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Round Rock, TX 78665

Cell: 512-470-8724 -

Accomplished Senior Sales Professional with demonstrated success in markets of Injectable Biotech products and
pharmaceuticals. Adept in Account Management, sales, managerial role, payers, Managed Care Organization
specialist, access & reimbursement specialist, market development, market access & expansion, training. Consistently
recognized for impact on Vaccine Business Unit. Ten-time annual award winner. Documented record of affecting
change in reimbursement methodologies in Payers and solving reimbursement issues for Physicians. Strengths

Removing barriers and developing winning solutions

Succeeding in a matrix-work environment
Leading others to succeed

Honesty and integrity

Training, educating and presenting
Advanced Customer Engagement Selling


Injectable Biologics
Buy & Bill model
Medical Benefits & Pharmacy Benefits
Managed Care- Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare
Market access, development and expansion
Policy & Advocacy
Disease Management & Employee Wellness

Billing, coding and reimbursement strategies

Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)
Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)
ACOs, Large Medical Systems, Hospitals
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Vaccines- private and public sectors
Account Management


Work with IDNs (Scott & White, Harris County, Memorial Hermann, and UHS), Medical Groups (ARC, ADC),
FQHCs, Immunization Service Providers, Payers and Employers to expand adult immunization services and
improve adult immunization rates in the State of Texas. Involved in Protocol development for Health Systems, EMR
adoption of clinical reminders, education of Medical Staff, Medicare Part D Billing Solution and accreditation of innetwork status with Payers.

Work on QIV Flu vaccine launch team resulted in most successful launch in GSK vaccines history.
Development of new strategic partnerships with targeted accounts led to millions in new revenue growth.
Consistently exceeded annual objectives and revenue goals.
Developed Buy and Bill models for immunization services for Public Health Programs. Select Health
Departments in Texas were able to provide adult immunizations and bill for their services, resulting in needed
revenue for Health Departments and expanded use of GSK vaccines.
Served as Vaccine Business Unit Billing/coding/reimbursement Specialist. Worked with Sales Team to facilitate
positive outcomes for Providers with regards to billing and coding issues with Payers. Removal of this barrier
allowed 100s of Physician groups to provide adult vaccination services-expanding market for GSK vaccines.
Trained internal stakeholders on PCMH, ACOs, Billing & Coding, Medicare Part B & D, ACA impact on
Immunizations, Buy and Bill model for Public Health. GSK Vaccine sales reps became the industry benchmark
for healthcare system knowledge based on Physician surveys.

Brian Buckles

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Identified opportunity for untapped Adult Immunization Initiative in Texas. Promoted to create business concept,
train and supervise six elite sales representatives. Developed 400K member Texas School Employee account.
Incrementally increased new business by $3M within 4 months of roll-out.
Five of the six sales reps received promotions as a result of working with me on the project.
Resolved all billing and coding issues for Providers. Educated offices on billing process. Facilitated process of
accreditation and in-network status for new Immunization Service Providers.
Conducted team meetings, partnered on sales calls and developed targeted pursuit opportunities.
AIM initiatives included Managed Care Organizations-(Network Managers, Provider Relations, Medical Directors,
Quality, and Pharmacy), Office Managers and Billing persons, benefit design, employers, billing and coding, sales
training, state government collaboration, Medicaid, Medicare, medical societies, and business coalitions. Covered
States of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico.
Identified need for and helped develop concept for new AIM position for GSK Vaccine Business Unit, to drive
vaccine Managed Care initiatives, reimbursement, billing and coding issues and Market development.
Sales matrix involved 50 Vaccine representatives, Area VP, Sales Directors, Government Affairs Team,
Managed Care Team, Marketing, and Product Management.
Continuously transformed new business and removed barriers to existing business.
Established component-based reimbursement methodology for Texas Medicaid on 11/2006. First State to
implement system to encourage combination vaccine use. Allowed for growth of combination vaccines.
Efforts with Humana led to Humana becoming the first National Health Plan to implement a reimbursement
system that incentivized their Providers to use combination vaccines.
Work with Louisiana Medicaid resulted in implementation of P4P measure for childhood immunizationsproviding an incentive for Providers to utilize combination vaccines.
Loaded four CPT codes for new vaccines within Commercial Health Plans and Medicaid.
Worked with hundreds of Provider offices to resolve reimbursement issues with Payers. Educated offices on
proper billing and coding. These barriers would have prevented Offices from providing immunization services
which would dramatically impact GSK vaccine utilization.
Developed billing, coding and reimbursement training program that was implemented nationally for Vaccine
Business Unit. Work led to development of Billing Guide for Providers.
Other Professional Experience
Vaccine Account Manager, GlaxoSmithKline, Indianapolis, IN (1998-2002)

Responsible for sales of GSK vaccines and expansion of vaccine market in State of Indiana.
Diligent work and continuous follow-up earned receipt of Most Persistent Award.

Executive Pharmaceutical Consultant, SmithKline Beecham, Grand Rapids, MI (1994-1998)

Promotion of pharmaceutical products in anti-infective, CNS, gastroenterology and anti-inflammatory markets.


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration/Marketing/Chemistry, CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY;

Mt. Pleasant, MI
Regional Leadership Development Program Graduate
SPIN Selling Program Graduate
Situational Sales Negotiation
Dale Carnegie Graduate

Business Improvement Program Graduate

Advanced Customer Engagement Graduate
Leading without Authority

WatchDOG for Round Rock Elementary and Middle School
PTA member of Round Rock Schools

Coach- youth football, basketball and soccer

Project Graduation Committee Chairperson