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Registered with
Dept of Justice Victoria/ Consumer Affairs A0038178T;
Founded: 1996
Tel: Los Angeles 424 777 2385

Just three years since opening, the agency has already returned more than $4 billion to people who were cheated, and has helped tens of
thousands of consumers resolve complaints: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Jul 28, 2014 Sen. Hillary Clinton Feb 26, 2008: You know, I have put
forth very specific ideas about how we can get back $55 billion from the credit card companies

Mr Dargaville
Financial Ombudsman Service Ltd.
Your corporations review of its arbitration clauses.
Spying on Senators
Can your review stop your banks from this sort of conduct.

Reserve Bank evidence during international investigations and civil class actions overseas:

Fos should quarantine Reserve Bank evidence from its members during foreign law enforcement investigations that 66% of
bankers in poll feel the bank will lose.

You should clarify if maladministration are the small things that can wipe off a lot of the share price as academics have a
definition of fraud you might care to incorporate in your terms.

Risk & Compliance Report

June 9, 2014, 6:01 PM ET

FCPA Hits Companies Harder if They Committed Fraud

Samuel Rubenfeld

Wall Street Journal

Its more than just the bribery.
A study of U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement issued by the Searle Civil Justice Institute, a research division of The Law &
Economics Center at George Mason University School of Law found public companies lost an average of 2.9% of market capitalization as a
result of an investigation. But, the study found, the number masks an important distinction: Companies charged with bribery only suffered an
initial 1.5% loss, while those charged with bribery and financial fraud saw a initial drop of 16.3% in market cap.
Fraud was defined for the study as the statutory violation of the Securities Exchange Act.
The cumulative drop difference over a longer period is even more stark: Companies facing FCPA enforcement dropped a cumulative average of
2.7% in value, whereas the companies facing both FCPA and fraud charges dropped a total average of 54.9%, the study found. And the trend
holds across industries, it found.

Police Opinion Evidence:

If youre going to send old folk to see Police, you should be bound by the banks own findings against their staff or the opinion
of Police - because in your cases you dont need beyond reasonable doubt.

Your discussions with the accused:

Is it proper for a judge arbiter to discuss civil illegality and the sentence with the accused? We think you
should not undermine public confidence by siding with the banks.
International findings:
We think your terms should - as the inquisitorial system you claim to be require the banks to prove theyre

Eastern District of New York (718) 254-7000

U.S. Attorneys Office July 14, 2014

After nearly 50 subpoenas to Citigroup, Trustees, Servicers, Due Diligence providers and their
employees, and after collecting nearly 25 million documents relating to every residential
mortgage backed security issued or underwritten by Citigroup in 2006 and 2007, our teams
found that the misconduct in Citigroups deals devastated the nation and the worlds
economies, touching everyone, said U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of New York
Loretta Lynch.
Aiding and abetting:
The terms should deal with how much siding with the banks one needs before Fos crosses this line.

Libor & Foreign exchange rigging:

We believe Fos arbitration clauses should enable Fos to look at the effects of libor and fx rigging, and say that the bank pays for
the experts.

Can you please look into claims that third parties leant on Fos to side with the banks.

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