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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

211 / Wednesday, November 2, 2005 / Notices 66473

Disposal Chief, Mail Stop T7–J08, U.S. Nuclear 1:30 p.m.—Briefing on Status of New
Modeling Approach Regulatory Commission, Washington, Reactor Issues, Part 2 (Public
Source-Term Development DC 20555–0001. Please note Docket No. Meeting) (Contact Laura Dudes,
Climate and Infiltration POOM–32, PROJ0734, PROJ0735, 301–415–0146).
Engineered Barriers and Near-Field PROJ0736 when submitting comments. These meetings will be webcast live at
Radionuclide Transport Comments will also be accepted by e- the Web address:
Far-Field Radionuclide Transport mail at or by facsimile to
Modifying Scenarios, Pathways, and (301) 415–5397, Attention: Anna Week of November 28, 2005—Tentative
Receptor Groups Bradford with a subject line containing Tuesday, November 29, 2005.
Conceptual Models the document identifier: SRP. 9:30 a.m.—Discussion of Management
Computer Codes/Models FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For Issues (Closed-Ex. 2).
Input Parameter Values questions related to the Standard
Evaluating Model Results Wednesday, November 30, 2005.
Review Plan, please contact Anna 9:30 a.m.—Briefing on EEO Program
ALARA Analyses Bradford at (301) 415–5228. For public
References (Public Meeting) (Contact:
scoping meeting questions, please Corenthis Kelley, 301–415–7380.
Protection of Individuals During contact Michele O’Shaughnessy at (301)
Operations 415–6659. This meeting will be webcast live at
Inadvertent Intrusion the Web address:
Scenarios for Modeling Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 26th day
of October 2005. Week of December 5, 2005—Tentative
Site Stability
Quality Assurance Program For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Thursday, December 8, 2005.
Monitoring Ryan Whited, 1 p.m.—Meeting with the Advisory
Monitoring Methods Chief, Low-Level Waste Section, Committee on Reactor Safeguards
Demonstrating Compliance With 10 Environmental and Performance Assessment (ACRS) (Contact: John Larkins, 301–
CFR 61, Subpart C Directorate, Division of Waste Management
and Environmental Protection, Office of
Noncompliance Reports This meeting will be webcast live at
Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards.
Appendices the Web address:
[FR Doc. E5–6056 Filed 11–1–05; 8:45 am]
The SRP scoping meeting officially
BILLING CODE 7590–01–P *The schedule for Commission
begins at 1 p.m. and will include: (1) A
meetings is subject to change on short
presentation summarizing NRC roles
notice. To verify the status of meetings
and responsibilities, (2) an overview of
NUCLEAR REGULATORY call (recording)—(301) 415–1292.
the proposed draft SRP, and (3) an
COMMISSION Contact person for more information
opportunity for interested government
Michelle Schroll, (301) 415–1662.
agencies, organizations, and individuals Sunshine Act Meeting
to provide comments on the scope of the * * * * *
SRP. This meeting will be transcribed DATE: Weeks of October 31, November 7, The NRC Commission Meeting
by a court reporter. Persons wishing to 14, 21, 28, December 5, 2005. Schedule can be found on the Internet
provide oral comments will be asked to at:
PLACE: Commissioners’ Conference
register at the meeting entrance. policy-making/schedule.html.
Room, 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville,
Individual oral comments may have to Maryland. * * * * *
be limited to 5 minutes each, depending The NRC provides reasonable
STATUS: Public and Closed.
upon the number of persons who accommodation to individuals with
register. Please note that comments do MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED
disabilities where appropriate. If you
not have to be provided at the public Week of October 31, 2005 need a reasonable accommodation to
meeting and may be submitted at any participaate in these public meetings, or
time before November 25, 2005, as Tuesday, November 1, 2005.
9:30 a.m.—Briefing on Implementation need this meeting notice or the
described in the DATES and ADDRESSES transcript or other information from the
of Davis-Besse Lessons Learned
sections of this notice. public meetings in another format (e.g.
Task Force (DBLLTF)
DATES: The public comment period on Recommendations (Public Meeting) braille, large print), please notify the
the SRP begins with publication of this (Contact: Brendan Moroney, 301– NRC’s Disability Program Coordinator,
notice and continues until November 415–3974). August Spector, at 301–415–7080, TDD:
25, 2005. Written comments should be 301–4152100, or by e-mail at
This meeting will be webcast live at Determinations on
submitted as described in the
the Web address: requests for reasonable accommodation
ADDRESSES section of this notice.
Comments submitted by mail should be Week of November 7, 2005—Tentative will be made on case-by-case basis.
postmarked by that date to ensure There are no meetings scheduled for * * * * *
consideration. Comments received or the Week of November 7, 2005. This notice is distributed by mail to
postmarked after that date will be several hundred subscribers; if you no
considered to the extent practical. A Week of November 14, 2005—Tentative longer wish to receive it, or would like
public meeting to discuss the proposed There are no meetings scheduled for to be added to the distribution, please
draft SRP will be held on November 10, the Week of November 14, 2005. contact the Office of the Secretary,
2005 as described in the SUMMARY Washington, DC 20555 (301–415–1969).
section of this notice. Week of November 21, 2005—Tentative In addition, distribution of this meeting
ADDRESSES: Members of the public are Monday, November 21, 2005. notice nover the Internet system is
invited and encouraged to submit 9:30 a.m.—Briefing on Status of New available. If you are interested in
comments to the Division of Waste Reactor Issues, Part 1 (Public receiving this Commission meeting
Management and Environmental Meeting) (Contact: Laura Dudes, schedule electronically, please send an
Protection, Low-Level Waste Section 301–415–0146). electronic message to

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66474 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 211 / Wednesday, November 2, 2005 / Notices

Dated: October 27, 2005. II be embodied in an Order consistent

R. Michelle Schroll, On September 11, 2001, terrorists with the established regulatory
Office of the Secretary. simultaneously attacked targets in New framework. Entergy’s general license
[FR Doc. 05–21915 Filed 10–31–05; 9:59 am] York, NY, and Washington, DC, issued pursuant to 10 CFR 72.210 shall
BILLING CODE 7590–01–M utilizing large commercial aircraft as be modified to include the requirements
weapons. In response to the attacks and identified in Attachment 1 to this Order.
intelligence information subsequently In addition, pursuant to 10 CFR 2.202,
NUCLEAR REGULATORY obtained, the Commission issued a the Commission finds that in the
COMMISSION number of Safeguards and Threat circumstances described above, the
Advisories to its licensees in order to public health, safety, and interest
strengthen licensees’ capabilities and require that this Order be effective
[Docket No. 72–50; EA 05–197]
readiness to respond to a potential immediately.
In the Matter of Entergy Operations, attack on a nuclear facility. The III
Inc., Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Commission has also communicated
Accordingly, pursuant to Sections
Independent Spent Fuel Storage with other Federal, State, and local
103, 104, 161b, 161i, 161o, 182, and 186
Installation; Order Modifying License government agencies and industry
of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as
(Effective Immediately) representatives to discuss and evaluate
amended, and the Commission’s
the current threat environment in order
AGENCY:Nuclear Regulatory regulations in 10 CFR 2.202 and 10 CFR
to assess the adequacy of security
Commission. parts 50, 72, and 73, it is hereby ordered,
measures at licensed facilities. In
effective immediately, that your general
ACTION:Issuance of Order for addition, the Commission has been
license is modified as follows:
conducting a comprehensive review of A. Entergy shall, notwithstanding the
Implementation of Interim Safeguards
its safeguards and security programs provisions of any Commission
and Security Compensatory Measures.
and requirements. regulation or license to the contrary,
As a result of its consideration of
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Paul comply with the requirements described
current safeguards and security plan
W. Harris, Senior Project Manager, in Attachment 1 to this Order except to
requirements, as well as a review of
Licensing and Inspection Directorate, the extent that a more stringent
information provided by the intelligence
Spent Fuel Project Office, Office of requirement is set forth in their security
community and other governmental
Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, plan. Entergy shall immediately start
agencies, the Commission has
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, implementation of the requirements in
determined that certain compensatory
Rockville, MD 20852. Telephone: (301) Attachment 1 to the Order and shall
measures are required to be
415–1169; fax number: (301) 415–8555; complete implementation before April
implemented by licensees as prudent,
e-mail 26, 2006, or the first day that spent fuel
interim measures, to address the current
is initially placed in the ISFSI,
threat environment in a consistent
whichever is earlier.
manner throughout the nuclear ISFSI B. 1. Entergy shall, within twenty (20)
I. Introduction community. Therefore, the Commission days of the date of this Order, notify the
is imposing requirements, as set forth in Commission: (1) If they are unable to
Pursuant to 10 CFR 2.106, the U.S. Attachment 1 1 of this Order, on Entergy
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) comply with any of the requirements
who has indicated near-term plans to described in Attachment 1, (2) if
is providing notice in the matter of store spent fuel in an ISFSI under the
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station Independent compliance with any of the
general license provisions of 10 CFR requirements is unnecessary in their
Spent Fuel Storage Installation Order Part 72. These interim requirements,
Modifying License (Effective specific circumstances, or (3) if
which supplement existing regulatory implementation of any of the
Immediately). requirements, will provide the
requirements would cause the licensee
II. Further Information Commission with reasonable assurance
to be in violation of the provisions of
that the public health and safety and
I any Commission regulation or the
common defense and security continue
facility license. The notification shall
Entergy Operations, Inc. (Entergy) has to be adequately protected in the current
provide the licensee’s justification for
been issued a general license by the U.S. threat environment. These requirements
seeking relief from or variation of any
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC will remain in effect until the
specific requirement.
Commission determines otherwise.
or the Commission) authorizing storage 2. If Entergy considers that
The Commission recognizes that some
of spent fuel in an independent spent implementation of any of the
measures may not be possible or
fuel storage installation (ISFSI) in requirements described in Attachment 1
necessary, or may need to be tailored to
accordance with the Atomic Energy Act accommodate the specific to this Order would adversely impact
of 1954, 10 CFR Part 50, and 10 CFR circumstances existing at Entergy’s the safe storage of spent fuel, Entergy
Part 72. This Order is being issued to facility to achieve the intended must notify the Commission, within
Entergy who has identified near-term objectives and avoid any unforeseen twenty (20) days of this Order, of the
plans to store spent fuel in an ISFSI effect on the safe storage of spent fuel. adverse safety impact, the basis for its
under the general license provisions of In order to provide assurance that determination that the requirement has
10 CFR Part 72. The Commission licensees are implementing prudent an adverse safety impact, and either a
regulations at 10 CFR 72.212(b)(5) and measures to achieve a consistent level of proposal for achieving the same
10 CFR 73.55(h)(1) require Entergy to protection to address the current threat objectives specified in the Attachment 1
maintain safeguards contingency plan environment, the Commission requirement(s) in question, or a
procedures in accordance with 10 CFR concludes that security measures must schedule for modifying the facility to
Part 73, Appendix C. Specific address the adverse safety condition. If
safeguards requirements are contained 1 Attachment 1 contains safeguards information neither approach is appropriate, Entergy
in 10 CFR 73.55. and will not be released to the public. must supplement its response to

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:22 Nov 01, 2005 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00128 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\02NON1.SGM 02NON1