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2012.12.7 NA!


1. Among the following professions, which do you think is the most important to a city? Police
officer, building designer or transport worker.!

Among the three professions, I think police officers are the most important to a city for two
reasons. First, the police keep the city safe. A sense of security is what city dwellers need the
most. Think about a neighborhood where crimes are the major theme. People will be afraid to
move here and the city will be a ghost town. Nice buildings or great transport workers wont
help. Second, when a city is famous for its safety, not only people will want to move here,
tourists will want to come visit as well, which will bring the city a big source of revenue. (MW)!

2. Nowadays many people find their social network on the Internet. Do you think it is a positive

I believe its a positive trend. First, the Internet has become an essential part of peoples life, so
most people can be found online. Compared to traditional ways of meeting people, its more
likely to get in touch with friends when you use the internet. Websites like Facebook and Twitter
are great places to keep in touch with family and friend long distance. Second, social network
websites enable people to meet people from all walks of life. You can easily find someone who
has the same interests as you. You can even have a discussion with political figures and
celebrities, which is something very difficult to do in real life. (MW)!

1. Whattypeofmusicdoyouenjoymost?Explainwhyyouenjoythistypeofmusic.!

I enjoy rap music the most for the following reasons. First, it reflects a culture I am really curious
about but have little access to. Rap music originated in the black community in the US, and it
was first an art form telling stories about the struggle black people were facing in society. We
dont have racial diversity in China, so rap music is a keyhole for me to understand the racial
dynamic in America. Second, rap music has cool beats and lyrics. I like dancing to the rhythm
and learn slangs from the songs. Its both relaxing and educational. (MW)!

2013.3.3/2012.10.19NA !

1. Which of the following would you rather be? Lawyer, veterinarian or restaurant owner.
Explain your answer in details.!

I would rather be a vet for the following reasons. First, I love animals! It makes me feel good
about myself knowing I can take care of them. Animals dont know how to speak like humans do
when theyre in pain. Professional training is essential for giving animals the right treatment.
Also, so many people have pets these days. And theyre willing to go to extraordinary lengths to
ensure the well being of their best friends. Therefore the demand for veterinarian is enormous.
And the salary isnt bad at all from what Ive heard! (TD)!

2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Its impolite to make calls or send
text messages on a diner table. Explain in details.!

I think its not cool to use cellphones at dinner tables. if youre having dinner with friends and
families, be with them. The family meal is a social event, not a food ingestion event. Even if the
phone is in your lap, people with you all know what youre doing when your eyes are focused
on your lap. Everyones attention is on the fact that your attention is on your phone, not on
them. Also, people nowadays are always connected, we rarely get a chance to have a face to
face conversation with friends and families. Dinner tables are the ideal place for us to talk with
our loved ones. (TD)

1community activity volunteer work
work with children, plan campus garden!

I want to work with children for the following reasons. First, Im really good with kids since I have
a little sister and a few cousins that are younger than I. When my cousins come visit, Im the
one who takes care of them and plays with them and my little sister, and I do a really good job
keeping them safe and happy. So Im sure I can do well with other children, too. Also, Im not a
garden person, so I probably wont be a good garden planner. Id rather use what Im good at to
give back to the community. I dont want to make a mess out of the garden! (MW)!

2 sports program is not a good

use of time.!

I disagree that watching sports programs on TV is not a good use of time for the following
reasons. First, watching sports programs is such a good way to relax. Think about lying on your
couch, snacks in hand, and watching a soccer game while jumping and cheering for your team!
Its something you have to experience to know how awesome it feels. Second, watching sports
programs is also a great way to hang out with friends. You can support the same team or be
opponents. However it is, you spend some quality time with friends sharing things you love. Its
definitely not a waste of time. (MW)!


2. Should government spend money on encouraging citizens to lead a healthy lifestyle.!
I believe government should spend money on encouraging citizens to lead a healthy lifestyle for
the following reasons. First, government has the financial power to help citizens in everyday life.
For example, government should subsidize public transport companies to keep the price of
buses and subway tickets low so that more people will choose public transport over driving,
which is good for the environment and helps with obese problems. Second, government could
start a campaign that encourages citizens to eat healthier and exercise more, like in a TV ad. Itll
be more effective since it is wide-spread. (MW)!

1. Collegestudentsshouldbeallowedtokeeppetsintheirdormitories.!

I dont think students should be allowed to keep pets in dorms for the following reasons. First,
not everyone likes pets. We live with other students in dorms which means we share the same
living space. What if others are afraid of dogs? What if they find the bird we keep to be too
noisy? Second, dorms are usually very small. The space in dorms is very limited, some animals
cant live in such a confined space. Take a dog for example, it needs space to run around and
jump around. (TD)!


I prefer to study in libraries for the following reasons. First, its usually nice and quiet in the
library. It makes it easier for me to focus on my task on hand. Im not the kind of person who can
work under a lot of noise. I hate it when people chat with each other and laugh at each others
jokes. I find most people have no problem behaving themselves in a library. Second, libraries
are filled with books and academic journals. When I get stuck with my work, I like to walk around
and find random books to read for a break. Libraries are perfect for the way I work. (TD)

2011.12.9NA !
2. Some people like to collect old things, others throw things away after they used them. what's
your preference?!

I prefer to throw things away after using them for the following reasons. First, I have a really
small apartment so there is only so much space I can use for storage. If I keep piling used stuff,

I wont have enough space for myself! Last time when I moved, I found out I had so much crap
that I no longer used. Thats why I couldnt find space for my new clothes! Also, if we recycle old
stuff, we will be making better use of the resources instead of wasting them in our homes. Why
would we want to store junk in our garage when it can be reused to generate electricity? It just
makes no sense to me. (MW)!

2010.10.29NA !
2. sportsplay!

Personally, I prefer to be watch others play while I sit and watch from the audience seat. First,
Im not the active type. That means though Im ok at playing basketball or soccer, Im not very
good at them. I honestly dont think I am good enough to be playing in a stadium while being
watched by hundreds of people, it will make me really nervous, I wont be able to enjoy myself.
Second, I think its much more fun to get a beer and hotdogs, and sit down with my friends to
cheer for our favorite team. Competition can get too intense in the field sometimes. But its
always safe to watch a fight from audience seats. (TD)!

1. homesick!

There are a couple of ways to deal with homesickness. First, college students should try to talk
to their parents at least once a week, either by calling them or Skype. They can tell parents what
they have done in the past week and also get an update on whats going on in their mom and
dads life. As long as they keep in touch, they wont feel too homesick. Second, a few
distractions is also a good idea. Students should join some interest clubs or societies to meet
more people. When students make new friends, they will forget about home and enjoy life in
college. (MW)!

1. Describe a celebration you recently attended? Did all people have a good time on that day?!

Recently I just graduated from high school. We had a graduation ceremony and everyone had a
good time. First, it was the biggest day for family reunion. Parents traveled a long way to share
this wonderful moment with their children. My parents came, too. We walked around the
campus and took lots of pictures. I knew I made them proud. Also, the farewell party that
evening was touching for me and all my friends. We shared laughter and tears, and made the

best friends of our lives. We didnt want to say goodbye, but we knew that a brand-new future
was right in front of us, and it would be great. (MW)!
2012.6.9/2010.8.13NA !

1. If your friend wants to make a purchase but does not have enough money for it. What would
you suggest him to do?!

I would give him the following suggestions. The first suggestion is he should get a job. A part
time job is plenty enough for the most of things we need in life. For example, I wanted to buy a
new phone last year and didnt have enough money. So I got a part time in the restaurant near
my house, it only took me a month to save enough money for the phone. Second, I think he
should rethink this purchase. If its too expensive for him, maybe its not right for him. He might
want to choose something similar but not that fancy. (TD)

2. Some people prefer to have a busy schedule, others prefer to have a light schedule. Which
do you prefer? Explain your answer in details.

I prefer to have a light schedule for the following reasons. First, my life is pretty stressful as it is.
I cant stop worrying about my school assignment and tests. Its nice to have some time where
we take it slow and enjoy life. I love to sleep in on the weekend, and wake up without a plan for
my day. Its nice knowing I have the whole day to myself for whatever I want to do. Second,
maintaining a tight schedule is super stressful. I get moody when I have a tight schedule filled
with things to do, just looking at it gives me headaches. (TD)

2013.4.27NA !

1Which of the following volunteer work would you choose and why? 1) Working as a home tutor
2) Helping adults 3) Helping old people!

I would choose to help old people, especially old people in hospital. I would like to read to them
for the following reasons. First, this is an activity thats perfect for patients since many of them
cant move easily. Reading can take them onto journeys they couldnt possibly go even if they
were perfectly healthy. I think the experience reading gives us can take away some pain.
Second, reading bonds people like no other. I cant even imagine how boring it must be to lie in
a hospital bed for days, in some cases weeks. Reading can help patients heal by bringing
someone closer to them through a shared experience. (TD)

2If you have time, would you choose to learn to play a new musical instrument or learn to play
a new sport?!

If I have time, I would definitely choose to learn to play a new musical instrument for the
following reasons. First, Im musically educated and already know how to play the piano, so it
would be easier for me to pick up another instrument. I have always wanted to learn to play the
guitar, so I may do that. Also, I love singing, especially singing on stage. When I go to open mic
and I want to sing a song, I have to find a guitarist to work with me, or I cant do it. If I could play
the guitar, I then could play songs of my choice, or even play my own songs. (MW)!


1. !
I like wearing jeans and T-shirts and sneakers for the following reasons. First, its all about the
attitude. Casual wears show the world you have an easy-going personality and dont take things
too seriously. You can choose fun T-shirts with interesting pictures or words on the front or the
back, like I love world peace. Its so cool. Second, they are easier to wash. You can simply put
them in the washing machine and in 45 minutes you get clean clothes. It also saves you a lot of
money washing them. If you like to wear suits, you have to dry clean them every time, which is a
lot of money running out of your pocket. (MW)!

2. !

I do believe young people nowadays know more about the world than our parents when they
were young. First, the Internet has brought the whole world to us, allowing us to explore every
corner possible. For example, young people nowadays love watching America TV shows and
know a lot about the American society and culture. Our parents didnt have this privilege back
then. Also, we are forced to learn about this global village now that every country is somewhat
connected with each other. If we were to succeed in the future, we would have to keep our eyes
open, while our parents could just stay in their little town and still enjoy a comfortable life. (MW)!

2012.11.24ML/2010.10.30NA !

2. Some people prefer to buy gifts, others prefer to make gifts. Which do you think is better?
Explain why.!

I think making gifts is better. First, homemade gifts are unique and personal. It cant be bought
in shopping malls no matter how much you spend. Homemade gifts have more memories in
them. For example, I made a photo collage for my dad last year. Its got many great shots from
the trips we took together. It made him very happy to see how much I treasure those memories.
Second, homemade gifts are less expensive than store bought gifts. Frankly, I think birthday
cards are so over priced these days. They are only cards with small pictures and random quotes
printed on them, yet stores charge more than ten dollars for one. (TD)


1. .!
One of my favorite movie characters is Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. The movie is adapted
from the famous book with the same title by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I like Gatsby for two reasons.
First, he is the most hopeful person in the movie. He was raised poor, but because he loves
Daisy, he worked hard and became successful. Even if Daisy is a shallow character unworthy of
his love, he keeps his hopes up till he dies. Second, his life is a tragedy. He sacrifices his
happiness and even life in pursuit of love from a woman who only loves money. I feel bad for
him and its also why I like him the most. (MW)!

2. !

I believe college students should take courses outside their major for the following reasons.
First, those irrelevant courses might help you do better at your major. For example, Steve Jobs
took calligraphy even if he was about to become a computer scientist, and it became one of the
most important reasons why Apple computers were a success. Second, only studying major
courses could be boring. If you take music or painting, it can help you relax and unwind, which
will make major study more efficient. You will be too exhausted if you are always doing
experiments in the science lab. (MW)!

2012.11.30ML/2012.4.22ML !

I dont think its a good idea to drop out of college. While there are some exceptions, like Steven
Jobs, I think that for most people to be successful, they must have a college degree. Todays
society is rapidly advancing and education is a big part of this development. The economic
situation has made it harder to find jobs. When you apply for a job, you have to compete with
many other people. Having a university degree helps set you apart from the other people. My
brother put off going to university for a few years, and he had a really hard time finding a job. He
then went back to finish his degree, and is now a successful manager of a large store. A
university education also helps prepare you for a more successful career. You will not find a
person with a bachelors degree working as a store clerk, for example.

I agree that assignments turned in late should receive penalties for the following reasons. First,
students who turn in their assignment late have more time to work on them. It gives them an
unfair advantage against others. I think its only right to penalize them so the playing field is

leveled. Second, late penalties can actually motive students to start with their assignments as
early as possible and keep them motivated. Or they might just put everything till the last minute
and rush out a horrible paper. (TD)!


There are at least two qualities I look for in a restaurant or a cafe. First, it should be very quiet
and smoke-free. I like reading and doing work at a cafe, so I dont like noisy environment. I cant
stand people talking loud like in some Chinese restaurants. Im allergic to smokes so I can only
go to a non-smoking zone. Second, the service should be good and friendly. My favorite place in
Beijing is a burger place called Katchup. I know the owner and the waiters. They are so nice to
me every time I go. They even offer me free coffee sometimes! I certainly cant complain. (MW)


I think cities should keep old buildings. First, old buildings are where the citys memories lie. For
example, Hutongs in Beijing are where old Beijingers lived in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.
Whenever I walk along the quiet little valleys and look at those single-story houses, I feel like Im
taken back to the old times. Second, old buildings can become tourist attractions from which
cities get extra revenue. Beijing has developed a few Hutong areas to showcase the everyday
culture in the old capital. They have become one of the most visited places and have brought so
much money to the government. (MW)!


1. Your friend studies in a business school now, but he likes playing a musical instrument. What
suggestion would you give to your friend? To keep studying business, or to learn to play music?!

I think he should keep studying business for two practical reasons. First, in todays world, the
competition for college students to get a job after graduating is fierce, so they should study a
useful major in order to land a good job. Business is still popular and he wont have a hard time
job hunting. But music is a different story. Unless youre really really good, you might just end up
playing at a bar. Second, to be honest, learning a new musical instrument is not an easy thing. It
takes years of practice to be decent. I hope my friend doesnt just sudden decide to learn music
because he thinks its cool or business is boring. (MW)!

2. Some people choose to go to a school which is close to home so they can keep their old
friends. However, other people like to study far away from home so they can make new friends.
Which do you prefer and why?!

I prefer to go to a school close to home. First, I will be able to stay in touch with my friends. My
best friends are all in my hometown and weve known each other since we learned how to talk. I
will never want to leave them and miss important days like birthdays and stuff. Second, when I
go to school near home, if I have a problem or a difficult situation, my family and friends will be
there to help me and I wont feel helpless. I value the sense of belonging I get from my
community and I never want to leave it. (MW)!


I prefer to eat out, because first of all, since my work keeps me busy all the time, cooking cant
really fit in my schedule. Eating out thus saves me a lot of time. Second, its more convenient to
eat at food stands or restaurants because I can eat anywhere, anytime. If I get hungry before I
go home, I can simply grab something on the way home. Also I like trying different kinds of food,
so eating out at different restaurants really gives me a lot of choices of food. And finally, well its
a little embarrassing to say, but Im not a good cook, so I dont trust myself in feeding me well.

2. Card game computer gameprefer!

I prefer card games for the following reasons. First, when you play card games, you have to
interact with other people, which is a good way to spend time with friend. You talk to each other,
read others faces and come up with your strategy. Its more fun than simply staring at your
computer. I like playing character card games with my roommates. It strengthens our
relationship. Also, sitting in front of a computer does damage to your body, like your eyesight
and your neck and back. I heard someone actually died after a whole night of playing video
games. Its so crazy! (MW)!

2008.3.30ML !

When I was 10, my parents asked me to try out for the school soccer team because other kids
in my neighborhood were doing it. I never liked sports, so I told them I didnt want to go. But
they insisted I do so I went anyway. I was so nervous and totally screwed it up. Other kids were
laughing at me when I ran the last place, and I ended up crying and asking my mom and dad to
leave early. I still dont like sports till this day, and that experience definitely didnt help. When I
have kids, I wont make them do things they dont want to. (MW)

I like trying new food because first of all, there are so many different kinds of great food to try in
the world! I can eat Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Chinese, KoreanA new kind every
day! They all taste different and all represent different cultures. Its so much fun and you can talk
about it with other people as well. Second, life is short and I want to live it to the fullest. I
definitely dont want to miss opportunities to try new things just because they might not taste
good. Even so, at least I know what not to eat. (MW)!


1. Among the following three activities, which do you think has the most benefits for students?
1. A field trip 2. A home tutoring session 3. A presentation given by a local leader!

I think students benefit from going to field trips the most for the following reasons. First, students
can learn from a different environment. When we go on field trips, we can observe live animals
in a zoo; touch and feel rocks in a cave; see real documents from the past in a museum.
Learning in the field is so much better than reading from textbooks. On the other hand, its
boring to sit in a stuffy classroom, listen to the teacher going on and on for hours. Students will
try to focus, but they will be distracted sooner or later. (TD)!

2. Some people consider going to the gym a priority in their life, while others go to the gym only
when they have time. Which do you think is better and why?!

I think its more important to go to gyms on a regular basis for the following reasons. First, only
when we go to the gyms on a regular basis we can keep a routine and keep ourselves
motivated. I know lots of people who buy a gym membership but only go once in a while. Over
time, they lose motivation and stop going. Its such a waste of money and time. Also, we have to
workout regularly in order to see results. We need to set realistic goals that include clear
milestones. Over time, exercising becomes a habit instead of a burden. (TD)

1. What can we do to reduce air pollution? Give examples and details in you answer. !

I think the following should be done to reduce air pollution. First, we should drive less and use
public transportation like buses and subways when we can. Its such a waste or energy and
space to drive when therere only one or two people in the car. Buses and subways on the other
hand can move dozens even hundreds of people way more efficiently than cars. Second, I think
we should plant more trees. Trees and other plants produce oxygen we breath. We dont have

enough of them since cities are filled with concrete buildings these days. Trees also make our
cities more beautiful, so I think the more trees we plant, the better.!

2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement, it is better to live close to parents than
far away from them. !

I agree with the statement that its better to live closer to our parents for the following reasons.
First, theres no shortcoming of living close to families. We can take care of each other more
easily. For example, I get super busy toward the end of each semester, my mom would cook me
meals so I can save the trouble of doing so myself. I have more time to study and be better
prepared for my exams. Second, I can help them out when they need me. For example, I can
help them to shop on the weekend when theres too much for them to carry, shovel snow for
them when storm hits so they dont have to endure the horrible cold weather.!


When I come across a problem, I will tell my best friend Sandra. I know I can rely on her. Like
before I graduated from high school, my boyfriend broke up with me because after graduation
we were going to different colleges. I was devastated because I thought he was the love of my
life. It is my friend Sandra who was there for me during the whole breakup period. Not only did
she keep me company and get me through many crying nights, but she also told me to stay
strong, be happy and love myself. I did come back stronger in the end. Her help was really
important because I not only lived through that dark period, but also met my friend for life.!


I dont think government should give money to art centers or galleries. First, those centers
already have enough money from rich donors, so they are not really short of money. The
government should spend the money helping people in need, like people from rural areas who
live on 2 dollars a day. They are who we should really help. Plus, the money could also be used
to subsidize public transport companies to keep the price low, so people will be willing to take
buses or subway. There are so many places the government should spend their money at rather
than galleries. (MW)!

2012.1.21NA /2012.8.25ML(A)!
11. 2. 3.!

I choose art skills the most out of the three choices. Photography is my favorite art form. First,
taking photos is fun! Photography gives us a chance to see the world around us differently. It
trains our eyes to spot things that are interesting out of the ordinary. Second, Every second that
you live is a second more in the past. Every picture that is taken captures those split seconds
and stores them timelessly. Pictures are a chart of memories and moments that can be revisited
as they were when the image is viewed.!

2. Do you think high school students should take economic classes?!

I think its very important to study Economics in high school. Economics is the study of Human
action and, the allocation of resources. What could be more important then understanding why
people make the choices they make when faced with the situations they are faced with.
Economics, is a role in every- bodies life whether people are aware of this or not. We purchase
items, economize our time and, make decisions about how we could best remove our
uneasiness and better our situation in the future. (TD)


The internet has benefited our lives in the following ways. First, it changed the way we shop. We
buy everything online these days. It easier to compare prices. What we buy get delivered to our
doorstep. That saves us time and gas money going to stores. Secondly, internet has made
communication so much affordable than before. It used to the case that when we needed to
contact someone out of the country, we had to mail a letter and the other person needed to wait
for weeks to get it. Nowadays, we can just send an email with all kinds of attachment, and the
other person can get it as soon as we click on send. (TD)

2. 100.!

I agree with the statement that people live healthier lives than 100 year ago. First, we eat so
much better. We have greater varieties to choose from thanks advanced agriculture
technologies and efficient transportation methods. When I was little, fruits we could buy during
winter were very limited. Second, medical care improved beyond our imagination. So many
diseases can be cured thanks to modern medical research and facility. Something that can be
easily dealt with today could wipe out an entire city 100 years ago. (TD)!


1. One of your friends just got a job offer in a town far away from his family. Should he take this
job? Please include specific reasons and details in your response. !

I don't think he should start a job that's far away from home town for the following reasons. First,
working far away from home town means leaving his families and friends. And that might be
hard to deal with if he ever runs into trouble. He won't have someone close to talk to about his
problems and get the advice he needs. Second, working far away from home town means he
has to adapt to a whole new life style. Such as getting use to new food or foreign cultures. (TD)!

2. Some students prefer studying with other students to prepare for an exam. Others prefer
studying alone to prepare for an exam. Which way do you prefer and why? Include reasons and
details in your response. !

Im a student, so most work that I do is school related. And I prefer to study alone for the
following reasons. First, individual study is much more effective than group study. For example, I
can skip content that Im already familiar with, or spend as much time as needed on things I
dont quite understand. On the other hand, I don't like doing group studies much, because we
need time to gather up. It takes time for transportation too. There is a huge chance that the
discussion will soon get off track. People joke around a lot after they get to know each other and
become friends. (TD)!

2011.1.8ML !
1. action movieromance!

The kind of movie I dont like much are action movies. First, I find them noisy and meaningless.
My little brother is really into action movies, he watches them all the time in the house, with the
volume turned all the way up! When He does, I cant concentrate on my work. All I can hear is
people shouting and guns going off. Second, they get too violent for my taste. I dont mind
Kung-Fu Movies from the 80s, some of them are actually very well made. Todays action
movies are bloody and filled with unnecessary gore. I just dont find it that entertaining seeing
people got blown to pieces.!


1. Describe an activity that you enjoyed doing together with your family in your childhood.
Explain why it was enjoyable to do this activity with your family. Please include reasons and
details in your response.!

When I was a child, I enjoyed camping with my families the most. First of all, spending a
weekend camping gave us a chance to take a break from buildings and streets in the city. It was
wonderful to be in the nature and see some wild animals. We saw lots of deer on our trips.
Second, camping taught me many life skills. I learned how to fish, start a fire and navigate
without a compass. I rarely use these skills now, but I think its nice to have them. Lastly, the
long hikes we took on our camping trips made me a tougher person both physically and
emotionally. (TD)

2. Social model:A person who is similar to you, or have similar ability with you,they can be a
social model.!

The person I model after is my mother for the following reasons. First, she is a good listener
who always pays attention to what I have to say, and that makes her the person who knows me
the best in my family. i want to be a good listener like her as well. Second, he has good
manners. Ive learned from her how to treat others around me with dignity and respect since I
was young. Thanks to her, I have made many good friends in my life. Thats why she is my role
model. (TD)

1.Describe why organizing time is challenging for university students and why it is important.!

Organizing time is challenging for university students for two reasons. First, college students
usually have a big chunk of time in their hand since they are not required to go to every class.
When they have free time, they should learn how to manage it wisely to both meet the academic
requirements and live their life. But a lot of them simply spend a lot of time playing video games
or watching TV. On the other hand, college students actually have a lot do if they want to
experience a rich college life. Other than going to classes, they might want to join a society or
compete in contests. Those activities all take up a lot of time. So they definitely need to learn
how to organize it well. (MW)!

2. internetclassroom!

I disagree that online courses will replace classroom teaching because of the following
disadvantages. First, when its not an actual class, its easy to put things off. Online courses are
usually less strict than traditional classes because the teachers are not right there to supervise
you. Its easier to procrastinate and do your homework last minute. And thats definitely not good
for your study. There is less interaction among teachers and students, so if you have a question,
you might not get the answer immediately. Its almost impossible for the teacher to answer your
question immediately when other students are asking questions online at the same time. And
that will make it hard for you to understand certain materials. (MW)!

1. onlylow-calorie healthy food
The advantage of such plan would be obvious. Lower calorie foods like fruits, yogurt and salad
are healthier than many of the hot items most schools offer now. Health conscious students
should welcome this change. Cutting back junk foods like pizza and fries should be done ages
ago. Of course, there are certain disadvantages to this plan. Healthy food dont always taste
good if you know what I mean. They are bland, boring flavorless. Theres nothing better than
biting into a juicy burger when we are hungry. They are great for a quick fix when we need the
energy. (TD)

2. some prefer to study in school and library, others prefer to study in home and dorm!

I prefer to study in libraries for the following reasons. First, its usually nice and quiet in the
library. It makes it easier for me to focus on my task on hand. Im not the kind of person who can
work under a lot of noise. I hate it when people chat with each other and laugh at each others
jokes. I find most people have no problem behaving themselves in a library. Second, libraries
are filled with books and academic journals. When I get stuck with my work, I like to walk around
and find random books to read for a break. Libraries are perfect for the way I work. (TD)

1. !

I like talking to older generations. I prefer to get advices from them for the following reasons.
First, they can help us better. They have been through a lot more in life, that mean theyre able
to identify my problems quicker and point me to the right direction. Second, they dont sugar
coat what they say, like my friends do. Take my parents for example. They can be a little harsh
on me, but they never ever lie to me, or say something just to make me feel better. From
experiences, they are always right. (TD)


I choose to have them repaired in a shop for the following reasons. First, Im not a crafty person
so Im not good at fixing stuff. I remember once I tried to fix my iPod but ended up making it
even worse. I believe experts can do a much better job. Second, it saves time. Even if I search
on the internet and try to figure out how to repair it on my own, it will still take more time than if I
simply send it to a repair shop. I might have to pay some money, but I think my time is more
valuable. (MW)!


! semestermath class,!
There are two suggestions I would give my friends. First, talk to students who have already
taken the math class. Sometimes people get nervous because they have no idea what they are
going to encounter. But if they know what is about to happen, they may realize there is nothing
to worry about. Like before I took the TOEFL test, I was so nervous and afraid I couldnt do it
well, but when I actually took the test, it was really not that scary. Second, find the textbook for
that course and try to learn it beforehand. That way he can be well prepared for the new class
because he already has a good start. (MW)!


I would make enough money before I make that big purchase for two reasons. First, I dont like
borrowing money from people, especially from friends. I think it will hurt our pure friendship. I
once lent 100 dollars to a friend but then she forgot to pay me back. I didnt want to ask her and
I didnt like the fact that she forgot it, either. I dont want to put my friends in the same situation.
Also, maybe as I make more money and time goes by, I will realize I dont really need to buy it. I
will then make money and save money at the same time. (MW)!

2011.3.26ML/2009.1.23NA !

I learn by making mistakes. First of all, as the old saying goes, mistakes are a part of being
human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be
learned the hard way. This is so true when youre trying to learn English, especially the speaking
part of it, if youre afraid of making mistakes then its almost impossible for you to improve. All
the people that I know of who can speak English like a native speaker werent shy, or afraid of
saying something incorrectly when they first started learning. (TD)!


I listen to or read news every day. I think its important to keep myself updated with current
events and know whats going on in this world. Crazy things are happening every day. So if we
are not informed, we will look like an idiot when people talk to us about current news. Also,
learning about news makes me appreciate life more. Every day when I see people suffering
from diseases and war. Not only do I feel grateful for my own life, I also feel very compassionate
and want to help them. It serves as a reminder. (MW)!


1. Which technology has made the greatest impact on peoples life in your country? Airplane
computer or television. Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

I think computer is the most important invention in human history because they have made our
life so much easier. For example. Its so convenient to shop online, we can buy anything online
these days. It easier to compare prices. And we get products delivered to our doorstep.
Secondly, computer has made communication so much easer than before. It used to the case
that when we needed to contact someone out of the country, we had to mail a letter and the
other person had to wait for weeks to get it. Nowadays, we can just send an email with all kinds
of attachment, and the other person can get it as soon as we click on the send button. (TD)

2. Some people believe that it is better for children to grow up in big cities. Others believe that it
is better for children to grow up in small towns or rural areas. What is your opinion and why?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.!

I think its better for small kids to grow up in a big city. Because first of all children can receive
tons of information every day in big cities. Growing up there will broaden their horizons and
theyll get to know more about the outside world. Second, theres always something going on in
cities, concerts, musicals, art exhibitions, you name it. City kids lives are more exciting. Finally
and probably most importantly, children can receive better education in big cities where better
public and private schools and better universities are located. (MW)

1. group!

I think the group can start with protecting the environment at schools. First, cut down the use of
paper as much as possible. It can be done by scanning paper books and academic journals and
turning them into ebooks. Ebooks can serve unlimited numbers of students, and the library
doesnt have to keep multiple copies of a single book or repurchase existing books due to wear
and tear. Second, raise the cost of campus parking. Because that will discourage students from
driving on campus. If parking is more expensive, more students will choose to take the bus or
carpool. That will reduce air pollution and noise problems on campus. (TD)!

2. for fun!

I would like to choose practical gifts. First, a practical gift is something people can use, so
whenever they use it, they will think of me. For example, I bought my dad a smart phone and
hes been using it ever since. He told me hes very proud to use it because his daughter bought
it for him. Second, practical gifts are things people actually need, like a coat, or a purse. What
would people do with things they cant use anyway? It just doesnt make sense to me. I like to
give people practical gifts and I would like to receive practical gifts as well. (MW)!

1. Which transportation do you enjoy? Bicycle, automobile or train?!

I think automobile is the most enjoyable for the following reasons. First, its more comfortable.
For example, seats are adjustable in todays cars. Some of them even heat up. They make
getting into a car in the morning less chilling during cold winter days. Second, automobiles give
us more freedom. We can go anywhere, anytime. Some of the places we want to go might not
have established public transportation in place. Lastly, the trunk at the back means we can carry
more with us while we travel, such as bringing more food and drink with us on a camping trip.

2. Do you agree or disagree that people in future will read less than now !

I agree with the statement that people may read less in the future for the following reasons.
First, with the widespread of internet in recent years, peoples preference of media has changed
pretty dramatically. For example, more and more of us mainly get our news through online video
clips and news photographs. Fewer people have the patience to read through long articles.
Second, we now have better ways to enjoy books. Some of them get to be made to movies. And
for those that didnt, we can get audiobooks and listen to them being read to us instead of
actually reading them. (TD)!


1. If a high school is planning to organize an after-school activity for its students, what kind of
activity would you recommend and why?!

The after school activity I enjoy participating in the most is taking photos for the following
reasons. First off, photography teaches me how to appreciate life. I started paying more
attention to my surrounding since I began taking photos. Ive learned you can find beauty in the
most unlikely places if you slow down and take a closer look. For example, an ordinary street
sign can become a cute funny face if you shoot it from a certain angle. Also, photography brings
me closer to nature. I used to be a bit of a shut-in. But ever since I got interested in

photography, I spend most of my weekends in parks taking photos. Ive even lost a few pounds
thanks to the long walks I took finding pretty things to shoot! (TD)!

2. Some people like to spend their spare time with family members and friends, some people
like to spend it alone. Which do you prefer!

I would love to choose to spend time with my families on weekends. First, I usually spend most
of my time in the library working on my class assignments and research. I dont have much time
to talk to my parents during week days. Its not that I dont want to, its just Im too busy to. Also,
all of our families love cooking. Weekends provide us with a great opportunity to cook together
and catch up with one another. Wed talk about the funny things we ran into at school or work.

1. Talk about a volunteer work you enjoy doing, explain why you enjoy it in details.!

I would love to read to patients for the following reasons. First, this is an activity thats perfect for
patients since many of them cant move easily. Reading can take them onto journeys they
couldnt possibly go even if they were perfectly healthy. I think the experience reading gives us
can take away some pain. Second, reading bonds people like no other. I cant even imagine
how boring it must be to lie in a hospital bed for days, in some cases weeks. Reading can help
patients heal by bringing someone closer to them through a shared experience. (TD)

2. Some people prefer to work in an office, others prefer to work from home. Which do you

I prefer to work in an office for the following reasons. First, Im more productive working with
others. I get more done while collaborating with a team. I find it hard to stay focused working
from home, because its easy to get lazy or put things off when Im distracted by household
chores. Second, working in an office means Im always surrounded by lots of people. I think its
fun to interact with others. When theres something that Im not sure of, I can get plenty of help
and suggestions from my coworkers. (TD)


1. Talk about a friend thats special to you. Explain why this person is special to you.!
A special friend of mine is Tony. Weve known each other since elementary school. Tony and I
have lots in common. For example, we have the same taste in music and art. Both of us like
listening to Metal music and taking photos. This means we have more activities to do together
and things to talk about. Second, I feel free to talk to Tony about anything because he can keep

secrets and give me the suggestion that I need. He would never blame or punish me for the
mistakes I make like my parents do. For example, he is the only person Id talk to when I fail an
important test. (TD)!

2. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that peoples personality never changes.!

I disagree with the statement peoples personality never changes. Id like to give you an
example. My friend Tony had never been considered a good student throughout high school. He
played a lot of video games and never studied. He was a loner and mostly kept it to himself. I
was pretty much the only person he would spend time with. After his first year in college, he
changed dramatically because he was surrounded by more friendly students. He started to join
clubs on campus and got more comfortable going out with friends. Not only isnt he shy
anymore, but hes more actively involved in organizing study meetings which helped improving
his grades. (TD)!


1. What quality do you think is the most important to be a university student? Highly motivated,
hard working, or intelligence?!

I would say being highly motivated is the most important. First, motivation keeps us going. It
separates people. The ones get things done are the ones who refuse to give up no matter what.
Greatness cant be achieved without motivation and persistence. Second, internal motivation is
the most effective. Its based on pleasure, and it lasts long. For example, I go to the gym to run,
not because Im training for a marathon or anything. I just enjoy doing it. I know its good for my
health and I feel good about myself after running. Ive been going for five years because I kept
myself motivated. (TD)!
2. !

I agree with the statement that artists and musicians are important to our society for the
following reasons. First, they keep us entertained. I cant even imagine what my life would be
like if music and movie dont exist. Artists and musicians create what inspires us, what gives us
pleasure. Second, they keep a record of human history thought their works. Take Leonardo Da
Vinci as an example, his works are all astonishing pieces of art, and many of them can still be
seen today. If it wasnt for artists like himself, so much will be easily forgotten. (TD)!


1. Talk about an activity you would like to participate in the near future, explain your answer in

An activity I would like to participate in is volunteer teaching. My friend Tony did it last week and
he told me how great it was. They went to a small, under- developed village thats far from the
city. Tony was assigned to teach them English. he taught them some basic greeting skills which
they thought was fun. During class breaks, they gathered outside to play sports. Some kicked
around a soccer ball, some played badminton and some played pingpong. Everyone had a good
time. Before they left, we made some donations to the school. People donated money, books
and school supplies. I would to join them next time. (TD)!

2. While doing group projects, some students prefer to lead, others prefer to support. Which do
you think is better and why?!

I prefer to lead when doing a group project for the following reasons. First, I can develop
leadership skills thatll be useful for my future career. Though planning what to do and
communicating with other group members, I learned how to make things happen more
efficiently. I can bring such experience up during my future job interviews, so Ill leave a better
impression on the interviewer. Second, not everyone likes to be a leader, because it comes with
responsibility and pressure. On the other hand, Im pretty comfortable coming up with an
agenda and email it to everyone, and making sure when we meet, we are focused on our goal.

1. Talk about how cellphone has changed peoples lives. Explain you answer in details.!

I think cellphone has changed our lives in the following ways. First, people do everything
nowadays on their cellphone. Take myself for example. All my class schedules are on my
phone. Sometimes I take audio notes in a class that might be going to fast for me which helps
enormously. Also, when it comes to communication, cellphones are extremely important for us if
not crucial. Especially in the case of an emergency. We can call or send text messages to get
help or stay in touch with our loved ones. (TD)!

2. When traveling, do you prefer to stay at one place for a long time or spend less time but visit
more places? Explain you answer in details.!

I prefer to spend more time at one place for the following reasons. First, its not enjoyable at all
having to go from one place to the next constantly. Last year I joined a tourist group, we visited
lots of places in a few days. It was exhausting and stressful. On the other hand, staying in place
for days is nice and relaxing. I will have more time to explore my surroundings, get to know local
people. Next time I travel, I will book two weeks in a hotel and rent myself a small car or scooter,
so I can really get to know a city bit by bit. (TD)!

1. Talk about the ways internet has benefit peoples lives. Explain your answer in details.!
The internet has benefit our lives in the following ways. First, it changed the way we shop. We
buy everything online these days. It easier to compare prices. What we buy get delivered to our
doorstep. That saves us time and gas money going to stores. Secondly, internet has made
communication so much affordable than before. It used to the case that when we needed to
contact someone out of the country, we had to mail a letter and the other person needed to wait
for weeks to get it. Nowadays, we can just send an email with all kinds of attachment, and the
other person can get it as soon as we click on send. (TD)!

2.people 100 years ago live healthier lives.!

I agree with the statement that people live healthier lives than 100 year ago. First, we eat so
much better. We have greater varieties to choose from thanks advanced agriculture
technologies and efficient transportation methods. When I was little, fruits we could buy during
winter were very limited. Second, medical care improved beyond our imagination. So many
diseases can be cured thanks to modern medical research and facility. Something that can be
easily dealt with today could wipe out an entire city 100 years ago. (TD)


1.Talk about an important decision that you have made. Explain why this decision was important
for you in details.!

An important decision that Ive made is going to America to study. First, I can receive a better
education in America. More and more Chinese students choose to do so because thats where
the best schools are. My friend Tony is studying in an American University now, he keeps telling
me how brilliant his teachers are. Second, I stand a better chance at getting a good job after I
finish my education in America. I will be more competitive on the job market. A degree from a
well known University can help me stand out from the crowed. (TD)!

2. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that its important for students to study Art and
Music in school. Explain your answer in details.!

I agree with the statement students should be offered Art and Music class in school for the
following reasons. First, a students life is hectic. We spend hours and hours every single day,
sitting in front of our desks, reading books and doing homework assignments. Taking classes
like Art and Music gives us a chance to take a break and refresh our mind. Second, by exposing

children to the arts at a young age, confidence can be built in learning new skills and honing
them. In my own personal experience, I was exposed to art and music at a very impressionable
age. My love of art and music has lasted my entire life. (TD)!


1. Describe a person you want to learn more about, explain why you want to know more about
this person in details.!

The person Id like to learn more about is my teacher Tony for the following reasons. First, it
seems to me that he knows about everything. He can answer all of our questions, math,
science, literature, you name it! Id like to find out what kinds of books he reads so I can be as
knowledgeable as him. Second, hes the funniest guy I know. Hes always telling jokes in class.
We never get bored because he gets our full attention. Lots of the stories he tells are from his
life. I hope I can live an amazing life when I grow up, just like him. (TD)!

2. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that all children under the age of 16 should
attend school. Explain you answer in details.!

I strongly believe schooling is a must for children under the age of sixteen for the following
reasons. First, children of this age need adult supervision. They are not mature enough to
distinguish between right and wrong. If they dont go to school, they might hang out with the
wrong crowd. Who knows what kind of trouble they will get themselves into. Second, home
schooling can be unreliable. I dont think all parents are capable of teaching children all the
subjects they need to know about. Besides, its impossible for children to develop necessary
social skills if they dont go to school and work with other kids. (TD)