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6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After days of fighting in Happy

Land on Gummy Bear St the
police have finally found the
perpetrator of the death of one
of the locals.
On Thursday Sheriff Cupcake
and his team of police
investigators charged Grumpy
White for the attempted
murder and hostage. He was
found outside Mrs Evils
apartment after the attempt.
When Snow White heard
screams from next door she
immediately called 000. I
couldnt really make out who it
was but he was small, she
After Snow Whites cry for help,
the police searched the
neighbourhood for any clues
about what happened that
night. It wasnt easy to find
him but we eventually caught
him outside Mrs Whites
apartment with a black mask
on, said Sheriff Cupcake.

Investigators found a bag with

a gun, a bloody knife and tissue
boxes. From this evidence
Grumpy White will be charged
for attempted murder and
taking a hostage.
On Monday next week Grumpy
White will be going to court to
have a trial on this horrible

Snow White relieved thats its all over

By Chloe

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

We ha ve c a ught he r .
Mr s a nd Mr Ste p a nd the ir
da ughte r White Snow ha ve
be e n going thr ough c omple te
tr a uma dur ing the la s t c ouple
of we e ks . T he r e ha ve be e n
two a tte mpte d mur de r s by
Que e n Eme r a ld tha t ha ve
fa ile d.

until White Snow s he pa s s e s

a wa y for he r da ughte r to be
que e n.
T he Que e n is now in ja il, a nd
will be he ld in c us tody for
thr e e to four mouths until s he
is a llowe d to go on pa tr ol.
Mis s Eme r a ld s a id to the
fa mily tha t s he ; is ve r y s or r y

Que e n Eme r a ld tr ie d to

a bout wha t I ha ve done , a nd I

s a bota ge White Snow by

will tr y to ma ke it up by only
not be ing he ld c us tody a nd
a ls o do the ir hous e wor k.

pois oning a pple s . We dont

know wha t c he mic a ls Que e n
Eme r a ld us e d to pois on the s e
a pple s .

We a r e s o s c a r e d to e ve n
wa lk out of the hous e , Mr s
Ste p s a id.
But now we ha ve c a ught he r ,

we a ll fe e l bit s a fe r in our
Sma ll little town, Mr Ste p
s a id.

Que e n Eme r a ld wa s je a lous of

White Snow for ta king he r
c hilds pla c e on the thr one .
T his now me a ns tha t he r
pr inc e s s ha s to wa it

The apples that the Queen used
to poison Miss White Snow

By Kirby

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

The three pigs Bacon, Ham and
Pork have broken their silence
about the attempted murder
by Mr Wolf in the Deep Dark
Forest. One of the youngest
pigs, Bacon, said, I was making
a brick house when I heard my
brother Pork screaming. At
that very moment he knew that
it was the wolf he had seen
earlier standing next to the tree
licking his lips.

So they called the F.B.I to sort it

all out. When the F.B.I sorted it
a conclusion
pigs to
Ham and Pork have
and it seemed that the wolf
was trying to murder them.

So they took the wolf off and
put him in jail for 12 years.
While he was in jail, he was
nearly bashed up by Jonny the

When we interviewed Mr Wolf
he said, I didnt want to
murder Bacon, Ham and Pork. I
was only trying to get some
sugar for my cake.

The pigs said, He was blowing
and blowing and trying to blow
the house down so he could eat
them for dinner.

By Luke

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Aulour`s attempted murderer has been
arrested and thrown in jail by the National
Fairy Guard police.
Malfainat tried to murder Princess Aulour by
casting a spell on her 16th birthday. She
pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and
every one fell into a deep sleep for 100 years.
Only a princes true love kiss could break the
Police have thrown the all-powerful
Malifainat in a dungeon far, far away.
Police have quoted that Malifaint isnt so
powerful after all.
Young Aulour is still scared but luckily very
safe. She has been put under protection by
the National Fairy Guard police.
Luckily Prince Phillip brock the spell and
beautiful Princess Aulour was saved!

By Sophie

All you need is true loves kiss.

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

The mystery of the disappearing

children has been solved as
undercover agents unveiled the true
reason for their disappearance.

I am so relieved now that my

family and I can carry on with our
daily dues.
By Lucas

The agents from G.I.A.N.T Coral HQ,

secured secret surveillance cameras
around the serial kidnappers home
because they suspected that the
banjo playing elf was the
Red and Blue, the victims, were
wandering through the Black Forest
four pm last Tuesday when, as
suspected, the elfs house
appeared; enticing them to
approach the house.
What agents found extremely
suspicious was that the
perpetrators house was made
entirely of liquorice. Investigators
are still trying to figure out why,
specifically, was the house made of
The perpetrator was arrested at the
scene and will face trial next week
along with a series of charges.
Witnesses say they are glad that he
is gone and we are now able to get
along with other citizens.

Image of the location where the perpetrator was arrested.

Picture taken by Fredrick Corn.

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After weeks and weeks of investigating
the attempted murder of the Three Little
Pigs, the serial killer was finally captured
outside the Lamozon Forest. Dr. T has
killed many pigs before but he always gets
away with it.

Mr Bacon, Mr Ham and Mr Pork were
threatened by Dr. T and also Dr. T tried to
murder the three brothers.


Mr Bacon, Mr Ham and Mr Pork were

living happily in their three homes made
out of sticks, bamboo and bricks, until late
in the afternoon Dr. T tried to commit
illegal murder with a machete. Mr Pork
escaped his home and ran to his local
village to call the FBI. The FBI arrived that
day but Dr. T had already escaped to the
Lamozon Forest and was on the run.
Luckily today the FBI captured Dr. T
outside the Lamozon Forest about to go in
the Lamozon Forest. Dr. T has been ruled
guilty and will be sentenced for 90 years
By Jedd


6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After weeks and weeks of

investigation the police had
found the Three Little Naughty
Pigs hiding in a small shack
where no one could find them
after they had destroyed Big
Ws house and threatened to
kill him.
It was hard to arrest Piggy
Jeff, Piggy Scott and Piggy
Greg because they were all
very strong and kept forcing
themselves out of the cuffs.
But the officers eventually put
them in the cuffs.

Everyday the three offenders

were breaking walls
destroying clothes and
jewellery. They were also
beating him up and
threatening to kill the poor
Big W is now lying down in a
hospital bed at North Shore
hospital after the bitter
assaults from those awful
three little pigs.
The three little pigs will now
spend ten years in jail. Then
when theyre released they
will be on a good behaviour
bond for three years.
By Max

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After three years of being a slave,

Cinderella is now free.
On Thursday at about 10am police
knocked on the door of Cinderellas
beach shack in Hawaii to investigate
Cinderellas evil stepmother. When
they knocked on the door of the
beach shack they caught Merideth
at the scene yelling at Cinderella to
come downstairs and clean the dirty
clothes that her beautiful step
mother only tried on once and
threw on the floor.
Cinderellas step mother was
reported to police for child slavery
by Cinderellas Prince Charming.
When Merideth, the evil
stepmother, opened the door the
police and his team of investigators
asked Merideth some questions.
After about half an hour of
questioning the police arrested the
evil stepmother. She will go to jail
for seven years for child slavery and
installing surveillance cameras in
Cinderellas room.
The evil stepmother went to court
on Friday at 12pm (midday) and the
judge decided to send the evil
stepmother to jail. While the step

mother is in jail the evil
stepmothers children Jessica and
Maddie will go to an orphanage in
the city for seven years and learn
some manners.
Cinderellas evil stepmother
admitted that she was making
Cinderella work so hard because she
didnt want to do all the work she
said I deserve to go to jail for what
I did to that beautiful lady.
Cinderella now lives with her Prince
Charming Toby and will have her
possessions moved tomorrow
morning by Royal movers.
Cinderella enjoys her new home she
said, I didnt want to report
anything because I thought I might
get into trouble. Cinderella
deserves to sit down in front of the
television. Will Cinderella have a
happy ending after all?
By Bella

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Afte r tw o long w e e ks of pa in a nd

a ny mor e tr ouble ; Mr Ha m w ill be

hor r or the polic e ha ve fina lly a nd

w a tc hing him.

s uc c e s s fully impr is one d Mr B.B Wolf.

He r e is w ha t Mr F r og a nd Little Re d
Riding Hood ha d to s a y:


On Ma y the 7 , We dne s da y a fte r noon,

it c a me to de te c tive Mr F r ogs

It w a s a br illia nt pla n, a nd w e a r e

a tte ntion tha t a c r imina l ha s be e n

ve r y ha ppy w ith the c a ptur e . And w e

lur king in the de e p da r k for e s t, tr ying

c ouldnt ha ve done it w ithout Little Re d

to a tte mpt mur de r . Ms Little Re d

Riding Hoods he lp a nd the w olfs

Riding Hood (w itne s s ) ha s be e n

mothe r , s a id Mr F r og

w or king w ith Mr F r og, te s ting ne w

tr a ps to impr is on this c r imina l. T w o

It w a s ma inly Mr F r ogs pla n; I jus t

w e e ks la te r the y ha d for me d a pla n

w a nte d to ge t tha t c r imina l in ba r s for

a nd s uc c e s s fully impr is one d the

good. I a m gla d I a m a ble to go a nd s e e

numbe r one c r imina l of a ll time .

my poor old gr a ndmothe r s a fe ly ,

w ithout a ny s tr a nge r s ha r a s s ing me ,

Mr B Wolf w a s hiding in the for e s t

e x c la ime d Little Re d Riding Hood.

r e a dy to pounc e on the a c tor of the

pla n, w he n Mr F r og ha d the honour of

Mr Wolfs mothe r ha d s ome thing to s a y

a r r e s ting Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf ha s tr ie d

a s w e ll.

s e ve r a l a tte mpts of mur de r in the pa s t

We a r e hor r ifie d a t Mr Wolfs ba d

but luc kily fa ile d. His mothe r is

ma nne r s ; w e thought w e r a is e d him

dis gr a c e d w ith him a nd w ill be a t

r ight, w e ll a t le a s t he is going to be

c our t.
Mr B.B Wolf w ill be s e nt to c our t on
F r ida y mor ning, a nd the n w e w ill
c onfir m if Mr Wolf is innoc e nt or
guilty. Mr F r og w ill be a t the c our t
w ith Little Re d Riding Hood a nd Mr
Wolfs mothe r . Mor e infor ma tion w ill
c ome thr ough on Sa tur da y a bout w ha t

w ith his gr a ndfa the r , c r ie d Mr s Wolf.

ha ppe ns in the c our t r oom. T he

pr is one r w ill be s pe nding the night in

ja il w he r e he c a nt c a us e

By Bianca

Mr B Wolf planning to attempt murder.

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Afte r we e ks of te r r or in the Stone y

Village it is finally at pe ace . Mis s
White was caught in the act of
placing pois onous apple s on he r
s te pmothe r s door s te p at he r
cottage .
He r s e ve n dwar fs or known as the
s e ve n s lave s had calle d the
police s aying Mis s White had take n
he r fianc hos tage and was going to
mur de r he r s te p- mothe r , who
would ne ve r hur t a fly, s aid one
of the dwar fs .

T he y tr acke d he r down and the

te am of an unde r cove r s ocie ty
bar ge d into he r tiny mans ion and
thr e w a bag ove r Mis s White s he ad
s he s tar te d s cr e aming out, this is
not how you tr e at a pr ince s s , and
Im innoce nt! Im innoce nt! But
the y ignor e d he r cr ie s .
Mis s White was s e nte nce d to 15
ye ar s in gaol for atte mpte d mur de r
and kidnapping.
Mis s White s s te p- mothe r and he r
hus band to be ar e r e unite d and he r
dwar fs ar e living with he r s te pmothe r and Pr ince Char ming.

T he y guar de d Mis s White s

s te pmothe r s cottage day and night
until finally the y caught Mis s White
in the act.
Mis s White was us ing he r s e ve n
dwar fs like s le d dogs . Mis s White
had place d a bas ke t of apple s that
s e e me d har mle s s but the y couldnt
take any chance s . T he apple s
unde r we nt a s e r ie s of te s ts until
the y found a r e s ult......T he y we r e
pois onous .

Miss White Might Looks Harmless

but Dont Be F ooled: Posing for a Photo
out The Front of Her Stepmothers Cottage

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After weeks imprisoned in a high

tower, the royal lady is finally reunited
with her son.

Miss S. Beauty, expert on elfin

creatures explains Mr Umpelstiltskins
possible motive. Elves and fairies and
the like are very cheeky, witty and
greedy. The perpetrator may have
needed the gold for a wager or
something similar.

Last Thursday, the Princess of Far, Far,

Away walked out of the highest tower
in the castle with terror in her eyes and
her baby in her arms. Police planted
outside the door were stunned to find
a tiny elf-like man surrounded by solid
gold straw.
The oddly named perpetrator, Mr R.
Umpelstiltskin blackmailed Princess
Charlotte into spinning straw into gold
with the threat of harming her baby.
She alerted the authorities
immediately and was distraught at not
having her baby with her.

If you are being blackmailed,

threatened, or pestered by some such
elfin creature, contact the Humane
Relocation of Elfin Offenders Squad
(H.R.E.O.S.) to have a professional
squad relocate them in an utterly
humane way, and to ensure the safety
of you and your family.
-Miss R. R. Hood (Alice)

After calming down with the capture

of Mr Umpelstiltskin, the Princess
confirmed that she had to guess his
name in three days to get her baby
back. I heard him singing in the
garden, saying Shell never guess, my
name is Rumpelstiltskin! I knew then I
would get my darling little boy back,
said Princess Charlotte after an
enraged Mr Umpelstiltskin was
dragged off in chains.

Rumpelstiltskin with a miserable
Princess. (Artists Impression)

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

The Three Bears arrived home
last night and noticed that all of
their food had been stolen.
Police have been investigating
the home for any evidence of
the thief to the Three Bears
Momma Bear told channel 778
news that the house was like a
pigs breakfast it was a mess.
It was reported by police that
there was porridge all over the

the 13th of March at around

4:45 pm and was reported
leaving the home on Saturday
the 14th of March at 12:50pm
the next day.
It was caught on security
camera. The girl had a very
dirty dress and was looking
tired and flustered.
If you know any information
please contact thief stoppers at

Baby Bear slipped over some

porridge and was badly injured.
He is recovering in hospital now
and hopefully he will recover as
soon as possible.
Neighbours told police we saw
a girl with lovely curly golden
hair. Investigators also found
strands of golden hair on one of
the beds pillow cases.
Apparently someone saw a girl
open the front door on Friday

Have you seen this girl before?

By Alkira

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Last Wednesday, the 5th of April, the
riddling robber was caught in the
basement of a apartment in Chevington,

Jack allegedly stole a golden chicken

costing over 5.2 million dollars from a
house he thought was derelict and had
heard stories that it was haunted by two
oversized, scarred humans. He hacked
the door down with an axe, said a
petrified local that saw it out of his
bedroom window.
Jack was charged with burglary and was
jailed for five weeks. Relatives and friends
say that he shouldnt be jailed because he
didnt know he was stealing. Mr C.Giant
and Mrs F.Giant say they are glad to be
reunited with their prized golden chicken.
Jack says, I was just trying to make a
living for my mum and I.
The Giant community are assured now
that they will not be burgled after the
swift detective work of the police.

He was caught after a neighbouring

resident saw a golden chicken being
carried into an apartment at across the
road at around midnight.
The police had been searching for two
weeks after two elderly phoned the
police, 999, because a small boy had
stolen their prized golden chicken.
In court the boy said, I sold my mums
cow for money but instead the customer
gave me fake money.
I didnt know that someone owned it,

by Shannon

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Jack was given five magic beans. Jack

planted those beans and thats when it
went all wrong.

Bean stalk When Jack reached the bottom
of the bean stalk police where there to
arrest him.

Police believe that Jack was approached

by Mr Bean who had stolen five magic
beans from the castle. Mr Bean told Jack
to run back home and plant the beans at
the edge of the forest.
Jack took beans home that afternoon. Jack
had said in his interview that he took a
bag that had the five magic along with his
large pocket knife and a blanket. That
night Jack snuck out of the house and
began to walk to the edge of the forest.
When Jack came to the edge of the forest
and planted the beans and began to make
camp for the night.
That morning Jack woke up out the front
of the giants palace.
Jack claims that the giant grabbed him
and tried to make a human sausage roll
out of him. The giant put jack in the oven.
Jack said that he used his pocket knife to
cut his way through the dough. He snuck
out of the oven and climb on top of the
oven. As the giant pulled out the dough
jacked jumped from the top of the oven
and stabbed the giant in the back and
killed the giant.
As Jack made his way home he saw a
golden duck that laid golden eggs. He
grabbed the duck and climbed down the

By Dex

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After three days of being held
hostage in a mysterious forest the
police have finally investigated the
crime scene, freed the Three Little
Pigs and captured the serial killer.

On Wednesday, 3 April Captain

peacefully with no harassment or

being hassled again.
Im glad we are safe now but that
was definitely one of the scariest
and terrifying moments of my life,
Mr Porky said.

Ralph and the rest of his crew went

into the Three Little Pigs house and
found Mr Wolf holding the pigs
hostage. The police surrounded Mr
Wolf which forced him to surrender.
Mr Wolf has raided several homes
but the police were always too late,
now they have been successful.
The serial killer used his big lung
capacity to blow down two of the
pigs previous houses (a leaf house
and a tree house) and had found a
way into their third house, the
concrete house and had been
threatening to kill them for three
Mr Wolf will spend the rest of his
life in jail for taking people hostage
and the Three Little Pigs will live

The Three Little Pigs finally saved

By Angus

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

It was called to the polices attentions last

week that a young girl called Cinderella
was being terrorised by her step mum and
Cinderellas past is not so pretty. Her mum
died from a heart attack and her dad from
illness so she was left with her stepmum
and stepsisters who did not like her so
they treated her like a slave.
This was brought to the polices attention
by their neighbour Miss Brown when she
saw Cinderellas stepsisters making her
doing horrible things. Then they just walk
off. When Miss Brown told the police she
said, they treat her so badly when she
tries to be nice. But Cinderellas
stepmum said that it was a lie so the case
was closed.
Miss Brown knew that Cinderellas
stepmum was trying to cover it up so no
one would know. But Miss Brown kept a
close eye on Cinderellas stepmum and
with the help of her camera Miss Brown
had the proof she needed to prove that
something was going on in there.
Miss Brown gathered the proof on the
night of the ball. When she saw
Cinderellas stepmum yelling at her saying
that she would never go to the ball with

hair and a dress like that. Then she tripped

Cinderella over and hurried of to the ball
with her daughters leaving Cinderella on
the ground crying. Miss Brown said she
ran over to Cinderella and gave her a box
and inside the box was a dress more
beautiful than any of the dresses her
stepmum or stepsisters had. It was blue
was frills and ribbons. Then from around
the corner a carriage with two white
horses appeared. Miss Brown said that
she would do whatever she could to get
Cinderella to the ball and it worked.
Cinderella went to the ball and danced
with the prince all night.
The next day Miss Brown went to the police
who went to Cinderellas house and showed
the evidence to the stepmum and stepsisters
who gave in and the punishment was to work
in the stables. On the other hand Cinderella
married the Prince of Woodrick and the party
was so big everyone was invited. The only
people that werent invited were Cinderellas
stepmum and stepsisters who had the job to
look after everyones horses that had come
to the party. So in the end only good people
live happily every after.
By Ella

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

On the Sunday 12 th of July, las t

we e k the T hr e e Little Pigs r e por te d
the Big Bad Wolf for atte mpte d
mur de r . T he Bid Bad Wolf was
tr ying to ge t into the ir hous e once

On We dne s day the 15 th of July Mr

Big Bad Wolf we nt to cour t. He was
s e nte nce d with a five - ye ar jail
s e nte nce .

T he Big Bad Wolf was tr ying to ge t

into the ir hous e many ways . T he
T hr e e Little Pigs we r e be coming
ve r y s car e d s o the y calle d the
police . T he T hr e e Little Pigs s aid,
we we r e ve r y hor r ifie d that he is
s till accus ing us .

accus e anyone e ls e .

T he police r ace d to the s ce ne

imme diate ly and ar r e s te d Mr Big
Bad Wolf. T he y we r e ve r y happy to
s e e Mr Big Bad Wolf be caus e the y
have be e n tr ying to catch him for
ye ar s .

T he y s aid, We ar e ve r y ple as e d
that he is now in jail s o he can not

T he T hr e e Little Pigs we nt back to

the ir home in Me r r yville and we r e
ve r y ple as e d to be s afe again.
We will not be living in hor r or and
als o be ing te r r ifie d for five ye ar s .
Hope fully he has le ar nt a le s s on
and wont do it again, the y s aid
with r e lie f.

By Scarlett

Mr Big Bad Wolf trying to get into the Three
Little Pigs house.

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After one week of fear in Once Upon a
Time Land, throughout the forest it has
been dead silent. The police have officially
caught the perpetrator that committed
several crimes of stalking, trespassing,
fraud and attempted murder. Mr Big Bad
Wolf attempted to eat a various amount
of young girls wandering through the
forest going to their grandmothers.
On Wednesday Detective Fred and his
ultimate team of investigators captured
Mr Big Bad Wolf inside Mrs Granny Hoods
house. The police received a 000 call
from a tree cutter man called Swfen.
Swfen reported to the police that Mr Big
Bad Wolf was attempting to eat Little Red
Riding Hood.
I was just wandering in the forest to get
to my Grannys cottage, but a gigantic
wolf popped out of nowhere and
immediately started questioning me. Then
when I arrived at my Grans I noticed
something strange about her. After I had
described what she had looked like. The
wolf tried to eat me! I was so horrified.
Fortunately a man saved me, she
exclaimed after the incident.
When the police arrested Mr Big Bad
Wolf, they discovered that he had stored
Granny in a cupboard. They took their
time unravelling the rope off her.
Swfen was named a hero to the Hood

I am so proud to be called a hero, yeah,

said Swfen.
The government of Once Upon a Time
Land is impressed with Detective Fred and
his team for arresting a serial criminal.
I should always listen to my mum
because she told me not to talk to
strangers, Red Riding Hood said.
Mr Big Bad Wolf will be imprisoned in the
Once Upon a Time Land jail for 20 years.
Mothers are always right!

Mr Big Bad Wolf sentenced to jail
for 20 years

20 years in jail- Mr Big bad Wolf Arrested
at Granny Hoods house.
By Victoria

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

The one wolf was in his home

playing on his xbox360 and
then the mail arrived and he
had a look at the front page of
the newspaper. The pigs are
the prime suspects in the 3
deaths of Steve, Bob and
Junior. The wolf was terrified.
The wolf kept reading and it
was a few blocks down from his

of water at the end of the

chimney and the wolf fell into
the pot and the pigs started to
eat the wolf. The next-door
neighbour wanted a bit of fuel
for his lawnmower but the
next-door neighbour saw the
three pigs and called the police.
The police locked the pigs in jail
with a mutant donkey. The pigs
were locked up in jail for life.
On the third day in jail the
mutant donkey ate the three

The wolf was still terrified and

he was thinking of moving to
Florida. The wolf was still
looking for a place to live by
that time and the three pigs
had their plan to rig the wolfs
The wolf heard footsteps on
the roof so the wolf went up
there and had a look but there
was nothing, but one of the
pigs who pushed the wolf down
the chimney. Before that the
second pig had put a boiling pot

By Mitchell

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

door. The Little Piggies said to
never trust a wolf and out of
nowhere they attacked Victor the
wolf and called triple zero for the
police to tell them they knew what
Victor was going to do to them, eat
On Tuesday afternoon there was
an astonishing news update about
the Three Little Piggies. Billy, Bill
and Bob were having a
competition in who can make the
best house to live in.
I think I can make the best
house, said Bill. No way, my
building skills are so much better
than yours, bragged Bob. Im
gonna win, cheered Billy.
They all gathered everything they
could find to build their houses. It
had seemed to be that Bob was
making his house out of straw,
Bills out of sticks and Billys was
out of brick.
Once they had finished the judges
arrived to see whose house was
the best build. Billy won because
of the houses stability and also the
safest to live in without it
collapsing on you.
And on Wednesday morning
Victor, the apparently big bad
wolf, knocked on the Little Piggies

Rose and Bruce the police

reported to the wolf family and
told them everything and asked
them questions. He was only
going out to make some new
friends to play with said Mr and
Mrs Wolf.
The police caught the Three
Piggies and they all served eight
years in jail for attempt murder.

By Teagan

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After two long weeks of horror
in Once Upon a Time land
police have very successfully
caught the perpetrator who has
attempted murder.
On Wednesday afternoon
detective Frog Samsum was at
the scene after the 000' call
from Little Red Riding Hood.
He tried to eat my grandma
said Little Red. The Big Bad
Wolf was put in hand cuffs and
sent to the high court where his
punishment will be decided.

beating while Little Red called

the police. The police came but
half their work was done
because Lumber Jack already
had the Big Bad Wolf pinned to
the ground, all the police did
was put him in hand cuffs and
drove him away.

We have one person to thank

who is the real hero and that is
Lumber Jack, said the police.
He came and he showed the
Wolf whos boss! said Little
Red. Lumber Jack was there in a
flash and gave the Wolf a



By Grace

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After four weeks of searching,
seven year olds Hansel and Gretel
were found yesterday afternoon at
approximately 4.39pm police
came across a large scream. They
quickly rushed to the scene. The
police caught young, but ugly
women trying to tackle two young
children, who were later identified
to be young Hansel and Gretel
who went missing four weeks ago
in Deedley forest.
Their mum explained I was
returning home from work when I
noticed the door wide open. I
rushed inside, desperate to see if
the kids were safe but couldnt
find them anywhere.
The police questioned Hansel and
Gretel who said they were just
playing outside their family home
when the young witch came along
and asked if they wanted some
lollies, thats when things all went
wrong. They were tricked and
kidnapped while having passed
out from what must have been
poisonous lollies. Hansel said he
regretted it dearly as it nearly cost
him their lives. He also explained
that Witch Irvine was trying to
fatten him up so shed be able to

cook and eat him, while using

Gretel as a servant.
The decision on how long Witch
Irvine will be sentenced to jail has
yet not been decided but is
estimated sixty years and a
$10,000 fine for kidnapping and
attempted murder.
The family are now questioning as
to why witch Irvine kidnapped
them. More updates on this story
will come soon.

Witch Irvine bringing the kids into
her home after kidnapping them.
By Sienna

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Caught in the act, the Big Wolf

gr andmothe r live ? and why ar e

ha d be e n found gobbling down

you going the r e ? Little Re d had

Re d
Gr andmothe r !

told the police .




On the 12 of May at ar ound

3:30pm a lumbe r jack by the
na me


Ge or ge

he a r d

de a fe ning s c r e am fr om his s ha ck
in the woods . He bolte d towar d
the s cr e am to find hims e lf at
Re ds
Gr a ndmothe r s
hous e . He kicke d down the door
and char ge d at Mr B. Wolf with
his ax e , s lice d ope n Mr B. Wolf
r e s cue d
Re ds
gr andmothe r .
he r o,
Re ds
gr andmothe r had told the police .
But, not long afte r police ar r ive d
at the s ce ne , Little Re d s aid, it
wa s nt
fir s t
ba d
e x pe r ie nce .
we r e
s hoc ke d by this ne ws ; the y told
he r to te ll the m mor e .
We ll, I was on my way to
Gr andmas hous e whe n the Mr B.
Wolf jumpe d out a t me . He wa s
as king me que s tions like whe r e
ar e you going? Whe r e doe s your

Ge or ge had als o s aid whe n he

kicke d down the door he s a w Mr
B. Wolf in Gr andmas clothe s !
P olice as ke d ne ighbour s of Little
Re ds Gr andmothe r if the y have
s e e n the wolf be for e . Mos t of
the m s aid ye s ! T he y s aid that Mr
B. Wolf had be e n s e e n s talking
pe ople .
Mr B. Wolf is now going to jail
for 25 ye ar s for s talking and
atte mpte d mur de r .

Mr B. Wolf is angry because he is going

to jail.

By Ashley

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Home at Last

months of searching Hansel

and Gretel are home. On Tuesday
the 21st of October at approximately
9:33am Hansel aged 8 and Gretel
aged 9 told their mother and father
Jane and Peter that they were going
to walk down to their local lolly
shop which was located just
400metres from the familys house.
But little did the parents know that
their two beloved children would
not return home.
After an hour had past the two
parents started to become
concerned because Hansel and
Gretel hadnt arrived back from the
shops. The mother and father said,
All of these thoughts started to
rush through our heads. Not long
after they had realised that Hansel
and Gretel hadnt come home they
called the Dobbler police. The police
started to question the mother and
father about when they last saw
their children and how long they
had been gone.

It had been seven days since mother

Jane and father Peter had last seen
their two innocent children. Police
had now come to a stage where
they had become

furious with trying to find Mr and

Mrs Chubbers children. They
decided that they would question
everybody who lived near the
Chubbers house.
They started questioning the old
lady who lived across from the
shops. The police said that she was
very eager not to let the police even
step foot in her house.
A month later it came to the polices
attention that after questioning all
of the neighbours there was only
one person that they were
suspicious about, the old lady. One
day when she was not home police
decided that they would undertake
a house search. Just as the police
broke down the door they saw
Hansel and Gretel run out in fear.
Weeks later the old woman was
arrested for kidnapping the children
and was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Last seen on secured cameras in their
local lolly shop
By Tayla

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

By Luca

three months and now the police

finally have a description of the

The Three Bears, Paws, Growl and

Roar, have alerted the police the
police of a mysterious criminal and
have also determined their
suspicions of a trespasser, thief and
vandalising criminal all in one
villainous figure.
The Three Bears phoned the police
on the night of July the 24th to
inform them that a young child had
ran out from their house as they
came home from their walk. They
stated that the criminal ate the
youngest bears porridge, broken
his chair and messed up his bed.
My porridge was eaten, cried the
youngest bear, Paw. And my chair
was broken and my bed was messed

The perpetrator, presumably a

child, has short blonde curls and an
appearance of a nine year old girl;
she was last seen wearing red
sneakers, green shorts and a pink
dress. The police are looking for this
girl; if anyone has any clues relating
to these crimes please contact the
police at once.
Police are everywhere looking for
this girl, investigating everyone who
claims to have seen this villain. No
one has found this criminal yet so
please, if you have seen the
perpetrator of these treacherous
crimes, report to the local police

This is an outrage! roared his

father. I want this criminal caught
determines the Police of Far Far
Away Lands suspicion of a
committing several crimes per
month. This outrage has lasted for
Scene of The Crime:
This is an image of the location of the crime.
Picture taken by Henry Apple.

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

After three weeks of humiliation in
Once Upon A Time Land the Three
Nasty Pigs were caught red handed
for attempted murder of Mr S.
On Tuesday Mr Drake and his team
were off on an investigation to track
down the Three Nasty Pigs. Mr
Drake found traces of the suspicious
criminals that will soon be charged
thousands of dollars.
On Thursday last week Mr S. Wolf
was making a cake for his grandmas
birthday, when he realised that he
had no sugar. Mr S. Wolf thought
and said, Maybe the Three Nasty
Pigs would have some. When he
arrived at their house, he knocked
on the door and asked if they had
any sugar. They didnt reply. He told
them the reason why he needed the
sugar but they still didnt reply. Mr
S. Wolf was waiting at the door not
saying anything until a fly flew onto
his nose. Mr s. Wolf was trying to
blow it off. The Three Nasty Pigs
thought Mr S. Wolf was trying to
blow their house down.
The Three Nasty Pigs wouldnt let
the wolf have any sugar and the
wolf wouldnt go away from the

house. The three nasty pigs opened

the door and took the wolf to Mr
Dogs old brick house and tried to
murder the wolf. Mr Dog was in the
old brick house and saw the Three
Nasty Pigs murdering the wolf.
Mr Dog called 219 and the Three
Nasty Pigs were sent to jail for 15

The Three Nasty Pigs took Mr S. Wolf to
Mr Dogs old brick house when he just
asked to borrow some sugar.

By Emma-Jane

6B Fairy Tale Crimes


Our beloved king, King Kevin first has just

married fraudulent Queen that faked her
talent of spinning straw into gold.
A strange man by the name of
Rumpelstiltskin is the real expert at this
weird but wonderful talent.
On Friday the 13th May the authorities
barged into the Royal Castle to interview
the new Queen at the police station.
The last time we heard from the police
was two hours ago telling channel 57 that
the Queen would be attending court on
the 20th of May which will be live on
channel 57 on the day.
The police have already found out most of
the story which takes away the crime
from her. This is what Rumpelstiltskin
thinks is the truth and probably is- A poor
man had a chance to meet and speak with
the king and tell him that his daughter
could spin straw into gold. So the king
believed him and ordered the mans
daughter to come to the castle and spin a
large pile of straw into gold.

As she arrived to the castle she was locked

into a room with straw and because she
had no idea how to spin straw into gold,
she began to cry.
Suddenly a little man, who was
Rumpelstiltskin, appeared and spun the
straw for her. The king was so impressed
he made her spin two more rooms full of
straw into gold. After Rumpelstiltskin did
that for her she had given him her ring
and necklace for two of the rooms but she
didnt have anything else to give him for
the last room so he asked for her first
child and she said yes.
Two days later the poor mans daughter,
Isabella the Queen, married the king and
thought theyd live happily ever after.
It had only been eight months since the
wedding and Queen Isabella has given
birth to a little prince. Now that
Rumpelstiltskin has turned up everything
has turned up-side-down.

We will have more on this shilly shally on
the news on channel 57 tonight.
By Georgia

6B Fairy Tale Crimes

Two weeks ago on Thursday at dusk,

terror struck the friendly little town of
Far Far Away Land, when a 72 year old
woman was murdered. The crime took
place at 5:30 in Violet McCurnys
house. Earlier that day Violet had
received a phone call from her
granddaughter saying that she would
come around to deliver some tasty
goods. At 5:15 Violet received a knock
at her door; it could only be her
granddaughter, Lily Red Riding Hood.
So Violet said, Come in. But the dark
figure that hovered in the door way
was not Lily Red Riding Hood.
That terrible night struck everyones
heart with unbearable sadness, as
Violet Mcurney was a beloved
community member. Violet was a part
of The Garden Crew, The Baking
Society and she would conduct tours of
the area.
An hour or two after the murder, Lily
Red Riding Hood arrived at the scene
of the crime. I was horrified to see my
Grandma dead on the floor with a dark
figure standing over her, Lily said.

As soon as I saw him I knew right

away that he was Mr C. Wolf who had
just been released from prison!
I cant believe he struck again! With
murder! said Mary (Violets
Police have once again caught Mr C.
Wolf and he will once again return to
prison where many people believe he

The big bad wolf sentenced for the rest
of his life in jail.
By Lily