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WhiteHat Security and Citrix | Solutions Brief

with WhiteHat

WhiteHat Security and Citrix | Solutions Brief

WhiteHat Security identifies web application

vulnerabilities with its proprietary scanning
technology, WhiteHat Sentinel. The WhiteHat
Threat Research Center, an army of highly
qualified Application Security Engineers, fully verifies
all findings identified by Sentinel. This ensures zero
false positives and 100% actionable results. You
can prevent malicious users from exploiting any
discovered vulnerabilities by using this data to
automate rules creation for the Citrix NetScaler
Application Firewall. This tight integration reduces
the risk to the business by immediately securing
the vulnerable web applications.
Traditionally, organizations use web application scanning to discover
vulnerabilities, which developers subsequently fix with patches. Relying on
scanning alone can cost an organization days or weeks to develop and deploy
the patches in production - leaving web applications exposed and vulnerable to
attacks if no other counter measures are taken. In cases where codebases are
no longer maintained for legacy applications, remediating a discovered
vulnerability through traditional means may simply not be possible. The
integration of Sentinel with NetScaler provides a rapid response to these
situations, making it easier for application developers to stay on track with their
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), while limiting risk by decreasing an
applications window of exposure.
Combining Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall and WhiteHat Sentinel
simplifies the complexity and reduces the risk of error while delivering significant
cost reductions, enabling organizations to:

Reduce the number of resources required to perform web application

security tasks by automating the vulnerability assessment of all web

Take advantage of the elastic WhiteHat cloud platform that removes the
burden of installing and maintaining software.

Streamline collaboration between developers and the organizations

application security stakeholders.

Perform WebApp scans hosted inside the network or outside of the

organization without needing to deploying additional physical or virtual

Pinpoint vulnerability locations by both parameter and directory using

Sentinel, so NetScaler can assign rules only where necessary - rather than
implementing global rules that may block valid web traffic.

WhiteHat Security and Citrix | Solutions Brief

Establish a single approach to application vulnerabilities with

WhiteHat Sentinel and Citrix NetScaler Integration
Coordinate your response to vulnerabilities by integrating the Citrix NetScaler
Application Firewall integration with WhiteHat and:

Gain deep insights: scalable and highly automated web application scanning
with WhiteHat Security provides insight that increases the Citrix NetScaler
Application Firewall level of detection based on the actual vulnerabilities

Mitigate vulnerabilities with a single click based on WhiteHat pinpoint findings,

greatly limiting the chances of alerted false positives.

Eliminate the need to involve the web application development team in

creating a virtual patch on the application itself or any underlying system.

Quickly protect against identified web application vulnerabilities without

involving or impacting application development timelines

Close the exploitation time window by ensuring organizations take the time to
create the best application level controls instead of rushing out an untested
patch that may cause other problems to the web application.

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About WhiteHat Security
WhiteHat Security is the leading provider of website risk management solutions that protect critical data, ensure compliance and narrow
the window of risk. WhiteHat Sentinel, the companys flagship product family, is the most accurate, complete and cost-effective website
vulnerability management solution available.
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