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Angel Bird

BBFC Certification
We have decided to make our film certification PG.
PG stands for parental guidance. This means that a
film is suitable for general viewing, but some scenes
may be unsuitable for younger children. Generally, a
PG film is suitable for children aged eight and over.
We decided this as our film will contain no strong
language, sexual content or strong violence. However,
we didnt think that our film was suitable to receive a U
rating due to the mild threat portrayed at the beginning
of our sequence during the chase scene.
Bad Language: The BBFCs guidelines state that in a PG rated film there
could potentially be some mild bad language (such as son of a bitch).
However, if the language is used aggressively or if there is a great deal of bad
language, then it will likely be moved to a higher rating.
Themes: BBFC guidelines say that there should be no themes unsuitable for
children portrayed in a PG film. However, they may explore themes such as
bullying, bereavement or racism.
Sexual References: BBFC guidelines state that sex references are unlikely to
appear in a PG rated film, however if they do they will be undetailed and
Violence and Threat: Guidelines suggest that violence in a PG film will usually
be mild. However, there may be moderate violence, without detail. Frightening
sequences or situations where characters are in danger will not be prolonged
or intense in PG rated films. Fantasy settings may help to justify the threat if
used within this context.

Not all films with a PG rating are made with children in mind. However,
the certificate means that any issues portrayed in the production are
appropriate a wide audience, which includes younger children above
the age of eight.

Adventure/Fantasy: Most films in this genre are rated around a PG or 12A.

This is because they generally attract a wide target audience (similarly to our
production), without heavily featuring any unsuitable themes.