Unit Plan Language Arts Grade 6 Tuck Everlasting Quarter 3 | Educational Assessment | Multiple Choice

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Unit Template
Subject/Course: Language Arts Grade Level: 6 Topic/Concept/ Learning Objective: Tuck Everlasting Estimated Time Required: 1 Quarter Developed By: Ms. Dark Date when Created: 1/05/2010 Standard(s): R.1.B W.5.B W.5.C W.5.D R.2.D W.5.A W.5.B

W.5.C SL.6.A SL.7.A SL.7.B SL.7.D SL.7.E SL.7.F

Goal of Unit: (what students will know and be able to do) Students will Know……. -The plotline and major events in the story of Tuck Everlasting -What immortality is and what its implications would be Students will be able to ……. -Read chapters of the book as a class and independently and be able to discuss the ideas and themes with each other -Write an essay in which they cite evidence from text - Create a project on immortality which includes correctly cited research on the topic Evidence of Achievement: How will we know if students will have achieved the desired result and met the standard(s) and benchmark(s)? Throughout the unit students will be informally assessed on their discussion, writing, and group work. At the end of the unit there will be three more formal assessments. One will be that students create a research project in which they discuss the issue of immortality, and give more information on the subject from a variety of sources. The second assessment will be an essay that students write which includes citations from the text and is on a topic of their choosing. The final assessment will be an end of the quarter test on the book Tuck Everlasting. Through a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions students will demonstrate not only that they remember the material, but that they are able to analyze it and discuss it.

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Culminating Task and Assignment: 1. Students create a research project 2. Students write an essay on a topic of their choice related to the reading and cite the book.

3. Students are tested on the material on a multiple choice and short answer test Other means of Assessment: 1. Informal assessment in class of their contributions to class discussion 2. Their in-class assignments related to the unit Scoring Guide / Rubric: 1. When students create their research projects they will be graded on creativity, accuracy in spelling and grammar, accuracy in citations, and content. 2. Students will be graded on their essays in accuracy of spelling and grammar, accuracy in citations, accuracy of details, and the content of the essay. 3. Students will be graded on the exam short answers by accuracy in answers, and use of examples to support their answers. Instructional Activities: -Students will work with vocabulary before we read each chapter. -Students will make predictions often throughout the book about what will happen next. -Students will read aloud and be read to in class. -Students will analyze individually, in groups, and as a class the meaning of the story. -Students will complete in class assignments expanding upon the discussion and analysis done in class. Resources -Tuck Everlasting -Internet resources -Supplementary readings found online

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