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The text on the cover tells the reader some of the things to expect in the

magazine and explains, sums up what the articles are about. This is so
that the reader has a general idea of what is in the magazine so they can
decide if they want to get the magazine.
The cover uses a basic font similar to the
Palatino font. It also changes font to a font
similar to Arial. Overall the fonts are basic and
the only thing that makes them striking/ eye
catching is the colour the font is in. This is
because the background is a dull colour so any
colour that isnt dull itself will stand out. This is
a good thing as the colour brings attention to
the magazine and is the most eye-catching
thing on the cover.

The image of the cover takes up the entire

page. This shows that the image is supposed to
represent being stuck in the background and
trying to push forward. The fact that the image
is in black and white also supports this, as it
has no colour to stand out. Also the word
listen is written on the fingernails of the hands
holding the violin showing the want/need to
be heard. The woman in the background is
also looking directly at the reader, which is
direct address and makes it easier to catch
attention because she would be looking
straight at the reader. The text on the cover
has been placed to purposely not cover the
eyes on the womans face so that her eye
stands out on the picture
The colours on the cover are all similar apart
from the slogan and masthead. The colours of
the sell lines all come from the same palette of
warm colours and all are a slight adaptation of
the last one. The slogan and masthead come in
two different colours so that it stands out from
the rest of the text and use colder colours
compared to the sell lines. This means that it is
attention grabbing, as there is a difference in
colours. Also the difference of colours making
the masthead stand out means that the reader
can identify straight away what magazine it is.

The central focal point for this cover is the sell

lines in the middle. The way tune up is placed
is different to how the rest of he words are on
the cover and the small chunk of descriptive
text beside it is in a colour that more
noticeable and easier to read than the others.

The date and price are in a very small font above the masthead. This is
placed so that it does not take any attention away from the main text.
Also the purpose of this is to tell the reader what issue it is so they can
know if they have bought it before or not and if not how much they
will be paying for it which could influence their decision.

There are three different columns on the

contents page each separated by lines. The
first column lists the page numbers used for
the articles that appear regularly. The
second column has more importance placed
on it as it has larger text and large page
numbers that are a different colour to the
colour mainly being used on the page. The
third column has a couple of admin type
articles that people may or may not be
interested in. This is followed by one last
physical magazine article before it shows the
articles that are exclusive to online readers.

At the top right of the page is the magazine logo. This means that the
reader can find out what the magazine is and be able to recognise
this page as part of the magazine. This also means the start of the
magazine as there are adverts before the contents page.

Some articles get pictures on the cover. On

the right side of the page at the top there are
two pictures, one for page 13 and one for
page 28. The page 28 picture is larger than
the page 13 picture as the picture
representing page 13 is about a section of
the magazine that is a regular occurrence in
the magazine but the picture representing
page 28 is about an article for the picture on
the cover. Underneath these two photos is a
large picture for page 44 which features a
young musician playing in an orchestra which
may grab readers attention as normally
people that young arent at the level to be in
a professional orchestra. The final picture on
the page represents page 70 and is a picture
of a scan of a brain. This will attract people as
it talks about something different to the rest
of the articles and shows to the reader the
diversity of what the magazine has in it and
will interest them to find out more.

Next to the brief description of whats on

the page the name of the creator of the
article is mentioned which on the first
column seems less important as the colour
used is lighter than the rest of the rest used
for that page and does not stand pout
against the background. In the middle
column the names are coloured the same as
the logos colour. This gives these writers
more importance as the logo is the only
other place where this colour is used making
it an important colour compared to the rest.
The titles for the articles for the pages are all
short snappy titles. This attracts the reader
as they dont have to read a long sentence
to find what they are looking for or finding
out what the article is about. The text
describing the article underneath the title is
also short and gets to the point quickly
rather than using lots of text to do a

The date is at the top of the page above

the logo. This helps the reader know
the issue of the magazine so they can
make sure they dont already have it.

The centre of visual interest is the picture of 13 year old Randall

Goosby as it is the largest thing on the page and also in his picture he
stands in the foreground whilst the others are in the background.

The bottom right of the page talks about

whats on the cover and gives a taster
for the article behind it. It does this by
listing some key points from the article
to grab the readers attention and make
them interested to continue reading.

The background colour is

white. This makes it look clean
and also appeal to either
gender, as the colour white
isnt gender specific. This also
gives off the feel that the
article isnt going to follow
one specific gender and will
feature a range of people. The
white also creates a feeling of
simplicity as it uses a generic

The text is set up in columns above a picture and does not go over the picture placing
equal importance on both picture and text. The text font is small and also is not broken
down into small chunk, it is all together as the audience of this magazine would prefer as
they do not need the text to be broken down for them. They have a high enough level of
intelligence to deal with the way the text its set out.

On the first page the text is placed around the picture and creates an outline
around the side of the picture. This also shows that the layout of the page
has been thought out well enough to incorporate the use of pictures and text
without one blocking out the other. The text is also bold making it
distinguishable between itself and the start of the article so that readers do
not get confused about where the article starts

There is no drop cap on the text

showing that they expect the reader to
know where the article starts. The fact
that all the text is in one area on one
page helps the reader to navigate the
to the start of the article instead.

The title of the article

dominates the top part
of both pages. The title
itself is simplistic and
gives the reader an
insight into what the
magazine article is about
without making it too
long or boring.
The text next to the
image on the first page
gives the reader an
overview as to what the
article is about. This
means that if the reader
doesnt understand
some parts of the article
the overview can help
them understand the
gist of what the section
would be saying. Also if
someone does not want
to read all the text that
is in the article ten they
can get an overview and
skim read the rest so
that they are not
reading as much.

The quote on the cover is adapted from

a quote from the movie. This is done to
attract those who will know the quote
and the movie so that they will pick it up
and buy it.

The masthead is at the top of the page.

This is so that it does not cover over the
picture. Also if it were on a magazine shelf
then the top of the magazine would be
showing and so the reader could easily
identify what magazine it was. Above the
masthead is an advert for a competition.
This is so that the reader will also see this
when they pick it up and it should entice
them to buy it to get a chance at winning
the prize.

The text on the page uses two different

fonts. One of these fonts, which is used
as the headings for the different articles
mentioned, appears stretched out. This
is so that the headings stand out more
than the description underneath them
to catch the readers attention. The
other font is more bold and generic and
isnt used as much to catch to readers
attention but rather continue the
interest the reader has acquired from
the heading.

The issue number is just below the masthead on the

right and is in a small print. This is so that the buyer
can see whether they have the issue or not so they
can make the decision on whether to buy it or not.
Also it is in a smaller font so that it does not take up
much space on the cover, as it is not as important as
the rest of the page.

The barcode and price is in the

bottom right corner. This means
that it is out of the way of the rest
of the magazine whilst still
informing readers of the price to
help them make their decision on
buying the magazine.

The person in the image is Ewan McGregor. He has

been used as a lot of people may know him and if they
see him on the cover they may be more likely to buy
the magazine. He is wearing the clothes that he wears
in the movie the issue is about. This means that
people that recognise the movie from his clothes
might be attracted to the magazine, as they know it is
going to be about the movie. Ewans head is
positioned so that he is looking straight at the reader.
This is direct address and makes the reader more
likely to look at the magazine, as it is more eyecatching.

The text on the page does not cover the face of

the person in the picture. This suggests to the
reader that the person is important and will be
featured in the magazine, which will grab the
readers attention if they like the person.

The contents page has a colour scheme the same as the

rest of the magazine. This means there isnt too much
change for the reader and makes it more familiar.

The contents page has pictures on

it. This is to make the page more
interesting as well as give a visual
representation to the reader of
what some of the articles are about.
On one of the pictures it gives clear
indication as to what one is the
cover story so that if a reader has
bought the magazine for the cover
story then they can easily find it and
also keep their interest piqued. The
cover story picture is also the
biggest on the page making it the
most important thing on the page
and also the thing that stands out
the most on the page.

The font on the contents table is

quite small. This is so that there is
room for everything and so that
the contents table stays small and
compact. The font is generic and
is typical of this type of magazine.
This means the reader may find it
easier to read if the font is similar
to other magazines they read.

The contents table is split into

different sections to help the
reader navigate it more easily.
This means that if the reader
is looking for something
specific they can find it and
also helps them to find other
articles that may interest
them from the sections they
like. It also gives new readers
a look into what is in this
magazine and what is
ll i h

The article titles are in bold

and tend to be quite short
with a small or moderately
small description
underneath it so that the
reader can get an overview
of what the article is about.
The short titles means that
it will catch the attention of
the reader easier and can
help the reader find
something to read easier.

The picture covers part

of the first page and the
entire second page. The
only text that covers it
is the text on the left
side, which gives an
insight into the
achievements of the
person pictured and a
quote from the text,
which is used to draw
people into the article.
This picture is the
centre of visual interest
for the page and would
be what the mainly

At the top of the first

page is a quote from the
person in the article.
This is in a large bold
font to catch the
readers attention and
draw them in. This also
acts as the title to the
article making it more
interesting as it is
different to the other
titles of articles in the

The article continues to

use the colour scheme
used by the rest of the
magazine to keep it
familiar and not make it
too different. Also the
colour scheme stands out
as it is against a black
background, which may
attract more people to
read it.

All the main text is on the left hand side of the page. It is small and
condensed so that it can fit as much as possible into the space and
give the reader as much as they can. The text starts with a drop cap to
show the start of the article to the reader as they may get confused
with where it actually starts.

The text is arranged

in columns so that it
isnt all together in
long paragraphs,
which makes it
easier for the
reader to read it
and wont put them
off as much as the
text doesnt look so

Above the masthead is the slogan for

the magazine. This particular slogan
makes the magazine sound more
important, which draws the reader in. It
also has the brand that publishes the
magazine, which would catch the
readers eye as they would recognise the
brand and if they like it would be likely
to pick up the magazine.

The masthead is placed at the top

of the cover. This means that
when the magazine is on a shelf
then someone can easily find and
identify what magazine this is. The
font is the largest on the page and
stands out the most. It is coloured
white, which makes it look clean.
The font is interesting and
different to the rest of the cover
making the reader more

The colours used on this cover are

white and gold. These stand out
against the black background and also
help to show the age of the person.
This is because the gold used looks
like the gold that is associated with
use at a older age.

The sell lines are the pictured persons name

and age. These are used to draw people into
the magazine to find out why the magazine
is doing an article on someone who has
passed away a while ago. The text
underneath explains the use of this as the
sell lines. The rest of the text on the page is
about other articles and is placed on the left
and right but not in the middle.

The barcode and price is in the bottom right hand corner.

This is out of the way of the rest of the cover as it is not as
important but is still there to inform the reader of how much
the magazine costs which will influence their decision to buy
the magazine.

The picture is in black and white.

This makes it feel mournful as that
what the article associated with it
is about. The man in the picture is
sir Georg Solti and he is positioned
so that he is looking at the reader,
drawing them in through direct
address. No text covers the main
part of his face so that the reader
can recognise him and so the
direct address can come through.

The pictures show something

relevant to particular articles
in the magazine. The biggest
picture is the one on the left
and the reader can tell this is
the cover story as it is
captioned with the name of
the person on the cover story.
It also shows that the article it
is associated with is important
which the cover story normally

The contents table uses red and

black. This means the page isnt
too bright but still has colour
and isnt boring to look at. The
article titles are what are
coloured red, which means that
they are more eye-catching to
the reader.

The contents page is split

into two sections. Pictures
and a contents table. This
is so that the page is
informative to the reader
as well as interesting and
not just a page of text.

The contents table is split

into different sections. This
helps the reader navigate
the table easily and find
what they need. Also it
helps the reader find things
that might interest them in
the section they normally
look at.

The titles of the articles are short and

sum up what the article is in a few
words. This means the titles are not
boring to look at and are eye-catching
to the reader. The text underneath is a
longer summary of the article if the
reader has been interested by the title
so that they know better what the
article is about. This means they can
make an easier decision about what to

The title of the double

page spread was created
to sound exciting, drawing
the readers attention and
making them want to
read on.

There is only colour in

the left side of the first
page. This makes a
contrast with the lack of
colour from the main
image on the page,
drawing the readers
attention to the text.
Also this means that the
text is easy to read for
the reader.

The main picture takes up half of the first page and

the entirety of the second page. This places
importance on the image and makes it the focal
point of the spread.

The main text for the article on

this page is in one column and is
capitalised and bold. This means
the reader can easily see where
the text is. There is no drop cap
as there isnt much text so it is
already clear where the article

The title of the magazine

is on every page and on
this page is in the
bottom right corner.
This shows that the
magazine is proud of
what they do and will
put their name on every
page. It also means if
the page ends up
somewhere that isnt
the magazine the reader
can tell where it is from.

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