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Cover Letter

You are Joanne/John Harrigan (4022 Debrecen Kakad u. 14) working as a marketing
manager for a medium-size Hungarian FMCG company. Your are in charge of the marketing
department with 25 employees. You are responsible for the overall marketing, advertising, PR
strategy of the company You saw the job advertisement below in HVG. You are happy in your
current position, however, your salary could be higher. Therefore you are interested in the job
and you are willing to move to Budapest. Write a cover letter in about 150 words that would
accompany your curriculum vitae. You could attend an interview any afternoon in May, and
start a new job on 1 July. Invent information where necessary, do not forget to define your
career objective.
Further information:

Qualifications: MBA in International Marketing, Stradford Graduate Business School

Experience: 5 years marketing assistant, 10 years marketing manager, same company.
Language knowledge: English, Italian, Hungarian.
No IT background, but willing to learn.

European Marketing Manager

500,000HUF+bonus+car+stock options
InfoSoft Plc, a leading multinational IT company is looking for a Head of Marketing for its
Budapest office to define and implement the marketing strategy for the company in Hungary.
The candidate must demonstrate solid marketing experience and track record in delivering
against measurable targets. Experience in the software industry is a plus.
InfoSoft Plc. was recently named the 8 th fastest growing IT company by BusinessWeek and
was chosen by the Sunday Time as 2002's Top Stock.
Please send your CV and cover letter to Chloe Wilson (quoting ref. EMM199) at: InfoSoft
Plc. Coventry House, 34 Arch Bridge Road, London SE228 2CS.

You are Miss/Mr Rpsy working as a sales manager for Fragrance, a perfume retail chain in
Hungary (1222 Bp. Kakukk street 21). Market research indicates that your customers liked the
perfumes you ordered last month form ScentWorld, an American manufacturer (8023D New
York, West Lane Square 2345), and they would welcome different products as well, therefore
you would like to inquire if ScentWorld has any new products other than the ones featured in
the catalogue. You are interested in perfumes for both men and women. You need an export
price list as soon as possible and the shipment within six weeks. You need further information
about available discounts. Write a letter to Mr. Blackwood, the sales director of the American

You are Miss/Mr. Gyrfi, the managing director of ArtHouse, a small building company (1032
Bp. kes street 23). Last week you ordered first class panelling from a British Wholesaler
(4356 NW, London, Rosemary street 234). Due to higher than expected inflation, demand in
the housing market dropped and you need to charge lower prices. Therefore, you would like
to ask the British wholesaler to change the last order and send the same quantity of secondclass products instead of first-class products. You need the same terms of payment and
delivery dates. You will inform them about your requirements for next year in September. Ask
them if they can deliver as early as January next year. Write a letter to Mr. Randall, the sales
manager of the British company