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Angel Bird

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Director: Angel Bird
Editor: Amy Cole
Camerawoman: Fatima Batool

Potential Hazards

Who could be

Injury due to carrying

heavy camera

Director and Editor

Eye strain/ back

soreness from sitting
at a computer

The Editor

Wrist strain

The Camerawoman


Actors and Crew


Risk of fluids
damaging the


Precautions to
Avoid the Risk
Ask for help carrying
equipment if needed,
take a break if it gets
too heavy and be
aware of the
Make sure they take
frequent breaks in
between editing and
sit in a suitable
Make sure the
camera is in the
correct position when
being held and use
the tripod to support
the majority of its
Make sure that in
between filming,
actors and crew
members have
access to shade.
Also, if the day we
choose to film is
going to maximise
this risk, use sun
Make sure everyone
is informed that there
should be no liquid
near the camera and
equipment. If drinks
are needed, they
should be taken away
from the camera to
minimise the risk of

Risk Rating
(0: Very Low
5: Very High)
4- This could
potentially cause
serious injury and
damage expensive
3- This could
compromise the
health of the editor.

3- This could
compromise the
health of the
camerawoman and
possibly damage
equipment if it is
2- This could
potentially cause
uncomfort to cast
and crew.

2- Even though this

would not cause
harm to any cast or
crew members, the
camera equipment
is expensive and
difficult to replace,
therefore great care
should be taken.

Angel Bird
an accident.


Actors / All

Make sure that our

budget is large
enough to cater for
drinks for the entire
amount of people

Tripping and falling at

the beginning of
production when
actress is running


Make sure that there

are not any obvious
obstacles for the
actress to trip on
before the scene
starts. Make it very
clear that injury could
be caused and that
caution should be
taken as much as

2- This would not

provide a serious
threat, but it may
cause actors to lose
their concentration
which may
compromise the
quality of footage
4- This could cause
serious injury to our
actress as she
would fall on a
concrete floor. Not
only this but as it is
a point of view shot
that is being filmed,
she is also likely to
damage the