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WKNJ Newscast

Date September 17, 2015

Format Sample Marittza Adams
Good afternoon, its September 17, 2015, at _____________ oclock and youre listening
to 90.3 WKNJ-FM, Union, New Jersey, and Im Marittza Adams with the news.

In Local News
The Pope continues his busy journey through New York. Todays tour will include a trip
to the United Nations, pay tribute to the 9/11 Memorial Park, proceed through Central
Park, finally, evening mass in Madison Square Garden. The Pope Francis has already
met with President Barack Obama where he addressed the U.S. congress. Hopefully the
New York public will be able to catch a glimpse of the Pope the crowded city streets.
Unfortunately, all tickets have been given out through the Achiodiocese (ARCH-DIE-ASIS) of New York and other Catholic organizations. Pope Francis leaves New York
Saturday, morning to Philadelphia.
In New Brunswick, Lloyd Terry the third-year sophomore from Rutgers University that
was arrested under home invasion charges got his bail reduced today to $150,000 from
$250,000. Terrys attorney Wanda Akin (A-KIN) argued that Terry was all torn up and
discouraged. Terry will receive the proper care from his father and stepfather in
Wrightstown. This comes as shock to the people of New Brunswick considering that
Terry was also arrested to weeks prior to the home invasion for steeling drugs and money
from one of the dormitories at Rutgers.

And in Jersey City, the third day of deliberations took place of the 63-year-old music
teacher, Muhammad Bilal. There was a heart-wrenching testimonial from the now 11year-old victim stating that she was sexually abused every time she received a piano
lesson in a 2-year time frame. She also received gifts and threats from Bilal if she ever
threatened to tell anyone. The abuse took place at Bilals home where he operated the
676 School of Violin and Fine Arts. Today, Bilal was found guilty of aggravated sexual
assault and endangering the welfare of a child. There was little reaction on the face of
Bilal when he received the verdict even though he faces decades behind bars. The judge
denied bail; Bilal was put in handcuffs and sent off the Hudson County Jail where he will
await sentencing.

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