Don't Look and You Will Find a survival guide for the end of the world sg micheal, 14/MAR

/2010 The subtitle of this booklet-essay implies/assumes there is an end to this world. The end of which I write about is not the end of Revelations but one purely of our own doing. For if a magnitude 10 earthquake hit a major city dead center, our fatal fault would be lack of preparedness. We most certainly will receive damages from disasters with which we cannot cope. We've seen indicators of things to come: the pacific tsunami, the Chilean tsunami, the Haitian earthquake,.. The devastation from hurricanes/cyclones to come will make those that occurred in South Florida look like tropical storms. There will be those who question my authoritativeness. What makes me an authority on the subject is my training and experiences in statistical analysis, reliability/systems analysis, and failure analysis. It is well understood and accepted in the industry that both shuttle disasters were avoidable if we simply adhered to a reliability framework conscientiously. Similarly, we could mitigate the consequences of coming disasters mentioned above by preparing commensurately. But we never prepare commensurately. Why prepare for the end of the world? We cannot stop it; we might as well just let it happen and deal with it later - that's worked for everything before.. But it is that exact attitude which will dictate our doom. So instead of trying to tell authority how to spend money to prepare for upcoming global disasters, which they would ignore anyways, I write this booklet for the 'common human' which most certainly needs a survival guide for what many consider our end times. Having formal training in statistical analysis, being a concerned observer of recent times of human events, considering historical events, and putting all that into a reliability framework assures me we simply won't be able to cope with global impacting disasters in the near future. I'm not saying there will be a cyclone which will wipe away half of Asia, but I am saying there will be regional disasters which will progressively strain our recovery systems - to the point of catastrophic collapse of those very systems. In a nutshell, we will not be able to recover from the sequence of disasters which will be the end of our world as we know it. How can the 'common human' survive this doom? I have a few suggestions.. Very soon, you may find yourself homeless or without capacity to feed your own family. What should we do? Claw at each other for the remaining scarce resources like rats in a cage? In that

event, I'd rather you make a clean shot to my temple to avoid the confrontation - yes, I'd rather die than struggle for resources with no human dignity. What's the 'secret adage' in that scenario? Avoid confrontations. Don't piss off anybody who could easily torture/kill you later. If your primary goal is survival, you should be willing to humiliate yourself appropriately so that the individuals concerned will ignore you as trivial and not worth bothering about.. In other words, if you find yourself in a situation where the 'enemy' is threatening you, simply get on the ground and start worshiping them: make several bows right to the ground to their feet. If that does not appear to work, if they start pointing their gun at your head and appear as if they will shoot you, if it appears you may have a chance to grab their gun and turn it on them, do it but don't miss. Make a clean lethal shot to the head and to be safe, shoot again. If all of this turns your stomach or you feel incapable of taking another's life, maybe it will be easier for you to pretend this is the best of all possible worlds and just go about your regular business as if nothing could end this way of life. But realize that you will be fair game / fodder for those crazies of which there will be an abundant amount when things go out of control which brings me to my next piece of advice. Don't make yourself a target: remove all jewelry, cover all tattoos*, present yourself reservedly, slouch, look like a loser, make yourself as unattractive as possible,.. Get my drift? If you're a target, whether materially or sexually, you will be pursued. That is a guarantee. You will be pursued and your materials taken or you will be raped or both. This is regardless of your sex or intrinsic level of attractiveness. In the chaos to come, we will all be targets regardless of our race, sexual orientation, or any other presently divisive criteria. You see, social madness levels the playing field: the elite of this world will not be able to protect themselves with stone walls or security fences.. We will all be targets - the elite even more so.. It's all going down and our compulsions, addictions, tendencies,.. - will all be bare-naked, on display, and thrust into each other's faces. I have to caution you at this point: even if you follow my advice, there are some which will be raped anyways just because the attacker finds you personally appealing or perhaps you remind them of someone they could not have in this world.. Don't say to yourself during or after the rape: "but Sam said if I followed his advice, I would not be raped.." I never said you will never be raped by following my advice. I try to give common sense advice so that you can avoid rapes and other complicated/undesirable situations. This discussion has turned so dismal because of apparent human nature: when authority collapses and resources become scarce, there will be two kinds of individuals at large: those that adhere to their values/principles and those that do not. If you can rationalize rape, that would put you in the latter category. If you cannot, and hopefully there will be more of this type of individual, the former. *About tattoos: presently, in this world, tattoos are an expression of unconventionalness, personal decoration, perhaps rebellion, or a simple desire to be different. But in the chaotic madness of the near future, tattoos will signify an invitation to rape. I know it sounds insane but there are already indicators of this behavioral perception. Presently, tattoos around a female

waistline can indicate a certain sexual willingness. This is not my perception; this is the perception of some males. So it is not a difficult stretch to guess tattoos will be a mark of 'easy target' in the near future. Another piece of advice: avoid revenge. If your wife/partner is raped and you are hell-bent on revenge, even if you have the military advantage and somehow manage to rape them or their partner, you will invite pay-back in doing so.. You would have to rape and kill them in order to avoid future complications. Would that really be so satisfying? To continually pay-back rape for rape? Even if you're a principled human, rape-for-rape pay-back does not really engender a lasting civilization. The only way for humans to make it through the impending 'end of the world' is to stick to their principles and follow those few simple pieces of advice above: avoid confrontations, don't be a target, and avoid revenge. About the title: I have found that if you wait for something, many-times it will not occur. For instance, if you wait for your husband to do the dishes without asking, it is likely you will wait a very long time.. That is, unless you have a good husband. ;) (If you got one that cooks too, you really got a keeper.;) My point is: waiting and watching doesn't frequently pay off. It's better to do something else instead of impatiently waiting. If you're desperate for something, that itself is a turn-off. So impatiently waiting produces no good. Being desperate produces no good. Just do your normal things.. Over time, you will get what is in your heart. Even better, give what you hope for. That is the positive side of the golden rule. The advice above are basically extensions of the golden rule. Avoiding confrontations keeps you out of sticky situations - ones where you might end up violating your own principles. Avoid being a target is similar: again, it keeps you out of messy situations. Avoiding revenge sidesteps revenge on you. So they are three ways of protecting yourself and your family by applying the golden rule. Quite honestly, I never thought I would be in a position to have to give this advice to my brothers and sisters in humanity. When I was growing up in rural Michigan, I would watch the passing bird migrations overhead as long streamers from horizon to horizon.. Each year, the ribbon would grow thinner and thinner. I knew we were polluting the atmosphere, but didn't know the exact pollutants and why it was killing the birds. I was simply observing a single indicator of the degradation of our planet from our idiocy and mismanagement. More and more indicators evolved as I became a man. Now that my generation is in 'power' on this planet, we have an obligation to correct the mistakes of the past - for our children and theirs. No one in authority has ever taken my advice - at least acknowledged it. So it is high-time we internalize the golden rule and make it integral - part of our personal characters. If those in authority won't correct our hellbent course, then at least the 'common human' must adapt to the hell we've created. But do it in a constructive way. Do it to protect yourself and your family. Do it with some dignity. The easiest way to insert some grace into our lives is not by adopting a new religion, new for you; it is by integrating the golden rule into your character - make it part of you. Visualize the scenarios above - imagine how you might react on your own - without your local policeman

watching you or your priest or rabbi or minister to advise you. Imagine how you might react to an attacker who wants to steal your jewelry.. Then try to imagine ways how you might diffuse the situation: what's the easiest way to stop a thief? Give them what they want. Then avoid that situation in the future. Don't wear jewelry. In the near future, it will be a sign saying loud and clear: Hey! I've got things of value! Want them??? It should be clear by now my advice can be applied right now. When you make yourself a target, you Are a target. If you misread above, you might think I want you to Feel like a loser to avoid confrontations - that is Wrong. I want you to Survive this upcoming catastrophe with Dignity. I Love and Respect you because we are all part of the same human family. I feel we can endure Anything if we conscientiously apply the golden rule. Not one single religion will save us from ourselves. None can. But it is my unofficial religion to have faith in ourselves: the best of us. When you turn the other cheek, you raise the dignity of our race. You refuse to give into your own petty compulsions. Sometimes, better than turn the other cheek is: run away. Of course there are times when you must give a hefty kick to the groin or other sensitive area in order to survive. You must feel the situation - heft it in your soul. Do whatever it takes to survive with a little dignity. For if we all give into our animal instincts, it will truly be the End. Let us not simply survive the 'end of the world' - let's thrive through it - with the spirit and dignity which makes us human. Then it will not be the end - but a new beginning. I am proud to know you, sam.

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