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WKNJ Newscast

Date 10/1/15
Good afternoon, its Thursday, October 1st ,2015 at 10:00 oclock and youre
listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM, Union, NJ, and Im Lisa Cardoso with the news.
In Local News.
In Bergan County, Hackensack, NJ, A man has been accused of possibly assaulting
and sexually assaulting women as they walked along Palisades Park on Tuesday
The Palisades park police officers were able to identify Manual Tamay, the accused,
because the two women described the same assault on two different occasions, put
together a sketch of Tamay. Tamay, would attack from behind and would push the
victims down and then proceed to sexual assault them. When arrested he was
found walking along East homestead ave, and 3 rd street, near the park on a late
Monday night. He is now facing a $300,000 bail, and is forced to hand in his



A 50 year old bicyclist was killed by a hit and run in Teaneck.
Juan Vasquez was riding his bike on East Englewood Avenue when a driver making a
left turn hit him on Tuesday night at around 10:00 pm. After the accident the vehicle
then preceded south bound on Neldon road, without stopping to make sure Juan was
okay. A witness called in the accident. Juan was found lying on the side of the road;
he was not dead on arrival. Ambulances came and took Juan to the Hackensack
University Medical Center where he later died due to severe injuries. Police are
asking for any witnesses to come forward to help find the car that hit Juan, if any
information please call the fatal investigation unit at : 201-226-5500 tips line at :
201-226-5532 or the Teaneck police department at : 201-837-2600


In National News
Eastern United states may be hit with Jaoquin the tropical storm as it moves
towards the Bahamas.

Many states on the East coast are uncertain is they are going to be hit by this
category three hurricane or not. But they are definitely taking precautions after not
being prepared for hurricane sandy a few years ago. Forecasters still dont know
exactly where this Jaoquin is going to hit. The east coast is already feeling some of
the winds, and catching some of the rain. The emergency management agency is
predicting five to seven inches from Thursday to Saturday. Sates such as New
Jersey, South Carolina, and Delaware are declaring states of emergency and
providing information on how to properly prepare for the storm and what to do and
who to call if an emergency.


Umpqua community college faced a tragic morning on Thursday October 1 st in

A 20 year old went to Umpqua community college this morning but did not come
out alive after shooting at least 13 people killing 10 of them at 10:30 this Thursday
morning. The police killed him after a gun battle they had. Students were terrified
and said they were very close to the shooting. Some students hid behind desks and
book bags and others ran fearing for their lives.

In international news.
Last week there was a tragic human stampede leaving hundreds dead and even
more injured. The total number of deaths is not certain due to the disagreement of
more than 20 countries. Some say 400, others counted over 900. This was during a
religious holiday the islamic pilgrimage. There were very little exits which caused
people falling over and running around and panicking, there were people
dehydrating from heat and passing out. The situation was said to have not been
properly controlled by the police. The cause of the stampede is still unknown.

In Sports
The Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) are the ones to win against the Washington
redskins (1-2) at on Sunday. Both are equal in yardage, but eagles average
19.3 points a game causing them to be the favorites.

Although, New York Giants(1-2) are a home team to many the pick is Buffalo bills(21) this week.

Your WKNJ hourly weather update.

It is currently cloudy and raining in at Kean university, at 63 degrees with a low of
52. Looks like showers for the rest of the night.

Tune in later for meteorology reports on 90.3 FM.

In entertainment .
Martha Armstrong East to west: Recent Paintings has captured the eye of many and is only
available to view until October 3rd. She uses a variety of styles of paintings such as cubism,
fauvism, and cezanne.

Thats it for your news. Youre listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM, Union, New Jersey. Im Lisa
Cardoso and well be right back after this.
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-New York times