive relationship
should bring shame. Exposing and talking held because they had been part of the
and raised David on her own for seven years. and has spent every day since working so human rights delegation to the Philippines
about it is part of the healing process.” Since 1982, Sonia has been climbing the that other women never feel pain. She and a the year before. It took a large and very
Having grown up within a supportive corporate ladder and today is the highest friend created a program for high school
family, with role models in social work, and active network of supporters, organizations,
ranking Filipina in her company. students to talk about teen dating violence, family members pushing U.S. officials, and
having “always had phenomenal woman Sonia has been selected as one of FWN’s but soon realized it is not enough to provide the press, to put enough pressure on the
mentors, I always remember that you bring Remarkable Women, one of the Top 100 services to survivors. One has to stop abuse government to get them out.
others along with you,” in your journey. You Most Influential Filipina Women in the and violence before it starts.

28 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Last year’s detention re-focused love and happiness.” nomination, Ken Marquis has had a long
Annalisa, as the national chairperson of
GABnet, is a US-based multi-racial women’s
Evelina has recently been named by
FWN as one of the 100 most influential
and exciting career. He says, however, his
work the last three years as a director of the
u. . . . . . .
solidarity mass organization, on the issues Filipina women in the US. Aside from FWN’s “The Vagina Monologues” has a
facing genuine women’s liberation around teaching in the MFA Creative Writing unique place in his heart. “I have witnessed 2008 Vagina Warriors
the world. Annalisa also uses her classroom Program at the University of Miami, she has or heard about the results of our efforts
in the USC School of Social Work to educate begun a U.S. chapter of Friends of Lolas at – which is no less than saving people’s Annalisa Enrile
and advance the women’s movement. the same university, an advocacy group for lives.”
She believes V-Day is the epitome of the “comfort women” of WWII. This transformative power of theatre is
Ken Marquis
strength of the women’s movement. “We “Our voice is already with us, at the very part of what brings Ken back year after year. Ken Theisen
must continue to use art and other creative center of our hearts,” said Evelina, “Give it Some love the theatre for entertainment M. Evelina Galang
methods to capture the hearts of people in time and space to arise and be strong and escapism, but Ken sees its ability to Mona Pasquil
a way they can accept.” enough to let that voice ‘just be.’ Follow change people. In the case of V-Day, he can Nenette Flores
Despite her strong criticism of the your intuition. Trust it.” help change how people see the subject of Sonia Delen
Philippine government, Annalisa is very violence against women. By attending the Justice Tani Gore
proud of her heritage. Her dedication, she Justice Tani Gorre show, audience members can be part of the Cantil-Sakauye
says, comes from the collective spirit of solution and part of the healing. They take
strength of Filipina women. Cantil-Sakauye away knowledge well beyond the one show.

Part of his role as director includes
M. Evelina Galang Being gracious and respectful and having working with cast members and helping 2007 Vagina Warriors
a great sense of humor are qualities that them find their own interpretations of the
M. Evelina Galang is the author of have helped make Justice Tani Gorre monologues. The words can be heart- Al S. Perez
several books of fiction as well as the Cantil-Sakauye stand out as a remarkable wrenching and the experience emotional, Bettina Santos Yap
recipient of numerous awards. She has also leader and trailblazer, as well as a but Ken says it is like watching a flower Elena B. Mangahas
been researching the lives of the women of barrier-breaking, history-making Filipina bloom. As cast members bring to life the Laureen Laglagaron
Liga ng mga Lolang Pilipina, surviving woman and Vagina Warrior. messages of the monologues, they also find
Filipina “comfort women” of World War II, In the last two decades, Tani has worked healing and empowerment within Perla De Jesus
since 1998. An initial eight weeks of daily in Sacramento as a deputy district attorney, themselves. Ken says he is honored to be Rudy Asercion
interactions with the Lolas in Manila (1999) a member of Governor Deukmejian’s senior able to enhance the experience on both Bincy Jacob
resulted in an inspiring grandmother- staff, a trial judge, and has been appointed sides of the curtain with the knowledge that Krittika Ghosh
granddaughter relationship, intensifying to successively higher levels in the judiciary he has in production. Venessa Manzano
Evelina’s private commitment to elevate by Governors Deukmejian, Wilson, and Ken’s day job as a team manager at the ..................
these surviving Filipina “comfort women’s” Schwarzenegger. George P. Johnson Company means he is
issues to the legislative level. Evelina In 1997 as a judge in the Sacramento
co-authored a blog, “Laban for the Lolas!” Superior Court, Tani started and presided
often traveling around the world, creating 2006 Vagina Warriors
marketing events. He has also produced
in support of House Resolution 121, which over the first court in Sacramento dedicated events and concerts around San Francisco
Beverly Upton
was passed on July 30, 2007. Resolution solely to domestic violence issues. She was including “Ginoong Pilipinas” at the Palace
121 called upon the Government of Japan also a member of the presiding judge’s task of Fine Arts and the main stage at the Dorka Keehn
to formally apologize and accept historical force on domestic violence. Gloria Megino Ochoa
“Pistahan Dance and Music Festival.” Imelda Oppenheim
responsibility for their involvement. She was Appointed in 2005 to California’s Court Despite his intense community
the Filipino American Outreach Coordinator of Appeal, Third Appellate District, Tani is Jonah Oliverio
participation, Ken says he’d “absolutely”
for the 121 Coalition. one of only two women and only one of come back work on “The Vagina
Ligaya Hattari
M. Evelina Galang is currently writing two persons of color presently serving on Monologues” again. There are new friends, Sarah Jane Ilumin
Lolas’ House: Women Living With War, this court, which has jurisdiction over new interpretations and new audiences. Tess Crescini
stories of surviving Filipina “comfort appeals from 23 Northern California And although some might consider this ..................
women,” which has been constantly counties. Currently, she serves on the show outlandish, the topic of domestic
changing and evolving. The book Judicial Council’s Task Force on Domestic
documents not only the experiences of Violence Practice and Procedure, which is
violence is still not as widely discussed as 2005 Vagina Warriors
it should be. All the hard work is worth it,
survivors and how they’ve overcome their charged with recommending changes to if we can make a difference in one
past, but, Evelina says, “it’s also about my improve court practices and procedures in Kamala D. Harris
person’s life. Giovannie Pico
own relationship with them and what cases involving domestic violence
they’ve taught me about being a strong
Pinay. Lolas’ House is a story about how
Tani attributes her uncommon success to
Ken Theisen Gloria Ramos
Rita Villavicencio Schmidt
these surviving Filipina “comfort women” her second-generation Filipina mother and Anybody who meets Ken Theisen today, Velma Roset Veloria
changed so many lives, including my own.” the legacy of her strong Cebuana arguably San Francisco’s senior-most activist ..................
Evelina shares some of her insights from grandmother. “We were taught to see against domestic violence, would have a
her advocacy work. “We should implement ourselves as leaders,” Tani recalls of her
peace. We need to educate everyone about mother’s lessons. “I stand on the shoulders accident.
hard time believing that he got into this by 2004 Vagina Warriors
what war is and what war does. When we of my grandmother and my mother,” she In 1981, Ken took a job in the family law
understand who we are as human beings declares. “I am here for someone to stand department of Bay Area Legal Aid because Blesilda Ocampo
and how great we are, we can also on my shoulders.” it was the only one available. His plan was Cherie Querol Moreno
understand how horrible we can be . . . . to spend a year in that position, then make Clara Tempongko
These Lolas bring forth a very ‘giving’ legacy Ken Marquis a move over to the immigration law unit, his Genevieve Dwyer
of empowerment, respect, dignity, and faith. true passion at the time. On his first day, a Tisa Mendoza
From childhood acting credits in “The survivor of domestic violence arrived at
Despite the horrible things they went Vangie Canonizado Buell
Waltons,” to working on “The Tonight 9:30am and there were five more
through, when they are in a relationship Leni Marin
Show” starring Johnny Carson, to an Emmy
with you, they are concerned about your » continued on page 40 ..................

SF+NY Cast & Crew Bios
san francisco
Aida Ragasa Carmona is a teacher by
profession and a theater/television/screen
actress by avocation. She played the role of
“Aling Atang” in the long-running 1980s
Tagalog soap opera “Flordeluna,” on RPN in the
been a portrait artist, art director, children’s
book illustrator and teacher. She is preparing a
solo exhibition for the UN secretariat’s lobby in
New York.
SF Who’s Who
in the Cast

Philippines. She has worked with some of the Blesilda I.R. Carmona will receive her
legendary directors of Philippine cinema. She master’s degree in social work from the Aida Carmona Alyson Megur
Mother Nature Gardener, Journalist
and her husband, Ron, have four grown children California State University, East Bay in June. Helen Turner School, HUSD
and five grandchildren. The horoscope columnist of the Manila Mail
newspaper, she is an award-winning poet whose
Al Perez is the Creative Director of AsianWeek, first volume of poetry, published by Watermark
managing the newsroom and a team of Press, is titled, “A Novice in Altruism and
dedicated journalists, contributors and designers Other Poems.”
in publishing “the Voice of Asian America.”
He is also the president of the annual Pistahan Candi Bashiri believes that “you can’t go
Parade and Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens – through life with catcher’s mitts in both hands,
the largest Filipino parade and festival on the you have to throw something back.” We attract
West Coast. blessings to ourselves if we also provide them to
others. She’s the proud mom of two wonderful,
Alice K. Dugan graduated from the University adventurous, loving young men and has an Dave Rodriguez Devon Dykwel Esperanza Catubig Fenina Gamez
of Akron with a degree in media production. incredible husband, her best friend. Realtor, Pacific Realty and Film Student, Associate Producer Communications
She has interned for National Public Radio and Investment Corp. UC Santa Barbara for RedCape Cinema’s Manager, Mission-Hope
webisode: EVE Developmental Services
WEWS-Cleveland, has written for the university Carlomagno Seletaria Born in the SAG/AEA/The Actor’s
newspaper, and was a producer, host and Philippines, Carlomagno and his family moved Network
reporter for the university radio station. She is to San Francisco when he was eight. He’s in his
dedicating this performance to her mother, final semester at San Francisco State University,
Lilian Villena-Kolodziej, and her good friend, where he has a double major in criminal justice
Kim Baraoidan. and drama.
Alyson Megur Before moving to the Bay Area Charmaine Clamor is the first Filipina
in January, Alyson spent three years working jazz singer to find success on American radio,
as a television anchor and reporter in Syracuse, achieving the rare feat of simultaneously making
New York. Before that, she was a producer for the top-5 on both JazzWeek’s world- and
“Good Day New York” the Fox morning show traditional-jazz charts. Her critically acclaimed Helen Marte Bautista Hydra Mendoza Jo-Ann Agcaoili Jodie Olympia
Educator, San Francisco (w/daughter or son) Assistant Vice President, Cultural Analyst and Writer
in New York City. She is involved in a number album, “Flippin’ Out” synthesizes American jazz Unified School District Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Operations Consultant,
of organizations, including the Asian American with traditional Filipino folk music, languages, Education Advisor, Bank of America
Journalists Association. and instruments, creating a new genre she calls CCSF; Commissioner,
“jazzipino.” SF Board of Education
Amor Ilao McGuinness is a graduate
of the University of the Philippines School Christina Baal is an activist, yoga teacher,
of Nursing and did graduate work at Johns social worker, and artist. Through her work
Hopkins University. Later she was a Realtor® at Cabrini Immigrant Services, she provides
and an entrepreneur. A soprano and musician, advocacy, counseling (including domestic
she founded the U.P. and Friends Rondalla 15 violence counseling), immigration assistance,
years ago and has performed in the U.S., the and educational workshops to immigrant
Philippines, Jordan, Portugal and Cuba. families throughout New York and New Jersey.
She received her bachelor’s in drama from NYU, Miriam Pantig Bonus Nikko Delozada Nimfa Y. Gamez Rachael V. Domingo Morales
Annadel Almendras is a Filipina who wants and her MSW from Hunter College. Singer, actress, Principal, President & CEO, Pre-Law Student, UC
to do work that benefits the public and the voice teacher Amethyst Dragon Eye Mission Hope Davis and Faith Formation
community. As a government lawyer, she is able Deo Tantay is a retired engineer, outdoors Production Inc. Developmental Services Volunteer & Youth Ministry
Founder, St. Patrick’s
to do that, but she wants to do more. and motorcycle enthusiast, physical fitness Parish-Rodeo
advocate and budding artist. He did volunteer
April Anne Rivera Tiamzon is an account work rebuilding housing for displaced youths.
manager and reporter for Asian Journal He hopes in his first time on stage to convey the
Publications, Inc. She received her BA in radio- importance of stopping violence against women Who’s Who
TV-film and minor in psychology from California and empowering them with voice, dignity and
State University – Fullerton in 2006. A member respect. in the Crew
of Delta Zeta Sorority & TV-Film Society, April
was crowned “Mutya Ng Uliran” in Los Angeles Devon Dykwel is in his second year studying
in 2004. film at UC Santa Barbara. He was excited to
see his mom perform in TVM last year and is Thelma Boac TRACY LYNN SARMIENTO Vanessa Kenyon
Athena Santos Magcase-Lopez comes proud to be performing with her this year in Principal, Silver Creek High Singer, student Advisor, Healthcare
School Workforce Development
from a Filipino family of artists, poets and MMRP. In student government, Devon helped Program & Nutrition
politicians who have influenced her life and organize projects to donate funds to Doctors Education Coordinator,
art. She holds a degree in fine arts from the Without Borders in Darfur and collect clothing Santa Rosa Junior College
College of the Holy Spirit in Manila, and has for earthquake victims in Pakistan. Devon enjoys

30 F I L I P I N A W OME N ’ S N E T W O R K | w w w. f f w n . o r g

Angela Delgado Annadel Almendras Blesilda Carmona Candi Yvonne Bashiri Carlomagno Seletaria Charina Cabanayan Charmaine Clamor
Personal Trainer, Deputy Attorney General, Poet, Social Worker, Senior Manager, Student, San Francisco Principal, Jazz Singer
AngRocks Real Fitness California Attorney Astrologer Business Applications, State University Douglas Retail Group, Inc.
Solutions General’s Office Wind River Systems BloomButik

Florante Aguilar Franceska Gamez Genevieve Dwyer Genevieve Jopanda Glenn Corteza Gloria Ramos Greg Macabenta
Guitarista / Haranista Student, California High President, General Manager, Professional Dancer Teacher, Elk Grove Unified Publisher, Filipinas
Genevieve’s Corporation San Francisco Bay Area School District” Magazine
and Deputy Marriage for Zipcar
Commissioner of San
Francisco, California

Keisha Navarro Kristina S. Guido Kristine Rafols, RN Lissa Sobrepeña Melissa Josue M. Evelina Galang Marianne Almajose
Student / Artist, Cardiothoracic Wife, Mother of Seven, Journalist Author of HER WILD Concierge, Donatello Hotel
San Jose State University Operating Room Nurse, Architect / Interior Design AMERICAN SELF and ONE
Newark Beth Israel Consultant in the process TRIBE, Assistant Professor,
Medical Center of Reemerging University of Miami

Rae Almajose Rebecca Delgado Rissa Duque Rodel Rodis Rosie Josue Sonia Delen Sunny Dykwel
Rottman Program Director, Member, Board of Trustees, Theatre Actress, Senior Vice President, Realtor,® Board Member,
VP, Community Relations Manilatown Heritage City College of San SFSU Student Banc of America Leasing Palo Alto Chamber of
& Government Affairs, Foundation Francisco Singer (SF) Commerce, YMCA and
Academy of Art University other non-profits

Public Relations SF Stage Design Photographer Hair & Makeup Artistry Assistant Director Assistant Director Producer
Alyson Megur Barry Picazo Brenda Hartshorn Don Santos Esperanza Catubig Genevieve Jopanda Kai Delen Briones
Journalist Managing Partner, Patio Photographer Fragrance Model Associate Producer for General Manager, Producer
Filipino Redcape Cinema San Francisco Bay Area
for Zipcar

music and guitar playing.

Elton Lugay A journalist, Elton is branch
people and the passions that make your heart
sing. She’s a lifelong learner who works at
being absurdly happy and actually succeeds at
san fran
manager of Philippine News, East Coast bureau. times. This is due to having a terrible memory,
In 1996 and 1999 he was the Philippines’ and that she never walks and chews gum at the
delegate to UNESCO conferences in Bangkok same time.
and Washington. He heads Ginoong Pilipinas-
USA, the only national search for the best Grace Baldisseri is an educator, community
Filipino male in America, which is now in its organizer, broadcast journalist and artist. As
sixth year. Chair of Tinig Mamamayan Foundation, she
established an education program for street
Ernabel Demillo With more than 15 years children in the Philippines. As an artist, she
Public Relations Public Relations Assistant Director Photographer
experience in broadcast news, Ernabel for directed “Ala-ala ng Kahapon” and co-directed Keesa Ocampo Lorna Lardizabal Dietz May Nazareno Owen Millado-Donnahoo
more than a decade was anchor and reporter “Filipinos Coming to America.” She is also the Community Relations Business Development, Playwright, Actor, Artistic Photographer,
for FOX-5’s “Good Day New York.” While author of “Rhythms from the Heart.” Assistant, ABS CBN Intl. Filipinas Magazine and Director of the Pamana Owen Photographie
raising her daughter, she continues to freelance Theatre Project
as a reporter and anchor, most recently for Greg B. Macabenta is president of Minority
CourtTV and MSNBC, and teaches journalism at Media Services, an ethnic ad agency; publisher-
Brookdale College in New Jersey. editor of Filipinas Magazine; a newspaper
columnist; and national vice-chair emeritus of
Esperanza Catubig is the oldest of five the National Federation of Filipino American
and the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and a Associations. He was a radio, TV and film
schoolteacher. Credits include guest-starring on writer-director in the Philippines and acted on
Without A Trace as the nanny, “June Ojeda,” stage in college.
and as “Daisy Avila” in the Kirk Douglas Theatre Music Director Senior Director Playwright Assistant Director
production of Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn. Hydra Mendoza Public school parent Hydra Charmaine Clamor Elena Mangahas Eve Ensler Genevieve Jopanda
Esperanza is proud to call San Francisco “home.” Mendoza currently serves as Mayor Gavin Jazz Artist General Manager,
Newsom’s education advisor and liaison. She Zipcar
Fenina Joimari Jiasmin Yamsuan Gamez is the former executive director of Parents for
is the epitome of a serene and graceful young Public Schools and has also worked on the
soul. She loves her family dearly and is very PTA and a number of policy committees for
proud of her Filipina heritage. She recently the district. She also became the first Filipina
graduated from UC Davis with a degree in American to be elected to the San Francisco
psychology and communications. Fenina’s latest Board of Education.
endeavor is to be a certified project manager.
Jenny Briones Tjiong is a mother of two,
Garrett Rafols is a member of SHADES travel agent, martial arts competitor and
Theatre at Rutgers-New Brunswick, where he is instructor. She helps women train for martial arts
studying English and double-minoring in theater tests and competitions. She’s the first Filipina to
arts and education. His interests are spoken receive the Inside Kung-Fu magazine 2007 Hall
word poetry, music, and brown sugar pop tarts. of Fame “Competitor of the Year” award. She
He also hopes to continue acting through his supports charity events to help children in the
career as an English teacher. Philippines.

Genevieve Dwyer A former beauty queen, Jordana Ria Alvarez Olympia was born
Genevieve was a medical technologist in the in Quezon City, Philippines, twenty-odd years
Philippines and co-authored five books on ago and has since lived in eight different places
environmental and medical procedures for in the Philippines, Saipan and California. As a
remote communities. She is a deputy county mystic following the Babaylan path, she believes
clerk for the County of San Francisco, and since that the nobility of the Pilipina spirit raises world
childhood has loved dance and performs various consciousness.
folk, jazz, ballet, ballroom and other dances.
Johanna Martinez Born in Mandaluyong,
Genevieve V. Jopanda is FWN’s vice Johanna is a social worker and karaoke
president of youth and community advocacy and enthusiast. She is the executive director of
general manager of Zipcar, San Francisco/Bay Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI), a
Area region. The middle of five children of the nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the
Villafranca-Jopanda family, she enjoys embracing Filipino/Filipino-American community of New
her deep Visayan cultural roots and educating York City.
and spreading awareness through music,
culture, and art. Kai Delen-Briones A college student, Kai is
one of the original cast members of the 2004
Glenn Corteza is a dance instructor and FWN production of “The Vagina Monologues.”
choreographer of Argentine tango in the Bay She is also the producer of the Pistahan Festival
Area. He has appeared on stage productions, and an active volunteer for Richmond Aids
commercials & dance events both local and Foundation and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
international. She is thrilled to be part of this amazing
production 5 years running.
Gloria Ramos has had a thousand careers.
She’s learned that what’s important is love, Kristina S. Guido is a young, ambitious

32 F I L I P I N A W OME N ’ S N E T W O R K | w w w. f f w n . o r g

SF Executive
Zipcar is the closest thing to owning a car without the cost
and headaches. It is also more convenient, cost-effective
SF Stage Design Art Director and more fun than renting. Join now and reserve one of our
Paule Tenchavez Al Perez
Principal, Design Studio Art Director, AsianWeek hundreds of cars!

www . zipcar . com wheels when you want them

Our Vision:
To promote the business
Senior Director Executive Producer V-Diaries Editor Marketing/P.R. Chair
and economic development
Ken Marquis Marily Mondejar Melissa Josue Sunny Dykwel of our members and the
Manager, President, Filipina Women’s Journalist Realtor,® Filipino-American business
George P. Johnson Network Community Leader
community in San Francisco.

4 15 . 449 . 9 1 07

LEFT: The cast of The
Vagina Monologues, the
production team, the
cast of Usaping Puki, the
directorial team and the
cast of MMRP.

Filipina. She is an aspiring artist and
currently a student at San Jose State
University studying chemical engineering.
Melissa Josue is a writer based in
San Francisco. She writes so she may
draw other travelers to the places that
Smiling and laughing are her favorite have informed and deepened her sense
hobbies and she puts her life in God’s of wonder. When not writing, she’s
hands because He is her strength, volunteering, eating with friends and
courage and wisdom. making a mess in her kitchen. Who’s Who
in the Cast
Kristine Rafols is a former member of Melvyn P. Lopez is an activist-
UNITY theatre at Rutgers-Newark, where writer-poet with a background in street
she completed her BSN in nursing May theater. As a member of Kamanyang
‘07. She is an open-heart-surgery nurse and founding member of Kalinangang
Alice K. Dugan Amor Ilao April Anne Rivera
at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Anak Pawis, he saw action during the Book keeper, McGuinness Tiamzon
and hopes to continue acting throughout tumultuous Marcos dictatorship. He is an Faesian-Diamant Group Soprano Account Manager and
her nursing career. IT consultant/administrator for financial Reporter, Asian Journal
institutions, a board member of Global Publications, Inc.
Larry Tantay is a young, gay Share Resource Foundation and an
Filipino living in NYC. He is currently antiwar blogger.
working as the Community Health
Education Coordinator at APICHA and is Mia Fernandez Mia’s mission is to
volunteering for the Kalusugan Coalition make a profound difference in people’s
– focusing on improving the health of lives. A former top tennis player and
Filipinos in NY and NJ - as well as the corporate lawyer, she shares financial
YELL Coalition - a program educating knowledge with empathy and humor.
youth through the arts. He aspires to one Salamat, angkan! Ernabel Demillo Garrett Rafols Grace G. Baldisseri Jenny Tjiong
day be a professional actor and drama Journalist; Teacher; Student, Chair & CEO, Martial Arts Instructor;
therapist. He has a B.A. in sociology from Miriam Pantig Bonus Since winning Founder, Bodystyle Rutgers University – Tinig ng Mamamayan Travel Agent, Patria
Athletics New Brunswick Foundation World Travel, Inc.
Rutgers University. the grand prize on the prestigious and
popular Philippine TV show “Student
M. Evelina Galang has been Canteen,” Miriam has had a successful
researching the lives of the surviving career as a singer and actress, performing
Filipina “Comfort Women” of WWII, on stage (“Miss Saigon,”) and screen
since 1998. She authored the blog (“Cuatro y Media,” “Sugatang Puso”
“Laban for the Lolas!” and was the and “I Will Always Love You”). Miriam is
Filipino-American outreach coordinator the entertainment director, and performs
for the 121 Coalition in support of House at Edna’s Ichiban Library in South San
Resolution 121. She is currently writing Francisco.
“Lolas’ House: Women Living with War.”
Nikko DeLozada was inducted into Melvyn P. Lopez Mia Fernandes Nina Legac Tessa Myra Cantado
Database Administrator, Financial Consultant, Membership Physical Therapist,
Mary Grace Torres immigrated to the World Black Belt Hall of Fame in Sumitomo Trust & World Financial Group Representative, Daughters of Israel –
the U.S. from the Philippines in 2000. 2000. DeLozada went on to become a Banking National TV Index, United Jewish
She serves as the executive VP in the successful action film choreographer, The Nielsen Company Communities of NJ
undergraduate student government at actor, screenwriter and music video
Baruch College and is an alumnus of the producer of the soon to be released music
INROADS organization. She is a senior single and music video, titled “Faith,” and
majoring in cultural economics and, upon in development, a film story titled “Miles Who’s Who
graduation, she will be joining JP Morgan Beyond.”
Chase as an IB Operations Analyst. in the Crew
Nimfa Yamsuan Gamez Dubbed
May Nazereno is a playwright, “Phoenix Rising,” Nimfa was named one
actor and producer. Her experience in of the 100 most influential Filipinos in the
the Philippines inspired her to create U.S. As president/CEO of Mission-Hope Allan Castro Christina Baal, Elton Lugay
her theatre company, The Panama Day Program LLC and Mission-Hope Photographer LMSW Branch Manager,
Theatre Project, which strives to forge a Developmental Services, Inc., Nimfa Director of Immigrant Philippine News,
bi-national exchange with Pilipino and has provided services in the East Bay Family Services, Cabrini East Coast
Filipino-American theatre artists. PTP that she hopes make a difference in the Immigrant Services
partnered with the Filipino American Arts developmentally disabled community.
Exposition to create Tanghalan Onstage,
the first Filipino-American theatre festival Nina Nguyen Lagac hails from a
in the U.S. long line of strong women. Having been
exposed at an early age to campus,
Melanie V. Dulfo Though Melanie national and international activism, she
lived a privileged life in the Philippines, holds youth, women and environmental
her progressive high school teachers took advocacies close to her heart. A teacher
her into shantytowns, making her aware by training, she is now a media researcher
of a poverty-stricken society beyond her for the Nielsen Company, responsible for
sheltered life. She’s been a community the New England area.
organizer ever since, currently as outreach
coordinator for Filipino American Human Noelyn Germono has been working
Services, Inc. as a Realtor® and bartender since she
graduated from San Jose State University

34 F I L I P I N A W OME N ’ S N E T W O R K | w w w. f f w n . o r g
K CI T Y N E W Y OR K CI T Y with a BA in behavioral science and psychology.
She is returning to school this fall to pursue a
career in nursing.
Rosie Josue relishes the genuine moments,
laughs at herself, shares peace with strangers,
dreams, listens to the wisdom of silence, smiles,
prays, embraces the bizarre, lets go, fights to the
Owen Donnahoo of Owen Photographie is end, indulges in the simple things, is dangerous
a former TVM cast member and a photographer and controversial, finds beauty in everyone she
whose work has appeared in Philippine News, meets, challenges, grows, builds, and pursues life
AsianWeek and Scrapbooking on the Wall, to with passion.
name a few. Her latest work is entitled “Honor
Thy Mother” by author and publisher Bing Sonia T. Delen, senior vice president at Banc
Carrion-Buck and will be released this Mother’s of America Leasing, serves on several non-profit
Day. boards, is a community advocate, and the
Athena Santos Christina Baal, LMSW Deo Tantay Elton Lugay
Magcase Lopez Director of Immigrant Professional Lolo Branch Manager, longest-continuing original 2004 member of
Portrait artist, Art Family Services, Cabrini Philippine News, Rachael V. Domingo Morales comes from cast and crew of TVM in San Francisco and New
Director, Children’s Immigrant Services East Coast a valuable Spanish and Pilipino heritage and is York. Sonia is married to Chris Fitzsimmons with
Book Illustrator currently in the pursuit of her double Bachelor children David, Justin and Matthew.
of Arts degree in Philosophy and Psychology
as a pre-law student at UC Davis. She enjoys Sunny Dykwel This is Sunny’s second year
getaway trips to her favorite places, cooking, performing in TVM. She is Hermana Mayor
quality time with her favorite people, and loves for Pistahan 2008. She serves on several
to ride. non-profit boards including the Palo Alto
YMCA and Chamber of Commerce. She is
Rachael V. Domingo Morales is a young also an interboard arbitrator for the California
Filipina-Spanish American looking to make Association of Realtors. Sunny enjoys time with
Johanna Martinez, LMSW Kristine Rafols, RN Larry Tantay Mary Grace Torres a difference in the world in as many ways as her family, entertaining, traveling, theatre and
Executive Director, Cardiothoracic Community Health Investment Banking possible. She is a law student at the University the symphony.
Filipino American Operating Room Nurse, Education Coordinator Analyst, JP Morgan of California, Davis, and has various interests,
Human Services, Inc. Newark Beth Israel – YMSM Project; Asian Chase & Company
(FAHSI) Medical Center & Pacific Islander including riding motorcycles, doing hair and Tessa Myra Cantado, RPT is a physical
Coalition, HIV / AIDS make-up, dancing, talking (haha), and – her therapist, an artist, and a volunteer. Through
favorite – spending time with people she loves. her work at Daughters of Israel, she is able to

provide physical therapy services to the Jewish
Rebecca Delgado Rottman, born and geriatric population. She enjoys indoor &
raised in the Philippines, in 1998 became the outdoor sports/activities with her husband. She
first Filipina woman elected to the San Francisco earned her bachelor’s degree in physical therapy
County Democratic Central Committee and from Cebu Doctors University.
served as second vice-chair. She is vice president
for community relations and government affairs Thelma Boac is principal of Silver Creek
at the Academy of Art University. High School in San Jose, California. A strong
Theresa Vanessa Ramalho Executive Producer community advocate, a pianist, and one of
Tantay-Wilson Assistant Director, Marily Mondejar
Director of Health UNITY Theatre President, Filipina Women’s
Rissa L. Duque is the Program Coordinator FWN’s 100 Most Influential Women in the U.S.,
Promotion, Network for Manilatown Heritage Foundation. She has Thelma is married to Dan Boac and has two
Rutgers University – had extensive experience working with social children.
Newark Campus justice non-profits, the Filipino community,
student organizations and larger progressive Theresa Tantay-Wilson is happiest carrying
communities since 1995. her daughter, Madeleine, in one arm, while
fighting social injustices with the other. She’s
Rodel Rodis An attorney, Rodel is a trustee grateful for her ever-supportive husband (who
of the San Francisco Community College board, produced the growing activist in her belly)
a former president of the San Francisco Public and her father, who has patiently embraced
Utilities Commission, a Filipino community “Lolo-hood.”
newspaper columnist (“Telltale Signs,” since
Grace G. Baldisseri Mayumi Ando Nina Legac Theresa 1987), and the husband of VM veteran Edna Vanessa V. Kenyon is a Filipina rediscovering
Chair & CEO, NY Stage Design Membership Represen- Tantay-Wilson Austria-Rodis. His proudest achievement, her roots, her power, her histories, her love, her
Tinig ng Mamamayan tative, National TV Director of Health however, is being the father of Carlo, Daniel people, her pride. She is a survivor fighting to
Foundation Index, The Nielsen Promotion, and Eric. kill the silence of shame and injustice for many,
Company Rutgers University –
Newark Campus so she starts with the very person she sees in
the mirror! She is a poet, painter, farmer, sister,
daughter, friend. She is a lover of all beauty, a
warrior against fear.

Vanessa Tulop Ramalho is a senior at
Rutgers University, pursuing a degree in fine
art. She spreads awareness of social justice and
promotes healthy choices among the student
body through the interactive theatre company
UNITY Theatre, of which she is assistant artistic
director. Vanessa is proud to be a “mixed baby,”
of Philippine and Portuguese descent.


F ilipina W omen ’ s N etwork

Bob & Lissa Sobrepeña
& Family

K e n koy ’ s G r i l l
7 13 H i c k e y B lv d
SW H otel P ac i f i c a , CA 94 0 4 4
615 B roadway , S an F rancisco , CA 94133
(65 0 ) 3 5 5 -8812
TEL: 415.362.2999 | FAX: 415.362.1808

36 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
San Francisco Conocimiento:

By Bles Carmona
Aida Carmona is named after the female Philippines and in California, she takes pride
lead in the famous opera, “Aida.” She first felt in the Filipinos’ tradition of community and
her parents’ pride in her when at 5 years old declares that it does take “bayanihan” to
she was asked to sing on top of a barrel and thrive in this world. She has three inspirations:
everyone was howling with laughter while Gandhi, Helen Keller, and Mother Teresa.
being entertained. She wishes that the Filipino Charina Cabanayan, who declares that
tradition of the “Simbang Gabi” – the nine one doesn’t need eyes to have vision, claims
early morning masses during the Christmas that we wouldn’t guess that she has a good
season, would encourage the sense of peace perception of people around her. She who’s
and community among our people. inspired by two queens, Elizabeth I and II, has
“Seize the day because life is too short” sadly experienced violence in her own home
is how Alfonso “Al” Santiago Perez, named during one of her visits to the Philippines.
after his father, approaches life. Al is an avid Clarissa Ocampo, whose name means
collector of ephemera like stamps and coins. scintillating light, is an amateur boxer. She
He would like to pass on to others the Filipino sings and paints, too. She, who wants to
custom of bayanihan. His greatest fear is that leave a legacy of constant, mindful, and
of drowning. exaggerated love, has experienced “a little bit
Annadel Angeline Almendras of San of almost every form of violence. Her greatest
Francisco, California is named after Annadel fear however is that of losing her Dad. One
State Park in Sonoma County. She realizes funny thought, though: her Mom apparently
that “the more I learn, the less I know.” had said this to her, “Wear pretty underwear.
Nevertheless, her battle cry is: “Always do the It will make you happy.”
best you can.” She loves big Filipino meals, David Rodriguez was named after, can you
especially those done during the holidays. She believe it, Dwight D. Eisenhower! His greatest
wishes her son and others she knows would fear, borne of personal experience in being
experience the joys and goodness of those hospitalized and bedridden for almost a year,
meals. is that of being useless in life.
Alyson Kam Megur’s dad is Jewish but her Devon James Dykwel Devon is an Irish
“Kam” is from an actor’s name in Hawaii. She name. Just before he was born, his parents
declares that “the most rewarding things in life told his brother, who is twelve years older than
are the things that nobody asks us to do.” Devon, that he could select his little brother’s
She has always enjoyed eating and laughing first name, so he chose Devon because it’s the
as she maintains, “I live, I laugh, I help, I name of one of his friends and he liked the
change, I make things better.” Then she sound of it. Devon’s middle name is in honor
declares, “I love.” of his grandfather on his father’s side. The
Blesilda Immaculada Ragasa Carmona is driving force in his life is creativity.
named after a grand-aunt, Tomasa Blesilda, for Genevieve Villafranca Jopanda reveals
whom she dedicates one of her poems, “Rainy that she’s the first American born among the
Season, Philippines,” in her first published book very Visayan Jopandas of Danville, CA. She
of poems titled A Novice in Altruism and Other believes in the concept of karma. That’s why
Poems (2005). She fears growing old alone she says, “Don’t take matters into your own
and that’s why she even talks to people on the hands. Trust that God and the powers of the
streets, the homeless, the vagrants, and she universe will take care of matters if someone
vows to “give until it hurts.” She’s mighty does you wrong.”
proud of the Filipino customs of bayanihan Hydra Mendoza is named after the train
and kusang-loob. her Dad was on while he was rushing to the
Brenda Salamat Hartshorn, who is older hospital when she was being born. He
than she looks, tries to learn as much about imagined her to be like the train: strong,
the world from other people’s mistakes so powerful, and determined. And her Dad cried
she doesn’t repeat them – that’s the point happy tears for her when she got a position
of studying history, isn’t it? As an artist and in the mayor’s office. Would you like to know
photographer, she is inspired by Stanley something, though? Hydra’s belly button is
Kubrick, who as a young man set out to earn pierced!
the respect of other filmmakers. She always Jordana Ria Alvarez Olympia was named
passes on to others the Filipino customs of after a revolutionary warrior, but is actually
strong family bonds and welcoming others greatly afraid of drowning! Could it be
with good food. because her last name alludes to “Olympia,”
Candi Bashiri’s last name is from Farsi Commodore Dewey’s flagship that sunk the
(Persian) meaning “bearer of good news” and Spanish armada in the Battle of Manila Bay?
her good news philosophy is twofold: “Just do She admonishes everyone to “remember the
it” and “Find beauty in everything.” And she survivors of the Philippine-American War when
does just that: she bungee-jumped! Though you speak my name.” And remember the
she had seen violence while growing up in the victims, too! Continued on page 39

New York Conocimiento:

Filipino Heritage Night @ AT&T Park | Wednesday, May 14, 2008 | 7:15 pm

commemorative t-shirt. Call (415) 972-2298 |
$20 Ticket Package includes 1 seat in the Filipino Heritage Night section and a
An Exploration of Violence

uring our first group rehearsal in New York, Theresa Tantay-Wilson, director of the Filipina
Women’s Network’s New York production of “The Vagina Monologues” and “A Memory,
A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer,” asked the cast and crew to explore what violence
would be like if it were a tangible object. She asked the cast to work in pairs and discuss their
15th Annual definitions of violence and then to think about what violence would taste, feel, smell, and
sound like. Here are the fruits of that discussion.
Violence tastes: bitter, like dark gritty, thick, black mud in your mouth.
Violence feels like: being slapped, new sunburn, rough, being punched, sandpaper,
a porcupine.
Violence smells like: garbage, rotten eggs, feces, filth, and blood on a hot summer day.
Parade and Festival 2008 Violence sounds like: glass shattering, nails on a blackboard, deafening silence,
a scream.
For the sense of sight: Theresa asked the cast to create a snapshot to represent what
Be a Part of Our Fantastic Festival they think violence looks like.
of Filipino Culture and Cuisine!
Come partner with us as a vendor, exhibitor, sponsor or participant at the
15th Annual Pistahan Parade and Festival,
a 2-day celebration of Filipino art, dance, music, culture and cuisine.
Au g us t 9 – 10 , 20 0 8
Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco
(415) 777.6950 »


VACATION PACKAGES (domestic & international)
DESTINATIONS (including the philippines)

Call: Delza Delen Briones: 415-205-2995

To become your own travel agent, visit:

38 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
(SF Conocimiento, from page 37)
Ken Marquis, our director, was born in
Santa Monica, CA and proudly acknowledges
she rides motorcycles and fixes cars?
Rebecca Rottman’s mother told her that
she (the mom) was abused physically by her 5,000 babies
that he came straight from his mother’s vagina.
He wants to us to relax, enjoy, it’s not brain
surgery! He knows that his parents are proud
of him on account of their heartfelt smiles, and
husband (Rebecca’s father) when they were
married. It all happened before Rebecca
was born and her Mom eventually left the
relationship. Her mother told her not to marry
a year.
RSC is the Bay Area affiliate of IntegraMed, the largest and most experienced fertility center network in the
their advice to him is to simply be himself at all a Filipino man — but Rebecca did! Rebecca’s country. Only IntegraMed has done over 100,000 IVF cycles. And only IntegraMed brings over 5,000
times. Ken is deathly afraid of knives! One motto is: when the going gets tough, get babies a year into the world. To learn more, call 888-DRS-4-IVF or visit
thing we wouldn’t guess about him is that tougher! The Dalai Lama and Eleanor
he would make an excellent football referee. Roosevelt are the leaders who inspire her. Reproductive Science Center
A Mr.Thornton inspired him once upon a time, Rissa Duque, who claims that her
and laughter is the legacy he would like to “vagina is angry!” takes Gabriela Silang as her Experience never mattered more. TM

leave to his loved ones. The Filipino sense of inspiration. Though her legacy is to fight for CALL 888-DRS-4-IVF OR VISIT
blood ties and kinship are customs he would social justice, she shares this with everyone:
like to pass on to others, too. Ken has had “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t
firsthand experience with violence and is say anything at all.” In addition, she reminds
an advocate to putting a stop to all of it!
Kristina Guido possesses the power to
us: “…Sometimes in order to win, you have
to play through the pain.” Wholeness in Healthcare
bend her thumbs all the way back! In addition, “Rod” from Rodis, the last name of his Continuing education classes for health professionals
others believe her to be “too nice.” Yet, she father, and “el” from Elepano, his mother’s
declares that she’s not afraid to be herself. last name, equals, Rodel Rodis. His life’s
What she’s most fearful of is to end up being philosophy is: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  Pathways to Wellness
alone. His parents have shown him unconditional love  Essentials of Rehabilitation and Self-care
Melissa Josue, whose first name means by always forgiving him whenever he makes
“honey,” played right forward in a roller hockey mistakes, and by advising him to always look  Imagery, Creativity and the Heart of Healing
league for a number of years! Writing and out for his own family. His greatest fear is not  Mindfulness and Yoga, Reducing Stress
travel are true loves of hers and to wherever being able to stand up after falling, following
she journeys, she goes with all her heart. a harrowing personal experience. He considers  Balance, Fitness and Nutrition
Between writing, travel and—when she’s on his long-term involvement in the community
wheels—checking the opposition, she uses her as his legacy, and would like to pass on some
talent to help better the community and help caring and compassion to others. Rodel has
others discover ways to live more mindfully, seen and experienced violence firsthand,
purposefully and have a healthier quality of especially during the martial law years in
life. “Never stop doing something creative the Marcos era in the Philippines.
otherwise you’ll rot into the system,” her Rose Marie Josue felt her parents’ pride
parents told her when giving her advice in her when they told her that she was still a
on how to transcend the daily grind. champion after losing in a statewide forensic
When Miriam Pantig Bonus was two,
her parents discovered her singing and acting
talents. Personally, she believes she’s a natural
competition. She reminds everybody of the
importance of resilience and living with
passion when confronted with the question,
comedian, too. In spite of this happy mission,
she’s deeply afraid of being too old or being
“What is the biggest picture of it all?”
No one would guess that Thelma Boac H e l e n M a r t e -B a u t i s t a
sick. Her golden rule is to do unto others is “daring!” She whose motto is: “Have
what you want others to do unto you. confidence and humility” likes to pass on the
Nikko De Lozada affirms his citizenship Filipinos’ tradition of respect and care for the First Filipina nominated as
on Planet Earth and considers himself a Baby elderly. Her leader-inspirers? Dr. Martin Luther
(as “nikko” means “newborn”) since he is King and Mother Teresa! 1st Vice-President / President
the youngest in the family. His motto is: “one Soledad Santos Dykwel “Soledad” Elect of the American Library
person, one soul, one day at a time to like with means solitude, but it doesn’t really match my
every breath we take.” Nikko made his parents personality. She prefers being around people Trustees and Advocates
proudest when he made it into the USA than being alone. Her family nicknamed her
Olympic Team. His mother’s best piece of “Sunny” because it better matches her
advice to him was to shoot for the moon and personality. Her mother always told her to do Served for eight years as
in that way if he should miss, then at least he everything the best she possibly could, and San Francisco Public Library
would be among the stars. His greatest fear is that is reflected in the way she approaches
that of failure, and his guilty secret is that he her work, her volunteer efforts, and her life.
loves watching cartoons. He is inspired by the Vanessa Verdadero Kenyon’s first name
leadership and greatness of Martin Luther King. means “butterfly” in Greek. This is one strong
Rachael Domingo remembers her Mom butterfly lady whose motto is: “All of life is
smothering her with kisses and her Dad saying, relative. Actions enter into the ripple effect of
“All right, Baby… you got it from me!” as her life.” She is a survivor of an abusive experience.
parents’ expression of their pride in her. The Vienna Martha Gehrett believes that God
thought of leaving the world lonely and alone, didn’t place us here by accident. “Our lives
without anyone knowing who she is prods her should be the example for our children and
to strive to be successful. Did you know that the children not yet born.”

Larsen and Contemplacion (from p 19) to even offer a plea bargain to reduce the beatings began, she said, especially when the intent to “detain or conceal the child
going to let him have custody of my child.” felony charge to a misdemeanor with no her husband was drunk. In his testimony, from a lawful custodian.” But because
After Jennifer had been in jail for nearly jail time. The D.A. wanted Jennifer to go to James denied all allegations of abuse and Jennifer contacted Larsen as soon as she
two months, I worked out a deal with the state prison. portrayed Jennifer as an unreasonable and landed in Manila and invited him to join
court for Jennifer to be released on her During the 10-day trial, Jennifer recount- spoiled wife who did not appreciate all that them and he, in fact, joined them, the jury
own recognizance if her son was returned ed how businessman James Larsen went to he had given her. unanimously found Mrs. Larsen not guilty
to his father within seven days. Jennifer her family’s home in Florida and convinced Jennifer did not have family in California of child abduction.
reluctantly agreed to the deal and asked her parents that she would be better off and did not know how or who to report After the trial, Jennifer regained custody
her sister to fly to Manila to pick up her living with him in his beautiful home in her husband’s abuse. When she complained of her son. However, had Comtempla-
son and turn him over to his father, which Walnut Creek than with her poor family to her parents, they assumed that she cion’s case not prompted action from the
her sister did on the seventh day, just a in a trailer in Florida. Jennifer was only 17 had done something wrong to make her Philippine government, Jennifer would
few hours before the deal would have when she moved in with then 34-year-old husband angry. “Just be patient,” they likely still be in jail. More importantly, had
expired. As agreed, Jennifer was released James Larsen. The following year, when counseled her, “and follow what your Jennifer been informed of her rights and
from custody without bail. But the District she turned 18, Jennifer married James and husband wants you to do.” the resources that were available to her
Attorney refused to dismiss the charges or gave birth to James Jr. Then the physical Then one time after James had beaten while she was living with her husband as a
her, Jennifer told her husband that she victim of domestic abuse, she would have
would leave him. James then took out her had the support and knowledge to build
C e l e b r at i ng O u r P a r e n t s son’s US passport and tore it to pieces in a case against her husband and possibly
Mom Consuelo, 93 and Dad Aqui, 83 front of her, warning her that if she ever avoid having had to spend time in prison
left him, she would never see her son for trying to escape the terror she suffered
Thank you for your love and again. So one day, in May of 1994, feigning in their “beautiful home.”
a beautiful life with us. a trip to the dentist, Jennifer went to the
Love, airport with her Philippine passport and Please send comments to Rodel50@aol.
her son’s new US passport and boarded a com or log on to
Ester Delen plane for Manila. or write to Law Offices of Rodel Rodis at
Sonia Delen & Chris Fitzsimmons An element of the crime of child abduc- 2429 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco, CA
David, Justin, Matthew tion, according to California Penal Code, is 94127, or call (415) 334-7800.
Delza & Hermie Briones
Kristein, Katrina, Kimberly
Vagina Warriors (from p29) He’s been around long enough to assist
the second generation of many families and
appointments lined up for later that day. at least once, the third generation of a

Charina Cabanayan
Immigration law never had a chance. family. Despite this disheartening reality,
department of Bay Area Legal Aid Ken says he is driven by the strength of
because it was the only one available. His survivors who often have no idea how

plan was to spend a year in that position, strong they are.
then make a move over to the immigration
law unit, his Nenette Flores
In the nearly 30 years since then,
Ken has dedicated his life to educating, Nenette Flores speaks against domestic
improving and changing policy on nearly violence with much conviction and empathy
every facet of domestic violence. He is one because she knows whereof she speaks—
of the co-founders of the San Francisco the San Mateo County accounting officer
survived not one but two abusive

Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic and
the California Coalition for Battered Women relationships. Tears fall when she tells of the
in Prison (today known as Free Battered psychological, emotional, sexual and

Z & K Women). physical battery she endured from her
Over the years, Ken has helped train husband in Manila and her second marriage
thousands of staff and volunteers at here in the Bay Area. Family and friends
agencies that assist survivors. He has also helped her move on from her abusive
worked with the SFPD, judges, DAs, lawyers, relationship at the beginning and then she
students, and medical personnel on sought the support of CORA. Nenette went
domestic violence issues. He has met with to counseling, group therapy and one-on-
the last 4 mayors and the last 8 police one mentoring, which all helped her reclaim
chiefs. He’s not one to hold back his her self-esteem. Fiercely independent, she
opinions and says, “I don’t care if they like now identifies herself as a CORA Kumare,
me or not” just as long as he’s getting speaking out at community events to give
through to them. hope to those suffering in silence and
Ken works extensively with the media to enlightenment to those who deny that
raise awareness about domestic violence. If domestic violence can happen to anyone.
his name isn’t on the byline of an article, op- “Continue to be aware of the signs and
ed piece or letter to the editor, he likely had warnings of abuse,” she said, “Follow-thru
a hand in an article, radio or television story with support groups, help other victims to
on DV somewhere along the way. realize the abuse and accept the fact that
they are in an abusive relationship.”

40 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
galler y warehouse
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San Francisco CA 94103 (at Third Street)
Rodel E. Rodis tel 415 255-4579
fax 415 255-0453
San Francisco CA 94110
tel 415 642-1056
at to r n e y
o f f h o u r a p p o i n t m e n t s a v a i l a b l e •
2429 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco,
California 94127

Tel: (415) 334-7800
Fax: (415) 334-7855

Over 27 years of legal Email:
experience in immigration,
family law and Blog:
civil litigation

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Message from the Publisher
Continued from p 2
Although Judge Benson said the murder
of Marisa Corpuz, mother of two, was “a Support for Pinay Survivors
murder during a rape or robbery. The
bloody, brutal, gruesome and savage
killing,” he said that he had no choice but to of Domestic Violence in NYC
recent murder case of William Corpuz, who reduce William Corpuz’s sentence to
killed Marisa, his wife and mother of their second-degree murder because the evidence by Johanna Martinez, Filipino American community
two children, shows that we must continue Executive Director of New York City. The FWSP
did not support a finding of deliberation. of FAHSI offers crisis counseling, a
to be vigilant and vigorous in making sure Judge Benson explained that he was bi-monthly support group,
that perpetrators of domestic violence are constrained by limitations in California’s Through a grant from the educational and Pinay/female
punished and that women and girls feel safe laws on homicide to rule as he did. New York City Council’s empowerment workshops
and protected in their own homes. Why should a domestic violence case be Domestic Violence Initiative and case management
On March 14, 2008, members of FWN (DoVE), the Filipino American services. Another goal of the
treated as less important under the law? We Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI) program is to educate our
were in the courtroom when San Francisco need to change the law to send batterers created the Filipina Women’s community about domestic
Superior Court Judge Jerome Benson away for a long time so that women in Support Program (FWSP) in violence, the awareness of
reduced a jury’s first-degree murder verdict abusive relationships feel safe about coming 2007. Based in Queens, New which is sorely lacking. For
in a domestic violence case to second- forward. This legislative campaign should York, FAHSI is a community- more information, please
degree murder. A jury convicted William based organization dedicated contact Ofelia Reyes, FWSP
not take another five years. Join us. to serving marginalized Coordinator, or visit our
Corpuz in May 2007 for slitting his wife’s segments of the Filipino/ website at

42 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Why People Stay In Bakit? (Why?) control, blame and, manipulate. The shame
is on them.
Abusive Relationships By Gloria Ramos
“Masunurin.” (obedient) This is our legacy
from 500 years of Spanish colonization and

any people recognize 10. Lack of supportive partly our Chinese heritage. We are
4. Blaming yourself. I adore Filipina women! They are fun and
they are being Your partner might blame you relationships. You may programmed to be obedient. How many of
funny! C’mon! Have you ever been to a us boast of our children being “mabait” (kind)
mistreated or even for his or her abusive behavior have become isolated from “quiet” party hosted by a Filipina? Filipina
abused, but choose – saying you mad him or her your friends and family. and masunurin? We let our parents choose
women are beautiful inside and out. Not only our careers. We let employers take advantage
to stay in the angry, or that you did Or, family and friends may
are they gorgeous, but also they are ready of us because we don’t want to rock the
relationship for a number something to deserve it. A pressure you to stay with
of reasons. When friends or part of you may believe this. your partner. to lend a helping hand, amazingly resilient boat…in the name of obedience and respect!
family members ask them 5. Link between love 11. Fear. Your partner through difficult times, and they are the America wasn’t founded by “mabait”
“Why do you stay?” they and violence. If you grew may have threatened to hurt, smartest women I know. and “masunurin” kind of folk. The founding
may have a hard time up in a home where there or kill you or someone you So, why are so many Filipina women in fathers of this country not only rocked the
explaining. After all, it is was violence, or if you were care about if you leave. dysfunctional or abusive relationships? boat, they threw away the tea and were
never easy to end a ever hit by a parent and told 12. Not wanting to be A friend of mine suggested it was the famously disobedient to Mother England.
relationship, even a hurtful they were doing it because alone. You may panic at the “nanay syndrome” (mothering). We are such It took us 500 years to boot the Spanish from
one. Below are some of the they love you, you might have thought of being without your a strong lot; we think we can fix it all – and our country. Are you going to wait as long
common reasons people learned to think that love and partner. we offer every attempt to do so. In this day to get rid of the people who take advantage
stay in unhappy or abusive violence go together. 13. Loyalty. You may and age, we still want unmarried children to of you?
relationships. If you are being 6. Hopelessness. You feel the right thing to do is live with us and do for them what they should Mother Theresa died and there are
mistreated, it might be might feel like you’ll never be to stick with your partner no be doing for themselves. Even when they’re thousands of Filipinas vying for her vacant
helpful to look over this list able to be happy, you’ll never matter what. married, we let them stay on the pretext of spot. Our national motto of “pasensiya ka
and circle the reasons that find a partner who treats you 14. Rescue complex. helping them get on their feet. na” (be patient) is the culprit. “My husband
might have something to do any better, or that all You think you can change, I know a woman named Betty who lives
with your decision to stay. relationships include abuse. fix, or heal your partner if has not worked for 1,000 years.” (pasensiya
with her alcoholic, drug-addicted 27-year-old ka na). “My boss has not given me a raise
1. Love. You love your 7. Gender roles. If you you stay. son. Betty’s son has stolen from her, been in
partner, and there are still are a woman in a relationship 15. Guilt. Your partner since Eisenhower was president.” (pasensiya
and out of jail, and cost her a fortune in legal ka na). “My son and daughter live at home,
times when your partner is with a man, you may have may make you feel guilty
fees. Despite his behavior, she always don’t go to work, don’t help with the chores
very loving. learned from family, religion about how much it would
2. Hope. You have many or culture that men are hurt him or her if you left. rationalizes her decision to let him stay at and I’m working double shifts at the hospital,
memories of happy times, and supposed to be in charge, S/he may even threaten to home. “Hindi ko naman pweding itapon yung and cooking and cleaning too!” (pasensiya ka
hope those times will return. can’t help being violent, or commit suicide. anak ko. Hindi naman tayo gaya ng mga na. Bahala na and Diyos! God is in charge!).
Your partner may promise to have the right to discipline 16. Children. If you have puti.” (I can’t throw my son away. We’re not Really? I thought the Bible says, “God
change, or you may think if their women. You may believe a child with your partner, you like these white people). What I want to say helps those who help themselves?” Are you
you do things differently, the that women have to put up may believe it is best for the to her is that you don’t have to stop loving waiting for your circumstances to change?
abuse will stop. with this behavior and try child to have to parents who him; you may want to stop enabling him. The best success stories I have heard are
3. Making light of the to keep their men happy. are together. Let him live on his own. Let him pay his way. those about people changing themselves
abuse. Your partner may 8. Embarrassment and 17. Dependency on Let him take responsibility for his own actions. first. There is no rule that says you have to be
deny that his or her behavior shame. You may not want drugs or alcohol. Many Then there’s this thing called “hiya” patient with people in circumstances that are
is abusive, or act like it’s not to admit what’s going on to people use drugs or alcohol as (shame). We don’t want to air out our dirty not healthy for you. You can say no. You can
such a big deal, and you want others because you’re afraid a way of coping with abuse, laundry. We are ashamed when our significant say no more!
to believe this. It is very of what they’ll think about which then makes them less other, husband or boyfriend beats us up My dearest pinays, when are you going
painful to admit that someone you. clear and strong and makes physically or emotionally. We are ashamed to realize that you are fun and funny, brilliant
you love would hurt you, 9. Financial it more difficult to leave. when one of our children or family members
so you might try to convince dependence. You may and beautiful, giving and caring, talented and
is not doing well. It is easier to put on a strong, and every bit as deserving of being
yourself it’s not really that depend on your partner Courtesy of BabaeSF and happy face.
bad. for financial support. Asian Women’s Shelter. treated like a goddess?
I ran into a college friend recently, she told
me of her sister Elaine. Elaine was married
and living with her parents. After an argument
Katrina, Continued from p. 17

Over 4,000
with her husband, Elaine’s father held her
down so that her husband could beat her up. thunderstorms that she has to hold
I can’t imagine what anyone could have done and rock them. One student, who
to deserve that. Elaine is quiet, a doctor, and had a picture of him and his brother
looks like a movie star. Why did she take it? on the wall, told Rhonda that he had
She apparently did not deem herself worthy made a deal with god that he would
of respect or better treatment. give up all his pictures if god made
A s i a n w o m e n a n d c h i l d r e n f r o m ac r o s s Elaine eventually got divorced – after her
this place clean again. “These kids
the co untry utilize a r ange of services husband had drained their bank account and
see on TV all these beautiful places
left her – but she has been in similar abusive
p r ov i d e d by A s i a n W o m e n ’ s S h e lt e r ( AWS ) relationships since then. To this day, she and they wonder why the place they
in S an F r ancisco each year . AWS turns away doesn’t talk about her experiences because live in is so ugly.” Going to work is
of “hiya.” “her heaven,” says Rhonda, because
75% of the battered women who call for I have news for you my dear, smart and she gets to play with kids all day in a
shelter because of lack of shelter space . gorgeous pinays. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! What clean environment. “But as soon as
others do is not a reflection of what you have I get in my car, I’m reminded that it’s
done or deserve. They are the ones trying to not over yet.”

C o n g r at u l at i o n s o n yo u r p e r f o r m a n c e
Can I Feel Me Now?
by Jodie Olympia

Charina Cabanayan
hy does it seem that male
masturbation is accepted by
mainstream society as a natural
biological function while some
people do not even believe that
D evonshire O aks N ursing & R ehab C enter female masturbation exists?
3635 J efferson A venue , R edwood C ity , CA 94062 I have a friend who is desperate to find
a new boyfriend because she has all this
650. 366. 0294 pent-up desire and she doesn’t know what
to do with herself anymore.
So I ask her, “Have you ever considered
sariling sikap (pleasuring yourself)?”
She was shocked. She couldn’t believe that

I would even suggest it.
“Wait, so you mean, you’re no longer a
virgin but you have yet to try masturbating? Jodie Olympia at rehearsal

Congratulations! Have you even looked at yourself down
Of course she hasn’t. I doubt she even I am talking about having the emotional
knows how to find her clitoris! maturity and desire to understand women’s
Grace G. Baldisseri, It dawns on me that there may be masses needs. Women are multi-faceted, so even
Director, “Usaping Puki” of women out there who have yet to discover if you’re good in bed, being a lousy
and the V-Day New York cast and crew! the power in owning their pleasure. That is conversationalist who leaves dirty socks
– not relying on someone else to make them all over the place will no longer cut it!
happy, not waiting for someone else to give Yes, read the amended minimum
– from John Bandfield them satisfaction. Taking what they want! requirements in the job description:
And as I keep mulling this over, it also occurs • Must have skills in both giving and
to me that there may come a time, if it isn’t receiving emotional support
already upon us, that vibrators will have just • Must possess complimentary life goals
as much impact as higher education in • Must be able to create and maintain a
Mayette Almazan statistically affecting a woman’s decision genuine rapport that grows stronger
THE BIPOLAR SPECTRUM: FIGHTING A to delay having families in favor of pursuing over time.
DISEASE WITH A THOUSAND FACES a career! It’s tough to compete with technology, eh?
BY MARIETTA A.N. ALMAZAN, MD Gasp! What does this mean for Do not worry, men. It’s never too late to
heterosexual and/or bisexual men in their acquire new skill sets to compete in the
Price: $49.95 + $6.00-tax, shipping and handling pursuit of willing vaginas?! When women new millennium.
Book order c/o 916-962-0021 begin to own their pleasure in vast numbers, What does this mean for women in the or men (who are attracted to women) will have pursuit of pleasure? It’s never too late to
w eb s i t e :
to step up their game. discover your clitoris and take matters into
Despite its prevalence and impact on society, there I am not talking about responding to spam your own hands.
continues to be little public knowledge of Bipolar Disorder. e-mails that promise to give you just the thing
It is indeed a treatable illness, and the road to recovery to deceive your partner into thinking you’re Jodie Olympia will overcome her fear of
begins with education and awareness. A learning guide bigger and longer than you really are. strangers and allow herself to smile more.
for patients and families as well as allied professionals.

C ongratulations , Papa !
We’re very proud of you.

F rom the M acabenta C lan —
Gigi, Ringo, Mercy, Christina, Jack, Paolo,
Anne, Jinx, Kathy, Derick, Vegas, Max,
Cabo, Pepper, Ban-Ban, Mocha and Oreo.

44 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
S I L E N C E ected are usually

most impor eling proud and confi hters to
dent and
t h e va g i

grow up fe ause I want my daug gainst

na mono

o rt a n
s H E A R D want

lo g u e s

violence bec ipina Speaking out a
I Am Spea
D and I

ess to

my supp
Ag a i n s t V i i n g O u t

are aff

b e c a o l e n ce

use …
Those who

tantly, saf

n the c
o s h ow
their voice

ore aw
I wa nt t

oblem i
I am a Fil

raise m
I find bru tali ty

in our da y and ag I am a Filip ina spea king out
to be una ccep tabl AGAI NST VIOL ENCE BECA USE
Violence robs the hum m y comm unit y. THE HIDD EN TO BE SHOW N,
out of a person and no anity E SPEC IALLY AND YOU to know that you are
deserves that kind of one ag ainst women. not alone .
pain. .
I am a survivor of WORDS AN
power T BE U S ED
ss the I want to help em SHOUND NO
... I refuse toapa
ter n find the THE SPIRIT
r to my daugh
quiet fe women so they ca TO WEAKEN
k the
PA SSED TO strength to brea BUT TO UN
THAT HAS BEEN WOMEN cycle and embra

ME. inner beauty.
IN MY FAMILY BEFORE I truly believe that
nobody in this world
....Every human being de spect.
deserves to be
I believ e in the human spirit Love, dignity and re treated with any
and aspire for tolernace form of violence.
and understanding.
... I belie
ve that a
I cannot ll pain is
wish to s relative,
e n and that
bl he
without s e ek the t
ruth for
s W r
eeking to myself
on ly. ou s,
I believe find the
truth fo
s p i f er e
that bre
aking the r others
re fam r o ff her
others a silence w
im of
ccountab le ill hold
am my mbe y s . T r
v i c t for their
e b een a voice I r e it fer fo
ha v
I too nce and m ard.
y fo e m un uf se
e i n fe a r. .
on mm ll s cu ould l i v
viole to be he co e a ex . sh
ves w no ce O NE
dF IeLseI rP I N A W O M E N A G A I N S T ... N O
is len

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mission is to enhance public
perceptions of Filipina women’s untapped source for leadership and talent.
capacities to lead, change biases
against Filipina women’s
leadership abilities and promote FILIPINA WOMEN leaders, to increase the odds that some FILIPINA VOICES: Changing
the entry of Filipina women into AGAINST VIOLENCE will rise to the position of president the Face of Power in
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women business owners and provide a voice for domestic violence Women Hudson and Kaye. FWN workshops
those employed in corporations, survivors and Filipina women and and seminars are designed around
government and nonprofit girls in abusive situations including a Make ME a Filipina Millionaire these life areas which represent the
organizations and utilize the resource list of domestic violence Forum diverse needs of FWN members.
agencies, shelters, legal and counseling Workshop facilitators are invited
database as a leadership pipeline services and law enforcement offices. In support of Make Mine a Million specialists who contribute their
for corporate visibility. Publication date: Annually in March. $$$$$$ Business, a program of Count knowledge for the advancement and
Call 415.278.9410 to place an ad or go Me In for Women’s Economic development of FWN members and
Endow the Filipina Leadership to Independence, Filipina women. The Professional
Development and Womantoring Development Series can be taken by
Program. Filipina Women Who Filipina entrepreneurs will share their anyone regardless of education, work
Could Be President journey - how they reached their first experience, age or life situation.
Generate operating funds for the Emerging Leaders program for million dollars in business, as they
establishment of a national Filipina women. Building the Filipina work their passion, achieve their
headquarters and research library community’s pipeline of qualified dream and share their prosperity
with those who need it.
to house our historical collection
documenting the achievements of
Filipina women in the U.S.
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