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2 0 0 6 VA G I N A W A R R I O R S


Justice to Comfort Women


Gutierrez Angeles
A n t i - v i o l e n c e A d v o c a t e. D o n o r. S i n g l e M o m .
M e s s a g e f r o m t h e P U B L I SHER
The “ V” Team

. . . . . . . .
♥ somehow we have struck a chord – Filipinas still not ready to come out
DeVoted Publisher why were people so threatened by publicly.
M a r i ly M o n d e j a r vaginas or “pukis”? As the president of the Filipina
The Vagina Monologues is a play that Women’s Network, I have made it one
highlights the tragedy and comedy of our organization’s top priorities to
DiVine Editor At Large
about women’s sexual lives. While at help end domestic violence. The success
G e n e v i e v e V. J o pa n d a Marily Mondejar times funny, the play is graphic in its of our campaign can be achieved only
President, Filipina Women’s Network
description and representation of through coalition building.
Angel Art Director women’s experiences. We held home For two years now, we have produced
Al S. Perez viewings and weekly rehearsals of The Vagina Monologues with an
The Vagina Monologues: to find out all-Filipina cast and with Tagalog
. . . . ♥ . . . . We Filipinos are a proud people who where the hostility and anger comes vignettes to make it closer to home.
value family, faith, and tradition. We from and to alleviate any uneasiness The Vagina Monologues fundraisers
LoVe Editor are also a compassionate people. about pukis. We made sure that every have benefited CORA, WestBay, the
S T EP H ANIE LOLENG We help each other in times of need. attendee felt safe and that their Filipinas Against Violence Campaign
Despite personal difficulties, we help opinions were heard. What resulted and Eve Ensler’s Annual V-Day
. . . . . . . . friends and neighbors even if it means was unexpected. These home viewings Spotlight Campaigns (The Murdered

personal sacrifice. When someone dies, and weekly rehearsals became and Missing Women of Juarez, Mexico
Heart Contributors we grieve with them. When someone community gatherings where women in 2004, The Women of Iraq in 2005,
is sick, we comfort her; bring her food. shared their stories, their secrets, and and Justice to Comfort Women in
Why is it then that when someone their recipes. It became a love fest and 2006). This year we are premiering the
LORNA DIE T Z we know is in an abusive relationship, a food fest. We called them Vagina first Tagalog version of The Vagina
RICA ECHAVEZ we become tongue-tied and helpless? Love Feasts. Monologues, “Usaping Puki” as a
B Y U M I G ONZALEZ We avoid the person. We change the At these community gatherings, tribute to the Filipina Comfort Women
C o n n i e L l o r e n J U N G M ANN subject. We feel embarrassed. We we met Filipina victims of domestic survivors and in homage to our
( c ove r P h o to ) sympathize but we do not often help. violence sharing the shame or “hiya.” Filipina culture.
C H ERIE M . Q U EROL M ORENO When the Filipina Women’s Network We found that many of us still think But we need to do more. We
I M EL D A O P P EN H EI M announced the production of Eve that domestic violence only affects need to partner with all our sister
Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues in other communities, the “puti,” poor community service agencies and
2004, FWN came under attack not people, the uneducated, the TNTs. organizations. We need to rally our
G IO V ANNIE P I C O only by the Filipino community but also We sensed helplessness. No one workplaces to eradicate domestic
B E T T INA S ANTO S YA P by our own members. I was personally knew where to go for help. Very few violence. We need to lobby our elected
criticized through emails and phone knew about resources that were officials to provide more funding for
calls for “defaming” our organization available. much-needed resources for Filipinos.
. . . . ♥ . . . . and the Filipino community, for being a We found that agencies tasked with We need to engage our friends and
bad role model, of being immoral, for helping women in abusive situations neighbors about the roots of domestic
FWN Board of Directors daring to speak the word “vagina” lack culture- and language-appropriate violence. We need to encourage
and “puki.” I became known as the resources for Filipinas. Agencies cannot victims of abuse to seek help. We
Tessie zaragoza, Chair “vagina lady.” We lost members. Some often relate to the specific complexities need to talk to our sons and our
marily monde jar, President of our volunteers feared for their safety that Filipinos face in a domestic abuse daughters about the realities of
dina guingona, Treasurer and questioned the wisdom of FWN’s situation. domestic violence. And, most
Laarni San Juan, Director collaboration with Eve Ensler’s V-Day, We learned the meaning of fear. importantly, we need to recognize
Connie lloren JUNGMANN, the global movement to end violence Victims of domestic violence are so that in each of us is a compassionate
VP, Member Relations against women and girls. afraid for themselves, for their children. Filipino who can and should do
edna rodis, It was difficult emotionally to Their aggressors instill such fear and anything she can to make Filipinos
VP, Professional Development separate myself from the backlash. The isolation that victims often feel that lead better and constructive lives.
Genevieve Jopanda, resistance however challenged me and no one will listen or help.
VP, Youth & Community Advocacy provided an opportunity for reflection We learned about Claire Joyce
Jessica Jallorina, and dialogue. I felt there was something Tempongko. Marissa Corpuz.
VP, Communications deeper to the hostile reaction and that Giovannie Pico. Many stories of

02 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
M e s s a g e f r o m t h e F W N B OAR D C HA I R

remain unnoticed. Recognition of
our community outreach resulted in
partnerships and commendations
from many organizations including
A performance engulfed in their
collective experience to bring the
urgency of the essence of “The
Vagina Monologues” – the urgency

the California State Assembly to stop the violence against women
presented by Speaker Pro Tempore and girls. T a b l e o f C o n te n ts
Leland Y. Yee, Ph.D., the San What was viewed as an outreach
Tessie Zaragoza Francisco Commission on the Status to the Filipino community to become
Chair, FWN Board of Directors of Women presented by its Executive aware of domestic violence, evolved Program: 17
The Vagina Monologues
Director, Emily Moto Murase, Ph.D., in the bonding of more than 100 Usaping Puki
and the declaration of “Filipina women of Philippine ancestry.
When Marily Mondejar approached Women’s Network Day” on March Domestic violence has become About V-Day 15
the Filipina Women’s Network’s 13, 2005 in Alameda County a common denominator of the 2006 Vagina Warriors 10, 11
(FWN) Board to produce “The Vagina proclaimed by the Alameda County Filipina women, both Fil-Ims and V-Resources 8, 9
Monologues” in 2004, there were Board of Supervisors and on March Fil-Ams (Filipino Immigrant/Filipino
hesitations, primarily because it 14, 2005 in San Francisco by Mayor American). The Vagina Monologues
Cast and Crew 18, 19, 20
would be a huge financial obligation. Gavin Newsom. FWN, under the leadership of
FWN was running on volunteer “The Vagina Monologues” Marily, took the bull by its horns and Acknowledgments 23
energy and to venture in the area of also became a stage for personal uttered loud and clear “PUKI!!!”
money was too daunting a risk. transformations for many of our and shattered the timidity of the O n the Cove r
However, two performances members. For more than eight Filipino community. We are nurses, Marisa Gutierrez Angeles 13
later, the FWN has catapulted to the weeks, Filipinas treasured the educators, homemakers, students,
forefront of the Filipino community’s weekly rehearsals where they felt attorneys, united to stop the violence
efforts to break the silence about safe to share, to remember, to against women and girls. V-RESOURCE ARTICLES
Eve Ensler & V-Day Spotlight:
domestic violence and identify the learn, to understand, to empathize, Comfort Women of Asia 4
providers who support the needs and to journey with one another
of Filipinas. FWN’s efforts did not in the performance of a lifetime. Becoming a Swan Princess 21
Battering Personalities 12

M e s s a g e f r o m t h e E D I TOR - AT - L ARGE Equality Wheel 12
Power & Control 12
that deny the existence of domestic This Year:
violence in our community. As the Cycle We are committed to its annual pub-
of Violence ends, the Cycle of Healing lication until domestic violence stops V - F eatu r e S
Filipinas Against Violence 7
begins. Help us heal our community. in the Filipino community. Expanded
distribution of the V-Diaries to include V-Diaries 6
V-Diaries: A Year Later…
South Bay, Sacramento, and Stockton
First Vagina Warrior 14,15
Last Year: areas.
Published 35,000 V-Diaries distrib- About FWN 26
All cast & crew members of this year’s
Genevieve Jopanda uted in the San Francisco Chronicle, How to Reach FWN 26
The Vagina Monologues graduated
VP, Youth & Community Advocacy Examiner, and the Bay Area Business
from a three-hour domestic violence
Woman throughout San Francisco Bay,
training workshop conducted with the © 2006 The V-Diaries is a publication of
Since the first publication and release Peninsula, and greater East Bay.
help of Asian Women’s Shelter, API the Filipina Women’s Network.
of the V-Diaries, we have received 141 FWN helped form the Filipino Legal Outreach, and CORA. This pro-
calls for help and requests for referrals. Community Alliance, a coalition of gram allows its graduates to become
V-Diaries, the anti-violence resource and Filipino organizations who have trained advocates and peer counselors
help guide for Filipinas became a tool in pledged to end domestic violence in in the fight to end domestic violence.
the metamorphosis of healing and trans- the Filipino community.
formation amongst us. It is only through Giovannie Pico: Vagina Warrior.
education and awareness can we break Giovannie Pico: Survivor. Advocate. Advocate. Acting Coach. Founder: May
the silence, and help change attitudes Single Mom. Actor “K” the Giovannie Pico Foundation

Eve Ensler and V-Day 2006
Spotlight Comfort Women of Asia
By Genevieve V. Jopanda

n December 1941, Japanese
military forces landed on
the island of Luzon,
Philippines during the Asia /
Pacific Wars of WWII. Military
‘comfort stations’ were
constructed in Manila and other
occupied cities. An estimated
50,000 – 200,000 young women
were forced to offer sexual
services to the Japanese troops,
coining the term ‘comfort women.’
Women from Korea, China, In April 1943, 15 year old
Taiwan, North Korea, Indonesia, Maria Rosa L. Henson was
Malaysia, the Netherlands, taken by Japanese soldiers.
Timor L’Este, and the Philippines In 1992 after a radio
were sold to ‘comfort stations,’ announcement to urge comfort
deceptively recruited by middle women to come forward,
men to think they were going to Maria Rosa L. Henson broke
her silence. She passed away at
be given a better job, or detained
age 69 on August 18, 1997 of a
and forcibly abducted. In the heart attack at the Pasay City
cramped and shabby ‘comfort Hospital, Philippines.
stations,’ women were beaten,
tortured, and raped by up to 30
soldiers a day. her promise, she spotlights the
In the early 1990’s, surviving Comfort Women of Asia in this
victims of Japan’s military sexual year’s V-Day campaign.
slavery broke their silence and Today, the aging survivors
began to call for justice. Despite range from 75-90 years old. They
years of protest by the survivors, are continuing the campaign and
the Japanese government still the social movement for all
denies legal responsibility to victims and survivors until they
this day. receive reparation and redress,
In 2002, Eve Ensler visited the and a formal apology from the
Philippines and interviewed the Japanese government.
Filipina survivors at a V-Day
benefit performance of “The
Vagina Monologues.” She promised Genevieve V. Jopanda is a youth and
the Filipina survivors that she and community advocate for the Filipina
V-Day will work with them until Women’s Network. She can be reached
justice is served. Continuing with at

04 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
2006 Ticket Donors Our Com mu n it y Partners
Suzanne Craig
Managing Director,
The Blueshirt Group
Jennifer and J.D. Swartz asian pacific american womens leadership institute
Dr. Marietta and Pio Banogon
Reverend Eileen Peters WOMEN’S AGENDA
Divine House of God
Loreto Tinio
Alison Taylor Coy
Assistant Principal,
Cupertino High School
Mike Klugow @ Genentech

Eunice Azzani
Leah Laxamana
Dr. Jei Africa
Christine Dunham
Giovannie Pico
San Francisco Department
on the Status of Women


Maria Luisa Osmeña, m.d.
UCSF-trained, Board Certified,
invites you to visit her at her new office
Live Well
medical clinic
T ess C rescini 1150 El Camino Real, Suite 225, San Bruno, CA 94066 • (650) 873-3338

API Legal Outreach • Fillipino Community Alliance • West Bay Pilipino Multi-Service Center

I’m a Vagina Warrior

At the orientation of The Vagina Monologues, the cast
The word vagina has been coming up a lot lately.
and crew were given a journal to capture their thoughts as In fact it’s printed in big pink letters on posters
DIARIES the production progressed. Ultimately, they found a deeper
meaning to their participation as buried memories and
popping up all around town. People tell me they
find the word vagina, and the posters offensive.
feelings started surfacing. The following are excerpts from
their journals reflecting their involvement in The Vagina
Monologues and The Filipina Women’s Network. Do you know what I find offensive? A 17 year
old girl with a broken nose, beaten so badly she
requires emergency room treatment. Beaten by
five young men hanging out at the high school.
S ur vi vor
That’s offensive. Half a million rapes a year in
My mother is dying
-Tess Crescini this country [United States]. That’s offensive.
Dying not because of disease, A teenage girl hit with a two-by-four by
u so muc h,” or by accident, or freak of nature.
He said, “I love yo Dying because my father is members of her high school wrestling team.
her mouth shut,
as he duct taped beating her to death. Yep, I find that offensive too.
hind her back,
tied her hands be I am eight years old.
a belt
He beat her with My aunt is taking me and
That’s what V-Day and the Vagina Monologues
reclaiming my sisters out of school early.
proc laiming, he’s We think it’s going to be are all about – ending the violence. And that’s
manly dignity a special day.
why I’m thrilled to be a member of the cast of
hurt by her lies My mother is dying.
elity, Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.” That’s
and imagined infid old wounds,
“Go home now and stop your
e st in gi ng sk in opening scabs of papa from hurting your mama.” why I’m proud to be a Vagina Warrior. Are you
th ,
et by the family
Her driver drops us a few
screams kept secr houses away from our own offended? You should be.
of fire,
beyond this circ le and drives away.
and fear,
passed the rage e
We surprise my father at the door.
she’s always alon He takes us to our chauffeur,
to a place where - Excerpted from “New Times,” San Luis Obispo, California weekly
ld onto something
announcing that he will take us
where she can ho
on February 12, 2004.
r. out to lunch.
liter at ur e, or ev en righteous ange
God, My mother is dying
on the marble floor.
for a reason to be Her body badly beaten,
She dared to ask twisted like a used rag.
e to life
That there is mor
had survived. The man my father ordered
than the one she to “beat her until she’s dead” lets her live.
He puts her in a taxi to a hospital.
My mother is dying. He’s a government
official whose “compadres” protect him.
No one protects her.

– Imelda Oppenheim
Filipina Women’s Network Responds: Filipinas Against Violence
By Marily Mondejar death is prompting San Francisco Are Not Going To Hurt Filipina in the Filipino community by
prosecutors once again to rethink Women and Girls.” partnering with domestic violence

nding abuse against Filipina the city’s system for safeguarding agencies, the Domestic Violence
women and girls is a major victims and counseling their Prevention Consortium, the San Francisco
concern for the Filipina abusers. William Corpuz had just Interrupting the cycle of violence Commission on the Status of
Women’s Network (FWN), completed 39 weekly counseling is vital, stopping violence before it Women, local governments, the
because domestic violence is sessions before he slashed Marisa’s starts is crucial. FWN responds in Philippine consulate, professional
widespread in the Filipino throat in their home shared with two ways: women’s associations, faith-
community and a violation of her parents and one of their two (1) the publication of the V-Diaries, based organizations and for-profit
basic human rights. young children. anti-violence resource guide; corporations.
(2) domestic violence training.
According to UNIFEM, one in three FWN Responds: Advocacies The cast and crew members are Bringing the voices of advocates
women will suffer some form of That Make a Difference invited to participate in domestic together bring our issues center
violence in her lifetime, becoming FWN works on ways to interrupt violence trainings to strengthen stage.
part of an epidemic that devastates the cycle of violence against the growing numbers of trained
lives, fractures communities, and Filipina women and girls by linking advocates and peer counselors Marily Mondejar is an organizational
stalls development. Despite some violence to the source that feeds it: in the Filipino community. change consultant. She can be
progress on this issue over the gender inequality. FWN multiplies contacted via email at
past decade, its horrendous scale the power of its strategies Collaborations
remains mostly unacknowledged. through the Filipinas Against FWN draws attention to the
New dimensions include the global Violence advocacy campaign and serious domestic violence problem
trafficking of women and girls. collaborations with other women’s
groups, domestic violence agencies,
It was the killing of a Filipina faith-based organizations, and
woman, 28-year-old Claire Joyce with the local Philippine and U.S.
Tempongko, witnessed by her governments.
two young children, in 2000 that
prompted the investigation of Raising Money and
San Francisco’s citywide response Consciousness
system that handles domestic Since 2004, FWN has collaborated
violence. with V-Day, empowering and
celebrating women and their
Kamala Harris, now San Francisco’s sexuality with a festival of theatre,
District Attorney, wrote in an article comedy, and the spoken word
in Asian Week (Dec. 5, 2003), highlighted by the all-Filipina
“Our city desperately needs a performance of Eve Ensler’s The
change in our criminal justice Vagina Monologues. 2006 marks
system. I can sum up why I’m the first Tagalog version (“Usaping
running for district attorney with Puki”) performed in the U.S.
the story of one Filipina American’s
life: Claire Tempongko.” Filipino Men Pledge
At The Vagina Monologues
Another Filipina woman, performance, we ask the men and
32-year-old Marisa Corpuz, was boys in the audience to pledge by
killed by her husband, William imprinting their hands on paper
Corpuz, in September 2004. Her and canvas – that “These Hands

v -resources

Catta Center
707. 664. 3225
1 Hayward, CA 94544
510. 670. 5150
No-fee court affiliated
assistance with custody,
child support, etc.
Building Futures with
Women And Children /
Sister Me Home
1395 Bancroft Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94577
510. 357. 0205
Spanish; Women and
Spanish; Six weeks
max. stay

Weave (Women
Escaping Violence)
1900 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
916. 920. 2952
916. 448. 2321
Asian Women’s Shelter
408. 279. 7550
Spanish; Women and
Children; Boys under
16 only; 24 hour intake,
sliding fee
Network for Battered
1975 W. El Camino Real,
Suite 205

San Francisco
415. 292. 3900
Queer youth services
Child & Family Services DA’s Office Emergency Shelter 3453 18th St., #19 Mountain View, CA Network for Battered
San Francisco Domestic Violence Program San Francisco, CA 94110 800. 275. 6472 Lesbian & Bisexual
415. 206. 8772 Advocate 22634 2nd St., Suite 205 877. 751. 0880 650. 940. 7850 Women
Oakland Hayward, CA 94541 415. 751. 7110 650. 940. 1037 San Francisco County
Parental Stress 510. 268. 7276 510. 581. 5626 Various Asian Languages 415. 281. 0276
Alameda Contact: Ali 510. 786. 1246 9:00 am – 5:00 pm; Spanish language; Women Support group
510. 893. 5444 888. 339. SAFE M-F intakes; 12 week stay and Children

4 5
800. 829. 3777 DA’s Office – Stalking Spanish; 90-day stay, Community United 510. 272. 6295 women and children La Casa de Las Madres Nisa (North American Against Violence
Respite childcare, Victim Witness Advocate: of domestic violence / 1850 Mission St., #B Islamic Shelter for the 160 14th St.,
parenting classes, family, Kelly Sage; Trains homeless San Francisco, CA 94103 Abused) San Francisco, CA 94103
hotline stalking victims; Stalking 877. 503. 1850 Palo Alto 415. 777. 5500
Inspector: Corey White Save 415. 503. 0500 888. 275. 6472 415. 333. Help
Child Abuse Prevention 39155 Liberty St., 415. 777. 5565
Council Fremont Police Dept. Suite C310 Spanish, Mandarin, Eden Info & Referral
Stockton Domestic Violence Fremont, CA 94538 Tagalog, French, Arabic; East Bay Legal advocacy, free
209. 464. 4524 Advocate 510. 794. 6055 Women and children; 510. 537. 2552 counseling, 24-hour
Working with families, Fremont 510. 574. 2250 9:00–5:00; M–F intakes support line, emergency
support groups 510. 790. 6939 510. 574. 2252 Daily updates of shelter assistance (hotel, food,
Contact: Carol Marin Abused Women’s availability in East Bay etc.) to domestic violence
Spanish, Hindi, Tamil; Services and sexual assault victims,
COURT SERVICES / 734 A Street National Domestic education, prevention
60-day shelter Violence Hotline
OFFICES VIOLENCE SHELTERS Shepherd’s Gate 415. 924. 6616 800. 799. Safe Maitri Hotline
Domestic violence shelters

ghi jkl
Livermore 415. 457. 2464 San Mateo County
Court Info My Sister’s House 925. 443. 4283 415. 924. 3456 – Spanish in US regions PO Box 60111 Sacramento Fax: 925. 449. 3114 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
index.shtml Woman Inc. 408. 730. 4049
906. 428. 3271 Bay Area
Court dates, fill out forms Tri-Valley Haven Asian Women’s Home 888. 8. Maitri
PO Box 2190 2400 Moorpark Ave. 415. 864. 4722
24-hour help line, provides Daily updates of shelter
Alameda County safe haven for battered Livermore, CA 94551 San Jose, CA 95128 South Asian Women
Superior Court 800. 884. 8119 408. 975. 2739 availability in the Bay Area Peer support / counseling
Asian / Pacific Islander
Berkeley Clerk’s Office women and children 925. 449. 5845 for domestic violence,
2000 Center St., Rm. 202 925. 449. 5842 Asian languages; New Hope Family Shelter Family law, immigration
Berkeley, CA 94704 24-Hour Emergency Cantonese, German, Women and children 445 South San Joaquin St. domestic violence issues,
510. 644. 8999 Shelter French, Spanish, Tagalog, Stockton, CA translation, interpretation,
Filing for Temporary 4700 International Blvd. Hindi; Emergency shelter CORA (Community 209. 466. 2138 transitional housing and
Restraining Orders Oakland, CA 94601 for women and children of Overcoming Daily updates of shelter community education
510. 534. 6030 DV; 3.5 month max stay Relationship Abuse) availability in the Bay Area
Alameda County 510. 534. 9140 – Fax San Mateo Pacific Center
Superior Court 650. 312. 8515 Haven of Peace Women’s Alameda County,

7 8
Women and children;
Family Court Clerks 30-90 Days Saint John’s Shelter 650. 652. 0800 Emergency Home Berkeley, SF County
1225 Fallon St., Rm. 250 1321 N.C. Street Spanish; 6-8 weeks; Stockton 2712 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94612 AASRA-Federation of Sacramento. CA 95814 Women and Children 209. 982. 0390 Berkeley, CA 94705
510. 208. 4935 Indo-American 916. 448. 0701 18+ years accepted; 35 510. 548. 8283
Restraining order Fremont Spanish, Vietnamese La Isla Pacifica space capacity; assist
application for self-filing 800. 313. 2772 San Jose women with food, clothing Group and individual
510. 657. 1245 Stand Against Domestic 408. 683. 4118 and counseling counseling, narcotics
Alameda County South Asian Languages; Violence Women and Children anonymous, HIV and Aids
Superior Court Women and Children 1410 Danzig Plaza group, social groups
Family Law Facilitator’s (Priority to South Asian); Concord, CA 94520 Next Door
Office M-F intakes and 888. 215. 5555 1181 N. Fourth St., Ste. A
224 West Winton Ave., overnight emergency 925. 676. 2845 San Jose, CA 95112
Room 179 408. 279. 2962

08 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Project Eden
510. 247. 8200

alcohol use
Sexual Minority
Alliance of Alameda
County (SMAAC) Youth
LGBTQQ Youth; Support
groups for youth
surrounding drug and

Asian Pacific Islander
(API) Legal Outreach
1212 Broadway St., #400
Oakland, CA 94612
510. 251. 2846
510. 267. 6248 – Fax
Walk-in Clinic Rm 1-4;
Interpreter provided with
Law Center for Families
510 16th St., Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612
510. 451. 9261
510. 763. 2169 – Fax
Income required; Services
are free or on a sliding
scale; Legal advocates for
deaf women and children
victims of domestic
violence in greater
Center for Family
510. 562. 3731
Girls and Boys; Free
family counseling for 8-17
yr-old girls / boys; girls
self-esteem group; boys
anger management group;
After-abortion counseling
talk-line, confidential,
nonjudgmental, and

The Men’s Program
(of MAWS)
415. 924. 1070
24-hour hotline
Peer support groups for
Men Overcoming
Violence (MOVE)
1385 Mission St. #300
San Francisco
415. 626. 6683
Counseling programs
for heterosexual, gay
and bisexual men

Xanthos, Inc.
2325 Clement Ave.
Center appointment; Family, civil, Bay Area unbiased male perpetrators Alameda
Alameda County and immigration law 510. 522. 8363
510. 834. 9578 restraining orders, queer Community Solutions Living Without Violence Anger management,
LGBTQQ Youth; domestic violence, Asian SEXUAL ASSAULT Gilroy 1725 Technology Drive alcohol / drug recovery;
Support groups for youth Languages; Free and 408. 693. 4118 Santa Clara County 52-week DV batterer
sliding scale fees Bay Women Against Drop-in support groups 408. 441. 5682 program
SF LGBT Center Batterer resources,

San Francisco County Asian and Pacific Oakland children services
415. 865. 5555 Islander (API) Legal 510. 430. 1298

So You
1188 Franklin St., #202 Serves rape and incest
LEGAL REFERRALS: San Francisco, CA 94109 victims; Intake: M-F 10-3;
Wanna Act?
415. 567. 6255 10 free then sliding scale;
RESTRAINING 415. 567. 6248 – Fax Short-term counseling,
ORDER ASSISTANCE Serves Asian referrals, accompaniment
Communities; Family, to hospital, court advocacy Then Why Not
Legal Aid of civil, and immigration
law; temporary restraining Eden Information and Learn From
Napa County Referrals
1227 Coombs St., order, Gay Domestic Someone Already
Violence Project; Free and Alameda
Napa, CA 94559 510. 537. 2552 Working In The
707. 255. 4933 sliding scale fees
M-F 10-4; Counseling, Los Angeles
707. 255. 2312 – Fax Asian Women’s Home legal, sexual assault,
Seniors only; Only services 2400 Moorpark Avenue, CalWorks Industry?

senior clients in abusive Suite 300
situations; For domestic San Jose, CA 95128 Sage Project Giovannie Pico earned her Hollywood
violence retraining orders 408. 975. 2739 San Francisco
in Napa area, refer to 415. 905. 5050 merits via her role as medical student
Temporary restraining
Napa Emergency Women’s order assistance; Ludlow in NBC's long-running hospital
Services Counseling; Serves all Girls in custody, substance
countries; 24-hour crisis abuse drama "ER." She has appeared in four ER
Napa Emergency
Women’s Services line, shelter; Works with episodes in season 11 alone.
translators to serve Women Against Rape
1001 Second St., 3543 18th St.,
Napa, CA 94559 various Asian-speaking Students will learn script analysis using
clients San Francisco, CA 94110
707. 255. 6397 415. 861. 2024
707. 252. 3687 professional scripts, improv, cold reading
Catholic Charities Sexual assault
707. 252. 3069 – Fax Immigration Project skills, auditioning techniques, as well as
Contact legal advocate Oakland
Gabby Caro for help with TEENS the business of show business including:
510. 768. 3102

restraining orders Visa petitions, citizenship, headshots, resumes, agents, casting
Vawa Cases (Victims of National Domestic
The Cooperative
domestic violence cases) Violence Hotline directors, self-promotion, unions, the
Restraining Order 800. 799. Safe
Clinic audition process, and the differences
DV Restraining Order
San Francisco Clinic Rape Crisis Line between the LA & SF markets.
415. 864. 4777 Richmond 510. 798. 7273
415. 864. 4722 137th St., Room 185,
415. 864. 1082 – Fax Asian Community
Richmond, CA Mental Health
Bilingual Service;
Restraining Order
510. 374. 3364
Restraining Order
510. 451. 6729
Teens and adults
Desert Rose Productions
Assistance free of charge;
Paperwork served to
clinic held in Richmond
Courthouse Mon & Fri (916) 337-3973
batterer at reduced fee 8-5 pm
2 006 vagi na warriors
C resc i n i
k ee h n

Sarah Jane

h a t t ar i

By Cherie M. Querol Moreno from cruelty. Like herself. about her experience with She grew up sooner than most
Shortly after she came to this domestic violence, which informs and did not take time to process
“Vagina Warriors: The New country with her father at 13, she her work as a member of the the intense emotions she felt
Revolution” celebrates new was date-raped. She endured board of My Sister’s House and through the years she mothered
activists and leaders who are psychological, physical and volunteer facilitator for its Women her family. She joined the cast of
working to end violence against financial abuse by her first and to Work program. The Vagina Monologues to
women in the Filipino community. second husbands. She was A single mother to a 15-year-old “complete my healing.” She is
Vagina Warriors are the women sexually assaulted by a trusted son, she encourages him to quick to tell her story“so that
and men who have often friend, became dependent on anti- understand the dynamics of others can find their strength”
experienced violence personally depressants and contemplated healthy against unhealthy in her example.
or witnessed it within their suicide but was deterred by her relationships, advocating efforts
communities and dedicated responsibility to her three sons. to address domestic violence (DV) Dorka Keehn
themselves toward ending such Education and writing became the issues and her labor of love at Dorka Keehn has been a trailblazer
violence through effective, refuge of the published poet and My Sister’s House as her greatest for 14 years. She co-founded 1000
grassroots means. The Filipina author from Fremont. She is contributions to the women’s Flowers, a GOTV initiative to
Women’s Network is proud to president of the Filipino American movement. engage women in the 2004
honor eight women who personify Real Estate Professionals elections. She formed EMERGE,
courage and conviction. They have Association, and a June bride-to-be. Sarah Jane Ilumin a political leadership training
faced and overcome adversity Sarah Jane Ilumin is a professional program for women Democrats
in their lives and are now actively Ligaya Hattari singer, event planner, and president in Northern California. She also
involved in or heading efforts to Ligaya Hattari is project manager of her design firm in Daly City. A co-formed Women Count, a
end violence against women for administration of California mother to a grown son, she first national nonpartisan media and
and girls. Indian Manpower Consortium in played the role at age 9 when she education drive to mobilize
Sacramento. She is a scholar, assumed the responsibilities of her women in the 2000 elections.
Tess Crescini teacher and a researcher who mother, who was abused by her Dorka is a member of the
Tess Crescini is a real estate broker earned her doctorate in father. Hearing that her parents Commission of the Status of
and co-host of her own community Anthropology with her dissertation were planning to split their four Women of the City and County of
TV channel program conceived to on domestic violence within the children between themselves, San Francisco and has been its
educate and empower individuals Asian / Asian American Sarah Jane vowed to support her president and vice president. She
who have reclaimed their lives communities. Ligaya speaks freely three siblings. chairs the Justice and Courage

10 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Jonah upton
o l i ver i o

o p p en h e i m

megino ochoa

Domestic Violence Panel, convened directors of Sacramento-based My Imelda Oppenheim Domestic Violence Consortium and
to review San Francisco’s response Sister’s House and hopes to expand Imelda Oppenheim is a personal Partners Ending Domestic Violence,
to domestic violence cases in light the agency’s services. fitness trainer in San Mateo who she leads 18 member agencies in
of the murder of Claire Joyce has worked in diverse fields setting and implementing direct
Tempongko. Jonah Oliverio including event planning and service and public policy.
Jonah Oliverio defines fearlessness. marketing. Her serenity belies her Beverly is a relentless champion
Gloria Megino Ochoa She is an administrative assistant painful past. Healing for her is of collaboration of shelters, legal
Gloria Megino Ochoa was the first by day and a community educator “a work in progress.” She joined service providers, and public policy
Filipina elected to a mainland U.S. on call. A member of the survivors’ the cast of FWN’s The Vagina agencies to close gaps thereby
County seat and almost made it to panel of Community Overcoming Monologues to “reconnect with providing optimum service for
the U.S. Congress after her term of Relationship Abuse (CORA), the my roots” and to honor her mother clients and their children. Her
office on the Santa Barbara County Pacifica resident shares her who is a domestic violence service began with her exposure
Board of Supervisors in 1993. The experience at public events and survivor. to the human rights struggle of
Deputy Chief Counsel of the agency workshops to deepen the Her abusive father used the garment workers, which sent her to
California Senate Judiciary cultural sensitivity of staff members children to punish their mother India and Pakistan to set “codes of
Committee was born and raised in responding to domestic violence after she left to save herself from a conduct.” Her personal experience
the Philippines, earned her BS in cases. savage beating. The five children with domestic abuse adds fuel to
Chemistry and juris doctor at UC For 14 years, Jonah was locked were split up, some resettled in the her passion to end family violence.
Davis. For almost 30 years, she has in a marriage with a man who United States with their mother.
been in the forefront of the subjected her and their two sons Despite the separation, they were Special thanks to
women’s movement, drawing from to violent verbal outbursts, name- nurtured by their mother’s gift of Cherie M. Querol Moreno,
her personal experience with calling, curses, public humiliation, hope for a better life. She taught 2004 Vagina Warrior
and 2006 Vagina Warrior
domestic violence to help draft and threats. He slapped her around. Imelda “never to accept any type Selection Committee Chair.
women- and survivor-friendly Twice police were called to their of abuse.”
legislation such as the domestic home by concerned neighbors. She Cherie is Community Outreach
Coordinator for CORA
violence prevention act that sought counseling, liberated herself Beverly Upton (Community Overcoming
became a model for other states from her abusive husband, and Beverly Upton has had a long Relationship Abuse).
CORA’s 24-hour support lines:
and basis for federal law known as gives moral support to other and brilliant history of advocating 800. 300. 1080 and
Violence Against Women Act. In survivors at her support group. for women’s rights. The executive 650. 312. 8515
June she will head the board of director of the San Francisco

re l i g i o n
family stat
Signs to Look for in a Battering Personality cul
t u re
ity DO / INTIMID CE nt
un R E AT S AT I




Many women are interested in whom she talked. As this behavior

ways that they can determine gets worse, he may not let the M G

Rape (forced or coerced sex); Using jealousy; preventing

forcing or coercing sex after you from going out, getting a
whether they are about to become woman make personal decisions

physical abuse; forcing sex in job, going to school, seeing

involved with someone who will be about the house, her clothing, front of children or others; your family and friends;

forcing or coercing intimidating family and
physically abusive. going to church. He may keep unwanted sexual acts; friends so they won’t
withholding see you anymore;
all the money or even make her sex as keeping you away
PHYSICAL punishment from community
Below is a list of behaviors that are ask permission to leave the house Pushing; hitting; kicking; VERBAL / EMOTIONAL
seen in people who beat their or room. biting; pulling hair; throwing;
stomping; grabbing; punching;
Put down; calling names –
stupid, ugly, fat, crazy, etc.; yelling;
girlfriends or wives. The last four choking; using a weapon; throwing playing mind games; making you
objects at you; cornering you; not feel crazy; making you always feel
signs listed are almost always seen 3. Quick Involvement: Many letting you sleep; driving dangerously wrong; humiliating you; not
allowing privacy
only if the person is a batterer. If battered women dated or knew POWER &
the person has several of the other their abuser for less than six USING PREJUDICE / PRIVILEGE CONTROL ECONOMIC
behaviors (say three or more) there months before they were engaged Using your oppressed status
against you (sexism, homophobia,
Controlling your money; not letting you
get a job; not giving you access to
is a strong potential for physical or living together. He comes on like anti-immigrant, racism, ableism, income; recklessly spending or
gambling money; destroying or
classism, etc.)
violence. a whirlwind – “you’re the only USING USING withholding your property
CHILDREN / RELIGION / or valuables
person I could ever talk to,” FAMILY / SPIRITUALITY
Initially the batterer will try to “I’ve never felt loved like this FRIENDS OR PETS
Abusing the children;
Devaluing your
religious / spiritual
explain his behavior as signs of his by anyone.” using guilt about beliefs; using
children / family; making religious / spiritual
love and concern, and a woman children / family / friends beliefs to justify abuse
blame you / threatening to or prevent help; using
may be flattered at first. As time 4. Unrealistic Expectations: take or harm children; religious/ spiritual
goes on, the behavior becomes He is very dependent on the threatening or hurting
family / friends
practices against you
such as spells,
more severe and serves to woman for all of his needs. He / pets curses

dominate the woman. expects her to be the perfect wife/
girlfriend, mother, lover, and friend.
1. Jealousy: At the beginning of a He may say things like, “if you love
relationship, an abuser will almost me, I’m all you need – you’re all I
always say that his jealousy is a need.” She is supposed to take care
sign of love. Jealousy has nothing of everything for him emotionally
to do with love. It is a sign of and in the home. BAS L IT
insecurity and possessiveness. He E M SUPPORT Y
will question the woman about 5. Isolation: He tries to cut the ST Listening to you &
whom she talks to, accuse her of woman off from all resources. If she SAFETY
• Being emotionally
affirming and Supporting your

flirting, or be jealous of the time has men friends, she is a “whore,” goals in life

Staying in touch with understanding

own needs and motivations • Valuing your • Respecting your
she spends with family, friends and if she has women friends, she is a right to your own feelings,

• Respecting partner’s opinions

physical space friends, activities and
children. As the jealousy progresses, “lesbian,” if she is close to family, • Expressing self opinions


he may call her frequently during she is “tied to the apron strings.” SEXUAL

the day or drop by unexpectedly. He He accuses people who are her Accepting that RESPONSIBILITY
“no” means “no” Accepting responsibility for
may refuse to let her work for fear supports of “causing trouble.” • Asking, not expecting behaviors and attitudes
• Caring about partner’s sexual
she’ll meet someone else, or even He may want to live in the country needs and wants
• Acknowledging past use of
do strange behaviors such as without a phone. He may not let • Sharing birth control responsibility • Admitting being wrong
checking her car mileage or asking her use the car. Or he may try to
friends to watch her. keep her from working or going Partner lets you know when they
feel afraid, insecure, etc.
Developing open and genuine
relationships with other
to school. • Communicating happiness people and self
• Sharing fears • Honor right to privacy
2. Controlling Behavior: At first, ECONOMIC
SHARED THREATENING • Respecting family
and friends
the batterer may say that this 6. Blames Others for His JUSTICE PARTNER- BEHAVIOR
Supporting you SHIP Talking and acting so
behavior is because he’s concerned Problems: in your decisions Mutually that you feel safe and
about work agreeing on a comfortable expressing
for the woman’s safety, her need to Someone is always doing him • Who pays for something fair distribution yourself and doing things
use her time well, or her need to wrong – out to get him. He makes would not be an issue
about indebtedness
of responsibilities • Being sensitive to others’
• Making decisions needs and preferences
make good decisions. He may be mistakes and then blames the or expectations together • There is not
a “right” way to do
angry if the woman is “late” woman for upsetting him. things • Supporting
your choices
coming back from the store or an He may tell the woman she is at • Flexibility in roles
appointment. He may question her fault for almost anything that
closely about where she went, to goes wrong. (Continued on p. 24)
DULUTH, MN (VERS 6/6/97)
Marisa Gutierrez Angeles

anti-violence Advocate. Donor. Single M om.

“I have never been so passionate
about any particular cause until
I joined FWN’s Filipinas Against
Violence advocacy campaign,”
Marisa recalled. “When I
accompanied my daughter, Jessica,
to an audition of The Vagina
Monologues, I was so moved by
the commitment of the cast and
crew – women working together
united in ending violence in the
Filipino community – that I knew I My mother is the most supportive
person I know. When she found out
wanted to be part of the solution. that I wanted to major in theatre, she
“Silent killer” is what she calls told me to do what I enjoyed and
domestic violence. The discussions Marisa is a giver. Two years give it my all. She nurtured my dream
about how to help, where to go, ago, she registered with the bone of performing on stage. My mother is
and what to do, when someone is marrow registry. “The opportunity the one person I can count on for the
to give life and share life is the things that matter most. She is my
in an abusive relationship reminded My Mom source for strength and inspiration to
her of a friend who went into ultimate gift,” said Marisa. When
achieve what in most cases would be
hiding to get away from a violent she was contacted that she was a Words to describe my mother: impossibility.
match for a 17-year-old leukemia Strong-willed. Passionate. Loving. The issues surfacing in the
marriage. She wonderes where she
patient, she did not hesitate. She Sincere. Generous. Honest. production of “The Vagina Monologues”
is now. Supportive. My relationship with my
went through a battery of tests to allow the two of us to appreciate
It was 16 years before Marisa mother stands on a very strong more our mother-daughter
saw her mother again. She was six ensure that the young woman can loving foundation. Now that I’m in relationship – a relationship that is
when her mother left for the U.S. look forward to a future – a future college and away from home, our oftentimes lost in the modern day
that was robbed from her stepdad bond is all the more strengthened. social struggles that women face.
She and her four brothers were
when he was diagnosed with My mother was born and raised We continue to communicate and
raised by a nanny and by long- in the Philippines. I remember her
cancer and lost the battle. spend time with each other whenever
distance love. She grew up seeking telling us to appreciate what we we can, discussing a myriad of issues.
to understand why her mother had Marisa raised her two children, have because she never had much “No matter what you do, have
to find a job in a foreign land to Jessica, 17, and Jonathan, 15, to growing up. Don’t get me wrong, faith,”she frequently reminds me.
“live each day as if it were your we weren’t spoiled, but she made And it is her faith in my ability that
support their family. She quickly
last.” Her passion for life fuels sure that we experienced the finer I am able to generate the energy and
learned independence and to things in life that she didn’t have.
her anti-violence advocacy, her inspiration I need to approach and
appreciate family relationships. Such as a good education, travel, explore the complex issues affecting
She went on to earn an industrial philanthropy and her determination shopping couture, owning fine women of my generation.
management engineering degree that every Filipina deserves a jewelry, attending the latest concerts
violence-free society. featuring pop artists, dining at fancy – Jessica Angeles
from the Mapua Institute of restaurants, and many more.
The First
Vagina Warrior

By Stephanie Grace Loleng and
Bettina Santos Yap

If it weren’t for Eve Ensler, The
Vagina Monologues would not
exist. She is the mastermind behind
not only one of the most
controversial and powerful
completely inspirational,” said
Ensler. “The movement keeps
getting larger and larger and keeps
spreading. We’re having victories
everywhere. We are in fact ending
violence against women.”

Ensler visited the Philippines a few
performance pieces about women’s years ago, to watch the first-ever
sexuality, but also behind a Tagalog performance of The Vagina
worldwide movement to stop Monologues. While there, she met
violence against women. The Vagina with Filipino comfort women who
Monologues is based on interviews were forced to have sex with the empowerment and the freeing
Ensler did with over 200 women. Japanese soldiers during World War of women is freeing of human
Many celebrities such as Jane II. Their stories of being taken from beings,” said Ensler.
Fonda, Selma Hayek and Glenn their families while they were
Close have performed the show and teenagers, to be prostitutes for the V-Day has staged large-scale
support the work Ensler has done. Japanese military, touched Ensler so benefits and has highlighted
As Ensler performed in venues much she vowed to make their international women’s issues.
throughout the globe, from small struggle public. This year, V-Day is
towns to large cities, hundreds of dedicated to these women. Many In the beginning, Ensler got a lot of
women told her their stories of rape, are now in their twilight years and flack for using the word “vagina” So I think the whole key to being
incest, domestic violence and are demanding an apology from so liberally. She said that a lot of empowered as a woman is taking
genital mutilation. From this, Ensler the Japanese government and people asked her not to use that risks, being bold, risk not being liked
was inspired to create V-Day. reparations for the injustice they word, but she used it anyway and if you’re standing up to something
experienced. During Filipina that women everywhere should you believe in,” said Ensler.
V-Day, is a global grassroots Women’s Network’s (FWN) empower themselves.
movement that organizes performance of The Vagina It’s this attitude that inspired FWN
campaigns to show The Vagina Monologues, a delegation of “Are there people who wish I to launch the “Filipinas Against
Monologues in different Japanese women from different wasn’t talking about vaginas? You Violence” campaign. Because of the
communities to raise awareness NGOs that seek justice for these bet. Are there people who like to lack of any agency or organization
about violence against women and comfort women, will be special keep women in the dark ages? You in the U.S. that helps Filipina women
funding for local anti-violence guests at the San Francisco FWN bet. Anytime you move anything and girls in violent situations, FWN
groups. “The movement is performance. “I believe firmly that forward in this world people are saw the need to do something to
going to have a problem with you.

14 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
help these Filipina victims of Eve Ensler is currently on tour
domestic abuse. In 2004 and 2005 performing her new play “The Good F R O M V - D AY work to stop violence against
women and girls. V-Day is a global
more than 150,000 people were Body,” that encourages women to TO V - W O R L D movement to stop violence
against women and girls. V-Day is
exposed to FWN’s anti-violence love their bodies – no matter what
campaign. size or shape. She said she has had As V-Day benefit performances of a catalyst that promotes creative
“The Vagina Monologues” reach events to increase awareness,
many women in her life that have raise money and revitalize the
more people, and as the V-energy
She recently told FWN that she was been very supportive of her, spreads, 2006 is the year when spirit of existing anti-violence
proud of the work done to help especially her mother who has we envision a new world, where organizations. V-Day generates
violence would end and V-World is broader attention for the fight to
finally born. Between February 14 stop violence against women and
and March 31 this year, over 2,500 girls, including rape, battery,
fundraisers are taking place in incest, female genital mutilation
1,150 colleges and communities (FGM) and sexual slavery. The ‘V’
in over 54 countries worldwide – in V-Day stands for Victory,
the largest number of events ever Valentine and Vagina.
for V-Day!
Here’s what V-World will look like V-Day is an organized response
When the violence stops, women against violence toward women.
and girls will be:
» Allowed to be born in China, V-Day is a vision: We see a world
India And Korea where women live safely and
» Swimming in Iran freely.
» Safe in their beds at home
in the United States, Europe V-Day is a demand: Rape, incest,
and Asia battery, genital mutilation and
» Eating ice cream in sexual slavery must end now.
» Keeping their clitorises in V-Day is a spirit: We believe
Africa and Asia women should spend their lives
» Wearing blue jeans in Italy creating and thriving rather than
» Voting in Kuwait surviving or recovering from
» Walking in the park at night terrible atrocities.
in the United States
» Openly flirting in Jordan V-Day is a catalyst: By raising
» Safe at parties on college money and consciousness, it
campuses will unify and strengthen existing
» Playing with toys and not anti-violence efforts. Triggering
being sold as them in Asia, far-reaching awareness, it will lay
the United States, Europe and the groundwork for new educa-
Eastern Europe tional, protective, and legislative
» Driving cars in Saudi Arabia endeavors throughout the world.
educate people in the Filipino attended numerous performances. » Wearing trousers in Swaziland
» Safely walking home from V-Day is a process: We will work
community to stop the violence. “I think we’re all in this together as long as it takes. We will not
work in Juarez, Mexico
“I honor so deeply the work you’ve and the more brave we can be » Enjoying sex stop until the violence stops.
done in your community for V-day talking about the truth of our lives » Celebrating their desires
and you’re just true Vagina Warriors and really saying what happened to » Loving their bodies V-Day is a day: We proclaim
in leading the fight. You’ve broken us…the chances are that we free » Running the world Valentine’s Day as V-Day, to
celebrate women and end the
through such extraordinary things ourselves and everyone around us,” violence.
About V-Day
and I’m moved and honored to said Ensler.
V-Day, a nonprofit corporation,
call myself your sister and friend,” distributes funds to grassroots, V-Day is a fierce, wild, unstop-
said Ensler. national, and international pable movement and community.
organizations and programs that

D I R E C T E D B Y : B E T T I N A S A N T O S YA P, E L E N A M A N G A H A S & G I O VA N N I E P I C O
P R O D U C E R : K E N M A R Q U I S | E X E C U T I V E P R O D U C E R S : M A R I LY M O N D E J A R & T E S S I E Z A R A G O Z A

V - DAY S A N F R A N C I S CO 2 0 0 6



EN & V R’S





( TA G


M Y S I S T E R ’ S H O U S E,
F I L I P I N A S AG A I N S T V I O L E N C E &
V - D AY 2 0 0 6 S P OT L I G H T C A M PA I G N :
J U S T I C E TO “CO M F O R T W O M E N ”

S U N D AY, F E B RUA RY 26, 2006
1 : 3 0 P M ( TAG A LO G V E R S I O N ) AN D 6 : 3 0 P M ( E N G L I S H )

4 0 1 VA N N E S S AV E N U E @ M c A L L I S T E R , S A N F R A N C I S CO

T I C K E TS : $ 3 5 / $ 5 5 / $ 6 5 / $ 1 0 0
415. 392. 4400

T H E V - D I A R I E S : W W W. F F W N . O R G | 4 1 5 . 2 7 8 . 9 4 1 0
1:30 PM
Kiki Workshop Dunham, Bettina Yap, Cherie Sabihin Ninyo Tinanong Namin ang
Christina Dunham, Tess Crescini, Querol Moreno Lina Mesina Susbilla, Sorcy Isang Anim na Taong
Anne Almendral Apostol Gulang na Batang
Extro – Tabinging Babae
Katotohanang Puki: Trintas Extro – Sabihin Ninyo
PA R T O N E Tinggil Jei Africa Elena Mangahas Intro – Ang Babaeng
Michelle Buendia Mahilig Magpaligaya
FOREPLAY Intro – Binugbog ang
Ang Aking Puking Galit ng mga Puke
Kit de Castro Intro – Pagkat Gusto Pagkababae sa Aking
Edna Rodis, Joy San Andres Jei Africa
Niya Itong Titigan Lalaki
Edna Murray Leah Laxamana
Marily Mondejar INTERMISSION Ang Babaeng Mahilig
Pagkat Gusto Niya Itong PA R T T W O Binugbog ang Pagkaba- Magpaligaya ng mga
Titigan bae sa Aking Lalaki Puke
Leah Laxamana, Mae Brana,
Bettina Santos Yap Introduksyon sa Bosnia Byumi Gonzalez, Cameron Rinabeth Apostol
Edna Rodis, Byumi Gonzalez,
Marisa Angeles Garcia
Sarah Jane Ilumin Intro – 12 years old. Intro – Naroon Ako sa
Sinampal ako ni Nanay Ang Aking Pwerta, Extro – Binugbog Loob ng Silid
Intro – Ang Kwento
Rinabeth Apostol Ang Aking Nayon Marisa Angeles Anne Almendral
ng Buhok
Mae Braña, Michelle Buendia
Marisa Angeles 12 years old. Sinampal Ano’ng Amoy Mo? Naroon Ako sa Loob
ako ni Nanay Extro – Ang Aking Edna Murray, Joy San Andres, ng Silid
Ang Kwento ng Buhok
Joy San Andres, Anne Almendral, Pwerta Cherie Querol Moreno, Elena Mangahas, Sorcy Apostol,
Edna Murray
Mae Brana, Genevieve Dwyer Elena Mangahas Genevieve Jopanda, Tess Lina Mesina Susbilla
Kung Mabibihisan / Crescini, Christina Dunham
Isang Hindi Nakatutu- Intro – Ang Aking CURTAIN CALL
Makapagsasalita ang
wang Katotohanang Munting Kalachuchi Ang Aking Maiksing
Iyong Puki, Ano Ang
Puki: Female Genital Genevieve Dwyer Palda
Isusuot / Sasabihin Nito?
Mutilation Sarah Jane Ilumin
Lina Mesina Susbilla, Cameron Ang Aking Munting 2006
Tess Crescini
Garcia, Cherie Querol Moreno, Kalachuchi Intro – Pagbawi sa Puki VAGINA WARRIORS
Byumi Gonzalez, Genevieve Intro – Tabinging Mae Braña, Rebecca Apostol, Bettina Santos Yap
Jopanda, Genevieve Dwyer Trintas Anne Almendral, Leah Laxamana
Byumi Gonzalez Pagbawi sa Puki Tess Crescini
Intro – Ang Aking Baha Intro – Sabihin Ninyo Edna Rodis
Jei Africa Tabinging Trintas Tess Crescini, Bettina Santos Yap Ligaya Hattari
Ang Aking Baha
Edna Murray, Michelle Buendia Sarah Jane Ilumin
Sarah Jane Ilumin, Christina
Sorcy Apostol
Dorka Keehn
Gloria Megino Ochoa
THE Jonah Oliverio
Extro – Crooked Braid Say It
Imelda Oppenheim
The Vagina Workshop
VAGINA Rinabeth Apostol (For the Comfort Women)
MONOLOGUES Imelda Oppenheim, Maria Luisa
Osmeña, Sarah Jane Ilumin Vangie Cononizado Buell, Jessica Beverly Upton
6:30 PM My Angry Vagina Angeles
Vagina Happy Fact Evelyn Luluquisen, Leah
Edna Rodis Laxamana Extro – Say It
Intro – Because He Liked to Elena Mangahas
FOREPLAY Look at It Intro – They Beat the Girl
Rinabeth Apostol PA R T T W O
Kit de Guzman Out of My Boy…or so They
Tried A Six-year-old Girl
Introduction Because He Liked to Intro – My Vagina Was
Look at It My Village Leah Laxamana was Asked
Rica Echavez, Genevieve Jopanda, Maria Luisa Osmeña, Katrien
Leah Laxamana, Evelyn Luluquisen, Cherie Querol Moreno Marie Rivera Yip They Beat the Girl Out of Van Riel, Julia Van Riel
Joy San Andres Intro – I was 12 My Mother My Vagina Was My Village My Boy…or so They Tried
Slapped Me Genevieve Jopanda, Rebecca Cameron Garcia, Byumi Intro – The Woman Who
Intro – Hair
Minette Mangahas Apostol Gonzalez Loved to Make Vaginas
Jessica Angeles
Extro – They Beat the Girl
Hair I was 12 My Mother Extro – My Vagina Was Rebecca Apostol
Slapped Me My Village Out of My Boy…
Christina Dunham Jei Africa
June Pariña, Jena Kocian, Giovannie Pico The Woman Who Loved to
Wear and Say Rica Echavez, Jennifer Jimenez Smell
Make Vaginas Happy
Cameron Garcia, Minette Intro – The Little Coochi Rinabeth Apostol
Not-So-Happy-Fact Snorcher That Could Tess Crescini, Vici Layus, Rica
Mangahas, Anna-Liza Estoesta, Echavez, Christina Dunham,
Lina Mesina Susbilla, Byumi Anna-Liza Estoesta Teresa Ferrer Guingona Intro – I Was There in
Marie Rivera Yip, Evelyn The Room
Gonzalez, Joy Almquist Luluquisen
Intro – Crooked Braid The Little Coochi Bettina Santos Yap
Intro – The Flood Mae Braña Snorcher That Could
Jena Kocian, June Pariña, My Short Skirt I Was There in The Room
Teresa Ferrer Guingona Giovannie Pico
Crooked Braid Anna-Liza Estoesta, Jennifer Sorcy Apostol, Vangie
The Flood Lina Mesina Susbilla, Vici Layus, Jimenez, Minette Mangahas Canonizado Buell
Imelda Oppenheim, Sarah Jane Intro – Reclaiming Cunt
Sorcy Apostol Joy Almquist
Ilumin, Tess Crescini, Joy Intro – Say It CURTAIN CALL
Almquist (For the Comfort Women) Reclaiming Cunt
Gloria Megino Ochoa Edna Rodis

Backstage: Beyond sword, and believes in never letting
anything get in her way – hates
Being V-Day Women Math. Or, that Cameron Garcia

{ }
(a.k.a. a former police officer who
By Lorna Lardizabal Dietz is the first Filipina transgender to
publicly come out) is actually former
Who’s Who
Rehearsals, more rehearsals, more
tongue-twisting words spewing out
of our mouths, more rehearsals –
Philippines’ First Lady, Imelda
Marcos, in disguise. We commend in the Cast Anna-Liza Estoesta Anne Almendral
Cameron for driving to and from Sales Representative, Mother, Wife,
more, more, and more. Yet every Monterey, and joyously carpooling Farmers Insurance, Business Woman,
week-end, we juggled our personal with our Silicon Valley performers. Jeffrey Wong Insurance Almendral Management
commitments to be there to rehearse, Agency Services
Edna Austria Rodis takes on
aiming to perfect our craft for the a totally different persona when
love of “pop culture through watching horror movies: she
community theater.” We’ve revealed screams, clings to her companion,
and shared so much of ourselves and yes – shuts her eyes during
during the time we spent together. those gory, oh-so bloody scenes.
Courageous and daring are only a Our parents played a huge role in
few adjectives that describe us since influencing us to “Do your best…
we, at Filipina Women’s Network, do the right thing,” according to Bettina Santos Yap Byumi Gonzalez Cameron D. Garcia Cherie M. Querol
produced “The Vagina Monologues” Teresa Ferrer-Guingona, who Marketing Consultant Operations Agent, Bank Sexual Assault Counselor, Moreno
(TVM) yearly since 2004 at the of America; Freelance SART, Monterey Rape Community Outreach
has a Masters degree in Human Fashion Designer, T-sh/ Crisis Center Coordinator, CORA
historic Herbst Theatre. All of us, Sexuality Studies and is currently B’yumi Couture
through inevitable osmosis, working on a Doctorate in Clinical
throughout the duration of our Psychology. Lina Susbilla, an
rehearsals – and culminating in Eleanor Roosevelt admirer and a
the adrenalin-pounding, knees tree-climbing aficionado (aha!)
shaking, and thoroughly thrilling in her pre-Florist days, also had
performances, poured out our parents who told her to “do the
passion and compassion in bringing best that you can.”
our message forward. We are not
alone. You came along and cheered When Marily Mondejar asked us
with us, supporting our stuttering how we knew that our parents were Christina Dunham Edna Austria Rodis Edna Biscocho Elena Mangahas
mouths through phrases like proud of us, Sarah Jane Ilumin Associate Publisher, Registered Nurse, Murray Co-Chair,
“Usaping Puki.” Filipinas Magazine; Kaiser Medical Center Clerk, Little Manila Foundation
and Imelda Oppenheim – both Vice-President, Atlantic Alameda County;
inspired by the life and works of Bancorp of America Professional Massage
Let’s bring you backstage and give Oprah Winfrey – talked about Therapist
you some juicy highlights about our their careers. Imelda poignantly
“being-ness,” our friendships, and remembered “when I was accepted
camaraderie… so you get to know to Juilliard Ballet School” while
us beyond our names and our Sarah said, “When I became a
uhum, so-called titles of profession professional singer.” Jennifer
and vocation. (Jenna) Kocian answered, “When
they’d take me shopping at Stanford
Genevieve Jopanda, who Mall and didn’t yell at me.” In a
understands how karmic benefits more somber note, Jenna confessed: Evelyn Luluquisen Genevieve Dwyer Genevieve V. Jopanda Giovannie Pico
and consequences play in her “Even though I don’t see or call
Human Resources President, City Operations Manager, Actor;
decision-making process (“gaba” in Manager, Genevieve’s Corporation South Bay, Founder,
myself a survivor of domestic U.C. Berkeley Hertz Corporation May “K”: The Giovannie
the Visayan dialect), and Minette violence, I am.”Amidst the laughter Pico Foundation
Lee Mangahas, who believes in and the celebrations, we opened
living honestly and joyfully, both up to each other about our fears.
have first names that are French While Edna Murray, a holistically-
in origin. While Genevieve and her talented massage therapist and
four other siblings were named after health educator who cites her father
French saints, Minette says her as her inspiration, confidently
name means “girl or cat.” affirmed, “No fear! I believe in God.
I can start all over again!” Vici
We would never have guessed that Aquino-Layus, who first watched
Cherie M. Querol Moreno – her friend, Edna Rodis, perform in Imelda Oppenheim Jei Africa, Psy.D. Jennifer Francia Jennifer S. Jimenez
the woman who walks like a fashion the 2005 production of “The Vagina
Trainer, Clinical Director, Kocian Client Support Specialist,
model on a catwalk, wields the Excel Personal Training Community Overcoming Financial Consultant, Community Overcoming
Monologues,” felt that “the Relationship Abuse World Financial Group; Relationship Abuse
fountainhead of her pen like a challenge to perform in TVM” is (CORA) Cosmetologist (CORA)

18 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
her greatest fear. Not to worry, Vici! we also found out you are quite
Rica Echavez, who admits that she a sultry singer and a successful
is full of surprises (delightful, we swimsuit model on the runway!
add!), is afraid about “not doing Even Genevieve Dwyer’s
enough or taking the wrong path.” transformation these past few years
is breath-taking. Not only does she
Trying to relax in our perfectionism make the divorce process easy for
Jessica Angeles Joy Francia Almquist Joy San Andres JULIA VAN RIEL was no easy task. There were words her clients, she also had to replace
Student, Registered Nurse, BSN, Teacher, Student to live by (or mottos) that kept all her old, “fat” photos with
Cal State Fullerton PHN Sunnyvale School District popping up during rehearsals bling-bling, head-turning portraits.
or in our e-mails. While Leah
Laxamana – our administrative The spontaneous, fun-loving Anna-
powerhouse who also freelances Liza Estoesta, known to many
in graphic and web designs – of her friends as the “Annalyzer,”
believes in living life without regrets, takes pride in her ability and
Byumi Gonzalez, who says she willingness to put others before
struts better than any supermodel herself as well as having a close-knit
and claims to own a wardrobe that multi-cultural group of friends. In the
would make Donatella Versace join meantime, Joy San Andres, who
the unemployment line, displayed first joined TVM in 2005, has made a
June Pariña KATRIEN VAN RIEL Leah Laxamana Lina Mesina Susbilla her “joie de vivre” with “Who needs joyous 180 degree transformation –
Director, Media Relations, Student Administrative Assistant, Owner, Lena’s Flowers
The Blueshirt Group Korn / Ferry International & Gifts; Commissioner, a love life when you’re loving life?” from performer to Tagalog coach
Commission on the Status Not to be outdone, Jennifer S. to Tagalog translator. Joy’s self-
of Women, San Mateo Cty. Jimenez, who provides counseling confidence boosted her performance
and emotional support to female in the more challenging Tagalog
survivors of domestic violence, monologues in “Usaping Puki.”
simply blurted out, “Just do it!”
There are many risk-takers in the
About our legacies for those who cast but none as determined as
follow us, legacies for more women Mae Brana. She definitely pushed
who dare to come out and speak the envelope. Mae left a successful
up for their rights – well, there business in the Philippines to
were varied responses. Evelyn pursue her MBA in San Francisco,
Mae Brana Maria Luisa Marisa Angeles Marie Rivera Yip Luluquisen, who declares her life dared to explore the wonders of
Gemologist; Osmeña, MD Office Manager, Retired,
MBA Student, Pediatrician, Bonita House, Inc. Alameda County is an open book, candidly said, “ political empowerment in her
University of San LiveWell Medical Clinic I did it my way!” June Pariña, MBA program’s student council,
Francisco who recently went home to the and finally found her groove among
Philippines to do some research on the FWN members when she
her family history, stated: “Experience volunteered during our Filipina
the world, find your way. If you get Women’s Summit in October 2005
lost, always know where ‘home’ is.” with her best friend, Anna Mamon.

Altruism also scored high with the The businesswomen in this year’s
“legacy” question. For instance, cast inspired us to believe that we
Joy Francia Almquist, our can have it all. We’re curious to find
Florence Nightingale, wants to be out how Michelle U. Buendia
Michelle U. Buendia Minette Lee Rebecca Concepcion Rica Echavez remembered as “the person who manages to balance her life as a
Financial Coach, Mangahas Apostol Mortgage Consultant,
World Financial Group Program Associate, Member, Board of Capital West gave herself for the good of others.” wife, a mother with two kids, and
Center for Art and Public Directors, Philippine still perform in the Tagalog version
Life, California College of National Day Association; My, oh my, we found more little- of TVM so eloquently and flawlessly.
the Arts known trivia about our 2006 TVM (Sigh!) One of our 2006 Vagina
cast and crew. Warriors, Tess Crescini, is a
survivor of emotional, mental,
The very busy Stephanie Loleng and physical domestic abuse.
had successfully jumped from the As someone who has successfully
world of print media to public overcome her personal circumstances,
broadcasting, found time to Tess co-hosts a TV show entitled
co-author a coffee table book, “Survival,” which raises awareness
and practice yoga. Cabo, Christina of and advocates for ending
Rinabeth Apostol Sarah Jane Ilumin Sorcy Apostol Teresa Ferrer Dunham’s adorable Black domestic violence. We also met
Performing Artist / Activist Vice President and Instructor, Sacramento Guingona
Manager, City College; Regional Member, Filipino Task Labrador-Pit Bull (who’s more Lab Anne Almendral, who articulated
Yashi Okita Design Manager, Force, CORA; in temperament), greets visitors and her priorities when she had to take
UC Davis School Board Member, Asian clients in her office. C’mon, Christina, care of her family’s health challenges
University Partnership American Recovery Svs.

during the rehearsal weekends. “I’m last January 29. Bringing medical
a mother first, a businesswoman services directly to her patients
next,” she declared. We clearly have
an early advocate for Filipina
women’s empowerment in Anne.
during mall hours is quite an
innovative concept. Imagine,
we can shop while waiting for
She didn’t say “businessperson” our appointment!
or “business professional.” Anne
insisted on using the word, Let’s talk about the Apostol mother- Tess Crescini Vangie Canonizado Vici Aquino-Layus
“businesswoman” with pride. daughters team. Mom Sorcy Broker, RW-Heritage Buell Financial Aide Consultant,
Way to go! Concepcion Apostol and Homes & Investments Author, Musician, San Jose State University
Events Coordinator
daughters Rebecca Apostol and
Dr. Jei Africa, a known expert in Rinabeth Apostol spent their
cultural competence, mental health, own money and commuted to
and substance abuses, gave voice San Francisco every weekend for

{ }
to her predicament about the cast’s rehearsals. They’re that committed to
choice for its curtain call costume
changes. She was puzzled. “What is
it about ‘red’? I’ve never worn a red
the cause of ending violence against
women and girls. Sorcy commuted
from Sacramento/Central Valley
Who’s Who
outfit in my life.” while her daughters traveled from
Los Angeles. None of our 2006 TVM
in the Crew
Evangeline (Vangie) Canonizado cast and crew knew that Rebecca’s Executive Producer: Executive Producer:
Buell, the grandmother who will dramatic prowess was evident when Marily Mondejar Tessie Zaragoza
be eternally remembered for her she participated in a short stage President, FWN; Executive Chair of the FWN Board;
Director, Institute for President, Organ Donor
poignant rendition of the monologue, presentation with 11 other youth Image Management Rights Network
“I was There!” with her daughter, representatives from all over the U.S.
Nikki Vilas, in our 2004 production, that breathed life to a lyrical essay,
is one of our Vagina Warriors (2004). “The Flames of Consciousness,” in
After having suffered abuse as a the 2002 National Empowerment
child, Vangie successfully turned her Conference of the National
life around to become one of our Federation of Filipino American
Filipina community’s sterling role Associations. Rinabeth, named after
models: an elegant grandmother, a Queen Elizabeth, emphasized to us
musical artist, a community activist, that her parents and Spiderman
a prominent Filipino American inspire her. Rinabeth’s quirky sense Producer: Director: Director: Director:
Ken Marquis Bettina Santos Yap Elena Mangahas Giovannie Pico
historical and inter-cultural advocate, of humor showed up when she Executive Producer, Marketing Consultant Co-Chair, Little Manila Actor, Founder,
and a celebrated author. Vangie’s stated her motto: “When life pisses GLOBAL360, Inc. Foundation May “K”: The Giovannie
dearest friend, Marie Yip, also in your dreams, just add chlorine Pico Foundation
joined us in this year’s TVM. These and keep on swimming.” She even
two life-long friends are inseparable. disclosed that parental advice was
In 2004, she brought the house also spiked with metaphors, such
down with her dead-pan sense of as, “As long as you hang out with
humor in the group monologues. turkeys, you’ll never soar with the
Nowadays, Marie celebrates her eagles!”
retirement by being involved with
her love for theater and travel Then, we met the mother-daughter
activities. Her great sense of fashion pair – Marisa Angeles and her Editor, V-Diaries: Editor, V-Diaries: Art Director: Musical Director:
– and never a hair out of place! – daughter, Jessica Angeles. Jessica, Genevieve V. Jopanda Stephanie Loleng Al S. Perez Socorro “Kit”
makes us proud! who is currently a student at Cal City Operations Manager, Writer Principal, de Castro
State-Fullerton, commuted from South Bay, Hertz Creative i Studio Musical Director,
Corporation Landsberg Productions
This year, we had more families join Southern California every weekend
the cast. just for this production. Marisa, a
single mom, is a passionate
Maria Luisa Osmeña, M.D., advocate for the National Marrow
brought her daughters, Katrien Donor Program. She must have gone
Van Riel, a third grader at Presidio beyond what was expected of her
Hill School, and Julia Van Riel, because someone donated a family
a kindergartener from the same ad in her name for TVM 2006 and
school. This forward-thinking some money to fund this year’s VIP
pediatrician, who believes in serving Reception, which Marisa chaired. Connie Lloren- Lorna Dietz Marisa Angeles Sonia Delen
children and families, just opened Jungmann Marketing and PR Office Manager, Managing Director,
her brand-new medical clinic at the Photographer, Consultant, Bonita House, Inc. Banc of America Leasing
Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno,
Senior Accountant,
(yes, with lots of parking space!) Xythos Software

20 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Becoming a Swan Princess Salutations & Glorious Greetings
By Byumi Gonzalez I hated how everyone expected
me to be a man. to FWN and the Cast & Crew of
I was a stud in high school. My When I got to college,
father forced me to be a part of everything changed. It became The Vagina Monologues 2006
the Junior basketball team, and “Co-ed “and everything was more
I remember those hot sweaty diverse. Because I grew up in an all
afternoons where I had to engage
in rough, competent routines,
rebounds and defense. The boys
boys Catholic school that required
uniforms, the liberty of being free
to wear anything you want put a
Lena’s Flowers & Gifts
called it play. I called it torture. big smile on my face.
I had such a small, boney I started plucking my eyebrows,
frame as a kid, and I remember my growing my hair, and shaving my
peers pushing me around like a legs. I said goodbye to the loose
punching bag – I was abused with clothes and started wearing my
hard fists and relentless punches. mom’s clothes to school. Everyone
I was scared of those hard, rubber was shocked. My basketball
basketballs, and I remember friends didn’t talk to me anymore. Len & Lina Susbilla, Owners
falling head first on the floor with My dad was ashamed of me. I got 100 Los Olivos Avenue
a bloody nose because I failed to mocked and bullied everyday. The
catch the one ball flying towards more they made fun of me, the Daly City, CA 94014
my face. more I enjoyed it. My wardrobe Tel: 650. 270. 3363
I didn’t mind it though. I got started to bloom, and the girls
to hangout with the hottest boys loved me for my style. I started
in school. I’d see them undress in getting compliments, and as my
the locker rooms, and take steamy hair started to grow, it became Polly S. Cortez
showers after practice. My eyes softer and shinier. Board of Directors
explored every single part of their I graduated College as the
manhood on a regular basis, “Batch Queen.” I became the Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area
and to me that made it all worth most popular girl in school. People
the game. stopped giving me crap. The girls
842 Navaroone Way
I was forced to learn how to took care of me, and I started to Concord, CA 94518
smoke, shoot air guns, play video hangout with the rich, snobby Home: 925. 676. 7465
games, and learn how to pick glam girls and the cheerleaders. Cell: 925. 876. 7695
up fights with the nerds and the My basketball friends talked to me
wankers. While deep inside all I again because they were dating
wanted to do was, play Barbie my girlfriends. I got my diploma
dolls, sew, cook and do my nails. wearing a dress, and because my
Everyone hated me. Everyone, brother never graduated college,
including myself. I finally got my father’s respect.
I felt like the ugly duckling. A I’m now 27, and I just went
butterfly caged in her own cocoon. through my breast augmentation
I hated the fact that I couldn’t surgery last month. The ugly
shave my facial hair even if it was duckling is now a swan princess,
itchy. I felt uncomfortable wearing and my basketball shorts are
loose, boring clothes and pants neatly folded in an old, dusty box
that felt like they were falling hidden under my bed, where it
because they were 2 sizes too belongs.
bigger. I hated being a man.

photo b y voltaire yap
And let’s see what our production crew was the myth that these two genres are oil-and- Sonia Delen, who recently humbly their personal highlights while remaining
up to this year. water mixtures. Pistahan Parade and Festival, announced her promotion to Managing respectful and sensitive. Really, my role was to
the annual celebration of our Filipino culture Director at Banc of America Leasing, decided read between the lines.
Our co-directors brought in creative and and heritage, is Al’s main non-profit cause. that this year, she would just do production
insightful ideas. Our tried-and-true actor from You bet, we’re there to support you this work. Thanks to her, Bank of America will There’s really more to Filipina women that
Hollywood who founded her “May ‘K’: The August, Al! always stay top-of-mind because we have you’ve met backstage this year. We’ve offered
Giovannie Pico Foundation,” opened her heart wonderful memories of our rehearsals in their you some delectable morsels of thought about
and home to cast members who needed What if we were to tell you that synchronicity auditorium during the past three years. our “Filipinas in Motion.”
additional coaching. Thank you, Giovannie and serendipity were responsible for bringing
Pico! Stockton-based Elena Mangahas, our Socorro “Kit” de Castro, our musical As executive producer, Tessie Zaragoza We’ll be back. And you’ll be back. And you’ll
co-director who roared “Cunt!” in our 2004 director, to us in 2004? Lorna Dietz was so managed the business aspects of producing bring your friends to meet more of us. We look
TVM production, believes in a peaceable attracted to Kit’s mastery of the keyboard in TVM since 2004. She made our productions forward to our next time together.
future while co-director, Bettina Santos 2000 that she insisted on keeping in touch. look and feel effortless. We didn’t realize that
Yap, whose mother originally wanted to When Kit came on board, lo and behold, it is Tessie’s skills as a diplomat and negotiator Lorna Lardizabal Dietz is a public
name her Beatrice, feels that her “sense of we had one of the most talented Filipina that helped us overcome many challenges. As relations, marketing, and strategic business
community” will resonate well with future woman composers / song-writers in our midst. a staunch advocate for transplant donors, consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.
generations. Although we now know about Kit’s we’ve seen Tessie take community relations in Although Lorna claims that she will make the
credentials, here are just a few tidbits: Socorro, non-profit work to new levels of time to update her website, www.radiantview.
We were so blessed to have the adorable Ken along with her husband, keyboardist Norman professionalism in the Filipino community. com, she feels that some of her activities, such
Marquis join us as “producer extraordinaire” Landsberg, run Landsberg Music Productions, as her consulting work with the Filipino
this year. This Emmy-nominated TV producer a full service music production company Tessie’s co-executive producer, Marily American Senior Opportunities Development
and former child actor, among his numerous providing music direction and arrangements Mondejar, ever-articulate and ever-evolving Council, Inc. in San Jose and her business
credentials, coached the actors before for album productions, live performances, as as a true example of “A Filipina who could be development responsibilities at www.
Giovannie Pico took over. Ken really made it well as scoring for commercials and films such President,” declined the inclusion of too much (Filipinas Magazine) rate
happen. He made sure that the cast and crew as Ramona S. Diaz’ award-winning trivia in her honor. Marily said, “My job is to “high” on her priority list. Lorna thinks that
totally understood the nuances of a theater documentary, “Spirits Rising.” Kit also has her be invisible and let the cast and crew shine!” perhaps Marily Mondejar is right in assuming
production – and especially with the novice own CD of original compositions, self-titled that a society-gossip column on Page 6 of a
performers, who had to learn the basics of “Socorro.” As for me, the volunteer society columnist for reputable publication might just be a new,
stage projection and stage presence – for a this year’s TVM cast and crew, I do have the “pop culture” avenue of promoting Filipino
Wow! performance. Connie Lloren, our volunteer photographer, last word. I didn’t know many of the cast American empowerment. Lorna Dietz can be
another veteran since 2004, has always kept members – and I had to come up with newsy reached at
Al Perez, the “darling of our Filipino us straight and narrow with her accounting and juicy tidbits. So, I lurked in the yahoo
community” and our art director, is truly one and project management skills. If you loved group and planted spies all over the place
of our most heart-warming success stories in many of our performers’ headshots, chances who willingly fed me inside information about
graphic design and volunteerism, dispelling are that it was Connie’s work. the fabulous TVM cast and crew. I revealed

22 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
V-Angel Sponsors: Tessie Zaragoza, Organ Donor Rights Network;
Bob and Catherine in honor of Marisa Gutierrez Angeles
DiVine Sponsor: Marily Mondejar, Institute for Image Management WA N T T O R E AC H T H E F I L I P I N O A M E R I C A N M A R K E T ? C A L L T H E E X P E R T S :
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Donors: Acme Bread • Marisa Angeles • API Legal Outreach: Kevin listed in donor registries and those who have signed
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Board • Bettina Yap • Voltaire V. Yap • Jason Zien • Richard Gervais

(Continued from p. 12) animals brutally or is insensitive to their
pain or suffering. He may expect
7. Blames Others for His Feelings: children to be capable of doing things
He may tell the woman “you make me far beyond their ability (hits a 2-year-old
mad,” “you’re hurting me by not doing for wetting their diaper), or he may
what I ask,” I can’t help being angry.” tease children or young brothers and
He really makes the decision about sisters until they cry. (60% of men,
what he thinks and feels but will use who are with women, also beat their
feelings to manipulate the woman. children). He may not want children to
eat at the table or expect them to keep
8. Hypersensitivity: He may be easily to their room all evening while he is
insulted. He claims his feelings are at home. Congratulations and Best Wishes
“hurt” when he’s really mad, or he
takes the slightest setbacks as personal 10. “Playful” Use of Force in Sex:
to the Filipina Women’s Network!
attacks. He will “rant and rave” about He may like to throw the woman down
the injustice of things that have and hold her down during sex. He may
happened to him. These things are want to act out fantasies during sex
really just part of living, like being asked where the woman is helpless. He may
to work overtime, getting a traffic be letting her know that the idea of
ticket, being told that something he
does is annoying, being asked to help
“rape” excites him. He may start having
sex with the woman while she is
Richard Gervais Collection
with chores. sleeping or demand sex when she is ill 965 Natoma Street, San Francisco
or tired.
9. Cruelty to Animals or Children: 415. 255. 4579
This may be a man who punishes Adapted from Project for Victims of Family Violence, Inc., Fayetteville, AR

24 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Vicitacion! Image Builds
We’re so proud of you Business
for taking a stand
and join you... Capabilities Overview F O R I N D IVI D U ALS
The Institute for Image Management has » Corporate Savvy
No violence to women and girls. developed a unique approach to helping » Dressing to Influence
indviduals and organizations define » Seven Aspects of Image
Clay, Roman, Leia & Marius themselves and commmunicate with » Career Management
relevance and credibility to important » Executive Coaching
internal and external audiences. » Life Planning
» Culture Image 360 Assessment
The Institute for Doing Business in the
U.S. was formed to address the lack of
understanding of the cultural nuances » Change Management
affecting international executives » Scenario Planning
and teams operating in the U.S., and » Workforce Consulting and
international businesses wanting to Outplacement
expand operations in the U.S. » Facilitation and Training

I F Institute for
Call for a career image consultation Image | 415. 863. 2573 I M Management

Congratulations Tessie!
Woman. Survivor. Warrior
By shattering your chain of domestic abuse,
your courage is like a mace in the fight
to end violence against women and girls.

Ikaw and aking Puking Magdirigma!

Mahal Kita,

Filipina Women’s Network
P. O. Box 192143
San Francisco, CA 94119
Phone: 415. 278. 9410
Fax: 415. 840. 0655

Mission Statement
Established in 2001, FWN’s
mission is to enhance public Fundraising Events, Corporate Sponsorships and Naming Opportunities
perceptions of Filipina women’s Partner with the Filipina Women’s Network and support Filipina women, America’s
capacities to lead, change biases untapped source for leadership and talent.
against Filipina women’s
leadership abilities and promote
the entry of Filipina women into
positions of leadership in
Campaign to stop abuse against October 27-29, 2006 Leadership program for Filipina
FWN achieves its mission through Filipina women and girls. V-Day San Francisco women. Building the Filipina
public education forums that San Francisco Spotlight 2006: Attention Corporations: community’s pipeline of qualified
heighten Filipina women’s Justice to ‘Comfort Women’. Plan Your Participation Now! leaders, to increase the odds that
visibility, research on Filipina All-Filipina women production Send your Filipina employees to some will rise to the president
women’s issues, leadership, skill
building and career development of “The Vagina Monologues” the Summit. Call (415) 278-9410. position in all sectors. Sponsor a
programs for Filipina women, and performed in English and Tagalog “presidential candidate.”
influencing popular culture. (“Usaping Puki”). The Filipina Summit is convened Call (415) 278-9410
in October because the earliest
Goals 2006-07 Sunday, February 26, 2006 documented proof of Filipino
Increase financial assistance Herbst Theatre presence in the Continental FILIPINA WOMEN’S
capabilities to ensure that FWN 401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco United States was in October NETWORK MAGAZINE
educational programs and events Tickets: (415) 392-4400 1587 in Morro Bay, California. Annual publication about the
are accessible to Filipina women nuances of Filipina culture,
of all socio-economic Call: (415) 278-9410 for empowerment articles, career
backgrounds. sponsorships. “V-DIARIES”: strategies, and highlighting
Increase FWN’s network of Filipina ANTI-VIOLENCE RESOURCE the accomplishments of Filipina
women business owners and GUIDE women in the U. S. Publication
those employed in corporations, COUNCIL OF REMARKABLE Annual publication designed date: October 2006. Call (415)
government and nonprofit FILIPINA WOMEN to provide a voice for domestic 278-9410 to place an ad.
organizations and utilize the Mentoring Circles – creating a violence survivors and Filipina
database as a pipeline for community of Filipinas helping women and girls in abusive
opportunities for corporate each other succeed and cultivating situations including a resource KAPAMILYA COMMUNITY
visibility and professional future community leaders. list of domestic violence agencies, PARTNER FUND
development. Sponsor a mentoring circle. shelters, legal and counseling Endow research projects and
Call (415) 278-9410 services and law enforcement educational programs about the
Endow the Filipina Leadership offices. Publication date: March Filipina American Experience.
Development and Mentoring
Program 2006. Call (415) 278-9410 to Call (415) 278-9410 for
place an ad. naming opportunities and for
Generate operating funds for the sponsorships.
establishment of a national
headquarters and research library
to house our historical collection
documenting the achievements of How to reach the Filipina Women’s Network • P. O. Box 192143, San Francisco, CA 94119 • Phone: 415 / 278. 9410 • Fax: 415 / 840. 0655 •
Filipina women in the U. S. The views and opinions of advertisers and contributors expressed in this publication do not necessarily state or reflect those of Filipina Women’s Network.
© 2005 Filipina Women’s Network. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be published without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

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Coming Together As a Community:
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Filipina Summit over three decades

“Shaping the PURPOSE: Experience similarities, share facts of each others’
Filipina Image” • PRESENT: External forces shaping our lives and our
A Future Search community right now
PURPOSE: Talk about same world, find common ground,
Conference confront chaos, take responsibility

Filipina Women’s Network • FUTURE: Ideal scenarios and common ground
October 27-29, 2006 PURPOSE: Translates dialogue into aspirations, discover
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