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Product differentiation

Worldwide and in India, pizza hut has come to become synonymous with the best piz
zas under one roof . This is because at pizza hut the belief is that every pizza h
as its own magic, thus making it a destination product which everyone seeks. It
is this belief that has ignited the passion to create, innovate and serve the fi
nest product the industry has to offer, while Setting standards for others t
o strive to replicate. Pizza hut is committed to providing uncompromisi
ng product quality, offering customers the highest value for money and giving se
rvice that is warm, friendly and personal. A critical factor in pizza hut s succes
s has been its unique dining experience. Crewmembers at pizza hut strive each da
y to provide customer mania
the kind of service that ensures that every visit of t
he customer is a memorable one.
Pizza features
Pizza hut has many unique features of their product due to which it attracts the
customers. The product is classified into non durable goods as it is a food ite
m pizza hut differentiates itself with its competitors with respect to their wid
e range of offerings (menu items) one can find besides pizzas range of, pastas a
ppetizers, cakes, and desserts etc. There are quite a lot number of menu items t
o choose
Mass customisation
The main advantage of pizza hut is that one can customise his own pizza by selec
ting the bread and loading it with the toppings which one can select.
This creates variety in the customers mind and thus one can enjoy whatever
pizza hut can offer. The most unique feature is that there is pan 4 all scheme whe
re one can select 4 different types of vegetarian /non- vegetarian combinations
of pizza! This is a unique way of offering as there are many consumers who come
in groups where someone in the group may want a non- vegetarian pizza can avail
the offer.
Conformance quality:
Pizza hut s products have very high conformance quality i.e. All the products prod
uced are identical and meet the promised specifications
pizza is delivered in hot pans and served in style. The toppings in the pizzas a
re also dressed in a good fashion. Thus having food in style defines pizza hut s exp
Ordering ease:
Once one enters the restaurant immediately the assistants initiates the
ordering process by providing the menu. All associates are well trained in e
nglish and can take order from any customer.
Pizza hut s style of delivering the pizza to the customer is quite an experience.
The restaurant is aesthetically designed; all the staff members are uniq
uely dressed. Managers dressed in special uniforms. Also the tables, menu, a
re all placed in a good manner. This on itself is quite impressive. All orders p
laced in restaurant is served within 15-20 minutes and the take away orders (ord
ered on phone) is delivered within 30 minutes. Care also has been taken by the c
ompany to pack the pizzas in special covers so that it remains hot till the cust
omer haves the food. Any pizzas delivered outside 30 minutes are given free. Als
o discount coupons are given to the customer in case one doesn t want a free pizza

--Pizza Hut products can be differentiatedon the basis of following attributes.?Re

liability of product?Featuresof product (presentationpackaging etc.)?Style (prod
uct s look and feel to buyer)?Symbols or trade mark of Pizza Hut
43. SEASONALLY?There is very little seasonally is present in theproduct of Pizza
Hut. If you analyze the trend ofsales for Pizza Hut, it will be clear that that
salehave been increased during?Summer vacation.?At week ends?After mid night?At
special events e.g. Eids , New year nightIndependence Day etc.sddasd