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Lighting Up The Darkness

If you have been following along with my writings over the last
number of years, you should understand the point of view I am
coming from as of late in my writings. If you have not, then let me
clear a few things up so you do not think we are delusional.
God exist, He is Omniscient meaning He knows all things. He is
Omnipotent meaning He is all powerful. And God is Omnipresent
meaning He is everywhere and there is no place He is not. Even
David of old said, Even if I make my bed in Hell, there you are
with me, and where can I go to escape thy presence?
God said in Genesis, speaking of the 1st couple, THEY have
become as one of US, to know Good and Evil.
So God knows good and He knows Evil, thus in that sense, we say
recorded or in His own memory or His Great Infinite Knowledge,
that Good and Evil exist, for whatever is in His Mind, is Existence.
We know the Law came, given by God, to reveal and magnify Sin.
This was a revealing of our sinful nature so that we could come to
Grace, see the need for a Savior. So when we look at the bigger
picture of the Fall in Genesis and the Law from Moses and then
Grace from Calvary, God knowing all things, We easily see that
this was ALL GODS PLAN. To create darkness, to lead us astray
into the darkness, so we could in turn see the light and then come
to the light, leaving the darkness behind.
We have to ask ourselves the question, WHY? But thats another
day. The point I want you to see is this.
God is Love, totally and inexplicably, His every thought and
impulse and intent was and is Love. Love is Good. Love protects
its own, it helps the poor and needy, yet it will blow the head off a
snake that tries to bite its children and kill a bear or lion if
necessary. Love is not always this passive, weak, overly sensitive,
emotion man has made it to be. Jesus popped the whip, and
spoke boldly to the vipers.
So Love knows what is good and what is Evil and Love created
both. God said Himself, I form the Light and I create the darkness.

Can Evil come and I not sent it? The Bible says, God Himself,
repented many times of the EVIL He thought to bring upon Man.
So we have always been commanded the cleave to the good and
abhor that which is evil. God has revealed much about the Good
down through the eons of time. But never has He allowed us to
see the reasoning or the revelation of what is in that darkness we
call Evil. Not as to the deeds of Evil, but the purpose and intent of
Evil. Love in its pureness and holiness and virtue, created Evil,
Darkness, the Serpent, The Tree of Knowledge and Subjected us
all to that vanity, in Hope. Hope? Subjecting us to darkness and
sin and evil in Hope, hope of what? Thats another day as well.
The Point is, Though we was subjected to the deeds of evil and to
the darkness of carnality and the cruelness of sin, the reason and
the purpose and the intent of Love behind it all, has never been
revealed. Why God created Evil and let us, even lead us into it. He
has His Way in good and evil. We have seen the beauty of the
Light and Goodness and Grace of God. We have never seen the
beauty of the darkness and the jewels of the night that dwell
there. I am not saying we go do evil, I am simply saying there is
an incredible mystery as to the thought and intent of the WHY of
Evil and though we say well we know its purpose was to reveal
Good, and that is true, but lets take Evil and lets stand it alone, by
itself. Lets peer into its heart and see its root and intent. Lets
follow that winding serpentine root all the way back to the beating
heart of God Himself and see the glorious WHY He suffered it and
allowed it and created it for. Its purpose for creation was GOOD! It
was in LOVE!
If we have seen the Good in the Word as to its motives and
intents, lets do the same to the evil. Again not evil deeds and
such, I am speaking of its purpose and intent, not from Satans
heart as to murder and wickedness, because Satan is but a
shadow in that darkness, created for a time, I am speaking of the
Heart of God where all things came from, whether we see it as
Good or as Evil. We could never see the beauty of the Evil,
because the Law wrought condemnation and condemnation
closed the eyes of faith and without faith we was blind and when
blind we cannot see, so we was in a world of evil and darkness

and we could not see anything in that world of evil. HOWEVER,

Once we are Born Again, We have The Faith of Jesus Christ. That is
Light, that is Vision, that is Seeing all things. Now we can safely
enter that darkness and evil and behold the roots and intent and
purpose of it. Go to its roots and see the beating heart of God.
See the WHY! Reveal the Unknown!
We have seen the beauty of the Day. We have never seen the
Beauty of the Night. Have you ever considered in the Day Light
we see all around us the goodness of Earth, but we never see the
Moon or Stars or Comets or Planets etc. Because in the Day the
Suns Light veils the heavens. However when the sun goes down
then suddenly the mysterious heavens are not hidden anymore,
now in the darkness of night, we cannot see the Earth around us
in that sense but the night time sky, once hidden, is now revealed
in utter glorious splendor!
The Day reveals the Earth, but hides the heavens, the Night hides
the Earth and reveals the Heavens.
Christ is the Light of the World, At His death that Light went back
to God who gave it or we say the sun went over the hill. His Soul
went to Hell or into the darkness. In that darkness of Hell, He
could behold the glories of the heavens. In the Day of Life He
could not see the heavens. When He went to Hell into that
darkness, that bottomless pit, That has no beginning and no end,
same as God, Then He could see those heavens, He could see the
Moon and Stars and such. See He was beholding the glories of the
night time, or the darkness. In that darkness by unveiling that
darkness, understanding the mystery of the stars and heavens,
He took the Keys, the Understanding of Death, Hell, and the
Grave. It was in that Darkness, to His Soul, They were made
known unto Him. The Secret Mysteries of God, hidden in the
darkness, the Law like a covering cherub or a guardian Angel not
suffering anyone to see those great and terrible things.
We say Jesus came from those Heavens, as Spiritual Heaven and
we se His Star in the Natural Heaven. So in that sense we say
though he was and is the Light of the World, Yet He came forth
from the Darkness of that Night.

In the beginning, There was Darkness, and God said, let there be
Light. God who commanded that Light shine forth from the
Darkness. Light is always been know as the invisible Spirit World.
And Creation has always been typified as the darkness. So we find
Jesus, whom was made a Quickening Spirit, He later says, Feel of
Me, a Spirit hath not flesh and bone as you see me have. See a
Quickening Spirit of Light, hath become a Flesh of Creation or
Darkness as to Creation. We say in one dimension, He was in
heaven as Light, He came t a world of darkness and then He
returns back to the world of Light. However in another dimension,
we see Him coming from Darkness, to a World of Light, then
returning back to a world of darkness. We could say He was Spirit
that became flesh, then returned to Spirit, or we could say as a
Man He was flesh and became a Spirit and then returned back to
Flesh. See these two variations of Spirit and Natural, Light and
Darkness, they are One and they fit together. Woman came from
Man. She was at one time One with Him. She was Him, and He
was Her. There was no Shadow of Separation.
So I pray you will see we are simply unveiling the darkness of the
Night, that which has appeared as Evil and that which has
appeared as Good, are no longer twain or Two separate entities,
but One Flesh. God drawing all things back into Him own self,
refining and purging as it goes. Our loved ones were at one time
flesh, then they perished and became spirits, then one day at the
resurrection, they become flesh again. Paul said the Natural came
first, then the Spiritual. This opens so very much up to our
understanding. The Unknown God of Darkness, who became a
Man to form Spiritual Light, then from that Spiritual Light, enter
back into the darkness of Creation to be one with it. God just as
Man to not be robbed of Creation, What could is it to have a
Creation or even be Creation and be robbed of the Joy and
Understanding of not knowing what that Creation is.
I want to go deeper with this, but it would get off course with my
intent of writing it, which is to simply explain the WHY we are
saying strange things about Evil and the Darkness and God and
such. I hope this helps.
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